Chat Log: , St Kilda 16.10.106 d Carlton 12.19.91

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Dt God: big game murphy god bell and shower it carrots mcevoy in SC
Dt God: Need murph 2 beat carrots SC
Murf2Gibbs: Carazzo late out and touhy replaced by Curnow and ellard whos starting sub, saints unchanged
Murf2Gibbs: Source = AFL Website
imageof007: carrazzo and tuohy out for ellard and curnow
Murf2Gibbs: Please please I need Carlton with 3.5 start for last multi leg to win $1300
darkness: Thanks Carrots , you just lost me 3/5 SC finals !
Murf2Gibbs: Everyone go look at the head to head Carlton vs saints it's so tight line has been suspended only the points line exists
Dt God: yes carrots
Changeling: Cmon Mcevoy and Dal, get me home lads
Dt God: ellard and newnes
Dt God: shower mcevoy
Dt God: Koschitzke might be a good pick nxt yr
Murf2Gibbs: @dtgod Murphy should beat carrots
Murf2Gibbs: @dtgod Murphy should beat carrots just Lol
Dt God: Folau might be a good pick nxt yr
Changeling: no tag today dal santo so dont you fck up again, thank god carrazzo is out
Murf2Gibbs: @dtod yeah kosi a good pick........ For the spud list
Demons15: Cotchin will be one of my first pick ups next year
DuhWinning: carrots out, id be upset if my opponent didnt have alex browne with 6 as emergency! ;)
Changeling: agreed demons15 just gonna get better, can he handle a tag though?
DuhWinning: @demon15, yep ill be swapping swalow for cotchin (SC) next year
Murf2Gibbs: @changeling he's been tagged numerous times this year already but can he handle a whole season of tagging?
Changeling: yeah thats the big thing, he'll get way more attention in the coming years
Changeling: don't want to be getting ourselves the new stanton here now do we
DuhWinning: lol stanton. booooooooooooooo
Murf2Gibbs: Subs and let changes still not updated on here, PATHETIC!!!!!!
Murf2Gibbs: *late
Changeling: murphy can't handle a tag as well
jd985: carrots, touhy, casboult mcinnes out
myteamsuks: Source: afl news discussion on twitter, goodard signed 4 year deal with freo
Murf2Gibbs: Have the feeling Curnow will tag today he's like 3rd in tackles at carlton
Footy_Pie: need 161 Supercoach form Squibbs and NDS to win final
I<3Sausage: big game from Tom Bell today replacing Carrazzo in my side!
Murf2Gibbs: @footypie who the flowerin hell is swibbs?
R.Griff: MyTeamsuks yes its true
Changeling: yeah curnow is a decent tagger,
Demons15: anyone see Fitzpatrick last night? I was at the game and I reckon he'll be a great player (not in DT). thoughts?
Footy_Pie: Gibbs
R.Griff: Goddard!!! please have a bad game dont want to see your name up there for much longer
Murf2Gibbs: Okay footypie
Murf2Gibbs: Please blues win for ratten or at least cover the 3.5 for my multi
Murf2Gibbs: Okay boys enjoy the chat I'm watching game on my Ipad2 now
eza100: its saying on twitter that carrazzo is out is it true z/
ovy1: Here comes the biggest dead rubber for the season! Go saints
Dangeroo: Carn Kreuzer, smash McEvoy for me!
moorey21: CMon Wilkes win me a flag
jd985: wat number is luke mitchell
darkness: Malthouse will be taking a good look at this game no doubt ! see who is worth keeping for 2013
Changeling: cmon mcevoy smash kreuzer
Dangeroo: Goddard with an early goal, wooo
Changeling: yes goddard
Dangeroo: You in some finals changeling?
Changeling: Sc Im in 2 gf's Dt 1, if thats what you meant
Changeling: lift dal
Dangeroo: yeah. winning?
Changeling: Yeah leading in both sc but dt is pretty tight, you?
Slashers: Get a room you two!
cusch1: need NDS to outscore Tom campbell by 4 points
Dangeroo: 2 dt finals, given up on one and hanging on to the other, losing by about 26 with 3 uniques each.
m0nty: Back on this game please.
Changeling: good luck with the one your'e left in
Changeling: thinking of doing something dal?
JBazz: changeling, do you have the ability of knowing sc scores during quarters?
Nick1069: need scotland to score under 60 to have a chance
Panther: Come on Gram!!
MightyEss: flowering carlton dogs with their late withdrawals. i hope robinson spuds up as well.
Changeling: no my sc live thing ran out a while ago and I cant be flowered making another acount
Slashers: Cmon nintendo ds!!
Changeling: or else I would gladly give them out
KraKBabY: need robbo to get 160+ in SC after swapping him for cloke on my bench #losing
zeddyzed: Wheres carrazzo?!
