Chat Log: R6, Port Adelaide 16.11.107 d Geelong 9.13.67

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Bazza2014: woo hoo
oldsalty: game on
GJayBee: lift wingard!
coyote69: Go Port
Spastic: CARN wingard
korza: Whats Selwood's S/C anyone ?
GJayBee: would love to see port win. i have over three fifty on them to make the eight. money in the bank!
oldsalty: carn you catters!
Heizenberg: What was that paying gjb?
GJayBee: i told hinkley specifically that impey was not to be sub!
oldsalty: corrnes on selwood m0nty
OnTheRocks: fk me Wines, after a good start to the season, you're really showing your true colours
GJayBee: heizenberg, before the season, two dollars seventy. stopped laying bets at a dollar seventy two weeks ago.
RooBoyStu: Wines getting worse with age
GJayBee: port are a team of unique's. kane, ebert, westoff, gray, impey . . . .
Heizenberg: Wow $2.70 that's good man everyone thought they would improve such room to
Heizenberg: Do you have any bets on today's game?
davep: He's corked rooboy
Heizenberg: To do so
spudaroos: Enright 0 touches gg, i need 70+ from him. Cmon m8, pls.
GJayBee: heizen mate, i couldn't believe it. they finished fifth. have a lot of players moving into the zone, and koshie
RooBoyStu: GJayBee what agency, not TAB as they have 10 teams under $2 in top 8 betting, refuse to bet on it
GJayBee: no bets this weekend mate. i was hopless last week, took a week off. been doing good for season though. chart says up.
Heizenberg: Yeah exactly gjb
OnTheRocks: Wines has turned into vinegar
Heizenberg: Okay well done gjb you're patient I'm $300 ahead for weekend have packed it up aswell have one bet in hand though
GJayBee: centrebet. im sure that tab would have had better odds pre season. but, sounds like i was on a good thing. unlike the ex
spudaroos: Enright pls, I beg of thee. Don't choke now.
GJayBee: good work heizen. gambled winnings are purified dollars. hahahah
RooBoyStu: i bet mate, but never top 8 TAB always has 10 or more teams under $2 to make the 8, it's a joke.
GJayBee: stevie j is a machine
Heizenberg: Cheers gjb lol
lozdaleg: oh my lordy please lift boak wingard polec and enright
Drenthe FC: tomahawk!!
spudaroos: For flower sake enright, you're not even gonna get 70 and im gonna lose. flowering spud.
Tempaa: I love you Stevie j
Sargemo: @spud there's a common theme with ex-cat now coaches - they stop Enright.
dipstick: @heizen pretty impressive. going by what you say here you never lose. well done
BFAsh: Has anyone heard how Swallow went today??
Heizenberg: No dipstick i lose at times just like everyone else
korza: Dflowerlishis
Heizenberg: I had $50 on beams for anzac medal
123wce: why does everyone tag selwood and not stevie j?
GJayBee: good call on boris sargemo!
Priddis: cats in trouble
dipstick: people are too scared to tag angry stevie j
MightyEss: omg i hope polec gets subbed or gets sub 20...
lozdaleg: omg lift wingard enright and polec
dipstick: @mightyess me too. hes on my pine but not on others
Kanga.18: @BFAsh Spiiter got 23 touches, played 3/4
Inside50: wingard come on man
JRedden: wingard not as good this year
RooBoyStu: fat lady sings: iiiiiiitttttttsssssssssss oooooooovvvvaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
spudaroos: I may have to rage trade Enright, cant stand him.
GJayBee: bye bye wingard. im as sorry about the ankle as you are.
spudaroos: Seriously 70 is all I need from Enright and he is going to flower me.
BFAsh: tks Kanga.
123wce: is everyone else having a shocker of an AF weekend?
old matey: @123wce same here mate
Inside50: 123 im havin a shocker too
Tim Tam: stevie J 48sc
Tempaa: Took Stevie j over swan and Watson absolutely pumped
123wce: this is carnage you'd expect at finals time
Tempaa: flower you Harry Taylor what on earth is your problem lately! Your gone had enough
dipstick: @123wce poor 123wce.. having a bad weekend... try having a bad year
Bazza2014: lol@harry taylor
rooboypete: same here 123. Premos poor and rookies just as bad...
Gooseman10: @123WCE Wont even crack 2000. first time this season :-(
TheLegend6: 123wce remember when you cracked the showers when WCE lost last weekend. lol.
