Chat Log: R7, Western Sydney 13.16.94 d Gold Coast 9.13.67

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DermDog: Gazza <3
DiPpEr3: cmon ablett
GoldDigger: Is Gary good to go?
newman61: any subs known yet?
newman61: josh toy and andrew phillips are the subs
goodes=god: good to see my tomas bugg icon get up on the site. :D
jamesmagnr: Who will be first goal scorer about to put bet on
Meztek: go the horse!
shrimp5083: go bugg, coniglio, giles, ward and cameron
shrimp5083: cameron to kick nearly all of gws' goals
Footy_Pie: Gary back? Better believe it
go_freo: ive got gary as my (c)
Keza41: I tipped GWS :P
shrimp5083: @ keza41 smae
scytherb: ...
croc: ...?
Jormas: Ablett 'C' 300, Horse 115, giles 110, greene 110, smith 100, bugg 90?!
mufc: wishful thinkin there jormas
mufc: bennel to be first goal scorer
Meztek: bugg = 100% chance of getting 90, look at his past 6 games
Clark U: Im actually really excited for this game, should be entertaining.
mufc: k hunt to tonne up for the first time!
HotTiges84: where is the toy icon
CatAttack9: ablett for under 100, they'll try to rest him, might even sub him off if they're far enough ahead
CatAttack9: @jormas optimistic at best
Kavastarr: Ablett for 150sc
Palooza: @CatAttack9 I think your tripe comment re; Ablett is optimistic at best. Just because you don't have him in your side
Palooza: Clearly @CatAttack9 you don't have Ablett in your side. Quit the spew worthy words
Magicsmell: Gaz will score 300 points. 50 touches, 5 goals
Kavastarr: The camera work sucks at this ground
GoldDigger: let's go gary let's go
shrimp5083: goal to smith!
Panther: Shiel tagging Gablett
GoldDigger: commentators tipping 70 disposals for gazza
Clark U: Why does Horleys stats page say hes number 0?
goodes=god: lol!!! ablett gunning so far. i bet the people that traded him out have a massive palm on their face.
masterhc2: ahh shower already regrettingot putting GAJ captian.
meka100: Come on Smith, picked you over Adams, nice goal
Sydney14: lol ablett on 18 4 minutes in
cashcow: dollar sign for horse. already smashing be
Kavastarr: Brennan is an absolute muppet
Luke919: brennan is a joke
Memph: How is Cameron only on 2 points if he kicked the first goal? Lots of fouls as well?
Jacko69: Abletts on track for 540 haha
Catter1234: Souldve picked GWS!! Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
adz11: Go the Giants
meka100: Downgraded Goodes for Adams and upgraded Old Mac for Ablett
Sydney14: cmon horse
M.Brown#1: GWS wil tire, gc to win in the second half
mackinaw: this isnt basketball memph
Jormas: GAJ 145, horse 120, smith 115, greene 105, bugg 100, giles 90
GoCrowz98: Are these scores right?
CrozaN: Ablett captain...yesss
masterhc2: need xhiel to = greene lets go
lenny20: traded old mac meka1000? His breakeven is still negative!
Carlos78: Geez GAJ I just need you to stay down this week so I can get you. Stop!!!
CatAttack9: very optimistic jormas
TheoX: GAJ for the sub
dim sim: HORSLEY! the next GAJ
Grazz: Ablett straight back to it
Kavastarr: Does anyone know which bookmaker offers Rising Star Nomination markets? Because Greene is almost a certainty
McGuiness: Ablett im sory..... please take me back :'(
scotty95: glad i kept gaj
Slashers: At this rate GAJ won't be the red vest. They might need him
TheoX: joke of a 50
cufc2497: coniglio kick this son!
TheoX: mckenna should get the sack immediately if gws win
Palooza: Why GAJ for the sub comments - makes 0 sense...
sydwce: 15 + points for coniglio in 2 mins ahahah
Palooza: The people that are saying 'Ablett Sub' are the blokes that traded him out
CatAttack9: @palooza makes more sense than letting him play the whole game with a dud leg
meka100: @Lenny20 I know but I prefer Magner over him as I have too many GWS players
mackinaw: hm giles to dean looking good
scotty95: gold coast better win this
Magicsmell: Scully is a hack
raz07: poor from the suns they are better with gaj
raz07: without*
Palooza: His leg is fine @CatAttack you twit. Why would they play and risk him at all.
ncjs: Yep all the ones that traded Ablett just hoping for red vest
BFAsh: I reckon the players numbers should be next to their names....
MontyJnr: imagine if you trade devon smith to pfieffer 2 weeks ago..
CatAttack9: @palooza then why last week were we told he could miss up to 4 weeks? hes many things but he's not a god.
DiPpEr3: cmon ablett
M.Brown#1: Agreed BFAsh!
scotty95: trading ablett = noob move
TheoX: The AFL's highest paid player is certainly earning his money. NOT nice game scully ya filthy turd
froggy47: Ablett icicle
raz07: Giles has had it will be trading next week
shrimp5083: yes ward
Redlegs: I hope ablett gets subbed to make all the people who trading him out feel better
TheoX: Mckenna needs to be sacked now
Since1864: Thats correct catattack9, he is the son of God!
Palooza: Can't be bothered arguing with you @CatAttack9. Subbed = I will eat my words. Not subbed = goon.
Sydney14: lol gold coast are shower
sainter11: thank god pfeiffer isn't playing and treloar is my emergency...
biggs2dujj: This lead means when Ablett goes and turns the match around....MEGA POINTS
chadwick: Ppl hating on Giles, we're 14 mins in for gods sake
TheoX: scully tagging riscitelli? 2 million a season for ha tagger? lol
TheoX: suns will play better without ablett
biggs2dujj: Abletttttt
CatAttack9: @palooza im not saying he will be subbed, but if GC get into a winning position then theyll play it safe and sub i think
Magicsmell: Come on horse! I started you over coniglio
grossn: bennell
adz11: Ablett gun
number1red: @TheoX - hit the nail on the head. what a dud
Jormas: fielded greene over coniglio and smith over treloar.
Kavastarr: Unless you got Pendles, trading Ablett = a waste
Magicsmell: Isreal folau > Tom Scully
lord: Ablett I miss you
adz11: goal assist
Sydney14: what number is horsley?
