Chat Log: R11, St Kilda 21.18.144 d Gold Coast 7.7.49

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grossn: hahaha Raph Clarke
Dt God: need hayes to beat gazza and milera to beat hall and need goddard to play shower
saints2066: hahaha Raph Clarke
saints2066: clarke will rejuvenate his career playing attacking football where he doesn't have to look sideways first.
saints2066: Like when he dominated under Thomas until he got injured.
Lids4PM: Hopefully Hall has a good game.
Tiki50: R clarke. AFL Superstar
mpollock: Schneider - perfect impact player ... providing he is still up to it of course!
JDolling69: Its Gary time
pmpkinpach: Oh no not raph
pmpkinpach: Raph clarke is the worst player in the AFL. by the way im a saints fan. I know wat every other fan must be going through
pmpkinpach: Pain and Despair
Sydney14: raph clarke to ton up
adz11: who subs
mpollock: Shoey is worse then Raf ... but gee they are both average players!! (Also Dawson)
Rommas: Jaimee Rodgers is looking crisp today
Jormas: Have capt sidey vc ablett. Hope the risk pays off. Ablett to get 105!!
GoLions: Ig gaj can score around 300, then that will be 600 as my captain, and I'll be on track for 2200 SC :)
HotPies123: can crack 1800 if hall and sexton get 180 between them...
strikes91: jones will tag ablett out of the game
soak: would like to see nicky dal get a big 100+
JuddMyBud: Saints 2006 maybe just maybe
darkness: Raph Clarke owned by 789 DT coaches this year !
lkp13: Is it true Zaha out tonight???
strikes91: Is ablett calvins Captain this week ?
prettyboy2: it's Mick Walter's birthday.
Warney: you Dreamteam slut Gram
buddyboyz: kozi already injured
HotPies123: what number is sexton and hall
Sydney14: yes Jones is on Bennell and not ablett
prettyboy2: Zaha plays for Crystal Palace
mackinaw: 100 point first half for ablett?
Warney: yeah early sources say Zaha did his quad at training
HotPies123: what number is sexton?
hoky_90: calvo has cursed ablett
yehright: 4 weeks for zaha
mattybomb2: hall 33 sexton 37 i think
korza: If you want a jumper number click on the name
grossn: My mistake not anymore
HotPies123: will be so happy to see gold coast get up
bert1: sexton number says 0
HotPies123: @korza it says 0 for both names lol
Sydney14: ffs go away riskytelli
korza: What an insult to Lenny having to go head to head with KHunt
Affliction: its no surprise seing clarke either injured or sore
Spitter9: wilfried zaha.. what a beast
bert1: lift gazz and nicky dal
korza: * Sorry for that blame the fat one
Jmachete: ablett not touching it this week due to criticism
Jokulhaups: Schneider has snck onto the field?
bert1: hall to ton up hes on spuddy clarke
layngarys : my opponent in eliminator last week needed 170 from abllet his captain to win last week..robbed
Affliction: Carn Hall make some decent cash today!!
Dt God: lift milera and hayes
adz11: Go the Horse
mpollock: Sexton is number 37
Dt God: was going to get in saad but went milera instead mdt
ProudLion: so last week i put sidebottom C and this week i put ablett captain. FMDT.
Paulie_Boy: Will Goddard be interested today??
igotabig1: adz - Horse scratched this week
JDolling69: @proudlion, you are a spud, never doubt ablett
SeanJohn41: lets go saad
gta007: is there a stream guys?
windigo24: Gaj will flame up by end of QTR.
haooyy: dw about ablett, he'll come good, not even halfway into 1st quarter yet
man0005: yeah gta, on foxtel
korza: Khunt only 1 pt behind GAJ What has this game come too
TheLegend6: put hunt on roo!
windigo24: Liking Sextons work early.
J.Bartel: can anyone confirm that zaharkis is out?
Thorpy: Hall to have a big day on clarke
echotracer: @proudlion - yep, me too! Always the way!
jfitty: Kick a bag today Roo!
layngarys : picked up roo for d.smith this week..happy so far :)
Luke919: love your work riewoldt!
Affliction: you won't find out until 90 min before the game
Fink: Ouch! Radio saying Gaj has landed really awkwardly - expecting a sub off
Affliction: he is on the field @fink
Spitter9: looks like you're getting banned fink
jamin2813: zaharakis calf tear at training, 3-4 weeks
JDolling69: ban fink... false info
grossn: DT says that Raph Clarke > Lenny Hayes
dazzywazzy: Ban fink
luvfooty: @Fink funny i`m watching the game and nothing has been said
hoky_90: ban fink
windigo24: Sexton. ;)
The It_123: good bye fink
korza: Kept the faith with Hall, now pay back time
TheLegend6: clarke goal lol
Sydney14: lol clarke goal
tractorfac: what numbr is sex?
Cleetus: Fink lands awkwardly after ban
jfitty: Hall and Sexton will be my highest scoring forwards at this rate
Fink: I'm still here
Thorpy: Is zaharakis really out ?
windigo24: Woahhh, Sex is on Fire.
n4cr123: What's all these rumors about Zara?
JRedden: milera.. there is no other word to describe you.. awful
Hotel17: Clarke flame!
luvfooty: Lol@Windigo
hoky_90: downgraded horse to sexton this week
Magic33: Milera has an odd face. You could drive a truck between his nose and his mouth.
The It_123: zaha apparently calf tear 3 to 4 weeks, apparently
grossn: Flame up clarke!
jamin2813: apparently zaha is gone for 3-4 weeks???
windigo24: Pretty funny I thought LF. Sexton-3 now.
wolfheart: I hope Caddy doesn't become a bomber next year.
JDolling69: monty, do not flame clarke...
MightyEss: love lenny...
Dt God: yeah hayes
johno69: When your worrying about Simpkin's score it may get ugly.
bert1: lift gazz and nicky dal and odd face milera u spuds
Affliction: Hall!
s.n.a.f.u: raph needs a flaming spud
Paulie_Boy: Goddard not interested.
korza: Hickey could be a good ruck choice he is the only one left
Demons15: if anyone is interested, Lower is playing well for Perth atm v Subiaco
mr gor: ton up hall!
Cleetus: Love your work Annie
bombers 09: who's zaha
MightyEss: clarke and flame should not be used in the same sentence
windigo24: Starting to power down.
The It_123: its going to be hard for lower to get a game with silvagni, suban, duffield and lower all going for 2 spots
bert1: hes in your team bomber ya spud number 11
grossn: Oh My God. Raph. Clarke.
Savant: fire up suns
The It_123: holy shower clarke on top, what is happening
mpollock: Credit where credit is due .. Raph great goal zoning off ...
hano916: cmon raph clarke captain
windigo24: Don't flame Raph....
NewFreoFan: Would love to see how many spuds trade in Raph this week haha
layngarys : raph..pathetic effort at getting brown off dempster
windigo24: Godd finally gets a kick.
Thorpy: Cant believe I downgraded Scotland this week to Raph Clarke it was gutsy move but its paying off!
mackinaw: lol sexton cheers for gettin me hopes up
Jmachete: what is mcqualters live sc?
korza: Rory Thompson should play for Adelaide, just to confuse the commentators
Crowsman: Reiwoldt's and ablett's sc scores??
N.Fyfe: c'mon now, time to flame up Raph! He's almost supermanned this quarter!
MrRsoul: thats an upgrade @ thorpy
Goddard18: gram cape
JDolling69: im putting raph clarke in my second team for showers and gigs
layngarys : donut for day
Thorpy: It is now @MrRsoul
bert1: get a kick gazz and nicky dal flower spuds
coreyy101: Wooo A.Hall with the flame!
GJayBee: @thorpy, genius mate, genius.
