Chat Log: , Sydney 11.5.71 d Adelaide 5.12.42

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dawsy: first
dawsy: Hello
Grazz: Working today
Soothsayer: second...??? lol
m0nty: Yep, working today. Sorry about last night, I was at the game. :)
GoLions: no worries m0nty, hakuna matata :) Good win by the hawks, great to see the pies lose :P
Grazz: kinda thought you would be m0nty. Congrats be hard to beat with a week off youd be happy
Petrie4PM: Gonna be a big one today. Wife is swans fan, best mate is adelaide.
living21: i knew monty was at the game because he goes for the hawks
Samm79: Go Swannies!!!
Grazz: Heya Samm79 goodluck Go Crows
tbagrocks: GO GO GO GO GO, it's on wwwwwoooooottttt
tbagrocks: money on Tex for the first goal!
Grazz: Hello tbag
Grazz: Callinan
tbagrocks: Grazzy hey mate! I thought about going but pricy!
xumtinlong: the Bear for first goal
Grazz: Yeh saving me coin for the prelim hopefully.
xumtinlong: Crows v Hawks in the GF for me
luvfooty: Hi Grazz how are you?
tbagrocks: sunshine so great day!
Grazz: Heya LF, im good nervous haha but the scotch is working now
Samm79: Hey Grazz, going to be an intense first quarter.
Grazz: yeh sunshine glad the weather came good
luvfooty: Lol I'm considering cracking a can but got to go to the shop before I have a few drinks
Samm79: Hey Luvfooty!
Grazz: @Samm to true finals footy, massive pressure who settles the best quickest love it
tbagrocks: Brutal hard contested footy!
s.n.a.f.u: swans will choke them to death
luvfooty: Hi Samm
Grazz: LF should have had it sorted so you could put your feet up infront of the TV
luvfooty: I would have but Facebook was calling lol
Grazz: AC/DC playing haha
Grazz: Talia needs to keep Goodes quiet
jd985: hi everyone!!
Grazz: lol
LeFtBehinD: Best thing about finals the umps seem to suddenly know the rules and let the game play
masterhc2: grazz talia is playing on reid at the moment
mx187: Jack V Danger how good is this
Grazz: True Lefty should umpire like everygame is a final
Grazz: Its hard out there aunt it
Grazz: aint
tbagrocks: hard yep
Murf2Gibbs: Hey all, how exciting is finals?
GoLions: lift danger, thompson. goodes, rok, mummy......wait a minute
tbagrocks: Douchy started real well
Grazz: Douglas getting it done
Murf2Gibbs: Where's my logo?
Grazz: haha Golions
jd985: @murph2gibbs u only get a logo if your team is in finals for finals
masterhc2: anyone hve money on goodes for first goal? tempting...
tbagrocks: big chase from Tex but didn't matter, but good effoer
Moona: Go you Swannies
Murf2Gibbs: @jd thanks man
Grazz: Tex kick it
Planking: mummys mark???
tbagrocks: Tex has arrived, contested marking and confidence = superstar
Murf2Gibbs: Great mark walker
Planking: tex would have arrived if it was his mark...
chadwick: Ball up when 2 players grab it
chadwick: Nice goodsey! Sydney earning them
tbagrocks: Crows paniking is Sydneys forward line
chadwick: Crows are panicking cause they aren't use to playing a top 8 side
Grazz: Goodes on fire
masterhc2: gez these umps are hot on the throw
tbagrocks: Goodes was the problem last time
Grazz: Gotta kick the gimme goals
Grazz: teh he was tbag
Grazz: Douglas been good early
Grazz: not happy
tbagrocks: Douchy's fired up!
Grazz: Doughty
theuncle: whers
Grazz: Crackin 1st qtr
mx187: loving this game good hard footy
Sloaneyyyy: good quarter, now lift that little bit extra crows
Sloaneyyyy: and stop bloody Goodes
tbagrocks: crows second halves recently the opp has provided no pressure so I expect improvment as the game goes on
cusch1: okeefe and goodes sc anyone?
GJayBee: Thompson and Danger often don't fire up if they start slow. Tell me I'm wrong! I hope I am!!!!!
tbagrocks: no, it's Douchy Douglas!
