Chat Log: R14, Essendon 21.14.140 d Western Bulldogs 8.8.56

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jimmyhird5: campbell more ruck time without roughy jnr starting
jimmyhird5: need a big one from stants to make up for gaj
buddyfrank: all that means is that campbell will be subbed off
adz11: Boyd needs to have a good game for once
dogs war: Cmon
Grommet66: need stants to get the picken tag and jobe to kill it
KrispyKrem: cmon hargrave repay the faith i know you can do it
zeddyzed: Spud it up Lake!
Dt God: stants 100+ watson 100+ dellolio 50+ dempsey 90+ boyd 100+ dicko 60+ smith 70+
mpollock: Bombers by a lot i reckon!
afl_freak2: roughead as sub lol who the flower has a big man as sub hahahaha
Murf2Gibbs: This will be close dogs run and take game on should be good watching
Sydney14: bombers will win, dogs will run out of legs playing three ruckman
afl_freak2: dogs will get smashed by 60+
frenzy: what odds bullies win?
flagdog49: Boyd has scored less than 90 only once this season... last week. Super Scorer!
frenzy: Matty Boyd must be due
torres: seagull on watson
nostrdamus: lets see how hurley goes with the wrist brace on
windigo24: Boyd-Watson head to head.
old_shepp: Lake should cream Hurley tonight
mh7690: who else is smashing dt this round, im on 1715 (C) played and 8 to go, anyone beating me? :P
mx187: bombers by 67
bert1: tagg the shower out of stants plz go boyd ya spud
torres: picken on stanton
mpollock: 3 min in ., goal already to essendon ... ff site remains unchanged ... never used to be this slow :o(
jimmyhird5: who's the dogs 3 ruckmen, (honestly asking dont know wbd team very well) campbell roughy and ?
flagdog49: game been going 5 mins.
mpollock: Correction 2 essendon points not a goal ...
bert1: come on boyd ya spuddy
Changeling: massive stanton tackle missed??
zeddyzed: flower off Lake
LivesFooty: hope boyd makes 130
Sydney14: wtf who tags heppell?
torres: picken is not on heppell
frenzy: Minson @jimmyhird5
sainter11: Need a biiiggg one from Ryder
Dt God: yes dempsey go son go
mpollock: Dempsey great starter ... shame he always fades ...
andyman268: c'mon captain Fletcher!
sainter11: and from you lakey!
jimmyhird5: thanx frenzy
Dt God: go dempsey watson stants boyd and hargrave
jimmyhird5: melksham 0 for png imo :P
mpollock: andyman - is Fletcher really your captain? I doubt it ..
jimmyhird5: wtf heppel getting the only tag 130 ea to stants and jobe
J.Bartel: picken is on stanton
walle: Picken on Stanton
andyman268: @mpollock he sure is. ding way better than GAJ in the first qtr.
eza100: yet again western bulldogs will suffer with the forward line
J.Bartel: lake injured
mpollock: Fletcher avg 86 SC and 68 DT ... seems like a smart choice .... not
zeddyzed: stay under 50 please Lake
frenzy: why doesn't watson get tagged
eza100: lake isn't injured on the field
J.Bartel: dislocated finger i think, should be right
andyman268: hows that Estonian internet Zeddy? I'm sending GAJ a horses head in the mail.
Sydney14: Who's Mother did Minson get on this week?
dtfreak: jobe watson head to head with boyd, clearance kings
Steelers7: put lake at ff
eza100: western bulldogs coach is just dumb u tag and outside midfielder instead of a pure inside midfielder
zeddyzed: hahaha..dont even talk to me about Gaj, that spud.
