Chat Log: , Hawthorn 14.11.95 d West Coast 10.10.70

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beaver: cyril sub WTF , the hawks are tanking!!!
itsduftime: Need to bench a forward out of Danger, Beams, Pav, Franklin, Zorko, Sidebottom, ROK + Martin. Thinking of benching Buddy
comonucrow: Wishing that the Weagles win and Sydney loses, so that the Mighty Crows finish minor premiers. Hawks by 39pts.
Sloaneyyyy: game on!
Affliction: Good start to Franklin
Grazz: Evening all
ballbag: buddy for C and 8 goals
spiggs: buddy on track for a bagand a half
feralmong: monty drooling over Franklin already. Forgot to press go.
Whitehawk0: What the hell is goin on??
Panther: buddy!!
lord: i played tippet instead of franklin... suicide?
wce !: cmon eagles - next 4
Grazz: yay working now :)
s.n.a.f.u: evening mOnty. keep you hand off it
Affliction: need the eagles to keep it close dont want franklin subbed
feralmong: hmm considered last minute switch from cox to nicnat.
Dazza87: Yeaaaa Buddy!
DirtyDawn: Evening gents
Changeling: wow buddy killing us, cmon eagles
spiggs: on it goes!
HydeSide: neither of my GF opponents hve Franklin! What a freaking awesome unique! +1 for the trade-savers
BarlowGod: Noooo I really want pav to win the coleman :(
wce !: water and glass need to double up on frank
Whitehawk0: Buddy deserves to kick 20 tonight and win the coleman! Been the best forward this yr, just missed too many.
darpy: get going Waters, dont need 2 dud weeks from you !
NewFreoFan: All that matters to me this week is that Pendles fails hard. That's all that'll decide my cash league
froggy47: Cox Free Kick!!
Whitehawk0: Pav been great too.. as long as that sooky knob Reiwoldt doesnt win it
coldog: cox in for a shower night great
adz11: Cox looks disinterested
Whitehawk0: *too many games with injury I meant
M.Brown#1: Hawks fan booing just as bad as subi fans tonight.
Grazz: Buddy
jpreed84: Dark the umps love the west cock eagles
Grazz: Dont pass it Buddy geez.
hardballge: how many for Buddy tonight? I'm tipping 12
dmac0712: Umpires decided the throw is their free of the week this week!
stoo: You mean uninterested
snoop1: im tipping buddy will get 5 in the first quarter and then 1 for the rest of the night
dxlr8: ueagles fans squawk about bad umpiring more than any but get the rub of the green mre than any team... muppets
coldog: gee kennedy that looks so bad
rosty63: @whitehawk jack riewoldt just keeping the richos sooky sooky la la tradition
NewFreoFan: Wouldn't mind it if Lewis could get going
Changeling: glass up forward, wtf?
dmac0712: Stats show WC have the best record for frees by far! But hawks are second.
Whitehawk0: rosty... He drives me insane.. softcock, sooky knob flowerer
dean0s: good start so far with mitchell and franklin
hardballge: gee Hill up the ground and doing well....
rosty63: @whitehawk mathew richardson was jut as bad
hardballge: first time Hill has lead up the ground in 5 years
Changeling: now waters up there
Whitehawk0: I agree... Shame he is Tasmanian! :)
Dons4eva: darling knee?
Changeling: darling down
froggy47: darling red cross
dxlr8: rubberneck darling hurt
Dangeroo: just a corkie, knee to his calf
Grazz: Clash of knees with Darling and Hodge
yeragam: Darling got a knee from his opponent just below the knee
hardballge: Darling just got Hodged!
coldog: nah he was just staging lol
Jukes82: hodge did that on purpose
rosty63: GEEZ i sound like my wife Darling get up!!
Changeling: another ninja flip from darling, its a retarded night
Chadwickus: Tripping scum
chickenpie: kick straight west coast we must keep in with a chance or they will storm infront
hardballge: no doubt Hodge did it on purpose, he makes 'em earn every ball. Tough to get up and take his kick too was Darling
dean0s: try viagra rosty63
coldog: buddy 49 sc
rosty63: @deanos lmao
johnkay: Oh good, Hale is one of my uniques and is going to play his worst game ever
Grazz: Go Buddy
Bluey: Buddy is guna play a game to remember
spiggs: haha spuddy is showerting on the duckers
walle: Buddy is only 2 goals short of Coleman leader
MightyEss: come on priddis
runt: Franklin is kicking well. He'd be enjoying playing after his break
mrpig: buddy u ripper
coldog: Buddy already on 63 sc points!
