Chat Log: R15, Brisbane 17.14.116 d Gold Coast 12.11.83

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100_a_week: Gazza out :( ps: knew for a long time
LetterG: thanks.. i still had him on field as captain..
macvinnie: Luke Russell and Danny Stanley have two first names as well...
pcmaniman: please dont kill rocky up forward Voss - let him have a run
OnTheRocks: Now this will be the true challenge for GC. No God Jr. GC by 40
scaledup: ablett out ?
Bort: bris by 40+ zorko BOG
Drak: jaeger bomb to carry my ablettless sc
Foss: need zorko and rockliff to actuall do something this week
windigo24: Is rock up fwd??
100_a_week: picked up prestia this week
Drak: I can feel another Prestia domination coming on
dipstick: zorko and rocky under 80 prestia 110+
twsherrin: go big tommy nicholls
Sydney14: happy hanley got a goal but at the same time it means he's playing forward :(
owie01: Zorko, rocky, moloney to spud it!
NewFreoFan: Ablett, OMeara and Prestia is going to be a ridiculous midfield either next year or the one after
Sydney14: rocky will struggle to beat benken today :(
dipper33: hanley looking hungry for the ball
Costanza: last chance Hanley - go boy
Changeling: cmon staker
buddyboyz: keep going nicholls
runt: JB man of steel and titanium and various composites
woofy: go berger my risky vc!
twsherrin: cmon rockliff and staker
runt: Despite media views, the Lions respect GC and won't give them an inch
Ewoks: @NewFreoFan add on Bennel to that list
runt: hanley has a handle on his position now, Rockliff hates his
Sydney14: keep it up hanley, lift rocky
pietime!: almost cape time for hanley!
NewFreoFan: Get amongst it McKenzie! Forget defending that hack Bewick, kick some 70m goals
tezzer_j: some old story, rocky doin nothin
NewFreoFan: True Ewoks, they're gonna be amazing in the middle
runt: reverse swing goal from 60 m from brennan, crazy
Sydney14: cmon cannon
Ewoks: yeah godd mix of inside and outside midfielders too
Sydney14: get that png shower off him
NewFreoFan: go Staker as well, I'll need you if Cox or NicNat pull out
OnTheRocks: Rocky you downhill skier
MudDawg: Pull your finger out Rocky and stop jerking off Destroy.
slip: wheres rockliff playing
jono71501: C'mon O'meara!
N_Riewoldt: cmon jaeger you havent had a stinker since rnd3
dipstick: 14 shots at goal in 20 mins
Ferog: O'Meara always starts slow.
Hawks_13: go leuenberger. he is ulrta consistant. premium player
N_Riewoldt: guys whos out cox or nicnat
Sydney14: no hanley dont stop
Changeling: cmon staker
Sloan4Pres: Holy shower, could Hanley actually break the ton
runt: Rockliff midfield now?
Torz: Yep, Rocky in mids atm.
coondambo: keen on prestia next year if he's given dpp def/mid status
dipper33: and thats all hanley will do for the game
Bort: hanley needing alot of tackles to score. wont score much more then 75
rupink06: glad i got prestia his week
Ewoks: both teams need some goal kicking practice
hipnsholda: ffs zorko... pull ya finger out
Fonz99: voss is an absolute idiot, putting rockliff at half forward is like playing Ablett at full back
Sloan4Pres: @rupink06 lol jumping on after one massive score
N_Riewoldt: Fonz99 but Ablett still get 120+
23rookie23: quite dishing on Hanley the man is a gun with a wicked record on the suns
banta: cape hanley
Mash: good timing hip
nugget1: @sloan4pres: look at his games mate, he's been consistent and good all year
rupink06: @sloan, suns have an easy draw, worth the gamble with 2 trades every week
MudDawg: Pearce is off
dipstick: @sloan he anges 100 in both games mate
NewFreoFan: Come on Hanley, get the double cape for my team for this quarter :)
Sydney14: hanley robbed in sc
23rookie23: @MudDawg what you mean????
casey22: Cape for my number 2 ruck: go leuenburger
NewFreoFan: Heh, that feeling when you have 6 of the top 8 scoring SC players in the game ;)
Rrgj: Cannon sc please?