FTroopCapt: Keep going C Jobe
Changeling: go watson and stanton you guns
Seb78: Crameri
CatAttack9: was very close to upgrading dempsey, glad i didn't
jimmyhird5: was goin to field campbell over giles this wk masterstroke so far
zeddyzed: Swanny gets the C from now on i think, Gaj is about as reliable as a babys bottom
LazyAs: muppet Hurley
eza100: give hurley the butter icon
eckert_9: go heppppsss
KrispyKrem: good work hargrave
Steelers7: too easy
mx187: Huge score Watto
FTroopCapt: Getting ugly
eza100: this is getting ugly
Sydney14: power off dempsey
Steelers7: will the dogs get a goal
torres: Watson killing Boyd for influence on the match
Mac_Attack: go dempsey dont slow down
FTroopCapt: Now wishing didn't trade Hargrave out of SC....oh well still have him in DT
Murf2Gibbs: This could be ten goals plus or more
FTroopCapt: Wato v Boyd great match up for the Bombers - Boyd leads comp for touches & clangers
FTroopCapt: GF is at the match - she will be happy... F Troop will be having a good night tonight!!!
sainter11: 5 goals for patty!
eckert_9: Heppell get amongst it
Seb78: No need to tag Boyd he does nothing with the ball
Murf2Gibbs: Well. Whatever the weapon is doing its working LOL
LazyAs: i dont think the Dogs have hit a target going forward, spud whole dogs team m0nty
push up: ryder could save my eliminator this week
dean0s: good to see esendon more acurate than previous weeks
eza100: @ftroopcapt lol
Dali: We are a joke :/
bombrblitz: nice start essendon!
Daniel_79: C'mon captain Stants
jimmyhird5: cmon stanton 40 point first qtr plzzz kick one yourself
Kraz: wtf.....doggies come on make a game of it!
13Brummy: flame for half the bombers
OnTheRocks: Need a big StanTON and captain Jobe to smash it tonight!
FTroopCapt: @eza100 - yep - atleast its better than when they loose
bickies: Witches hat for lake?
Steelers7: just kick it to bazza
sainter11: Patty - need ya to destroy lake, only coz both my opp and I have lake but I got patty!
LazyAs: Pumpkin Lake
eza100: indeed, what about richmond :(
FTroopCapt: Not surprised - this is the team who got smashed by Brisbane at home
mx187: 3 capes monty
FTroopCapt: @eza - that makes me upset but her more happy so i guess all still works out lol
eza100: its a win win
zeddyzed: Clay Smith you gun!
mx187: oh sorry not Jroo so no capes
sainter11: Jobe and Pat <3
FTroopCapt: 3 capes indeed
Changeling: big fat donut for delolio
Changeling: and addison
snoop1: now come on guys. essendon could do a richmond and blow a good quarter time lead
Hazza09: Anyone know the whereabouts of Howard?
FTroopCapt: If flames were still for 25 14/21 Bombers on the field would have it - complete domination
torres: dickson is a Mags wannabe
Jawdan: I dont understand how players can go through a whole quarter and do legit nothing.
FTroopCapt: @snoop1 - the diff was we were the underdogs in that game, there is no coming back for the Dogs
JDolling69: starting dickson next week....
meka100: GAJ is going to cost me in eliminator, Jobe has almost the same points in the 1st quarter
chadwick: Dickson been a great forward rook. Will have to downgrade him next week
snoop1: yeah i know, slight touch of sarcasm
Murf2Gibbs: McCartney going off at the boys
FTroopCapt: Nice quater time spray by Brendan McCartney
meka100: Why isn't Picken tagging Watson, the Bulldogs coach has no idea
Murf2Gibbs: Yeah ftroop Neil Craig ish
torres: Cross tagging Stants
FTroopCapt: Bombers need to win by about 20 goals to overtake the Eagles again
zeddyzed: Dogs are gonna be serious contenders for the 8 or 9 years
Murf2Gibbs: Lol@ zeddy
mx187: keep smashing super premo watson!!
snoop1: have dogs escaped proper criticism though with all the other showere teams in the comp taking limelight
rosty63: 11 flames 4 ess holy shower
FTroopCapt: Doggies wouldn't mind Wallis in the midfield
JDolling69: need watson to beat heppel and lake, looks possible
Jormas: need 100 dempsey 130 boyd and 100 Hargrave from this game...
mpollock: I remember when Sherman was at least an ok player ...
eckert_9: leroy jetta gives me the showers
Refused: too many teams in the comp and not enough talent too fill em all and have good games in most games, every week
meziare: Picken gone to Jobe
Spew: Jetta diving again. Every week. What a loser.
