Chat Log: R19, North Melbourne 18.7.115 d Western Bulldogs 8.13.61

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Luke919: patch adams out aaron mullett in
spudly4: gibson petrie goldstein boyd cmon boys all 100 for me
Nahassss26: Go Goldstein and Lake
number1red: Doggies are going to get belted
Murf2Gibbs: This could be closer than most think could?
Murf2Gibbs: 9 mins to go no subs no changes wheres monty?
supastarr: Petrie to have a huge day today
mpollock: Think this will be one sided ... Nth comfortably ...
DrewMartin: I'm with you Murf - $9.00 Doggies h2h sounds good
windigo24: Watch for Lake to smash the first 10 mins then go missing.
windigo24: GAJ is helping out the Dogs today.
GoCrowz98: what no is gibson?
maxpowa: GAJ plays here and next game thats double points and ive got him as captain, sweet
Luke919: classic lachie hansen
Turkies: lift gazza!!!
windigo24: Boyd better step it up for the ton today.
MLSs: 43 for Gibbo
GoCrowz98: Cheers
Vich: watch for petrie to smash lake more like it
R.Griff: anyone listening to Croc Media???
windigo24: Mitch Wallis has rising star in the bag.
ballbag: @maxpowa. me too. maybe they could slot him in tonite for triple points maybe.
jballstars: toby greene for mine
bartyboys: gary ablet lift !!!
R.Griff: Ablett very slow start
Nahassss26: Go Goldy
windigo24: @Jball. Greene cannot get it, got suspended.
Nahassss26: Umpiring is terrible
bartyboys: whos minding ablett, can anyone tell? lokks different in those colors
mpollock: Even with Gazza the doggies are still crap haha
windigo24: Swallow is hitting some ripper form.
Nick1069: gaz lifting
bartyboys: they do call it fantasy football Gaj
Solat: ablett playing like a dog today sheesh
bartyboys: had swallow from start:-))
woofy: is gaz suppose to be jason j?
GoCrowz98: getta move on gibson
bartyboys: gaj been subbed out
Nahassss26: Lake won't score well cause of Petrie
Nahassss26: Umpires are flowering terrible
ballbag: petrie wont score good cause of lake
Meldrum23: yes woofy, enough with the gaj jokes, funny the first time.
Luke919: petrie to kick 8 and win coleman this year!
windigo24: Lake for another mare....
Luke919: classy goal wells
myteamsuks: Looking fwd to port v gws, gotta be better than this game
GoCrowz98: Wheres gibson playing?
jfitty: Jarrad Grant is king spud
The It_123: cmon campbell want a 60 from you today thats all i ask
myteamsuks: That was a terrible effort by grant, 30mtrs out in front and didnt score hopeless
Hop&Boomer: i put 50 on petrie to win the coleman five weeks ago paying $40s, go dish! come onnnn hop&boomer you legend
GoCrowz98: harvey muppet!
Nahassss26: Muppet for Harvey
windigo24: Dare I say it, Gibson for wall?
Bigtim: Boyd lake fire up
Hop&Boomer: dish!!!!
myteamsuks: Gocrows98 that was not muppet his hb was smothered in a contest
jfitty: Did Malthouse just say Murphy was the best player in the Dogs lineup? o_O
Barlow: its the first quarter windigo24 you spastic
grossn: gl Hop&Boomer!
Nahassss26: Dickson great bench cover
Nahassss26: Lol umpires love Petrie
Impromptu: @Dicarla & Dapie what up?
ballbag: just spooyed lake and gibson eating donuts on the side
slipknot_4: he sure did @jfitty
Hop&Boomer: @windigo24 - stupid call, was it you who said the wall for zorko when he was on 2 in the first quarter and finished 100+
HotPies123: For the past 4 weeks I have had Dickson cover for Franklin and Dickson hasnt dissapointed.
The Stig: impromptu are you doing well in SC this year too?
Nahassss26: 13 HOs for Goldstein = Gun
Impromptu: @Stig nah pretty bad :(
Slashers: @hotpies, did he cover in round 17 too?
The Stig: aw well. 2 amazing seasons in a row would have been something thats for sure!
myteamsuks: -3 lake oops
Slashers: @Impromptu, you name is the same colour as Kermit!
Impromptu: @Stig fingers crossed 2013
Gooseman10: F U Brian Lake
HotPies123: Yeah one week ahahaha. But franklin would of got probably 100. 40 plus points...
HotPies123: oh shower he didnt play ahahah. apologies. my bad
sleary: love you Lake, keep up the great work
The It_123: Now lake if you could get subbed off that would be greaet
max41: boyd goin on a tackling rampage
mpollock: Doggies making a game of it ..
Barnzy1: Lake is the most overrated player of all time. His opponent always kills him
windigo24: Harris playing shower.
