Chat Log: R18, West Coast 28.7.175 d Brisbane 12.5.77

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Dadmax: First person to say something!!
Pavalinco: Idiot
MLSs: agreed, this ain't DT talk
ShyOne: even an idiot if it is dream team talk. lol
Dt God: need slewood to beat cox PLZ!
GoLions: Priddis, Rockliff, NicNat, Adcock, Zorko for big ones so I can get 2600 in SC!!!
PowerBug: Need Cox to outscore Waters by 156. :P Was praying for a late withdrawl, now praying for a Cox 200. :D
R.Griff: Adock, Priddis, Cox Vs Hanley, Goddard and Lake 30 points before the ST Vs Dogs game started
Baysie10: Lynchhh
windigo24: Pittard playing for Lions?
mackinaw: wall
tractorfac: cmon red rock hanley zork
GoLions: Brownyyyyyy
mufc: whose pittard replaced?
eza100: browny !
GoLions: Pittard replaced Wrigley I believe
R.Griff: Windigo Green??? not sure if he is playing
Murf2Gibbs: C'mon zorko please
R.Griff: Mufc*
J.Bartel: zorko sub 50 today i reckon
GoLions: Yep, Pittard=Stephen Wrigley
sainter11: Come on hill, big welcome back game thanks
dingo23: pittard lol u idiots
Changeling: Lift waters and zorko
tractorfac: aggh rockliff u are a wofull starter
GoLions: get a few touches rocky and zorko
Steino: why do people ask players to get a touch on this site? who the f*** are you talking to lol!!
mackinaw: get that big juicy wall ready.
Chadwickus: Dig deep guys
eza100: @steino agreed
captjerk: coxyyyyyy
therichone: ffs waters dooo somthing!
mufc: waters cox zorko and rocky LIFT!!!!
R.Griff: Steino why not players go off the ground and check the FF chat
Murf2Gibbs: C'mon waters and zorko FFS
GJayBee: horrible, horrible fantasy weekend. i think i might have to call my team krispy kremes next year.
feralmong: mufc how much higher can cox go.
mufc: thats the way cox another 300 plzz after 2 70's in a row after i captained u...
nostrdamus: what the hell is waters doing??
GJayBee: @Steino, mate, we connect with them on a telepathic level. influencing the result.
R.Griff: @GJayBee lol how is it bad???
mufc: aha zorko moves up the list because someone gives away a FA
Nigey95: zorko's usual slow start. he'll fire up soon.
GJayBee: R.Griff, hahah good for you! kicking my @#$% hahah
R.Griff: everyone has Zorko execpt Dr Dream Team haha
GJayBee: woops, got confused
mufc: @nigey zorko usually starts like a bullet out of a gun... maybe weve been watchin 2 different zorkos
GJayBee: Dr Dream Team is an embarrassment. but what is worse, i think i would be averaging less. I am dead this year.
R.Griff: @GJayBee Im going for about 2300 with a dount in DT. how you goin
T-HeaveHo: not bad from waters and zorko for me so far
mufc: lift rocky and zorks and waters flower me
GJayBee: made every mistake, traded injuries to injuries, brought to high
hipnsholda: that would be right. my DT opponent doesn't have Zorks. FFS.
meka100: Priddis 140
Nigey95: @mufc: yeh, fair call. let's hope he gets going soon anyway.
GJayBee: 1883, with captain playing (boyd) zorko, and goddard and two donuts
masterhc2: what will the weekly dt winner score. on track for 2550
masterhc2: zorko +3!
Changeling: Yeeahh waters
GoLions: waters goal
mackinaw: shoulda traded zorko last week if you were smart
GJayBee: @masterhc2, you sound very reliable
Nigey95: waters goal :D
Murf2Gibbs: Yes waters. Go mate
tractorfac: rock and zorkno :(
GoLions: polkinghorne goal :)
masterhc2: @gjaybee not sure if your being sarcastic lol. 2180 with zorko, shuey, cox, adcock and goddard
GJayBee: @maserhc2, you kicked my @#$# this weekend
GoLions: nicnat lining up, unfortunately i hope he kicks it
masterhc2: @gjaybee you've probably thrashed me for the rest of the season. just everything going right even with sidey buddy
tezzer_j: i wonder if zorko to fyfe trade would be good 4 finals
R.Griff: if Zorko is a future premium he will still score 90+ from this bad start
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes Jack Darling but the ump does not fall for it.
eza100: priddis goal
spudly4: R.griif first season you twat
tractorfac: lift rockliff
meka100: Love Priddis, picked him up for around 450000 he's been killing it since, he's over 600000 now
R.Griff: Spudly you spud FUTURE premium
mufc: waters and cox sc
coondambo: would've killed it this week if sidey, robbo and buddy were all playing
Roflcake: 2nd week in a row with zorko?
GoLions: cox 41, waters 35 @mufc
Tigertuff: coondambo. add tippett and thats my team.
strikes91: typical rockliff performance
tractorfac: rockliff and zorko killin me
potatochip: How about flaming up a few players Monty?
Jewel23: haha duck icon for the duckers!
devize: think we're forgetting zorko is actually a rookie. bound to have a bad game
GoLions: just passed 2200 in SC with priddis, nicnat, rockliff, zorko, adcock, goddard still playing :)
wadaramus: There is still 3 quarters to go for Zorko to rack up a decent score.
