Chat Log: R8, Sydney 21.12.138 d Melbourne 5.7.37

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Woodie: Good to see the Irishman debut.
djmckf: go dees
Jormas: tommy walsh, pick-up next week for Hall if not named!
MayhemFC2: tommy walsh is a gun, no idea why he hasnt been playing. He decimated austrilia in the international rules game
DiPpEr3: cmon captain kennedy
Chipsy_DT: is walsh the gun gaelic player?
mh7690: why have davey and jurrah got special signs???
Muppet: cos theyre flash and cougar
SaintsRGod: walsh is great, as a saints fan im rather disappointed we lost him, should do well if he gets game time
itsduftime: howe did he miss that
Jokulhaups: Machete icon for Jurrah?
TheLegend6: walsh is a gun... -3 :P
Your_mum: come on keenedy 120 please. break that tag
rolemodel1: smith always does this to me haha
CollRHacks: kieren jack 23 sc
mufc: yeah walsh what a gun! shower preseason and now on minus! ahahhahahaha
Dt God: com on jpk
mufc: +1 machetti
mpollock: c'mon jpk
feralmong: damn mckenz on jpk.
rolemodel1: walsh would be captain if he played for the dees imo
drywater: @m0nty - magner fwd tag on malceski
mufc: guys dont worry bout kennedy the tag will do nothing remember its MELBOURNE tagging him instant 100 points
liverpool: My s/c season has gone pear shaped again since inception of sc having geelong players in my team.will i ever learn
myteamsuks: Started walsh over pfeiffer ,, oops
SaintsRGod: geez kieran jack on fire
kuraban: Very early days, but Sydney for Gauntlet is looking safe atm.
auxafembel: how many players do they want to tag
mufc: jack back in form finally not that anyone should care fantasy wise
N.Fyfe: Jack goes bang!
mpollock: haha melbourne tagging eski, kennedy and mcveigh ... they might want to win the ball as well!!
CollRHacks: JACK!!!!! 33 sc
Magicsmell: Got eski and kennedy... :(
remon tea: agreed mpollock :p
Bulky: Bloodied head with a machete hanging out of it icon for Jurrah.
9294eagles: that horrible feeling when magner tags malceski, there goes my Sc chances this week
RocketDog: This is getting ugly very quickly
max41: jeez dees loving the tags
RocketDog: Cale Morton will be happy - didn't he say he was going to put Jack Watts as his SC (c)
CollRHacks: jack sc 38
Ribsy: Too many taggers Melbourne. Go and hunt the ball not the man.
Wends: Hope I don't regret Parker to Beams this week.... really didn't want to let Parker go :-(
riceanator: everyone inside footy seems to think neeld is a good coach, can't see it at all
mpollock: @rineanator + 1
fudgecake: @ ribsy thata sounds great!
max41: parker loves the scg
man0005: someone tell me, brad scott; good coach or bad coach?
RocketDog: @riceanator - but the footy public doesn't - those inside footy are just a boys club pumping each other up....
sixxsixx6: The Demons are an embarrassment to the AFL
remon tea: magner getting some pill early :)
pies4spoon: People need to understand that the head coach's skill isnt displayed by results. They cant control players giving up
RocketDog: @man005 - Surely have enough good players to beat Port - somethings wrong down there
fudgecake: cmon grimsy and magnet!
Bulky: Any minute Jurrah will start hacking through this Sydney defence.
Hotel17: Brad Scott = all words, no actions
fudgecake: @ribsy that sounds really great
Bcpoker: Should take Mckenzie off JPK couldnt really call it a tag
mufc: great tagging mckenzie
Magner: Neeld is an amazing coach. Melbourne has some good players, it's just the other players don't do that great...
josh92: @sixxsixx ur still a phaggot
Rockafella: Bulky LOL
mackinaw: glad i kept magner. will be solid cover for swany
rolemodel1: @magner some great players? hahaha who?
fudgecake: @magner ur just saying that cause u go for melbourne.
afl_freak2: magner is one of melbs best footy winners.................... not a flowering tagger!! neeld u tosser
RocketDog: Melbourne will be alright - Finish last get picks 1, 2 & Jack Viney. Bring Couch in & go recruit another gun like Clark
liverpool: agree with josh92
SaintsRGod: watts loose across half back is where he should stay
riceanator: so many suns :O
adz11: Damn the week i tradded out Parker
Magner: @rolemodel1 Magner is really good. @fudgecake I do go for Melbourne.
fudgecake: were did m clark come from
remon tea: couch butchers the ball badly though
NDiddy: Keep going Parker and Magner!!
Wends: Feel for melb but swans can't take foot off their throats - need %age.
afl_freak2: hahahaha imagine that a number 1 draft pick loose in the backline hahaha all the spud is good for
lozdog: stay quiet please reid & kennedy - much appreciated.
beamen: get rid of brad green. has NO currency in today's game...
GriffenBFF: cmon pykey
pies4spoon: @ricenator, thats what we like to see....sooooo much suns :)
rolemodel1: @magner man he would start as sub in a crows team, spud frawley is the only player of note
fudgecake: @ magner neeld is a sh4t coach
RocketDog: @SaintsRGod - agree - there backline is actually alright... Frawley, Grimes & Watts - just stop it getting down there
beamen: fudgecake he came from brisbane
Blues17: come on eski get into the game
9294eagles: safe to say that is 4/4 in the tipping :)
Grazz: Neeld is fas tracking Magners footy by playing him on the better players. Will pay off. Trade Davey lazy doesnt care.
Dt God: jpk!
DiPpEr3: kennedy goal
riceanator: is neeld really a good coach?
Muppet: cant trade davey hes on 500K
supervery: Bennell, Green, MORTON, Sylvia, Davey can all be delisted please. Sickens me to see the dees like this
buddyboyz: game over blow the siren now
SaintsRGod: @rocketdog - yeh and he isn't too bad a distributor, could be like a sam fisher if they give him time
feralmong: of dees players today. i'd keep 9 turf the rest.
supervery: Morton is just absolutely awful. How he keeps getting a game is beyond me.
vlahs90: i think neeld is an ok coach melb are just terrible team. also whoeva said magner is good cover for swan..u kidding?
RocketDog: Hard for eski to get in the game when Magner is tagging him & the ball isn't coming into Melb's fwd line
remon tea: bring in the mercy rule
Magner: @supervery Agreed.
liverpool: Mark Neeld doesn't have a coaching percentage yet untill he gets a win like Not Out in cricket
JuddMyBud: Good pointgraz
mackinaw: how is he not? bench swan for 2 weeks and play magner, nothing wrong with that
RocketDog: Should think of trading Moloney & Jones - have currency and could get some great picks for them
preki1: neeld is a terrible terrible coach. don't kid yrself.
parsons11: Galic football must have shocking salaries if Tommy Walsh came to AFL
Rockafella: Sylvia would be a great asset to a good team
Special K: Hmm, going to get ugly I think.
Grazz: @supervery agree free up alot of cash for players that want to play AFL for a club not a paycheck.
supervery: I was hoping we'd throw sylvia around as trade bait last year and we might have got something decent. now no one will
supervery: want him anyway
rolemodel1: wish we could call malceski by his nickname around the club,monty woulss ban us all haha
pies4spoon: Moloney needs to lift, he practically is the dees midfield
dawsy: Give Brad Green the Spud
Luke919: why malceski, why?
Spiv: Norm Snith, Ron Barassi and Mick Malthouse could all coach Melbourne, they'd still lose
riceanator: what i dont understand is if neeld is such a bad coach, why do all footy 'experts' rate him so highly
pies4spoon: @rolemodel1, is it showercarter?