MightyEss: would love gazza to smash out a huge one today, 120+ would be nice
mpollock: Blue moon for Raph ...
bombers 09: lol opp has ablett cap
windigo24: Gram cape.
Hevvie: What a boring game of football! I might go watch Glee!
m0nty: It is truly a donut Day.
bert1: at 309 k pricey shower and gigs lol
windigo24: Geez, radio commentators saying that Suns have gone backwards in 2012..
Thorpy: Its just what I do @GJaybee
MightyEss: no offence m0nty, some of these symbols are getting out of hand...
haooyy: at least aaron hall is doing far..
GJayBee: These three rounds should be called, the Krispy kreme rounds.
grossn: LOL this is so funny, if anyone is watching AFL on their phone, it's off-camera commentators, they're hilarious!!!
alexd1996: m0nty you should give everyone on chat a donut just because its the bye rounds
GJayBee: Bluey must wonder, is my contract extension worth the paper it is printed on?
HotPies123: shush with the raph clarke jokes there lame.
whitsy: day is my captain...bad choice ???
GJayBee: Give us donuts Monty!
korza: Ha Ha m0nty just got it Sam Day, Donut Day
GJayBee: who doesn't have a donut? Who here among us is not donut eater? We deserve an icon!
HotPies123: type 1 if you want a donut next to your name..
windigo24: Start of 2nd.
kungfusim: I agree MightyEss, the symbols are just a circus show now. I liked FF when it was simple and not a cartoon
Savant: 2nd year blues, the suns will be fine
Luke919: i feel like a donut now
haooyy: lol
JuddMyBud: Here come the donuts
jballstars: woot
kingscotek: woo hoo donuts!
GJayBee: hahahahahah strawberry!
whitsy: gold m0nty
MrRsoul: no thats a good choice whitsy, you ar e a dreamteam beast
Smoke Dogg: Monty u have given every player a symbol pretty much when will Milne get his Rat symbol?
dazzywazzy: love it monty
hipnsholda: lets go GAJ
greenvest: yum
DTFanatic: hehe i want one
Jormas: yolo
korza: Free Krispys for everyone
kungfusim: Eliminator and H2H rounds should be postponed while 6 teams are out. Ruins the competitive nature of the game.
tractorfac: mmm donuts
JuddMyBud: Mr project is now 1771 thanks andi and tigers
jd985: cloudy with a chance of donuts!
DTFanatic: i like Milne tbh
Jawdan: lool
gursh10: why are we all donuts?
haooyy: donut heaven!
Wends: wait i just want to quickly grab an international roast to go with my doughnut
GJayBee: It would be great if the icons were larger and you could have a rat on top of a rubish heap for tippy. go tip hahahahah
Demons15: brilliant m0nty
slip: lift yyyyaaaaaaabbbblllleeeetttt
reggie10: oh the irony of m0nty handing out donuts
alexd1996: yeah boy my idea
snoop1: Why the flower aren't the stupid flowering commentators actually commentating
windigo24: Goddard holding ball.
HotPies123: gold monty!
tractorfac: lift goddard
haooyy: here comes gaz to save the day!
JuddMyBud: Yes go ablett and Joey
Nigey95: Raph's beating GAJ in Supercoach points
s.n.a.f.u: oh the pain
alexd1996: brilliant idea by me hey guys
MightyEss: because m0nty likes donuts
GJayBee: spewing i didn't get stanley in the forward line, i was toying with it. legend back last year.
windigo24: +1 Snoop. Rubbishing GC.
GoLions: claaaassic
mpollock: Ablett 8 touches ... how many to the record?? hehe
hawks78: Mmmm donuts
JuddMurphy: *drools* mmm, donuts
Joe B: Commentators don't know who Danny Stanley of their best players last year...joke.
NewFreoFan: my SC projected is 1863, but that includes 338 of pendles/shaw/zaha hahahaha. calamity
hipnsholda: why no donut for snafu?
GJayBee: @alex, it's a great idea. that's what's so sad about it hahahahahah
windigo24: Hall goals.
mr gor: hally!
tractorfac: suns could win this
JuddMyBud: Holy crap gc 2 in a min
HotPies123: hall!
Smoke Dogg: love ya work Hall keep getting ur hands on it
luvfooty: Yes great goal Hall
layngarys : aaron hall you beauty!!
Sydney14: do something NDS FFS
GJayBee: @Joe B, that is a huge joke! even worse than the one where I can only watch one game of footy today!!!!!!!!
cfbgoespop: I logged in just to get my donut...#eaglesdunkindonutsfan
slip: why hasnt hall been getting a game earlier
m0nty: you don't get an icon if your user name is all caps
snoop1: Yep. Paul Roos could talk the Hind legs off a donkey
Warney: get fitter NDS and lose those tags
Nigey95: opponent has hall...this isn't happening. :(
JDolling69: nomomom
GJayBee: I got Del Santo in this week. Pity me.
Paulie_Boy: Mmmm Donut.
reggie10: flower up m0nty
windigo24: Wow, Stanley.
Scotty1: Can I have a choc one
absof_86: the saints are shower
meka100: Clarke 41, probably his highest score ever
HotPies123: what number is sexton?
n4cr123: What time are final teams named fr tonight's game ?
bombrblitz: cmon Goddard
JuddMyBud: Dal santo has been struggling with a tag in recent times
StAnselm: Why do people spell it donut rather than doughnut?
TheLegend6: hahaha donuts
Jmachete: this holding the ball rule needs to be retaught to the umpires!
JuddMyBud: Milera goal
pricey: Dal Santo u piece of shower
alexd1996: sexton 37
Luke919: why did I bring in NDS into my SC? With 5 0's, do you reckon I'll move out of the top 1000?
JRedden: well done hall, i might consider starting you over treloar, see how you go today
bombrblitz: HAHA I don't have a Doughnut!
mr gor: "i don't care what the rules of the game are, but that has to be holding the ball".....??
masterhc2: lets go gaj and bj
BoredSaint: It's a wet ground so NDS will struggle :(
hawks78: Anyone know if Monday's team r finalised?
MightyEss: goddard so mediocre
NewFreoFan: america's fault StAnselm
Natedog6: Milera!
Paulie_Boy: Donut 4 me.
Wends: AmericaniSation StAns
s.n.a.f.u: lets go gary
Cleetus: Milera flame up why not
JuddMyBud: Go Montagna don't stop
mpollock: At least Sam Day is joining in the fun!!
The It_123: cmon sexton at least 50 today
luvfooty: Yes final teams for Monday are on the afl site
lkp13: anyone heard any more on zaha?
Munza: What numer is sexton?
GlinnMgraw: Biggest question is whether Sam Day plays fantasy footy.
strikes91: day is horrible
CeccHy23: y donuts!!!!
hipnsholda: cmon gazza, spark it up
layngarys : two consecutive tackles for roo
CeccHy23: hey were all doing a sam day!!
reggie10: jewish
Adamant: wtf sexton
dancasta: what happened to zaha is he playing?
alexd1996: @CeccHy23 cos of the bye rounds and everyone getting donuts
BoredSaint: Where are all the Ralph Clarke haters now??
JuddMyBud: Does sam day have shares in Krispy Kreme
Jormas: Lift GOD, Hayes you plows!!
StAnselm: What is Ablett doing?
JWatson4: sexton is 37
JuddMyBud: Wasn't sexton on 17 at 10 min mark
MrRsoul: @stikes91... Dont know what day it is????
NewFreoFan: Right here BoredSaint, Raph Clarke hater right here
Nigey95: sam day was pick 3 in 2010. big gap between swallow and bennell and him...