GoLions: on ya merrett
coondambo: do you guys think 2250 will make me drop rankings at 3000 currently?
crafer: well done GoLions, would you like gold, silver or bronze ?
GoLions: @crafer: is there a platinum?
tractorfac: rockLIFT
R.Griff: Coondambo what DT or SC
devize: yes coondambo. high scoring week this week
SaintsRGod: cmon gaff, you're better than this
coondambo: dt
Changeling: waters sc anyone?
R.Griff: you should go to about 2500 some/lots of people have more than 1 dount
yeragam: Wow Rockliff and Zorko are doing really well for me
MLSs: snork needs to lay some tackles,
Nigey95: cmon zorko, get into it.
MLSs: you talking SC @griff?
J.Bartel: zorko not getting anywhere near it.
Wends: good old weagles fans. Are they saying Booo-urns?
devize: waters 47 sc
Murf2Gibbs: Lol wends
jagar44: waters 47 sc
StAnselm: Wall for Zorko
Changeling: cheers devise and jagar
Murf2Gibbs: Zorko succumbing to pattersons pressure????
coondambo: is zorko benched/injured or something?
bart3l: @Wends I think they're waiting for football in the groin
colche: rockliff is at FF
R.Griff: Zorko being lazy
jagar44: shhhhhh Priddis
Steino: people seem to get that zorko is in his first year of afl and been a star
MLSs: at the end of the day, zorko is either great bench coverage or a sideways trade to a premo if u think he is done
Wends: but the ball! his groin!! It works on so many levels!
hacker: some more great coaching from the dickvoss, playing his #1 onballer at FF where it never goes
hacker: it defies logic completely how voss still has the job after 5 years of constant debacle
TomPalmer: all of you guys bagging on zorko should be shot... every player can have a bad game especially a rookie
tezzer_j: zorko has an excuse...rockliff!, whats yours?
dawsy: zorko will be most traded out this week
Murf2Gibbs: C'mon zorko that's it more
JRedden: most people have him anyway, what do you care what he gets?
Turkies: Nic Nat & two were on fire at 1/4 time, why have you both stopped? Do me a favour and lift? Cheers
Affliction: @dawsy Stanton will be up there for most traded
Changeling: lol waters does nothing for 10 minutes and just goes bang
Murf2Gibbs: Yes go waters those big numbers just come from nowhere
Murf2Gibbs: C'mon zorko damn it to hell
Wends: can anyone watching explain rocky's score, at all
Jormas: The actual fvck zorko??? Are you dead? Get 25 HT muppet
cheese: If glass keeps this up, he might be a Def option next year
Steino: @ wends brisbane playing a class outfit and can't ge there hands on the ball
Bricktop: Gee people really turning on Zorko quickly.
Hazza09: Zorko has officially ended my season, cant belive this!
Nigey95: scooter, priddis, zorko...lift!
richorocks: flower off hurn. Continue to spud it up or you'll cost me.
Bluebagg11: Wall for Zorko Monty
slip: Is it time to trade zorko?????
colche: uh oh cox coming off...
Steino: cox in a bit of trouble
Jormas: Cox hammy
Nigey95: 2 touches in a half, that's wall worthy right? i have zorko too.
Steino: yeh redds!!
Tigertuff: adcock and priddis vs zorko and 170 (SC) thought it was hopeless but now...
tractorfac: good job redden
R.Griff: flower me no trades left and have Cox wahhhhhhhhhhh!!!
Jormas: Cox to rooms with ankle.
Affliction: doesn't look serious, might come back on after half time
devize: cmon zorko, i want to get to 2700
Changeling: will cox be ok? If not there goes top 4
adz11: I bought in Cox this week FML
colche: +14 redden!
MLSs: who is ur captain devize??
R.Griff: please come back on i need you
dingo23: cox back in 2nd half stop tripping
devize: ablett MLSs
R.Griff: Zorko yeah
Nigey95: i'll get 2300 if all my players have roughly 50 point second halves.
Jewel23: Sore Cox?
GJayBee: zorko is doing the football version of 'lance armstrongs' 'The Look'
SaintsRGod: keep it going gaff
Nicko2665: If my players have 50 point halves, 2500 here I come!
happychapp: turn reddens flame to red hot
GJayBee: he won't get a touch all day, they someone will give him cheek and he will give, 'The Look'
MLSs: nice one devize i was gonna be happy with 2500sc but 2700 is massive
Bluebagg11: Zorko doing a bit now.
GJayBee: of course, in lance armstrongs case, 'the look' probably came from a rush of drugs that he was taking.
Grommet66: need cox to stay on and chop
rotated: currently on 2498 with pridis nicnat and zorks
ashb23: Need 140 more from waters and zorko. C'mon boys!
rotated: live score that is
Murf2Gibbs: Thats it zorko should have a decent 2nd half now
devize: Yeah I got all the big scorers this week plus a couple PODs like Swallow
Jormas: On 2325 DT with cox and zorko. Hopefully 2400+ if cox comes back.. What is everyone else?
dawsy: cox may get subbed at HT
GJayBee: Scott Selwood = Never again
Woodie: What is a pod
Lionman: West coast booooooogles
cptFantasy: who's the purple name this game m0nty?
