Chat Log: R22, Gold Coast 15.8.98 d Carlton 11.20.86

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jd985: cmon blues
northernstar: is gablett playing?
jd985: yep saw him run out of the banner
darkness: Tablett def. playing
Dt God: cmon carrots murphyC scotland simo and gazza
northernstar: codral cold and flu tablets?
northernstar: I'm very happy for this ona personal note...i won't have to get stantons emergency score....
Pavalinco: Carrots need you to keep Gary to a 70 or less please
northernstar: @ Dt God... murphy will rip gc a new one...good C selection
R.Griff: Gold Coast going to win!!!
MightyEss: would love ablett to score sub 100 today.
Luke919: anything under 79 would be great gaz
korza: A peanut friend of mine placed $1,000 on Gold Coast to win 1-12 pts
Whitehawk0: korza.. R U Serious? what was that paying?
Luke919: what odds korza?
djmckf: bullshower
Whitehawk0: not that it matters cause it wont happen!
korza: No kidding he does not respect money
jd985: McInnes out, there goes my prelim
Luke919: need the two heaths to score well tonight!
jd985: If your player scores 0, do u get your emergencies points??
Affliction: no you get 0
walle: @jd - nope not if they played
R.Griff: jd985 your flowered some people do have him but none of them are in the finals still
garry75: Gazablett playing like he's got a carrot stuck up his alps.
mrpig: carnton pull your finger out, you are really upsetting me
bluepoo: quality stuff blues
Refused: lol surely you're not going to, are you carlton?
PezzDogg95: lift blues!! finals are on the line!!
zeddyzed: Haha...Blues and Essendon are all quality
The Cannon: Trent McKenzie kicks long to a pack 20m from 70m... but the Cannon sails it over the pack to roll through for a goal!
daniel87: yeah carlton wtf?
Redlegs: well i guess carltons form hasnt been great going in to this game, only beat ess by 96pts
Jukes82: blues are a pack of spuds
Seb78: Lol carltank
turnbull8: o no dont do this gaj
Jukes82: your a dud if you have gaj captian when he's been sick all week, amateurs lol
Bayno82: Is Ablett asleep?
NewFreoFan: took the C off ablett, put it on danger, opponent has ablett C. Very happy atm
daniel87: good joke gaz we get it now get 35 possies
Refused: lololol go GC
Redlegs: your a hero to us all jukes
MightyEss: keep up the ordinary performance gaz, opponent has you captain
Seb78: Carlton = Joke
Footy_Pie: Rule no 1: Thou shall not doubt Gaj
daniel87: okay so gaz worse than odinary 40 eff incy gold coast up by 5 goals
m_snowy: @ footypie... amen
bluepoo: carlton is such shower
R.Griff: Footy_Pie isn't rule 1 never make your capt a player being tagged by Carrots??? haha
PezzDogg95: yay we scored?
bluepoo: even essendon is better than carlton
korza: Carlton welcomes you Mr.Malthouse, and dont come back Ratten
Redlegs: Juddy!
R.Griff: even if Carlton win Ratten should get sacked
daniel87: judddddddddddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
korza: I'm so peeved off, Stick's you can resign too, and never come back
PezzDogg95: @bluepoo you clearly didnt watch last week
Footy_Pie: Rule no 2: Never take the C of Ablett
Pokerface: how is it Rattens fault that the players are overrated?
PezzDogg95: judd to rescue the sinking ship
bluepoo: @pokerface Coz Ratten overrates them
Pokerface: no, the fans overrate them
bluepoo: Ratten honestly thinks this is a premiership type list
R.Griff: rule #1 ALWAYS HAVE Ablett rule# never trust West Coast medical staff Waters 4-6 weeks = 1 week
Pokerface: so do the fans.. they keep telling me that this is the best mifield in the league, blah blah
Hussey100: I'm a Richmond supporter and I am loving watching this
tamoz: go suns! Expose the blues for the pretenders that they are
mrpig: i'm pretty sure you can take the c off ablett if u put it on swan
Affliction: fremantle supports would be loving the current scores
Redlegs: Richmond supporter enjoying the football, first time ever? lol
bluepoo: @Hussey Enjoying it as much as watching Mclean kick a winning goal from 60
dtfreak: Carlton are overrated because they are a victorian team
Whitehawk0: Wow Judd is a gun!