JuddMurphy: -3 for Ablett, loving it
Natedog6: All of a sudden milera flames
strikes91: Saturday Evening
hipnsholda: +10 go milera you little bewdy
DaneSwanCo: hey! missed a +4 for GAJ
HarleyL: @BoredSaint still shower!
deco: do less dal santo. its not like your my captain or anything ffs
buddyboyz: lift gaj
JuddMyBud: C'mon gaj please
windigo24: Sexton +6. But a turnover.
slip: ablett isnt tagged out of the game he just not interested in getting the ball
KraKBabY: mmm, Donuts.
Wends: Milera already on his BE - but who to trade for, that's the qu.
tractorfac: needs goddard to beat hayes ffs
JuddMyBud: Lol @ deco were all going shot this round c'mon capt gaj
Hydra911: Stay down GAJ...Opponent has him captain and I had Selwood :)
Natedog6: Why would ahyone have NDS over all the other mids...
JuddMyBud: @nate cause he's cheap
bert1: nom nom nom
GJayBee: nick del santo. i traded in nick del santo. i have serious problems that i have to work out psychologically.
DTFanatic: my opp has stanton captain :(
dazzywazzy: ablett moved to HFF, couple of goals before halfy would be handy
alexd1996: nom nom donuts
JuddMurphy: stay down GAJ, i want you after the byes
tractorfac: lift goodard u spud
MLSs: so not only am i copping donuts, im also getting scores from players actually playing
HotPies123: relax whole dreamteam world has gazza captain
JuddMyBud: Wtf gaj rookies are beating you come on
Jormas: bootiful Hayes. 13 more, God 20 more, Hall 15?
Paulie_Boy: GIve Ablett the icicle
GJayBee: I have stanton captain this week, don't worry! he is SURE to fail.
Scotty1: Gaza -1 in 13 min sc
bombrblitz: Dal Santo and Goddard NoT Interested
Natedog6: @judd my bud so was hayes?
Joe B: No tag and Ablett nowhere to be seen...
Spitter9: come on gazza, lift mate
kartik: can day get a double donut?
mpollock: Lift Ablett you twitter tossa spud ass!!
gazz mvp: Swan capt over GAZZ liking it so far
JuddMyBud: @gkay bee were all going to have physiologically after this round
windigo24: Sexton soccered kick for 3.
GJayBee: wow! +4 delsanto! settle down son!!!!!
MightyEss: love hayes bouncing back.
JuddMyBud: @ Nate dogg true Ii donthaveeither though I upgrade to good price premiums
Jormas: lol calvins captains SPUD up again :D
windigo24: GAJ playing Full Forward.
Jmachete: can someone please tell me mcqualters sc
Dt God: opp has gazza capt
crows=GUN: his names dal santo
Far Canal: Go Lenny - what a champ!
timmybutts: lift ablett!!!!!
bert1: flower lift gazz and dns spuds
mpollock: God i hate having players in my team i actually hate .. i.e Ablett, J.Selwood
korza: Swan wont play...
MrRsoul: @JUddmy whatever? What the hell is that? lol
GJayBee: next year when i pick my team i will think 'pick your team, then get rid of it, because your an idiot. then pick a new 1
JuddMurphy: once again, Gold Coast playing better without GAJ doing anything
GJayBee: @mpollock i hate them to hahahaha
bobby_vee: Forgot to change the C off Jelwood to Ablett this week, boy am I glad!!!
Ace Manuva: my eliminator opponent has GAJ captain... I'd have a decent shot at winning if I didn't also
Natedog6: @Juddmy bud i have Stants gaz boydy and shuey as my gun mids, Good idea?
Luke919: NDS SC score anyone?
JuddMyBud: @mr Rosul I'm on the bloody I pad and it stuffs my spellingall the time
grossn: Touch the ball please saad.
MLSs: where is the bald one??
GJayBee: @bobby_vee, love it mate! one of life's simple pleasures!
JRedden: gotta love calvs DT pick 2 weeks in a row, sidebottom last week and gaz this week
JuddMyBud: Sounds good Nate dogg
Dadmax: Where is the first quarter su ??
MrRsoul: No worries @Judd, I enjoy your ideas
The It_123: sidebottom to get 188 this week just for calvin
korza: If you score 2,000 this week your a flowering cheat
GJayBee: dal santo, del santy, i don't care, just rack em' up you nude model!!!!!
Saint Al: Well Done Roo 500 Goals! Star!
JuddMyBud: Calvin going on common sense and past records nothin fault if the players flower up
Joe B: I predicted this shower from Ablett...still picked him up this week though...
Wends: 500 goals Nroo
JuddMyBud: * not his fault
Jormas: NDS goal
crows=GUN: i agree it should be impossible to get 2,000
HotPies123: weekly prize 2100? next week will have a shot! only one donut
Jormas: have sidey capt :D, hopefully 140?! O.o
masterhc2: @natedog have you had shuey from the start? i have he's been a very good smokie
JuddMyBud: @gjay bee wtf nude model
Scotty1: Not if u pick a new team
pondzo: coniglio out for a month FMDT
igotabig1: ABLETT will still ton up stop stressing ladies
GJayBee: hot pies! nice work mate
korza: This is a silent protest by GAJ. Political plow...
GJayBee: @juddmybud, remember del santo had that nude photo, that's why i was teasing him man
JuddMyBud: I think ablett fell asleep
Cleetus: And how did you end up with Sidey captain Jormas?
kartik: typical volt, a bully against sh%t teams but useless when it counts
windigo24: GAJ get's a kick....Turnover.
GJayBee: del santo, do it for johnny
darkness: Thanks to all those pr*cks calling GAJ selfish for his 53 pos last week , payback from GAJ !
JuddMyBud: Oh yeah gjay bee sorry I forgot what a wanka
coyote69: Calvin is the new Lou Richards "kiss of death" lol showing my age
mpollock: @igotabig1 - he won't ton up if he is playing full forward and the ball is not there!
The It_123: get to 50 hall 35 GAJ and 35 sexton
MightyEss: i always manage to pick the wrong captain.
Saint Al: @ Kartik- Riewoldt has been a star his whole career you knob
windigo24: GAJ been turning it over a lot tonight. No help from his other mids.
igotabig1: mpollock - he will ton up this game
GJayBee: @juddmybud, all good mate, i'm here for laughs!
JuddMyBud: C'mon bj you should be domiNating
CeccHy23: saaaaaaaaddddd
Wends: So true coyote...heh.
Sunday2810: Calvin is a spud...just states the obvious each week
masterhc2: here comes gaj
alexd1996: can this week get any showerer for me
JuddMyBud: Did anyone get Elliott from pies this week
Jormas: good hayes. move goddard and Hall another 25 between you last 5 mins!
windigo24: GAJ another +3. Turnover again. ;(
bert1: gazz 27 sc wot a spud 2day come on baldy
GJayBee: i got marley williams, like the fool i am hahahahah
grossn: I was going to get elliott but i didnt feel like it
dingo23: i got elliot why
windigo24: C.Brown subbed.
JuddMyBud: Brown subbed off no shower SEN
buddyboyz: brown subbed
JuddMyBud: @dingo me too justlet you know he kept his spot 😃😃
igotabig1: sub already beating sam day
JuddMyBud: Williams kept his spot as well
JuddMurphy: Sam Day for the double donuts? Is he even out there?
masterhc2: i got williamz too as long as he plays round 13 i'm happy
dingo23: cool i was worried he being on extended bench
el tiger: Dont worry about GAJ mateys, he's an absolute gun!!!!
HotPies123: LMAO! at ahmeds saad run up
nostrdamus: l'm glad l stuck with Hall so far
Warney: Sam Day got the two extra cinnamon donut deal at donut king
bert1: amend is happy
JuddMyBud: I think sam day is glued to the bench
windigo24: Williams is playing. Only need him for two weeks.