Murf2Gibbs: Pod = point of difference I think
GJayBee: Ryan Hargrave, Nick Dal Santo, Cloke, Broughton, Shaw, Never again!
Woodie: Cheers Murf
9294eagles: why live HQ not workin what SC for zorko,priddis,waters,hurn?
devize: If Nicnat, priddis and zorko double their first half I'll score 2732 sc
mwaxo: looking at 2100 DT- missing buddy, sidebum, robbo, stevie j, and sub couch :(
kingcarey2: Dal santo made my game a nail biter. Nic Nats SC anyone?
GJayBee: 50% of my 2012 teams in SC, and DT = Never again ahahaha
biggs2dujj: Cox captain. 2 donuts. Top 500 gone
Murf2Gibbs: Nic nat 90 sc the freak
rotated: zorks, 17 priddis 69, waters 65 hurn 60
bart3l: kerr straight swap for mcginnity, cox will stay on
Munza: on 2436 in dt with waters and Zorko still going
rotated: nicnat 90sc
preki1: nic nat killing it 90
Nigey95: scott selwood's on my never again list.
Changeling: zorko 19 hurn 60 priddis 69 waters 65
The It_123: If Zorko can get to 70 i will get 2200 with 2 zero and i had beams captain, can only imagine the winning score this week
Woodie: NicNac 90 sc
mwaxo: winning DT score will be like 2600..
slipknot_4: you still in eliminator munza..??
9294eagles: cheers
kingcarey2: thx i should stumble over the line
jimmeh3: 2327 with zorko & cox still going
runt: Lions pacing themselves for a huge 2nd half
Munza: slipknot_4: Yes
Nigey95: hypothetically, if buddy, steele, robbo and sauce played. i'd have been a shot at 2600ish.
turnbull8: Cox better come back flower me
mwaxo: team name munza?
Munza: madmunza
dusty41: hill and zork sc?
Nicko2665: 2390 with Waters and Zorko... Hopefully my first 2500?
Tigertuff: this week has been fantasy heaven. i had JPK capt in SC. very solid 127. he has been my 8th highest scorer so far...
coondambo: how have you made it so far in eliminator with giles?
devize: NDS scaled down :( 2372 with NicNat, Priddis and Zorko to come
Munza: lucky I guess lol
slipknot_4: good on ya bud hope ya win it
TheLegend6: need hurn and zorko to beat adcock and waters this half lol
old_shepp: Somehow I need Waters to beat Hurn by 30 to knock off Maxwell (donuts and all)
Murf2Gibbs: Will 2300 put me up in sc I'm ranked 45,000 it should yeah
masterhc2: 2320 with zorko cox shuey adock. big second half boys get me to 2500!
Warney: yay for icons
Blanketman: @murf2gibbs.. are you dumb or what? why do people on here ask stupid dumb questions
Murf2Gibbs: Why blanket man why am I dumb?
FTroopCapt: My SC opp is sitting on 2515 & still got a 2nd half of Nick Nat & Zorko
Zombify: C'mon Zorko! Smash them!
Nicko2665: Carn Zorko!
slipknot_4: zorko too smash it..!!
donga: cmon shuey you need to get going
coondambo: gaff will make a good smokey pick next year
rosty63: priddus waters zorks seagull time
LivesFooty: ZORKO is stuffed with Masten tagging him.
The It_123: @coondambo too expensive, better of going a rookie or a super premium
tractorfac: who r we picking for png?
josh2959: Is Cox back out there?
MLSs: i think gaff will be more than a smokey coondambo
LivesFooty: I scored 2618 but had SWAN as my captain, should of stuck with ABLETT and I put JENKINS in my ruck & took GILES out.
Murf2Gibbs: Yes go waters ripping start
crafer: Q stick 67
Changeling: Brace yourselves Zorkos coming
MLSs: wow, nice start zorko and rocky
Murf2Gibbs: Here comes zorko + 10
Antony: Any Cox sightings? Or has he been zipped up
donga: didnt swan score higher then abllet? @livesfooty
Changeling: Waters wont do anything for the next 15 minutes, and then he'll score 30 in ten seconds
Bluebagg11: Yes big cox!!!
m0nty: Never doubt big Cox.
TheLegend6: zorko please i need at least 80 from this game to win!
Nigey95: come on scooter, lift like zorko.
Jukes82: swan had a higher dt but gaj had better sc
LivesFooty: 1742 i would of scored if I left ABLETT as my Captain and also left GILES as my 2nd Ruck. Think the highest score 3000
windigo24: The Cox is rising.
colche: cox 'resting' at ff
Murf2Gibbs: Yes waters don't stop
Nigey95: won my league game, targeting 2300 now.
colche: oh hes back on the ball now
R.Griff: Rains biggest flower in football stay away from my Priddis
TheAnt: on track for 2600... going to lose a guy with 2 bloody donuts
Grommet66: no ore zorko or rocky STOP
Jukes82: still undefeated in dt and sc should get 2500+ this week
Bluebagg11: Waters dominating!!
Murf2Gibbs: Yes go waters u beast
LivesFooty: @donga not in SC he didn't there was a 30 point difference
m0nty: plenty of Tiger fans in the chat today!