Footy_Pie: I tried to put the C on someone else but God kept putting it back on Ablett
daniel87: yessssssss juddd
Hussey100: Blue poo please don't remind me of that moment
snoop1: Carlton will still win stop kidding yourselves
john90: Guys this won't last suns are shower
bluepoo: @hussey ok then. Maybe as enjoyable as watching KHunt kick a winning goal after the siren...
Whitehawk0: bluepoo that moment won me $1300 with a multi... I enjoyed it and I hate Carlton! :)
turnbull8: ffs yarran fnish that shower
mjtmc: More the point the Suns need to Tank boys, watch this turn around in 2nd Quarter..
Hussey100: Hahaha blue poo I smashed my phone on the ground when that happened luckily the screen didn't crack cause it hit the bac
Zombi: @bluepoo as funny as carltank picking Kreuz over Cotchin
Pavalinco: Ablett do a hammy
bluepoo: I like watching a train wreck as much as the next bloke. It's I cant stop watching essendon
maluckyday: carlton by 10 goals dot kid urselves
Hussey100: Hahaha go zombi
Seb78: Carlton are shower no matter what happens
Whitehawk0: Pav... dont do that... dont wish injuries on anyone
bluepoo: Taking Kreuzer before Cotchin nearly as bad as Tambling before (insert any name from that draft)
bluepoo: Recruitng Kent Kingsley...greatest recruiting moment in history
wazasmith1: carlton would still take kreuaer before cotchin as we have murphy judd gibbs carrazzo simpson... the list goes on
Zombi: @bluepoo No Cotchin for you!
Hussey100: Guys u have to agree COTCHIN is going to be a dual brown low medalist
wazasmith1: cotch is a gun but we have a multitude of midfielders
BillyPick: And Cochin is better than all except Judd
bluepoo: Gotta say, Cotchin is a gun
Jukes82: baggers are cheaters, should be moved to the vfl
brynpower: You can never have too many gun midfielders nowadays ...
turnbull8: ablett injured flowerkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
BillyPick: Kruez not worth a 2nd round pick the way he has performed. And Gibbs is just not up to it
dtfreak: In the long term, it would have been better if carltank went trent cotchin over matthew krezuer and didnt get chris judd
dtfreak: And instead stayed with josh kennedy
pcmaniman: @dtfreak could have been cotchin and they would have kept Josh Kennedy as well
Zombi: @dtfreak spot on
BillyPick: Judd has 2 yrs left, and blues not even close. All in all, a very bad trade
brynpower: Yep - agree with that DTFREAK
bluepoo: Well, tigers could have had Cotchin and Martin kicking long to Buddy...
snoop1: Everyone's an expert in hindsight aren't they
bluepoo: Hindsight can make everyone look stupid
Redlegs: WTF people agreeing with DT freak. Cotchin v Judd. judd every day of the week
brynpower: Not everyone is an expert in hindsight - some people would still manage to stuff it up.
wazasmith1: if we didnt get judd we wouldnt have the players learn how to train play do all the things right
bluepoo: Judd > Cotch but that may change by the end of Cotch's career
brynpower: Cotchin + Kennedy way better (and younger) combo than Judd and Kreuz. combo
wazasmith1: in hindsight if judd went to richmond wecould of picked up kreuz cotch still have kennedy which would of been nice
Zombi: And things are just flyomg with carltank at the moment
snoop1: Yeah. Damn, wish I'd picked those winning lotto numbers
wazasmith1: but we needed judd to turn the club around
Pokerface: waza if it was about culture, the quick fix was to get rid of fev earlier. and scotland
swans99: Cochin better than judd
Whitehawk0: in hindsight urs are still shower so move on
Zombi: @Zombi waht the hell is a flyomg
wazasmith1: @ swans99 you must be very young and not have ever seen judd in full flight.