NoTigers: Go Buddy and Mitch !!!!
m0nty: go Hawks!
Dazza87: Buddy Beautiful!
Eagles:(: Good Hawks, show those overrated fools whose boss
bogut: eagles are pretenders finally everyone can see it they will be out wk 1
Affliction: how good is this playing a cash league final n they dont have franklin, only thing is clarko may sub him for rioli
M.Brown#1: Where are all the hawk floggs that were bagging the eagles crowd last week? Eating humble pie i hope
old_shepp: It would be right about now Eagles would be thinking finishing 4th mightn't be a good thing
billybob93: cox and mitchell scores???
Bluey: Can wc stop the Hawks run?
runt: When Rioli comes on Gunston will go off
R.Griff: @m0nty very happy tonight should be a good weekend for you until people start with the rumours haha
Dangeroo: Coleman is up for grabs, very unlikely to sub him. He won't be tired anyway, he's had a long break
Sloaneyyyy: they just said Walker is probably out for crows this week with a hip injury.
wildcougar: mitchell and priddis SC scores please
moorey21: Thought id look up footage of JK at Carlton.. he never had the stuttering start there
Changeling: pretty feral crowd we got here tonight, booing everything against Hawks
Phyl82: what the hell is going on with Lewis???
walle: Buddy a real chance for the coleman still if he kicks 10
Whitehawk0: MBrown ur a cock mate, ur team is shower so u turn on the opp... Ordinary
Changeling: mitchell 33 priddis 20
coldog: mitch 33 and priddis 20 sc points
Changeling: but that doesnt change the fact that were playing shower
wildcougar: thanks Changeling , i need mitchell to beat priddis to win my Sportsbet bet :)
runt: Franklin should change his name to Juddy Franklin. guaranteed 3 votes each week
Affliction: good point dangeroo about the coleman hopefully he can keep it up
M.Brown#1: Suck my diick whitehawk, you obviously werent on the chat last week so STFU
billybob93: cox score?
chickenpie: far out eagles are so screwed already, i guess we arent going to make a grand final match
ballbag: when it rains it pours. flowering hale
leeroy09: Anyone have roughead and S.Selwood Sc?
Whitehawk0: Changeling, awesome again and notes when his team is shower.. MBrown, take note
Affliction: did anyone bench or trade franklin this week
coldog: cox 16 sc points
Changeling: good luck wildcougar
Whitehawk0: MBrown Nope, no dick sucking for u tonight flowerface
Changeling: now kick the fcking goal darling
coldog: @leeroy09- rough 38 and selwood 40 sc points
cheese: Lets hope this is the goal kicking side >.>
Mcswains: Good Luck Leeroy09 :)
wce !: everyones news icon workin ?
leeroy09: Glad your onboard McSwains
theblitz: leeroy? you wouldnt be from broady would you?
Barnzy1: Franklin won't kick another goal for the game
slinks: Where was this type of scoring last week, Mitchell? Can't believe how bad your 51 looked within our teams
daniel87: come on cox get some possies
ballbag: cox i wanna soft one from you tonight. cmon hale
bogut: bruce talking about cyril even when hes on the bench
leeroy09: Cheers coldog
Dangeroo: @slinks, ledger on my bench scored more than mitchell!
Whitehawk0: Can anyone tell me is there a breeze at the game? Looks as though tough to kick at Hawks end this qtr!
Mcswains: Thanks mate!! Spewing that buddy couldn't do this last week!!
wce !: is glass still on gunston not franklin !
goodes=god: slinks..... swans midfield is a lot better than the eagles one.
slinks: @Dangeroo - I had Brad Ebert's 114 on the bench - and lost my prelim by 6 pts!
myteamsuks: Hale kinda looks like frankenstein
leeroy09: You got it mate! You 15km up the road?
Dangeroo: ouch, bad luck mate!
dmac0712: You missed that at least thats a touch lewis, keep it up
DirtyDawn: Agreed myteamsuks. He would fit in well at a circus freakshow
theblitz: yep, gunna be a close one this week against jake, need buddy to do a hammy real quick
Whitehawk0: Anyone at the game?