Turkies: F*CK! When I saw Kerr's bandaid I knew he would get subbed and raines would go to Priddis. Bloody hell.
1870pafc: need adcock to outscore reddeen by 5sc points can i win?
Mochasons: come on adcock... 150+ please.
Changeling: Turns out I was wrong, waters has decided to continue raping
cheese: Cox looking fine now
TheLegend6: zorko !
R.Griff: m0nty where your Hawks logo
rosty63: priddus waters zorks seagull time
Murf2Gibbs: Omg waters cape will be coming by end of q
windigo24: C'mon Redden get up the ton!
LivesFooty: I put GOODS in when FRANKLIN went out but think i'll trade him out next week or in round 20
m0nty: I don't need one.
Murf2Gibbs: What was waters on at 1/2 time 50 something
donga: gotcha!
TheLegend6: waters was 58 i think at HT
The It_123: 55 i think for waters'
Chadwickus: monty has the monty icon
Murf2Gibbs: 58 yeah thanks mate
The It_123: zorko touched it omg
LivesFooty: I think the winner of the $1000 will score around the 3000 mark
grub: wheres my logo fml
TheLegend6: im on 2235 in DT, one of my higher scores this year, hope to get 2300, just everyone is getting like 2500 lol
grub: there it is hahAhaha
Bluebagg11: Zorko is the next Milne or Ballantyne. Little trouble maker.
Murf2Gibbs: Lol grub
9294eagles: hate scoring 2429SC and losing in FFplatinum leage
TheLegend6: zorko flower dont give away frees
Murf2Gibbs: Oh come on zorko
grub: um zorko has not been charged with rape
Seb78: C'mon Zorks lift ya game
TheLegend6: zorko please ;(
hipnsholda: Go Big Cox
Guitarded: Anyone know nicnats sc ?
Changeling: Waters sc anyone?
RonWeasley: Zorko & Rockliff SC scores please!?
Murf2Gibbs: C'mon zorko I know you're a rookie but please man
hardballge: Waters vs Zorko for the win, home you go you good thing!
tocca: lift zorko
Pavalinco: Zorko now struggling with some attention
DJ_JinX: Priddis as cpt this week has backfired.... 90 ahead with priddis as cpt, nic nat to play
TheLegend6: dont have waters, opponent does :(
Turkies: C'mon Nic Nat & Priddis, both started like a house on fire, keep on firing fellas, cheers.
gunners23: waters 95sc
Murf2Gibbs: Yes waters go man
DJ_JinX: vs a priddis, zorko and cox. will i win?
9294eagles: who is zorko? not in my team must be over rated
knighta21: Nic Nat could single handely cost me a win (Iwith me scoring 2500 SC)
Murf2Gibbs: 29 for waters this quarter
tocca: @9294eagles are you serious?
Changeling: cheers gunners
Nigey95: scooter and zorko, fire up guys.
Murf2Gibbs: Waters 99 sc you bloody gun zorko only 30 c'mon man
rosty63: geez those hockey players look hot,female that is
Nigey95: waters about to ton up in sc.
Chadwickus: lol @ Zorko being over rated
9294eagles: serious tocca he not in my team
Wends: trading out waters and scotland my worst trading mistakes of 2012. rocky instead of swan from rd 1 a close 2nd.
tocca: @9294eagles have you heard of him?
Murf2Gibbs: As far as I know eagles9249 is gunning fantasy this year
ajconodie: 9294eagles is an attention whore.
Jormas: Waters -> scotland to put me 0 trades. Fmdt
windigo24: Loving the work reddo.
windigo24: As if Waters had a knee op.
hardballge: No S'Bottom, Buddy. Johnno and Reid donuts plus played one short and going to score 2150+ and still lose. grrr
Jormas: Zorks goal.
Roflcake: Zorko!
CHEbber: zorko goal
cheese: Nice goal Zorko
Murf2Gibbs: C'mon wayers 10 more and the capes yours
hipnsholda: zorko goal
hardballge: need Waters to outscore Zorko by 52SC
HotPies123: Zorko!
9294eagles: heard of him on Fanfooty the luv for him disgusts me
cusch1: need 240 from hurn and priddis!?!?!?!?!?! will i win?
Changeling: zzzzzoooooooooorrrrkooo
The It_123: apparently this "Zorko" guy got a goal or something
MightyEss: flowering fuming over west coast lying about the length of the waters injury!
CatAttack9: always a nice feeling to have already won my league match before sunday evening :)
hardballge: Boo Zorko
MightyEss: flowering lift priddis you flowering cow.
Jormas: 3Q cox 95 zorko 50 plz
9294eagles: look my team up going pretty well without him i reckon "eagles929406"
R.Griff: Priddis finished Rains I @$#%ing hate you so @#$&ing much
Murf2Gibbs: Eagles is that sc?
myteamsuks: Scoring 2400+ and gonna lose 4 leagues ouch! Big score this week for winner
Gee Dee : keep dreaming cusch priddis in yr team u deserve to lose
yeragam: C'mon Rocky, need you to beat Priddis by 24 points for me to knock off Warney
rosty63: seriosly i want to be a womens hockey coach!!
Nigey95: cmon priddis, get to the ton.