PezzDogg95: tuohy muppet
swans99: If culture was the problem Carlton would be screwed oh wait...
turnbull8: abletttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
Redlegs: kennedy and cotchin, younger but not better and judd revived the cfc on and off the oval
wazasmith1: see judd highlight package just from carlton cotchin could only dream of this kind of stuff
colche: ablett wow
djmckf: :) @waza
m_snowy: gaj
wazasmith1: @pokerface judd was part of getting rid of fev. scotland is a true leader
swans99: I've seen Judd in full flight... At west coast not at Carlton... Saturday specials used to be all Chris judd
Hussey100: Yeah but it's not like jack riewoldt is terrible it would of been nice to get buddy but terry Wallace dosent know ayoung
brynpower: Judd is playing now, not 5 years ago guys - it's sad you have to look back to his glory days to excuse him.
Redlegs: what has cotchin actually done? think about that and the compare it to judd, long way to go
mrpig: why is it everytime carlton plays, all the spuds crawl out from under their rocks and voice their useless opinions
Pokerface: you didnt need judd to get rid of fev
Hussey100: A young footballer when he see one
brynpower: Cotchin will improve a lot as he reaches his prime (and has more than 2 full preseasons)
djmckf: bryn you are a fool if you think that
TheAnt: Cotchin= Young Ablett
brynpower: Absolutely - Cotchin at 21 y.o. has a long way to go to match Judd who is nearing 30 - seems obvious.
pcmaniman: the useless opinions would not come up if the blues did not play useless football like this
djmckf: judd is awesome, historically or now.
Zombi: Cotch will be the best player in the comp , nearly is now
wazasmith1: so if were looking at 5 years ago what was a little award called AFL MVP he won last year
brynpower: djmckf - so you DON'T think Cotchin will improve a lot as he reaches his prime - amazing !
Mochasons: Why are carltank tanking?
Pokerface: djmckf yeah but what about in 3 or 4 years time when carlton might be ready to contest a flag?
zeddyzed: If you love judd so much why dont you marry him
Pokerface: kennedy will be in his prime when carlton are ready
djmckf: no was talking about judd now or 5 years ago cotchin is awesome!
turnbull8: abletttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
djmckf: agreed poker he will be spent then
MightyEss: stay down ablett
Barnzy1: Cotchin already is a top 5 player in the AFL at 22.
Redlegs: cotchin is a big fish in a very small richmond pond, that pond is also dirty
mrpig: pcmaniman, at least you agree they are useless opinions
wazasmith1: judd had a brownlow at 22
TheAnt: Cotchin will win the coaches votes and possibly the Brownlow
zeddyzed: Judd is great but Cotchin will be far better
brynpower: Yes but my point is that Judd's best was at WC ... injuries may be a reasonable excuse, but his best was a while back
Footy_Pie: Now children have you been listening? Rune no 1?
Barnzy1: Who cares what Judd did at 22. He's nowhere near that level now.
Zombi: @Redlegs Best in the comp not just Richmond open your eyes
brynpower: Judd at 22 didn't have an inexperienced midfield around him, nor was he the number 1 target of taggers
wazasmith1: pretty sure judd has won a brownlow and mvp at both sides he is a different player at carlton
djmckf: top 5 what a load of crap. Your top 5 you mean? The Best????? Ablett?
Pokerface: he was surrounded by cousins and kerr at wc which made it easier
pcmaniman: the cotchin vs judd debate does not change the fact that the rest are playing showere..
turnbull8: lol this is funny
jd985: @umpires, go ram yourselves up trees!!!
bigfella1: love the cotch
djmckf: Wow you kids are whack sometimes!
korza: Wonder how Ratten is feeling in the stomache vicinity.
PezzDogg95: this is bullshower
m_snowy: this is awesome... couldnt have happened to another team
djmckf: love the cotch but to say he is better than brownlow medal winners and premiership winners is stupid at best.
