Chat Log: R22, Adelaide 18.12.120 d Melbourne 7.10.52

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mattbalmer: Tom Lynch out replaced by Richard Tambling. Subs: David Mackay and Aaron Davey
McRooster: The lady at the TAB just told me that Tom Lynch is out (was gonna back him for first goal)
Karlpov: Lynch is gone for the season
Crow_Saint: Johnston score counts now that Lewis is out.
cusch1: need danger to do f*ck all
ofnao001: got 2 zeros in sc...should i risk it and go dangerfield C? hes my unique
cusch1: bennell was my unique
ofnao001: my unique match up this week
NoneyaB: hey whats wrong with footy stadium it looks ok to me?
B.Pickett: I love going to AAMI stadium but compared to other stadiums like th mcg, it is really outdated and too far from the city
Tennant: McKenzie on Dangerfield
owens4: c'mon laird
luvfooty: Ok Johnston needing a good score from you covering Lewis
piro: melbourne
frenzy: this will be like a soccer match, nil all draw
owens4: good job laird
piro: jezza howe
scaledup: please don't compare afl to the real football
BestCoast: Carn Dangerman break that tag
piemandave: WHOOPPEE,i have just earned my hardcore badge
mattbalmer: hopefully the name game will be working today seeing as monty is around :)
Sydney14: would be good to see melbourne get the win here
itsduftime: riveting game this one is
casey22: Only dt'ers would watch this. Even supporters wouldn't bother
hardballge: Jack had no choice of going to Dee's and now he wants to wiegh up his options the media bags him.
cashcow: Teams are playing off for a chance... to laugh at Essendon
itsduftime: and melbourne hit the lead and the crowd gos meh
hardballge: Harley would have that opinion on Watss for Harley never had any talent or ability
BestCoast: Neil Craig is a Minibus, half a Coach
mijg: Good start Terls now keep going
wadaramus: Ha ha, good one BestCoast.
#9dees: if neil craig is a minibus what is mark neeld
Springyboy: dunn cape
elk101: Cape for Dunn?
jackenator: what is this! my opponent in Elite has Dunn
itsduftime: man i actually considered getting dunn in this week
Grazz: A trailer on the back of the mini bus
elk101: 67sc in a qtr for Dunn!
johnkay: Huge crackes appearing in Crows players psyche.
TIMWHATSON: and S Thompson is sitting on my SC bench :(
Changeling: lift danger
Juggalo: Go Dunny!!
luvfooty: Geez you suck worse than the Eagles Adelaide
Drak: thompson on fire
Juggalo: Thompson finally scoring well. :)
pietime!: thompson will be subbed anyway
Jukes82: the curse isn't working
Drak: Think you are Dunn for Jackenator
TIMWHATSON: seriously hope one of Selwood, Cotchin, J Kennedy, Murphy, Fyfe is a late out
Hazza09: Are you serious Danger??
upweydons: keep going thompson , traded martin for thompson
hardballge: Tiges vs Giants trading out Martin this week I think may be an error...
alekstah: cmon danger!! Are you even on the field???
hardballge: I traded in Houli for Ibbotson due to Tigers draw
upweydons: not with 84 on the board already
incredi: Thommo will get the hard tag soon and Danger will be freed up
old_shepp: Thommo doing some serious damage to the reputation of the PNG curse
hardballge: Bring in Thompson yes but for a different option than Martin.
DirtyDawn: Terlich is a lumberjack and he's ok. He sleeps all night and he works all day...
Hazza09: Dangerrrrrrrrr
ozstriker: @timwhatson whos your other mid bench?
johnkay: Crows 24 up. Watch them relax.
upweydons: i will be keeping a close eye on martin , 28 last week
hardballge: It is Martin though and I did say maybe lol
TIMWHATSON: Collingwoods Kennedy :(
pietime!: what was thompson at qtr time?
mijg: Got Martin ready for a loophole with Tmitch
leggzy3: bought in dangerfield coz im playing DangerZone in my final! lel :(
Springyboy: I think 48 @pietime
upweydons: thompson was 48
upweydons: the umpires have been in the way or been hit several times this 1/4
Hazza09: Wish Dangerfield was on 100!
hardballge: gl anways upweydons :D
cusch1: $$ Scott Thompson
johnkay: Crows are lazy, Should be putting the foot down. Instead they get a lead and stop.
