Chat Log: R20, Adelaide 17.17.119 d Fremantle 14.7.91

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valkorum: Fyfe and Silvagni late outs - replaced by Neale and Roberton
Grommet66: fyfe late exlusion
banners87: Fyfe and Silvagni late withdrawals. FMDT! Just brought in Fyfe this week. Had a choice btwn him and Stevie J..
colmullet: wow that just sums up this year....Fyfe would have been a popular choice for chappy and buddy this week
DiPpEr3: cmon captain pav
Dt God: versing someon without dangerfield so plz a big game
Dt God: who png? there was none yesterday ?
goatcheese: bought Aiden Riely in as a smoky, dam sub
dusty41: cmon thommo, danger, jacobs and tex
hipnsholda: Bloody Fyfe... any idea why the late withdrawal? Lucky I got some Dusty cover...
Turkies: @hipnsholda dude, if you have Dusty as cover you should be glad fyfe is out, a LOT of people will be copping doughnuts
lord: fyfe rolled ankle
hipnsholda: @Turkies - don't get me wrong, rapt I'm covered... just wondering why Fyfe pulled out late? Any ideas?
Turkies: Yeah i've heard something about a rolled ankle, should be right for next week
DiPpEr3: roo knee
hipnsholda: Cheers Turkies.
adz11: Isn't a rolled ankle a 2-3 week injury?
Patty19: chose fyfe over stevie j to replace porplyzia, fair to say im going to kill myself.
Pavalinco: Dear Foxtel stop getting Tony Shaw to commentate Freo games
snoop1: Danger on fire early
myteamsuks: That was pathetic defence by Dawson
mrpig: i think crowley is on thompson not danger
woofy: Get on Thompson Crowley! You did well on him last time!
JuddMurphy: Crowley is tagging Thompson, not Danger
badcorkie: cum on clancee i neeeeed u bad!!!!
Grommet66: cmon spurr, barlow, danger lift stay down thompson and jacobs
Panther: crowley on scotty t not danger
BB67th: Its Lewis Johnston's third game not his first....
BB67th: Come on Scotty T, got you in for Swan this week
K-Red7: my opponent picked up ballentyne this week for tippet i laughed in SC.... crap
Grommet66: spurr got mark and a handball?
JuddMurphy: don't understand why you'd tag Thompson and not Danger, Danger is clearly more damaging
Joe B: Yep...nobody is going near Danger...130 plus today.
hipnsholda: cmon ST... been a bit quiet lately... spark it up!
mrpig: danger will get a tag, he will dominate first half and then ross will wise up
mrpig: happens every week almost
Hop&Boomer: God i hate shaw.
Murf2Gibbs: Stop danger or I lose all my battles please please please please please please
Grommet66: lift spurr and barlow
pcmaniman: you stay there scotty T, maybe even rest up for next week bro
Changeling: the actual flower johnson? not this again
mrpig: well atm thero is being tagged by crowley no question
mrpig: thero*
Roflcake: MJ is killing me :(
ratten: fox matchcentre hasn't even listed this game as being played
grossn: I am going to kill you mj.
Joe B: Jacobs...Thompson....this is shaping up horribly.
MightyEss: go dangerfield you flowering gun
DiPpEr3: cmon pav 2 goals by quarter time
swishy: dont win by too much crows or youll stuff up my multi
MightyEss: you flowering cow johnson, i played you over bugg you flowerer.
myteamsuks: @roflcake. Me too what a crap few weeks he has played dt wise
MightyEss: lift griffin, johnson and thompson!!!
ratten: scotty t = too old
Murf2Gibbs: Omg I have Jacobs and Johnson oh well it's been a good year
Murf2Gibbs: And griffin too
MightyEss: johnson you flowering drugged up cow, get a touch
Bunta: Wheres Tippet?
Grommet66: cmon spurr 20+ by qtr time and barlow 25+ by qtr time lift boys
Murf2Gibbs: I've accepted my seasons over I'm just laughing now
ratten: tippet = out
Murf2Gibbs: I hear you mighty ess
DiPpEr3: pearce no goal
Hotel17: Tippett doesn't know where he is......
richmond97: lift pavlich and thompson
adz11: Icicle for Pav
Hazza09: Whats up with Jacobs?
richmond97: flower off crowley
Bomb3rs: 54 on google soccer yeaaa
Grommet66: flowering lift spurr and barlow you cows
DiPpEr3: flower u pav
pcmaniman: griffin and jacobs nullifying each other ??
custard: Whats up with Michael Johnson????
ratten: johnson may cost me my league match!
ratten: and jacobs
pcmaniman: is MJ on the field ?
richmond97: why fyfe? why?