RocketDog: Sylvia had better value last year but @Rockfella is right - good team be a good HFF
supervery: @grazz, yep. so many players who just don't care. davey and sylvia especially power me off
myteamsuks: Parsons11 gaelic footy are amateurs they dont get paid anything
19thman: rolemodel1: what does it rhyme with?
kiddy56: The best teams have a great bottom 6, melbourne doesn't have a consistent same bottom 6 as they all get dropped
jamesmagnr: m
supervery: gotta love jones though, if we traded him i'd be annoyed because he always gives it all, doesn't deserve the chop
darpy: big fan of Trengove, but the Dees were screwed once they gave the captaincy to 2 young guys who have proven nothing
rolemodel1: just had a x into malceski name ;)
MayhemFC2: neeld cant just walk in and transform a bunch of potatos into stars
MayhemFC2: watch him go to town on the older players at the end of the season
BillyPick: watts needs to b moved on. the board need to be cleaned out
RocketDog: Lucky they got Mitch Clark - imagine if they didn't
Dt God: lift JPK need 120
supervery: frawley and clark are our only really good players, no one even close to star potential among the rest
darpy: Brad Green should fall on his sword, he contributes nothing and has no future
Munza: ffs neeld is a terr coach sid make magner tagg malceski goddam
darpy: @mayhem, reminds me of the old saying, "you can polish a turd as much as you like, but its still s**t"
mackinaw: im not kidding. magner is solid cover for swan
BillyPick: garry lyon loves himself more than the club. at least eddie took the pies when they were on their knees
Grazz: Big Jim would be gutted watching this. 2013 Dee's team needs to look alot different from this one otherwise forget it.
NDiddy: Forwards Parker - Not Backwards need you to be close to JPK
pies4spoon: @Munza, how is that? Magner has removed his rebound from the game whilst getting in to the action. GOOD COACHING
RocketDog: I do like there backline - They do a good job thinking how much ball enters their defence
masterhc2: since i traded out grimes he has been a gun ffs
Matticus: LRT nearly has his DT AVG already, prob won't touch the ball again
Munza: pies4spoon: Well hes not helping my sc lol
cherries08: knock magner out, malceski needs to get some ball
Clark U: Malsexy is looking ugly right now, might have to chop him this week
DiPpEr3: jpk
9294eagles: magner should be in the midfield getting the all like we know he can, that the problem melb mids are showere
Bcpoker: @mackinaw lol
supervery: @rocketdog, frawley is one of the best in the league, its an indictment on melbourne that he gets so many goals on him
Grazz: Eddie always wanted to be Pies ceo, Lyon has never wanted to be coach/ceo bit harsh. Even he can see its a rabble.
pondzo: come on magnet, increase your magnetic flux density and make that baby come to you!
daniel87: if sydney are winning by this much maklckeski will junk hard llater
cherries08: agree supervery
N.Fyfe: Has kennedy kicked any goals? Cause he has had 2 +9's?
gd.39: Love having ROK as a unique this year :)
RobHarves: LRT needs a blue moon
DaHoodrat: Jpk & rok are killing it for me!!!
Luke919: let it go in mcglynn you dog
elk101: my swans 1-39 is looking good...*execute sarcasm*
daniel87: jpk 2 goals
mpollock: how can melb be so bad after all those top draft picks!!
mufc: thought the same @N fyfe
Muppet: melbourne should be given a before rd 1 PP
harps15: Magner is shower at SC compared to DT
old_shepp: Demons just waiting for the Queens Birthday Game - its like their grand final every year !
BillyBeane: gd.39 is kidding surely
Matticus: Good from you @ RobHarves
RocketDog: @supervery - agree - Frawley, Grimes, Rivers, Garland & throw in Watts... its not that bad... the rest of the team, well
darpy: Lyon is the biggest FIGJAM ever, his gutlessness was evident when the Dees were crying for help and he got scared
mackinaw: yeah ok then heros, trade swan
myteamsuks: Eski!!
Grazz: What Blight did at the Crows in 97 has to happen. Give a truckload their marching orders regardless of who u are.
mpollock: Eski!! What does that mean? Goal?
darpy: Cale Morton was a very good player in his first 2 seasons, just a victim of the Dees development
LincolnS: darpy you are as thick as theyn come!!!
darpy: they have had so many top picks, show me one who has fulfilled their potential !!
BillyBeane: G Lyon ultimately only cares about G Lyon - hasn't got the nuts to put them on the line.
kiddy56: @harps15 that's because he butchers the ball
preki1: coaching neeldy
supervery: @darpy: no. he sucks. worse than clive waterhouse.
darpy: clean out is not the way to solve, it, need better development
BillyBeane: Swan would be straight out of my side if I had him - can't carry him for 3 weeks
LincolnS: Garry Lyon didn't want to be involved, he did a shower load behind the scenes
GriffenBFF: sack green and davey, as bad as melbournes reserve players are, they need to get rid of these crusty old spuds
RobHarves: LRT average 2012 is 43.5, so he is already in front
chadwick: How does brad green get games?
rolemodel1: how do your development a spud? fry it? stream it?
BillyBeane: What did he do Lincoln? Select a coach? Tough gig.
mpollock: Couch can't get a game?? WTF??
BillyPick: Lincoln, i can see what he has done. absolutely nothing. maybe he would just be an ordinary president anyway.
RobHarves: billy - 3 weeks? is that the diagnostic
thebigshot: if dees cleared or delisted Green Davey Sylvia ad Jones (would take nuts0 get s many choices in draft as you can and bui
darpy: I would sack Green and Davey, try get something for Sylvia, and make Jones captain
Mattigers: Just traded mcglynn out and now he's playing well
CamT: Is Garry Lyon part of the solution or part of the problem ?
BillyBeane: That's what they are saying Harves
LincolnS: May be a fair call but the amount of media stuff he does he would only want to do bits around the edges
Refused: norf n dees to merge
Grazz: Id send Davey Green and a couple of others to the reserves leave em there and wish em luck getting a contract in 2013.
JuddMyBud: Good call darpy
dancasta: where is nathan jones?
BillyBeane: Lyon first melb second - he was definitely the yang to Jimmy Stynes Ying
Muppet: davey contracted for 2013 on big money
kiddy56: I don't see the problem with Lyon he came in when we were stuffed got us a whole new coaching staff and got us clark
rolemodel1: dees have some ok tall fowards in the res, cook,
BillyPick: Lincoln, he does noweher near as much as Eddie. Also, at one stage eddie ran channel 9 from Sydney.
Blues17: @ darpy i agree. and als tell moloney that his playing for his career and play cale morton of HBF as his to soft for mid
MayhemFC2: no they dont
darpy: man Neelds interview with Pickers he seems like he is gonna explode
LincolnS: exactly kiddy56
GriffenBFF: sack green and davey, as bad as melbournes reserve players are, they need to get rid of these crusty old spuds
BillyBeane: What odds a Neeld stroke by round 20?
rolemodel1: dees not the same team without sellar lol
darpy: prob with Morton is the guy is scared of physical contact and scared of the gym,
LincolnS: Billy please footy show, Triple M and Eddie has a lot more people around him at Collingwood
MayhemFC2: neeld will be fine, its just gona be the biggest rebuild in the history of afl
GJayBee: @BillyBeane, sportsbet have neld having a stroke before rd 20 at $1.05
localh: Come on magner
Panther: magner now tagging kennedy
BillyBeane: Yes but Eddie has to fit in more pie eating time.
Blues17: @darpy. Thats why i suggest play him off HBF where he can play outside footy and give them run off the backline.
BillyPick: yep, and lyon can surround himself with the right people as well. the club needs a complete overhaul.
darpy: thing is, they were atleast competitive under Bailey, surely they are struggling to adjust to Neeld's new plan?
thebigshot: imaigne not having somone on the goal line? FFS
RocketDog: Terrible - Basic Footy - Big guy on goal line
supervery: gotta wonder how this team was winning games last year. absolutely hopeless. makes me sick.
