Chat Log: R21, Fremantle 13.16.94 d Richmond 11.6.72

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igotabig1: rumours of pavlich out, sandi in, anyone else heard the same?
frieswthat: Suban, O'Hanlon subs
buddyboyz: no late changes according to facebook
dane swine: griffin out, sandilands in?
reddevil96: Confirmed griffin out sandi in
valkorum: confirmed: Griffin Out, Sandi In
Demons15: just need a casual 150 each from Johnson, Deledio and Cotchin to get me back into my games -.-
valkorum: confirmed Griffin Out, Sandi In
Cicjose: There's been a late change after Jon Griffin was injured in the warm-up. Aaron Sandilands comes into the side to play
1870pafc: need ellis and morris to get 85+ sc each. cmon boys
Cicjose: griffin injured in warm-up
Hawkey86: enough with the warm up injury crap, we can see it on the team line up...
Cicjose: well then hawkey what do you have to contribute?
woofy: crowley! get on cotchin please! :(
Hawkey86: not any useless information that everyone can see down the list.
cougar37: Anyone know of the top of their head, the line for this game?
Cicjose: pavlich looking groggy
reddevil96: Think the line is 17.5
Rourke: Line was about 14.5, all over Richmond with that start since it takes Freo 25 minutes to score 15 points
Nigey95: cmon martin, deledio, ivan and clancee!
kingbaz: At this rate O'Hanlon will get a touch before Martin!
buddyboyz: sandi was always going to come in for griffin
FTroopCapt: Line was 17.5 & we never loose by more than 15 so get on
cougar37: @rouke - yeah 14.5 is pretty good I reckon.
JRedden: i played you over spurr johnson, dont disappoint
FTroopCapt: Kingy!!!
flukeyluke: Damn you Dusty... backing you my worst call this year
Cicjose: why is crowley not on cotchin i know deledio was tagged out of round 11 but Cotchin is more damaging
FTroopCapt: Simple rule to DT - load up on Hawks & Tigers.... Rank 1 & 2 in the comp for DT & no surprise they play the same way!
FTroopCapt: @Cicjose - always tag damaging outside players.... too hard to stop inside mids!
R.Griff: typical Riewoldt goal!!
Cicjose: OMFG that was terrible
FTroopCapt: Jack!!!! Watch up Pav - that coleman is ours!!! Keep going Cotch - we want the Brownlow too....
TheLegend6: cotchin for brownlow
FTroopCapt: Also Ellis keep going - smokey for the Rising Star....... Would be a great year!
FTroopCapt: *out
Elephant: dusty a complete hack
rosty63: Talia a dead set shoe in 4 rising star
Nigey95: lift clancee, martin and ivan!
Hawkey86: zorko?
FTroopCapt: @rosty63 - others say Greene or Cameron.... Tahlia been awesome, but will be close
Rourke: Petrie to kick 14 in Round 23 and steal the Coleman
FTroopCapt: Ellis has also played every game this year so would be an outside chance.... then theres Mitch Wallis
Tiki50: if backing Dusty is you're worst mistake for the year, it's a pretty good year
FTroopCapt: @Hawkey86 - Zorko cant win it - too old
Hawkey86: not cameron, so inconsistent
Hawkey86: ahh, cool
runt: Martin on the sleeping powder again I see
Cicjose: cannot win if the game continues to be a shootout
Cicjose: pavlich's shot was a goal
bartyboys: Dusty , you pice of flowering , showering potato spud flowerer !!!!!!!!!
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Hill pounces on a short Jackson pass across the half back line and runs into an open goal from 20m.
TheLegend6: that is why people tag hill
Grasscutta: If you have 2 mids as emergency do you get the lowest score of the two?
FTroopCapt: @TheLegend6 - but when do we tag
Hawkey86: yes @grasscutta
TheLegend6: this is powering me off watching us play ! flower sake hit a target
Grazz: @Grasscutta yes
Grasscutta: Excellent thanks
localh: Martin you useless flower I'm going to cop so much shower for losing and it's all your fault you flower stick.
Jimbo boy: who is crowley tagging ?
HotTiges84: keep working on the right hamstring of pavlich, trainers :P
FTroopCapt: @TheLegend6 - but we have a young backline... couple more years experience and they'll be a great backline
HotTiges84: @FTroopCapt - thoughts on Rance??