Wends: same mighty Ess, and Blues re Scotland's. Biggest scummy, scammy scams of 2012.
ajconodie: @9294eagles - Why didn't you just say "Look at my team" instead of attention seeking?
dawsy: take the Goose off Cox m0nty coz he has been subbed
9294eagles: yeh SC @Murf
Gee Dee : womens nude beach volleyball for me rusty
tor01doc: Rosty - unless you are a lady you don't stand a chance
Murf2Gibbs: Thanks eagles
Adamant: good junk rocky
cusch1: gee dee you kdding? he has mauled for me week in week of my most consistent players
Murf2Gibbs: Hey eagles is your name simon, ranked 3300 odd???
tezzer_j: bloody waters...ur supposed to be still out inj. worst decision i made was listening to wst cst medical staff
ajconodie: I heard women's hockey players are either great or great.
TheLegend6: zorko 28 point qtr
1870pafc: go adcock out score redden by 5 go go go
Nigey95: i'd be happy for zorko and scooter to both finish on roughly 75 sc.
The It_123: good lift Zorko keep going budd
9294eagles: yeh sounds right @murph
Gee Dee : i gave him up early cush so my error - though lenny hayes has been good
tractorfac: traded waters to hanley, has hurt me bad
Murf2Gibbs: Cool I had a glance you ave a funny old team there yarran broughton lewis still awesome ranking,a
MLSs: just give Hams a permanent rubber ducky
Wends: alot of people made the same trade Tractor, u weren't alone there.
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes Ashton Hams but the umps are well wise to him now, no free
GJayBee: Zorko, has given the look and is now climbing the mountain
old_shepp: Waters! I was feeling a little confident until that 9 pt turnaround with Hurn
BART3L: 14 more points coxy, love your work
1870pafc: gonna trade adcock who for? 3 trades 4th spot $34.800
R.Griff: Priddis, Cox and Adcock Vs Hanley and 27
Wends: lol GjayBee. TDF withdrawals??
Murf2Gibbs: Sc waters 107 zorko 50
Changeling: Some sc scores: Waters 107 NicNat 105 Priddis 98 Cox 94 Zorko 50
1870pafc: anybody got redden sc score
TheLegend6: zorko 36 point qtr well done
9294eagles: yeh my fwd line had too many injuries and traded in yarran straight swap for ellis few weeks back as a backup so been ok
Hazza09: im 50 behind with Priddis and Zorko, do i have a chance?
TheLegend6: edit: 40 point qtr :D
TheLegend6: @Hazza, yes!
masterhc2: anyone think i will go close to weekly? 2453 with shuey, cox, zorko, adcock
snake_p: Im done +2 points ne Adcock vs him Rocky
Nigey95: 2235 with the last quarter's scoring of waters, priddis, zorko and scooter. should get to 2300.
Hazza09: hope so TheLegend6
TheLegend6: @masterhc2m op will be 2600-2700
tor01doc: Hazza - go man go!
Murf2Gibbs: I need 39 points from zorko and waters to get 2400 sc with only 20 scoring and 3 premos missing and Stanton only3quarter
rosty63: i have 2 days to live but i have priddis waters what you think aaarggg
GJayBee: i have actually gone backwards this year. first time ever. the sting will lift me in pre-season
haooyy: take that raindrop elsewhere please, need priddis to fire
HotPies123: Could
hawks_2008: Rockliff sc?
TheLegend6: Who will win? Zorko, Hurn and 25 vs Adcock and Waters...?
masterhc2: @thelegend6 you're probably right. but my ~2550 should move me a fair bit up in the rankings
Hazza09: thanks tor01doc hope they bring ithome
tor01doc: Rosty I would change to Hawks in that case
Changeling: Cmon zorko and waters, massive quarters please
HotPies123: Could of scored over 2400 but no Johnson
ashb23: Need 50 points from waters and zorks this quarter. Please!!
GJayBee: i need 45 points to be 34 points closer to caring about everyone's score.
Murf2Gibbs: Zorko burn and 25 will win
ClayGuida: All even with 1 qtr to go i have Kerr he has Maguire who wins?
Redlegs: Lol @ rosty63
Gee Dee : redden 160
Murf2Gibbs: Gjay bee lol
F_show: (18 points and waters) VS (cox and redden) and if i lose no finals for me. i can't watch
The It_123: Zorko 8 point during the break
jonola: scooter, redden and hanley sc scores please?
incredi: Hows Zorkos and Rockys SC looking?
cusch1: 50 supercoach between hrn and priddis this quarter?!?!?! will they get it?
hipnsholda: zorko +8 at 3/4 time!
rosty63: touche tor01doc
Murf2Gibbs: I need I need if I did but when who how I love it love the passion
HotPies123: Could of scored over 2400 but had no johnson and Jacobs..
Wends: is zorko tackling vossy while he's trying to quarter the oranges or something??
hipnsholda: go nicnat
chadwick: Hazza09 Nope
Chadwickus: Dollar sign for Yeo?
wadaramus: Whatever you need, work it out for yourselves!
1870pafc: @Gee Dee is that redden sc score?
windigo24: Has Redden got 160 SC points!?
Redlegs: I have work 2moro but a phone to call in sick and cox and redden, what do you think?
GJayBee: we should play russian roulette on sc scores. it would make a great movie about being a pies man in a blues family.