Hazza09: this is shaping to be a horrible SC game...Jacobs & Thompson thanks alot
gfpies: Johnson is rubbish and has been for the past 5 weeks
JuddMurphy: Johnson is a spud, as are you for having him. Get over it
Murf2Gibbs: C'mon griffin Johnson and Jacobs please please please man
ratten: oh yeah, and thomspon
lachlan21: wtf this isnt lewis johnstons first game.. he played a few for sydney last year
bahodie: Keep it up Johnson! My opponent has him and Beau Waters. So far so good!
Murf2Gibbs: Why this week Johnson and waters why?
JRedden: i havent seen michael johnson yet.. been watching for like 12 mins
Mochasons: Could ST please finish 130+? K. thx. bye. :)
Grommet66: flower you thompson
hipnsholda: nice one ST
keenasabea: johnson far out
Jmachete: uhgj
Jmachete: johnson second week in a row terrible first qtr
luvfooty: MJ you spud get that oval shaped thing that everyone else is touching
richmond97: thompson 33sc
Barlow: I have Johnston capt. My opponent has Dawson capt. They are our only unique players. This is heart in the throat stuff.
mrpig: broughton is doing the same as mj
ratten: how can you know sc scores already
Nick1069: started shaw over spurr. ffs.
Hazza09: Shocking qtr Jacobs absolute Rubbish!
Jmachete: well done thompson get rid of the scum crowley
richmond97: superfooty live HQ
Hotel17: A blast from the past - Captain jokes!
richmond97: come on shaw and jenkins LIFT!!
wcneedles: ur the scum jmachete
Barlow: You know me - I'm a traditionalist :)
ratten: stay down shaw, might null the mj factor
ratten: oh superfooty. not having my contact details
Jmachete: @Snakadaktal nice come back hipster
Changeling: mj 4 sc
Changeling: dangerfield 48
froggy47: pavlich useless
Magner: Dangerfield on 48 sc?
TossTime: michael johnson shower again :(
Changeling: yep
chadwick: Donut for Johnson
Magner: Cheers Changeling
Barlow: cmon monty slap the donut on MJ :D
luvfooty: Damn Crowley on Danger now
tjp1447: quality dawson...
Panther: no crowley still has scotty t
ratten: c'mon thero, 3 more qts the same
myteamsuks: Barlow on danger
ratten: wtf thero??????
JuddMurphy: Crowley tagging Danger would make too much sense, this is Ross we're talking about
ratten: thero
TheoX: haha thero got filetered cos u typed t h omo
ratten: haha, ff won't let me type thommo (only 1 m)
TheoX: good point juddmurphy, lyon is flowered in the head
luvfooty: Just that it showed Crowley on Danger at the centre bounce at the start of the quarter
Jobey Boi: Wanna hear a funny joke... Michael Johnson haha lol
Barlow: thommo
ratten: political correctness at its supreme best. f cencorship
TheoX: haha, stop ur killing me jobey
Dt God: thero
TheoX: na flower monty ratten
Panther: thero
mrpig: michael johnson does injustice to his initials
ratten: i've seen thero before and always wondered who it was
Panther: hahaha
wcneedles: pavvvvvvvvvvvvvv
richmond97: danger 67sc
igotabig1: free speech - its your choice if you choose to swear or not, not someone else's. keep censorship in China and N Korea
ratten: how does dm jump 29sc without dt too??
keenasabea: hahahahahahahahaahaha
ratten: naughty korea
ratten: go t hero! I'm rooting for you with my mates
luvfooty: shower Clancee touched the ball I hope he is ok after that.
ratten: haha, t hero, thero or th omo. get the f ball
MLSs: this isn't johnstons first game
myteamsuks: Michael johnson pathetic,
ratten: might be mj's last
snoop1: It's already been said. Month doesn't care
mrpig: haha zac dawson
luvfooty: ATM Shaws 12 is looking so much better than MJ's 0
MLSs: ok, just jumped on snoop
Changeling: johnson gone forward
Hazza09: thanks jacobs, your gonna cost me this week
roo boys!: hahahaha dawson you hero
richmond97: please lift jenkins
meziare: Hill showing us his best again
Bomb3rs: lol h o m o = hero on the filter haha
snoop1: No worries mate. Just saying that facts don't matter :)
bixler: Stephen Hill is overrated
roo boys!: i actually said hero lol not h.omo
Grommet66: cmon spurr get to 40
buddyboyz: lift thompson!!!!