Jukes82: this is awesome
bigfella1: i want to have a golden shower
BillyPick: Feel sorry for ratten...unless he is responsible for recruitment.
Zombi: Knives being sharpened at the back ofcoaches box
Zombi: @bigfella your on the wrong web site
Magpie28: I'd prefer to tune in to this game than the Collingwood game!
BillyPick: Blues need to rebuild.....all over again.
Refused: lllllllllllooooooooolllllllllllll
bigfella1: lol
pcmaniman: Matera making Yarran accountable .. smashing him
brynpower: Not better overall (only assessed at end of career), but he's had a better year this year than Judd has - that's all
pinkwalls: Carlton must have booked their September flights to Vegas already
BillyPick: I would rather have had Judd at 22 than cotch at 22.
korza: * Zombi it's nnot a knife being sharpened, thier is a samurai, and it is going to be shoved up Ratten's arrse
TheLegend6: Everyone that says they prefer Judd to cotchin at 22 must be carlton supporters...
Pokerface: why dont you blame your overrated first round picks like gibbs, kruezer and yarran rather than ratten?
mrpig: pink walls they better not go to vegas, they will lose
pcmaniman: @pokerface agree mate .. fair call
pinkwalls: or end up in naked photos which get published in the papers
R.Griff: Ablett wants the kick
BillyPick: Legend...I'm a pies supporter. Judd was an absolute champion
wazasmith1: @thelegend6 if you eally think cotchin is anywhere near judd at 22 you must be a tigers supporter
Chadwickus: I blame the inconsistent spot fest that is Yarran, Garlett and Betts.
wazasmith1: cotch wouldnt carry judds towel at 22
brynpower: you're right wazasmith1 - because Judd would already be carrying Cotch's towel (he's a nice guy like that)
snagadelic: if Carlton lose this game heads need to roll I'm a blues supporter and love earatten but thus is Joke
bigfella1: abs\letts sc score please
djmckf: I'd love them both at my club, you carl/rich blokes are spoilt.
wazasmith1: seriously how old are you guys that are saying cotchin is better at 22 you must be 13 and have no knowledge of football
BB67th: so will we have a pres conference on monday morning announcing the sacking of Brett Ratten?
R.Griff: bag me out all ya want Judd at 22 played with Cousins he could have been on something...
Magpie28: The $1.04 not looking so great if you're on the Blues...
Zombi: @wazasmith Wait a minute mums tucking me in
R.Griff: But Cot is nowhere near as good as Judd was and he will never be as good
brynpower: LOL are you saying Judd was a "speedy" player back then ... ;)
wazasmith1: so party drugs make you a better player. ive had big weekends and ill tell you they dont aid athletic ability
dtfreak: How old are you wazasmith
djmckf: ratten has no plan B. He will be on the phone to wallsy asking what he should do next.
ZacDawson: @magpies28 if you get on anything that short, you deserve to lose
lloydy28: judd's a dirty player
korza: *Snag + 1 This is will be the worse result in the club's history. Not a proud supporter at the moment
Redlegs: @ lloydy 28 still sore about last saturday
R.Griff: feel sorry for Judd, Waite, Hendo, Murhpy and Scotland having to play with a shower team with a shower coach
wazasmith1: 29 mate
maluckyday: not a happy camper
wazasmith1: @r.griff its not the coach playing this bad. secong half well belt these guys into submission 10 goal win
Pokerface: i hope scotland doesnt punch someone again after this result
bigfella1: dont worry carlton supporters gold coast are a great team they beat richmond. so that makes them a great team
Pavalinco: Carlton lose Freo in. Get in.
el tiger: Awesome 50 mtre penalty
pinkwalls: Michael Barleyhome is pulling on his navy tie...
lloydy28: Carlton suck!