Hawks_13: the funny thing is there are 2 players now with the cape but 8 points in front only
Heizenberg: Omg jut came on was at north game with my old man go berger and hanley
NewFreoFan: Cannon 29 Nichols 28
matthius: absolutely bucketing down here in adelaide, just had some hail. big men will be doing it tough tonight, cox, jjk,
NewFreoFan: berger 40 hanley 39 rocky 28 staker 27
Dangeroo: how about that thunder matthius? i've been wondering when we'd get a nice storm again
tezzer_j: mmm, took staker off the field to get macaffer's 85, usually means he'll bust out a 100
Sloaneyyyy: love your work so far Mayes....
old_shepp: Not always the case Matthius - remember Nicholls a couple of weeks ago in the wet? Means a lot of stoppages
NewFreoFan: Good to hear Adelaide boys, hoping Danger goes mental and rips out a 200 :)
Sloaneyyyy: flower! pierce hanley would have been paying showerloads for first goal~!
Bort: blue sky where i am? rain disappeared an hour ago
23rookie23: @Old_Shep very true but not for JJK! If staker gets 80plus I will sub out JJK and take that
matthius: @dangeroo = i know, had to bring the dogs in. they are not a fan
frenzy: every last trade I have to get brissy players out my team, spud vossy
old_shepp: Maybe 23rookie23 - but jjk is also a tackling machine
geordst3r: no gaz no win
bert1: cannon sc plz
old_shepp: Am I mad for thinking of trading Vlaus to Hanley for D6 / D7 next week?
twsherrin: keep going nicholls
Changeling: mckenzie 33 sc
Changeling: cmon staker
coondambo: loving redden at the moment, could end up being a great smokey
tezzer_j: gold coast just doesn't look the same without GAZ.
Hawks_13: whats the symbol if leuenberger gets another cape?
matthius: the only thing that has gone right for me so far was hrovat getting 83sc in a half of footy
Dangeroo: @matthius lucky me only have cats. all of em are just chilling in the porch keeping warm
Rrgj: Double cape
Dangeroo: coondambo sshhhhhhhh
daniel87: I had a lot of stuff go wron
Mash: should be a gold cape if 100 by half time
bert1: thanks changeling
nugget1: I think it's the same one hawks
Bort: ruckman love playing gc
daniel87: Elise's Gibbs undone everyone else work
JackWatts: lift rocky
daniel87: Mayes plus 12 yess
hipnsholda: fmdt traded out mayes this week and od course he tears it up
owie01: Mayes! Woo!
lozdaleg: give merrert the switch
R.Griff: my opponent has Berger, Hanley and Mayes FMDT
Drak: Dont know if ive ever seen someone unable to take a tag like Rich.... for such a massive unit, hes useless with a tag...
daniel87: Come on zorko Mayes staker
Heizenberg: Cmon suns cover your line
dipper33: where is hanley playing
Ewoks: lift rocky you spud
Hawkey86: suns how many behinds can you kick....
Woodie: Get the ball Nicholls
Bort: told ya hanley would stop
Heizenberg: Go berger and hanley you guns join the party rockliff
CeccHy23: onya @Bort
buddyboyz: lift nicholls
mijg: yeah, stay there Hanley. No need to be a hero this week.
tezzer_j: hated rocky last year, still brought him in this year, stupid does
Sloan4Pres: berger will outscore minson by half time :(
jimmeh3: brennan gun
CeccHy23: lets go stakes and rocky
Heizenberg: Woo hoo go berger go and hanley
Sydney14: get back into it hanley
23rookie23: What were u sayinmg Bort???
