Chat Log: SF, Sydney 13.18.96 d Collingwood 10.10.70

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m0nty: Good evening.
McRooster: Looking forward to this game, can't wait to see who the Crows will face in the Grand Final ;)
mx187: Evening boys, I really think its going to be the Swannies Rooster they gonna do it for Bolts
flagpies: year of the Pies !!
Grazz: Evening all
OnTheRocks: Sydney v Adelaide GF for sure!
Grazz: haha be nice
froggy47: I got Vetorri as captain
froggy47: Should've got kallis for last night
OnTheRocks: i wouldn't mind seeing Pies get to the GF only to get smashed though.
Grazz: Need a 1993 performance from the Crows tomorrow
Wends: Hey all, missed out on going tonight but anyway - cmon swannnnies!
Grazz: Lost to them last game of the minor round then beat them in the 1st week of finals. Need that effort. Big ask.
OnTheRocks: captain Pendles, better than that hack Maxwell.
GJayBee: Here we go boys
Grazz: Best of luck wends. Hope its a ripper, finals havent been great so far.
GJayBee: I've got $50 on kennedy against Pendles, $100 on pies +24 and swans by 1-39, but i just want pies to win!!!!!!!!!!
Wends: Good luck to the crows tomorrow Grazz! I'll be cheering for em.
froggy47: Maxwell is a hack, got a wicket in the opening game
Grazz: onya wends. :)
Murf2Gibbs: Hey gjb I have bets aswell tonight
Grazz: Nice goal
Wends: Pendles on Kennedy and vice versa...
OnTheRocks: why couldn't goodes get this many possies when he was in my sc team.
Grazz: I think the Swans were saving him OnTheRocks. Had him to
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes Scott Pendlebury but O'Keefe claims him HTB for a big goal.
Grazz: Dawes
Grazz: Nice mark Krak
Wends: Kracks!
Grazz: Kermit eski
McRooster: Rhyce Shaw and finals footy - like oil and water
Grazz: Swans moving the ball with alot more ease.
Grazz: Heya Rooster
Grazz: Cloke proppy
Wends: It's like an emergency dept out there
McRooster: Howdy Grazz, jetta jetta jetta, flower it
jimmyjay: Monitor this game from London: what's the rubber ducky mean?
Grazz: @jimmyjay if you duck your head in a tackle
McRooster: Great vision by Goodes
jimmyjay: Ahh I see... got it, cheers @grazz
Grazz: No worries Jimmy. Aussie summer soon be here keep warm mate.
jimmyjay: already cooling off over here, not that it ever really warms up. PS 'soccer' blows!
Grazz: The jet hits the after burners
froggy47: jetta why so fast?
Grazz: @jimmy spent a few winters in England and Scotland , dont miss it.
Grazz: Nice grab
Wends: Richards not looking good to come back on apparently...
jimmyjay: ha! indeed... everyone is a whinger too @grazz
McRooster: Bruce has chubbed up at how fast Jetta ran for that goal, fastest 100m in Sydney since 2000 lol!
mx187: Probably should be 8.3.51
mx187: LOL @Rooster
GJayBee: you have to admit, jetta ran way more than 15 for each bounce. not that every player doesn't at that speed
Grazz: @jimmy did plenty of whinging when Mum said it was bathtime and minus 8 degrees outside, not a shower within a 500 miles
Grazz: Umpires count steps haha dont realise he runs like a Leopard lol
GJayBee: 15 steps = 20m at that speed
Redlegs: teddy dicks was just playing dead
Grazz: @GJay probably further
Wends: Wow Smith playing horizontal Twister with Fasolo
Wends: *vertical
Murf2Gibbs: Well done gold sack
mdon11: Good work by Goldsack
Grazz: Pies slowing it right up and it worked. Bit lucky but it worked.
Grazz: Bit of a shove umpy
Grazz: I was about to say scream why play on
McRooster: Who's backing Pyke??
Grazz: haha not me Rooster and you saw why hilarious really
McRooster: Yep, kicked it like a Canuck.
McRooster: JPK SC would be off the chart ATM
mx187: in the bag
Grazz: You always know the Swans come to play dont ya, very organised club always. Well respected.