Carlos78: How some of you walk straight with all the kneejerking is beyond me.
cdrobert: yablett forever
NewFreoFan: This giants lead also means very little chance of Ablett being subbed :)
Jormas: cmon horse!
cufc2497: coniglio another +5 rack em up!
Magicsmell: My midfield is JJ Kennedy, Pendlebury, Deledio, Watson, Ablett and Horsley
Palooza: Agree @Kavastarr
masterhc2: should never have doubted you gaj, sorry i didn/t put you captain
dawsy: Ablett will get the vest midway through the 3rd you will see!
goodes=god: disagree kavastar. its a waste of trade for a player that only sat out 2 weeks
grossn: lift Giles. need 90 from you.
Woodie: Horsley 42
Bovine: go Gaz
MontyJnr: knew i should have started magner over shiel
Sydney14: thanks woodie
linusp: gary wont get the sub... gary wants his brownlow, they wouldnt dare sub him or you'll see little bald fury!
Kavastarr: Ablett may get subbed... but he'll be on 150 by the time they do
MontyJnr: @dawsy not when they're losing
biggs2dujj: Ablett is running like a boss. Won't be subbed
lenny20: All the ablett sub conspirators may have had a point IF GOLD COAST WERE WINNING
DiPpEr3: shi t i got Townsend this week
NewFreoFan: Ablett 11 disposals and 40 sc points haha
Delicious: GAJ wont be subbed if GC are losing
el tiger: Good mark Horsey!
johno69: @ lenny20, excellent point
Dazza87: GAJ totally playing forward ftw
wce !: Bennell having a ripper season ! Really stepping up
cufc2497: warnock getting heaps of the ball
masterhc2: lol what the hell warnock 41 already averages 37
Carlos78: Lift Adams, Shiel.
Dazza87: should have made GAJ captain instead of listening to these so called 'pros' flower!
scoregasms: flower off ablett
el tiger: Plenty other sub choices
linusp: my oh my @ brennan
raz07: Has david swallow been near it!??
vbdl: come on kennedy.. somehow crack your BE mate. get amongst it!
Jormas: if ablett can get 280+ as my 'c', i will cry with joy.
biggs2dujj: @delicious exactly. Ablett will play to the death
The It_123: lift giles get to 20
el tiger: jc robbed
masterhc2: started shiel over treloar -.-
biggs2dujj: Cornes to power to Palmer to Davis. Speed the love around you hog hacks
Sydney14: cmon bugg
TheoX: wtf shiel
adz11: lift Bugg
pcmaniman: started shiel over cogs bummer
CollRHacks: hey guys how do u get live sc scores
Carlos78: Tobes being a beast again. Love it!
Kavastarr: Everyone who traded Ablett... how are those tissues going?
adz11: Giles struggling..
el tiger: SC scores after each qtr
linusp: so when is hunt going to bash folau? fight fight fight
M.Brown#1: Everybody who kept ablett are making good use of the tissues too haha
Jormas: tobes has another 120K to make over the next 3 weeks!
Pendles_10: gonna trade A.Kennedy out soon, scoring terrible last couple of weeks
masterhc2: superman for warnock never thought i would say that in 1 million years
GoLions: cape for warnock?
lenny20: slow clap for M.Brown#1, fantastic
FootyFan7: need giles, cameron and adams to get a move on
vbdl: thats it kennedy!
Kavastarr: Haha, very true M.Brown#1
el tiger: I didn't trade him and i still need tissues kav! lol
Spudanator: Tissues all round for GABLETT!
McGuiness: M.Browne#1 i got rid of ablett and making good use of those tissues for the same reason anyway, absolute jet
Jormas: gaj 90 ht?!
number1red: i went GAJ and the porps out - in came thompson and robinson. no need for tissues :)
Dazza87: GAJ to go up in price even more
Dazza87: can GAJ break the $800 000 barrier???
v_23: Jeremy Cameron...LIFT!
goodes=god: when is the bugg icon i made getting a run? :p
el tiger: Jeremy cameron robbed
piesvendet: mathew warnock cape? never expected to see that
ncjs: kennedy has 17 sc in first qtr no need to panic yet whats his be?
PezzDogg95: lol warnock is doing well because he is matched up with folau..
masterhc2: man i could not pick my rooks if my life depended on it. started shiel and d smith over adams and treloar
Paulie_Boy: Ablett will be subbed.
raz07: warnock is only on folau.. explains the dominance
dim sim: warnock has to get the cape
Woodie: Thompson from Adelaide might crack 100 SC by half time. On 77 atm
Footy_Pie: Ablett... First player to be worth 1mil?
el tiger: Number1ned - trades left?
DiPpEr3: superman warnock
Kavastarr: So glad I went Shiel > Horsley this week, Shiel's SC is terrible
Thunder: no talking about other games, ff sin
Spitter9: good quarter Greene!! lift Giles + Bugg!!
NewFreoFan: Guy McKenna will be getting worried about his future at the moment lol
ub6ib9: who cares thunder u teachers pet!!
PezzDogg95: who is gonna win?
MontyJnr: i have 9 players in this game lol
CollRHacks: how do u guys get live sc scores
Thunder: plenty do I assure you
adz11: Ablett on target for 200
MontyJnr: @collrhacks herald sun free trial pass
absof_86: @collrhacks. Pay for it on the Herald Sun site..
Luke919: kruezer or giles to cox next week?
CollRHacks: ok thx guys
Kavastarr: Hopefully his game stays close so Ablett can rack up huge bonus SC in the last qtr
hoky_90: i wouldnt put cox in!! as soon as nic nat is back be will fail again!
rotated: @collrhacks. android app FootyInfo Lite
Slashers: No one saying much about Giles?
Woodie: You should have got on the big mullet 4 weeks ago
PezzDogg95: LIFT giles
lenny20: giles always always always plays a terrible first quarter
The It_123: lift giles you spud get 80 today
GJayBee: Campbell dominating
ncjs: ablett capt but he needs a big one to cover my shower rucks
Jormas: swallow is about to get subbed!
nolan: move along horse!!