BillyPick: Only last week rats was saying "no-one will want to play us in finals" ha ha ha
wrangle: fair go, its a suns home game, big home advantage up there at metricon. just look at last game here
dtfreak: Andrew walker should have been dropped 3 months ago
R.Griff: wazasmith I know but there coach is shower
brynpower: no-one will be able to play us in the finals"
PezzDogg95: ratten to take a shot of cyanide at half time
turnbull8: lol gaj 61 sc lol how???
brynpower: Don't think the Tiges ever trailed GC by 38 points ...
Jordan321: how? really....
wazasmith1: r.griff everyone was claiming how good he was before we got injuries had a few bad games but weve still won our fair amo
Redlegs: wtf flower is this effort carlton
bigfella1: brynpower they trialled by 6 goals in the second qtr at cairns this year ya knob
turnbull8: he has barely hit a target, just wondering
wazasmith1: @brynpower they were 8 goals down in the second quarter
Whitehawk0: Lucky noone wants to play blues in finals because noone will be able too!!
dtfreak: Guys its only 38 points sydney lost to hawthorn winning by that much, and crows were beating brisbane by 40 and lost
djmckf: shut up wrangle they have won 1 game there in 2 seasons???
brynpower: Bigfella - 6 goals is under 38 points ya dumb knob - learn maths.
greedy: @brynpower havent beat them yet either
Zombi: Ring ring.Hi Mick its sticks about that job...
bigfella1: omg brynpower we have an einstein on our hands here people
Redlegs: @brynpower seriously richmond have been shower for over almost 20 years
Whitehawk0: Cmon guys, lets stop arguing about who is more shower... Carlton, Richmond, throw in Essendon... all as shower as each other
MacPack: At least Richmond and Essendon arent known as Tankers
Redlegs: ok whitehawk fair call
Whitehawk0: cant be known as tankers if you cant win a game anyway
Zombi: Richmond and essendon at least have dignity thats the difference
MacPack: richmond shower yes but not tankers they tanked to get Kruezer
djmckf: it would be better if richmong had been tanking. might explain the last couple of decades :)
dusty41: gaj and bell sc?
bigfella1: true whitehawk0 but that still doesnt account for the fact that brynpower is a knob
MacPack: Carlton that is and Ratten was coach then
MacPack: lol Richmond could not even bet Melbourne when the Dees were tanking lol
Mochasons: Carltank losing to goldcoast... BAHAAHAHAHAHAH. Was it this year carlton were meant to be favourites for the flag?
TheLegend6: @MacPack richmond won
djmckf: @thelegend - only just :) last kick
griffo66: Least all sides are not known as cheats like carlton
MacPack: Is it true that Carlton have once again gone over their Salary Cap??? Investigation should make this clear
Zombi: Your own fans cheering a loss. How pathetic
MacPack: miss kick by morton wasnt it?? lol
djmckf: essendon breached salary cap and got let off from to keep a flag
Daniel_79: Carlton tanking, lol.
raindeers: be funny if carlton won this
Whitehawk0: MacPack U have to be joking... How can they be this shower and be over.. Not possible surely!
MacPack: funny if they loose and funny if they win
daniel87: i rekon carlton we being smart asses and hought they let gc get a head start and now are regreting it
Redlegs: if carlton dont win this im snapping my membership card
wrangle: guys its a pretty aggressive crowd at metricon, tough for inexperienced blues players
Whitehawk0: Redlegs, snap it anyway
Redlegs: ok whitehawk i trust your advice
djmckf: @wrangle - you are taking the power.
Whitehawk0: I trust u were drunk when u bought it!
MacPack: Red you can always get another in the morning from your cornflakes box !
Zombi: @whitehawk lol
turnbull8: lmao cornflakes
Zombi: Dont they have a buy one tank one free offer
dusty41: gaj and bell sc?
Redlegs: only tigers memberships are free zombi
turnbull8: ablett where are you
Redlegs: Every commentator on tv and radio are urging on the suns lol
Bayno82: Need GAJ to beat Murphy not looking good Ablett must be really sick
dtfreak: Happy snapping redlegs
wrangle: @redlegs not completely true, essendon give free memberships to zombies
Zombi: True saw some memberships on the ground last night
lloydy28: Carlton are oxygen thiefs!