BillyBeane: Get on - better than my bank.
darpy: sacking coach isnt the answer i dont think
rolemodel1: someone had 5 grand on dees to win againts the bombers round 10 haha!!
beamen: the game has passed brad green by. davey is just lazy
BillyPick: Remember Melbourne Hawks?? Well, one of them got their house in order
JuddMyBud: That's it magnet out the blocks
supervery: i've been saying davey and sylvia are lazy for about five years... time to ship em out now
BillyBeane: I agree Darps - it's a rare occasion where the entire list should go before the coach.
masterhc2: melbourne playing like a team that gets thrashed - waiting for oppo ents to get the ball and then tackling
LincolnS: The reason he helped in the first place was because of Stynes not for his own sake
jimmeh3: Bruce & McDonald were clearly bigger losses than we anticipated for the Dees
N.Fyfe: Kennedy you have turned yourself into a gun, plain and simple
Grazz: @supervery GWS would be interested, move em on i agree.
Panther: magner now tagging kennedy in midfield
thebigshot: hmmm Lyon really is not a major issue for the side. Neeld count be sacked this early in cntract. The problem? Players
BillyBeane: Super talent Sylvia - but talent isn't enough
pies4spoon: i feel sorry for melbourne :'(
JuddMyBud: @supervery Sylvia a gun Davey out though
hoky_90: i can see myself keeping magner all yr!!
supervery: melbourne definitely have a losing mentality, never gonna win a game when the players don't think they'll ever win
localh: Magner keep going son
Dt God: need jpk to beat magner
supervery: @judd he is so frustrating, all the talent in the world but a terrible attitude and even worse work ethic. trade bait.
Muppet: yeah keep sylvia coming back from a broken back, gtfo davey tho
BillyBeane: Cull the cow and upgrade Hoky. Buy low and sell high.
Magner: Sylvia may be a gun. But he doesn't play hard!!!
thebigshot: I reckon boot Sylvia get what you can for him. Good player but not one to build a young side around
supervery: exactly, @magner. soft.
BillyBeane: No work ethic and not terrifically bright
JuddMyBud: Trade bait I agree you would get a decent pick and a another club could change his attitude
morrowind: davey, green and sylvias days are numbered, time for couch and co.
darpy: Jetta is gonna be a gun of the comp i reckon. Like Rioli, only better !@
BillyBeane: Couchy is a plodder but an honest plodder
Bulky: Neeld needs to swing the axe. Perhaps Jurrah can help him out with that.
Magner: @thebigshot Definitely.
localh: Darpy bad call
Muppet: couch and co? couch is a showerter slower shorter less skilled version of magner
Magner: @BillyBeane Who's couchy?
berrygate: Break the shackles Malceski!!!
rolemodel1: let's go smithy,jsut roam down the ground man
BillyBeane: Can't argue that Muppet but he has a crack unlike the Brighton Grammar boy
darpy: isnt Couch rookie listed? he cant even be elevated because Dees have used all slots if I am correct
Spiv: Couch is the son of '89 Brownlow Medallist paul Couch
GJayBee: @bulky, swining an ax or drink driving is ok, just don't suggest full blooded aborigines have trouble adapting
thebigshot: none of us likes to see uncompetitive footy sides..Dees need to make hard decisions.
azza_g: i have to people in this game and one of them is tagging the other -.-
N.Fyfe: Got 2 in this game, kennedy and magner, looking good!
Magner: @Spiv Thanks.
darpy: also dont expect the world from Couch, he was rookie listed at the Pies and couldnt make the grade, didnt come close cal
JDolling69: i try to refrain from abusive comments, but, flowerING LIFT MALCESKI, SPUD
supervery: @billybeane, watts has been good this year actually, deserves to be in the team for sure
morrowind: couch was elevated
mpollock: 2 bets ... JPK for most possession and M.Clarke for most goals - ouch!
gursh10: magner on the bench :)
Grazz: Will Couch ever get a run, had him in my DT since rnd 1. All im hearing is he's to slow.
morrowind: pies bit harder side to break into than melbourne
Warney: alby mangel is on the other channel...she had the biggest tits....
localh: Watts can't hit a target
BillyBeane: Yes Super - he reminds me of Meadow Lea - but softer
lukemattar: how does couch not get a game?
FootyFan7: go watts!
Turkies: the more the dees get dominated like to day, the better Couch's chances are i would think
supervery: you have to persist with watts though, he will be good. morton, davey, sylvia, etc are lost causes
mpollock: Watts is only 20 ... could still become a good player ..
rolemodel1: couch didn't play last week ... had a corky
Grazz: @Turks ive been thinking the same thing for a few weeks though lol. Good point.
BillyBeane: I agree Super but he's soft and has not had a good year. That's a huge statement.
lukemattar: if sylvia went below 200k i still wouldnt get him
supervery: he's had a good year relative to the rest of the team. that's why he doesn't deserved to be dropped
BillyBeane: No problem with that polly but 20 doesn't excuse you from lack of intent.
Bulky: Jurrah's playing a slashing game!
mpollock: GWS are better then Melbourne by seasons end (if not already)
Rockafella: Lukey Parker!!!!!
mpollock: @Bulky - haha
localh: How does Morton get a game if there short on numbers I'll play
demons13: you know things are going wrong with the dees if watts is their best player
BillyBeane: True - selection is like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic with the Dees.
mpollock: @BB - true but look at the examples teaching him .. Green, Davey etc
rolemodel1: garland would be leading the dees b an f,,, magner 2nd sad really both would be payed peanuts
Magner: Watts isn't their best player... Why doesn't Couch play games?
billnats: a few of these melbourne players need to get axed... maybe jurrah can help
preki1: coaching neeldy
supervery: playing with morton is like playing with 21 players. add in sellar and we're already two players short haha
suck me: on ya walsh!!!!!!
adz11: Cheski :(
grossn: keep going grimey!
J.Bartel: whats going on with tom mitchell is he playing in the seconds yet or still injured?
BillyBeane: Morton was a bad pick but that happens - it's a problem if it happens too much
Bulky: Jurrah's hit on the secret to playing good footy which is to try and machete a family member to death.
TheMC: Can't blame Neeld for this, look at their list... Sylvia, Davey, Green, Moloney, all senior players doing 0 this year.
lozdaleg: you legend walsh keep going
winty: Melbourne are an absolute joke. Bring back Fitzroy. At least those guys had a dip.
BillyBeane: They won't sack Neeld
mpollock: neeldy for the axe .. what a joke
BillyBeane: Yes - bring back Jimmy Wynd and Simon Hawking.
rolemodel1: poor nick smith,may aswell be eatting a pie in the grand stand
armyofspud: Let the dees play with 22 and a sub Jesus they suck
rolemodel1: spoiler alert dees kick 20 goals unanswered to lose by 40 goals
smcp: @winty - the spirit of Fizroy already lives on at the Lions!
mpollock: And finally a goal ...
Bulky: Never mind Simon Hawking. Steven Hawking would get a game for Melbourne.
BillyBeane: Is Jesus the sub - that might help
mpollock: Need to merge Melb with NM ... just have to face facts!
yoshi10: comeon smcp - take it easy on the lions fans - we're doing it tough enough
pies4spoon: thoughts on tommy walsh? he has huge wraps
Sw1neflu: Will Melbourne win a game this year?
BillyBeane: Stephen Hawking plays in the hole - it's black
Jormas: if tommy walsh can average 70 these next 2, and be named in the 3rd, ill pick him up!
BillyBeane: yoshi - count me in as another tragic
living21: where the flower is eski
Jormas: Magner -> horse 2 weeks ago :(
Bcpoker: JPK for tone 5 mins into 3rd?
