Chat Log: R21, Sydney 18.10.118 d St Kilda 8.11.59

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buddyboyz: need huge scores from rok and joey
Richy10: need Curren to beat Jack because Mitchell didnt play
sammyo7: went with tippett captn need a big score
badatsc: jones tagging jack
matthius: tippett captain lol
m_zulian: traded Staker to NRoo this week. would like a repeat of that 150+ score last time
Daddsy321: @sammyo7 you are such a spud
GoCrowz98: Didn't Tippet give away early free?
Wends: of course this is the week I traded out Titch for Griff & put one JPK on the pine...
buddyboyz: cmon rok
matthius: montagna starting on a hff. how does this clown get a coaching job
m_zulian: at least do something jack. lay a tackle
buddyboyz: monty u missed a mark and a handball from rok
moorey21: Touch the ball Jack you pos
3rdstriker: Need a hot and cold icon for Jack, capable of massive scores and crap
motty823: haha you think monty counts them all or something??
Sydney14: lift jack
matthius: swans will have no impact in the finals.. mark my words
Sydney14: the bad week continues, mcevoy and jack move
sammyo7: go tippett
ConnorZ1: haha no way matthius
jimmyflash: Jack Steven a premo next season
Sydney14: its hard to disagree @matthius, been playing terrible footy this year.
m_zulian: 3 possies for 4 points jack? who bout u mark and kick a flowering goal!
Dare2Dream: @3rdstriker -all I've had from Jack is showere the last 2 wks after his hot form. Cost me last week, hopefully not again!
buddyboyz: lift rok!!!
W.Mantooth: ray - wear ROK like a glove
Wends: OK Matthius...
elk101: wow McEvoy getting destroyed by the mummy, what's happened to McEvoy this year
m_zulian: need 164 from NRoo and jack to crack 2000 DT
old_shepp: If the Swans finish 5th and have to play at ANZ it will be interesting
Grazz: Sorry lads i killed ROK, soon as i bought him in got nothing. My humblest appologies. :(
itsmelads: Really hope O'Keefe scores more than Jack. A decent score would be nice though...;
W.Mantooth: lift malsexi
Wends: That is true old sheep, esp if we come up against pies. Hopefully wld repeat 2012 but not confident.
rosty63: bloody hell,graz
matthius: from here on in they will be known as 'straight sets swans'
Wends: Lol Mattius, we'll see....
NewFreoFan: ffs Jack don't do this to me... I need you!!!
old_shepp: My opponent needs 197 from Jack to beat me. Chance ? ;D
Grazz: Sorry Rosty, he's not the only one ive hobbled this year. Been cursed lol.
Hadouken: wtf jack, wtf ???
matthius: @oldshepp - for swans to finish 5th they would have to lose all 3 games including today. surely not??
HydeSide: nice ROK
old_shepp: I know matthius - just putting it out there for some comment
Wends: Don't feel bad Grazz, I did the same to B Harvey.
matthius: of ffs lost another bet. took st k/syd/syd/syd. swans kicked late point. looks like kids will be eating noodles for tea
Hawkatack: cmon kjack i need u to score big today
ballbag: FACT lingy did not invent upside down sauce bottle. its a lie
HydeSide: noodles are yummy
rosty63: thats ok grazz,can you tip carlton rnd 23 please
Hadouken: anyone know why jack isnt doing anything ? something happened or just not getting the pill ?
old_shepp: Hate it when you log in with SC Gold and you see "in the last 3 rounds Heath Shaw has scored below his average" No shower!
matthius: @hadouken - not injured. just getting owned by a tougher opponent
m_zulian: kjack. i have s. mitchell on the pine. he might get a call up next week
NewFreoFan: I need a combined 105 in SC from Jack and Laird next game to win. Should get there if Jack wakes up.
Crow_Saint: What is everyonne looking like scoring this week?? a lot of carnage
samdiatmh: crowsaint - 1877 + Nroo = so utter shower
W.Mantooth: malceski... you're killing me champ
matthius: are these FF coins actually good for anything or just a bit of childish games??
dickitch: I'm starting to think the PNG curse is real!
old_shepp: About 2100 in SC and 2064 in DT. SC ranking is about to take a dive I think
Crow_Saint: ouch @samdiatmh
Grazz: No worries Rosty i owe you that.
leggzy3: flame up jacky boy!!
TheDoctor: might get rid of Jack this week, has Geelong and Hawthorn in next two :/
jamin2813: 1932 with kjack, riewoldt and griff to go
samdiatmh: 7 90s and 5 tons in that... otherwise Cotchin, Dusty, Sandi, Heppell, JJK and Hanley say hi :(
matthius: Montagna i needed a monster score from you. Deliver!!