Luke87: This might of been asked but is ratten gone if blues loose
TheAnt: There is gong to be some SERIOUS SC scaling at the end of the match.
R.Griff: flower off the nearest umpire was right suns player going for the ball
Bayno82: Finally ablett does something
R.Griff: lol at Dermot
Redlegs: carlton have 50 more disposals and 20 more inside 50's just need a bit effiency
raindeers: is there hope for the suns yet or is carlton shower?
jd985: @R.Griff should of gone to specsavers
Whitehawk0: raindeers, I dont think they will make the 8 this yr!
R.Griff: c'mon hold on suns first team to 100 wins
turnbull8: gc dont want to win this game
Changeling: cmon suns, you too ablett
raindeers: no i mean next year because the suns have been shower this year
adz11: Carlton will win. Suns have stopped.
dtfreak: Cmon gold coast
R.Griff: lol no one in the square Caddy your a beast
Whitehawk0: I need blues by 68.5 for my multi... Laughin!
Brodie 94: Caddy!!!
wazasmith1: @ white hawk me too
R.Griff: Star for Gazz if GC win Atlas if they lose
Planking: ratten to go the way of primus
wazasmith1: i also had eddie betts as highest goal scorer for the round wrong move
dtfreak: Gazz is the permanent atlas
m_snowy: @dtfreak took the words out of my mouth.. spot on
Whitehawk0: I have had 15 AFL bets and all off em gone tonight! Down $600.
korza: Talk back radio will be feral, khunt wait for everyone to slag off Ratten, im gonna call and slag of the whole board
cdrobert: nasty whitehawk
ZacDawson: @whitehawk0 u mad?
tjp1447: game over, blues will win
ImSoHood: Sunset.
Hirdy4PM: Doesnt matter if Carlton win or lose, they neede a 100 point win!! Frep to smash melb, Carlton miss finals!! HAHA
tamoz: keep ur feet on the gas suns!
turnbull8: 96 sc ty ablett :)
Whitehawk0: Zac, yes Im very angry! :)
wrangle: carlton would be winning if judd was 22
bluepoo: Hiry, how's the Bombers finals hopes look?
Whitehawk0: wrangle, Judd is no5!
Jukes82: Suns look goneski
GoCrowz98: Whitehawk, i thinks he's meaning his age
Whitehawk0: what difference would it make if he was no 22?
BillyPick: Steve kernahan always seems to escape scrutiny
Barnzy1: Carlton woud be winning with Cotchin
Whitehawk0: Cheers GoCrows, I was trying to add a little humour... Obviously poorly!
Planking: the rattens career cup
Redlegs: Here come the blueboys! gold coast wont know what were cooking or smelling or whatever
Khunt1vote: If he was 22....He'd have hair
Zombi: ring ring. Mick its sticks. There may not be a job. Ill call back in 30 min
Hirdy4PM: Whos Hiry? HAHAHA blues just cost emsleves finals 2night no matter result!! hahahaha
bluepoo: quality from you planking
Bayno82: CMon Gazza need a big last qtr
bluepoo: Hirdy, bombers first ever 8-1 team to miss finals. Dreadful
el tiger: Hirdy, bombers first ever 8-1 team to miss finals. Dreadful
bob81: not true blue
adz11: Ablett is a shower leader
captjerk: Hirdy, bombers first ever 8-1 team to miss finals. Dreadful
wrangle: @bluepoo knights has a better record
bluepoo: did i miss one bob?
el tiger: Hirdy, bombers also lost the GF to Coll in 1990 and broke the "colliwobbles"legend
R.Griff: Carlton would also be winning if GC didn't make it to the ground theres more chances of that happening then Cot a blue
Hirdy4PM: Hirdy, bombers first ever 8-1 team to miss finals......................well thats wot evry1 sayin
R.Griff: Hirdy, bombers first ever 8-1 team to miss finals.well thats wot evry1 sayin #Herdy4pm
Luke87: Adz11 u have no idea STFU
Whitehawk0: Hirdy, learn to shut up man!