MightyEss: also get subbed montagna/robinson
Nick1069: carrots late out
heppelitis: @krakbaby...hear you mate...done the same...put up with him all year...dam
JBazz: ok changeling
Panther: flower yeah gram!!
footyhack: bell in my team from the get go next year!!
DTFanatic: Need Scotland to score less then 80
gazz mvp: Look set to win out cash league this yeah but sad to last day of DT
footyboy: Footy hack your name is as good as that call
TheoX: its a sad state of affairs when brick mcclown is your best player
crazyjim: best carlton player or best dt player lol!
JBazz: yeah no wonder you're called footy hack
myteamsuks: Sad state of affairs when Cale morton is your best player
footyhack: why will be cheep and is a good player!!
JBazz: ever heard of nathan jones or mitch clark? or jack grimes?
myteamsuks: You see mclean wants to play fot our club...not like anyone at urs
Nick1069: don't move scotland!
Roflcake: Slowdown Judd!
adz11: yes, spud it up dal santo
TheoX: your really sensitive myteamsuks haha
myteamsuks: @jbazz....has he heard of judd, murphy, scotland etc. Get my point
TheoX: mcleans at carlton cause hes getting 400K a year haha
JBazz: whos been in the best form the last month? brock mclean.
Hazza09: Flower off Nick1069
TheoX: give him another fat contract carlscum, watch him play VFL then come good when its time for contract time again lol
Murf2Gibbs: Yes McLean cape unreal to think where he was 5 months ago
Roflcake: Lift Scotland and murph
myteamsuks: Yeah at least he will have to play at in 5 years
Changeling: crap qtr dal
brad_lee: siposs will be a good pick next year. he'll take Goddards role
TheoX: Go Matthew Kruger
TheoX: your making no sense myteamsuks
TheoX: he will have to play at? you've gone wrong in the head
kingcarey2: mcleans sc anyone? he's turned it over 4 times, and missed an easy goal
Changeling: mclean 37
DTFanatic: So does anyone know why Carrazzo is out? Maybe it was a big 'f you' to Ratts?
kingcarey2: thanks changeling
myteamsuks: Milne you dog!!
stman: Milne should get all australian
brad_lee: milne is a lock for AA
TheoX: go sainters!
Changeling: flowering hell dal santo
TheoX: smash that criminal club
myteamsuks: Zzz....yawn
myteamsuks: These comments are as interesting as a Melbourne game.
eagles_21: haha walker squirting milne
greenbaron: i guess everyone is happy the big clokesman hit some form last night
R.Griff: Yarran gone!!
dancasta: is yarren gonna get subbed?
myteamsuks: Yarran already subbed
brad_lee: flower yeah cmon saints
greenbaron: whose fall do ppl think was worse carltons capitulation or essendons
Changeling: more touches dal
brad_lee: wooh
greenbaron: seriously how bad is carlton
MightyEss: stop scoring robinson you ugly cow
Changeling: judd down into rooms
brad_lee: Judd down to the rooms
myteamsuks: Judf done hammy
Demons15: @greenbaron Essendon's
Changeling: right hamstring
yehright: where is gibbs playing?
TheoX: its great to see, hey greenbaron
brad_lee: shocking call up
mossssssy: oh no, Judd to miss finals ;)
TheoX: carlton recruited barry prendergast. they're in for some massive pain in the coming years
Changeling: cmon mcevoy
brad_lee: haha runner suck shower
Murf2Gibbs: Betts goal
myteamsuks: Hey greenbaron, must be glad we arent in finals, youd be scared
greenbaron: @theoX its bloody awesome
greenbaron: @myteamsucks nah u have to be a consistent team to make finals not PRETENDERS hahahah
Magicsmell: Opp has Yarran and Judd.. hahaha
Pavalinco: Need 125 from Zorko to get the win.
myteamsuks: Well we were consistent in beating you this year.
TheoX: hahahha yarran and judd lololol
myteamsuks: 100mtr penalty flower yeah
brad_lee: be close pav. i reckon you'll get there
TheoX: not laughing at injuries, only ur opp
greenbaron: @myteamsuks yeah but that got u nowhere enjoy september hahaha
daniel87: is judd down flower sake their goes any chance of winning
brad_lee: good goal umps
TheoX: the worlds a better place without carlton in the finals
timmybutts: muppet for 100m penalty
m0nty: Back on this game please.
myteamsuks: Consistent in beating you, that is all!
nickhors: juddy is gawwwnn
myteamsuks: theoX you dont even know finals
greenbaron: hahahaa
Demons15: @myteamsuks we were consistent in beating gold coast mate, how'd that go for ya?