1870pafc: morris ellis pav and deledio and morris my highest scorer
Munza: Cant believe i got sucked in to martin at start of year arrg spudd
cougar37: The tigers need to leave a suitcase on the ground after the 1/4 time break.
dane swine: m0nty, where are the relevant flag icons for nahas/mzungu? (always need to remind you haha)
Roflcake: Good quarter dusty
Cicjose: @dane swine scroll down the page read them there.....
TheLegend6: I know FTroop, any news on Astbury? Would love to see hi back and post out Although post has taken some good grabs today
FTroopCapt: Rance - think he will be one of the comps best in couple years... has improved so much however
FTroopCapt: his kicking still questionable but will be a lot better if we can get support around him like
FTroopCapt: Grimes and pick up either Chaplin or Pears
bartyboys: I went Martin over Zorko , I deserve to lose . Dusty next year you can flower off cos can't play footy
OnTheRocks: ffs captain Pav, useless. MJ you hack. I'm never choosing Freo players again
FTroopCapt: Astbury's injuries have been a worry but hopefully be right to go start of next year....
coldog: yeah i got sucked into martin aswell. To think i chose him over dangerfield flower it
daniel87: was really hoping maric could knock a big score out against griffin agianst sandi not so confident
FTroopCapt: Griffiths has been good down there too.... Post hopefully will improve.....
FTroopCapt: I was suggesting to someone today that Foley for Pears and the Bombers 2nd round pick would suit us
FTroopCapt: & dont get me wrong... Foley is fantastic but can see his injuries turning him into Kosi within 2 years
frenzy: Dustbin, 3 tons in 21 odd games- not good enough
Bopples: Hmm, got Duff and Dusty, mixed reactions atm.
kingbaz: Anyone would think Martin has signed with another team. To be beaten by Adam Mcfly, career over!
FTroopCapt: & then we could use that pick to help getting Chaplin or even better trumping the Bombers by getting Caddy
m0neyball: the post that stopped pav has done a better job than jayden.
Moona: @FTroopCapt - don't you mean Foley and the Tiges 2nd round pick for pears
localh: Nice effort Martin you crab
FTroopCapt: Also looking more & more each day we might get Cloke... starting to warm to the idea of having him
FTroopCapt: @Moona - no!
M.Hurley: @ FTroop no way are u going to get thatt trade
OnTheRocks: sub martin now!
FTroopCapt: @Moona - one of the Tiges best mids which Essendon need for a back who is outside their best 22
johnkay: Tigers look like they don't want to be there.
Moona: doubt it very much that the bombers would be even slightly interested in that deal
HotTiges84: pears... nah too injury prone
mx187: lol @moona
TheLegend6: this goal from freo was because no richmond player talked about going for the ball
FTroopCapt: @M.Hurley - my others half is sitting here saying no way - i love Pears..... however cant get a game
TheLegend6: Moona, foley is a lot better than Pears mate...
Murf2Gibbs: Thankfully my opponent has Martin aswell phhheeewww
M.Hurley: After todays performance not many of our boys do
FTroopCapt: I watch the Bombers cos of her & if he can't get a game with their injuries questions have to be asked if Hird wants him
Khunt1vote: Lift Tigers! Yer not going to grab 9th playing like this!
Hawkey86: give us cotchin for pears, i'd be happy:P
daniel87: to be fair when you say 21 odd games hes only played 18 and missed the likekly games he would of killed
kingbaz: Cloke is gone, if you saw his face in the Pies huddle after the Syd match, looked like the loser kid with no mates
buddyboyz: cmon dusty
FTroopCapt: Also as Dimma said - we would of won those close games if we had Foley.... thats how important he is
saints2066: if tigers win and saints beat carlton last round saints make the 8...go tigs
Murf2Gibbs: @kngbaz wow that bad
FTroopCapt: @Kingbaz - saw that too.... no one got to him when he got the sealer... add Beams commets through the week... Gone
M.Hurley: I think filey is great player but i dont see us making a play to get him
FTroopCapt: Foley joining Wato, Stanton, a fit Zaka & Heppell with more exp & they will go close next year
Hirdy4PM: it again huh, I told u they cant hear u cheer em u spud
M.Hurley: Essendon is all talk leading into trade week with very little happening
Murf2Gibbs: @ftroop you're so right complete contrast of how they got around beams
FTroopCapt: Was out with some scouts last night (Blues & Kangas). One has heard Saints have approached us for Graham as back up ruc
Munza: ffs martin do something you idiot
Hawkey86: pears should be closer to a regular game once fletch hangs up the boots
mx187: Clokes going to Sydney
OnTheRocks: Spud for MJ please Monty
Grasscutta: Worthington the boomers bball player joining WCE as a rookie according to the west
FTroopCapt: @M.Hurley - thats one of your biggest problems - dont like to get active in trade week.... esp as your not that far away
cougar37: I can't stand the new tab website. Complete stinker. What were they thinking?