Refused: getting bored of watching predictable results so often
Refused: to, not too lol
Dadmax: How does dell'olio have donuts?
Daniel_79: Is Stanton even playing?
Murf2Gibbs: Go Dahlhaus you littlechamp in the making
jimmyhird5: cmon heppell
meziare: Stants getting busy!!
jimmyhird5: flowering hell heppell everywhere but cant get a touch
frenzy: @ Dadmax... on zip at QTR time
Murf2Gibbs: McCartney going to smash 3 headsets tonight
JDolling69: cmon watson, havnt touched it in 10 mins
Dt God: stants plowering
mpollock: @Refused ... so was i so now i just bet on the boring, predictable games ... hehe
Jormas: @ HT (9 mins) need Boydie 65, Hargraves 45 and Dempsey 60++ Need the weekly prize (proj 2550). :D
DirtyDawn: evening lads
flagdog49: Lake no touches in like 30 mins.... I hate you.
korza: Loving your score Lake Harris or whatever your flowering name is
dean0s: good for %
Tiki50: i need *insert unreasonable expectation that no one give a flower about*
Sydney14: ffs Lake and heppell
dtfreak: heppell makes me so angry
max41: Hello Heppell..any1 home?
torres: boyd proving he is overrated shower
bennyq: myers pick it up
bennyq: heppell no good if bombers thrashing
walle: this is flowering depressing :(
mackinaw: go suck ya mums dick torres
Keza41: Watson hasn't moved after being tagged :(
walle: at least I have Dahlhaus...
wadaramus: Well said Tiki50!!!
sainter11: Ryder - let's get that 100 before 3qtr thanks!
bennyq: heppell should still get 70 i reckon
rosty63: Dyson not well i think he has heppeltitus
mpollock: Boyd so not damaging ...
wadaramus: Why is Waatson camped at FF?
go_freo: is heppel on the field?
frenzy: stanton was doing better with the tag FFS
eckert_9: Whos 30 for doggies?
Eagles:(: are you brock mclean mackinaw???
max41: does jetta have a boner?
dean0s: this is looking real bad for bulldogs
Heskey: helps their rotation not having to go to the bench
eckert_9: Heppel flowerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Adamant: Howard is 30
wadaramus: You're obviously not watching the ball max41.
Changeling: campbell goal
Just Clanc: Heppel having a shocker, he's fumbling everything, could possibly be subbed
meziare: Bob goooonnneee!!
bennyq: whitey get a beer in u
dawsy: flower off ryder
Catter1234: Essendon have too many injuries tonight to sub a healthy player. Heppell safe
sainter11: Jobey - av 2nd qtr mate..and lift ryder COME ON
Grommet66: cmon jobe gotta lift mate
wadaramus: Bob is back meziare!!! Not that I care.
mpollock: Go Dempsey ... need big 2nd half from you!
Whitehawk0: Need Boyd to beat Stanton
LazyAs: lift Lake you Pumpkin!!!!!!!!!!!
Sydney14: donuts for lake
mpollock: Lake seems to have drowned!
Grommet66: shower qtr jobe need a big 3rd
shrtlg: A lake full of donuts. What a piece of bath.
LazyAs: drowned in his own jizz
JDolling69: power weak quarter jobe. But your first was good so i will cut you some slack
mpollock: NLM - trade bate perhaps?