FootyFan7: mpollock - you are an idiot
rolemodel1: tyann is a star should play next week for the dees
winty: GWS will win by 10 goals in round 13.
daniel87: watts looking good in the backlinke pts wise
berrygate: Traded Magner!!!
pinkwalls: Why would Travis Johnstone be the Melbourne sub? Didn't he leave them for the lions?
yoshi10: i've already picked walsh over spurr - please reward me
smcp: @yoshi- I am a lions fan! I wasn't being sarcastic. I think the spirit of Fitzroy does live on at Lions. We'll b back!
BillyBeane: that won't happen polly
mpollock: @FootyFan7 - Nth are always broke and national comp means merge two clubs
armyofspud: Uncontested in the square hopeless
cougar37: Even Stephen Hawking couldn't work out the S/C scoring, that's for sure
Kasperados: Where is Eski???
yoshi10: we might rise from the fire tomorrow billy beane
supervery: i keep telling myself we'll beat gc and gws but no we flowering won't. we are that flowering bad.
BillyBeane: I'll be disappointed if Spurr gets flicked - he wasn't the worst
banta: whats the earliest in a season a coach has got the axe?? neeld will go soon. could be a record
myteamsuks: Malceski magner same scoach score!!!
BillyBeane: Stephen Hawking was like Ayresy - a good driver in heavy traffic
thebigshot: Wattsmust spend 2 yrs in the backline for his development
pondzo: the dees will be top 4 this year . . . . . . . . . . :P
daniel87: melbourne fans now you know what it was like for port last year
rolemodel1: smith had 11 points 5 mins in ,killing me man lol
BillyBeane: I'll take your money Banta
pinkwalls: lol
smcp: @supervery (and they pinched our some of our best seniors (legally)... Risch, Brennan, etc.
supervery: @daniel87, we are much much much worse than port
pinkwalls: bit harsh on Magner
harps15: Hahahahahah
harps15: Melbourne All-Spuds
dingo23: demons are the worst side in the history of afl
spiggs: good to see you left magner our if it
Kasperados: haha, SPUD PARADE!!!
masterhc2: lol all dees spuds except for magner
MickH: hhahhahhaha thats so good
darpy: if Watts plays in backline then he is draft bust, you dont spend the no1 pick on a HBF
banta: yes!!! hahah. spud team
mpollock: hahaha - love the spuds!!
morrowind: Watts is doing a good job on bolton too
Panther: yeah harsh on magner
Muppet: clark aint a spud monty
subterfuge: poor magnet, surrounded by spuds
smitbr: SPUDtastic
supervery: take the spud off frawley too
mpollock: Magner escaped the spud!! Nice ... harsh on Bennell not even playing yet!! hehe
winty: You know you're in trouble when Jack Watts is the leading DT scorer in your team.
daniel87: yeah but it true isnt it you feel the frustration every game at coninually losing
BillyBeane: A little disrespectful but hard to argue with
TheHanger: dont spud mark neeld, he is doing the best he can with a bad club, how many afl teams do you coach???
dingo23: jack watts is their best player lololololololol
GriffenBFF: love it
TheMC: Frawley not spud-worthy, everyone else. yes.
tassieguns: as much as i hate to say it, i think it's time for Greeny to hang them up! :(
berrygate: Can Melbourne do a POWER job
rolemodel1: i tell ya yo unow,dees gone to sugar without sellar up foward!!!
grossn: Don't think Grimes should have a spud either.
supervery: @daniel87, yeah i get you man. it's sickening.
azza_g: jack on 87 sc
MayhemFC2: i would just like to say, that its pretty ironic that you dont give an irish bloke... a spud
Muppet: Go grimsey and magner
GriffenBFF: benell gets a spud for wearing a vest, fair enough
masterhc2: only ones who shouldn't be spuds:jamar grimes clarke magner frawley
agwager: I'm certainly not defending the demons but spud to Jamie Bennell is very harsh.
subterfuge: + 1 gross
pondzo: i went horsley and green over magner this week, could bite me
dingo23: yeah sellar makes huge diff lololololol
McKenzie2: to be fair nathan jones kicked their first goal remove the spud of him
linusp: cmon melbourne... i need the ball to go near Grundy!
mpollock: Magner flame!! He can roast the spuds!! haha
BillyBeane: Walsh is having a potato famine
s.n.a.f.u: we all need spuds for tuning into this game
winty: Nevermind Dees fans. Snow season will be starting shortly.
Muppet: 2 years ago melbourne smashed sydney by 10+ goals, wtf happened
berrygate: Kick a goal Josh
gingjok: @ all the knobs crying about Grimes, Neeld ()even Magner) having a spud.. GET OVER IT!!! It's called a joke.
subterfuge: Yep walsh will be feeling at home now.
buzz_kill: big jim would be turning in his grave. glad he doesnt have to witness this crap
masterhc2: jones shouldn;t have a spud eithrr, so frawley trengove grimes magner jones, jamar and clarke
BillyBeane: winty - and Dan Murphy's has chardonney on special
grossn: @Muppet: i was at that game haha
mpollock: Walsh irish potato farmer ...
dingo23: even richmond is better lolololololol
thebigshot: so who was that draft pick 1 who left melb to go to GWS? smart boy
agwager: Spud to Melbourne administration for choosing Neeld
myteamsuks: One year ago melbourne thrashed adelaide by 96, my how things have changed
rolemodel1: morton playi g afl gives every supermodel a chance an hope to play afl
lift_spud: Kick melbourne out of the AFL. Pathetic soft plows.
s.n.a.f.u: is there a touch of Fitzroy about the Dee's
BillyBeane: Neeld will play next week and kill somebody
localh: Jamar on track for record hit outs in a game pike is a cardboard cut out seriously
morrowind: Neeld needs to let magner run free
jballstars: monty is right neeld spud pure and simple
KenOath: monty has a head like a spud
thebigshot: given whaere Melb are now and how badly they have performed maybe it is the administration? Big Jim made a difference bu
mpollock: ROK is back!!
agwager: Definitely a rift with Davey and neeld. If he's not going to lift for indeginous round, he's not worth playing ever!
Jormas: If couch doesn't get a game after this Melbourne performance, Neeld should be shot
pondzo: time to bring in the rok
Muppet: na snafu melbourne are one of the few financially sound clubs, just rubbish onfield
BillyBeane: The fish rots at the head
dingo23: neeld will break record soon for quickest coach ever sacked
daniel87: lift _spud who do you support in 5 years melbourne fans maybe saying that to your club
buzz_kill: bit rough on neeld. not much he can do with this list. id credit all 11 points to him and none to the players
Jokulhaups: magner avoids the spud
Jormas: went Zaha over ROK, going Smith -> Rok this week if he is under 410K !
Daddsy321: melbourne have sucked ever since that demons guy died? forgot his name
rolemodel1: neil craig needs a spud told neeld to get sellar in haha!!!
Muppet: buzz kill dean bailey won 8 games with this list minus clark
morrowind: Time for Melb to play thier rookies they would have more heart
agwager: @dingo23 I agree. Neeld will be sacked before the bye
BillyBeane: By the way - I'm happy - have Jack, Kennedy and Parker
teachrtony: lol Daniel87, Melbourne will never be as shower as Port.
dawsy: lol!!!!!!!!!!
agwager: @Daddys321 Jim Stynes
mpollock: @Muppet ... and without Magner
rolemodel1: dees poor mans port
heada: Dont worry about the ROK being back. Everyone is back when they play Melbourne!
Bulky: Davey needs to try the Jurrah recipe and attempt to murder somebody.
Zarts: I think the whole team for the spud is a bit harsh... everyone down to blease is doing a reasonable effort...
buzz_kill: yeah that was back in the days when sylvia could get a touch though,
FootyFan7: leave port out of this
mpollock: Go JPK in DT ... get a move on Eski ...