FTroopCapt: But Bombers have Carlise, Hooker ahead of Pears so going to be hard for him
Nigey95: @Ftroop: What's your opinion on the Chaplin to Richmond rumours?
kingbaz: @FTroop yep, had that look like he did not fit in at all, Dawsey & Taz will kill it together, see ya Clokey!
JRedden: sandi is absolutely smashing maric
Murf2Gibbs: Cmon tigers keep my boys in the 8 please
meataxe: Martin you fat-ass wtf
Hawkey86: @Ftroop, i would put pears and hooker on a par just imo of course
FTroopCapt: @Murf2Gibbs - was very obvious... then Beams saying when he signed about doing the team thing
Murf2Gibbs: This will be a good lesson for Maric to continue developing
Demons15: give MJ the fuel guage in terms of his DT season. Started the season brilliantly and has faded away
Murf2Gibbs: @ftroo
FTroopCapt: @Nigey95 - I havent seen enough of Chaplin... Heard he isn't that great so unsure... possible better options
Murf2Gibbs: @ftrooP I heard about that they were discussing on SEN actually
localh: Can you at least pretend that your interested Martin you fat crab
JRedden: i dont get how MJ is loose in defense... mcphee is getting so much more of the ball
cougar37: Shane tuck has his detractors, but he hasn't been the tigers worst this year.
FTroopCapt: @Hawkey86 - agree however one gets played and the other doesnt so Pears might want better oppertunities elsewhere
TheLegend6: think its time to play post or griffiths up front, jroo needs support
Murf2Gibbs: @cougar tuck will come so close in b and f
saints2066: hmm who to start out of dyer or guthrie in the premier league fantasy
reddevil96: Don't think griffiths will be up forward any time soon
I<3Sausage: which dyer?
jd985: griffiths, mummy will be in soon to tuck u into bed
I<3Sausage: reading have 2 games in the first round so id start guthrie
brad_lee: cmon dusty
cougar37: @murf - yeah, I reckon he should, although not in the top 10 in 2011 b&f
FTroopCapt: My thoughts on us - we were close in most games.... add Cloke & Pears/Chaplin & who knows....
JRedden: nathan dyer for swansea city i presume
FTroopCapt: Well done Freo crowd for clapping - bit more civil then then some other teams
R.Griff: atleast the Freo crowd didn't boo him
Murf2Gibbs: @cougar okay interesting
DirtyDawn: afternoon gents
Hirdy4PM: F off with you talk on ball
FTroopCapt: Zac Dawson outscoring Pav - could only happen against us... add Bradley & McPhee to that
HotTiges84: ok hirdy4pm
chadwick: @FTroopCapt good enough to get to 9th?
Murf2Gibbs: @hirdy yeah go man I hate soccer
m0nty: back on Australian football please
FTroopCapt: Hey Chadwick - nah mate! Think that will be the Blues or Freo
Hirdy4PM: soccer, dont you mean dive for the free
GoLions: Bring out the Super Pav from within Pavlich!
I<3Sausage: sorry m0nty
TheLegend6: whats with all the richmond 9th jokes now? don't they belong to North Melbourne?
FTroopCapt: Pav's been looking at the new symbols.... couldn't deal with the hype
Changeling: this must be the greatest fantasy weekend. Some horrible scores from top players
FTroopCapt: I dont think we have every beaten a Ross Lyon team.... damn you Ross Lyon
Nigey95: Richmond don't really like purssuing big names during trade week.
Murf2Gibbs: @legend no way man tigers are known for 9th
Nigey95: *pursuing
Changeling: filter turned g*yest into greatest so...
jimmeh3: grigg is such a beast if he gets B/C next year he'll be a must have
grechy76: sorry hirdy4pm afl players dont dive do they???