Crow_Saint: He finally scored points eff you johnston
MLSs: Thompson 115SC at halftime!!
BestCoast: Scott Thompson king of the B graders
preki1: fmd watts ripping me a new one in the prelim. unbelivable.
TIMWHATSON: my Opponents must be loving seeing S Thonpson sitting on my bench!
preki1: watts of all flowering people
jd985: TIM WHATSON wats your team name? My opponent has him on the bench
100_a_week: Scotty Thompson??!?!?!??!?! 99 halftime, best score he will getb for 2 years
ozstriker: @Timwhatson, if ou have trades spare I would seriously consider trading one of your mids to a Judd or similar
TIMWHATSON: out of traded lol
Changeling: cmon danger
OnTheRocks: Thommo, first player to get 200 this year?
Woosha 73: Need a ton please Terlich
luvfooty: Geez Johnston get a respectable bloody score
DirtyDawn: Sorry Woosha, but I need Terlich to die!!!
incredi: basil is terrible
Karlpov: Johnston is my bench cover for J.Lewis... need him to get at least 70
luvfooty: Same here @karlpov since of got Bennedy's 70 there already and had to move Bartel to mids bench to cover there
TheDoctor: carn Grimes, need an 80 from ya
hardballge: I think so as well @incredi, is it him that says "kicks to position A" it is ff you knob
JackWatts: thompson sc?
tor01doc: Hello The Doctor
Grazz: Sub Grigg Sando.
Changeling: thompson 139
JackWatts: brought thompson in for heppell this week :D
123wce: please sub crouch or johnston
Hazza09: FFS Danger
Grazz: ah not Petrenko that dont help.
2cabs: Go Grimes.
123wce: @jackwatts you've had quite a good game too suprisingly
wadaramus: It's your lucky week JW, well played!
jimmyflash: Need Hartigan to beat Terlich
Changeling: thompson up to 150 sc, 200 not impossible
mooses: go sammy jacobs, need a big one to repay all my faith
fshow: Dean Terlich(DT) get a good dream-team(DT) score
Changeling: cmon danger, finish well
fshow: Hands up if you're pretty baked right now
TheDoctor: cmon grimes 90 pls
2cabs: Would love 90 from Grimes.
luvfooty: C'mon Johnston get a bit more
cusch1: Scott Thompson stopped dead?
vaficarra: Demons looking to finish off a game with respect! Craig's job prospects improving!
Bort: grimes a bit stiff with the umps
Wends: Ouch Viney - you're on for Beams, keep it going.
BestCoast: Does anyone have Spud Thompson, think not
luvfooty: Thankyou Johnston
Karlpov: keep going johnston catch danger
ebol: I need Adelaide at the Line (-61.5) ! 2 more goals lads! CMON!
mijg: Cmon terlich at least 80
Crow_Saint: thats it Johnston drag me back into my final
Bort: dangerwood with 7 free for lol
danfrg: anyone got dangers SC?
123wce: johnston is killing me
Changeling: danger 107 sc
danfrg: Cheers changeling
Crow_Saint: Yes Jonshton
ebol: BOOM! Keep this lead!
mijg: Somehow Cyril 70 sc. Ill take tat at 3qtr time
Karlpov: keep going Johnston!!
Bort: feel free to not play now martin
123wce: i hate you johnston
luvfooty: 3 more Johnston
mijg: Sorry wrong game ha
Grazz: Time left
richorocks: ffs danger!
Crow_Saint: a ton from johnston would be amazing
luvfooty: Did they miss a tackle for Johnston swear they did
Wends: Cmon viney scrape a few more....
Karlpov: hahaha Johnston you superstar!
Crow_Saint: yessss johnston you beautiful man
luvfooty: Goal number 6 to Johnston
Drak: he just kicked another
Drak: 1 min 18 secs
Bort: anyone in my forward line, feel free to have a rest
cusch1: How has it taken this long for Johnston to get a game
leggzy3: trash can for johnston
incredi: @cusch1 he was behind walker and lynch then got injured the same time as Tex
cusch1: that explains a lot @incredi thank
cusch1: that explains a lot @incredi thanks