GJayBee: I brought Johnson down. I have the 2012 curse power.
PasDaddy: flower me Johnson you showerhead
toekneel@w: what is johnson doing omg.
Barlow: GJayBee: I traded in Marc Murphy just before he got injured, Same with Waters, Chapman, Pearce, Stanley. Im cursed
bixler: Johnson just emulating the amount of Freo premierships
ratten: awesome thero going backwards yaaaaaaaaa
Joe B: Not !! That decision belonged in last nights game.
dawsy: LOL @ Johnson such a Hack
myteamsuks: Clearly not 15
bixler: You idiots, if you have Johnson in your side you deserve to lose anyway
myteamsuks: Johnson marked it, too bad it was a goal
bixler: mark to Johnson!!!! Oh wait it was over the goal line, LOL
shifter93: traded fyfe in to cover for chapman, picked him over stevie j. bye bye finals.
TheoX: hope freo get smashed, lyon is a massive knob
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Shaw's rebound kick to CHB is intercepted by Hill who pops it through for an easy turnover goal!
Hop&Boomer: muppet for both shaw the player and shaw the idiot commentator
shifter93: thankfully opponent has riewoldt and johnson.
TheoX: never trust lyon shifter, we know hes a flowering liar
WojakDaw: Johnson on a one man tanking mission
PasDaddy: shut up bixler you showercow
grossn: lol Bixler, are you the number one player in the comp? no? then you deserve to lose.
froggy47: pavlich useless
Jmachete: if MJ gets a zero does that mean my emergenys score is used instead
Bomb3rs: i dont have johnson but i'd love to see bikler's team so we can bag him
morrowind: My backs to the wall and needed some luck, Johnson you fail
Joe B: Safe to say anyone with a handful of Freo/Crows players won't be winning week one of finals...shocking DT game.
toekneel@w: beau wilkes as my sub, rather johnson subbed off at half time lol
Bomb3rs: no jmachete because he was named...
Mochasons: Give MJ the spud.
Bomb3rs: i have thommo, clanccee and jacobs... not too good but im versing leigh montagna in DT and he has 4 donuts already hahaa
myteamsuks: @ bixler tell us your team or you gutless?
JRedden: what a shower week for DT... gonna be shower scores all round
mrpig: johnson on fire
Bomb3rs: johnson touched the ball! TWICE!!!
hipnsholda: useless ST.
Danny_Bhoy: MJ's not the spud, you all are for actually picking him.
jd985: bixler's having a go at peeps in the other game, gutless pig
Changeling: yeaaah jonno
FTroopCapt: Did m0nty change the L Plate - do you get it if its your first game at a new club???
Bomb3rs: I'm really glad i didnt get MJ, i was really close about middle of the year
bixler: I don't have anyone on the field as crap as Johnson, I can tell you that gooseman
bangarolls: this deliberate out of bounds rule is showerhouse atm
gfpies: and Johnson gets his first possie... hack
armyofspud: First waters choked now Johnson life is good when wa dters suck and they r not in your team
JRedden: johnson averages 88, how is it bad to have him in your team? bloody spuds
chadwick: Thompson and Johnson ;( sigh
Joe B: Thommo another
myteamsuks: Michael Johnson is 16 sc
FTroopCapt: @JRedden - agree - though Im lucky I put him as my back emg this week
Smirks: its bad to have johnson because he has down syndrome.... gosh
dawsy: whats johnsons last 3 week avg?
Cori: SC scores for Pav, Jacobs, ST, Dangerfield, and Shaw please?
hipnsholda: well done ST, a -3 to finish that massive qtr... 5 touches in a half not good for a premo
jd985: bixler hes a betta player than u
PasDaddy: Chadwick mate, Scotty will tear a new one these next three weeks!
myteamsuks: Tell us bixler you gutless
gfpies: Redden - over the past 5 weeks he has averaged about 60. Hes a hack
23rookie23: Is thommo on the ground or in Crowlies back pocket?
Magner: Dangerfield sc?
PasDaddy: @dawsy 80 mate
Danny_Bhoy: @JRedden: Because when your a KB for Freo and your FB is Dawson, you know your bound to play FB at some point in a game
swishy: yes johnson on 6, more of those mate lol
Changeling: Dangerfield 71
Magner: Cheers Changeling
JRedden: thats besides the point.. mcpharlin is out for them they dont have another key position defender
JRedden: ok ill call you a spud for having waters then.. i dont mind that :D
Danny_Bhoy: @JRedden my point mate. He's a key position defender. Anyone here have Darren Glass? no.