Grazz: @Rooster he kicked it like he was putting out a fire in the Clondike.
McRooster: Harry O so often kicks to a contest, breaks the line too well and finds himself in space ahead of his breaking targets
mdon11: Sydney have every answer at this stage, theirs to lose at this point.
mx187: co-captains killing it for the Swans
Grazz: only 22 points in it thats nothing, half time coaches chats will be huge. Pies aint gone by any stretch.
mdon11: Pendles SC would be up their with JPK, 11 contested disposals.
McRooster: I hope Chelsea gets the GF xoxo
mdon11: *there
Grazz: +1 Rooster Kazza hasnt worked out who Chelsea is yet lol.
mx187: what a good game
Murf2Gibbs: Kennedy muppet
mx187: agredd rooster
mx187: *agreed
Grazz: Goodes
mdon11: Kennedy should be un-muppeted for that assist
Khunt1vote: *wobble*
Grazz: Marked it with his marbles Ouch
mdon11: You realise the colli-wobble is only relevant when Collingwood are the favourites ;)
Khunt1vote: According to them, they're always the bloody favourites
mx187: Colli-wobbles comes from losing more grand finals then most team play in!
Grazz: I think the Colli Wobblers is dead and buried after 3 GF's in a row going for 4.
mdon11: @MX: Which we were favourites for a fair few of them, plus losing from un-loseable situations.
TheLegend6: Essendon are more wobblers than Collingwood haha
mx187: @mdon11 regardless you've lost more then any team has won
mdon11: @MX: No shower, everyone knows that.
Grazz: Essendon the Aeroplane Jelly of wobblers this year cause of soft tissue injuries. Expect more in 2013
mx187: that is where the term "colli-wobbles" comes from! Not that it matters because your team is'nt going to make it this yea
Grazz: more as in better performanance
mx187: r
mx187: your team has done OK over the last 5 years! 3 GF and 1 WIN hell yeah
mdon11: 1 more flag in the last five years than Sydney ;)
mx187: My best mate is a Pies fan and I actually prefer you guys over the Hawks but gee its good to watch the Swan's win for
Khunt1vote: Ah, the chaos one little *wobble* can cause.....
Grazz: Gotta make GF's to win em, Whats better making them and loosing or not making them at all.
mx187: change
mx187: 1 each over 10 years though
mx187: true Grazz
mdon11: @MX: Thats true. Also good to see I am not the only one irked by Hawks supporters.
mx187: I'm loving this game, both teams are really good. I'm a Swans fan so go the bloods
Grazz: @mx187 it is true hey, when it comes down to it thats the final truth. Hats off to the Pies been very good for awhile.
McRooster: Mick Malthouse sounds by hoalps at half time, is he emotional about what he is seeing??
mx187: My whole extended family go for the Hawks, and I need a reson to hope they don't make the GF. Don't get me wrong I enjoy
mx187: the way Collingwood play and they should have a better record then they do.
Grazz: @Rooster hed still be wanting the pies to get up, how couldnt he, i would if i was in his shoes. I wish :)
McRooster: ?? Swear filter. Has Kirk been to Sharrod Wellinghams barber?
mx187: @Grazz I'm pretty sure they have never won the wooden spoon
KraKBabY: Swans have this in the bag cos their combind SC points at h/t is 888 #justsayin
McRooster: Ted Richards > Leo Barry
mx187: @Krakbaby I was thinking more 16 scoring shots to 9.
Grazz: @mx187 i wouldnt know tbh. Gotta give credit where credit is due, doesnt mean you have to like em but u must respect em
Grazz: Collingwood just need to go man on man, dont commit more players to the ball then they do, Swans will pick it off
Arch: The most one sided umpiring I have seen for quite awhile!! Downright cheating.
McRooster: @Grazz, I think man on man would play into Swans hands. Pies need to take risks and spread more.
mdon11: Collingwood need to get the first goal to have any chance also hopefully Daisy can get into the game.
m0nty: One courageous kick by Pendels then they lose their bottle again...
Grazz: @Rooster pies are commiting more to the ball and the Swans sit back on the outside and pick off the loose ball.