Mcswains: What?? Na just at home havin some
NewFreoFan: Why did I have to be in Sydney this weekend! Bloody hell, who wants to watch rugby :(
Mcswains: Beers with chief :)
ballbag: @myteamsux i heard kreuzers grandfather was merrick
dean0s: does that on the full by buddy count as a kick
leeroy09: Not too many, Cheiftons caddying for me tomoz
DirtyDawn: The kreuzer family mated with the Hale family many generations ago. The result was Eddie McGuire!!
Mcswains: lol... That's all he's good for
daniel87: damn looks like natunuia going to be the better ruckman again
Mcswains: Good luck to theblitz also!!
Hop&Boomer: Franklin subbed...
Hop&Boomer: Oops sorry i accidentally pressed enter before writing "i wish" !!
myteamsuks: Lol @ ballbag i think you have trumped me, i forgot about the elephant man
daniel87: gtfo ho a boomer
Planking: bye h&b
spiggs: flower it
ballbag: grant thomas flowered caro wilson and hatched hutchy and andy maher. and franklin not subbed
woofy: wtf priddis....
jimbob_990: so whose in the final lads?
Dangeroo: nice goal, little flukey but eh
spiggs: ablett late withdrawall
Grazz: Darling having a good game
ballbag: hale? hey hale? why are you in my team flog?
R.Griff: nooo Picked Priddis over JSelwood
myteamsuks: Btw myteamsuks this year, worst year since i started playing,
chickenpie: come on eagles FIGHT BACK!! highly doubt we will get within 2 goals of them
MightyEss: flower priddis
mrpig: played gibson over priddis last week, now played priddis this week fmdt
Changeling: highly doubt we'll win, just make it respectable I reckon
I<3Sausage: Del Piero?
Changeling: nice stuff coxy
ballbag: mrpig i went gibson over jselwood
myteamsuks: @chickenpie eagles ok at the moment, they could easily hit back
spiggs: nice goal
Eagles:(: changeling and chickenpie, you guys need to get on with your lives and just except that the eagles struggle
Grazz: Eagles backline crumbling
Mcswains: Brilliant goal Dawks!!
bogut: @I<3Sausage rumour dismissed by agent
MLSs: Good to see Sam Mitchell has shown up this week, where the flower were you last week??
spiggs: sewell just kicked it to himself,lol what a hack
R.Griff: has the Brownlow medealiest not made the All Australian team before??
BillyPick: surprisingly schoen being belted
gingjok: @MLSs.. that's exactly what I was thinking.. F u Mitchell
leeroy09: Stay quiet Lewis!!!
hardballge: Suckling as god as Goddard with field kicking
SydneyRox: mitchell cant play vs Swans... too bad Buddy loves us
Affliction: maybe woewodin?
original: i dont go for either of these teams, but its clear youre not even allowed touch a bloke as he is kicking now
leeroy09: Nic Nat SC anyone??
leeroy09: lol @ Affliction - Possibly Cooney?
handypoint: Suckling is a great kick but he's a left foot Ryan Lonie as a complete footballer.
Mcswains: When was the last time the Brownlow medalist didn't play finals that year??
coldog: nic nat 50 sc
ballbag: i heard the question whats frawley done but they were just reading out the demons HB line
daniel87: come on cox need to kick a goal or something big fella
Whitehawk0: Nope, Cooney was all australian when he won it.. Had a great yr
frenzy: that's the sort of game I expect from Hale Mary
R.Griff: Affiction haha because he didn't deserve to win it
SydneyRox: Not sure if it the most recent but Paul Kelly @ Mcswains
Affliction: nice waters to cox back to waters
ajconodie: Mcswains - I think it was Crawford in 99??
Mcswains: Fair dinkum Sysney Rox?? That was a while a go!!
old_shepp: Bruest clearly suffering from PNG curse - his effort so far has been ordinary
SydneyRox: 1995 - we finshed 12th i think
mrpig: c'mon priddis get to 40 at the half
Scotty1: Alistar Lord in 1963
Mcswains: Could be a new one this year?? Jobe? Ablett? Cotchin?
R.Griff: Mcswains Ablett 2012
ajconodie: Definately Crawf in 99
Moona: crawford in 99 wasnt it?
myteamsuks: Buddy, 6 dt points this qtr, ouch
Whitehawk0: McSwain, U dont think any of those will be All Aus?