Muppet: goo dpoint mpollock
gingjok: Sensitive flowers! Neeld has had more than enought time to start moving this team forward. They are going backward.
BillyBeane: Port without the West End beer
dawsy: Give Liam a Machete icon
LincolnS: fuuny spuds
thebigshot: if Neeld is sacked before hsi contract is fully completed the Adminstrators at Melb will need to be removed.
daniel87: port are devekoping and will rise up ladder soon maybe not this year but next
Muppet: davey should retire so melbourne dont have ot pay him 1/2 a mill next year
comma3: haha spud all of melbourne..except magner :D
BillyBeane: It's round 8 gingjok????????
MayhemFC2: jurrah - cutting up his a apponant today?
mpollock: Melb really need Jurrah to carve it up ..
swannies99: thoughts on Luke Parker being futute star
MayhemFC2: Parker is a star now
BillyBeane: Parker will be a good but not great mid for a long time
Bulky: If Jurrah had his machete he'd turn those spuds into french fries!
mpollock: @swannies99 - without a doubt ... tough nut as well
preki1: spuds for schwab, connolly and craig as well
DiPpEr3: 75 sc jpk
smcp: I don't like Port... but at least I can remember watching them win GF. Dees have been 'rebuilding' my entire life
BillyBeane: Parker is as hard as a cats head
buzz_kill: yeah parker having a great season.
s.n.a.f.u: mOnty - Ted Richards is playing on a spud. icon change needed
Muppet: craigs a dud nd brought sellar the dud with him
MayhemFC2: Dees had a decent side under niel danniher
rolemodel1: @bulky more jurrah jokes then dees scores
BillyBeane: I feel your pain smcp
Stevo77: I had Parker as an original pick at the start of the year... then traded him out for magner after 2 rounds - HEADLESS
comma3: i feel bad for Bennell. Spud on the Bench...
MayhemFC2: geez sydney have a tough midfield in the making
Bulky: I'm all out now @rolemodel1.
GriffenBFF: how come ted richards still hasn't been knifed yet?
MayhemFC2: parker, hannebery, jack, keneddy with ROK Bolton and Goodes still hangin around...
rolemodel1: @bulky spud for you,gonig to be al ong last half now...
daniel87: dees and port will rise it might take a while look at geelong didnt win a premeirship for 40 years now they won 3 in 5
daniel87: tears
daniel87: *years
buzz_kill: id never really noticed much of parker before this season, havent seen too many sydney games to be fair,
mpollock: Melbourne will win the spoon this year for sure ...
winty: @daniel87: Are you comparing Melbourne to Geelong?
MayhemFC2: You cant rise without a culture at the club. Jim Stynes was the culture and the poor bastard didnt get to see it through
Ninjaswans: Why did everyone lose thier points?
BillyBeane: uh oh - the hacker's back
daniel87: maybe im just saying it happens
9294eagles: too many players on the field from both sides? both back to zero???
Bulky: Jurrahjust had to whip down to the local police station at half time to sign his bail card.
MayhemFC2: Melbourne need to harden the f up for stynes memory
Shiri: HAHA! Spuds galore.
buzz_kill: yeah thats becasue geelong raped and pillaged 2 drafts in 1999 & 2001, meanwhile melbourne are picking scully and watts
Seanus: Really, Mark Neeld a spud as well. I'd love to see any other coach in the league do any better with what he has to work
merto09: jpk sc ?
ebol: Did they just say Magner has a dislocated finger?
Seanus: with*
Warney: i want lots of chips tonight with my dinner
dawsy: Jurrah must have been carving it up to get selected this week
Shiri: Aaron Davey is finished. Retire!
Dafty: Very funny!
Stevo77: where are the SC scores?
Ninjaswans: Will melbourne even win a game this year?
MayhemFC2: bit unfair when scully does a runner and watts is surrounded by potatos
saints1999: why has the whole team got a spud exept magner
Stevo77: @ebol - that was footage of the NAB cup
Hawks4Flag: enough spuds to supply maccas with a year worth of chips
winty: @Ninjaswans: No, they won't.
EatEmAlive: What's Tators precious? ......PO-TA-TOES!!!!
daniel87: watts may yet be good seems to go allright in the backkline and if you finish bottom you get a compensation pick
Bulky: No @ebol they said Jurrah has a dislocated machete.
daniel87: 2 first round draft picks
MayhemFC2: no e in potato's boys
MayhemFC2: its not a pot with many toes
rolemodel1: an jsut like that @bulky is back in action,sharper then the dees tonight
Warney: boil em, mash em, stick em in a stew..PO-TAT-OES
Ninjaswans: still no SC scores
kano: Incorrect Mayhem
daniel87: rok 75 jpkk 75 grimes 47
Kj_11: Say's alot when your best player is blue collar worker rookie pick
carn crows: hmmm the dees need someone with a machette to slice up all these potatoes....wait a minute?!
JuddMyBud: Yes potatoes has an e mate
mpollock: findleyde potatos!!
EatEmAlive: There is an E in PO-TA-TOES though.... Youtube it
Muppet: melb will get pick 1, 2, 13 and Jack Viney: more draftees for them to ruin
Redlegs: Tisk Tisk monty haha
Kj_11: Magner doesn't belong at Melb, deserves better.
Bulky: There is an E in machete.
winty: No wonder Brent Moloney wants to leave.
Redlegs: @ mpollock hahaha
Bulky: 2 E's as a matter of fact.
preki1: @muppet: poor kids
beammeup: all this talk about potatoes is making me hungry - time for some chips
linusp: 14 @ 1/2 time... grundy are you flowering kidding me
mpollock: Magner to GC or GWS next year ... ouch that would hurt!
CamT: exactly, Muppet. Melbourne = Talent destroying juggernaut
daniel87: seems like an allright year to bottom out thought new teams in none of the first 18 odd picks given away
badcorkie: u have grundy?!!??! lolololololololol
Jair: love the spelling Nazi. Even on FF you can't get away from them
Muppet: melb wouldve turned Judd into a dud if he'd gone there insetad of Carltank
pinkwalls: Give it to us raw, and wriggling! You keep nasty chips!
linusp: grundy was in top 6 defenders last year and got 110 only a week ago
linusp: contested marks
rolemodel1: @daniel87 gws stole all the good young 17 years old last year,draft will be crap this year
Muppet: rolemodel its meant to be the best draft ever
Warney: i hear this draft year is a golden year
mtty: @rolemodel1, actually this year coming is touted as the next super draft aka the Judd draft
joelyboy29: wheres the muppet when you need him
rolemodel1: @mtty how gws stole the best few 17 yeear olds?
mackinaw: malceski is the biggest second half slut, along with chappy
mtty: @rolemodel1, it doesn't matter there is still a bunch of talent. eg. Whitfield, Stringer, Mayes etc.
cherries08: GCS were supposed to have a better draft than GWS, looking suspect now
mpollock: GWS drafting approach far better then GC ..
heada: Why has Magner only got 35 SC points?
linusp: cmon melb, least make it half entertaining
rolemodel1: yeh better draft is hard to judge,for dees stake hope mitty you are right
Muppet: GWS players will get poached bigtime after 2013
EatEmAlive: Because SC = Lottery
FootyFan7: watts could develop into a goodes-like player in the mid. he gets no service as a fwd
Muppet: heada cause he cant kick for shower, thats why hes tagigng
mpollock: can't wait for the next game to start ... this is shower!!
pies4spoon: @mollock, GWS coaching is far better than GC too, a rookie (GC) vs a vet who built the baby bombers
localh: Sub jpk please
mpollock: @FF7 ... R u serious?? Goodes like player ... your kidding yourself!!
Warney: go bombers!
mpollock: @pie4spoon - spot on.