Grazz: Pass it to the right hand side :)
Samm79: Big 5 minutes here
Murf2Gibbs: @gj you're wrong danger always starts slow
tbagrocks: GJ they did against Melbourne, started slow and fired up at half time
masterhc2: anyone else looking at reilly as a back next year?
Murf2Gibbs: @gj how's the punting been this weekend so far?
mx187: Mcglynn finally with a good kick
chadwick: No left foot on Sam shaw
mx187: Who do the crows use as 2nd ruck? Tippett?
Grazz: Danger
tbagrocks: yep, Reilly a lock!
masterhc2: crows missing a few chances
mx187: Dangerfield really?
tbagrocks: uh oh
tbagrocks: lol, Tippo's the back up ruck!
luvfooty: Geez thought Jetta was quick but what a chase by Danger
Grazz: @mx no i was just comentating mate not Danger as ruck
mx187: cool cheers tbag havent seen the crows play much this year
Murf2Gibbs: Crows all out of sorts ATM
chadwick: Awesome by Sydney, drew the flood out, hit Reid on the chest
Grazz: Cmon Crows answer
mx187: lol cheers grazz im a lil slow
joelski: ouch
tbagrocks: well JJ (Jenkins) has been but only two talls lately so yep Tippo
masterhc2: no matter what sando says plauing 4 non finals teams in last 5 weeks has hurt the crows, don't look up to it atm
tbagrocks: well I'm worried, think the soft draw is hurting
Grazz: Trouble
Affliction: cant see how crows can win this midfield n fwd line having no impacts and swans better skills so far
masterhc2: thommo and danger have to lift, jpk and co smashing them in the mids
Murf2Gibbs: It an turn quick affliction remember swans vs hawks
Murf2Gibbs: *can
mx187: Reilly on my radar for sure Good kick and hands
johnkay: Crows can't kick.
mx187: and vs Bombers
Murf2Gibbs: What's wrong with danger today?
Grazz: Fwd line no functioning
Affliction: agree crows have more upside for 2nd half cause their keys players haven't done much
chickenpie: crows deserve the lead just can't convert
johnkay: This is pathetic. One goal in 45 mins of football.
tbagrocks: they should lift, but when is to late?
chadwick: Danger does an awesome job dropping to ground and faking for in the back
Affliction: well if you cant convert then you dont deserve the lead
tbagrocks: aaaaaaaagggggggggggggggg
chadwick: Crows deserve the lead? Must be watching last weeks game
Grazz: Agreed affliction weve missed some sitters
Murf2Gibbs: Crows have been good last 7 mins don't be surprised if its single figures at 1/2 time
chickenpie: well if u kick 6.18 and lost to a to some1 who kicks 9.4 who should have won??
Affliction: @chickenpie the team with the most points at the end of the game
Murf2Gibbs: Chicken pie is correct
Grazz: Ouch
mx187: the team that kicks 9.4 because goals are worth 6 points chickenpie
LeFtBehinD: Game over. Thanks for showing up Adelaide. FFS
tbagrocks: McDermot keeps saying "uh oh"
chadwick: 26 points murf2gibs. Can't see single figures when they have 1 goal in a half
Murf2Gibbs: FFS crows I need you 10 points plus
GoLions: team with most scoring shots should win, but terrible kicking means you dont necessarily deserve to win
Grazz: Well done skipper
Affliction: bad kicking is bad football
mx187: if you have 24 set shots at goal and miss 18 then you dont deserve to win
Grazz: Delivery to Walker and Tippett is poor
mx187: Games not over at all, the crows are a good hard team but I'd love to see them lose
chickenpie: im just saying, this game is a lot closer than the scoreboard would suggest
tbagrocks: walker's to unselfish at times
mx187: Totally agree with that chickenpie, but Adelaide are not missing set shots from 30m out in front
GoLions: i agree @chickenpie. crows SHOULD be level with swans, but they DONT DESERVE to be level cause of their poor kicking
chickenpie: ye mx187 and GoLions both of ur statements are very true, they have missed hard shots and been innacurate
joelski: must take chances.
chadwick: Mike pyke useless first half
Grazz: That man again
Murf2Gibbs: @chicken pie and their field kicking has been crap aswell
Murf2Gibbs: Wow that one hurts
Sloaneyyyy: Shaw is no good to have on Goodes, they need to move him now!
chadwick: Nice settler goodes. 0:21
chadwick: Single figures murf2gibbs?
mx187: and Sydneys defence is the best in the comp
tbagrocks: who? Talia or Truck?