JuddMyBud: This sure isn't SAMs day
dingo23: williams not as good
grumpy_ass: sexton please lift
LeFtBehinD: Why brown subbed? lol
JuddMyBud: Lol @ Warney
masterhc2: buy 1 get 1 free for day
tractorfac: ffs godard
alekstah: lift sexton!
Luke919: NDS why did I ever doubt you?
Sydney14: thank you for finally lifting NDS
JuddMyBud: Saints in complete control now
dingo23: is that dt talk warney
frenzy: how does c.brown get a game, he is shight !
Jormas: thanks for nothing GODspud and HAll...
grumpy_ass: come on hall psh push push
mr gor: give Day the spud, the magnifying glass, the muppett, the crab, and the mare
Sydney14: what does everyone think Sam Day will finish on???
Jormas: day x2 donuts :DD
Luke919: double donuts for Day!
grossn: Poor day lol
Hassoubi: No it's Shane Warne. lol
ImSoHood: Day struggling to come to terms with Gwilt's 'do
luvfooty: @Jormas you spud Hall is doing fine plus he is only a rookie
deco: sam day 0 sc
mpollock: I hate the bye's ... they suck!!
Daniel_79: Godd dud! his DT days are over!
MrRsoul: Day will ton up! he`ll be fresh and wont be hungry after his meal of doeys
haooyy: what a terrible Day..
Adamant: @Jormas - Hall is on track for 80...thats awesome for a rookie
luvfooty: *Jormspud
MightyEss: yay sexton, plus for at half time?
alexd1996: give day the 2 donuts
JuddMurphy: Matt Shaw has played 5 minutes and scored more than Day...
grumpy_ass: the gold coast are going backwards. GWS are better
Cleetus: So sick of you Jormas
Ledgenads4: no joke i hav sam day on my pitch
Tiki50: jormas i never satisfied. with anything.
masterhc2: you spuds never learn. you were abusing goddard last week, got 90. he will junk up 80+ calm down
1Week: i'd love to see what dt comes up with if we have 6 bye rounds next yr
MLSs: bring back 3 bench players
masterhc2: jormas always has something in 1 of his 20 teams to complain about
Hadouken: had a feeling ablett would struggle. still put the C on him though. derp.
JuddMyBud: Ablett 38 sc
Daniel_79: @ masterhc2: lol lol lol junking it to 80 odd, nice one when used to get 100 before junk time.
luvfooty: * Spudmas
Tiki50: is that what it is? what a hack
J.Bartel: if they keep changing the game there wont be a dreamteam. imagine if kb got his 8 player bench. just leave it how it was
MrRsoul: Anyone want to bet GAJ wont ton up?
JuddMyBud: Yes he will Rosul
supervery: what a heinous round, all the big guns are struggling. i dread to think what will be a par score this week
DTgunman: pendles_10 if you are here Suck me off. Raph Clarke is an amazing player
MrRsoul: Mind you! betting can be harmful :)
bert1: my guess gazz will get about 88sc being a spud 2day
llcool: gaz scoach?>
JuddMyBud: @ j Bartel thanks for the back breaking goallast night
HotPies123: seriously par score 1600..
PiesGOGOGO: Raph Clarke is a D grader at best
Thorpy: Im hoping 1600 is a par score this week I had 5 donuts on field so can't complain
ImSoHood: Isn't getting UNDER par meant to be good, in the actual game the terminology was invented
JuddMyBud: @ rosuli know the feeling itcan
bert1: its rendon roberts week
scoregasms: par score 1000 the rate im goin
masterhc2: bj you jet
Far Canal: Go Goddard, still racking up points!
korza: I'm giving one of our moderators a hiding this rd. Sorry Ossie
ImSoHood: Goddard just laid a tackle in the change rooms, he's pumped
Hassoubi: Goddard just tackled someone in the change rooms! +4
Thorpy: If Hall can get 80 and Goddard get 90+ ill be happy in fact even if Hall gets 60 ill be happy
JuddMyBud: Guy McKenna Needs to get laid
MrRsoul: they just added 4 to goddard, must have tackled someone in the rooms
JuddMyBud: Lol @ hassoubi
ImSoHood: Who's Rendon Roberts
masterhc2: how did day avoid the vest...
MrRsoul: or maybe he got his tackle out in the rooms
korza: * Relton
JuddMyBud: I'm so hood I think they meant relton
bert1: played for richmond few yaers back remember him? renton
hanyi22: yum donuts
ImSoHood: I thought Rendon must have been someone who was really bad at DT
JuddMyBud: @bert it's relton you tool
MightyEss: how long till start of the quarter?
korza: ahMEDSaad Check out the Capital letters...So i'm bored
Scotty1: Berts IQ lower than Relton DT scores
bert1: so sorry ya spud
halfacow: #team Kripsy Kremes
HotPies123: what was so funny bout relton roberts?
JuddMyBud: @bert lol
ImSoHood: Blake proving any n00b chasing the ball, raking up pointless hit outs can flame up
cooky273: brennan to get 76 dt PNG
JuddMyBud: Lol @scotty
Spiv: I've obviously missed something, why is there pink donuts next to everyone's name?
korza: juSTINKoschitzke true this one
m0nty: it's the Day of the donut
cooky273: monty herald sun live ran out so you cant get live sc scores?
frenzy: tape has milne's measure- tape measure !
MightyQuin: GAG only 38 sc halftime
JuddMyBud: Something tells me ablett will have acape at 3qr
luvfooty: Lol@Korza
1Week: i've got no donuts this week if no late withdrawals
Spiv: Ha ha, cheers. You're not wrong, i'm looking at just 13 players available this week... : (
9294eagles: the one week i dont have gablett as capt he smashes 155 and then dishes this rubbish the next week
HappyDEZ: went & had a punt on the gee gees today. Anyway, cut a long story short. Spaghetti on toast
keenasabea: coz its donut day der
MightyEss: juddmybud he better...
masterhc2: what about in 1WEEKs time
keenasabea: gaj is a champ
JuddMyBud: @happy dez lol what's the gee gees horses?
1Week: waters only donut next week hopefully
HappyDEZ: yep
afldt2012: horsley sub
1Week: then 2 donuts r 13 can't avoid it
korza: @ Judd did you get the 3 votes last night
frenzy: @JUDDMYDUDD is clearly on something?
JuddMyBud: Lol happy dez I can't stop laughing I gamble as well don't worry I understand I know the stories etc
JuddMyBud: @korza no j selwood was too goodbut I will still pinch 2 on brio low night somehow
JuddMyBud: I'm not Judd my dud
korza: Risky and Tan need to retire
JuddMyBud: @ korzawho the hellis tan?
coondambo: Raph Clarke on a higher score than gaj.. jesus
korza: *Brown
masterhc2: iknow coondambo what is the world coming to
GoWellsy!: ahmad saad making me very happy
MightyEss: come on ablett 50+ quarter?
Grasscutta: Okay Gaj you given the kids a shot now it's your turn
strikes91: nice supercoach scores, will you get sued ?
korza: I'm ROFL at my self, 1 too many.
FTroopCapt: That a boy Lenny!!!
JuddMyBud: Oh yeah browns not that good
JuddMyBud: Lol @ korza
Crowsman: How can we get SC scores??
dawsy: Im hungry for donuts
JuddMyBud: Sc scores wtf is going on in this placeb
MightyEss: nice sexton and hall
ImSoHood: Both Hunt and Sexton overtaking gaj. Eeek
Slashers: I like SC but geez they are a bunch of pr1cks!
korza: That KHunt is out scoring GAJ, wtf...
nostrdamus: @dawsy, l've got heaps mate, can share a few if u want
Warney: let's get a sexy ton
leondavis1: those sc scores are incorrect go on the heraldsun website to get the proper sc scores
Dt God: go hayes
buddyboyz: is ablett even alive?
hipnsholda: honestly, i give up. DT can go suck balls
Hassoubi: Every time this site refreshes GAJ gets closer to the bottom!
snoop1: Brown possible knee. Oh well at least a better player will get a game now
Slashers: Greedy pr1cks!