M.Hurley: Dont think essendon have lost to a ross lyon team
LivesFooty: Is Dusty sleeping
johnkay: King should get triple SC points for that contested mark
R.Griff: I'll be lucky to make 1500 this week
FTroopCapt: @Nigey95 - usually pick up players that we need however if that happens to be Cloke so be it!
johnkay: Dusty keeps running away from th eball
mrpig: martin's first halves are normally much much better than his second halves
Murf2Gibbs: @jimmeh what's b/c back centre?
FTroopCapt: Agree R.Griff
rosty63: dont start me on that dam filter AAARRGGHH
bartyboys: Dusty is player with another type of ball (s)
bartyboys: @johnkay . He will score 3 points second half
M.Hurley: Cloke is good for the team but at what price do u pay for him?
jimmeh3: yep
wazasmith1: Come on tigers Carlton need you to win this
FTroopCapt: Perfect world for us - a couple of picks & maybe McGuane and say Post for Caddy & Toy
johnkay: So 9 in the first half and about 4 in the second?
R.Griff: I dont have a ton yet and highly unlikely to get one from this game c'mon Deledio, Martin, Pavlich
FTroopCapt: @M.Hurley - thats my worry.... how much.... but instead of 750 over 4 maybe we could say 600 over 6 plus incentives
HotTiges84: yeah not a mcguane fan personally
Nigey95: @Ftroop: It's a real shame the world isn't perfect. :(
FTroopCapt: @R.Griff - Buddy & GAJ if you have them will score 200 2moz....
masterhc2: thank god i havsthe week off. otherwise would be very powered about the likes of scotland, martin carrots
Cac u: god i hate keplers face and game
rosty63: glad i have a week off my boys having a shower round so far phew!!
TheLegend6: id rather be giving elton or verrier a game than mguane
DirtyDawn: Not watching. Hows Pav? Is he a likely sub target?
FTroopCapt: @rosty63 - same - esp in SC 4 of my 5 leagues have week off!
bdiesel: go richmond, keep the sainters alive!
FTroopCapt: @TheLegend - trying to put up his value by playing him....
roflchris: are they even tagging martin? this is ridiculous
daniel87: @rosty63 well im going to lose a semi this week but am safe for 4 prelims next week
FTroopCapt: Ahhh Walters gets that bounce but Grigg didn't against Roos.... silly ball.....
HotTiges84: pav really struggling
nostrdamus: @ m0nty, l play you in elxam SC final this week - did you make any changes?
reddevil96: Pav is in danger of being subbed, on and off the bench
grossn: flower you MJ you piece of shower
johnkay: Here's O'Hanlon - how qick to overhaul Martin? 5 minutes?
FTroopCapt: Come on Jack - here is your chance to get past Pav & lead the Coleman (until 2moz when Buddy kicks 12)
TheLegend6: my local teams under 12's can play better than this shower richmond. LIFT!
R.Griff: FTroopcapt yea I would like Birchall to make 200 aswell
david95: @dirtydawn ye he may get subbed coz he's struggling he hasn't been on the ground much this qtr
TheLegend6: pavlich subbed at half time maybe
FTroopCapt: That a boy Jack
DirtyDawn: Cheers lads. I shall watch this chat with interest!!
R.Griff: Pavlich looked at 80% last week I thought Please stay on Pav
daniel87: the only way im going to win this week is if my oppisition players end up in a hospital van
J.Bartel: do SOMETHING martin you absolute flower
Petrie4PM: pavlich you are absoloutley ruining my finalsd
masterhc2: mcphee absolutely smashing martin giving him a lessson
reddevil96: Pav back on will be interesting to see how he goes
cugerg: what is martin's S/C?
JRedden: mcphee getting it every time its in the freo defense.. where are you MJ?
Special K: 14 for Dusty
Munza: martin 14 sc
cugerg: Cheers
Schminja: anyone watching? Who hit King and was it high?
TheLegend6: cotchin dominating
rosty63: Who cares who hit king as long as it hurt
Ledgenads4: Pav rewolt delidio sc?
Moona: @Schminja - not sure who it was, but it wasn't high - was in the cods
D.Barwick: cmon pav
valkorum: fyfe went back with the flight of the ball and copped king in the family jewels
MightyEss: michael johnson you absolute flowering drugged up cow.
sainter11: In what SICK parallel universe is dawson on more points then pav
rosty63: @sainter11 scary isnt it
Murf2Gibbs: @sainter Seinfeld bizarro world?
windigo24: Is Pav okay for the 2nd half?
frenzy: are you missing dawson@ sainter11
Murf2Gibbs: Deledio killer sc
Bricktop: lol sainter
reddevil96: Pav is starting second half
Changeling: Pavlich 27 Riewoldt 36 Deledio 61
redevilfc: cmon johnston!!!!