Changeling: Boyd and Gibson sc anyone?
sainter11: Big bag for petire today (y)
Warney: go doggies
Dali: boyd 32 gibson 6
Luke919: come on roos, must win game! can't lose to dogs twice surely!
SaintsRGod: yes lake
Changeling: Cheers dali
Dali: no probs
The It_123: lift campbell
Antony: Anyone with the Lake-Gibson double?
myteamsuks: Go doggies, nth are looking slow today
Nahassss26: Lol north are exciting to watch when there on but when there of the there terrible and hope they lose
murphhh: i am antony.. stupid trucks
Schillaci: Just noticed I can't get live SC scores for the 1st time this season. Thanks HS but I aint paying for it.
myteamsuks: I have lake and gibson :(
Nahassss26: Go to fox footy matche centre for live sc scores guys
spudly4: gibson comin into game !
motty823: how does grant keep getting a game?
Torz: Lake flame.
buddyboyz: lake what the flowere r u doing?
OnTheRocks: i think Lake should retire at the end of the season on the back of this performance
dtfreak: move goldstein
The It_123: keep going goldy and campbel
myteamsuks: Gibson having good qtr, :)
Dali: sc scoring is pathetic times. lake has 14 smith has 22 yet lake has done nothing
Murf2Gibbs: The skills in this game are putrid
Changeling: Boyd and gibson sc anyone?
spudly4: kick it gibson
myteamsuks: Gibson shooting for 6 pointer, up to 44 dt nice
gambler: cape for gibson? 40 points in 17 min
ballbag: lake drowning out there
Schillaci: Lake is a POD for me this week. I've got him and 4 of 5 opponents don't. Great week for him to spud it up. Typical.
Redlegs: lakes not having a dip
tezzer_j: Every time someone says a player has hit a big wall, that player proceeds to blitz it thereafter.
Havacrack: Lake in over his head
MightyEss: flower off dickson
Woodie: put lake foward, doing nothing down back
jfitty: Cape for Gibbo
Scotty1: Lake has hit the wall
myteamsuks: Cape Gibson 43 pt qtr so far
sainter11: Come on petrie - where are ya?
Sydney14: burger for lake
JBazz: he's role in the team isn't to score dreamteam points woodie you goose
Scotty1: Cape is for 50 points or three goals
meka100: Lake Harris has eaten Libba
R.Griff: spud for they guy who said Gibson wall at the start of the match
Havacrack: @ JBazz "he's role"??? his role, you goose.
myteamsuks: Uh there is no specifications for cape i you read below
Grasscutta: boyd starting to rack em up
TheLegend6: traded in gia, reversed the trade and bought in fyfe... haha better pay off
danmaio: his role is to get ewsst f a coz my opp has him
ballbag: im pulling the plug on you lake thats it
JBazz: I'm not in English class Havacrack
Panther: Cape is 50pts or 3 goals in a quarter
wadaramus: Witches hat for Lake
Nahassss26: C'mon Lake you hero
Havacrack: If you're going to call someone a goose make sure you don't make yourself look like one, goose.
morrowind: Speaking of must put the roast on
MarcMurphy: I think there is supposed to be a comma after 'goose', Havacrack.
Gooseman10: scores keep missing lake tackles have now counted at least 3 which havent registered
Havacrack: Touche
JBazz: wow biggest gimp Havacrack
myteamsuks: Where does it say cape is 50 pts or 3 goals?
gambler: @ haveacrack, do urself and us all a favor and go jump
ballbag: you guys are indrectly bagging @gooseman
Bluebagg11: Lake hahaha. Spud. A good dreamteam would never have him.
Havacrack: Cute gambler.
wadaramus: Cape is for delivering a great quarter of football.
mackinaw: wadaramus no its for 50 points or 3 goals
Panther: if youve been on this site for more than 5mins you'll know cape = 50pts/3 goals in quarter
NoTigers: I'll support you Havacrack. Gambler obviously can't spell either.
banjo46: And "great" is considered 3 goals or 50 pts in a qtr.
myteamsuks: Umm i been on this site for while but where does it say cape is 50 pts or 3 goals, no one can give me an answer
Panther: it doesnt say, but youve now been told so now you know
wadaramus: Thanks myteamsucks, I just read what it said below, how does that imply 50 or 3?
gambler: erm Gibson had a 48 pt qtr and still got it fools
Nahassss26: How do you win purple name game? Coin flips or pick the right score????
mackinaw: seriously, 50 points or 3 goals and u get a cape. monty please confirm this for the muppets
Nahassss26: Don't worry worked it,out
myteamsuks: So now you are all wrong he got 48 pt qtr, think you know everything
banjo46: Monty has said many times 50 pts or 3 goals.
m0nty: The general rule is 50 points or three goals, but I retain the right to give it for close call efforts.
myteamsuks: He must have got 50 sc points then
myteamsuks: Thx monty
wadaramus: Ooohhh, who is the muppet now mackinaw? You I think.
myteamsuks: Yes maCkinaw, miss piggy or kermit today?