Kavastarr: Giles still on 21sc, not too bad. It's Bugg and D.Smith that really need to lift
Sydney14: lift horse and bugg
TheoX: $cully you absolute shower cow of a kick misses from 20m, $2 mill a year well spent sheedy
goodes=god: luke919. no. cox suffers when nicnat is in the team.
Woodie: Who's horse?
Pendles_10: kick giles plz!
junk time.: gold coast come back watch.
Carlos78: Points!! Very nice.
Pendles_10: kick it*
Spitter9: good giles!!
TheoX: put ablett on bench ffs runining GC
Jormas: yes big giles@
Sydney14: horse = horsley
Scotty9: gaz to break disposal record!
chadwick: Where are the kids whinging about go
TheoX: fk off giles ur on my bench get only 50
lozdaleg: nice giles
chadwick: Where are the idiots whinging about Giles now
Woodie: Thx @Stdney. Go Swannies today
PezzDogg95: matthew warnock to break dt record... :S
MontyJnr: giles massive start to Q2
goodes=god: theo. you'd want him to score big to make you money, surely
TheoX: like the bugg icon!
Qshtick: Some absolutely monstrous scores on the cards here
DiPpEr3: Fuc k u TOWNSEND
lenny20: ...I hate to blow my own trumpet (actually I love it) but WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT GILES!
TheoX: goodes im not gonna trade him out tho who else can cover on rucks bench?
sainter11: Bugg! Wherefore art thou?!
Jormas: fielded smith over treloar and greene over coniglio :((((
TheoX: Go Greene dawg
Magicsmell: Come on horse! Started coniglio and treloar over you!
TheoX: will be sweet to see other clubs pick off GWS talent when their initial contracts are up haha
Pendles_10: any1 here actually got greene at the start of the year?
TheoX: GAJ screwing up horse's score
MontyJnr: crack the half ton gary
el tiger: That didnt make sense Magic
TheoX: i traded conigs ot greene after week 2
linusp: cmon ablett, lets see the hand of god
Mochasons: Ok... Next week: bugg -> heppell OR shiel -> mitchell, OR devon -> beams ???
goodes=god: theo, who knows, but the more money the better anyway incase you need to trade him at some point. for who. who knows?
raz07: bugg used as a tagger two weeks in a row, sheedy you muppet release!
Kavastarr: This is pathetic from Gold Coast
masterhc2: lift bugg shiel and smith
ub6ib9: obviously teams playing GC say let garry have as much as he wants, it doesnt make them play any better!
Jormas: bugg upgrade to adcock next week?
mufc: go greene u gun outscore the horse! slow down gaj and wtf bugg, mohr, shiel?
Clark U: Bugg, morris and ellis all need the chop in the coming weeks, but there are flower all downgrade options atm, what do we d
Kavastarr: Beautiul work by Russell there, turned nothing into a goal
Jormas: cmon gaj!!
linusp: spurr says hello
thornz23: what no. is horsley?
Woodie: Thero 92 SC at half time.
J.Bartel: clark U you downgrade elsewhere get in zorko etc. and upgrade any of them playing on field
Woodie: 42
TheoX: GWS will absolutely pump Melbourne
Spitter9: hoarsley no.42
goodes=god: kenna going to get the sack
linusp: ok gary is going to get angry, he wants his 3 charlie votes... fire up son
Kavastarr: Bugg > Spurr will be a popular trade
thornz23: thanks
DermDog: Power you spud!
Jormas: need a 45 fro horse HT, 70 from GAJ
lord: buggg your goooooooooonnnnnneeeeee ... hello goddard
froggy47: ablett icicle?
Carlos78: Horse is tackling his way to 100.
meka100: Bloody hell Treloar when I bench you you do good, useless spud
slip: where is ablett haven spotted him in 6 mins
bert1: yep have spurr on the radar silly me left morris and ellis on the pine
Kavastarr: Abletts been on the bench that last 5 mins
TheoX: shiel you flowering retard
old_shepp: Ironic how I traded Magner out over Shiel coz he's tagging and now Shiel dishes up this !
bert1: Loving the bugg sylmol
goodes=god: lord fail if you didnt start with goddard.
adz11: Where is Ablett
linusp: cmon ablett... towel these kids up... why so srs.. i mean quiet
Dazza87: benell 61 in SC
TheoX: and GC plaing better w/o GAJ too
Jormas: shiel is taggin Gaj out of the game :( get a move on GAj, Horse
Spite: shiel doing an awesome job on haz in q2
Clark U: Got rid of conigs over magnar and shiel ffs
thornz23: conigs rackin em up. glad i kept him
Magicsmell: Sold Magner for Horsley, then Dev smith for Steel Sidebottom :D
Carlos78: I need Shiel to be up and GAJ down. Umm, conflicted!
bert1: played shiel over mangnet i suck
lord: goodes=god .. yes .. but im 673 so im doing ok
CamT: Nice Bug icon. Definitely Hall of Fame material
linusp: no body puts baby in the corner! I mean ablett... shake that tag
HawkTalker: getting off magner this week was the right thing to do, Magic. 185k profit, and he threw up another 70 last night.
TheoX: lucky horse can tackle
TheoX: scully is so shower, melbourne ruined him
jesseboy: @HawkTalker - yeah, and he gained $20k + has a BE next week of just 8 now... still has alot of money to make.
BlueBoys#5: Horse new hayes?
vbdl: horse the tackling machine
Jormas: horse is a beautiful tackler.
Warney: think we'll be seeing a horse head icon
CamT: The longer people play for Melbourne the worse they get.
lord: scully with his form.. is he a spud?
snowman123: trading Coniglio over Shiel and starting Adams over Treloar... FMDt
cashcow: horse in for mother of all price rises
TheoX: scully you are an overpaid clown
Pendles_10: m0nty u should make a horse emblem for horsley!!
Magicsmell: Its nearly time to bust out the oranges for this kids game
Spitter9: HUGE quarter from Giles. Up to 53 SC already :)
thornz23: lol +4 for the horse the last 3 updates
hinjy: lovin the k horse! havent seen him touch it yet hes +10 since I been watching!
LilLionMan: It's HORSLEY not Horsely
HawkTalker: keep flogging that dead horse, jesseboy. There are bigger price rises to be had this week
J.Bartel: 7 tackles by horsley. amazing
TheoX: funny that 2 of GWS's worst players are their highest paid in scully and folau
kangars8: magic smelll i bet you have been waiting all day to say that joke
Jormas: cmon GAJ, 70 HT?
