Chat Log: W2, Port Adelaide 1.10.7 d Melbourne 0.12.6

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Fitzy36: is this game being streamed somewhere??
J.Worrall: hmm
colmullet: Welcome to the rookie parade
ShyOne: where is the game monty?
korza: A big watch on Hartlett and his role this game will decide his fate
CroZaN`: Why is Byrnes not playing?
TheoX: 'cause its nab cup croza,
korza: Keilor FC in (EDFL) Vic would beat both these team's. This is ordinary
Fitzy36: heres a radio link
Fitzy36: Korza im guessing your from Keilor...
Meldrum23: Anyone listening can they please tell who the subs are?
dmagnus: if they merged might be a half decent team
dmagnus: i bet sellar never tonned up in his life
Meldrum23: Jesus Kane Mitchell is a ball magnet! albeit Nab/Melbourne
coondambo: needless to say, mitchell better get off the rookie list before the season starts, surely won't be an issue at port
Fitzy36: Meldrum you can listen on match centre on afl website
dmagnus: reckon neade will play?
prozz710: Neade is so small, yet he scores so well. JS worries me
Sloan4Pres: Too bad Mitchell can't kick, would get games otherwise.
Clokey32: subs are Shaw,Clurey,Broadbent. Pederson,Stark,Nicholson
dmagnus: so 5Fer was donuts eh
Clokey32: @dmagnus what do ya expect rofl
Clokey32: Guess i helped out m0nty on the subs :)
dmagnus: yeh haha not much!
teamwanga: Clokey no idea. Shaw is on the ground. Lobbe is a sub. I think Pfieff too.
korza: Mitchell vs Wines or both ?
Clokey32: For what ive heard there the ones who are the subs
teamwanga: Port twitter: Lobbe, Broadbent an Pfieffer are subs
jhawk: b newton what pos is he in
Clokey32: @jhawk his a forward
Clokey32: @teamwanga guess your right sorry bud
teamwanga: lol no worries man. Hartlett big goal.
Phantom777: check - over 100K to win and they take it to every match!! No games in yet but will soon.
richoricho: Port fans: where's pittard at?
Phantom777: mitchell going to be a gun!!
Clokey32: @Phantom777 nek minnute ....
Phantom777: A@cloke32 not with ya brother...whats nek??
TheKey: Mitchell for Brownlow?
J.Worrall: nek minid
Clokey32: @Phantom777 its a saying... Pretend you say im going to own everyone... its like next minute you loose
mpollock: c'mon port ... i have money you weak bastards .. lol
Phantom777: @Clokey fair enough bud!!
Clokey32: Keeping an eye on Wingard
Phantom777: @J Worrall...big odds!! Jump on haha
Redlegs: I left my scooter outside the dairy NEK MINNIT
Phantom777: yep people will bypass wingard but 6th pick 2011 expect a big year with plenty of oppt'
Phantom777: apparantly $1,000 to win on ADEL v ESS on Stadium... Starting to hear on SEN and they have a social engine
J.Worrall: ... it woz gorn!
Clokey32: true that @Phantom777. Had to make a smart pick for a cheap good player
Phantom777: Monty arent you doing the symbols??
Phantom777: @Clokey32 good move...
korza: Mitchell/Hartlett/Wines/Neade/Stevenson Who and how many of them do you take
Clokey32: This is important any news on Brent Staker from Brisbane. Got him in a couple of teams
TheKey: yeah where are the symbols Monty?
stixy53: im going hartlett and mitchell
korza: How many teams do you have cLOKEY
jhawk: they say jump on board hartlett every yr just fails
Clokey32: 2 in each DT and SC . Really need news about him. Very good cheap player
gumby06: Whats your team name in DT and SC Clokey???
m0nty: I am not doing symbols for non-televised games, apart from vests.
bachyboy1: Mitchell, wines and neade for me Korza. agree with jhawk re hartlett.
Clokey32: @gumby06 SC:TryStopUs,IAmTheSupercoach. DT:WeAreTheDreamteam,NumberOneVictorz
Clokey32: m0nty does purple name start straight away in round 1 ?
I<3Sausage: Hartlett is a lock with the start of the season that pot have - should get 3/4 wins (GCS, GWS, ADEL, MELB)
gumby06: Thanks Clokey - DT and SC rules state that you are only allowed one team so I will forward them on,,
I<3Sausage: hahahahahahaha gumby
Clokey32: Well Done gumby dont care !
gumby06: DT and SC is ruined by these amateurs that have multiple teams..
bachyboy1: N. Jones or Kent?
bachyboy1: Sorry, M. Jones
mpollock: couldn't agree more @gunby06
jhawk: kent and terlich the mature age players yea ? harlett so inconsistent put vary 20-30 p every week
Clokey32: Mason Shaw ya Donut
bachyboy1: no, kent is young jhawk.
colmullet: Magner showing why he should not be used as a tagger i see
Phantom777: fair game of the battlers...
Phantom777: @jhawk hartlett stays injury free he will be a gun!!
Phantom777: - check it out guys!! cant wait to the games are in!! Just jumped on
Clokey32: looking at it now @Phantom777
Phantom777: @Clokey32 i sent them an private email and they said the games will be in this wk u can play any game!! shld be intertn
Clokey32: registering now
rosty63: power might win a few more this season
bachyboy1: power will be terrible this year!
pigden: Hard to figure out who has a worse side in, Melbourne or Port
TheKey: Can't
bachyboy1: Melbourne will finish 8th this year!
TheKey: Port will be ok in a few years.
Clokey32: its only nab cup wait till the actuall season starts
thebigshot: anyone watching the game like to pick the best DEFENDER rookie today for port?
Phantom777: @TheKey Koshie is the key to promote this club!! They need members big time
elk101: SC site going to be fully operational when the proper season starts?
dmagnus: congrats to Sellar for his first tonne eva
Phantom777: @TheKey surely your joking!!
Phantom777: @Clokey32 looks alright $100,000 to win is huge!!
thebigshot: any thoughts on the backs rookies for port? gents?
ReggieOz1: don't pick 'em
ReggieOz1: Wines and Terlich best out of this lot
ShyOne: Kane Mitchell may disagree with you Reggie
ReggieOz1: hey if you want him in your side go for it
Jimbo boy: How has Sylvia looked ?
thebigshot: reggie ta... that bad? really? how about Colquhoun
lloydy28: Reggieoz has no clue!
ReggieOz1: Colquhoun could be a good pick