Karlpov: Need Staker and Rockliff to fire
runt: No Ablett and O'meara stuggles
Hawkey86: Too many flat footed suns...
Bort: you herd what i said
mijg: Whats the chance of Rioli starting as sub?
lozdaleg: come on o meara
tezzer_j: yeah haven't seen o'meara
Mash: o'mearas first season still don't forget
Torpedo10: @runt Most teams often struggle when one or 2 of their best players are missing unless they have lots of depth.
Sydney14: keep it up cannon
Hawks_13: rioli will be lucky to play half a game
Daddsy321: Jaeger O'Meara first year player with a dt price of $421200= Best ever first year player
old_shepp: Berger not getting much SC value at the moment
Derogue: really wish i hadnt traded out luey weeks ago when he was injured
Sloaneyyyy: this is the game where guys like Swallow and Day need to step up big time
buddyboyz: @mijg highly likely. if the hawks r down by a small margin, he will give them the speed
mijg: Thats what I wanted to hear Hawks
matthius: should of played blicavs over nicholls. can't see him getting more than 60 today
dipper33: didnt zorko get 500k last year
daniel87: I classify Omeara as having one and a half years considering he got to train with club and all those extra benifets othe
Drak: Michael Barlow scored more as a first year player Dadsy
hipnsholda: top quarter zorko. zero points. carving mate.
MudDawg: Mayes gets 3 points for a turnover and ppl question sc scoring.
leethal: Well done Rocko keep the points comin...
Daddsy321: @Drak true, barlow was an absolute gun, wouldve nearly won the brownlow
old_shepp: Unusual to see Jadcock with a bandaid ;)
Drak: Not likely, but yes he was a pretty gun pick up for freo
Bort: u get 3 points everytime you kick
matthius: changeling you on here mate? staker sc?
daniel87: Omeara and crouch got massive leg ups on other first year players
Changeling: haha yeam staker 54
Woodie: Staker 54sc
Ferog: @MudDawg, If you don't like SC scoring, Don't play it simple. But don't knock it.
MudDawg: @Bort, not in sc.
matthius: cheers
Daddsy321: @Drak he practically made them good single handedly, until he broke his leg
CeccHy23: cheers @Woodie
Woodie: Berger 66sc
Sydney14: cmon cannon
MarksMen: Luey & Hanley sc please Woodie
CeccHy23: rockliff sc?
Changeling: leuey 65, hanley 61
woofy: kick a goal berger!
Woodie: Hanley 61sc
Changeling: rockliff 61
Woodie: Rocky 61sc
MarksMen: Cheers Woodie
CeccHy23: cheers
MudDawg: @Ferog, I'm knocking DT not SC, Sherlock.
Drak: Yeh not really Daddsy, they got better. Lyon coaching made them good.
Hawkey86: everyones sc please in highest to lowest for lions please then in alphabetical order for the suns
woofy: berger 82 dt only 65 sc? :( ill take it though!
Dangeroo: so instead of trading ellis i'm getting Sj and Berger back in, no buts!
FlowerTime: zorko donut 2nd qtr
Rrgj: Cannon sc please?
old_shepp: Donut for Zorko
wadaramus: Yes please Hawkey!
Daddsy321: @Drak good point
daniel87: Come on zorko big second half please get a touch for a start
Changeling: mckenzie 45
NewFreoFan: Ok Hawkey86
woofy: zorko was on 21 at qtr time im pretty sure
footy is b: hanley and zorko playing up forward what a joke
NewFreoFan: berger 66 redden 62 hanley 62 rocky 62 golby 58 staker 55 harwood 55 adcock 46 mayes 45
footy is b: if anyone has zorko hes needed to be traded 10 weeks ago
Ferog: @MudDawg, Good onya but don't worry about SC scoring until game is over.
bert1: thanks changeling
Fonz99: thats the problem with people trading out SJ or Ablett because their out for a week or 2, you might need the trades
NewFreoFan: bewick 40 patfull 39 maguire 37 brown 36 green 30 moloney 25 rich 25 zorko 24 merrett 23
Heizenberg: Cheers newfreofan youre a gun all my boys are killing insane sc rocky
NewFreoFan: clarke 19 raines 18 Ash McSpud 17. GC in alphabetical order:
footy is b: so ablett out for one or 2?