IamBic: Jacobs and Thompson SC?
lachlan21: thompson and sloane sc?
bixler: My team - Martyn, Jakovich, Hanna, Champion, Stoneham, Silvagni
FTroopCapt: Ashame it wasn't this week that someone in my League had Dawson C - last week there was some DT tanking happening...
Bomb3rs: come on clancee i know you're capable of getting an 80 or 90 from here... i'm actually really glad i got him earlier
TheoX: great game from Crack dwason
Priddis: Zac Dawson's aim should be to break even
DarkLegend: Hey on the AFL coverage the scores that they give each player, What are they exactly
slip: why is m johnsons score so low? where is he playing?
gards: mj has taken over broughtons role....
TossTime: Any Freo defender - never again.
R.Griff: tosstime what about Broughton
ratten: mj has just burned everyone
Monfries96: it's Lewis Johnston's third game monty, take the L plate off
Hop&Boomer: mj
Ferog: Oh NO That score for Zac can't be right. Update your stats please mOnty.
Grazz: What was the problem with Fyfe,anyone know.
ratten: i'll enter the bank details for the kill Ross Lyon fund
FTroopCapt: Matthew Wrights 2nd half of the year has been quite good
ratten: need freo to get the lead so tag comes off thero
luvfooty: Rolled ankle apparently Grazz
DarkLegend: Fyfe rolled ankle in hotel room this morning so we hear
custard: seriously is m johnson carrieing an injury ?
MLSs: ankle grazz
Ferog: @ratten, Please give it to me, I will donate!
FTroopCapt: Another goal for Walker - I wonder how he feels about Cloke rumours...
Grazz: Thanks, so happy i bought him this week. :(
ratten: ross lyon is another reason to hate the purple munchers
custard: Might bench Johnson next week and play either Spurr or Morris
kuraban: Mayne subbed off.
Purplewiz: That's flowering 100 meters!
budgee: cloke is to replace tippett
chadwick: @Custard No mcpharlin means Johnson more a lock down defender.
cugerg: could i have ST shaw and spurr S/C please
custard: chadwick .... dam i need to pay more attention!!!!
Costanza: Johnson kept Jenkins to 3 possies inc 1 in first minute
FTroopCapt: @budgee - very possilbe.... Though Walker seems to enjoy being the #1 forward
grossn: yehhh Johnson
Joe B: Ibbo's disposal has been insipid today.
MLSs: flower thompson is a unit
R.Griff: flower i hate Taylor Walker
budgee: Tippett and gf broke up and her family say his is definately going to queensland.
Ferog: Go Zac baby.
snoop1: What a flowering goal!!!
FTroopCapt: @budgee - Cloke to Adel, Tippett to GC, Cady to Ess & Stanton to Coll....
Grazz: Cloke would be a mistake if we do that. Spud and the old mans a pain in the butt.
Ferog: Ross and Zac are having babies.
Costanza: Cloke wont leave Vic - get real
MLSs: crows won't pay what cloke wants FTroop
da cooler: anyone know pav's sc?
strikes91: tippet wont be going to the suns, talk going around is brisbane
R.Griff: what about Pavlich's tackle on Dangerfield??? +4???
ratten: crows should have pavlich.
Turkies: @FTroop: Why would Stanton go to collingwood? He's like a worse version of Swan, and their midfield is strong enough.
FTroopCapt: @MLS - yeah - why would they.... they have put a good team together!
budgee: crows have money as they have young team. Tippett contract will pay for cloke
Purplewiz: Get in there Freo!
Homerj: Is Sam Shaw still on? Heard on radio he hurt his elbow just b4 half time, hasn't done much since...
grossn: Goal set up from Dawson, you go girl!
snoop1: Source on Tippett leaving budgeee?
badcorkie: stanton is amazing in bed though
da cooler: has pav been efficient
budgee: crows have offered pavlich every year that I can remember. His dad is sick in Adelaide but still wont come
MLSs: I heard that story on radio budgee, conjecture and rumour
strikes91: you live under a rock snoop ?
FTroopCapt: @Turkies - yes but would never get tagged with their midfield so could be very damaging in their team
walle: What's the best thing Lyons did for St Kilda? - Took Zac Dawson with him when he left!
budgee: On 5AA today
FTroopCapt: As Bris or GC ..... hmmm which would you rather play for if you were Tippett
no rush: whats mj sc
snoop1: Ok, well, if he does leave there'll be a massive salary hole either way
budgee: she may just be a bitter exgf but it was her family who made the statement
walle: TIppet should come to the Doggies
FTroopCapt: Crows could offer Pav a blank cheque and wouldn't leave......