Murf2Gibbs: I would have scored 2600 sc if Jacobs and Sidey played
HotPies123: Scooter for cape!
Changeling: Redden on 94 sc
ClayGuida: I would have scored 2948 if my players scored more
HotPies123: Franklin and sidey as well...
K.Hunt: Murf2gubbs that is dog shower
snackkk: no windigo you goose Redden has 94SC
wadaramus: I think you look a bit ill Redlegs!
GJayBee: i had a good win and held back betting fort the rest of the weekend, but WC at home do not disserpoint.
ajconodie: I would be on 2800 if I didn't have the players I have and had other players in place of those players.
Cattersss: how good are Geelong
GJayBee: i wasn't going to say this, but i would have scored 3000 if i scored 3000
1870pafc: @snackkk u got adcocks score
JamesMGGee: 133sc needed from Cox to go top... Come on...
snoop1: Disserpoint?lol
MANONFIRE: could of got 2978 if i was full of it like ..some of you lol
wadaramus: Good question Cattersss
GJayBee: @cattersss, that's who i won on geelong at home. rainy day, bartel back in, coreys 250. all set.
McRooster: If only..
A-Dawg: 2500 with hurn cox and zorko playing (live score)
Munza: ajconodie: ahahah so true
GJayBee: ump's star struck
Eagle boy: I would have scored 4600 SC if all of my players scored 200.
masterhc2: @ajconodie and I would be 3000if the players I had scored 50 more ach lol
masterhc2: @adawg sc or dt?
GJayBee: @eagle boy, you were so close, yet so far!
HotPies123: Yous all seriously drained it.
flagdog49: When was Priddis' last touch?
ajconodie: And I didn't even have Ablett (c)
Gee Dee : better movie would be a blues man in a magpie family that is if you can put up with a 14yo mum
snoop1: Monty.. Ever thought about putting a modern chat box in? One that updates instantaneously
A-Dawg: @masterhc supercoach
The It_123: all i ask is 75+ zorko
BART3L: yeah everyone making the 'i would have gotten' joke, the moments passed, move on..
flagdog49: Blues fans dont have parents, they are spawn of the DEVIL!
cheese: super junk from hams
Murf2Gibbs: Oi flag dog watch it mate
HotPies123: Hams again!
Chadwickus: @Gee Dee: Still a better love story than twilight
ajconodie: Much like putting numbers in place of letters hey BARTS?
masterhc2: @gee dee you know your a pies supporter when you have to tell ur 14yo daughter not to smoke at the table infrontofherkid
Redlegs: lol @ adelaide fans, you guys are really funny, got to keep yourself entertained in adelaide i suppose
GJayBee: Scott Selwood, I am not going to have you next year, so why don't ya be a sport, and crack the ton in SC.
rotated: 2613 chasing 2635, i have nicnat zork prid he has cox
Roflcake: Zorko again
snoop1: Zorks
snackkk: zorko goal
HotPies123: Zorko!
masterhc2: zork!
Nigey95: waters, priddis, zorko and scooter, 20 more points each!
BART3L: the user name BARTEL was taken champ.
Changeling: gooo zorko
mackinaw: how many flowern times are they gona show this gold medal win
snoop1: Lol masterhc
TheLegend6: YES ggonna win league game!
wadaramus: Oooh, to close to call rotated.
colche: lol i love the enthusiasm when zorko goals
GJayBee: zorko, is the greek god of imitating barlow.
Gee Dee : zorko the magnificent
GJayBee: i am worried that the Olympics won't be SHOVED DOWN MY THROAT far enough.
Murf2Gibbs: Yes zorko go I'm gonna crack the 2400 now for sure
No spuds: What's cox and waters on for super coach?
ajconodie: Of course being a Crows supporter the first username that springs to mind is Bartel.....
tractorfac: rockliff n hanley showerhouse
Hazza09: come on Zorko and Priddis
dawsy: cmon beau get to 110
GJayBee: Zorko goal = +6 to entire competition.
chadwick: Bin for zorko is crap. Worked hard from the start
Gee Dee : i'm calling my ext dog zorko - hope the gf will like it
GJayBee: @ajconodie, funny that you also noticed that hahahah
snoop1: Zorko haas almost made me hard this year
BART3L: he's a quality player haha. better than being a one eyed supporter
old_shepp: Hard to believe Lions rolled them last time they met. Better side too in reality
Murf2Gibbs: @snoop why almost?
GJayBee: WC getting revenge at home.
Munza: on 2542 dt zorko playing any chance at weekly?
Nigey95: oh shower. my opponent had smedts and miles as emgs which is 130 points combined. i lead by 113 atm live.
Jormas: Cox for 110 and zorks 90 would be great...
ajconodie: Fair point.
The It_123: Eagles just rubbign in the win now
9294eagles: 9 possies in zorko making people hard OMFG
BART3L: is big cox still out there??
R.Griff: Munza you say that every week where are you overall
windigo24: T-Rock flopped again. :(
snoop1: Omfg like totally eagles942955432
Nigey95: have a rest big cox.
ajconodie: Did Zorko stoink your mrs mate?
wadaramus: Fwd pocket Jimmy.
cheese: percentage will help
Jormas: Cox resting up front. Needs a bit of action. Needs a +24
snoop1: Lol griff... True
HotPies123: Exactly r.Griff!
jfitty: Gun for Beau
hawks_2008: Rockliff Super coach score?