Grazz: Cmon Chelsea
mdon11: If I see a review laptop is going out the window....
Murf2Gibbs: Here we go
McRooster: Chelsea was wrong
Grazz: off the knee
mdon11: Spare Laptop....not good one, obviously
Wends: Really looked like a goal initially. Don't let 'em back in swannies now!
Grazz: They say a good defence wins GF's well the Swans have that.
Wends: Johnson solid. Smith playing awesome-ly.
Murf2Gibbs: @grazz good isn't the word
McRooster: Rhyce Shaw's legs run at twice the speed of Jetta's yet he runs at only half of Jetta's speed, lol!
Grazz: Awesome Jetta
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Wellingham coughs it up with a weak contest with Morton in the centre, the Swans pounce, Jetta goals.
McRooster: Wellinghams having his hair done on the sideline
Khunt1vote: The pig has been kicking like....a pig
Wends: Won't relax til after the siren. Pies will keep fighting back.
mdon11: @Wends: Goaless this quarter, I think we are cooked...
McRooster: Collingwood 26pts during 3rd qtr, looks like Travis Cloke's DT score during season 2012
Sloaneyyyy: Sinclair subbed
Wends: mdon, I remember our last h & a game too well to believe that quite yet.
Grazz: Oh Dear
McRooster: Bad luck Toovey, great endeavor, but probably just ended the Pies Season
Murf2Gibbs: Tooveys. Changer the
hardballge: Jetta = Jetplane
mdon11: Ah we are cooked. Maybe 2013.
Grazz: Nail im the coffin, Fat lady is getting her makeup on.
Grazz: in
Murf2Gibbs: The last plows hands you want it. To end up in
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Toovey smothers Morton at the top of the square but inexplicably handballs back to Jetta. Game over.
mdon11: @Grazz: Fat Lady is already into the second verse
Khunt1vote: Gina's at the game?...I'm impressed!
Grazz: Swans play finals footy week in week out. Nothing new to them.
McRooster: Channel 7, I implore you, with all all of your crap camera angles this season, can you get one of Joffa now!
Khunt1vote: I wanna know what shade of scarlet Eddie is currently
mdon11: Dont think the Buckley and Eade partnership worked too well this season. Hopefully he goes to Port
Grazz: @Rooster be hard to find the Gold Jacket would still be in the bag.
Woosha 73: I never thought I'd ever see a game where a Morton has an impact!
Khunt1vote: Don Scott's the hot tip for Port....
hardballge: spot on Graz
McRooster: Ted Richards is Nazarus
Murf2Gibbs: @woosha you don't get a game for Sydney unless you do impact
hardballge: last few seasons i draw my form lie through sydney for they play the most honest week in & out
hardballge: "form line"
McRooster: Chris Tarrant winding back the clock
Wends: McRooster - why not DJango ch7 with that poignant request?
Woosha 73: True. I thought his first game for them would be his last. I'm happy to see him do it in this game!
Wends: *fango!
Murf2Gibbs: Well well 2 in 60 secs
m0nty: where's Luke Ball... oh wait
mdon11: So now only 5 goals down. Still in this -.-
jv_edt: Pies any chance?
McRooster: Me no fango, but Swannie go bango! Game still on.
Grazz: Play nice m0nty
Wends: mdon, you know our history. The fat lady just sat back down.
mx187: Sorry Pies fans no chance, well played this year.
Woosha 73: Obviously he won't win but ROK should poll a lot of votes late in the year!
Grazz: Swans can drop off, could that be the game turner, Pies need the 1st this qtr.
Stuart88: Don't stop running now swans see out put them away
Murf2Gibbs: Swans blown a lot of leads this year in quick time cats, bombers, who else?
Arch: Monty go flower yourself moron
TheLegend6: Anyone remember sydney vs essendon?
Grazz: Rather be a Swan than a Magpie at the minute. Pies can score quickly though. Finals need a thriller
McRooster: Rodney Eade didn't have the balls to take on Power job, won't have the Koonies to get Pies overthe line either
Stuart88: Come on swans put the 1st 2 goals on
Grazz: Need to kick this
Wends: For the love of god cloke!