Ferog: My only interest in this game is Justin Clarke, On the bench.
Heizenberg: Nicholls sc please 37 or so?
Woodie: Nicholls 39sc
dipper33: Nicholls 39sc
Heizenberg: Thanks woodie
NewFreoFan: bennell 58 Brennan 56 Broughton 28 Brown 29 Day 23 Gorringe 35 Hall 45 Harbrow 58 May 17
NewFreoFan: McKenzie 45 Murphy 28 Nicholls 39 Omeara 36 Prestia 38 Russell 13 Shaw 51 Stanley 36
NewFreoFan: Sumner 22 Swallow 37 Thompson 51 Wilkinson 26
3rdstriker: just logged on, what happened to houli in the other game?
Foss: my biggest mistake this year was to start with zorko and rockliff
Woodie: Any news on Cox/Nicnat?
footy is b: fox sports website for sc scores ffs!
Heizenberg: @3rd striker late withdrawal
footy is b: your on the ff page how hard is it to have fox page open too? seriously wtf is wrong with people!
NewFreoFan: hey, people asked footy is b, I'm just a delivery boy :)
Slashers: Stuff houli, what happened to Richmond!
3rdstriker: whats wrong with him? Any idea?
Heizenberg: Not really strikers dont know sorry
footy is b: dont waste your time chasing up scores for lazy people
3rdstriker: No worries, hopefully wont affect him long term, picked him up last week for a 64 and a donut
Ferog: Richmond's problem was that NTH turned up to play 4 quarters today.
NewFreoFan: don't waste your time worrying about my time mate
Karlpov: @3rdstriker, they said he pulled up sore this morning (was possible calf issue on MMM)..
Karlpov: Tigers were empty uniforms..
3rdstriker: Thanks karlpov, looks like calf soreness is the injury of the week
jamin2813: Don't know why people are complaining about rockliff, he's on track for a decent score
dansuarez: richmond are finished... freo syd hawthorn to come. season over
banta: 90+ is good for rock.
Heizenberg: Wow gees that must shower you when you bring in a "premium" and they start slumping in form it sure showers me
Woodie: Rocky on track for 120+ in sc
NewFreoFan: for sure dansuarez, if they can barely manage a score against North, Freo's defense will destroy them
daniel87: Port beat essendon tomorrow we could go to 6 above Richmond
Heizenberg: @freofan they actually had a lot of shots on goal but will still struggle against freo
dansuarez: freo will suffocate them haha
Sloaneyyyy: nice to see the Bennell icon still looks like a rabbit with a waistcoat on
jddd: why doesnt hanley play like this more often???
bixler: leuey SC?
Woodie: Berger 66sc
3rdstriker: staker and merrett have swapped ends
Karlpov: will rioli be sub?
bixler: tks
jddd: leuey is on 66
Sloaneyyyy: it would make sense if Rioli was the sub
3rdstriker: staker!!!
Sloaneyyyy: to ease him back into AFL level
pcmaniman: yes staker you champ
Dangeroo: i don't know why but i have 5 lions players...
buddyboyz: 7 news said just now that rioli will be the sub
dansuarez: cmon nicholls lift
Sloaneyyyy: if Staker has been moved forward, who has gone back? Hanley ?
dipstick: pls kick 5 staker
Woodie: Staker again, go you good thing
RooBoyStu: Sips on a beer, ahhh life's good!
pcmaniman: haha ripper staker
coondambo: of course my opponent has staker on the field...