TheoX: thought swallow was injured last week?
Warney: giddy up put a saddle on horsley
Woodie: Wheres horse's most possies per min gone?
jesseboy: @HawkTalker - if you say so... personally I got rid of kennedy, but whatever floats your boat.
bert1: goodes is fit seen him on the powerraid ad
Sydney14: horse goal
dawsy: The Horse!!!
kangars8: big horse!
Pendles_10: Horsley!!
lord: scully may not get a game in 2 years with gws young talented midfielders
Jormas: m0nty, can you spud, pumpkin or unicorn brown?!
thornz23: yessss horsley
GoCrowz98: Horse!!!
masterhc2: goal horsely you gun
hinjy: horse!
Magicsmell: Horse = Barlow?
HawkTalker: the horse goal!
Keza41: Horsley and treloar on bench! :(
TheoX: campbell bworn what a joke
M.Brown#1: horse!
Jormas: horse goal!!
BlueBoys#5: Go on you horse love starting you over manger
CollRHacks: giles 66 sc
lord: hooooooorrrrse
J.Bartel: HYAL goal
Dali: GO Horsley! glad i traded you in!
Dazza87: thank god for Jono GILES!!!
lenny20: HOrSE!
Carlos78: Neigh!
vbdl: love your work horse
Since1864: Why the long face - non Kyal owners
Magicsmell: Gaz quite last 5.. lift!
thornz23: brought the horse in and put him straight on field for shiel :)
Dazza87: black caviar symbol for the Horse??
linusp: christ come on ablett you bald ass hole
Sydney14: cmon Gaj
hinjy: horse u gun!
MontyJnr: horsley 51 sc adams 36 sc. great trade ins this week!
R.Griff: so happy went Bugg to Heppell
Grazz: We been blessed the last couple of years with Smith and Giles. Can Giles hold up all year, Smith couldnt.
Raveneyes: Is it wrong to get turned on by Chelsea Roffey? Makes me wanna mmmmm
nolan: horseeeeeeeeeee
CollRHacks: @since1864 we dont have him :(
Woodie: Bugg doing a shower job on Bennell. release him sheeds
Kavastarr: Unbeliveable that Horsley hasnt played until now. Was he rooting McKenna's daughter or something?
scoregasms: stay down gary
GoCrowz98: what # is Horsley?
Pendles_10: does horsley have the weirdest kicking style?
biggs2dujj: Gaz is probably feeling it. Might be sub after all
Clark U: @since1864 lol, surely everyone saddled the horse up this week
Magicsmell: @ Dazz87 Yes!!
Grazz: @Dazza87 good idea mate i like it
donga: Giddy up!!!
Kromedome: lol @ kav
masterhc2: great goal caddy
dawsy: watch Gaz get the vest soon :)
Carlos78: @Pendles - Nah, Hale would be the weirdest kick.
CamT: Surley 80% of the people on here put Horsley in this week
Woodie: 42
thornz23: horsley no. 42
linusp: is ablett even on at the moment?
M.Brown#1: Dollar sign for horsley
brent_bren: gaj score is bullshower
grossn: GC in front
hinjy: horse>ablett
Jormas: LIFt GAJ!
MontyJnr: @kavastarr that wouldn't matter. shiel roots mark williams' daughter and still plays :p
Luke919: horsley on my bench god damn
TheoX: stay down Gaz
masterhc2: started shiel over treloar
chadwick: Only 80%?
cashcow: horse could be 250k by next week
el tiger: Go Hrsey!!
TheoX: why would u put horse on bench lol
walle: i bought Horsley in but left him on bench for Coniglio...50-50 so far
Kavastarr: Only 18 points from Ablett this qtr, needs to lift a bit #supercoach
Jormas: should have 'c'ed horse over Gaj!
matDTC: Horse still only in 3.5% of DT teams
GJayBee: Horse is my hero. I must have! Does anyone know why they waited to play him? seems alot of mature ages have to wait
KruZin: Horse for Captain next week!
twsherrin: Get involved Gazza - quiet qtr
Pendles_10: say 'i' if u got horsley this week :)
Kavastarr: @MontyJnr: Maybe Horsley was a plow to her then? haha
CeccHy23: lift power
Sydney14: stop clapping your hands like a seal and get the ball gaz
scoregasms: sub off gazza haha
thirstyman: The horse has bolted!!! yeee haaa!
pinkwalls: If Horse gets 120 he'll be up to ~$225k after lockout
Steino1912: 3.5% wtf!!
el tiger: Take it easy Jormas , still a loong way too go
GoCrowz98: Do you lose DT points if you kick it out on the fall?
Jormas: 10Dt from Gaj. not good enough from my captain, lift for last 5 mins. i need 65 HT atleast.
sainter11: Ablett = +4 since qtr time..not worried, should have a ripper 3rd and 4th
Sydney14: i
beetle123: i
joelyboy29: horsley you gun put you as captain, repaying the faith :)
adz11: shower ablett
Kromedome: i
hinjy: bugg & Kennedy goneski next week... zork & prem back IN
theuncle: i
CamT: i
thirstyman: i
grossn: pinkwalls: is there a way to calculate that?
matDTC: yeah, i was expecting it to be 50% of teams... but 3.5% says on DT site\
CeccHy23: i
Grazz: Dudge said some bloke hes playing has the Horse cpt, could pay off haha we were laughing but LOOK.
Ferog: Horsley has been injured thats why he hasn't played
Dafty: i
masterhc2: lol joelyboy you did not
old_shepp: Big quarter for Caddy
dawsy: sub ablett at half time, he needs more time
CollRHacks: Swallow Shocker....
jesseboy: Horsley is in more than 3% of teams, you need to wait for it to update on monday. 25% of trades this week were horse in.
Pendles_10: GAJ goal assist
nolan: just need the suns to take an 8 goal lead now and sub ablett
mackinaw: hoping rocky is a late withdrawl, got horse em
CollRHacks: say i if u hate Hayden Ballantyne. I
el tiger: joelyboy29 - you obviously have no idea
gocatsgo: Anyone know if Darley is ever gonna get a game?