Planking: worst rising star since pearce
Murf2Gibbs: @mx yeah hard to Argue with that probably only Geelong come close
Murf2Gibbs: @chadwick lol alright I flowered up
tbagrocks: stick to planking cos you don't know footy!
howzitgarn: talia isnt playing goodes at the moment monty
howzitgarn: montgomery, is it true that you are playing in the EJ Whitten game this year?
masterhc2: what the, listen to this stat: inside 50s: swans 16 crows 30.
Grazz: Regardless of the result great experience for our youngens to have 2 finals to learn from.
Samm79: I think you'd prefer them to win this week Grazz ;-)
eckert_9: whose m0nty?
Grazz: Crows need to clear out the fwd line and give Tippett and Walker more 1 on 1's. Bombing it in isnt working.
Murf2Gibbs: @master yeah crows ball use has been poor
Murf2Gibbs: And Sydney are ruining crws forward structure
howzitgarn: @eckert_9 m0nty is some red-headed mank who runs this showerty site
nerb: Poor job from adelaide! Gotta lift big time in the second!!
howzitgarn: luv ya monts!
Grazz: @Samm yeh would mate for sure. Prelim experience cant buy that.
mackinaw: my moneys on crows to still win this, sydney struggle to hold leads against strong teams
Murf2Gibbs: True mackinaw
howzitgarn: who would you kill: tom harley or nick maxwell ?
Samm79: Big first 5 minutes for the young Crows coming up Grazz
eckert_9: after someone catches the ball why does no one tackle him???
Affliction: crows out to $3.60 for the win
howzitgarn: @eckert_9 this is because they don't want the other plays to thing they are great.... or summit like that
Murf2Gibbs: @affliction that's tempting
Grazz: @Samm huge 5 mins
Murf2Gibbs: Don't forget sydey vs cats the 1st game cas chewed up 35 Pts in like 11 mins
johnkay: Crows playing the wrong game. should be outside the packs waiting othe Sydney handpass
Grazz: Want the 1st goal
Affliction: probably best odds to look at for the finals, unless freo get out to a lead tonight
johnkay: Crows trying to win the ball inside and all the Swans are waiting outside for the break
howzitgarn: i'd kill tom harley AND nick maxwell
Murf2Gibbs: @affliction I have a multi crows freo and north all at the line
Grazz: Crows disposal letting them down, if they match the Swans in efficiency we'll go better
eckert_9: so annoying i put tahlia as captain this week for SC
Grazz: Gameplan is ok but disposal is ordinary
johnkay: Nearly every Swans goal has been on the break into an empty goal. That's why they scored 5.0
Affliction: @Murf2Gibbs what was the line for the crows? 10 pts?
Grazz: Glad that was touched/post phew
Murf2Gibbs: @affliction 9.5
johnkay: Swans by 8 goals + if this keeps up
GoLions: @eckert, enough is enough mate, ok?
GoLions: So is anyone considering ROK or Goodes for their SC/DT teams next year?
Affliction: @Murf2Gibbs going to be tough from here but possible you will need the crows to win 2nd half by 6 goals
eckert_9: @GoLions did your team make the finals??
Redlegs: I wont be considering players for next season until i know how much superocach will cost
GoLions: @eeckert, obviously not. Why?
eckert_9: @GoLions i am considering Luke Parker
tbagrocks: well no goals to Sydney!
masterhc2: richards is having an amazing year
mx187: how good was smiths handpass?
Grazz: haha
mackinaw: wow so many lucky frees inside 50
masterhc2: poor miss from walker
mx187: walker??? bad kick
Grazz: flower kick straight geez
mx187: great game of contested football
mx187: The crows gotta get the crowd in it
Grazz: Jetta is a Leopard
masterhc2: how good is it watching jetta chase danger
mx187: Brillant LRT
tbagrocks: wait till you see Crouch next year, he's a cat at stoppages!
mx187: awesome footy
masterhc2: richards is so impressive. has to be a lock for all australian
Murf2Gibbs: These umps should go take a hike
supervery: shake down the thunder from the sky
tbagrocks: kick it!
masterhc2: can tex kick straight. hope so, want it to be close
Murf2Gibbs: Must kick goal
mx187: agree master
masterhc2: hit the post! 2.10 christ
Grazz: Footy Gods have spoken
mx187: walker having a stinker
tbagrocks: we're in it, just need to convert
Antony: Come on boys! Get up and about!
tbagrocks: what do I always say! Tex plays on confidence and plays better when stringing games together
tbagrocks: Knew the week off was a bad idea!