Muppet: FF7 Goddard like maybe
pondzo: yes sub jpk!
MayhemFC2: mpollock... jack watts is actually that good. He just isnt there yet
FootyFan7: by goodes-like i mean tall mid who can also play as a key fwd
NewFreoFan: Agreed pies4spoon, GWS have 2 premiership coaches, gotta be a massive factor.
Your_mum: come on kennedy
winty: @FootyFan7: One problem with that. Watts is allergic to contested possessions.
MayhemFC2: your mum comes on kennedy
Redlegs: Dandenong redlegs...not melbourne
cougar37: Eski up to 50 S/C
swannies99: sheedy is past it, choco still a grrat coach
Benjo22: Anyone know what JPK is on in SC?
NewFreoFan: Demons recruiting can't be this bad, it has to be the development team there.
myteamsuks: Sc is not right eski inside 50 long effective kick goal assist only 2 pts. Rigged
mpollock: @MayhemFC2 - I think he will be good (pardon the pun) but not a 2 x brownlow winner/premiership player!!
max41: give jack the star
heada: Choco is doing all the game day, game plan and match day coaching, Sheedy is the face
pondzo: how do you guys think tommy walsh's JS is?
Muppet: not a very good face mind you
MayhemFC2: past what swannies99? past talking up games, going to board meetings, and being in the media?
MayhemFC2: while choco coaches without all that worry?
NewFreoFan: Coaching is more than game day, don't write off sheed's presence and leadership
Warney: sheedy isn't past it
torres: Go back and tag Malceski pls Melbourne
morrowind: grimes playing unaccountable footy
Your_mum: comes on cox
MayhemFC2: eg hird - bomber thompson
myteamsuks: Howe mark of the year!!!
Muppet: who cares morrow ive got him
JRedden: howe mark of the year
max41: wow
DoctorRush: MOTY, Howe was always due to win it !!!
Bulky: Jurrah, machete of the year!!
mpollock: Dermie would make a great coach ... Melbourne should chase him big time!
DoctorRush: jpk 77sc
MayhemFC2: mpollock - either you are being an amazing troll, or you should go back to coaching the under 90's lawn bowls
Muppet: melb should get Gary Ayres
#9dees: maybe i should just follow rugby
maluckyday: essendon or carlton to do better this year
yoshi10: i predict mark harvey to bee coaching the lions by the end of the season
DoctorRush: How does LRT still get a game ???
Muppet: na rugby sucks alps
mackinaw: essendon
mpollock: @MayhemFC2 - WT shower r u on about ... Dermie no good? Watts to be the next Goodes ... your a tool!
linusp: come on grundy
Redlegs: Carlton
beamen: burmese flag for TDL
DiPpEr3: jpk lift
mpollock: Anyone know Eski SC?
rolemodel1: yah smith is now ahead of grundy lol small wins
linusp: ablett needs to destroy as my capt to make up for grundy ><
torres: Sub Malceski now Sydney
Pendles_10: eski 52 sc
myteamsuks: Anyone else pick up walsh? Traded out kennedy, happy with that
Catas: Why do people join Sc comp but fail to maintain their tram. Walkovers are a waste of time.
myteamsuks: Eski 52
FootyFan7: tommy walsh looking good
mpollock: Thanks @Pendles_10
mackinaw: ellis sub again lol
feralmong: Catas, I always look after my Tram. Make sure the bell always works.
mpollock: @feralmong - LOL
Catas: Sorry feral . Fat fingers you understand. All aboard
morrowind: Neeld release Magner NOW
linusp: fml grundy, fml.
myteamsuks: Magner magnifying glass
boondock: Magner tag Malceski!!
yoshi10: yeah my team - i have walsh
cufc2497: jpk lift! 80 by 3qtr time at least
feralmong: I newer Fial @ Keebored typos.
mpollock: Eski +7 - 2nd half SC Slut!!
mufc: who were the goal scoreers 4 melb cant find it jones and someone and thinkin when walsh on bubble trade cameron
feralmong: jpk and tommy doing 69
thebigshot: jack watts as the tall man needed to make a contenst then
Bulky: Has Jurrah given away any frees for chopping his opponent's arms yet?
specky2000: Kennedy at least need 110
Raveneyes: Magnet power off, leave JPK alone!
Luke919: 80+ malceski you superstar
feralmong: jurrah stole Bail's wallet. Apparently needed Bail money.
max41: safe to give jack star now
DoctorRush: how do you find out the sub ??
myteamsuks: Not chopping the arms, but he did slice his kick just then
torres: Jurrah is lacking a bit of sharpness today
Muppet: cmon grimes get a touch ffs
riceanator: if boyd can compete with pendles score from last night then i win
feralmong: Sonar DrRush
spangle: What's Eski on?
joelyboy29: neeld is flowered in the head, magner is their best midfielder but he puts him in a tagging role wtf
Bloods22: Why aren't Melb playing any young/new players? Where is their improvement gonna come from? Just the same old same old!
thebigshot: @ DoctorRush subs green jackets in FF.. lovett murray and ellis at dreamtime
grossn: comeon grimes, 75 by 3qt
Jmachete: JPK get going mate!
DoctorRush: Thanx Feral.
boondock: Neeld needs to get laid
yoshi10: nicely put bloods
bonecrusha: flowring hell grimes, i need you to get more DT's than LRT and i'll have a cool hundred dollars profit!
Muppet: Neeld will be totally bald by seasons end
TrophX: Anyone in Brisbane know why it says gold
mufc: melbourne goal scorers
maluckyday: cmon kennedy ton up
DoctorRush: I saw that on here Big SHot, but not sure how Monty found out.
Jormas: Tommy Walsh will TONNE UP! LOL melbourne is going to get smashed by 130.
nathan11: Come on tommy 31 more please
rolemodel1: gee magner can tag,,,
TrophX: Anyone know why in Brisbane it says gold coast vs dogs on tv?
man0005: is ellis sub?
Bulky: Jurrah destroyed an Apple iMac with a machete and was arrested for computer hacking.
masterhc2: @trophx because that's what they;re showing
linusp: christ grundy... do you know what a footy looks like? I dont think clarks going to win the game, get it
Sxxyman23: How is Kennedy on 97 supercoach? WTF
winty: lmao Bulky.
bonecrusha: Why did the chicken cross the road? Because Jurrah macheted someone
rolemodel1: @bulky atill kicking with the one liners lol
TrophX: Are you serious.... So no dreamtime game...
myteamsuks: Did anyone else just see cale morton bounce the ball away from himself, he id showere
localh: Is malceski capable of some major junk?
JRedden: sydney's lowest scoring player has 37 at 3 quarter time, thats a pretty decent effort
Bulky: Gold @bonecrusha. That's the winner.
Virgil: man0005 Yes
grossn: Thanks grimes :)
daniel87: yes malkeski is
man0005: ty
feralmong: jpk scores big in SC cos he goes and gets the ball.
mufc: the one game i need jetta to score under 70 he does this to me
rolemodel1: morton can't play a whole game with no tackles? surely
heada: Malceski Junk Time Up, yes please
Libo: I feel sorry for anyone that gets drafted by Melbourne, it's like entering a void berift of talent
chadwick69: dear me, the dees need a big bulking frame such as my man chadwick cornes
CrozaN: Ellis is the sub for Richmond again! Lol at those who kept him
jamesmagnr: Just saw replay of howes mark certainly a contender for mark of the year ?
morrowind: bwahahaha ellis
mishmash: ellis sub again
yoshi10: been two years now - telling Monty to get rid of the Japanese flag below - Yoshi ain't coming back!