2cabs: I wish I had the luxury to think about dumping under performers. I will be patching holes from this rounds carnage.
Crow_Saint: im on 1800sc with Dangerfield as C JPK and Jacobs.. hopefully push 2200
PieBoy: are we sure its kjack and not bjack out there today
Crow_Saint: and on 1900 dt with Nroo and Griffin, not so good..
m_zulian: equaled your first quarter score kjack. wow
W.Mantooth: cme on teddy, wear nroo like a glove
NewFreoFan: On 1900sc atm with Danger, JPK, Jack and Laird to come.
samdiatmh: KJack and Hannebery on the same, pity it's 8
W.Mantooth: get yourself some leather poisoning mal
m_zulian: jack tagged for doing nothing in the first quarter.
W.Mantooth: my game may come down to minson vs crouch
mijg: To think I will have to field Saunders next week :(
Bluebagg11: Kieren, if you don't get at least 80, you are G O N E.
W.Mantooth: @mijg - at least you're playing next week
jimmeh3: Don't trade Jack - Geelong & Hawthorn don't tag midfielders
Wends: argh stay the hell down jpk!
masterhc2: lol hanneberry being destroyed by a 5th gamer. one of the moe overrated players in the comp cannot handle any attention
cfcownsthe: Just tuned in, who's owning hannerbery?
Dare2Dream: J Lewis did a pretty fair job on Pendles Friday night Wends.
twsherrin: go saints
Dare2Dream: Sorry Wends, meant jimmeh3
Dare2Dream: Taylor hunt will follow someone next week if he's playing
jimmytigs: phew fate had me left with curren on ground,looking good
Wends: That's ok D2D; btw tho, does Pendles have any niggles?
rosty63: extract the digit ROK
W.Mantooth: what is malsexi doing?! anyone watching the game?
GoLions: need 110sc from jpk to crack 2300. keep going kennedy!
hardballge: If Swans drop a game which is a big chance playing Cats get on Freo to make GF. I took 17's on Betfair season start
banta: do something rok please, cmon
itsduftime: lol curren on my bench. wouldn't have played him but seeing smash my other mids sucks
Dare2Dream: Dunno, reckon his medial ligament might be bit sore after the knock to the knee. As a pies fan, gotta hope he's ok.
W.Mantooth: monty, get the bloody PNG off malceski please
motty823: malceski is playing gameboy, sitting on the waterboys chair
Dare2Dream: But don't give it to Jack W Mantooth!!
rosty63: its not the png curse, good chance grazz has him
Wends: Yeah he definitely seemed alot quieter after that knock.
W.Mantooth: grazz, please dont pick my players
Wends: We shld be able to buy a new PNG target before 1/2 time with these stoopid coins. Atleast make use of them.
matthius: hannebery and jack lol.
Grazz: At Wes i'll do me best mate in future mate. I have Minson also, sorry.
W.Mantooth: more +8's malsexi
W.Mantooth: shower grazz... shower
W.Mantooth: another +8! keep going boi!
Grazz: Traded Ibbo for Hanley and Priddis for Cotchin this week haha, been a long weekend thankgod for Scotch and Bottle'Os
johnkay: What's the matter with Hannebury?
matthius: why do i have montagna?? the worm never lays a tackle.
motty823: lol at bruce mcavaney saying tippett was a fine specimen of a man!!!
W.Mantooth: assistant coach is predicting ill draw my semi
banta: ffs rok!!!
luvfooty: Well I'm glad I avoided Hanley this week then Grazz
Wends: Bruce speaks the truth.
ballbag: bruce will come out of the closet on his dath bed.
Wends: Not that there's anything wrong with that.
9294eagles: k jack what a waste of space you are back to rugby you dud
luvfooty: Stay bloody down JPK
Mash: montagna just got a tackle :P
buddyboyz: wat the flower r u doing rok?!
matthius: @mash - he barely touched him hey, surprised it was payed
pietime!: im coming to shake your hand hannebery
timwhatson: How the hell is Hannebery on 28SC???
Grazz: I should do a thread who im bringing in LF to give you lot a heads up and fair go lol.
Wends: Why u do this now JPK???
m_zulian: 23 points that quarter for jack.
rosty63: whats with the png questions???
matthius: anyone wanna bet me 100 ff coins kjack will get to 90??
luvfooty: Lol Grazz at least I hit 2k this week terrible week tho
Grazz: @Pietime Hanna's would prefer you get together over Skype mate.
DerekDawso: JPK you derek!!! stay down!!!
Wends: Monty on the turps last night?
pietime!: no no @grazz. i'll even buy him a beer
W.Mantooth: how come mitchell isn't playing this week?