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes Kieren Jack and draws a free.
Grazz: Tex has tried hard just no result
masterhc2: goal sloane. game on
tbagrocks: wwwoooooooooooooo
Jukes82: Swans have a better chance to beat the Hawks than the Crows so....go Swannies.
Murf2Gibbs: How overdue was that?
Grazz: C'MMM oo ooo ooon
luvfooty: Sloane nice goal
mx187: there ya go Grazz and Tbag, Swans gotta man up for the last minute
Planking: 2 goals in 3 quarters
mx187: good mark Morton
mx187: yes
masterhc2: hmm good reply from morton
ZacDawson: x-factor morton
Changeling: golazo morton
tbagrocks: flower
masterhc2: mcglynn subbed
Murf2Gibbs: C'mon crows flower
Guitarded: Mcglynn hammy
Grazz: Ah bloody Sydney, you know what your gunna get so get ready.
max41: morton ever time he touches the ball something happends
Affliction: crows now out to $4.90 anyone still give them a chance
Grazz: Very profesional Sydney never bottomed out always hard in a non footy state. Outstanding.
mx187: Fingers crossed Sydney's finals experience will get us home, but never confident
mx187: good call Grazz and K Jack is NSW born too
Murf2Gibbs: I do affliction as crazy as it sounds
Pendlez10: Good intensity to the game !
max41: my swans/swans/swans/crows qrt by qrt bet looking good
Grazz: @mx bet you luv that haha. Big ask from here but there is still hope.
mx187: I reckon LRT for X factor
Murf2Gibbs: C'mon crows I want a close finish
Murf2Gibbs: Crows will get within a kick at some point I cant see this continuing
mx187: Yeah I do Grazz, but I'm a realist and your boys are by no means out of it. I've always said Sydney know how to lose
tbagrocks: up to Danger and Tex now
number1red: Adelaide have choked, no chance to beat hawks
pcmaniman: Far from a choke - they have been choked by Sydney if anything
howzitgarn: if there is anything positive for a crows fan in this game, it is the fact that ben mcglynn sucked in cream puff
supervery: was never convinced by tippett and walker, good to see adelaide aren't gonna benefit too heavily from the easiest draw
supervery: ... in recent memory. go swans!
Grazz: Another turnover
tbagrocks: gggooooooo
masterhc2: importnt goal for crows , still in this
Grazz: Tex drops a sitter Stiffy mops up
Murf2Gibbs: Johncock goal walker having absolute shocker
tbagrocks: stiffy the X factor
Jukes82: McGlynn needs the tampon icon
mx187: yes
Changeling: parker goal!!
mackinaw: boooo boooo boooo shut up 19th man fwarkk
masterhc2: goal parker. swans respond every time crows get a goal
Jukes82: McGlynn needs the vowel icon
Murf2Gibbs: Go to hell swans
Murf2Gibbs: Callinian goal game opening up too
Grazz: You Dogs go big ears
Affliction: goal to crows, but the swans have been able to answer back all game
mx187: more goals already this QTR then the 3rd
tbagrocks: fffrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Luke919: a GREAT win today by the fitzroy reserves!!! what the flower happened last night on this site?
Redlegs: adelaide couldnt beat brisbane a couple of weeks ago
Fitzy36: okeefe isnt that good...
mx187: c'mon swans
Grazz: Well done Truck
Grazz: Cmon umpire Tippett a free
tbagrocks: gonna be bloody robbed
mx187: C'mon Tbag have'nt been paying them all game
Fitzy36: okeefe is so overated, got a few kicks today but has had no impact
Affliction: there is the sealer
Changeling: jetta sealer
Grazz: Flower
NewFreoFan: Come on crows! God this game has been frustrating
tbagrocks: yeah well Swans to good
masterhc2: goal swans, will be tough for crows now
mx187: Tbag it was there but
brad_lee: jetta wd
froggy47: noobfield
Hodgeey: O'keefe is quality, his disposal is clean
Fitzy36: does f*ck translate to flower?