KraKBabY: Wake up Buddy.
SydneyRox: just did the research - it was Crawf in 99 - hawks finished 9th
Mcswains: Oh yeah I forgot about Crawf!! Well played lads
Grazz: Hawks look very slick.
leeroy09: @ Whitehawk. All 3 absolute morals to be AA
Mcswains: Fair chance all of them will be Whithawk
Affliction: think your right @moona
Dangeroo: Imagine if Gunston stayed at the crows, great fwd line
Affliction: Carn Franklin kick this
myteamsuks: Buddy right on cue!
Whitehawk0: Sorry, I must have missed something, I thought u said there may be another brownlow winner not AA!
handypoint: Buddy spooked by the siren, mentally weak
leeroy09: Scooter & Roughy SC??
frieswthat: Buddy looks fat in the face...injury to come coz he is unfit.
DangerCrow: I hate you gunston.. little mummas boy.. crows put so many years into him !!!!!!
wildcougar: eagles having a crack but the hawks are just too good!!
Whitehawk0: handypoint, funny stuff, stupid but funny! :)
wildcougar: mitchell and priddis SC scores please again. i think my bet is going well
daniel87: need a huge second half coxy
myteamsuks: @wildcougar get the footystar app, gives you live sc scores
Changeling: mitchell 69 priddis 34
Changeling: selwood 74 roughead 62
Mcswains: Holy shower leeroy09... Started very well
Grazz: @frieswthat think your a few chips short of a packet regarding Buddy.
Changeling: buddy 80 nicnat 58 cox 31 suckling 59
tigerbite: nic nat sc anyone???
Mcswains: Birch??
bombrblitz: Cox needs to lift!
Changeling: big second half waters, like you did against collingwood 10 rds ago
Changeling: birchall 63
tigerbite: Sup woooeagles??
Mcswains: Thanks Changeling.. :)
gambler: @ bomberblitz.. hope cox stays down on ya :)
crazyjim: so is silky sewell tagging kerr or priddis?
Guaza: Burgoyne And Hurn SC? Ta gents
frieswthat: Hawks by 82 points
coldog: @ guaza 59 and 36 sc points
Guaza: Thanks coldog
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Birchall kicks across halfback to CHB where Schofield chips in to mark over Sewell 45m out. Schofield goals.
cheese: loving the manly beard of Schofield
hardballge: I prefer the Cronulla beards!
ballbag: they better not sub hale
hardballge: sub Hale? I think not
MLSs: is anyone considering embley next year?? will be under-priced, but as a mid
hardballge: Cox & Nat are on the other team ballbag in case you did not know...
billybob93: cox and mitchell sc score???
leeroy09: @ MLS Not consistent enough for a premium but too expensive as 5th Mid
hardballge: @MLSs: not unless the WAFL has a DT. Last season for Embly
original: embly wont be that under-priced..he is old and injury prone
localh: West coast really get away with alot
leeroy09: LOl at Lewsi!
MLSs: def old, but will only play 6 games at a 50 ave should be abut 240k ish
Waspy79: About 4 missed tackles for Priddis tonight. Livid
coldog: oh flower please dont bring rioli opp has him
Moondog21: I'm with you Waspy and they missed a hb too.
original: kennedy could be consider him if i didnt think he was a spud
Affliction: Waspy79 only counts if creates a stoppage in play
Waspy79: Incorrect Affliction
original: incorrect
localh: Your flowering kidding umpire
Grazz: Can be paid if it knocks the ball loose aswell, doesnt have to be a stoppage
Barnzy1: After 4 goals in the first quarter I said Buddy won't kick another goal. Geez could turn out right
Affliction: then what is the rule if you tackle someone my understanding is umpire needs to give a free kick or ball up
runt: this game has deteriorated into a messy rabble
Moona: @affliction - the umps often call that the ball is knocked out in the tackle
motty823: stoppage or affects disposal
johnkay: Is Roughead on the bench this quarter?
leeroy09: Scott Selwood 87 SC
coldog: flower off selwood stop scoring
Grazz: @Affliction can score if the ball is knocked free in the tackle, the tackle causes a turnover but no stoppage no free.