Murf2Gibbs: I am a fan of yours eagles but don't bag zorko Ima
Munza: Actually I've never said it Griff, about 4000
spudly4: hanly get to 60 lovin biff
DJ_JinX: 90 infront Priddis Cpt/Nicnat vs Zorko/Cox/Priddis. =[
Nigey95: finish strong waters, scooter and zorks, my opponent doesn't have any of you, so make the difference!
wadaramus: Stink on.
cougar37: Been a few blowouts this round - 6 games over 50 points.
Mcswains: Rockliff 51sc
Changeling: gun up beau monty
9294eagles: i cant help it, missing him coz of injuries is killing me sorry @Murf
24incharms: Well people munza score is correct , he was just asking has he got a chance !
MightyEss: zorko, champ.
ajconodie: That is decent goalkicking Weags.
tocca: where's cox gone?
masterhc2: ffs adcock -3 this qtr junk it up. you too shuey
Murf2Gibbs: You're alright eagles no worries
spudly4: hahaahah blacky an nic nat
hawks_2008: McSwains-thank you, I was hoping more! :/
Murf2Gibbs: Hey eagles how many trades you got left???
R.Griff: Munza lol you say it evryweek even during the byes you were scoring 2500 this week you may be right
Guitarded: 24inchfatceps
9294eagles: 2 dont ask :/
hawks_2008: Priddis super coach score?
Munza: Griff your on drugs, think your getting me confused with someone else
GJayBee: munza's silence is deafening.
slipknot_4: give rgriff the spud
biggs2dujj: Should have subbed cox off. He's invisible
GJayBee: Munza's comment, not silence, but a comment.
Redlegs: Cox needs to get angry about nic nat becoming the no1 ruckman in the west
windigo24: Reddo needs something?
R.Griff: @Gjaybee lol
tractorfac: bloody rokliff
24incharms: munza score is correct but alot of jealousy out there
PiesGOGOGO: Love the Zorko junk
rosty63: R.Griff have you noticed the GCS logo on sc looks like a small maccas fries
masterhc2: give galass the tv. at least 2 weeks
snackkk: looks like Glass is heading for a week off
snoop1: Melee and tvfor glass
gazz mvp: What's happened to cox this quarter forward ?
thepigeon: come on cox and zork. 10 more for the magical 2500
Munza: ahah so true
R.Griff: his score is correct I know
Turkies: Nic Nat & Priddis, you guys have done well in SC, just run out the game well for me fellas, would love to sneak a win.
tor01doc: What is Munza's score in which comp?
gazz mvp: Many cracked 2400 in DT
Troy87: Raines has killed Priddis second half
Changeling: Zorko has hit a pretty damn soft wall if u ask me
Khunt1vote: Must be hard scratching yer nuts with 24inch arms
MightyEss: priddis have some junk you spud
Adamant: cmon rockliff
dawsy: Zork to ton up
GJayBee: My never again list is like john homes's . . .
biggs2dujj: If pathetic cox doesn't get a touch, I'm going to lose. Captain just needs a kick and I win
masterhc2: typical wce fans. boo brown after he cops one courageously in the head. classy -.-
13Brummy: glass has gotta get weeks for that
Jormas: Who is number 15 umpire? Needs to be shot. Last game afl
R.Griff: Rosty yea It just the colours look so similar on SC
hipnsholda: where's jed gone?
Lionman: Biggest c.unt fans in the afl
MLSs: how many high frees does this joker get
DJ_JinX: goddamn Zorko... was a mile ahead while he was spudding it, now im in trouble.
masterhc2: 10 points from adcock shuey co x and zorko combined will give me 2500
24incharms: @Khunt1vote , yer it is hard do you want to scatch them for me !
tractorfac: bloddy hanley
TheLegend6: @lionman, dont rage now, ypu
TheLegend6: lol Lionman
Jukes82: Cox gone limp
rotated: 2660 zork nicnat priddis
ashb23: Need 1 more from zorko or waters. CMON!
Changeling: lions fans angry team is getting raped
jfitty: Cox gone flaccid you mean
colche: cox keeps spillig the marks! least he got a hp stat latest one
Khunt1vote: Sure 24....I'll just go get the wire brush
M.Brown#1: They are retards yes, but booing umpire not brownie
ajconodie: What's your team's name rotated?
Moondog21: 2 more points from Zorko and waters will give me 2700
TheLegend6: yeh lionman, shouldn't rage now, you have been out since qtr 1
snowman123: What wrong Lionsman is your team getting smashed again??
rotated: flys eyes
Tigertuff: if brisbane were victorian, vossy would be out the door by now...
Chadwickus: I'd be powered off too if I was a Lions fan, so many good players but a spud team
DJ_JinX: Priddis, do something, anything...
dawsy: 1 more point from either Kerr or Goose and I get 2500
cheese: got to admit though, eagles fans at subi are pretty darn feral
No spuds: What's waters and coxswain on for super coach
masterhc2: @dawsy I don't like your chances nate
TheLegend6: zorko, hurn, cox, 1 more point for2350
Jormas: Get 100 atleast flacid cox..
flagdog49: Kerr aint scoring shower Dawsy
Changeling: agreed cheese
rosty63: priddis move your priddass
rotated: wheres your didak
masterhc2: that mark from shuey geta the 2500 up. well done boys
Turkies: Nic Nat and Priddis, fire up please, haven't touched it in 10-15mins...Thanks boys
windigo24: Priddis handballs way too much.