Refused: wtf brian harris.. you were on 17 at the 11 minute mark of 1st qtr
TheAnt: I posted on the forums Hibberd is going to make a great D7, 147 BE, going to fall to a straight swap with Bugg
frenzy: want Hirdy to FLICK OFF the Watson SUB switch
bombers 09: Donut for like hasn't scored for the qtr
bombers 09: Give lake the donut m0nty
Sydney14: the Lake is a bit Shallow
Murf2Gibbs: Bombers 09 the word like and lake don't go in same sentence tonight mate
Changeling: lake Fat 0
walle: How is Dahlhaus going in SC?
HotPies123: Is hargrave a keeper?
bennyq: hargrave isnt a keeper
Jormas: Grave hopefully over 85 tonight; but regardless to carrazzo next week.
rosty63: i didnt know hargrave played cricket
Murf2Gibbs: @rosty lol good one
dougie1112: Just indoor rosty63 lmfao
gazz mvp: Heppel and lake you are going to cost me the car
bickies: Stanton socks down going to run all night now.giddy up
Murf2Gibbs: Bob Murphy subbed out
J.Bartel: murphy subbed
dougie1112: Half time is so boring.
eckert_9: heppell easing into it
DirtyDawn: hepps getting into it now
Jormas: need hargrave 60 3QT, Boyd 90, Dempsey tonne?
13Brummy: Heppel +15 in first 3 mins of quarter
LazyAs: hahaha crameri
JDolling69: no heppel, stay down
moot: leroy's got wood
flagdog49: I check again and again, why is lake STILL ON 17.
old_shepp: Lake just got a cheap +3 flagdog - should be happy
FTroopCapt: Great goal Clay
DangerousD: Stanton SC anyone?
walle: nice shehhaprd dahlhaus
J.Bartel: common heppell keep going make work your way up that list
Grommet66: slow down grave and boyd cmon jone need 80 at 3qtr
old_shepp: Stanton 54
walle: cmon dogs 10 in a row :)
CatAttack9: love ya dempsey
adz11: Icicle for Watson
eckert_9: hepell get to 60 this quarter
Crowbot_85: I hate it when Lake has these games. flower me.
dawsy: keep going boyd need 120+
MightyEss: come on heppell, fire up mate, hagrrave go and get some pointless possessions
J.Bartel: lake was going well then lost his confidence when ryder kicked 2 on him. now hes just given up doesnt want the ball
Grommet66: clay smith chopping hurry the flower up jobe
thebigshot: anyone JObes SC?
eckert_9: Hepps +6
LazyAs: ball watson
Whitehawk0: Good Boyd!!
JDolling69: lift jobe
walle: cmon doggies!!!
Daniel_79: become a seagull Stanton!!
Jormas: lift grave, 20 before the break.. Boyd tonne @ 3QT?
MightyEss: keep going heppell, get to 70 by the quarter
smcp: Dempsey is in off the bench this week and doing himself proud! To ton up in Q3!
flagdog49: Here we are again, Still no score change lake? You are DEAD TO ME.
dawsy: ton up by 3qtr Boydy!!
Grommet66: flower off boyd
Crowbot_85: What is Lake actually doing?
J.Bartel: these commentators are absolute flogs
jimmyhird5: wtf wasnt that lakes score in the first qtr haha
Grommet66: jobe you shower cow
Grazz: Onya Boyd
Dt God: watson!
Jormas: courtney have my babies.
dawsy: flower off jobe
13Brummy: jobe might win the brownlow this year... you heard it here first
dean0s: captains goal
J.Bartel: where are you boys going out tonight? gonna smash some googs?
Hazza09: Watttoooooo
walle: send Lake Forward
Hazza09: Flower off picken
spiggs: brummy, its been said before many times
walle: @13brumby - he is one of the clear favourites - siff you call it frst now
HawkTalker: Come on Dickson.
spiggs: is picken retarted?
dawsy: lift boyd
HawkTalker: Well milked, Lake. Now you just have to dive headfirst into about 30 more pairs of boots to ton up
Dt God: how long?