Murf2Gibbs: Cloke goal here we go
Grazz: Got it
hardballge: Eade did not take the Port job for the same reason any sane man would board a sinking ship!
McRooster: Another zero for Cloke to add to his contract at Carltom!
Khunt1vote: Joffa's hiding in the middle of the monkey troop
Grazz: Harry tut tut
mdon11: Calm down Dennis, Collingwood is down by 26 points.
Murf2Gibbs: Gold sack lining up
mdon11: Commetti talking up a win already.....
Grazz: Goldie, hello
Murf2Gibbs: They have lifted immensely
McRooster: I hate how the Carlton Draught ads are abbreviated, should be shown in full
TheLegend6: best Carlton Draught ad in a while
Stuart88: Here we go swans have stopped coollingwood will win this
McRooster: Another Che
mx187: The Pies wont win this
Grazz: Chelsea chest out , did i say that out loud :(
McRooster: Another Chelsea faux pas, no GF for you sweety
Grazz: Was a goal i think.
Grazz: Goal
hardballge: death by 1k cuts
Grazz: Swans aint stopping fat lady is warbling the 3rd act of MacBeth.
mdon11: Surely its over now, surely
Grazz: Game Set Match well done Swans.
hardballge: Fat lady sang after the first 5 min, were into the third encore!
Wends: Bird to win it for the swans, over pies, after beating to crows, to play the hawks?
McRooster: Swans v Crows for the 2012 premiership!
Woosha 73: Power off Collingwood foreeevveer
Grazz: Cmon Crows
McRooster: Fasolo is no Tiprat
Grazz: Sydney tighter than a Nuns nasty.
mx187: Heart for Richards
Wends: "Mrs Shaw to the interchange please. Mrs Shaw to the interchange"
Khunt1vote: 2x hearts for Richards I reckon
McRooster: Pardoning m0nty, but not one Hawks supporter in chat tonight?
bombrblitz: Bye Bye ColloinFAIL
mdon11: Good win Sydney and good luck next week.
Antony: Mumvolkswagon!
Khunt1vote: They're already celebrating
Grazz: Likin ROK for next year.
dannyboy94: carn the hawkers!
Woosha 73: Count me in. I'm just anti Victorian clubs!
Woosha 73: There he is! Haha
beamen: Atlas for pendles
Grazz: Kicking away now. could get ugly.
mdon11: @beamen: Definitely. Collingwood's best and its not even close.
mdon11: @Grazz: Margin is irrelevant, unless you are on the line or margin.
rooboypete: Jetta definitely x-factor. Good call m0nty
McRooster: Maxwell wont play unti
hardballge: - Maxwell - Ball - Didak is not Pies best, as much as I despise them.
Grazz: @mdon11 no punts on this game for me. Just expressing.
mdon11: Margin and line is betting terminology
McRooster: Even if Crows lose tomorrow, at least Collingwood didn't make it!
Wends: Would've thought a prelim in a potentially unstable year could be seen as a pass mark for Bucks/Eades combo?
mdon11: @Wends: Is a pass mark, don't get me wrong but we just did not appear convincing at any stage this season
hardballge: Would think so Wends
Grazz: @Rooster Crows get 3 finals games for the kids to experience which is all good. With a bit of luck a GF.
beamen: Atlas for pendles m0nty
mdon11: @Wends: Thats what was disappointing.
Khunt1vote: Crow's are already in bonus territory
McRooster: Beams, class until the last kick.
Wends: Alot of factors for magpies this year, was always going to be hard.
hardballge: Pies have dropped off in all big games since Leeroy Brown retired and dropped another co since Balls injury.
mdon11: @hardballge: Feels like there is a change in tactics with the coaching change. Probably have not adapted well.
Grazz: Well done Swans
McRooster: Cheer cheer the red and the white
mdon11: Well done Swans, good luck next week
hardballge: Did you honestly expect to win te flag mdon11. T'was a prelim tonight?
McRooster: One entrant to the png, only 4 pts off, light him up m0nty!!
Wends: Woo hoo - grannie!!!
fongool: swans just too good
fongool: is dale thomas just an ordinary player? his kicking efficiency is in the average ranking at best