PasDaddy: MJ getting a move on. Get to 60 mate!
FTroopCapt: Dawson closing on Mzungu in SC.....
da cooler: does anyone know pav sc
GoLions: Voss would probably give the Crows JB or someone like that for Tippett, he's that stupid.
budgee: a player who puts an escape clausr 1 year before contract ends is always going
Turkies: FTroop: As a pies supporter i disagree. Swan/Beams/Ball/Pendles/Sidey/Blair/Thomas. Stanton not needed at all
jimmeh3: Dawson leaving has actually given Saints a big hole, their backline is so undersized now
chadwick: Why would anyone want to go to the doggies?
MLSs: hardly a statement budgee, just some bloke who knows a guy that is friends with tippetts exgf
grossn: @Turkies, BJ can come play in th emid as well
FTroopCapt: @walle - the poor Dogs.... only Port currently in a worst position... hopefully your youngests come along
GoLions: Pav 54sc
Joe B: Danger is going off.
MLSs: trade tippett for rockliff!!!
FTroopCapt: @Turkies - its an awesome midfield but seems you can't have enough mids.... Also rotate them through the fwd 50
budgee: Her parents
adz11: Another must win another poor Pavlich game
Turkies: @grossn, BJ would be amazing, can set everything up from half back, and throw him forward as a utility
walle: @FT troop yeah lot of good youngsters and 5 early draft picks this year
FTroopCapt: Danger!!!!
Ferog: Saints don't need a backline, They just win it out of the middle and play FWD.
JRedden: wow dangerfield... like 20 points in a minute
FTroopCapt: Wish I had Danger SC captain this week - is flying!
Joe B: Danger is a lock next dominant at the stoppages. He simply cannot be stopped.
snoop1: If he wants to leave then thought tits I guess. I won't miss his terrible I accuracy in front of goal tho
GoLions: @MLS: If that happens ill support the suns, have almost as many original lions players anyway :P
Jobey Boi: There must be somthing going on between Dawson and Ross Lyon. There is no way he should get a game on his footy skills.
chadwick: When danger is a mid only is he still a lock?
Dt God: Keep goim Capt danger
FTroopCapt: @JoeB - was the first guy I put in this year - going to be a brilliant footballer
Costanza: Tippett will cost them a final in Melb with misses
budgee: im a crows fan and thats a shower 50
GoLions: cmon pav, kick a few please
wolfheart: thommo and pav are killing me
ratten: christ danger shot up
JRedden: johnson +6
Dangeroo: wright will stay mid/fwd next year, unique right there
MLSs: As a crows fan, if tippett wants to go, go.
budgee: chop the arms massively
Roflcake: Mj gettin into the game?
MLSs: +1 wolfheart, burning me
Nick1069: danger cape soon?
da cooler: Pav you cow, i haven't captained you all year and it killed me, now i do and you've just flowered me over and many other
FTroopCapt: @Chadwick - SC Yes - DT no... Lowest SC score this season is 86 I think & is only getting better...
old_shepp: Just like people were regretting having Danger last year people are regretting not having him this year. I'm one of them
ratten: mj on fire
Turkies: Shaw on 0 this qtr -_- lift please :)
chadwick: @FTroopCapt agree, sc yes dt no
da cooler: dangerfield sc anyone
snoop1: I still think the recruiters need to be more careful about who they bring here. Too many interstate boys powering off hom
FTroopCapt: This will be Dangers 8th 120+ SC score from Round 5....
Joe B: Cape for Danger...something tells me he'll be wearing one regularly in 2013.
no rush: how much is mj on in sc
MLSs: wright is class
jimmeh3: Naturally I have MJ on the field and Beau Wilkes emergency
Grommet66: slow down johnson get no more then 50
poeticking: da cooler- why on earth would u pick pav as cpt?
yowiesam: danger sc?
budgee: dangers uncle said that sanderson has told danger to play the way he wants. Apparently playing like when he was a kid.