Woodie: Have staker as emergency, may have to do some swapping around
CeccHy23: lucky i put on staker for elliot.
FTorres: GAGF this whole weekend. Seriously they couldnt announce this Ablett thing earlier instead of 30sec b4 lockout
Mash: staker looks the better forward and hanley the better back, makes sense
Hawks_13: whats leuenbergers sc score please?
daniel87: Come zorko staker and Mayes are the party were the flower are yoy
Woodie: Berger 65sc
Mash: swanny my vc so not too upset about ablett :D
3rdstriker: nicnat in
dansuarez: got rid of zorko 3weeks ago. hes finished
twsherrin: keep going tommy nicholls
Woodie: Ablett was ruled out last night
Bort: no changes, wc v crows game
daniel87: Does that mean cox out?
dogs4grany: anyone know stakers sc scores
daniel87: Thanks @ Bort
Bort: obviously not
3rdstriker: no daniel87, both in
coondambo: of course cox isn't out, just a bunch of bullshower rumours as usual
Woodie: Staker 76sc
N_Riewoldt: this wweek's par is gonna be 2300 for sc so far
dansuarez: nicnat is the 1 thats out apparently
Sloaneyyyy: cats and hawks should be a good game to night
N_Riewoldt: keep going rocky
m0nty: no changes in either game tonight
Sloaneyyyy: keep going Mayes and Hanley
NewFreoFan: Wish they'd just announe it, gotta go out later and I need whoever's not playing in the ruck for Nicholls emergency
dansuarez: no nick rewoildt or milne.. freo get back mundy barlow pavlich and sandilands.. spose stkilda have a chance tommorow
daniel87: Going to try to get the fabled purple name game tonigh continues to elude me
3rdstriker: another calf - moloney this time
absof_86: Stay on the game please, monty
owie01: My opponent has had Ellis, johannisen and now moloney been subbed off and scored low. Winning!
Ferog: False info Nic Nat is playing.
Ewoks: lift rocky
old_shepp: That's the boy Tommy !
Sydney14: keep going cannon
Sloaneyyyy: geez, Suns could quite easily win this game... Brisbane are so shower
daniel87: Carn zorko another 20 tackles please
MLSs: leppa said on 5aa that nicnat had a knock last week and didn't train. all good to play
cdrobert: bogus
CeccHy23: dont slow down stakes
Sloaneyyyy: i guess Rockliff won't be getting that 90+ tonight, unless he dons the cape
daniel87: Zorkoooo bout floweren time
brumbyd: gold coast will win this
matthius: Taylor Walker is a late out
CeccHy23: settle down boys its onl 3rd quarter.
matthius: @sloaneyy - bit early, still a qtr and a half to go and he's on 60. doing o.k i reckon. still could get the ton
flyupup: hanley sc plz?
old_shepp: Luey barely ahead of Nicholls in SC now
Sloaneyyyy: Harbrow is a pretty consistant cheap defender
dansuarez: at the end of the day im only on here because my ruckman is nicholls. nobody should have more than 1 of these players
Heizenberg: Go nicholls good quarter mate
daniel87: Just got a message from zorko said he was going to try to make it to the party
NewFreoFan: berger rocky staker(e) hanley mckenzie and nicholls for me in this game
Heizenberg: @dansaurez i have rocky berger and hanley yeah im spewing man
brumbyd: dansaurez unless you are in the top 100, ur opinion is invalid. what about hanley?how is nicholls ur ruck. shower
Ewoks: cmon gc knock off brissie hopefully that will be enough to finish off voss
Sydney14: all my players have stopped, hanley, rocky, staker and mckenzie
daniel87: Mayes is my backup for Johnson then I got stakes and zorko
NewFreoFan: though nicholls is irrelevant since cox and nicnat are playing
dansuarez: because ive got 8 swaps left and hes my only weakness and my predicted score this week on sc is 2460
Hawks_13: anyone know what leuenbergers sc score is?