Grazz: Lift boyd your a spud dawsy
CatAttack9: lake looks a bit slow
gazz mvp: Looking at some big scores this game. I have lake and Heppel flower me
Medicate: How the flower did Lake milk that? He copped a knee in the head you spastic!
MightyEss: yeah hurls!
MightyEss: griffin possible injury
DirtyDawn: Is there bad blood between BT and Richo??
CatAttack9: kick to kick with lake, yes please
Crowbot_85: C'mon, I need Lake to breakeven with Hargrave.
MightyEss: @dirtydawn - Brian taylor is just a flowering idiot
mpollock: Ess now leading the quarter ... yep that's as exciting as it gets ...
chadwick: Bin heppell
spiggs: dawn, its called a joke
GJayBee: at dirtydawn, they just love giving each other @#$#
m-ry: i think so dawn
dawsy: ton up boydy by 3qtr
Junktimer: #loveshaunhiggins
Dt God: dempsey tonnes!!!!!!!!!!!!
CatAttack9: dont mind a bit of lake junk
Grazz: BT and Richo going toe to toe
MightyEss: pretty good quarter hepp
bert1: Flower u dempsey power the eff off
GJayBee: i'm going to loose my first bet of the weekend
DirtyDawn: Thanks lads, however if BT thinks he's being amusing, he is unfortunately coming across like a halfwit!!
GJayBee: reply gws, do it for johnny
Jmachete: whats stantons sc guys please?
mpollock: Raise the bat Dempsey!
frenzy: icicle stanton
LazyAs: i need lake to junk it up, JUNK IT UP LAKE u pumpkin
spiggs: maybe a rock icon for fletch m0nty, he has been terrific
rosty63: dirtydawn AKA richo
LazyAs: Dogs are rubbish, not enough effort, McCartney should start dropping muppets
frenzy: feltcher the rock.. LMAO
DirtyDawn: hahaha rosty. Richo gives an amazing reach-around!!!
Jmachete: whats stantons sc guys please
LazyAs: Channel 7 commentary are all spuds, Richo is as enlightening as grass growing
Jmachete: stantons sc please??
rosty63: oohh i know he does
spiggs: you are god jobe
Changeling: watson gun
Jmachete: does anyone know stantons sc?
Kangas2012: lake, your actually getting bent over by hurley
J.Bartel: stantons sc 52
SunsGuns: what wins DT this week lads? 2550????
Jmachete: s s s tannnntons supercoach score please
Changeling: Stanton!!!
Changeling: stanton 76
MightyEss: hargrave, i think it's time to face the axe
mpollock: Stanton missed ...
Crowbot_85: Massive quarter from Watson and Lake please.
chadwick: 2650 dt I reckon. I'm on tack for 2500 with shiel and ellis on ground
bert1: smash out huge one boyd i need it
StAnselm: Give Boyd the gun
J.Bartel: love cross. he is a legend
SunsGuns: yeah probs more like 2650 true. who other than Garry isn't killing it this week!
rosty63: tombstone for the grave
Junktimer: #bigquarterforlakecomingup
maddo: Agreed J Bartel
dtfreak: @chadwick what's your team name?
mpollock: Dogs have least potential list in AFL!
Grazz: Yeh Chad whats the name.
MightyEss: come on heppell. fire up!
rosty63: cross for the grave then
matDTC: I'm on track for 2500 ish too. Teams called Multiple Scorgasms
Grazz: Silence Chad.
Grommet66: connor richo
flagdog49: If lake doesnt BE he can get stuffed.