Rommas: Ablett looks totally disinterested, will barely get 70
luvfooty: Fox footy afl match centre has the halftime SC scores
Scotty1: SC scores are from 1/4 time
Redlegs: I avoided the donut this chat session...phew
Dt God: yes ablett stay on 34
mr gor: is ablett dead?? havent even seen him on screen
FTroopCapt: This is going to get ugly - nice % coming for the Saints
The It_123: cmon hall lift
mpollock: I thought SC during game scores were banned ... (even if way off live) ... now gone again??
layngarys : metricon is too small for abblet to seagull around and make space
Guitarded: hey monty
strikes91: monty ban yourself for posting sc scores
GJayBee: Thanks Calvin! Not only are you funny, but my opponent has GAJ captain!
GoWellsy!: ablett is not a seagull you twit
Munza: zaharakis is OUT for Essendon Quad inj
Warney: NDS scoring nicely now
jballstars: ablett not interested this week at all
JDolling69: GC struggle when Ablett doesnt try
MightyEss: if ablett gets beaten by warnock...seriously...
GoWellsy!: thats bad news munza
Guitarded: does the news snippets box above the chat work on iphones??
DoctorRush: @Munza: Source??
GJayBee: GAJ playing coach is killing GC. Who wants to listen to him?
JuddMyBud: Suns have actually gone backwards this year I hope mckenna likes grey hair
Grasscutta: I think Gaj is trying prove a point
mpollock: GC are crap with or without Ablett ...
el tiger: Thats what happens when your best player doesent get involved - journos are dum where we cum from
korza: Smoko when i come back GAJ will be on 50
coondambo: as if this week wasn't bad enough already, now all the players we have are doing shower
buddyboyz: @Munza where did u here that from?
Slashers: What the flower is this shower GAJ? For crying out loud...
luvfooty: Yep Zaha is confirmed out on the Bombers website
GoWellsy!: need some more sausage rolls saady
Munza: on twitter should be on soon
FTroopCapt: GAJ getting beaten by Warnock is like Richmond loosing to Freo - shouldn't never happen but for some reason does
GoWellsy!: actually when GAJ was out the suns were looking good
JRedden: bahaha ppl who have gazza
Jormas: are you joking? Zaha out? PLOWW
luvfooty: Lovett-Murray in Myers the sub
rider: Could Brown beat GAJ?
The It_123: cmon hall and sexton lift it boys
greenvest: is gaj playing ff?
GoWellsy!: seb tape about to overtake him this is now scary
hawks_12: whats riewoldts sc score anyone?
JRedden: gonna get a league win with like 1700 hahahha
masterhc2: ffs zaha out gaj captain and sandi lucky to get 1500 this week
FTroopCapt: Yep - just checked the Bomber website... confirmed
Loose: Seriously get a move on GAJ
Grasscutta: Gaj don't punish is just because malthouse is a flowerwit
Sunday2810: @JRedden yeah bet u were saying that last week ya spud
JDolling69: @JRedden, so, abletts score last week doesnt matter? im not sad i ahve him
GoWellsy!: looks like karmichael is going to cop the tag from other teams, taken over the #1 midfielder
MightyEss: move hayes, hall and sexton. Ablett, i have given up on you
CamT: Put Pendles in last week and GAJ in this week :(
JRedden: nah jdolling it does matter, but im glad ppl will realise he wont get that every week
DoctorRush: Riewoldt 95
coondambo: ablett's making a point
JRedden: it didnt bother me really, i still got 2200 without ablett? plenty of premiums to cover that
redwallis: Can someone tell Paul Roo that it's Jack Steven not Jack Stevens
Slashers: Points made!
layngarys : the reason why abbleltt got 190 last week was because he played on thomas who plays like he has no opponent
FTroopCapt: Would be wrapped if Aaraon Hall could outscore GAJ
Ledgenads4: cmon day
korza: That's it GAJ your a gonna 11pm Monday night
Mithrandir: @coondambo - I think you're right
Saint Al: gazza tackle!!!
GoWellsy!: paul roos hasnt got the slightest interest in any player who doesnt play for the swans, most bias person out
masterhc2: donuts0 for gaj this qtr? surely not
hoky_90: redwallis. who cares?
Sunday2810: haha would have got 2400 with me. big leagues buddy
DangerousD: Is Gaj even at the ground?
MeetNova: Ablett is
Bunta: The people in the press are big mouthed flowerwits
Cruise on: Ablett probably having more influence on the game than last week. Doesn't help my SC Captain though.
peto: zaharakis late out
Dt God: wtf lenny u hav stopped
el tiger: ok GAJ youve made your point!
Dazza87: not going hang ish on GAJ but seriously, wtf???
MeetNova: Ablett is punishing me for not having him capt last week
Nick1069: if anyone trades gaz after this one game that would be insane. still the best in the game.
The It_123: cmon hall and sexton lift it boys get to 60
JRedden: sunday2818 ok so you beat me 1 week cos he got a high score? how about this week ill dominate you
preki1: yeah gaj is on the ground not giving a stuff
GJayBee: I feel for Saad, what a champion. Has played hard. Must have some facial fractures. A real shame.
mr gor: ablett you little bald cowhero
grossn: Saad gonna get subbed, you did well for me today!
masterhc2: gaj+4!
Slashers: Grow up GAJ! FFS your behaving like Jack Riewoldt..
luvfooty: Saad getting stretchered off
redwallis: Hoky me because Paul Roo is the most arrogant overpaid flog in the media
Sunday2810: unlikely mate...even with gaz as capt i'm on track for 2000
morrowind: Gee that Caddy is ruinign opp. players
bert1: saad is now sad
DoctorRush: I hope the tossers in the media get it now. If Ablett getting 50touches doesnt help then ur brain flowered
HappyDEZ: Does Demetriou have a problem here? Or just more time needed?
GJayBee: GAJ can't help it that he is very, very strange. Even stranger than me, who hangs out in places like this.
Sunday2810: ablett is doing what he has been told to...let the kids have a run with it
JuddMyBud: What happened to saad
CamT: I reversed by changes for the week and it put the "C" back on Pendles. I had a win
shueperman: wtf !!!! gazza u baldhead mongrel , whats happened to gazza ffs
GJayBee: @sunday, i recon' you are right mate. he was told to hold back and be more outside for a week. can't hurt haha they suck
MightyEss: @camt vice?
FTroopCapt: Demetriou has lots of problems.... GC could add to that but only time will tell
Jormas: 3 donuts + zaha.. fmdt - probs 700/10 after this, with redden and 11 prems to come+ sidey captt.
Grasscutta: I bet Gaj tons up
Nick1069: gaz you're not helping the team by doing this. lift ffs!
luvfooty: FFS Malceski is the sub for Sydney
Saint Al: Gazza will get 50 possies next week
bert1: gazz should be told to lead by getting heaps of the ball to bring his team mates in the game
JuddMyBud: Aqblett38 really I'm writing this whole year off give itanothercrack next year
gocatsgo: Sunday2810 if you're on for 2000 now you'll get a hiding next week and the next or no trades after round 13
9294eagles: never puttin ablett capt again disgraceful of all the weeks
GoWellsy!: ill put a hundred on that grasscutta
GJayBee: If GAJ could ton from here, it would be like his invisible friend is real! (god i mean)
FTroopCapt: Couldn't believe Demetriou said on MMM about Round 1 next year - hadn't thought about giving Cric Vic Etihad for the MCG
Sunday2810: well coz of the media scrutiny he received for having 53 and absolutely no impact on the score...he had to try somehting
CamT: I'll have 8 donuts next week. Even if GAJ has a blinder I'll be stuffed.