M.Hurley: Shaw got knock to ribs just before half time radio said. Probly gonna get subbed way hes going
poeticking: against adelaide and away...serves u right
poeticking: GAJ standout captain this week
Dt God: cmon danger need more before 3qtr
old_shepp: Danger 135
da cooler: Well i thought, h'es been in great form, i thought it'd be a close game and i thought he'd flower up talia
MLSs: lay some tackles or something thommo
budgee: like jenkins
FTroopCapt: Danger!!!
snoop1: What's flowering gun omgggggg
slipknot_4: Dangerfield....!!!!
hipnsholda: Danger u beauty!
no rush: mj sc please
Steino: he is a freak
Changeling: holy shower danger
Dt God: danger u are a star!
grossn: oh-my-god- danger
yowiesam: danger sc?
hipnsholda: cape for dangermouse?
jd985: you bloody beaut danger
M.Hurley: Too scared to look at dangers SC score the way hes playing
daniel87: dangerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
MLSs: danger burn me last he burn me again
Magicsmell: Opp has Thompson... I have Danger.. hahahaha
da cooler: scotty t and pav killing me right now
M.Hurley: Same here mls. End of last season i said never again. Might have to change my mind about that
Nick1069: crowley is one hell of a tagger
johnkay: Freo amazing at hanging in there.
kuraban: From the FoxFooty site, Danger's SC was 71 at half time. Wonder what it'll go to at 3/4?
yowiesam: danger sc?
coldog: why dont u tag danger u poof lyon ur a spud
daniel87: @yowesiam i dont think we can post them any more ?
coldog: danger is on 149sc
poeticking: just brought in Thompson this week
hintos: dangerfield has got 87 supercoach points this quarter!!
daniel87: okay my mistake i tried updating yesterday and it wouldnt work
Costanza: Crowley doesn't even try to watch the ball
yowiesam: @daniel87 why not??
Joe B: Not sure why you'd bring in Thommo the week they play Freo...Crowely raped him the last time they met ??
MLSs: in 30mins, my DT weekend is showered
Grazz: @poeticking think yourself lucky mate i bought Fyfe lol
daniel87: cool dangerfield for 200 to go with cox 190 thanks guys you helped me with my donut sitatuion
The It_123: heaps of people would have gone swan to Thompson, ouch
poeticking: Joe mid i could afford
poeticking: high avg...low price SC
coldog: i traded porps to fyfe instead of goodes :(
budgee: thompson will finsh strong with crowley off him
FTorres: @coldog, i said the same thing when they played earlier this year about sloane. He scored 150 odd dt points.
FTorres: luckily ablett ablett had 50 touches the next day as captain
Dt God: cmon danger another 25+ ur my C
johnkay: Crows really kicking badly
gingjok: recruited Scott Thompson and Roo this week, with my two final trades :(
ratten: mj stopped again
mrpig: took barlow to beat thommo at $2.20 thinking he would cop the crowley tag, has worked out nicely so far
salver11: @Costanza. So what if he's not looking at the ball. If he's not holding him he's doing anything wrong.
da cooler: fml, why are you such a cow pav
Joe B: @mrpig...that's all over mate...sports bet are probably already paying out !!
M.Hurley: Watching this game you would be amazed freo can still win this
danmaio: anyone, what was Barlow at half time?
da cooler: pav sc peeps
Joe B: Needed 120 from Jacobs to cover Cox's 150....he'll be lucky to score 85.
Changeling: pavlich 56
K-Red7: Scotty thompson 11 touches all contested 72 SC :) Get too 100 mate!
crazyjim: pav 56
DarkLegend: move pav
budgee: how was that not holding the ball on balla
Magner: Dangerfield sc?
Changeling: danger 146
adz11: PAV predicted SC score was 147
Magner: Cheers Changeling
ratten: big qtr from jacobs and mj please
bahodie: No one cares about the SC score ;)
MightyEss: come on lift johnson and thompson you flowerers.
Changeling: seems like Ill need a gaj 150 to get on track for 2200
bartyboys: Hope freo win . For PAv scores . Move it captain pavlich
grossn: 55 at FT please MJ, 100 for you Barlow ad 130 from you Danger :)
budgee: bernie jetta
K-Red7: pav sc score goes from 55 to 68?
johnkay: Freo in with a chance here.
Joe B: If Scotty T scores 100 in SC...then the scoring system is more of a joke than DT.
snoop1: Lol at grandpa freo trainer telling crows guy to flower off
Grommet66: cmin barllow keep going 110+
buddyboyz: wat the flower r u doing thompson?
JRedden: it already is more of a joke joe B
MLSs: did the umpire just pay a free for holding the ball, get crunched then bounce it??
bahodie: Of course SC scoring is a joke Joe B, that's why I didn't even bother playing this year
budgee: @MLSs I think so
Hop&Boomer: Shaw "walker has 3, the other goals have come from small fowards and midfileders
budgee: umpire needs concussion test
K-Red7: Joe B every one of his possessions have been contested.... clown
MLSs: everyone ran away from the ball like he payed a free
adz11: Shaw disappointing
Keza41: c'mon Barlow ton up!