TheAnt: Mitch Morton x-factor.
Affliction: Fitzy36 he has been good today, has been in and under at the packs playing his role
JUDDSUXX: Jetta is a frontrunner
Fitzy36: in and under? you serious, plays an outside role
mx187: ROK is brillant
Changeling: goodes star morton x-factor o'keefe gun
rosty63: crows gone
masterhc2: talia broken arm
mx187: Talia broken his arm!! ouch
JUDDSUXX: Dangerfield When It counts = SHOWER!!
Fitzy36: trollollolloll
brad_lee: talias done his wrist
Joe B: Fitzy = troll or clueless icon ?
NewFreoFan: Talia broken wrist? Incident didn't look like much but it didn't look good holding it
Affliction: Fitzy plenty of tackles and has been at most packs
Hodgeey: Talia broken arm are you serious? He is holding his wrist and there nothing in it.
JUDDSUXX: Crows Straight Sets?? What do u guys think??
tbagrocks: off to the bar, seya lads!
NewFreoFan: Dunno hodgeey, when he was first holding it it looked pretty loose, poor bastard
JUDDSUXX: I think the crows are pretenders..
Joe B: Walker = mare.
supervery: Would not be surprised if the crows went out in straight sets, geelong are a better side i think
mx187: sorry JUDD arm/wrist close enough
GoLions: do crows play the winner of cats vs freo?
tbagrocks: lol at the walker haters, will win Coleman next year
mx187: Yes @GoLions
Rommas: So who thinks Sam Jacobs is All Australian ruckman now? Hahahah
jfitty: Can't give Talia the tombstone then say it "looked like a break"... at least wait until they give a proper medical repor
NewFreoFan: Love the different rules for the finals haha
masterhc2: @tbag maybe 2nd, buddy will win
Joe B: He may win the Coleman next year...but he's been horrid today when it mattered.
Hodgeey: @tbagrocks Yeah he will, if buddy, pav, reiwolt get injured...
mx187: if they lose @GoLions
eckert09: @GoLions yeah they play cats vs freo winner, first year watching footy?
kano: @Tbag Umm buddy maybe ?
NewFreoFan: Dockers will beat the crowd next week ;) Geelong who?
GoLions: yeah thanks @mx187, just wanted to make sure. Gonna be tough for them, even with another home game
NewFreoFan: Crows*
JUDDSUXX: Why didn't freo tank? are they that dumb?
tigerbite: Sloane Is killing the crows.....bench him!!!
Jukes82: Bunch of chokers
Redlegs: Geelong Cats from victoria Newfreofan
NewFreoFan: Tanking clearly doesn't work, look at Melbourne ffs.
Panther: yes the dockers are that dumb! Trent Croad anyone?
max41: Give o'keefe the star already
Changeling: goal kennedy
Grazz: What makes Sydney so good is they play finals footy every week get it right channel 7 comentators
Petrie4PM: talia dislocate or fracture wrist?
Tennant: Straight sets for the crows!
NewFreoFan: Quiet you Panther lol. Still a better decision than Tambling :)
Redlegs: Is the traffic bad in adelaide. Why would people be leaving the ground early, haha bye bye crows
tbagrocks: pffffft Tex will beat Buddy!
johnkay: here come the trolls
Joe B: Get the icons happening...O'Keefe = gun, Goodes = star, Morton = x factor, Walker = mare
Affliction: crows playing the friday night game next week
tbagrocks: lol Grazz, 5AA for me
Grazz: Danger hurt
mackinaw: geez danger carries on like a pork chop
Petrie4PM: danger broken jaw?
Joe B: Danger= marshmallow icon. Nothing in that.
NewFreoFan: Danger on board the concussion train
Grazz: @tbag should do the same, isnt here a delay
Murf2Gibbs: Better be close tonight
Sloaneyyyy: why couldn't j p k do that for me during the year
NewFreoFan: Bombers would be regretting losing Richards I reckon
tbagrocks: no it's good today Grazzy
mx187: YES unlucky Grazz and Tbag, good luck next week
tbagrocks: Josh was great in my SC Sloaney
Grazz: Not good tbag, well done Sydney best of luck.
NewFreoFan: The banjo in the swans song cracks me up haha
tbagrocks: well Swans v Collingwood maybe? repeat of the Stadium Australia clash