JuddMyBud: Malceski the sub more good news for fantasy this week
bombrblitz: oh shower Zaharakis out
Slashers: If I was eski I would find another club to play for
MightyEss: 1800 will be par score this week i tink
Nikenatik: got the "C" on riewoldt. c'mon m8, another 4 goals would be great!!
Sunday2810: 12 trades left 10 out next week 11 the week after...should be ok to cover with a couple of trades
flytilidie: even one of the best players of all time has a bad day...
frenzy: this has been the worst SC/DT season on record for me
shueperman: did'nt gazza have all his weetbix today ffs ???
GoWellsy!: has lenny run out of batteries? get involved mate
CamT: Sydney's Kennedy is my VC
greenvest: does anyone know if there is any outs for the bombers?
Grasscutta: You just never know with GAJ
Dt God: wtf lenny
meka100: The one bye week which I will get multiple players missing, GAJ is scoring less than Sex, you condom head spud
FTroopCapt: Zaka & Mal is the sub for Syd :(
JuddMyBud: Afl should rename this round horror round
Sunday2810: its super obvious about gaz...he's not even around the contests...which is where gazze gets 90% of his poss
The It_123: cmon hall and sexton lift
Torz: Wow, Zaka out as well. Just what I needed.
1Week: zahar out
Grasscutta: I can't see the game is GAJ trying today?
MightyEss: lenny stopped? what.
t_hawk: is saad alright?
Hassoubi: Ablett will show the world why he needs to be the go to man for this team. He'll rack up 50 points in the last qtr!
GoWellsy!: i have 6 floweren premo mids yet every week one does showerhouse or doesnt play, this week its both. pendles and GAJ(C)
FTroopCapt: Lenny plays well when the game is up for grabs.... Doesn't worry about junk time
PiesGOGOGO: what happened to Saad? CBF watching this game
Luke919: raph clarke for magnifying glass
Sunday2810: @grasscutta...not really...i think its the equivalent of personal tanking
shueperman: gazza you horrible little man , i hate you !!!.... you mongrel ffs
grossn: it's funny cos even with 12 disposals, GAJ still averaging 30+ in 2 weeks
mr gor: man GCS suck balls
JuddMyBud: Same here Wallsy here's my inj shaw Scotty Macintosh sandi pendles
Warney: come on NDS massive junk
meka100: I think that GCS have bought the bullshower that they play better when GAJ does not play, I have not spotted his all game
Sunday2810: i'b be happy if sexton and hall get 65-70...v happy
grumpy_ass: the gold coast are a joke. ablett has obviously been told off for hogging the ball.
buddyboyz: my dt could not get any more worse this week
Grasscutta: My backline sucks balls Goddard shaw hargrave birch Ellis Enright flower it
Bunta: According to some Fwits in the press if you get the ball your not helping your team?
Warney: actually my mistake. NDS doesn't have a massive junk
Mithrandir: Rischitelli's season has been a disgrace
The It_123: lift hall and sexton
Dt God: proberbly goin to beat dr dream team
qwerty15: ablett u little sook flowering get the ball
FTroopCapt: @GoWllsy - unlucky - I have only Lenny & Jobe.... Was trying to tank Round 11 to win 12 & 13 but could steal this week
HappyDEZ: Cmon Terry make some $
Nikenatik: sharing the limelight with kozzy.....onya riewoldt - good team work
JuddMyBud: I think so grumpy ass somehow suns. Crumbled under media pressure
masterhc2: gaj +2
alexd1996: rischitelli becoming a tagger has flowered him
GoWellsy!: flower this, before the game is better than watching some shower cows play like the suns
Cruise on: K.Hunt not only earns more than Ablett but gets more posessions. Wonders will never cease.
Saint Al: Gazz +2 you beauty!!!
JuddMyBud: Ablett touch yay FFS
coondambo: ok ablett you've proven your point now get the flowering ball
Jormas: 650/10 w/ God, Hayes, GAj and Hall in this game. Will take 750. can i get there?
Sunday2810: i think the real talking point is how guy McKenna will be out of a job next week
mr gor: danny flowering stanley
Grasscutta: Gaj you are losing a lot of respect why oh why
Jormas: how long is zaha?
Tiki50: cool story jormas
Mithrandir: Rischitelli is a very good mid - wasted as a tagger
coondambo: I believe goddard
coondambo: I believe goddards bullshower deserves some attention too
Hassoubi: He's about 1.8m long Jormas! hahahahaha
grumpy_ass: i mean yes its their second year but they are showing NO improvement what so ever. Going backwards
frenzy: I am tanking round 12, but soooo many players going down this week FFS
Bunta: Abletts not allowed to get the ball, he will be critized for not helping the team
masterhc2: gws are so mich better and more competitive than gc itz ridiculous
Warney: Got Ablett (C). Dont give a flower.
Tiki50: i think Risch just doesn't get the same role, w/ all the young kids coming thru
Grasscutta: Full respect for McKenna when he played but he's a showere coach
JuddMyBud: @ jormas ask his girlfriend
Sunday2810: @grumpy...agree totally. guy has not been able to develop the team whatsoever
strauchy: its funny how ppl get so happy when he gets +2 do you realise hes only on 40?
Slashers: GC suck. GWS shower on them this year.
Grasscutta: I'm off to have a shower shower shave
masterhc2: lol strauchy its a joke. we're happy he's getting any points at all
grossn: 3 handballs to gaj
Sunday2810: they bought the wrong players in their inaugural year (wteo Gaz) i mean comon...brennan, risk, brown??? pathetic
coondambo: there's a lot of flower's on here tonight
JuddMyBud: Gws way better thangcs I agree
CamT: GWS have about 12 good young players GC about 4. GC are like Melbourne; talent destroyers
greenvest: i would rather have GAJ as capt than NDS small pennis
The Bomber: LOL Grass doesn't work with the filter...
coondambo: ablett 75 points final quarter
Hassoubi: Gee, how much more competitive are GC when Ablett doesn't get the ball! NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!
Grasscutta: Okay Gaz ha ha the jokes on us now play properly
Mithrandir: Hawks weren't upset to see Brown go - did not fit with the style of play
diazm89: gaz 52 sc
Hodgeey: need any scores?
dane swine: ablett what the flower
Slashers: GAJ on a +2 rampage
thirstyman: greenvest +1
Natedog6: Gaz starting to crank it up now... slowly
Sunday2810: god i hate that little trumpet noise...thank god its not played all that often ;)
danmaio: Jellwood captain last week, Gablett slaughters me, reversed them this week, and get slaughtered, Driving me to drink
JuddMyBud: Lol @ slashers
Grasscutta: Watch Gaz go ballistic in Q4
MightyEss: wow what a shower 3rd quarter hayes
JuddMyBud: @danmaio drink ate its the onlyway to forget
hipnsholda: this week seriously sucks alps
Mithrandir: Hickey to play the rest of the year as the #1 ruck?
masterhc2: gaj up to 50 now. 50 point last qtr for a ton, no worries. what are we complaining about?
redwallis: I went Ablett captain last week and Watson this week. Calvin is a terrible selector
frenzy: @danmaio cheers Lol
Grasscutta: I bet swan gets 150 on Monday I went C on Gaj
kartik: very few tons in 3 games so far this round
Keza41: Should have only had 3 zeros this week, ended up with 10 thanks to late exclusions, injuries and suspensions :(
Sunday2810: @redwallis absolutely agree...he's a f**king spud
trevor1257: im going 2 down grade tom simpkin
tamoz: Is horsley bak next week??
redwallis: Anus
bert1: ok huge last quater plz gazz mr baldy
grossn: 11 in Rich Freo game Kartik.
t_hawk: @keza41 your team is so poor
masterhc2: don't worry goddard and ablett will both ton up, just watch
Grasscutta: I think Gaj has had enough of not playing he should be fresh for Q4
JDolling69: I think that the player calvin picks at no.1, we put on the bench
danmaio: my opp has Malceski and the Zha, but not enough, but still wise not to have traded, loving this red
LilLionMan: Keza something is clearly wrong with your coaching ability if you go from three to ten donuts...