Chap: lol @melbourne, effective wooden spoon if not for franchise teams
Murf2Gibbs: This day with the 2 injuries and the runner infringement sums up blues year
CatAttack9: gotta love a late out winning you your grand final :D need dal santo and boyd to beat scotland by 73
s.n.a.f.u: prefer head 2 head catAttack
Grazz: Maric and Martin playing.
daniel87: i s judd gawn for the day or will he come back ?
Demons15: @Chap haha yeah :P picked a good year to play the worst football we ever have :P
greenbaron: was 22points down in granny with only zorko to play but my opp had carrazzo and yarren with no cover.
Grazz: m0nty Yarran sub gives the final to Whatlez does it.
JBazz: so is judd gone?
Murf2Gibbs: It will be incredible
baggers11: Judd coming back? Please answer
Murf2Gibbs: @baggers no unfournately he had the jacket on and iced up I'm watching
daniel87: dont know hope so monty hasnt pput the cross on him yet
baggers11: Thanks murf2gibbs
daniel87: ffs 4 grand finals losses flower sc and dt injuries and withdrawals
Hazza09: Good to see Kade Simpson back to his best! His 156 2 weeks ago knocked me out, still fuming
Chap: because Monty's icons are the authority on injuries
Murf2Gibbs: @baggers no worries god I hope we win for rattan it will be remerkable if we do
findus: could any1 please give me Bells sc ? Hes my cover for the Carrots
m0nty: I have seen blokes pull hammies but play on in the goalsquare to help rotations anyway.
Murf2Gibbs: Okay thanks Monty I hope he comes back then
frieswthat: Judd = gone. Iced up and tracksuit on
mattspies: In supercoach what is yarran on??
ofnao001: kruzer gibbs mcevoy sc?
Changeling: yarran 25
frieswthat: Yarran 25sc
Changeling: kreuzer 39 gibbs 51 mcevoy 39
findus: Bell SC please anyone :)
mattspies: cheers Changeling :)
Changeling: bell 32
Mithrandir: Very entertaining game - hope Milne and Walker destroy each other :)
findus: Thanks Changeling
Fernyys: should I get judd next year???
Dt God: god sc
Tonche: Alright Montags, you gave my opponent his false sense of hope, now just gimme a 70 point half
jd985: judd will be a cheap pickup, get him
CatAttack9: cmon nick dal, dont leave all the work for boyd to win my GF...
Fernyys: thanks jd985
Sydney14: lift Dal Santo ffs
Stuart88: How's brock going cant see the game seems to be killing it?
ownage: Mirphy / hayse sc?
Dt God: need i maric to beat mcevoy chances SC
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes Terry Milera and wins a lucky free on McLean.
max41: omg mcevoy 30 points in 10 mins
ColSylvia: stuart, going by his SC he's prettyordinary with his disposal
adz11: Sub Dal Santo
Redlegs: McLean has been ripping up, obviously at his usual slow place
cougar37: Is Carlton everyones most hated side, or just mine?
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes Jarrad Waite with a disgraceful stage for a free on Gwilt for an undeserved goal.
brad_lee: haha umps again great goal
max41: my most hated is bombers with blues close 2nd
Stuart88: Thanks nothing in like Brock to turn it over would be a great player if skills were better
cougar37: @max41, my most hated is blues, with bombers close 2nd!!
DTFanatic: i hate the cats!!
piemandave: Just had a confirmed rumour from the tooth fairy--Goddard is going to Dockers next season
cougar37: It's been a great year for us, watching them capitulate.
Dt God: y god bein booed? just started watching
PotLoser: @max41 is that because they both have 16 prems lol
probably: can anyone tell me what the flower is going on with murphy. gonna cost me a falg
ColSylvia: he cant handle a tag probably
Sydney14: does NDS even have an opponent?
MightyEss: someone knock out robinson and montagna
preki1: have murphy and dal in this games. flower me dead
daniel87: well your lucky you dont have judd scotland and carrazo
max41: @Potloser nah lots of soft spuds at bombers nd blues
preki1: lol i have scotland as well but my opponent has him also
Roflcake: Wow...lift
findus: Im in sc gf, thought i had Rockliff to chase down 122 to win, but now have Bell to help out. Possible ?
Roflcake: wow ...lift murph
jd985: is anyone against nick maxwell in dt gf??
DTFanatic: @Findus: a good chance
swans99: are you serious monty............ tracky dacks...
ColSylvia: Monty's a classy guy swans99
Rockafella: Big mistake getting rid of Ratts, they r playing for him today
swans99: @findus of course its possible you spoon dic.. stop trying to get praise nobody cares about your league
m0nty: he is wearing tracky dacks isn't he? :P
findus: lol swans99 dont flatter yourself
swans99: @monty lol obviously got some little tackers running around at home
daniel87: had 2 chase 121 with 2 players in hand and then a 3v3 should of knocked it over easy enter judd/carrazo -buagley damn
swans99: @findus how am i flattering myself... your trying to big note yourself.. idiot
ColSylvia: as if monty has kids
findus: by suggesting your opinion matters..