Stuart88: Donut for Taylor
korza: Polec > Stevie J straight swap Mon 1 min past midnight
OnTheRocks: this is the last year i go for a lot of POD players, just going to stick with known premos next year
123wce: the post was BOG for Carlton
dipstick: at least C SJ is cracking my opp open like a coconut. keep going stevie. 412 would be nice
Ewoks: @korza stevie has the rd 8 bye better off waiting a week
Yelse: i think they need to change the scoring for the byes
korza: * Thx ewoks
Yelse: we should get the avarage of wat the player has been scoring. its so simple
dipper33: What is par this week for supercoach?
Ewoks: or just take it as 1 week of competition each player gets 2 games divide by 2 for final score easy
DirkDigler: polec always starts off slow dont stress
Tempaa: Stevie j is going to save my sc team this week you are a freak
Inside50: thoughts on cotchin for ebert?
meka100: Morris spud
Ewoks: if thats for sc its way too sideways
FlagDog: kick some more points geelong...
Jukes82: matty white dollar sign
GlinnMgraw: Johnson on the bench with an ice pack? Did I hear that right?
jaseon: is robbie gray gets 250 my week is back on track
Gevaaa: Wingard you spud!!!
Drenthe FC: blicavs..leave this team
thommoae: What the heck is going on with Harry? I'm not wild about him today.
WrightWay: Taylor.. You spud.
spudaroos: Gonna lose because of Enright, he is booted out of my team. What a dud.
Sloaneyyyy: Dustin Martin out - Robbie Gray IN
thommoae: If donuts denotes Zero, what is the icon for -3 in a half?
Sloaneyyyy: Wingard looking nothing like the player he was last year
MattyZ: They got rid of the penguin icon so I don't know what to give Taylor :/
casey22: Buy Selwood - versus Hawks ordinary & now this!!!!!!
hardballge: black hole icon
Foss: Penguin. This player is so cold his score is in the negatives, even after a full quarter!
daniel87: Well done wingard your doing great keepin enright quiet
wadaramus: Not a good way to finish the weekend, Dusty, Lloyd, Enright ruining a good score!
Sloaneyyyy: I think anything over 2000 is pretty decent this week
theuncle: Wingard hmac sc
Jair: So sad I picked Mitchell and Winguard this year; what a disaster:/
burgz300: I had fails (under 70) by fasolo, lloyd, crouch, dusty, suckling, Dunstan and McDonald..
Dangeroo: 1865 with enright left. holy showering hell
Derekcraig: Thanks Selwood, nice price in two weeks after bye
Ewoks: there goes my top 1% ranking :(
MightyEss: 2072 this week and my opponent still won...ffs
lozdaleg: boak <3
Namboss: 2359 with stevie j, bartel and polec still to come
Brown*Dog: OMG I'm 3 points behind in the eliminator - Get your hands out of your pocket Polec
Jair: you cant say under 70 for rookies is a fail yo
Ewoks: I will be lucky to get 2k this week FMSC
burgz300: anything under 70 that you have on the field is shower
Heizenberg: Same here ewoks
MightyEss: what are you playing namboss?
WrightWay: Windgard
Dangeroo: 7/22 scored as expected/hit their average. Rage trading will be sweet
b-rudda: selwood has gone to put on his war bandana
preki1: jesus my forward line decimated was planning on getting roughy and wingard in, now not so sure
Heizenberg: Wow cats introuble it seems
Jair: Everyone has rookies on field at the start of the season, so shower compared to what?
jimmyflash: Worth bringing in R.Gray for Dusty?
ybshy: be nice if port would miss a effin kick at goal
coldog: @preki wouldn't touch either of them they can both get flowered
frenzy: come on Hoff join the party
wadaramus: Cats looking very average.
Jonesy pan: Eh right and Kelly need to out score Duncan by 50from here, do I win?
Jair: Comon Chad youre team is doMinating
Michael_8: Need 257 supercoach from wingard, Boak and Batel should i be feeling nervous?
old matey: @preki1 i was thinking bout wingard too but not sure after today
banta: wtf when did gray get good. somebody stop that hack!
Heizenberg: My god geelong getting pummeled whos watching? Why are they losing sobadly?
Jair: Gray for Dusty is on; I'm seriously thinking about it too
Brown*Dog: Come on Selwood - I need you to get a move on...
Jonesy pan: Enright, stupid auto correct
Pendlez10: ho ho ho grayyyyy!
banta: selwood a mare on 42 at the half? wouldn't have thought.