N.Fyfe: Solid start to the 2nd half martin!
cugerg: Hey guys their score has already been put up but can i please have ellis and cotchin sc please
Murf2Gibbs: 2nd half
sainter11: @rosty - scary as hell, @, I feel this is beyond bizaro
Murf2Gibbs: Okay sainter lol
reddevil96: Haha he'll big muppet
Murf2Gibbs: Johnson lifting rapidly
reddevil96: *helbig
windigo24: Pav looking okay??
nwsnapper: Go the Tigers. Do it for the Blues!!
Murf2Gibbs: Yes go cotchin I considered him capt but went with pendles
rosty63: gotta love the ol knob nose nw snapper yum yum
windigo24: The Duff_Man of old!
bbbb: ANyone got dufmans JRoo or fyfe SC scores please
windigo24: Duffman's last 5 games have been pretty good. All over 80.
bert1: Pav getting hammy massage hope he has a big last quater junk it up pav
Changeling: kick a goal dusty you flog
sainter11: Yeah pav!
twinpeaks: yeah pav
bert1: quick massage pav goal whoop
reddevil96: Easy goal for Pav there but he needs a TOG clock icon
Bulky: Zac Dawson must be playing out of his skin for 26 points. His DT price should double to $4.48!
stman: If PAV drops below Dawson Im trading him to riewolt
eza100: ohhhhhh..... richmond fustrate me give them the meat icon because there just butchering it
Scotty1: Which Riewoldt stman
stman: NIck Of course JK
jimmeh3: fyfe so quiet
Scotty1: Dont be surprised if Nick doesnt front up again this year
stman: Do you think Pav will drop below Dawson :)
stman: IM predictingsurgery for Nick this week
bert1: need spurr and dusty to do somthing
Luke87: Hows everyone going in dt this week im really struggling
TheLegend6: how was the holding the ball?
yeragam: Who would've thought that playing Fyfe over Pearce would be a bad idea. *sigh*
Luke87: @ yeragram its only a 13 point diff
TheLegend6: this is bullshower. flower you fremantle.
Luke87: And the games not even finished yet
Murf2Gibbs: flower off freo
TheLegend6: No matter the result, Cotchin has been BOG.
Jukes82: tiges are s.h.i.t
winkipop: so you can tackle a player without the ball after it's been called out of bounds now?
Tennant: Richmond got screwed there, should of been a free against pav. none then freo goal
TheLegend6: Yeh @winkipop that was a bad call, clear holding the man...
yeragam: @Luke87, it was more than that when I posted, hopefully Fyfe keeps going, I'm playing sum1 with Pearce, hence my prob
richorocks: This deffensive crap is terrible to watch! The sooners ross lyon is lost to af ther better!
Luke87: Fair enough yeragram fyfe will finish off good i think
hipnsholda: dear dustin, you really are showerhouse. the end.
nwsnapper: Cmon Tigers. Harden up and put up a yelp.
Crowbot_85: All three games today have been absolutely shocking.
danmaio: cmon tigers, i hate you, but keep my multi alive
rosty63: c.mon tiges we really dont want to hear that horrible freo song do we
Murf2Gibbs: These 7 game previews are becoming a mix of Hollywood, MTV and god knows what else
Sydney14: dawson subbed, big loss for the dockers
berthier: every saints, carlton and wc (cos they hate them) supporter are praying for a tigers miracle
rosty63: oh no i had the C on dawson hehehe
danmaio: iGreat game from zac, must be year high score for him
Grommet66: flower you martin you cow lift you flowerhead and you too spurr ad barlow stay down johnson and ellis
twinpeaks: if freo was clever they would have made overtures to Gunston while he wasnt getting a game #betterbethancloke
danmaio: flower you dockers, always do me in
TheLegend6: and the most hated player in the AFL kicks a goal. cow.
Murf2Gibbs: I agree twinpeaks#betterbethancloke
daniel87: il probably go one more year of superocach and dreamteam than retire from fantasy football citing burnout
twinpeaks: there should be an extra t in there
danmaio: there are 17 chf's in afl better than cloke
Bulky: They're just putting Dawson on ice. His 7 point DT average will be very important come finals time.