Hirdy4PM: Bombers didnt gob off pre season, proclaiming a flag, blues did!! Flag favs after 6 rounds, hahahaha
R.Griff: hirdy4pm
Khunt1vote: Whats the record for first round draft picks and still missing finals?
el tiger: Bombers didnt gob off pre season, proclaiming a flag, blues did!! Flag favs after 6 rounds, hahahaha
bluepoo: Pretty poor if you're in the comp but not aiming to win....
NewFreoFan: that's true actually, blue boys talked themselves up way too much early
Redlegs: essendon are irrelevant, The Blues need to win here, someone needs to drags them over the line
wrangle: oh ffs @Hirdy4pm you couldnt shut bomber fans up at rd 10
Whitehawk0: who said GAJ a poor leader? wot a stupid comment. Look at the young team he has.. IDIOT!
Hirdy4PM: the point is blues dont need to win, they need to win by 80+ points, OVER & OUT
djmckf: bombers have a better list than carl, so fair play talking that up.
wazasmith1: the blue talk ws well called for but injuries have cost us. not soft tissue but unlucky impact imjuries
snagadelic: ffs blues get of f got lacy ll
Planking: *ring ring*... Hello? Hey Mick, it's Ratts, congrats...
zeddyzed: You poor essendon flogs haha, your teams a joke, weak as
R.Griff: who the flower cares about Essendon there shower and pretenders
mrpig: glad i traded robinson to waite
Hirdy4PM: Bombers young on the way up, (fletcher only oldy) blues old on way down!!
Khunt1vote: Injuries dont seem to be worrying the Suns
BillyPick: Blues should wake up. Not ratts. Just a shower, overrated list.
wazasmith1: was it carrazzo or brock that got smashed. or did carrots cop it too
bob81: melb 1971 8-1 missed finals but dont let the truth get in the way of a good story
djmckf: i dont support essendon man, just know their list is better
lloydy28: Just a matter of time before Bulldogs fold
da cooler: i love you gary ablett, marry me
Planking: i like how bloos try to deflect onto essendon for some random reason... gl with that
NewFreoFan: why are we talking about the bombers now? they're done for this year, forget em
bluepoo: OK, how about first ever 8-1 team to finish lower than 8th?
Redlegs: Waite!!!
NewFreoFan: you're clutching at straw bluepoo
rowshow: essendons a joke blues will win this
da cooler: ablett sc anyone?
lloydy28: Hold on Gold Coast
bluepoo: trying hard
bluepoo: gimme something
R.Griff: Port Adelaide are better then Essendon
Redlegs: essendon are ticker
zeddyzed: Earlier in the year bomber fans were convinced a new era was upon us haha. Flogs
bennn17: Ablett 102 sc
Brodie 94: Hold on for Freo plz GC
NewFreoFan: wouldn't say port are better than essendon lol
rowshow: essendon were never any better than a 7-10team
Luke87: Cmon GC, ablett time to carry ur team
bennn17: Please gold coast, Hang in there
bob81: we are coming lol
R.Griff: Caddy!!! flower if i was Caddy gold Coast will win a GF before Essendon will
Pavalinco: Come on GC. Let's do it for Freo.
snagadelic: cmon blues
Brodie 94: Caddy again
lloydy28: We beat Port in Adelaide a few weeks ago, Ryan Griffen loos like the dinosaur from Toy Story. Lol
Hirdy4PM: Freo v N.Melb irrelivent, its V Melb last round, easy win 60+pts, % needed finals spot sewn up FREO
adz11: How long
Jukes82: yes!! c'mon GC!! haha
Luke87: Blues dont deserve finals after this there a joke
Jukes82: blow the siren!!