MightyEss: i hope swan gets sub 100, would be amazing
Slashers: Saad better get some bonus SC points fir putting himself on the line when it counted
bert1: flower off guy and your host plus ads ya spud
supervery: this week is absolute carnage. i'm gonna win my league but really it shouldn't count. stupid
Natedog6: Mithrnadir, could do hes a fair find
grossn: Gonna win all 5 of my games this week, was trying to tank this week but i have gotten very lucky! :D
Grasscutta: No filter for Anus excellent scrotum
bert1: power off jamie rogers
MightyEss: ablett needs a super quarter...
CamT: I'll have 14 out of by list of 30 not playing next week. Can anyone beat that ?
Sunday2810: @masterc2 kinda doubt that...maybe goddard but yablett wont ton this game...he's making a point
haooyy: gaz wasted too much energy last week collecting useless possesions
Hodgeey: anyone know anything about zaharakis?
trevor1257: simpkin is worth less than my ex on the free trade market
DC_Magsy: Stanley is looking to be a good forward upgrade :D
grumpy_ass: not sure why they have league games when there are byes. They didn't last year. Stupid in my opinion
Mithrandir: natedog - Zac Smith isn't listed as injured, so Hickey must be the preferred option
Sunday2810: zaha = quad injury
hawks_12: whats everyones sc scores?
bert1: zaha calf injury out 3 to 4
Hodgeey: Nick dal santo on a lazy 91sc
Natedog6: @mithrandir well hes giving the mids what they want and smith is probs outa breath doing it all last year hahaha
Sunday2810: @bert1 its a quad. Zaharakis injured his quad at training yesterday morning and was not fit enough to take his position
DaneSwanCo: missed a 4+ for GAZ
grumpy_ass: i honestly wonder if ablett wishes he had stayed at Geelong
Dt God: ton plz lenny
mr gor: bertstare.jpg @ GCS' kickout strategy
Sunday2810: god they love making stupid mistakes...turnovers. their efficiency is horrible
DaneSwanCo: hey! missed a +4 for GAJ
bert1: i wish gazz stayed at geelong too
mr gor: i put a multi bet on jack to beat bennell, dal santo to beat montagna, and goddard to beat hayes. CMON
adnudcyk: loololol at people with ablett captain
Sunday2810: @m0nty when in gods name are u gonna get live chat ffs
bert1: bet nroo scores more than pav but pav
The It_123: hall and sexton get to 70 and GAJ get 90+ please
trevor1257: GAJ...could be terry wallaces love child
Dt God: havn't seen lenny yet?
Sunday2810: haha this is pathetic...McKenna needs the sack, and give the job to Mick M
Rommas: thank god i went swan captain over gaj
ImSoHood: Where's this 50 pt qtr from Gaj ppl were promising
Warney: rightof im off to the footy. seeyou later flogs
haooyy: where on the ground is gaz playing atm?
gazz mvp: Yeah go have one warney
Sunday2810: @ImSoHood...they are just checking their crystal balls now...2 secs
mackinaw: swan wont play
frenzy: gonna start pickin trades off the injury list- same outcome
gazz mvp: Me to rommas
GJayBee: @warney, i hope you crash your lambo on the way hahahah
The It_123: cmon hall and sexton lift it boys
echotracer: Wheres all you raph Clarke lovers now? So much for Scotland to Clarke being an upgrade! Spuds!
DTFanatic: lets just hope he gets his be of 83
FTroopCapt: & Junk time has seriously begun
GJayBee: @frenzy, think of the possibilities! surely some players picked of the injury list will return early!
Sunday2810: here comes god
GJayBee: spewing i didn't go with roo this year
ImSoHood: lol frenzy, i know how you feel!
CamT: The AFL wants twice as many byes next season. That'll make SC/DT interesting
Panther: what number is Sexton?
FTroopCapt: Lucky the Saints are off target....
myteamsuks: All my opp have gaj as cpt, i had selwood last night , great to watch
Sunday2810: Give McKenna the sack!!! and drop all these muppet rookies
FTroopCapt: Oh no ump - Lenny was going to kick a goal.....
No spuds: what is roo sc score?
Affliction: gold coast disposal is a joke
ImSoHood: Why is everyone talking about "two byes" - it happened last year and was a lot easier to manage than this year's carnage
GJayBee: the afl is as facist as richard doyle
myteamsuks: @camt i dont think afl wants two byes, the players association do
FTroopCapt: @CamT - yeap - surely back to 3 on the bench, 30 trades or Molly's idea of the loan system
The It_123: lift hall and sexton and GAJ cmon disappointing
GJayBee: thank you ablett, thank you very much
JuddMyBud: That's the way Joey get me horny T half time and do nothing in the 2nd half like always
FTroopCapt: @ImsoHood - cos there will be 6 weeks of 6 games
ImSoHood: Picking captains is becoming a paradoxical conundrum
grumpy_ass: anyone know gaj sc score?
GJayBee: i've got santo in SC, will be interesting.
JesseSmith: what is Ablett, Saad and Halls sc score?
myteamsuks: Who has hayes? Anyone thinking trading him now?
Loose: Has ablett been playing in the middle?
FTroopCapt: @myteamsucks - Andrew D was on MMM saying it will happen.... 18 wks - 9 games & 6 wks of 6
ImSoHood: Surely a team every week having a bye with the occasional multi-bye is the preferred method
GJayBee: Can anyone tell me if I am right assuming there are no SC scores because of some legal tightalps reason?
CamT: The AFL said they support the Players Association's two byes idea. (in finalsiren news)
Spew: Can someone please post SC for every player every few minutes? Thanks.
Sunday2810: @loose nope
Elephant: I traded hayes a couple of weeks ago to a super premium who consequently injured himself
FTroopCapt: Have Hayes in SC & no he is a keeper
BenW: Blake first Brownlow vote tonight?
gards: this is what happens when people give gary shower about having 53 possies :(
myteamsuks: @imsohood if one team has a bye, then a second does every week
JuddMyBud: @elephantpemd
JuddMyBud: * elephant pendles?
ImSoHood: Perhaps this gaj performance is some sort of revolt on the SC scores not being posted. Bit of a showpony
danmaio: Why did i doubt you Joel after 1 poor injury riddled game???
Hodgeey: LoL abletts on 56sc
Elephant: yeah, it looked like a good idea since hayes had peaked and swan was out
GJayBee: players need 2 months off a year, no nab, four byes, and get paid in gold.
haooyy: looks like gaz has decided to take his bye early
mr gor: floweren useless slut ablett you little cow
trevor1257: andrew should have been looking after the greek economy
hawks_12: id laugh if karmichael hunt beats gaz in sc
ImSoHood: 24 rounds 18 teams - two teams a week = 48 byes. are teams going to have 2.75 byes each?
GJayBee: del santo, earn my love god damn it!
JuddMyBud: Yeah it is but we can't pick bloody injuries can we I hate it
myteamsuks: Has everyone else herald sun dig pass expired, ive had mine for 3 months now and havent had to pay yet
GJayBee: @Imsohood, hilarious! you are right, gaz can't check his halftime score in the toilet and he is spewing!
gazz mvp: Lol @gjbee
FTroopCapt: @ImSoHood - Andrew D has confirmed they will have 18 of 9 and 6 of 6.... Season will start the week before Easter
Hodgeey: Nicky D on 102sc
eza100: people bagging ablett are just dumb he is one of the most talented players
myteamsuks: @imsohood, they can still play 9 games i. Some weeks i suppose
Scotty1: Like wise myteamsucks
FTroopCapt: If Nick is kicking 7 - what are Jack & Buddy going to do to GC.... Watching out Fred Fanning
The It_123: halll and sexton another 20 points each cmon lift
tamoz: Reiwoldt!!!!