Murf2Gibbs: Oh well blues 3 seconds in the 8 felt good
Murf2Gibbs: Lol @bulky
Luke87: Wtf is martin doing cmon!
Murf2Gibbs: @bulky yeah there just resting him like other stats in the past relton Roberts and rambling
Murf2Gibbs: *tambling
danmaio: go tigers, 2 goals plz
Mochasons: How was I meant to know Martin would outscore Robinson... FFFFSSSSS!!!!
Luke87: flower u martin u flowering dog cow
john90: flowering Martin and Johnson
Grommet66: lift barlow martin and spurr cmon i need 70+ from all of you, lift
9294eagles: a lot of flowers in here today, didn't realize spring had started early this year
Fury: Freo too good for this rabble
danmaio: flower you tigers, for a team that can remotely make the 8, they are just shower
Murf2Gibbs: Lol eagles good stuff
daniel87: might struggle to get 2100 this week
john90: Who you guys tipping next week richmond or essendon?
9294eagles: yarran in my backs looking like a good call now murf what ya reckon?
Nigey95: gonna need 200 from captain beams tonight to make up for shower scores i've had so far.
Murf2Gibbs: That's right eagles good memory yeah when he's on he's on
I<3Sausage: 200 from a captain is below average ;)
cugerg: whats cotchin SC please
Nahassss26: Freo are a bunch of spuds
Changeling: wonder how many more premiums will score shower this week
Murf2Gibbs: I just looked at your team Simon 3231 ranking, impressive!
Nahassss26: Lol Freo have Kepler Bradley and Zac Dawson
Luke87: All the players i have that my opponent dont have, have done shower and the players we have the same have done good
Nahassss26: Also how goods Cotchin
daniel87: only joy i take fro, this bad score is it happended in the week i have 1 semi and not when i have 4or 5 prelims
danmaio: there goes my -29.5
valkorum: muppet alert
Dangeroo: mate, I just wish swanny was playing so i didn't have to pick another captain. Watson let me down a little
Murf2Gibbs: God why did I pick tigers
johnkay: Muppett coming up
9294eagles: was alot better earlier in year 300 for first 7 weeks then all went to hell :/
Tennant: McGuane = Ultimate Muppet
Dangeroo: 850 from 9 with captain already played FMDT
Murf2Gibbs: Wow eagles you have a bumper mid I noticed
Eagles:(: Go Freo, You Beauty!!
daniel87: cant beleive pavlich is going to ton easy
feralmong: Tigers have a perverse way of sticking it up Carltank.
9294eagles: what your team name Murf?
john90: Eagles vs dockers elimination final
Luke87: Like to say a big flower u to martin
Chris999: Didn't get to watch the essendon game. Will jobe get any votes?
Murf2Gibbs: @eagles "flowerfreeagency "I'm ranked 50,000 odd
danmaio: stop the game
daverudder: j watson 0 votes
cdrobert: martn you can flower right off
Nahassss26: Give McGuane 2 mupetts
john90: Murphy, Waite and maybe judd will get the votes, Jobe was the only good player for essendon but shouldn't get votes
l4m3g4m3r: Junk it up, Dusty.
Scratchy: No votes for Jobe, Chris
R.Griff: Watson no chance for votes
Luke87: M murphy 3 votes
Changeling: showertest week so far for me, hopefully remaining players will pull out something
Scratchy: I could see Cotchin picking up 1 vote here with Mundy and Ballantyne...
daverudder: gibbs was pretty good too maybe 1 vote
13Brummy: mare for mcguane
Murf2Gibbs: Votes today
runt: With Sandilands back there is no reason why Lyon would coach Carlton next year
Murf2Gibbs: Votes today Murphy 3 Gibbs 2 Waite 1
Changeling: some late junk from dusty
Murf2Gibbs: P.s I went to game
Nahassss26: 3 Cotchin 2 Cotchin 1 Cotchin
johnkay: Martin on for !!
fixxle: monty needs to eat less cakes
Scratchy: cmon MJ, Avatar and Ivan
johnkay: Damn iPad keyboard
rosty63: your votes are spot on murph2gibbs
Murf2Gibbs: Apologies to McLean Simpson and yarran
fixxle: mcguane and dawson should permantly have a spud icon
Murf2Gibbs: Cheers rosty
Scratchy: Surprised McLean has no chance for votes ... ?
Luke87: I Cant believe how shower some of the dt scores have been this week
danmaio: thanks you tigers
Nahassss26: How does McGuane not get any icon?