SChawkMI: Bugg isn't going that well over the past 2 weeks
pinkwalls: Yeah, if you know the formula and magic number you can estimate price changes. That's how they work out BE's
Kavastarr: @matDTC: Is that 3.5% just the figures before lockout ends though? Cos I'm sure he'd be in more teams than that
goodes=god: if horse scores 100, he'll rise to 220k with a breakeven of -60. $$$$
CamT: m@matDTC surely that 3.5% is lagging a week behind or is it "live" ?
CollRHacks: Ablett and Giles 68 in supercoach
joelyboy29: i thought it was a smart decision considering his performances in the last fortnight
gd.39: Horsley had to be promoted up from the rookie list when harbrow went down I think.
antonc: Horse very cheap for a premium!!
matDTC: i would of thought it was 3.5% as of lockout, but maybe not
grossn: @pinkwalls: what is the formula? XD
Ayce: Horse is galloping!! Lmao!
banjo46: Horsey is in27.5% of teams.
philthy1: horsely's number anyone?
fmome: Ballantyne is brilliant. Deal with it.
CollRHacks: just saying in supercoach a hitout is +2
Rob K: not watching the game. gaj is my captain and i need him to kill it. is he playing in the middle or goal sqaure?
joelyboy29: 42
Steino1912: horsley's just got so much endevour, how the f*** this is his 3rd game is beyond me
Kavastarr: Ablett 70sc... that's our Gazza!
Since1864: Horse is not a 1 trick pony!
philthy1: cheers
wce !: flowering how many times have i seen number 42 !
CollRHacks: giles 74 sc Thats our Jono!
linusp: just need GAJ to beat pendlebury
Kavastarr: Giles 75sc... Jesus I didn't see that before... HUGE!
wce !: prob 42 times
MontyJnr: superman quarter from giles, around 65 sc from q2 alone
thornz23: 6 more for horse
el tiger: Joelyboy29 - LOL you dont have Pendles, GAJ, Selwood, Thompson or Murph?
thornz23: who cares if its a shower kick..
TheoX: horse!
Bovine: Trelor looks good... runs well, massive engine
pinkwalls: It's 0.75 x old price + (0.25 x rolling 3wk average score x the magic number). The magic number is approx 4650.
Jormas: Horse +9!
CollRHacks: ht
GoCrowz98: Do players lose DT points if they kick it out on the fall?
JDolling69: Cape for horse, 51 points
SChawkMI: hopefully for me and others that ablett doesn't get subbed
myteamsuks: Wow 44pt dt from giles, whats sc score?
Carlos78: A horse and the son of God walk into a bar...
grossn: thank you pinkwalls!
Jormas: good half horse, Gaj, Giles, Greene, Treloar, Coniglio, not really Bugg and Smith...
TheoX: stop giles ffs
Ayce: The horse has turned into a stallion!!
CamT: Heaps of players as good as Horsley never got an AFL gig because of recruiters love of children.
CollRHacks: giles 61 pt sc quarter
MontyJnr: mohr, bugg and shiel need to give me a better second half
matDTC: yeah 27% your right, i didnt look in assistant coach
Kavastarr: Thank God that Gold Coast named Adams on the bench... forced me to start Treloar instead which looks good so far
el tiger: Bovine - agreed, big wraps on him from all the players at GWS
thirstyman: If Ablett is playing it is my religion to make him captain, even if he has one leg.
Elephant: they won't sub ablett unless he gets injured
Pendles_10: wtf horsley sc score bullshower
masterhc2: bloody hell started shiel over treloar and adams
el tiger: CamT - thats due to change with the success of Jpod, Barlow and now Horse, Kennedy Magner etc..
Kavastarr: *GWS I mean. Bugg looks gawn next week. B/E in the 40s, looks like just reaching that. #supercoach
haooyy: bugg -_- upgrade time for you
Sydney14: need more from you mohr and bugg
raz07: my word giles smashed it that quarter
dancasta: started shiel over magner. not looking good
CamT: el tiger ... they still get Rookied rather that picked in the main draft. Recruiters are jokes
el tiger: Jeremy Cameron, get a kick ffs
Sydney14: started Jacobs over giled :/
Sydney14: *Giles
Luke919: have horsley on my bench but also kept cameron on my bench
pinkwalls: more from Mohr?
dancasta: cmon buggy shiel, mohr. min 70 from each of yous
el tiger: True Cam, but times are changing withthe compromised drafts etc.. we'll see more and more elevations as time goes on
el tiger: But it is a longer road
CamT: @el tiger ... hope so. I've seen dozens of WAFL players die on the vine who would have been absolute stars
GJayBee: I started Ryder of Giles to hopefully get a point of diff for my crap dt. Paid top dollar for Paddy the . . .
sainter11: Tonnes from Treloar, Giles and Ablett would make my day
CamT: GJayBee ... that's my ruck combo too
SaintsRGod: just want bugg and smith to do better in the second
FootyFan7: cmon cameron!!
Carlos78: Thoughts on Conigs price rise if he gets 100?
MontyJnr: adam kennedy won't make his breakeven
colmullet: knew caddy would finally do something after i got him out
raz07: sub ablett i reckon needs a well earned rest
nolan: @raz07 i like it
ncjs: Ablett will be on ground for their first win, he wont be subbed
el tiger: lol - ablett only jarred his knee, he's cherry ripe and no way going to be subbed
Jormas: conigs 100 = +22K
el tiger: I hope so to Cam, it adds a spark to all local comps too giving hope to those who start a little later
Bennyy: only people who want ablett subbed are the ones who traded him out and are starting to worry if he goes big!
el tiger: Cameron needs to start flying again!!! C'Mon Cam!
el tiger: Swallow better chance to be subbed than GAJ!...?
Bennyy: get your breakeven buggy! then you can be birchall next week
el tiger: Benny - yep.. Go GAJ!!! make the trade burners pay!