NewFreoFan: Man, Broughton used to be cool. What happened to him.
phiz3: Got nicholls and staker on for nroo and Stevie. Looking alright so far...
Sydney14: is cannon on the ground?
flyupup: @ freofan he didnt get a sleeve
R.Griff: I started with Broughton traded him after round 1
matthius: staker has gone down back again. why change him Voss when he has done what you asked off him peanut
brumbyd: i bet my ranking is higher in sc than the almighty dansaurez
flyupup: is rockliff in the guts or does voss have him in a back pocket
kerr_box: Put Boston Bun on
dansuarez: whats your ranking look it up
brumbyd: im ranking 216, called cozy trot
3rdstriker: rich lifting
HirdyLove: Great goal from Rich!
dansuarez: with 2 swaps i bet
brumbyd: hell no, i take it your not that high almighty one?
Bort: why do you keep saying 'swaps' do you mean trades?
lozdaleg: dont stop o meara
brumbyd: whats your ranking the one they call the sc fountain of knowledge
monkebuket: brumbyd = 1 dansuarez = 0
brumbyd: monkebuket, i like the cut of ur jib
dipstick: dansuarez = spud
daniel87: Brunt ad had many injuries this year?
daniel87: Brumbyd
Sloaneyyyy: long quarter
NewFreoFan: every fantasy relevant player except zork and omaera on track for a SC ton. Good times.
kerr_box: rioli and stringer green vest
brumbyd: been pretty lucky with injuries. but its always the same players who get injured every year
dipstick: staker got 2 goals and only 19sc that qtr
daniel87: Yeah well I've had a lot of my rookies go down injured
chook79: Nicholls SC please guys?
dansuarez: nicholls my rookie ruckman is on 74 sc at 3/4 time.. not bad for my weakest link... 2,500 this week not too bad
Sloaneyyyy: come on Prestia, i need you to dig deep if Im gonna win my first final of Elite DT
chook79: Cheers Dan
3rdstriker: going to be a tough decision between taking stakers score or playing buddy or jjk
djbics: going to be a lot of big scores this week... ironically without GAJ
N_Riewoldt: worst player omera this week
flyupup: @3rdstriker I have a feeling about buddy tonight
Rrgj: Big cannnon sc please?
dipstick: there will 2800'5 this week
9294eagles: worst player gibbs this week
Sloaneyyyy: omeara will still do better than Gibbs last night
djbics: McKenzie 71
Karlpov: rich is so clean with his ground work
Ledgenads4: @3rdstriker play buddy. Against geelong if in sc extra points for close games!:)
Sloaneyyyy: i remember the days when FanFooty didn't have coinflips, just a mad rush and crash to pick the winning DT score
twsherrin: Staker!!!!
djbics: Lester 41 sc after less than a quarter on the ground... wtf??
flyupup: i honestly think hawks by about 30 tonight
3rdstriker: staker heading for the x factor, could be voss's best ever coaching move
dansuarez: i love being up the top and looking down at all the little players
frenzy: welldone Lester, only gotta beat Vlasts score, tick
Hawks_13: need advice, do i keep swan as catain because my opponent had pendlebury as captain or do i change to barlow. he has a s
MarksMen: Guys should I take stackers sc and bench Burgoyne ???
matthius: staker sc please?
djbics: 'up the top' @dansuarez? must be doing well, whats your ranking?
brumbyd: sorry u didnt give ur ranking saurez? must be shower hot
Bort: lets go rocky, solid score for your last week in my team
Fonz99: feel sorry for Rockliff , got loads of talent but is being wasted, would love to see him at another club
Mash: yes marksmen
spudaroos: @dansuarez You're good as fantasy sport leagues. Everyone is so jealous right now.
dansuarez: hawks its a tough one but by like 15 points surely u can cover 15 points
3rdstriker: hawks 13, always take the score in the bank unless you need a massive score to win
flyupup: @marks keep stakers score i reckon
daniel87: C'mon zorko kick another 3 goals and ton up
MarksMen: @flyupup...yeah that's what I was leaning towards...cheers
wrangle: @djbics he meant he was posting from the back of the stand
happytimes: id keep staker
Hawks_13: @ 3rdstriker. feel as though i will lose
matthius: what is stakers sc please? must be up near the ton. keep it marksmen!