rowshow: freo north carlton who cares just making up the numbers anyway come finals time
R.Griff: lloydy28 how did Essendon lose to Carlton Port smashed Carl
turnbull8: its a cracker now
m_snowy: come on ablett
Planking: stop deflecting onto essendon you hopeless carltanks
badcorkie: 8mins left
MightyEss: keep down ablett
Priddis: mckenzie shanks it
TossTime: stay down ablett please
Seb78: Lol Carltank
Brodie 94: @rowshow freo would go in favourites vs wce after what happened last time and they could potentially upset Adel @ AAMI
rowshow: no chance, theyd lose to both
Hirdy4PM: Blues GONE hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Priddis: Suns goaaal
badcorkie: omfg im so mad
HawkTalker: murphy, ya killed me tonight. Ton up in junk time, son
TheoX: schwarz just called him fraser brown lol
Hirdy4PM: What a bunch of losers hahahahahahahaha
m_snowy: hahahahahah best thing ever!!!!
GoCrowz98: Cmon Suns, give ablett a goal
TheoX: eat shower blues you tanking flowers
jd985: who got subbed from gc
Torz: @rowshow - Didn't they just beat WCE by 65 points
bob81: carlton played their GF last week always gonna be a let down this week.
R.Griff: Blues in more shower than Lance Armstrong
badcorkie: bout 6 mins left
rowshow: yeah but finals is a different ball game. eagles would kill them in a final
m_snowy: no amount of drugs would help carlton however
Catter1234: Feel sorry for Rats.. This will definitely get him sacked.
Brodie 94: and rowshow for you to say North are making up the numbers after upsettin collingwood...
rowshow: u think north are a premiership chance? not a chance in hell therefor making up the numbers
turnbull8: gc 1-12 that bet
Brodie 94: not a premiership chance but they are a good chance to win 1 mayb 2
TheoX: bahaha sack ratten
rowshow: then theyre making up the numbers arent they
BillyPick: Turn bull, hopefully he gets it
TheoX: eat a massive steaming turd u cocky carlscum fans
EatEmAlive: Whilst I hate Carlton, I must admit I don't mind Ratten. He doesn't deserve to get the sack.
zeddyzed: Ppl still bagging out north. Form team of the comp
Brodie 94: making up the numbers means they get belted first round aka Essendon Vs Adelaide a few yrs back
Zombi: Do you smell whats cooking?
snagadelic: stfu you stupid flowers go amd comment on essendon we will flower you up next year so flower you
Luke87: How can u say he doesnt deserve the sack theyve underperformed
rowshow: form team? lol both hawks and swans in better form
hawks78: how long left?
Redlegs: 2 wins over collingwood and smashing essendon is all carlton can take from this season, not good enough blues
Seb78: Lol carltank are so shower believe their own hype
Changeling: ahaha carlton, finals my ass
remon tea: Ease up theo, keyboard warrioring it up bad
badcorkie: all over
turnbull8: he got the bet woweee
tjp1447: likely that freo will rest pav now...
rowshow: IMO if you haveno chance of winning a premiership ur making up the numbers in finals.
zeddyzed: Rowshow knows his stuff, he use to play under 10s
NewFreoFan: suns song is so shower haahhahahahaha
djmckf: Wow carton are - heads will roll
m_snowy: suck shower you mother flowering blues supporters. biggest cock sucking flowerheads of the comp. suck shower eat a flowering dick
rowshow: lol zeddyzed must be a NM supporter enjoy ur 1 win in finals then getting flogged
Brodie 94: FREO will play finals !!!
bob81: id say its a pass for carlton
djmckf: how does sc work carlton lost??? wierd game!
BillyPick: $1000 on GC 1-12. That deserves a thumbs up. Well done
Seb78: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
TossTime: that guy who bet 1k on gc 1-12 well done son
wrangle: carlton lost cos judd went missing
Planking: bye ratten
MightyEss: please rest pav now
Blanketman: Carlton are cheaters and Tankers...i will probably get banned for this..who cares!
jd985: im a carlton supporter, if we keep ratten next year im barracking for some1 else
EatEmAlive: LOL SEN is going off. Apparently Ratten has lost the game tonight.
EatEmAlive: How long before Essendon turn on their favorite son,James Turd?