Grazz: Multiple Scorgasms i trust not Chad.
matDTC: Cheers Grazz. I dont usually boast about my score but I'm pretty stoked
Crowbot_85: Is Hargrave injured?
runt: speechless
eckert_9: hepelllllllllll
DirtyDawn: great kick stants
dtfreak: kyle reimers spud
Grazz: Onya matt.
flagdog49: Scorgasms, Im in your league and your prjected score at the start of this game is like 2224
Jormas: cmon... i'm 2130 with dempsey boyd and graves in play. Need to get to 2200. Can it be done?!
happychapp: hi matdtc
bert1: powergrave is playing on the resting ruck in rider
dawsy: Hargrave junk time pls
pondzo: lake's BE is 42, hes already made it
happychapp: your team is average matDTC
Changeling: yeeaa lakey
frenzy: raise another bat stants
Kangas2012: lake +17 thanks ! oh yeh
west_coast: on 2047 with 4 left sjohnson, montagna,god, zorko chance for no1
matDTC: No its not, dont lie. It says 2524 projected right now
Keza41: guy I'm playing has predicted of 2450 dt with pendles and chappy on the bench :\
matDTC: my teams ranked 254 overall, thats not average at all
MightyEss: you are so shower hargrave.
Grommet66: @matDTC whats your name?
Sweathog73: Multiple Scoregasms. I'm in one of your leagues
theskunk: What's flowering lake doing. get a moving on
matDTC: What league
runt: don't know if Essendon can hang on
matDTC: My name is Matt
CatAttack9: whats lake doing? +17 since 3QT, im happy
gingjok: i'm on track for almost 2500..and i'm only ranked around 8000. I reckon 2600plus will win the week.
Sweathog73: If @matDTC is really multiple scoregasms then the name is Ange. Also won't score 2500!
eckert_9: heppell get to 80-90
Jukes82: lake with some epic junk ball.
happychapp: matDTC you are a very rare bloke
Sweathog73: Your tenth in 739527
Changeling: love you lake
matDTC: maybe there is more than one team with that name. duh
spiggs: lake binning it boss style
Grommet66: nah im vsing a multiple scorgasms and its connor very common dt name
pondzo: all the rucks boosting their score
Jormas: flower hargraves, get the pill. 80 mate, go out with a BANG! (dempsey 130, boyd 130+).
Dt God: dempsey gun stants cherries
griffo66: 2197 2 players to go
Sweathog73: Nope. Fulla shower
thebigshot: Tom Cambell has shown a bit
J.Bartel: 2071. with boyd, heppell, lake playing. and selwood zorko (chapman) goddard to play.
SunsGuns: so is anyone here going to hit 2500DT then?
flagdog49: didnt know you could have multiple team names... prettydumb
HawkTalker: hargrave hasnt had a touch for an hour. He was 40 ahead of Lake at one point. Now passed.
MightyEss: come on heppell, get amongst it you champ
dawsy: flower off lake u junking skank
windigo24: Bin lake.
korza: Lake trash time game of the year
Crowbot_85: Lift Jobe.
bert1: minus 6 stants yes should be
CatAttack9: what kind of SC score are we looking at for the prize? 2600+?
farthers: Atta boy Clay
theskunk: About time lake
thebigshot: whole Ess team junking it..great
matDTC: if you go to search teams on the DT website and you type Multiple Scorgasms, mines the first that comes up
dougie1112: @sunsguns - was hoping until gws game
MightyEss: come on heppell and hargrave, get some mass junk
bert1: power of lake junk wh0reish
spiggs: lift jobe? how bout you do something with your life
Purplewiz: Calm down skunk
SunsGuns: yeah I doubt I will get there.hi 2400s most likely
pangoez: did monty just google "*country* cuisine"? there's no way he just knew what iru was
MightyEss: griffin looks injured
mpollock: Without spoiling compare Ess and Swans score (not margin)
SunsGuns: Go Patty!!!!!! On the move big fella!
Purplewiz:'re back!
Tiki50: @MightyEss I reckon I saw him pull up a bit lame last week
dougie1112: back and well behaved wiz!
push up: they missed a dickson +6
Jormas: 80 hargrave!!!!!
mpollock: Nice pass Dempsey ... played a good game.