Heizenberg: @banta grey has always been a dangerous forward if you ask me
dipstick: enright you rotten flog. you are too old for my team. pack ya bags and flower right off
RooBoyStu: i said it was over Geelong look so disinterested
TheLegend6: Need Polec 80 and Stokes 100
banta: @heizenberg yeah true i huess he's been forgotten due to injuries
bobby98: enright icicle or mare
banta: h2h in draft league against gray and selwood so seriously need them stopped
Heizenberg: Yeah probably banta and port getiing better and better last 2 years that helps
RooBoyStu: Richmond will be filthy Geelong on the rebound lol
dipstick: hahaha ch7 says AFL is going to USA to find talent. yeah fat floweren chance
RooBoyStu: @dipstick your name says it all, seen Eric Wallace lately mate?
dipstick: @rooboy agree. cats will pulverise tigers like bruce does his zipper seam when riolis playn
upweydons: hometown decision against lonergan
frenzy: enough is enough, get the flowering footy hoff
jimmyflash: @dipstick the US High school and college systems are first class. Their training is just as intense as the AFL
Wends: Enright shld collect trash between now & end of game, as usual.
joelyboy04: anyone else having a flowering horrible week in AF?
dipstick: @jimmy. yeh yeh. AFL is all about athletes and sports science now. not football!!
WrightWay: no, 2,118 with windgard playing. DT.
old_shepp: Robbie Gray the real deal this year?
Ewoks: @joelyboy yep down 4000 places in the live overall rankings :(
9294eagles: anybody with more than 4 footy tips is kidding themselves
ConnorZ1: get amongst it hawkins
Gotigres: Yes selwood. May pick you up in 3 weeks
jimmyflash: They have the mindset now of basketball scouts. You can't teach "athletic talent" but you can teach them how to play.
Redraptor: put impey on please
Ewoks: get your shower together polec grrr
FlagDog: got 5 this week... should be the standard
dipstick: @jimmy. you have no idea buddy. seen DE overall this year. americans dont play any sports where kicking is involved
ybshy: i have 6 tips correct, with geelong to go
ofnao001: yuck i need 90 from mcintosh, enright and impey to win all leagues
Morts54: Americans play soccer dipstick
RooBoyStu: more than 4? Coll, North, GC, Syd, Haw & Adel correct, not hard
carlton_99: I have 6 tips too go, and i tipped geelong for this game
frenzy: c'mon already hoff ffs
J.Worrall: has rain stopped play?
old_shepp: Why would you tip Nth Rooboystu - hadn't won in the west since 2007. Rank outsiders
J.Worrall: aaahh, all the cats fans and tippers don't want to talk footy - and no icons m0nty??
Jair: if Port win I will have 5 tips; feels like a bad week though
old matey: more than 4? coll,gc,syd,carl,haw and adel and hopefully port
ybshy: not sure north was easily tipped, but i feel carlton were
9294eagles: @roobiy norf in perth lol yeh right
happytimes: Bring impey on
smoochy: I get 7 if port win. on saints and freo wrong so far
RooBoyStu: North supporter and we hadn't beaten Syd since 2007 and did, we beat them in Syd and Freo didnt, huge payday Anzac Day
J.Worrall: is there a footy game on??
Bazza2014: i got 7 if Port win-
J.Worrall: anyone got Ebert?
RooBoyStu: Petrie's 250th as well, Freo overrated
spangle: I've got 7 tips this week, down on Freo and Geelong
J.Worrall: Why is Polec so low?
feralmong: Bring out the gImp.
dipstick: @worral i am 1937 with ebert, wines, enright and bartel in AF
J.Worrall: Has Polec hit a rookie wall?
Brown*Dog: Get a touch Selwood - Someone Knock him in the head to wake him up
J.Worrall: what tf is AF?
old_shepp: Carlton was a fluke and Adelaide had only beaten Dogs 1 in last 7 at Etihad. So no easy round
J.Worrall: Is that the game where you have a gazillion gtrdaes?
wadaramus: Polec 57sc with a quarter and a bit to go, no wall there?
spiggs: Lift wines
J.Worrall: Have all the SCers gone to sulk?
mijg: why is wingard so shower, gonna lose me my week
frenzy: ya killing me now hoff, wot coulda been
Jair: That's true, Selwood only plays well with a bandaged head
Heizenberg: Nice sc polec can still ton up i reckon
J.Worrall: thx wada - I'll take that. He's been in the system long enough to keep going, given the chance
Drenthe FC: is this ump for real?
danmaio: cmon wines, do not need another spud losing me $$
vartic: Everyone killing me this week, projected of 2400 and yet needing Polec to score 80 if I want 1900 :(
wadaramus: The Hoff is a downhill skier.
J.Worrall: Jair, so true - maybe they could do a shave with a rusty razor before every game?
wadaramus: Love the optimism Heizenberg.
Ewoks: @JWorral yes including me, now back to my conicilation seafood platter
krapalot64: pumpkin to all those clubs that didnt give Hinkley a gig ..