Muppet: contender? its done and dusted
Jmachete: walsh or zorko?
sixxsixx6: haha Ellis sub... my dt opponent has him on ground
chunky: Give Jurrah the Machete symbol for being a hack
TrophX: Why would you show dogs vs gc over essendon vs tigers on tv....
mackinaw: as much shower as scully cops, he is actually a genius
Muppet: zorko for DP
TheMC: Yep, Howe's mark was unreal, he will have so many contenders this year!
Jormas: Wlash over Zorko, rd12 bye
Mochasons: Ellis great bench cover for rnds 11 & 12 CrozaN... pretty sure I know who out of you and me won't be copping zeros there
hoky_90: zorko no brainer!
grossn: @sixxsixx6: Same :D
drywater: @Mochasons +1
pondzo: how is the walshmans JS anyone?
cdrobert: start dishing out the spuds monty
rolemodel1: smiths supercoach is bs,has kept sylvia to nothing,if he was goodard he would be on 190 lol
asglongden: Errr... Ess vs Tigers is on tv....
CrozaN: I have Morris Mochasons and Spurr as bench, that actually suits me better than having Morris and Ellis.
beamen: @rolemodel1 i'm sure silvia has been keeping himself to nothing...
Mochasons: So CrozaN you don't have Marty Clarke?
TrophX: Maybe it's just brisbane they are not showing bombers vs tigers that sucks
CrozaN: Clarke on field
JBs-Hawks: colin sylvia to be a cheap pick up for a premiership contender next year
BillyBeane: Terrence Trent D'iaby is play well.
drywater: haha spud CrozaN
Bulky: The AFL are going to honour the aboriginal culture by handing out free machetes at the dreamtime game tonight.
Mochasons: Ah OK well I was doing Mid and Fwd upgrades first over Back Upgrades so I have Clarke, Morris, Ellis & Spurr (was Bugg)
Jmachete: get magnet off JPK now!
daniel87: ton up grimes mal and 150 rok any chance
justi: ban for bulky
Muppet: dont be a hero bulky
zinger6: craig bird was paying 2.00 to beat hannebery on points on wonder who took those odds
BillyBeane: err playing well
CrozaN: my backline is: Goddard, Birchall, Deledio, Heppell, Hargrave, Bugg, Clarke (Morris, Spurr).....fine for bye rounds
Muppet: melb playing reid into form
Your_mum: magner leave JPK alone
Muppet: why does hero get filtered to hero, thats flowered
CrozaN: Would have been worse if i kept Ellis, get me now?
mishmash: downgraded ellis to cam delaney and upgraded hall to sidebottom. luvn that move
ncjs: Ban bulky or lose respect guys
Muppet: blease been decent
Mochasons: My defence is Goddard, Deledio, Birchall, Waters, Hargrave, Clarke, Spurr (Morris, Ellis) - traded Bugg -> Spurr
maluckyday: magner get lost let kennedy off
justi: ban bulky for being racist against the indigenous culture on indigenous weekend
CrozaN: basically the same
drywater: crozan .. so dont u cop a 0 cuz of spurr , clarke n hepll?
BillyBeane: My defence is Rommell, Rodman, Ferdinand, Lewinsky, Seal and Miss Piggy
morrowind: 5 points more that's all I need magnet
CrozaN: u have 5 round 13 players though Mochasons, so ur worse off for the byes than i am
Mochasons: Yeah but are you trading Bugg anytime soon or holding him through bye rounds and then what are you doing Rnd 12?
KoopaTroop: Ellis,N Lovett Murray,Skinner and Sexton All subs
BillyBeane: Upgrading Miss Piggy to Big Bird this week - number one for intercept marks on Sesame St
gd.39: @billybeane lol!
Mochasons: Not really CrozaN, I have a plan, like the Cylons did in BSG.... Morris is going to get upgraded soon and Ellis will b g
Dt God: fu ck Jpk
CrozaN: i do, but i would have copped 2 0's in round 13 if i kept Ellis, by getting in Spur i move a 0 to round 12 instead
Mochasons: Ellis will be gone in Rnd 13.
wadaramus: Nice backline BillyBeane!!
localh: Come on eski I see a bin with your name on it
Mochasons: @CrozaN my current plan has no premo sideways trading in byes and I will get 1 zero in defence for round 13.
CrozaN: Dnno about Bugg, for now he is staying.
BillyBeane: In my defence - I've had a few beers
boondock: Kennedy lift!!
BillyBeane: Can't watch Melbourne sober
number1red: anyone who has ellis still is an utter flog
TrophX: Queensland viewers watch gold coast on tv.... Fml fml fml fml fml
CrozaN: Fair enough Moch, see wat happens i guess.
Jormas: Went Zaha/ROK, happy. Will pick Walsh up if he gets 100 and 80+ before the bubble, Smith -> him :P
pinkwalls: Here comes the fightback!
wadaramus: Carn JPK, break the magnet.
MayhemFC2: My backline is Elton John Adolf Hitler Suddam Hussien Gadaffi and Kony - with Barabara Striesand sub
mpollock: Watts going on ... he has had ton(s) of it!
Mochasons: If Cale Morton was drafted by Geelong he would be a superstar already. POS coaching and training staff and subpar ethos
number1red: melbourne you are horrendous, i would be utterly ashamed to be a dees supporter
BillyBeane: I went Bugg to Shaw and Ellis to Spurr
Rockafella: 1red, anyone who traded ellis for Spurr is an utter flog
yehright: number1red, you mate are a flog
Jmachete: Shiel > Zorko, A. Kennedy > walsh
maluckyday: clark should always have the heart just for playing for melbourne
pinkwalls: No Assad MayhemFC2?
BillyBeane: Elton John is one mad mofo - envious
FootyFan7: i went ellis- spurr
boondock: Billy thats a smart move
Mochasons: Jack Watts has a flame and it's Q4???? WTF is going on?
alekstah: lift kennedy!! FFS!!!! jesus!! LIFT
snoop1: Jpk sitting in fwd line. Hack
MayhemFC2: was your decision spurr... of the moment?
FootyFan7: and golby-scotland.
m0nty: back on the footy please lads
cdrobert: give davey a spud monty
Catas: Missing the point on Bugg. Why are you all getting off. Still seems to score well enough
BillyBeane: Has hand up as flog - but didn't like Ellis' BE
#9dees: well on the upside watts is getting a touch
ncjs: number1red i bet this is the highlight of your social life
BillyBeane: I rate Spurr
wadaramus: Ha Ha Mayhem
BillyBeane: But I think I'm the lone ranger
max41: come on 100 points
feralmong: my backs are: salvador dali, bruno, guy pearce, madonna, pele, angela merkel and jeff fatt asleep again.
number1red: ellis will get another sub par score, go down in value and thus loose any value he had as a cash cow... flog move
BillyBeane: Bugg will tire and danger of being rested
maluckyday: kennedy has not got 1 point this quater
joelyboy29: flowering kennedy so shower
feralmong: cmon jpk
number1red: haha judging by the reaction there is a few people who have held onto ellis lmao
merto09: bloody do something kennedy
FootyFan7: 98 pts wow
mackinaw: lol rocho complimenting jack watts on twitter. dunno why i find that funny, but i do
alekstah: cmon jpk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BillyBeane: that's lose red
localh: Eski to beat jpk loving it
mpollock: C'mon eski at least 75 ...