ImSoHood: Alright FTroop, I stand corrected ;)
mackinaw: ur kidding eza?
GJayBee: @Imsohood, if there were four bye rounds in a season, spread over four more weeks of play, it would work.
trevor1257: dont bend over in front of andrew...he will drive you home
JuddMyBud: @eza he is but we don't pay 700k for this shower
FTroopCapt: No probs - listened to his interview on MMM & he was explaing it
eza100: ur kidding mackinaw
danmaio: Malthouse will be on the news this week that Gablett dsnt do enough
maddo: Thank God for the Voldt! Only hundred so far this week in my ordinary team lol!
myteamsuks: Anyone else play bigfooty coach? Friggen addicted now
ImSoHood: Witches Hat icon for Warnock?
GJayBee: the 'sc scores' icon won't open for me, can someone explain? please!
mackinaw: sarcasm
eza100: but juddmybud look at all the pressure in the afl news about him
HotPies123: thanks to voldt i will be cracking 1000 with 6 to play
GJayBee: @myteamsucks, what is it? i am curious!!!!!!!!!
Guitarded: my highest score so far this week, other than captain gaz's 112, is 78
david95: Y is it that st Kilda have versed gold coast twice and Richmond haven't even played them or gws once
CamT: BigFooty website's down ATM isn't it. Haven't been able to get on for 3 days.
eza100: and juddmybud look what has happened to gold coast look at the scoreboard
hawks_12: Question. Anyone know what gaz's lowest sc score is?
gazz mvp: So now that GAZZ didn't have 50 touches and his team is still getting smashed how can people say there better off
FTroopCapt: @david95 - would rather that .... we can't beat crap teams...
eza100: david95 next week we have gws surprisingly
myteamsuks: @ gjaybee on facebook, you build a team and play matches earn points, trade etc
nick2397: Give Ablett the mare!
The It_123: cmon hall and sexton need another 30 points from you
JuddMyBud: I know you make good points but he needs support he can't do everything on his own
tamoz: Gazz MVP good point
eza100: yeh now i agree with you but theres just to many players in the side that can't tackle and hit a target
trevor1257: btw..hi guys need slapping
myteamsuks: @hawks_12 he got a 30 or something last year when injured
hintos: give haz the down arrow. it never gets used
maddo: The argument isn't quite that simple gazz mvp! But if this is the reaction from Gaz I don't like it lol!
hintos: *gaz
Goddard18: blake for brownlow vote
JuddMyBud: This has to be gazs lowest score since ???? God knows
GJayBee: del santo, take it like it's a polaroid picture! take it, take it, take it
GJayBee: can anyone tell me if I am right assuming there are no SC scores because of some legal tightalps reason?
JuddMyBud: Lol @ gjay bee
CamT: GAJ only had a 6 day break after last weeks effort. Might have heavy legs
The It_123: late goal for Hall plesae
trevor1257: GAJ has had 15 less possessions than me this weekend..then again..i'm a burglar
eza100: stanley,brennan,iles,tape played alright if you compare to the rest of the side
gazz mvp: Maddo thought bennel and caddy may of stepped up this year there prob the next to other then swallow , hunts the find ha
Paulie_Boy: Come on Goddard!
eza100: a big issue for GCS is they don't have a forward line
korza: GAJ enjoying being close to KHunt
myteamsuks: God 93 sc almost to tonup
hintos: down arrow for gaz please Mr Monty.
JuddMyBud: Good to see Goddard junking it bloody idiot
maddo: Fair call gazz mvp lol!
ImSoHood: Give my team the Mare icon
gazz mvp: Hall get the ball and flower it
HappyDEZ: I went up to Metricon for the GCS Swans game last year, Gaz subbed off at quarter time.
Level-X: GJayBee: I'd say m0nty took a payment to n ot post scores from herald sun, to try and get more ppl to subscribe to h-sun
JuddMyBud: @happy dez how did the spag and toast taste
david95: 2 free wins in the first 11 rounds will now put st Kildare in the top 8 nd they haven't even been that gud
nick2397: Will fail to get 1000 in SC this week, there's a first time for anything I guess!
myteamsuks: Campbell brown has thrown more punches In his career tht got possesions this year, gotta get rid of himget
FTroopCapt: 3 mins to get the 100 pt margin
DangerousD: Who would have thought we'd see the day when Karmichael Hunt outscores the Gaj?
Zombify: Ablett stopped trying after last week
popejamesh: putrid slow site and now no sc. flower this im off
Zombify: Ablett stopped trying after last week's 53 touches and 100 point loss
The It_123: cmon hall and sexton junk it please a few +6's
hintos: get a goal hayes
hawks_12: jason blake for gun today.
HappyDEZ: Nothing like Barnacle Bills thats for sure
GJayBee: i am in favor of any money monty gets
trevor1257: real facts are GWS or GCS wont win a flag in my lifetime
korza: Peeps i told ewes qtr1 GAJ is a political prik he is protesting
nick2397: What would the chances be of GAJ being omitted for a week after this insipid display?
Zombify: Iles and Bennell will be guns next year
burst: GC got the worse year in the draft in guess, compared to GW
GJayBee: we should all chip in and upgrade the server and pay monty enough for him to sponsor hawks players
morrowind: Hunt outscoring Gaj, who woulda thought
JuddMyBud: lol I've caned plenty of times recently I made $10,000 last year on footy all gone and more now
JuddMyBud: Kaned sorry
HappyDEZ: cmon Terry a couple of cheap points late please
GJayBee: @trevor1257, your words sound beautiful!!!!!
Zarts: I guess this is what happens to even a star like ablett when people tell him he picks up too many possies.
Hodgeey: Gary played with no heart today, so sad to watch
Loose: GC got the best draft but made some poor decisions not getting darling, heppell, gaff etc
trevor1257: either will st kilda....nth.....melb.......freo.........collingwood
GJayBee: @burst, gs went for talent, gws went for talanted mungrols, who are gentlemen hahaha
david95: This is ridiculous they should have just stuck port Melbourne in the gold coast and then put ablett in there team.
woodduck: Look around you. MOnty gets a fortune from all these ads. They are big companiess
GJayBee: gazzaaaa hahahahahahahah
JuddMyBud: I think gaz misses geelong
The It_123: few late ones hall and sexton'
eza100: rischitelli just out of his position and due to that looks disinterested
Jormas: 100 points again?
eza100: alright the it_123 lol
Hodgeey: Yeah if only m0nty could afford to by supercoach scores!
trevor1257: dont worry about sounding beautiful...i fart in tune
The Bomber: is this a PB for gablett? Worst SC game for him???
maddo: Excellent! I have taken the lead in Eliminator! for the last time this season!!!!
Jormas: had Gaj (c), changed to Sidey last min, surely he can't get worse than this.
GJayBee: del santo, you have earned my sc love!
darkness: Gazza had 9 v kangas in 2006
The Bomber: Also M0nty should really fix up the site with the money from News LMT atleast so screw ups like this dont keep happenein
HarleyL: gary will come out next week.. smash a 150+ score and nobody will talk about this game ever again.
Zombify: Harley with the CJones tag even did better than Ablett
nick2397: 66sc for Ablett, $50000 down in value next week you'd think
ZacDawson: the awkward moment when R.Clarke scores more than GAJ
Hodgeey: In 2006, round 17, gary scored 9sc