RooBoyStu: mare on Selwood, should be Wingard, pathetic in winning team
Redraptor: hope the cats have a huge last q
J.Worrall: Hmm, seafood platter - at the RSL?
wadaramus: Just need Enright to extract the digit.
J.Worrall: or maybe at the Cross Key?
korza: Hmac ffs your up against nobbe
Ewoks: nah GF ran over to the coopers alehouse and got me a takeaway :D love living in the cbd
ybshy: who subbed off fo geelong?
danmaio: Wingard still suffering hangover from a full Glass
J.Worrall: Digito extricatum Endrogenous!
coldog: Does wingard ever go into the midfield or is he just a forward?
Ewoks: *clap clap* danmaio nice one
RooBoyStu: Magnifying Glass on Wingard
old matey: @coldog normally midfield too
J.Worrall: Lobbe for a night out ...
frenzy: is hoff out there
RooBoyStu: *clap clap clap* danmaio
Heizenberg: My god polec you are so consistent
J.Worrall: Ebert looks the SCgoods
coldog: @oldmatey thanks mate first year I have had must say very dissapointed
alekstah: Enright SC?
JGreezy: selwood 50 sc, absolute lock to bring in after the bye
Michael_8: lift wingard
RooBoyStu: @coldog maybe even disappointed
sammyfun23: mcintosh sc
mmachida: Lobbe sc anyone?
wadaramus: Enright a paltry 36sc, hopefully he can double that in the last.
JGreezy: a really high % of teams will have GAJ, Beams, Swan, Selwood, Polec, MM in the mids
burgz300: hmac 66sc
old matey: @coldog as a port supporter i thought of getting him next few weeks but been really ordinary tonight
burgz300: lobbe 93sc
wadaramus: HMac a decent 66sc.
RooBoyStu: lol Jelwood never considered this year with injury cloud early on
preki1: lol my opponent has impey and enright to chase down 80 pts in sc. i'm a flowering chance
Ewoks: wingard will be a good pickup after his bye, dont think hes 100% atm
Dragon88: Come on Enrigt
dipstick: @rooboy. nah selwood no good. just averaging 128
Slightly01: Please stay shower in the last Enright...
Drak: I can't believe that just came out of your fingers RooBoyStu. 158 147 136 128 88. Real terrible scoring.
TheoX: selwood'll be cheap in a couple of weeks
Rilian: Getting sick of the hatred towards Selwood from the mods here. Hardly a nightmare of a game, just beaten by Cornes FFS!
RooBoyStu: can someone tell me how FF ca have a mare on Selwood on 52 and nothing on Wingard who is 35?
Rangajk95: Wines supercoach anyone?
burgz300: bartel needs to dissappear this qtr please
alekstah: Is Bartel doing ok in SC?
old matey: @ewoks good call on wingard, he doesnt look 100% for sure
Jmachete: not enough ducks from selwood this game
wadaramus: Ollie 68sc.
RooBoyStu: *can
burgz300: bartel 56sc but hes about to beat me in league
Jukes82: bartel 56 sc
Rangajk95: Thank you wadaramus
danmaio: cmon Ollie, try kicking it this qt
burgz300: i was excited about impeys price rise this round... looks like I could be expecting a $$ decrease if he doesnt play soon
frenzy: small steps hoff , touch it and build up to at least 1 kick
wadaramus: No probs Rangajk.
Pendlez10: thats it jellwood, get up
Redraptor: bring on impey hinkles
RooBoyStu: oompa oompa oompa limpey de doo
alekstah: Impey still not on?
alekstah: Polec
Ewoks: looking around my SC leagues 2-2.1k is a good score this week
wadaramus: No below the knees there for Blicavs.
Jonesy pan: Get Kelly onto the ball
dipstick: gees if gimpey is the subway super sub he wouldnt even be a 3 incher
burgz300: @ewoks that makes me feel a little better im sitting on 2100. but am sure to lose by shower all
alekstah: Enright SC?
OnTheRocks: i really don't know how to fix my team
Redraptor: impey's on thanks Hinkles
RooBoyStu: did you get the ruler out dipstick?
danmaio: 15 handballs Ollie, FFS, kick it you floweren spud
wadaramus: Enright on fire, added 1sc since 3qt, moves on to 37.
dipstick: @rooboy you obv have no idea how long a dipstick is
Ewoks: get moving polec need you to get atleast 73sc just to break 2k :(
dipstick: holy smoke. wingard has lifted!
old matey: wingard binning it up
danmaio: and Wingard overtakes Polec and Wines
23rookie23: how is 2100 stacking up in SC?
wadaramus: Polec 73sc.
jimmyflash: Wingard the new bin king
Save-Lo: wow who lit a fire under wingard
hellsg8: bartel and enright sc?
peachcream: im ranked top 70 and only will get around 2120ish, hopefully dont drop out of the top 100
J.Worrall: dipsticks are pretty long, but only the last 5 cm gets used.
runt: Port's scoreboard pressure 1st rate. More teams should try it.