Kraz: give lake the traffic cone
Purplewiz: Need another 50 from Stanton to win
runt: Watson is good
rosty63: @mpollock ya took the words ouya my mouth spooky
griffo66: Hirdys a ledgend doing ok in super coach this week
spiggs: m0nty, if hurls has a behind why does he get the targey?
Jormas: Huge late junk hargrave and DEMPSEY
FTroopCapt: Fletcher tons up
Changeling: stantons sc anyone??
gazz mvp: See what happens when you spray lake And Heppel all game they finally lift for me
dougie1112: Can we have an icon for hooker? Maybe a set of suspenders?
S_Coach99: its been a night of smashings
bankrobber: Get lost dah
mpollock: Roughead ... not exactly an impact player (i.e. sub) ...
theskunk: Chose Dickson over the porp this week. Brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!
windigo24: Footy been boring this weekend so far.
bankrobber: Get lost dahlhaus
m0nty: if you kick five goals you can still earn the target with one miss
spiggs: dicks to u skunk
FTroopCapt: Lucky for Adel v Rich this weekend - one competative game
MightyEss: what a tap by paddy! great ruckman
HawkTalker: a night of smashings? Dont forget the hatchet job that the mighty hawks did on the b-losers last night, S-coach
dougie1112: Well done skunk. I traded the porp. Doh.
rosty63: icon 4 hooker red light
mpollock: @windigo24 - Rich v Ade was a great game.
spiggs: thank you for clearing that up
bartyboys: Watson sc anyone?
preki1: thats a bs rule monty
Dt God: monty he is not on target u ***********
dougie1112: @rosty63 love it. Be nice if he matched up on Easton Wood!
windigo24: @Mpollock. Didn't get to see that one unfortunately. :(
FTroopCapt: 5 from 6 would say your on target
gazz mvp: See what happens when you spray lake And Heppel all game they finally lift for me
preki1: take that symbol off hurley goddamnit
gazz mvp: Yep went trelor and smith and Porps on the bench lol
FTroopCapt: & looking at the games 2moz the Crows v Tiges might be the only good 1 for the weekend
bankrobber: Hargrave is dead to me.
JamesMGGee: m0nty, or anyone else... why no SC scores here anymore?
Changeling: Watson again!!! hahah
Crowbot_85: Jobe Watson, you are unbelievable.
kingscotek: Luke Darcy... spud..."better to finish 5th than 4th this year so you don't have to play west coast" Crap!
goodes=god: bankrobber is dead to me.
FTroopCapt: Give Jobe a target too - he doesn't miss
spiggs: watson your sexy
MightyEss: i love you jobe, big brownlow contender.
Jormas: hargrave can get flowered. need another 20 between dempsey, boyd and hargrave before END>
hipnsholda: hargrave i patiently held onto you for the past 3 weeks and this is how you repay. You cow.
OnTheRocks: The book of Jobe has come through for me!
windigo24: Jobe goal. 3.Votes.
bombrblitz: give Watson the Brownlow!
mpollock: Watson best captain in AFL at the moment ... leads from the front!
runt: e.g Watson your sexy boot
OnTheRocks: no arguments here mpollock
Kangas2012: watson or stanton ?
flagdog49: Stanton will steal way too many votes
LazyAs: Spud Sherman up m0nty
bombrblitz: Nice Bombers!
Jormas: 70 atleast harspud...
GJayBee: i have jobe captain in sc, one of my few good moves this weekend
13Brummy: heppell struggles when the dons dominate
Getit2jpod: I'm currently 2050 with Goddard,Hanley,selwood,goldy and zorko to come
jimmyhird5: ill take that tonight
runt: Brown is the best Captain at the moment. He's at home having a few frothies before the big game tomorrow
GJayBee: i almost got sherman in sc after he came in and played two hundred games in a row
OnTheRocks: Man crush on Watson!
Jormas: currently 2250 with Goddard, Jelwood and Zokro to come. on track for a mint 2500+.
gazz mvp: 2157 with grimes Godard And zorko but reckon alot of use have 5 to come