FTroopCapt: @K_red7 - agree
budgee: interesting how sando has tried new people each week for the last 5 weeks.
Dt God: put danger in the guts not ff
MightyEss: why are you being such a flowering shower cow today thompson.
FTroopCapt: Can't believe ppl bag SC scoring - rewards people who get their own ball, do something with it that matters to the game
Joe B: Every one of Dawson possessions has been want to give him a 100 SC too ? Nugget.
MLSs: kick the flowering goal pav
Grommet66: lift barlow need 100
FTroopCapt: DT - looks after players like to give the old one two & can have little effect on the result
dancasta: @FTroopCapt i cant agree more!
K-Red7: Scotty T 8 clearences as well :)
Grommet66: and spurr get to 80
johnkay: Crows can not kick straight.
FTroopCapt: Thanks dancasta....
pcmaniman: thats it MJ pass Pav
K-Red7: Joe B - Dawson has 4 possys at 50% with 2 contested. I repeat Clown
budgee: crows should have had game in bag but terrible kicking has let freo have a sniff
Panther: sc concept SHOULD make it a better game, but scoring system is so bad it makes it worse than DT
Joe B: My point is Thompson has not had any real impact today...regardless of the fact he's won some contested ball.
MLSs: how did stanton get big points earlier in the year if it only rewards HBG??
Magicsmell: feck... need freo +16.5 Come on pav!
MightyEss: dare i say it, johnson good recovery from first half
pcmaniman: keep it up spurr - glad i played you
M.Hurley: Dt scores show de boer has had the same impact as dangerfield has... Yeah thats accurate
Purplewiz: Crowley is such a great tagger. Thero has nothing.
FTroopCapt: The best way to some up DT v SC - GAJ v Collingwood - 55 touches but didn't have the effect on result
Panther: want proof? look at Big O's sc score from last night! SC is a terrible scoring system
K-Red7: JOe B - watch the game 8 clearences in contested situations. I repeat Clown
Jobey Boi: @FTroopCapt, DT scoring is consistent though, you know what your'e going to get where SC is very unpredictable.
DarkLegend: F Troop are you gonna gives us DT and SC scores to back that up
no rush: whats mjs sc score please
budgee: Talia is very underated
MightyEss: flowering lift scott thompson.
Joe B: Clearances do tend to occur in contested situations...yes.
Keza41: 93 SC for Big O?? He got smashed by Cox last night!
FTroopCapt: @Panther - what he did when he got it was effective - helped Geelong clear the ball
slipknot_4: talia 3 votes in the golden fist award this week
DarkLegend: Talia is awesome, so good I brought him in for DT :o
mishkalove: Oh look, it's the coke-pepsi argument again... as long as you enjoy DT or SC, who cares?
adz11: Icicle for PAV
Hirdy4PM: SC way better!! eg player kicks ball goes out on full. DT =3 pts SC prob none why get points for that!!
K-Red7: Joe B - I rest my case..... no point arguing with a clueless person
MLSs: Talia will win Rising Star Budge
Grazz: @mishkalove spot on
K-Red7: mishkalove - agree
Joe B: Thompson is a top footballer...who has been very quiet today...8 contested disposals won't change that.
Ferog: SC Is finished for me. DT and Sportsbet for me.
pcmaniman: @mishkalove not enjoying either this week :(
M.Hurley: be a shame if talia dosnt win nab RS. Truely deserves it
Nigey95: Opponent had Natanui yesterday and Dangerfield today. That spells the end of my SC run this year. It's been fun.
FTroopCapt: @Jobey Boi - it is consistant but i think much better you get more points if the game is close compared to one sided...
K-Red7: Joe B - please get your stats right if your gonna argue... 12 possessions all contested and 8 of those are clearences
DarkLegend: gonna get burned by duffield :(
FTroopCapt: @Hirdy4PM - have always thought that - how do you get points for kicking it out on the full or to an opposition player
Murf2Gibbs: Yeah spot on coke Pepsi exactly what it is
adz11: Danger update
MightyEss: come on griffin, johnson and thompson, bloody lift
pcmaniman: thompson is a gun - many top midfielders have been creepy crowlied
Purplewiz: Anyone with the creepy tag suffers.
K-Red7: last leg in the quaddie lads wish me luck!
coldog: dangerfag 163sc
Dangeroo: hey guys, i think coke is better than pepsi, because it has better ingredients
Hirdy4PM: FTrrop- that why SC more fair/realistic score system
Jobey Boi: @FTroopCapt, not saying SC is wrong, just a reason why some people might prefer DT.
no rush: mj sc please
FTroopCapt: @Dangeroo - hard to argue with that!