Scotty1: motty correct
woofy: is scott selwood tagging mitchell or going head to head????
daniel87: come on cox your a premium give us something
localh: These umpires are a flowering joke
Eagles:(: Always favouring the Ducks
Dangeroo: boooooooo
Dangeroo: selective umpiring at its best
runt: Buddy has reverted to his inconsistent self
localh: flower me running
old_shepp: Eagles are experts at ducking and falling forward. Must practice both alot
original: clearly in the back
hardballge: another stupid call from the Runt
Eagles:(: They're just soft oldshepp
bogut: is this subiaco im confused by the booing
slinks: get used to this umpiring - its got a finals feel about it - play on play on play on
old_shepp: Bruest would be lucky to start in a GF team - his skills are ordinary
DangerCrow: f u gunston ! lol ...
runt: You bet hardballge unlike your accurate knowledgeable self
hardballge: Isaac for Cyril?
runt: Do the maths, franklin can rip a game apart but then just disappears
get_fyfed: did Bruce just say he wants to mount Cyril?
localh: Eagles are such a poorly skilled team
leeroy09: GF and Selwood turns it on. Thank you
runt: As for Rioli he's even worse
Grazz: Mitchell should get 4 for that tackle Affliction
Guaza: The runt you are a peanut, game is now congested
hardballge: He does not disappear, he just does not rip it the whole game is not being inconsistent
coldog: cyril on bastard
hardballge: on runt's theory if Buddy gets a goal goal in the first minute he therefore needs a goal a minute to be consitant, fool!
runt: peanut or not I am right
old_shepp: Mitchell should get +8 Grazz - Masten couldn't duck or fall forward and sure enough he dropped the ball
Jukes82: Gunaton shouldnt be red crossed, he came back and kicked a goal. not injured.
runt: Franklin is clearly a cut above everyone else but apart form 08 he has been average, that is why I say he is inconsisten
hardballge: you are not only wron runt but you are a blind fool
runt: fool, peanut hurl all the insults you want. just spurs me on
Guaza: Yeah, ok mate, you're right. A right bellend
whale607: average? what are you smoking lol
yeragam: I'm with you runt, Buddy is just playing for free kicks now
hardballge: and that is why you are wrong, you have no idea. best keep quiet and not remove all doubt of your retardation.
m0nty: back on the game please
runt: in fact insults are like air to me, thanks, keep them coming because that is all you have
yeragam: I'm pretty sure Buddy is playing in this game Monty
Jukes82: Hawks better hope they don't platy the cats in the finals because they are geelongs bunnies!
leeroy09: M0nty is this your full time job?
feralmong: i'm liking nicnat for 1st ruck next year.
ballbag: @runt the brain is a big magnet and attracts what it thinks so think positive. hale you suck
slinks: Is that you way of saying "don't pick on my players" @m0nty?
bombrblitz: kiss the Coleman goodbye Spuddy
Affliction: what a shower qtr
Guaza: There's nothing but air between you're ears runt you a maniacal pole smoker
Gebs: ahh my team is doing good this week where was birchall and mitchell last week
daniel87: come on cox need a 60 point quarter there big feela
Affliction: need a superman from cox last qtr
ballbag: lol at the person who said at qtr time buddy wont kick another goal
frieswthat: Taylor Walker possibly out for Crows...
runt: Looks like runt is the new whipping boy! Enjoy yourselves. Won't change my opinion about Franklin
daniel87: buddy big last quarter coming up
Antony: Come on boys, this quarter is the definition of Junk Time. Game over, finals position is set.
Antony: Don't get injured, 30 minutes of kick to kick please
1870pafc: scooter sc anyone
leeroy09: Scooter 105sc
bombrblitz: Cyril actually makes me sick
coldog: power off u lil shower
7ator: Great goal by Gaff
1870pafc: chhers leeroy
ballbag: cyrils a freaky ugly looking thing but plays some good footy
jpreed84: Lol even Richmond can beat the hawks at the mcg - eagles worst top 8 team
Changeling: lol at jpreed84, fcking idiot
darpy: Cyril gets all the attention because of his race. Lewis Jetta will be a much better player
R.Griff: Collingwood lost to Carlton???
Changeling: waters!!
1870pafc: rack em' up selwoody
Affliction: @jpreed84 yet richmond cant beat goldcoast
thirstyman: ban darpy
banjo46: That should have been advantage to cox!
jpreed84: Chang... Did they not beat em?