MarksMen: @happy.. Cheers :)
flyupup: hanley sc plz?
Woodie: Staker 96sc
lozdaleg: staker is on my bench
MarksMen: Cheers Matthius
djbics: @wrangle lol, must be a lofty view then
3rdstriker: if you think you'll lose, may as well go for broke but going to be hard for barlow to top 150
flyupup: raines couldnt tag something on fb
Woodie: Hanley 87sc
matthius: cheers woodie. should ton up before the games done
flyupup: thx woodie
Karlpov: Zorko loves a snap!
Kangas2012: put staker on the bench.... oh great!!!
dipstick: no way captn barlow tonight. staker over franklin or jjk i say
dansuarez: supercoach should have next season an option to challenge randoms each week so u can shut them up. see if its funny then
Sydney14: would love a ton from mckenzie
daniel87: Carn the zorko
dansuarez: and barlow is playing tonight u muppet.
nugget1: Zorko most dissapointing player this year?
Ewoks: time to go tom spudcliff
frenzy: wet track at the gee tonight
wrangle: @djbics Yah. All the players look small from the cheapest seats
greentea89: will 'the magician' catch on or is matt campbell just powering into the wind
dansuarez: sorry isnt playing
old_shepp: Staker is handy bench cover forward or back - hardest part is knowing when to play him
banta: suns cooked. one man team. no ablett no gc.
dipstick: @dansuarez unless you mention your ranking, flower off you little twit
slipknot_4: @nugget. buddy easily most dissapointing
daniel87: C'mon zorko 2 more mate
Tony9668: love staker as swing fwd-def emergency
wadaramus: +1 dipstick.
nugget1: @slipknot- yeah he's in there, but still, he has had consistent 90s
matthius: zorko and seedsman are the most selfish flogs in the afl. never look for another option
N_Riewoldt: cmon rocky break the ton
slipknot_4: Zorko 2nd year player too. unlike franklin
3rdstriker: @mattius, dont forget bruest, hungry as they get
happytimes: all small forwards are the same
nugget1: Fair enough slipknot :)
frenzy: franklin gets sc bonus like juddy for being buddy
23rookie23: @Bort What were you saying mate :-)
Tony9668: @matthius, thats the players u want in your fantasy teams....hogs
flyupup: franklin has other things on hes mind this year, gws$ , fashion lables, sharrod wellinham
Jmachete: whats zorkos sc anyone?
dansuarez: im in the top 200 and i dont even have ablett.. get around me
tezzer_j: @old shepp...true dat, took staker off to get macaffers score
flyupup: if you did dansuarez you would be top 20
Bort: i said hanley would stop, i was wrong. have you enjoyed his last few weeks? :)
matthius: nicholls where are you son??
daniel87: Zorko 57 3 quarter time
Sydney14: cmon mckenzie move
hipnsholda: @flyupup - lol, but why sharrod..?
Woodie: Zorko 78sc
brumbyd: dansaurez would be 10,000th at best
runt: Both games against the Lions O'Meara has failed
Sloaneyyyy: dansuarez - you're a peanut, shut your hole, noone wants to listen to you anymore
frenzy: cmon lester, you've stopped
kerr_box: they are best mates
dansuarez: wat if i said i had dangerfield as captain?
3rdstriker: surely a bin for zorko
Fonz99: Matt Maguire is getting some junk here
matthius: who was that fella wrapped with trading Prestia in at qtr time when he was on 38?? been awful since then
Luke919: hanley and staker as replacement for gaj wooo
Jackwatt$: Dan Suarez scored 2150 back in round 8...
old_shepp: Keep going Tommy
Rrgj: Cannon sc please??