BillyPick: blues should go after roos. much better than malthouse.
Murf2Gibbs: @rockfell couldn't agree more mate
cougar37: Who is your 1st premium picked for next year? Because, unless he develops spina bifida, I'm gettin T. Cotchin
Murf2Gibbs: Agree with that too billy
PotLoser: @findus - you asked a spud question, now you need to harden up girlfriend
SuperSub17: Anyone have Judd, Scotland, McEvoy sc please?
bernieV: spina bifida is a congenital abnormality, not acquired
ColSylvia: haha spina bifida
ColSylvia: haha bernieV
Changeling: cmon dal santo big last qtr and keep it up mcevoy
cougar37: Thanks Dr Bernie V. Then I guess I be getting him.
BillyPick: malthouse got outcoached far too many times at collingwood. he ws fortunate that WCE and PIES had cash for footy depart
Dangeroo: gotta fit swan, gaj and cotchin in next year or you'll be behind
bernieV: Yep. I agree with you too, he's awesome
adz11: Pendles > Swan in 2013
MightyEss: stay the flower down montagna
ratten: bye bye
findus: lol potloser i promise to refrain from talking footy scenarios just for you.
feralmong: carrots, damn it. just got on. opp has yarran tho. So evens out with spurr sub.
s.n.a.f.u: late out for Brissy
Murf2Gibbs: Waite Banana goal
Sydney14: get flowered Dal Santo, dont even have an opp and you still spud it
Redlegs: No Judd no carrazzo no worries
findus: Changeling can u update me on Bell if u get a sec plz
cptFantasy: No worries when you have Brock playing for his career!
NDiddy: @findus Bell 49sc at 3/4 time
R.Griff: Drummond out for Bris
MightyEss: flower off montagna
Redlegs: Brock McLean for the brownlow next year;)
Changeling: cmon mcevoy and dal
findus: thanks buddy :)
kingcarey2: mceans sc?
SuperSub17: Anyone have Acotland and mcevoy sc please?
SuperSub17: *Scotland
frieswthat: mclean 109 scotland 64 big boy 88
Turkies: robbo/mcevoy big last 10 mins please fellas
Grommet66: flowering hell lift robbo and hayes need 90+ from you both
SuperSub17: Thanks frieswthat
frieswthat: mclean 133 scotland 81 big boy 105
Grommet66: liffftttt robbooooo
Changeling: cmon dal santo big last qtr and keep it up mcevoy
Sydney14: five minutes Dal Santo, what can you do?
eagles_21: Hayes, Scotland, Mcevoy, Bell SC anyone?
ColSylvia: Go saints!
therichone: any1 know how long left?
Dangeroo: little over three minutes to go
tor01doc: SEN and particular that dweeb barracking rather than commentating.
ColSylvia: Stanley! yes!
therichone: thanks dangeroo
frieswthat: hayes 76 scotland 78 mcevoy 102 bell 64
ColSylvia: yeah maher is scum
JBazz: jeez ellards a handy player
findus: taa fries !
ownage: Hayse sc?
eagles_21: cheers frieswthat, appreciated
Grommet66: go lenny and robbo finish the season well for me
moot: Beeg to the dockers!
roflchris: Carlton tanking
TheoX: eat a steaming pile of shower carlton!
Juggalo: Letting us win lol Thanks Chris.
greenbaron: damn now weres that noose i lost
cdrobert: seeeeeeeeyyaaaaaaaaaaaa
Sydney14: never again Dal Santo
JDolling69: gibbs xfactor? they lost?
TheAnt: Why is Bryce Gibbs x factor? Why are Carlton getting all the icons?
StAnselm: How can Gibbs get the X if Carlton lose?
Spew: What fat pedophile idiot would give a Star and X-Factor to players in a pathetic losing team.
bernieV: surely the x factor has to be on the winning team
Guitarded: Gibbs was so bad he won it for saints
JDolling69: and i think mclean is the first ever star from a losing team
Dangeroo: star to mclean is warranted, x-factor ain't
DTFanatic: 'This player wasn't the best player on the ground but he played a vital role in winning the game. '
DTFanatic: Maybe he won it for the other team?
Rommas: Can't believe I'm saying this but McLean may be a decent unique for nextyear
DTFanatic: @JDolling. LMAO. heaps of players have gotten 3 votes when being on the losing team Dumbass
Buddy-Love: Flower, pick the PNG 62 and got 63
snoop1: hahahah monty you fat spud
JDolling69: dtfanantic, i meant star from fanfooty, dumbflower, look he changed it coz they lost....