Demons15: put treloar on the field ahead of kennedy, so happy atm
The It_123: Buggy get to 65 please
ub6ib9: haha ablett sucked in the 2nd! will end up on 105... nothing orgasmic!
remon tea: Definitely el tiger
bert1: gazz to stay on ground to make sure of the win swallow to be subbed mostlikley
lenny20: of the gc players returning from injury, it's the risch who looks underdone and likely to be subbed
R.Griff: Phillips on
SaintsRGod: great start GWS
Kavastarr: GC have made their sub. Ablett to play a full match. flower the haters mmm
el tiger: Bugg and Cameron killing me, make 150 between you at least guys!!!
The It_123: cmon bugg lift
Kavastarr: Bugg gone next week I think
goodes=god: would love a goal or 2 to gaj
SChawkMI: lol at all the people who have bugg and cameron!
Nigey95: sumner subbed.
FootyFan7: camerons be is -17 or something like that. not too bad
The It_123: keep gling coniglio, giles and horsely
pcmaniman: Buggs made me plenty of cash - no regrets
MontyJnr: @schawkMI you don't have bugg? lol your team must have sucked in the first 6 rounds..
ub6ib9: why have ablett when u can have horsley!!!
Demons15: i have a hunch horsley will beat his BE, not too sure though XD
el tiger: Got him on the field but FootyFan - trading Goodes next week!!! just needs to get to around 50 for me to be happy
CamT: Bugg ... one of the obvious pick for people who have a clue
SChawkMI: @montyjnr i didn't need bugg and look at his score now
SaintsRGod: izzy shouldve kicked it
el tiger: who got subbed?
el tiger: Bugg needs to stop eating a tin of Milo the night b4 games lol - get on the Quick!!!
andyman268: how do you think i feel? thought bugg and khunt would both be keepers... ROFLMFAO flower.
dancasta: dont u hate it when all these yellow flashes come up and they dodge all your players :/
el tiger: khunts going to be a juicy pick next year if the price is right
Rob K: how is gaj getting beaten by a bunch of kids?
raz07: ablett needs to see the vest
Dangeroo: @demons15 he only needs 80fa not to
SaintsRGod: please sub gaz off so his price drops
twsherrin: cmon Gazza - need a lift mate
ub6ib9: ablett calling for red vest! nice
dawsy: either sub GAJ or risk him getting injured you flowering tool Guy
dancasta: horsre huge dt for 7 touches
Demons15: @dangeroo haha yeah i reckon he could do it if they were playing west coast ;D
GJayBee: I would love to see GWS get up. #$^% the Gold Coast. Funded and staffed by people not from there
KruZin: Damn it I played Devon over Treloar. ALWAYS get it wrong!
el tiger: Thats it Buggy - get into it sonny
raz07: big izzy has lifted
GJayBee: did anyone hang onto Gablett?
andyman268: wow, adam kennedy is finished, isnt he?
berrygate: buggs b/e is low so his value will still increase
darpy: Khunt looks like he might actually be a player, does some alright things. People eating humble pie next year I reckon
donga: Yep
ub6ib9: horsley is a tackling machine!
Luke919: swallow will definitely get the vest
giox: scully you are a spud, even amongst a heap of first year footballers you still have done nothing after 7 rounds.
thirstyman: say i if you have ablett i
The It_123: lift giles
Demons15: i
ncjs: i
darpy: i have ablett, and as captain, never traded him
ub6ib9: i have ablett getting the red vest!
SChawkMI: @ thirstyman I
masterhc2: i
Pendles_10: swallow subbed
BlueBoys#5: Swallow subbed
13Brummy: swallow red vest
R.Griff: Swallow subbed
bdiesel: stfu with your "say I" nonsense
goodes=god: eye
raz07: yep ablett looks to be stuggling out there
andyman268: what are peoples thoughts on horsley? is he a keeper? or will the scores eventually fall off. will need to avg. 105+
Woodie: i
adz11: swallow sub
MontyJnr: adam kennedy will go down in value this week
Kromedome: i
Moondog21: Swallow sub and ablett only going half hearted
ub6ib9: ok now ablett for ACL
chyeaahh: put horsley on the bench.. and jeremy cameron on the field
gursh10: traded gaj and milera for beams and kennedy(swans) two weeks ago. defs worth it!
Kavastarr: Lift Ablett, 100sc by 3qtr
ub6ib9: A Complete Legend!
Demons15: anyone here NOT get horsley?
Sydney14: i want more, Mohr
MacDaddy33: Cam to Smith Goal delicious
Jormas: time to trade bugg and smith out this week, reached their peak
thirstyman: Captain Ablett keep going
goodes=god: ub6ib9. i hope you get banned for that
grossn: thanks smith
BigWilko: ay e
R.Griff: ub6ib9 dont wish injures not my fault to traded ablett
CeccHy23: smith is a b.l.o.o.d.y s.h.i.t player
MacDaddy33: Agreed Ban that scumbag
lozdaleg: smith goal :)
goodes=god: what team do you play for cecchy23?
pcmaniman: cmon treloar keep it up boy
dancasta: christenson injury other game
shrimp5083: gun coniglio
HawkTalker: swearers should really be banned here,. especially when they deliberately dodge the filter.
SChawkMI: campbell brown very quiet
m0nty: no spoilers from the other game please
Hardzy: glad I moved Magner on instead of conigs
greentea89: i started greene over horsley. sigh
CeccHy23: goodes=god do u mean local footy
dawsy: considering ablett BE is 130 odd, what would it be if he were to score 100 today?
Carlos78: Great to see Coad back.
Costanza: as long as it's close GAJ to stay on
Meztek: shiel > mitchell next week :)
morrowind: With the horse playing well it's good bench cover if a prem. pulls out
goodes=god: monty, instead of swear words being replaced with other non-swear words. how about they show up blank? lol
Morts54: HawkTalker = 100% correct
raz07: ablett doing pretty well today considering
slip: ablett 100 by 3Qt pleeaasssee
SChawkMI: cmon gazza
goodes=god: meztek. i'll be doing the same. :) as well as milera > sidebottom
SaintsRGod: put conigs on the field instead of bartel this week, yay
daniel87: Who needs gaz when you can have the horse
The It_123: cmon bugg lift 50 at 3 quarter time
Grazz: Wheres Gaj playing in the mids or fwd
thirstyman: why not have both!
masterhc2: started shiel over treloar ffs
Woodie: Cogs to ton up for the first time. I knew i kept him for a reason
daniel87: Lol good point
Jormas: COMEON GAJ! + 20 before the break.