Grazz: Horrible LF, last chance ay elxam, haven't even looked to see how im going i know its bad haha. Next year.
Grazz: @Pietime haha he's a bit worried mate.
W.Mantooth: ahh rested
luvfooty: Yeah I don't think you want to know Grazz
bert1: jack and ROK really thought were A1 mids not having an A one day.
Grazz: Rested Wes
pietime!: all i need now is for jpk to be subbed. what are the odds?
Grazz: Thanks LF, sob sob, make that a double Karen. :(
W.Mantooth: woah...i think need to buy 'bad idea t-shirts'...
PieBoy: jacked off
Grazz: Kids are out buying me one Wes it will say "This Bloke Can Choke"
Grazz: Time to break the seal on the Sambucka im thinking.
W.Mantooth: big second half mal...
frenzy: JPK where has this game been buddy?
knighta21: Stay out Mitchell... been flowering up JPK for weeks
m_zulian: keep it up jack
Dasherman: moved JPK to bench this week story of my DT year
Nick1069: jpk finally mate
HydeSide: ROK on field JPK on bench :(
W.Mantooth: come on mal... you need to keep up with nroo
banta: what is your problem ROK do something!!
Grazz: I reckon Mitchell has hurt JPK. Hope he's back next week haha.
123wce: montagna wtf?
rosty63: they should get you a t,shirt with PORK HUNT on it grazz
Torpedo10: Comeon McVeigh, I need you to step up and go 100+ SC!
Nick1069: mal pls..
Wends: JPK on bench too @Hydeside (for new trade Griff), it's painful.
Grazz: Haha Rosty thats what i told them.
W.Mantooth: nick malceski... pull your finger out, please
Sydney14: lift kjack, i've given up on mcespud
Drak: Cant believe I had to stick with JPK coz of injuries, and he pulls this out for my final. Champ.
Wends: Oh ffs, mcevoy subbed.
dipper33: mcevoy subbed
Jukes82: LOL big boy subbed
W.Mantooth: flower malceski... flower you
luvfooty: McEvoy subbed off really helps my SC match
colmullet: well McEvoy subbed is final dagger to the heart
Sydney14: i just dont care anymore, this weekend is flowered
NewFreoFan: Lock up your daughters, tiprat's off the bench...
Wends: Well, need Griffen to get abt 200 sc to have a hope, thx bog boy!!
rosty63: might as well sub the useless flog
old_shepp: JPK 17 contested possies - how is DT better than his SC ?
W.Mantooth: hopefully tiprat changes the lineups down back and mal touches the ball
flagdog49: Get some ball eski you flog
Wends: *big boy
Hawkatack: mcevoy sc please
knighta21: JPK superman aswell, 55 at HT
Hawkatack: colmullet are u a tigers man?
rosty63: not just ya daughters,id leave the back gate open to give the dog a fair chance to run
Hawkatack: I like bog boy wends lol
Rrgj: jpk hasnt tonned up in weeks so i bench him for priddis and does this , im done
Rrgj: jpk sc?
J Dog: jpk 99sc
colmullet: na im not Hawk
W.Mantooth: i swear malceski... you better junk up ...
buddyboyz: useless o'keefe
Torpedo10: McVeigh SC anyone?
Wends: Yep it kinda fits really @hawkatack, heh
thepigeon: Sandilands & McEvoy. What a ruck combo I had this week
MLSs: ah Big Boy, you're giving me flashbacks to Goldy in last years SC finals
NewFreoFan: Heh, the only game I'm in this week and my opponent and I both have JPK. Unrucky.
J.Worrall: Bring on the Ro Han
Ninja!: This is what happens when you dont tag jpk...that lesson should have been learnt ages ago
Wends: Nah I win, @pigeon, bc I cld have subbed off Mcevoy for Grundys 90+ SC.
Ninja!: wends you must have been drunk not to? hahah
MarksMen: Had to have taken Grundys 93 for sure...points in the bank always better..McEvoy benched :)))
Wends: Having flashback to 90's raves I think @ ninja. Lost the plot.
Hawkatack: oh no is jack subbed?
dipper33: tippett subbed
banta: pathetic rok. if anyone is at the game please abuse him
flagdog49: noooo dont sup tippet :/
W.Mantooth: malceski... you better add the skip icon in the last qtr
Wends: No tippet subbed. And yes, shoulda taken the 90+, brain not functioning y'day.
Hawkatack: phew saw jack come off when rohan went on
windigo24: tippet looked drunk on the bench. haha
rosty63: c,mon rok get atleast 60+please
Karlpov: Bit harsh to sub tippet after kicking 17.3 last 3 weeks
frenzy: tippett superman cape to red vest hehe
Wends: Reckon they want to see how they go without tippett. U'd think mids will pick up Q4 now.