Affliction: Waters!!
Dangeroo: No idea how mitchell gets a fa for that,
Changeling: did richmond beat gc?
coldog: shower boring game
Guaza: Darpy you've clearly had a lobotomy
Dangeroo: flowering throw
eza100: that was ball
Grazz: Looked like holding the ball to me
jpreed84: Chang still hasn't answered my question...
dougie1112: Darpy, what are you talking about? Why does it matter if someone is better than someone else?
localh: Loving this umpiring excellent standard
farthers: What shower umpiring.
darpy: dont get me wrong, Cyril is a good player, but there are far better ones out there. Cyril is made of glass and goes miss
leeroy09: Dropping the bALL AGAINST mitchell?
runt: Darpy is completely right
Changeling: As an eagles supporter I can admit the umps have given us some soft frees tonight, alot actually
Grazz: Gets the spud haha,
runt: outside of Hawthorn Rioli isn't rated
ballbag: can i have a bigmac icon m0nty im starving
dougie1112: Awesome Darpy symbol!
Scotty1: darpy and runt twins
Grazz: Guera a hammy
darpy: my symbol is a little unfair, just because i aint on the bandwagon
daniel87: cox if you cost me a trophy never again mate
7ator: Guerra is done
cdfcdevils: Gu gone
Guaza: You are a farcing troll runt. And not a very good one at that. At least give us some witty repartee
runt: Good to see that the pro Hawthorn bias on this site isn't affecting anyone's judgement, where's my spud?
Moondog21: karma
coldog: suck crap guerra u dirty lil flog
old_shepp: Free against Ned Kelly
rooboypete: You're a spud Darpy
runt: thing is I'm not a troll, just saying what I believe and you guys just can't handle it
Barnzy1: Where's the Franklin magnifying glass? 12 points since half time..........
darpy: bit of concern Gaff not handling the tag, was thinking of taking him next season, but 2nd thought now
runt: How's Franklin going this quarter?
SaintsRGod: gotta agree with darpy, cyril is a great talent, but not a great player until he can play 4 qtrs
ballbag: will any hawks ton up? cmon mitchell
rooboypete: You're a spud runt
darpy: someone said in 1st quarter that buddy would only kick 1 more after big first, good call
1870pafc: keep it up scooter all the way son!
leeroy09: Surely not?
dougie1112: Silly runt, spelt his name wrong.
Chadwickus: Come on eagles!!
tawk01: this game is not over! 22 points, 12 minutes, very possible for eagles, have the momentum
Guaza: I can handle anything, notwithstanding your subjective dribble. Farcwit
dmac0712: agree, cyril very good but not star, top 50 players? yes, top 10-15? Probably not
MLSs: starts with 'c' rhymes with runt
dougie1112: Who wouldn't want Rioli or Franklin in their side?
Scotty1: NEWSBREAK darpy said something intelligent
ballbag: rioli style is perfect for sub. he is not a fulltime footballer
hardballge: mOnty bar runt for crimes against humanity!
SaintsRGod: te fact people are saying cyril will be in the AA team is disgusting
localh: Few more frees in front of goal and the eagles are in with a chance
tawk01: can you guys shut up and stop arguing like 5th grade girls and actually have some intelligent discussion about footy?
casey22: Rioli: you're kidding, brilliant, nothing then injured!!!!!
runt: funny how most of you blokes think that personal insults equates to argument won!
leeroy09: @ 1870pafc Scooter 117sc
Chadwickus: Cyril is like Garlett, and Nic Nat...Momments of brilliance mixed with the mundane
rosty63: rioli way overrated
dmac0712: cyril behind jetta, milne for a small fwd spot
runt: Intelligent discussion about footy, sounds like a great concept, sadly no such thing
ownage: Priddis sc?