pcmaniman: Prestia having a good second year
TTT Saints: treloar starting to make up points for the bugg deficit now
Meztek: shiel the only gws player not in my opponents team.. grrrr
SChawkMI: started magner over coniglio :(
ncjs: ablett will get 140+ sc
SaintsRGod: bennell stopped, cmon son
Jormas: started greene and horse over coniglio, can't complain. but started smith over treloar
m0nty: Prestia enjoying the famous PNG push
bert1: gazz 91 sc doing alright about 130 odd would be noice
CollRHacks: Giles 89 sc Ablett 90 sc
keenasabea: i wanr mohr from you tim
R.Griff: started Adams over Treloar :(
The It_123: lift giles and buggy
Redlegs: The suns are the real giants, you can fit a million earths in our sun
The It_123: ton up conigs
GJayBee: The purple push is a phenomenon
bert1: do u have him in your team monty dude
MontyJnr: treloar only 46 sc :(
goodes=god: m0nty put the purple name on some of my players for next week. ta.
W.Mantooth: shiel will still get 70
raz07: adams has a bigger SC score than treloar
Bovine: where do you find SC scores
Spitter9: slow down ablett!! dont want you to reach your break even
MontyJnr: devon smith and adams are beating treloar in sc
KruZin: YES Townsend over his B/E!
ncjs: if it stays close gaj will bust it open and rack them up..i hope
Grasscutta: Get on green for rising star
morrowind: Cmon bugg get to 70
berrygate: Ablett playing safe today- lacking tackles
ncjs: ablett 100 sc
GJayBee: Go giants!
masterhc2: lol @ ablett traders
Woodie: Cogs SC score?
darpy: Kennedy and Bugg, all the rage at the start, now I reckon their time is up
The It_123: cmon bugg get to 60
GoldDigger: lik the bug and the harley, m0nty!
BlueBoys#5: idk who i want to win. i tipped GCS but i want GWS to win
Chucky2010: My mate Liam has hung up his boots. His FIFO boots!!! Cremble, Nose and Reegy Deegs salute you. Mass head!!!!
ncjs: cogs 81 sc
Luke919: shiel get to 70 son cmon!
thirstyman: giants are currently paying $7 to win
Jormas: gaj 40 disposals, 135 DT please. xx
Woodie: Cheers @ncjs
uncle doop: Go GWS!! And horsey
yeragam: Horse has got stuck in the mud, not scored much in a while
Matticus: Tom Skully is a joke!
berrygate: Kennedy now a defender and needs to be traded
Kavastarr: Bloody hell Treloar, done nothing since half time
bert1: time to cull my GWS cows off to the dariy you go to be milked
Matticus: Not worth the $$$
raz07: my word giants could pinch this thought GC were gonna run away
thirstyman: time to kick along horse
GoLions: ablett SC anyone?
junk time.: treloar has done well 76 ya gotta be happy kavastarr
The It_123: more buggos and giles keep going
bert1: eyeing off zorko for kennedy
darpy: Kennedy wont even make his BE, what a spud !
thirstyman: $7 are long odds for such a close game, that is good value
MontyJnr: ablett 97 sc atm
Meztek: wtf cameron supercoach, played him over treloar :(
hinjy: wtf k horse gone?
GriffenBFF: Scott Thompson > GAJ
bert1: gazz 97 should of put the C on scotty thompson he going huge
hinjy: get on the draw!
Kavastarr: @junk time, only 9sc points from Treloar though.
Jormas: 3QT, i need a +40-50 next qr GAJ!
morrowind: horsely has had a quiet qtr
MontyJnr: @junk time treloar sc only 49
GoLions: ty montyjnr
Solat: surely warnocks score today is the equal of his cumulative score this moon monty?
raz07: lol why does giles always go missing for entire quarters
Costanza: any more from Horse is all bonus
berrygate: 13 Goalkickers for the Crows
MikeeK: Bugg is annoying
junk time.: oh sorry thought ya meant DT
MontyJnr: giles sc 85, will score massive
Redlegs: bit tough to give warnock the blue moon imo
manonfire: great game Sub G.A would be good
VanDammage: My cats breath smells like catfood
Solat: ty m0nty
loving it: horsely>black caviar
doogz: Cash symbol for the HORSE
masterhc2: folau ahead of shiel lift dylan
MontyJnr: horsley sc has hardly moved this quarter, only on 65
dancasta: shiel please beat magners 84. kick the gamewinner next quarter
Jormas: monty, three $'s for Horse for a 120K price rise!
sainter11: Treloar 90+ , Giles 75+ , Bugg 55+ Smith 70+ and Gaj 105+ I'll be very happy :)
greentea89: get a touch greene
dawsy: Give Horse the double dollar sign $$ he deserves it.
Pendles_10: money sign for adams
raz07: how are adams and devon smith not making money
Nigey95: GAJ only 20 off his BE in SC.
Luke919: adam kennedy brick wall?
Mochasons: no dollar sign for Toby Greene or Coniglio???
R.Griff: Horse $ sign m0nty
sainter11: slot it giles
smcp: Go Giles! Glad I put you on the field over kreuzer!
Jormas: Lets go GAJ! hugeee quarter of footy, 5 touches.
smcp: SC that is.
checkraise: No cash sign for Coniglio?
Nigey95: devon smith doing well after i traded him flowering pfeiffer. :(
Jormas: greene tonne up, smith 90, giles 85, bugg... 65
Bovine: earn you pay cheque today gaz and finish off the game
Sydney14: kick the winning goal gaz
GJayBee: Scully showing the signs of his future as a middle tier player hahahaha maybe
Mochasons: Horsley $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
GriffenBFF: had 50 bucks on prestia 25+ possies..... commmoooooonnnnn
Antony: Give Scully the $ sign too. He has the fattest wallet on the Giants.
mdon11: Go the Giants.
GJayBee: Antony, what were the odds?
nolan: ton up horsley!
GJayBee: Sorry, Griffen what were the odds?
TheoX: Antony $cully has the fattest wallett in the whole AFL ffs
Solat: any danger of a team scoring?
checkraise: cash for coniglio!
doogz: congilio is on my bench :(
dubs$men: @ Nigey, the 39 in DT he got was due to being on only a qrt
Carlos78: Any risk of my players getting a touch?