M.Hurley: Creamy soda is better than coke and pepsi
grossn: SC is subjectve, therefore it is worse, nuff said.
FTroopCapt: @Jobey Boi - I know you wern't saying that.... there were a couple of others however
Hirdy4PM: Bad choice by lyon tho, Danger way more damaging than Thero. Crowley v Danger way to tag
Murf2Gibbs: Yeah coke is better coke = SC pepsi =. DT
RoughNut: so i choose pav over danger and stevie J.... and this is what i get
no rush: does no one have mjs sc points
Escapist: supercoach is like umpire- inconsistent, dreamteam is like the brownlow- rewarding the woewodins/cooneys of the comp
Hirdy4PM: * Thero
adz11: Dockers can't get B2B goals
Purplewiz: better for my DT!
Murf2Gibbs: @grossn yeah that's the only thing that annoys me about it
Dangeroo: would danger be taggable is the question?
daniel87: might have been a bad choice but crowley absoultey destroyed thompson last time
mrpig: talia x factor
FTroopCapt: @Escapist - lol
Hirdy4PM: Thero
Murf2Gibbs: @dangeroo good point Watson and swan are certainty not and probably j Kennedy too
grossn: @Murf2Giibs: Thats the only reason i don't use it. Both systems have flaws, i just prefer dt
Changeling: and dangerfield has destroyed fremantle both times
Jobey Boi: Dangerfield would have to be close to the most improved player in the comp this year.
Magner: Dangerfield sc?
MightyEss: thompson just scres shower against freeo
Hirdy4PM: Why when i type t h o m o without the gaps it comes up thero?
Purplewiz: @Hirdy....have another crack.
danmaio: cmon you weak fockers, hang on by under 39
Joe B: Sloane burnt Freo earlier this year (moreso than Danger).
vbdl: cmon scotty t get in the tackles at least if you cant get the ball
Pavalinco: Crows gifted top 2 by the afl
Murf2Gibbs: Yeah yeah grossn they both have flaws thisis my 3rd sc year now and I've never done dt I'm used to the system now
Nigey95: gonna be roughly 700 from 9 while my opponent's gonna be roughly 1000 from 9. Flowering beautiful. :(
FTroopCapt: @Jobey Boi - He would, also Beams & I.Maric come to mind..... Would be close
Danny_Bhoy: @Joebey Boi - Easily the most improved player. And maybe Cotchin
coldog: i remeber that dr dream team poof told me at the start of the year to not touch dangerfield
Hirdy4PM: Thommo
snoop1: Suck it up PAC you dirty cow loser
Murf2Gibbs: I feel you Nigey I'm. Having my worst week for 6 weeks why now why why why and no roughed now
Purplewiz: @Hirdy....good work!
Hirdy4PM: Everyone......type thommo but with only 1 m & see what happens
Magner: Dangerfield sc?
Murf2Gibbs: @colddog c'mon ate don't blame others if you can't decide yourse
Woodie: Danger 177sc
Murf2Gibbs: Thero
MightyEss: why the flower would you decide to score well today duffield you flowering cow
Murf2Gibbs: *mate
Jobey Boi: @Coldog, do the complete opposite of what Dr. DT says and you should be fine.
Magner: Cheers Woodie
kano: it is the language filter hero
coldog: @murf2gibbs- yeah i know he wasnt that good last year so i got martin instead huge mistake
Purplewiz: Thero!!
vbdl: 10 more points thommo..
cugerg: spurr S/C please
Hirdy4PM: Why would the filter block out thommo one m
Joe B: If Danger doesn't get the three votes today the auditors should be called in.
Danny_Bhoy: Freo should've chucked Hill on Dangerfield to tag him. Make him learn a thing or to.
grossn: H omo is blocked
Murf2Gibbs: Okay colddog Martin should be 1st next year he will
Murf2Gibbs: Okay colddog Martin should be 1st next year he will Play more mid
Magicsmell: someone needs to start a rival fanfooty where you can swear like a sailor
adz11: Pavlich hasn't touched it this q
mrpig: love it how words are blocked yet people still say them, no repercussion
FTroopCapt: Matthew Wright - wow!
Murf2Gibbs: Thats a good idea magi smell but have an age limit 16 or 18 plus
kano: what repercussions would you like champ ?
vbdl: how much time left
john90: michael johnson is a useless shower
morrowind: turning into a good player the M wight]
J.Bartel: barlow always between 90 and 110. never gets a huge score
Joel20: is thompsons sc right? if so i am a happy man
Nandos: Well done Crows... good win.