GoCrowz98: Umps trying to make WCE win!!
ballbag: chadwick nicnat is much more thorough than rioli. cyrils lazy 50%
leeroy09: Priddis 70 sc
Changeling: tissue gocrows?
tawk01: and that's game over
Chadwickus: @ballbag: agree, nicnat is still very green
old_shepp: Sammy Mitchell knows how to tackle these duckers
runt: Is Franklin in any danger of earning his earlier Superman cape tonight?
hardballge: fair suck of the old sauce bottle runt, you started the cancerous discussion
ownage: Mitchel & frankli sc?
casey22: dmac, are you talking DT or real footy cause no decent small forwards in any good Dt
theblitz: cox and waters sc?
darpy: well if WCE lose, North dont have a snowballs chance in hell of beating them in Perth
frieswthat: buddy gone up 22sc for 1 touch...
daniel87: cox 63Sc bad night
darpy: all those asking for SC scores,they dont update live. u can see last qtr score at
ballbag: nicnat will tear this game to shreds within 18months
Scotty1: frieswhat try understanding sc, even if he had of gone off the field his sc would always go up
theblitz: oh i assume someone had the herald sun supscription and was getting the live updates for the sc scores
ballbag: @runt franklin is backwards. started as superman and has been clark kent for 3 qtrs.
Grazz: darpy does it again. Some people have access to live scores mate. Double spud him m0nty
dmac0712: real footy for AA side, not sc/dt. Jetta/Milne for sure over cyril this year in the fwd pocket
Grazz: nicnat in my ruck next year locked already
hardballge: Buddy tore this game a new a'hole in the first 10 minutes, you can not be a game winner twice in one match.
ballbag: insteag of magnifying icon for buddy which he deserves, he needs the andy maher glasses icon
leeroy09: Anyone for Gaff next season?
yeragam: Buddy you hack
Changeling: locked in leeroy
adz11: Franklin. Shower
banjo46: Buddy gone missing. What a chump!
hardballge: difference between the tweo teams tonight = Buddy. What a flowering star.
leeroy09: @ Blitzers Cox 69 Waters 101
Jukes82: Hodge lay off the cheeseburgers you fat turd
darpy: clearly no one told Buddy where he was in the Coleman standings
ballbag: @hardball. the game isnt over. does buddy think he won the game in the 1st qtr. lol.
original: surely gaff will be too pricey..
StAnselm: Give Franklin the empty icon
hardballge: Go star
yeragam: Is Buddy drunk?
hardballge: No I think he won the game in the 1st
banjo46: Franklin would be killing it if got points for fumbles and juggles.
casey22: Buddy get anything for that????
Changeling: owned by a rookie
old_shepp: Where's the shepherd Cyril?
hardballge: Buddy gets back and runs it 50m out of defence and you guys still bag him, forest through the trees.
Barnzy1: M0nty would never give Buddy the magnifying glass even though he deserves it
rosty63: buddys lost his goal licence
Chadwickus: Roughhead ducking
frieswthat: buddy up another 5 sc
ballbag: forest for the trees i think it is
cusch1: beau waters is a machine
Whitehawk0: What do u need a magnyfying glass for.. He is easy to see so stfu
runt: Is Franklin on the bench?
hardballge: last comment to Buddy bashers, you guys are flowered and are most likely whingeing Poms. flower off back to England!
GoCrowz98: Awesome mark Hale!!
Grazz: Buddy going off now mothballed
casey22: Buddy off for the night
wildcougar: i think priddis might be beating mitchell in SC scores!! Can someone put me out of my misery :)
cheese: Eagles surged too late :/ at least I'll get money from Scooter getting most possies Gr2
banjo46: Maybe we just have Buddy in DT and are powered he has been shower?
runt: The spud! I'd like to thank all the people on this site that have made it possible, also thanks to Spuddy I mean Buddy
slinks: replay of this game next week if Ess beat Coll (not much chance of that tho)
Seb78: Burgoyne SC anyone?
Bomb3rs: why does runt have the spud??
bombrblitz: poor Guerra
dougie1112: Congrats runt.
I<3Sausage: losing my granny by a pt right now!
runt: I got the spud because I said Franklin is inconsistant
rosty63: runt fried hawks and got mashed
daniel87: he been recognised for spud of the year monty just hasnt added it the site yet
Dangeroo: ditto sausage, so bad :(
Scotty1: Buddy sc will still go up
I<3Sausage: he is inconsistant though...
dougie1112: no runt, you did much more than that
I<3Sausage: thankyou to Waters, Cox, Birchall, WhiteX (on bench) and Franklin for a great 2012
leeroy09: Well played Scoot
leeroy09: Any danger of getting a contested ball Mitchell?
thirstyman: mashed runt
macca.barb: Is Jk hurt bad ?