Tony9668: c'mon rocky get some junk
brumbyd: so dansaurez, u should have them both
Mash: short memory here, love hanley this week
R.Griff: everyone got O'Keefe capt for the ones who have him???
m0nty: back on the game please
frenzy: blue moon for brennan
9294eagles: ill stick with pendles capt, happy with that
J.Worrall: Is Hanley still up foprward?
HydeSide: I have ROK and Swan is my captain
runt: They say a week is a long time in footy, in Dt it's a 1/4
MarksMen: Wow...May really hurts people when he hits them...
J.Worrall: Balck is out, so what is Voss doing with Rocky???
Jackwatt$: Anyone want a sure bet? Melbourne +60pts against Sydney a monty!
Woodie: Keep going Rocky, junk it up
flagdog49: Hanley SC anyone?
Heizenberg: Yes jackwatts asoultely
N_Riewoldt: go rocky ton pleeeeeeeeese
old_shepp: If Zork didn't fall asleep in 2nd quarter he would have tonned up
cougar37: Who makes way for Staker? Bartel/Roughy/Buddy/Cox/JJK/Le Cras ?
Seb78: cmon rockliff do something
flyupup: breaking news richmond to go back to their old sponsor light n easy after today
djbics: Redden so strong in the tackle
matthius: @jackwatts - i'm with you. swans are very over rated this season. even thinking of a lazy tenner on dees @ 14-1
mmurphy3: Mckenzie sc
bert1: get a touch cannon
Woodie: McKenzie 81sc
pietime!: wow flyup. how long did that take you to think up...
MarksMen: Anyone who wants to put $$ on Melbourne...I'll give u my address, just send to me and save time waiting to lose it
frenzy: the frenchman @ cougar
Fonz99: Cape for Maguire
Heizenberg: @matthius why not hey
djbics: cracking bump on Rocky!
Tony9668: @matthius,that will be $10 bucks you'll never see again
Costanza: welcome back Hanley
matthius: im just a sucker for big juicy odds even tho i know it's a waste of coin. in the wet tho anything can happen
flyupup: @pietime not long
mijg: why didnt I go Vlast>hanley Grrr
kerr_box: swans fly under the radar, finish 4th / 5th then rip it in the finals
Sloaneyyyy: Hanley = cherries !
runt: Hanley has been ergonomically correct all game
Ewoks: lol melb barely beat doggies who barely beat gws not exactly a good sign for a turn around
flagdog49: Vlastuin > Hanley next week
zeddyzed: how long left?
dipstick: spend the 10 on a pizza
cougar37: @ Frenzy, yeah agreed. Bit worried how the big fellas are going to go in the wet, but I think that's the right call. Ta
bert1: zorko bin
Ferog: @matthius can I please have some of what you are on.
Sloaneyyyy: vlastuin -> Harbrow is cheaper
Mash: sydney are overrated with their soft draw, dunno about dees beating them though
Nahassss26: McKenzie iced up on the bench after a corky
Tony9668: 14:1 on dees bad odds, should be at least be 40's
runt: onya Lions!
matthius: you all probably said the same thing 2 weeks ago port v sydney and i took the $7.50 on offer cha ching!
Joe B: Hanley looks like he'll ton every week...provided nobody plays on him.
Nahassss26: *corkie
flyupup: maybe punt on dees up at the half or something they cant push over syd no way
Tony9668: nice pick up but dees arn't near power
Jackwatt$: On that theory Ewoks you could say any team is ordinary. Cats lost to lions, lions lost to dogs, hawks lost to cats etc.
Dangeroo: so after being 350/3 i'm not even 800/10
pietime!: pretty stoked that hanley picked up dbl his proj score
matthius: im gonna use my 270 coins to bet on the demons