Murf2Gibbs: Raines is such a gun
swishy: rocky fire up son!
DrewMartin: Reeled a couple in there Dawsy
PowerBug: @ turkies, they can't hear you, so please shut up. Thanks, PowerBug.
LivesFooty: ZORKO killed it in the last quarter... Great move
masterhc2: great second half shuey
Adamant: hurry the flower up rocky
colche: zork nice setup
Murf2Gibbs: He's blanketedr priddis
I<3Sausage: howe long left?
DJ_JinX: 5 minutes left.
EZA100: @powerbug they have headsets :P
Turkies: @PowerBug: Players check fanfooty all the time to make sure they are getting enough DT Points...
colche: 5 minutes
GJayBee: Scotty! Trying to be good after all this time!
jfitty: 28 touches isn't much of a blanketing
LivesFooty: @Turkies why write stuff like "NIC NAT & PRIDDERS fire up please. Thanks boys" Do you think they can hear you?
Seb78: Gaff's SC anyone?
Nigey95: only 37 points away from 2400. :D
wadaramus: Careful Powerbug, some people like reading people beseeching players to lift.
TheLegend6: Monty, what has happened to the PNG? its slowly going downhill...
cougar37: If zorko is purple name game, I might have it sewn up!!
flagdog49: Priddis 27 touches, and only on 80 DT. Fail.
masterhc2: cox has the big ton
Pavalinco: Ton up fox cox
chyeaahh: priddis sc 40 more than dt..
Shiri: Anyone got NicNats, Adcocks and Rockliffs SC? I'm 100 points down with NicNat and Adc
coondambo: pretty good game to watch
Murf2Gibbs: Site frozen?
TheLegend6: hahah zorko will ton up, after being 32 at HT
Murf2Gibbs: He wasn't on him the whole game
tor01doc: Hazza???
chyeaahh: nicnat 148. adcock 97 rockcliff 60 shiri
tractorfac: bloody hanley
Kangas2012: legend, 22 wasnt it??
meataxe: Priddis you pansy, tackle someone
GoCrowz98: zorko 5 away from a ton, great work young lad
jfitty: Gun for Waters already!
GJayBee: Priddis looks intelligent doesn't he. He doesn't look like a stunned toy doll or anything like that.
ajconodie: How many of the Chinese swimmers are on the juice?
Shiri: Thanks @chyeaahh. love ya work. Gonna win! Wooo
Changeling: wasnt zorko 19 at ht
bazza525: sauce
Redlegs: jesaulenko you beauty!! oops wrong game ;-)
TheLegend6: yep kangas sorry
gazz mvp: 2400+ two weeks in a row. Think I was the only person under 10,000 last week
DJ_JinX: Everytime I look up Zorko and Cox get a posession and priddis, nicnat dont move =[ =[ in trouble
AxeWound: Monty, you should make a "spring" icon for Nic Nat.
TheAnt: Zorko shower SC score though
rosty63: good percentage boost west coast
Roflcake: Where's that dude who said if zorko was a true premium he would still score 90+
Gee Dee : times up for voss
rotated: zork 93sc
tocca: how long is this quarter?
GJayBee: I want Voss to stay on. Seeing the Brisbane Lions fail is a very good thing.
Murf2Gibbs: Will voss be sacked mid week??
Nigey95: @roflcake: I was about to say the same.
Warney: flower you waters and your fake injury
ajconodie: @roflcake - probably standing outside in his mums underwear to get some more attention.
lozdog: nah AxeWound, should be a palm tree icon for NN
colche: brown gettin boos still
Smoke Dogg: ive cracked 2500 in DT with a 0 for Jacobs 2
Gee Dee : might as well have lunch with primus tomorrow
dawsy: i retract my comment from an hr ago saying zorko will be most traded out this week
colche: siren
masterhc2: my god wce fans are pathetic. why the hell would you boo brown
Gee Dee : 36 minues have they forgot the hooter?
MightyEss: when the flower is this going to end...
R.Griff: Roflcake now we know that he is a true premium in future year
Chadwickus: booing the ump...
bazza525: @gee deee tell him if there is any chance of playing redden
LivesFooty: Nothing wrong with ZORKO SC score he is on 92
colche: his face got in the way of glasses elbow. how inconsiderate of brown
Keza41: Gonna be some high scores this week, guy hit 2504 in our league
Hazza09: Can scores get scaled down once finished?
LivesFooty: @masterhc2 why wouldn't you boo brown, its time he hung up his boots
snowman123: masterhc2 you little b*tch you've made your point
Murf2Gibbs: Zorko you gun what a good score after slow start
waldeckr: zorko garbage king
ashb23: 3 donuts and got up by 10 points. Thank you dayne and beau
hardballge: Zorko = Super Premium based on his starting price I would say.
Redlegs: +1 for the palm tree for nic nat paddywhack!