Hawkatack: Big Boy sc score please
Wends: Is that a doughnut for Eski?
pietime!: would you eff off jpk
rosty63: hope your right wends
MudDawg: fhank u big boy mcevoy.
Hawkatack: Can anyone tell me what i can do with FF coins?
Wends: Bog boy on 17 @hawkatack
Nick1069: donno how mal jumped to 50 sc but i'll take it. 80+ please mate!
Cyberdyne: why they sub tippett FFS
Grazz: @Wends shhhhh Wes is nearly in tears already.
kingfarno: the 'O' in 'O'Keefe' should be a magnifying glass. Where the flower is he????
1pistol7: ffs tippett was about to win the semi for me... ffs
Wends: I'm on the sambucca with him @Grazz, don't worry.
Cyberdyne: wrecked my DT. ck hds
W.Mantooth: bin time sexi... you know it
W.Mantooth: flower off riewoldt
Grazz: Onya Wends, Black with Scotch chasers or vice versa lol. Starting to feel better about the weekend.
masterhc2: o'keefe is taggibg dal santo
Wends: Mine's a mojito, just quietly @Grazz, but it all goes down the same!
masterhc2: love it roo, 24pts already this qtr! get amongst it joey
luvfooty: Premix Long Island Ice tea going down very well at
m_zulian: go NRoo!
Wends: A sip for every sexi disposal!
Rrgj: Nroo
W.Mantooth: you're gone malceski... that is if you dont cost me my semi first... flowerign hack
buddy_love: please stop reiwoldt, im only up 8!
pietime!: m0nty, you should give jpk a knife, for backstabbing me after i traded him
Grazz: Haha onya LF. @ Wends yes it does mate lol.
heppelitis: Heart icon for Rohan m0nty?,,,just for makin it back
luvfooty: Ton up Roo
W.Mantooth: give malceski a knife too
flagdog49: get going Roo, make up for some Eski points...
luvfooty: That was a bloody obvious free there
m_zulian: Im on 2000 in DT. well done Jack (after 1/4 time) and NRoo
NewFreoFan: So much for the percentage boost Freo got today over melbourne. Can see this blowing out to 100 too.
lovethepie: Enough Riewoldt....
luvfooty: Too lovely Roo
Wends: No points for a sexi kick out?
Richy10: if Curren gets to 100 i win
W.Mantooth: malceski you cow... flower off riewoldt you sooky plow
Rrgj: Nroo sc?
Grazz: Wes you havent had a good Sunday.
m_zulian: NRoo. one of only 5 players to ton up for me
Changeling: nroo 82 sc
W.Mantooth: season hanging by a flowering thread because of malceski
Rrgj: He gets ripped off in sc bullshower
riskii: joey and steven sc?
flagdog49: only 5 for me too, but 9 in the 90+
Grazz: Best of luck Wes.
NoneyaB: nroo sc score?
m_zulian: 5 under 60
Changeling: montags 69, nroo 83, steven 105
kingbaz: Curren for $ sign
rosty63: thats better noneyab
NoneyaB: huh sry what rosty?
Grazz: C'mom Eski do it for Wes
rosty63: you asking on the right chat feed lol :-)
ballbag: Thanks hor nothing Kieran Hack
NoneyaB: yeh accident rosty lol
W.Mantooth: he's a plow Grazz. only cares about his beard
Grazz: I looked at Eski Wes then went Hanley, i cant talk mate.
pietime!: sit on the pine JPK
Sloan4Pres: the swans really do play a rubbish brand of footy
Drak: Stellar performance by Hannebery
Sydney14: heart for rohan
meka100: Hannebery flower you, if you had have the workrate of NRoo you would get a decent score, softcock
Wends: Gaargh - forgot abt JPK, so focussed on eski. Was doing so well til final 2 games.
W.Mantooth: straight to the black list malceski... useless plow
wadaramus: Carn JPK, put the cherry on it!
elk101: Tonne up Mummy, smashed B-Mac today
Rrgj: couple more roo
flagdog49: have the saints iced up Roo?
W.Mantooth: flower off ROK.
W.Mantooth: blow the god damn siren flower
rosty63: glad i have bye this round rok would have killed me
banta: flower you rok. cost me my final. great. douche
Grazz: Sunday B l o o d y Sunday
MudDawg: Jesse White should have a for sale sign on him.
matthius: why u all so angry?
banta: couldn't even get 60 rok you idiot. never again
thepigeon: McEvoy should be delisted
buddyboyz: flower u rok u useless cow
pietime!: i could kiss you hannerbery, but kill you jpk
W.Mantooth: flower this round AGGHH
Wends: Got it one one Grazz.