DrewMartin: love it boydy - +4 at half time
muddy85: you're killing me brian!! expect better 2nd half!
DrewMartin: Free Bwian
Magner: Do something Boomer. I'm incredibly disappointed.
Murf2Gibbs: That's good Monty rewarding the close ones
GoCrowz98: big second half harvey please
snoop1: bloody hell, i should just about start gibson next week
The It_123: big half from cambell and goldstein
igotabig1: mitch wallis for rising star -his draft pick signature cards will triple in value overnight
Nahassss26: Lake on Tarrant YESSsSsSsSs
ballbag: @snoop you mean shouldve started him last wk
Nahassss26: Boomer is a hero
Grasscutta: boyd for a massive one
Redlegs: Lake has run dry
Nick1069: lift goldy you spud
snoop1: Yup that too ballbag
myteamsuks: Gibson tagging boyd now
arkie: how about a south african flag for johannissen?
The It_123: slow down lake and lift campbell
Magner: Go Boomer! Kick 6 more goals!
buddyboyz: lake's on fire this quarter
lachlan21: swallow sc?
Luke919: drew! what are you doing!
Hop&Boomer: Go Hop&Boomer
morrowind: swallow 64sc
Torz: Terrible quarter goldy. Doesn't seem to get many marks around the ground anymore.
slipknot_4: just give boyd the gun now
barrybonds: what is lake SC????
Nick1069: massive let down today goldy
pants42: lake 45 sc
pants42: goldie only 47 sc
Barlow: wheres that clown who suggested the wall for Gibson?
Changeling: Boyd and gibson sc?
Nahassss26: Does Petrie suck the umpires cock? Gets gifted so many goals
morrowind: boyd 95 gibson 72sc
Changeling: Cheers morrowind
Rommas: Lol Nahassss
m1tch robo: Please lake get to 60
banjo46: Keep going Gibson! Ton up son!
DJ_JinX: anyone know if dalhaus was just general soreness to return next week?
myteamsuks: I have gibson covering staton, they way stanton been playing this is great
barrybonds: Grima sc???
Hop&Boomer: @barlow hahaha touche
m1tch robo: Junk it lake and goldy, come on!
Luke919: come on boys get it up there to petrie!
SaintsRGod: junk lale?
m1tch robo: wow, we got some yellow on lake
gambler: Gibson has a decent 1st qtr and would be looking at 130+ again, has to be M6 for me
morrowind: When the games to be won boyd goes missing haha
jimmyhird5: grima sc?
morrowind: grima 63sc
Nick1069: get to 90 sc goldy!
grumpy_ass: The bulldogs are very bad this year. Escaping the spotlight
m0nty: nominations for star please
Magner: Those awkward moments when first gamers do better than seasoned players...
Luke919: surely drew for star
Luke919: possibly bastinac
jimmyhird5: basti star for sure
gambler: monty.. Gibson, Nth started getting going when he did
morrowind: Drew I think has done enough for star
slipknot_4: swallow or petrie..??
Hop&Boomer: Boomer for the star. He is a class above today.
Jormas: Need 115 boyd
grossn: If Garlett gets a few more Possies, then Garlett for Star
R.Griff: Bastinac star
Jormas: Basti star
grumpy_ass: Petrie is on 75sc
morrowind: harvey actually changed my mind
hipnsholda: Petrie for star
morrowind: gibson x factor
mx187: Basti = Star Swallow = Gun Garlett = blue moon and Gibson X factor
morrowind: bastinac cherry
hipnsholda: Gun for Boyd?
wadaramus: Keep going Goldy.
Saint Al: goldstein sc?
Hop&Boomer: Lake for pumkin
coldog: flower off tarrant ya poof
buddyboyz: monty johannissen needs a south african flag
myteamsuks: This game went to script dogs avg 8 goals a match Roos 17.
coldog: @ saint Al- gold is on 73sc
jimmyhird5: flwer me grima get 80 sc
myteamsuks: Gibson!
Saint Al: cheers coldog
jimmyhird5: gibbo and grima sc pllzz
banjo46: Yes Gibson!
morrowind: gibson 91 grima 71
coldog: @ jimmyhird- 91 and 71
morrowind: nm 10 of the last 11 goals
Rommas: Gibson's a freaking animal, first Magner then Horse then Zorko then Gibson
gossiboy: Swallow SC?
morrowind: Petrie X factor?
mackinaw: flower rommas, jinxed him now
Luke919: gibson>zorko