Ewoks: @wadaramus praise be the polec got me to 2k
Slightly01: I was looking at 2350, now I'll struggle for 2100
Mudkipz: anyone know why i cant get stats when i hover over the icons?
J.Worrall: Heartless tons up
old_shepp: 2240 for me with Polec still going but its been a struggle
Redraptor: dive on the ball impey get the ball any way you can
grubby: get a kick enright
jimmymx89: cape for wingard
runt: Geelong getting embarrassed here
Ewoks: im paying for going the double downgrade instead of 50/50
HappyDEZ: So glad Boak signed on.
Yelse: selwood supercoach?
jimmyflash: Wow you guys a good! Im looking at 1960-80. Terrible. Only 3 players hitting a ton
GoDogs2010: 13 in bank with Selwood v Polec :(
old_shepp: Boy oh boy as BT would say
Redraptor: I thought Geelong had more heart than this showing
WrightWay: 2150+ with Windgard playing. 4th time in a row I get more then 2,000 in DT.
Drak: holy cow, PA are bloody ferocious. Making a mockery of Cats.
Pendlez10: full credit to port!
Redraptor: go get em impey
GJayBee: impey winning me everything!
dipstick: port are the real deal. they reckon they could play 5 qtrs with their fitness
OnTheRocks: need 322 from 4 players in this game to get past 2000, not looking good.
meka100: Kixk it Bartel
jimmymx89: Spud for Harry Taylor
OnTheRocks: will Selwood still reach 100 due to being an SC scorer favourite?
Drak: I think Port are just better than everyone thought Redraptor.
old_shepp: Good DT score WrightWay - I'm just going to fall short of 2k
TheLegend6: Missed a stokes tackle
J.Worrall: Selwood running in with a wet sail
Tony9668: Harry Taylor just avoided 3qtrs of donuts
Yelse: robbie gray or luke parker for an upgrade in fw line
old_shepp: Jellwood looking good after the byes?
dipstick: SJ score really low considering his start
J.Worrall: Get SpiderSwan
coldog: Cape for wingard?
Drak: thats a 50pt qtr from wingard
B.Pickett: AFL fantasy site is useless, in 10 minutes its gone from saying I have 1840 to 1901 to 1942
runt: I guess Geelong losing to the top team isn't so bad
dipstick: wow. wingard only 3 pts in 3qtr. give him the cape
J.Worrall: Give us a bit more pls., Polec
Drak: Hawkins looks injured
wadaramus: Yeah, he's gone quiet on us J.Worrall, but a touch just as I write this!
dipstick: cmon polec. overtake jelwood
Kenny27: poor richmond cop the angry geelong next week theres another pumping for the tiges
danmaio: another 12 Ollie, cmon
J.Worrall: Did he jar his knee?
Tempaa: Hahahaha young muppet what a powera
Kenny27: mark it down boys heres a goal
J.Worrall: Aaah Polec, you bauty!
old_shepp: Robbie Gray definitely worth considering
dipstick: what is the highest score in a qtr for a player this year?
happytimes: Muppet Kenny
alekstah: Is anyone going to take Stevie J over Selwood? Or both?
VanR88: lobbe supercoach?
J.Worrall: Bangs on 12 points for us. wada!
Pendlez10: thanks for saving me gray xoxo
OnTheRocks: Bartel's junktime special abilities are coming back
wadaramus: Polec 86sc. Enright 43sc.
alekstah: kenny, nice call about cats and tigers
TheLegend6: 1984 in DT this week will take it
runt: Port song needs to be dumped
wadaramus: Lobbe 112sc.
Gevaaa: wingard and polec vs bartel and margin of 71, who wins??
Drenthe FC: anyone who didnt choose gray at the start of the season, plz leave
runt: I'm going to party like it's 1998
wadaramus: He sure is a super rookie J.Worrall.
wadaramus: On your bike Drenthe.
wadaramus: Agree Runt.
Puzzles: Robbie Gray...More like Robbie Great
Pokerface: corey enright... more like Corey Enwrong
Pokerface: how does wingard get the gun for finishing on 85???
Pokerface: gun for stevie j not wingard
hammers: Sc is a joke, I have drawn my league game