BillyBeane: Salvador Dali will spend most of the game watching seagulls
maluckyday: jpk alive
number1red: cmon eski up to 80 sc
TheHanger: cmon Grimes and Lukey Parker!!
pinkwalls: Jurrah injured his machete hand
beamen: 80+ please mags
BillyBeane: and painting the melting MCG time clock
Muppet: hard to beleive melbourne are paying 100 of salary cap this year
TTT Saints: Spuds for the entire Melbourne team, Moonty
alekstah: lets go jpk!!!! pray you garbage it up
BillyBeane: JPK has been shot by a sniper from the book depository
joelyboy29: my dt midfield boyd, pendles, ablett, kennedy, hayes, murphy and greene, horsley subs
specky2000: Jack watts for the moon
feralmong: Damn muppet. the players should pay match fees back this week.
thebigshot: @BillyBeane lol
snoop1: Jpk obviously being rested in fwd 50. Disappointingbut understandable
TTT Saints: Centurion icon for all Melbourne players, Monty
FootyFan7: some mammoth sc scores so far this weekend
berniebern: Melbourne trainer, tampering with evidence? Obstructing justice?
feralmong: how many sausage rolls for jpk?
morrowind: cant see how melb can get 3300 sc :-S
number1red: nice mids joelboy. murphy will be a bargain though in a couple of weeks
joelyboy29: mike pyke: 21 hitouts and 11 possesions also 0 marks lol
MayhemFC2: my dt pendles boyd stanton thompson hayes parker
specky2000: Monty, blue moon for jack watts
hoky_90: malceski 22 half time wasnt he??
BillyBeane: It's all in the Ben Warren report Bernie
alekstah: please kennedy! please goal
specky2000: Kennedy
Mochasons: my DT midfield: swan, pendles, thompson, boyd, murphy, horsely, greene, jmc
joelyboy29: kennedy kick the goal mate
alekstah: goal JPK! and ill stop talking about jpk now
morrowind: cmon magnet
specky2000: Goal!
grossn: 95 please grimey
BillyBeane: promises promises alek
TTT Saints: Is T. Walsh a keeper?
boondock: Magner easing up on JPK now
mishmash: kennedy will ton up even get his projected 107
localh: Poo
riceanator: magnet sc anyone?
Mochasons: Who gets dropped when Goodes is back?
number1red: my SC mids swan cotchin selwood watson zaharakis magner subs horse and JMAC
shueperman: comón eski keep going mate
BillyBeane: Ever noticed how LRT looks like shaggy off Scooby Doo
maluckyday: did kennedy score a goal
Jmachete: JPK sc scores anyone??
#9dees: eski sc?
old_shepp: Magner 54 SC
Turkies: Is Watts playing up the ground? hasnt kicked anything but has 30odd touches...
number1red: magnet 54 SC. bullshower
TTT Saints: Axe icon for Jurrah, Monty
Ropes: Can I have JPK's SC score please? Cheers
bonecrusha: I remember when TDL kicked 4 goals and cost carlton the premiership
shueperman: rok ur a little ripper :)
morrowind: why would you have magnet in front of horse? you know magnet tags
number1red: watts is a seagull
BillyBeane: 104
old_shepp: jpk 121 sc
JuddMyBud: Jpk 125 sc
boondock: Leave Jurrah alone boys
shueperman: get to 80 or more eski plzzzz
budgee: need a monkey symbol for davey as a monkey would be better them him at his job
BillyBeane: A Magnet can lead a Horse to water but it can't make it drink.
gd.39: Finally the ROK has come back...
BillyBeane: think about that
JamJam: cmon magnet, ROK
Jmachete: 3 guesses what my name stands for?
windigo24: Bad coaching or just poor players?
BillyBeane: Monkey a tad racist but ...ok
JuddMyBud: Bennell just over taken Davey has he played his last afl game????
FootyFan7: magner defs needs a magnet symbol. how does raines and s.selwood and davery get one b4 him?
MayhemFC2: aboriginal dependence day?
BillyBeane: knob, tool, fool?
shueperman: yes the ROK has returned :)
beamen: bumchin icon for davey
feralmong: bad players can't play the best coaches plan.
grossn: just get 90 grimes!
justi: why does watts get the horrible seagull. At least he did something
Dangeroo: there's already a magnet symbol though,
McKenzie2: Needs a few BINS!
MayhemFC2: yeh agree justi, terrible call on montys part
budgee: players are no good. no heart. Lazy. How do you nplan as a coach when your players refuse to do the hard running.
Blues17: is neeld changing players around? not watching game but if i was neeld and saw davey playing like poo i'd throw him back
shueperman: a few more ROK and ESKI
steamer: melbourne should be put back into the vfl
boondock: because their already is a symbol for the magnet
FootyFan7: maybe a mitsubishi symbol then?
BillyBeane: Kieren Jack welcome back to the fold - all is forgiven
boondock: there*
JamJam: cmon magnet get to 80
haooyy: i think the flash shouldn't be aaron davey, it should be lewis jetta. davey looks finished
morrowind: Watts has beaten Bolton tonight, put the seagull on eski
Turkies: disappointed in magnets SC :(
windigo24: Dees just have no star players.
Stephen001: JPK get to 100, and Malceski get to about 90..
joelyboy29: kennedy make the ton cmon !!!
Dangeroo: the flash? fastest afl player is dangerfield
feralmong: jetta should have a VW logo.
shueperman: junk it ESKI
jamesmagnr: Hurrah jurrah should not of played anyway deserved his injury I reckon
mishmash: jpk dropped a mark but got of a handball
BillyBeane: Bolton relegated Morrow
riceanator: magnet 93sc amirite???
beamen: i reckon m0nty wouldn't do an icon for magner, don't think he'll be relevant after this season
dingo23: should have pic of nathan buckly instead of seagull lol
windigo24: Jacky Watts deserves better than Gull. Much maligned, but 34 possessions in shower game for Melb.
budgee: at least the needle has done the right thing and given watts a chance for confidence.
number1red: malsexi up to 77 SC. another solid performance. can't wait until he plays against a team that doesnt tag him!
BillyBeane: Over a hundred Dangeroo
morrowind: Davey for the tombstone, he might as well be
MayhemFC2: fastest afl player is not dangerfield.... lol
Jormas: Jurrah Band-aid cause his MACHETE slit is wrist
pondzo: hill from freo should be up there for speed
Dt God: wtf jpk i traded you in
number1red: half back loose ban in defence, how is that not a seagull
BillyBeane: He's right Mayhem - over 100 - top 3 anyway
Dangeroo: dangerfield smashed jetta in the gf sprint,
mpollock: Rioli is kinda quick ...
boondock: people easy with the Jurrah jokes
joelyboy29: jurrah go back to the nt and earn your spot, one of the most overated payers in comp
Ribsy: Jpk 130 SC
Junktimer: tombstone for melbourne football club
mpollock: Raise your bat Sydney for the century lead ...
budgee: i feel sorry for the defensive group as they are not bad but the flood of unmarked players running in means that they ca
BillyBeane: Young Paddy ran 11.5 at school in year 12 - (I hand timed it admittedly)
hoddo: Agreed Windigo .. If that's the criterea Goddard should get a seagull every week but many consider him a champion
joelyboy29: alwyn davey pree quick as well
Kromedome: flower jpk not even a ton
number1red: haha junktimer
number1red: vote 11 for the melbourne team to all get the tombstone!
Blues17: jamar had 46 hit outs. how did trengove and moloney not take advantage of that
Chadwickus: Disappointed with no MACHETE icon for Jurrah
hintos: joelyboy jurrah is not allowed back in the nt
miccyg: hah cale morton
Mochasons: LOL how dare anyone compare Goddard to Watts... BWHWAWHAHAHAHHAAHA RIDICULOUS!
mpollock: Watts 149 SC!!
MayhemFC2: <3 jpk
Jormas: jpk sc!
Mithrandir: Dangerfield dragged off Hill whilst carrying the ball
grubby: terrible seagull call
miccyg: some work to do in melbourne
grubby: swans on top of the ladder
justi: Of all the players to put a bad icon on m0nty went for the bloke that got it 34 times in a team that lost by 101
hoddo: Seems there are people here who forget how ridiculed Goddard was as #1 draft pick in his early years
hoddo: Goddard was a #1 draft pick who was so bad in his first few years he copped a lot of criticism .. sound familiar?