Kavastarr: Started Treloar over Adams, flower this
Meztek: cmon shiel 40pt qtr!!
W.Mantooth: kyal... need you to catch scotty's thompsons score please
Jormas: get on the ball garry!!!
SaintsRGod: bennell, where are you?
TheoX: shiel you tard get the ball
Luke919: solid game from toy so far
SChawkMI: @doogz same
StAnselm: Sam Iles is above Ablett???
Centurions: is ablett playing in the centre?
adz11: Ton for Ablett
Kavastarr: Get around it Ablett, kick 2 goals this qtr
TTT Saints: 4 more tackles horse! c'mon
tezzer_j: i started Cameron over am i feeling.....i'm a nin-kum-poop
Woodie: Thompson massive sc score
GoldDigger: big assist to congealio there
Kavastarr: Treloar you absolute powerhead, get some touches you skunk
mdon11: SHIEL, lets go GIANTS
BlueBoys#5: Lots of SC poins to be handed out
Sydney14: sc points for shiel
Jormas: horse 105, ablett 125?
Centurions: shiel +15 sc
Grasscutta: Greene for rising star
slip: come on ablett get into this game.. looks disinterested
raz07: giles!
DBerbatov9: loving this quarter Kennedy :D
TheoX: green sawg
bert1: shiel goal giles shot on goal wow
Solat: when was the last goal?
JuddMyBud: Omg Kennedy. 29 at the last break 23 ps already
Dafty: Kennedy keep going!
porkman89: where's the horse gone?
Pendles_10: cmon giles!!
darpy: i reckon Ablett is in 3rd, he is letting GWS get excited, then he will flick switch and end it
Sydney14: cmon ablett get the suns up, so you can get some SC points
shrimp5083: go ward
SaintsRGod: tonne up conigs, u deserve it son
twsherrin: Gazza for the winning goal
Meztek: yes shiel!!
Nigey95: bugg and treloar on the field, giles and kennedy on the bench in sc. :(
W.Mantooth: bugg.. do what kennedy is doing!
Grasscutta: Shiel great tagger
MikeeK: Horsley, you Cow. Get a move on!
bert1: gazz 107 would like more need more
greentea89: get a touch greene! damnit.
kuraban: Halfway through last qtr. Toy still scoring consistently.
Solat: toy looking for donuts
comonucrow: The Crows won.
GoLions: shiel, bugg, treloar, adams, smith, horsley any chance of a combined score of 500 in SC?
Pendles_10: horsley +3
MikeeK: LIFT Bugg or I will give you the flick!
Jormas: keep going Greene, Horse, Gaj. 100, 105, 120+ !!
Luke919: shiel stopped tagging ablett 3 qtrs ago
BlueBoys#5: what will horsley's SC B/E be next week?
W.Mantooth: +greene - love it
windigo24: Coniglio+3.
mufc: stay ablett stay... good boy :)
Carlos78: Get bust Smith/Adams
GoLions: or at least 400....
Kavastarr: Lift Ablett you spud, need at least 130sc from you
HawkTalker: Anyone still holding Kennedy has made a poor error.
Bovine: where is ablett playing
Grazz: The Chad is back..
Meztek: abletts sc?
Pendles_10: Giles has had 14 contested touches most of any GWS player
darpy: why does anyone care what Bugg scores? everyone has him so his score means nothing
StAnselm: Give Bugg the wall icon
goodes=god: blueboys. around -60 if he gets 100
W.Mantooth: i have so many players in this game I cant keep track of the yellow updates
mufc: giles is a premo ruck compared to most this yr sc wise and mayb even dt
Grazz: @darpy true
Jormas: cmon tobes 105. GAJ MOVE!
Carlos78: Conigs : )
bert1: smith cramp
Nigey95: just realised my opponent has ablett captain.
Grasscutta: Smith hammy tweak
W.Mantooth: ableeett is about to go OFF
mufc: warnock blue moon and guess whos playin on him ahahaha
Nicksta: @Grazz Indeed - The Chad is The Chad once more.
Sydney14: does Mckenna want to win or not? get ablett up the ground
berrygate: Go GWS
Jormas: i am 834/9 with GAJ 'c', Greene, Horse, Smith, Giles, Bugg.
bert1: come on gazz
Grazz: Same here Wes and alot have dollar signs on them
windigo24: GAJ tons up.
dubs$men: got $50 on GC on the line (+24.5), looks like its over
13Brummy: gaj tons up
MontyJnr: Ablett past his sc breakeven, will go up from 720k. Good luck affording him if you traded! haha
sainter11: there's the ton from ablett
Sydney14: ablett staring to lift
Jormas: Ablett tonne.
Sydney14: *starting
W.Mantooth: loving it 500K in the bank and all these guys to cash in after round 13
mufc: cmon greene i played u over horse keep it up and beat the bitch! :D money money money money turned into ablett! :)
windigo24: Bugg+6.
Kavastarr: Horsley done nothing
Nigey95: cmon suns, get up!
jimmeh3: whatever happens the real losers today will be melbourne
bert1: gazz 120sc little more plz
remon tea: Ablett working like crazy
Grasscutta: Gaj under DT BE
Woodie: Gun for Gogs mOnty, 30+ possies
azza_g: Wats gaj sc?
SaintsRGod: cmon giants, get up boys
pcmaniman: cmon shiel and treloar - give me something in the last 15
Grazz: @Wes ditto mate, got 600k cant wait to go shopping lol.
Jormas: rack em up last 10 mins GAj, 2 points per min.
Costanza: who cares, he's back
bert1: I like the gws jumper and there cows
Pendles_10: horsley has had a poor 2nd half :(
mufc: anyone know why treloar sc score is so shower? ineffective to the max or what? and even the horse scoring more in dt again
mmurphy3: whats no is horsely
Luke919: great game by iles
Woodie: Ablett 120 sc atm
goodes=god: i got 760k in the bank in sc. bringing in 3 prems in next 2 weeks. lets go shopping! :D
windigo24: Bullshower umpire!!
bert1: horse 42
Jormas: TONNE hor$e, come on!
mufc: cmon bugg junk like your name suckling!
windigo24: How about an icon for a maiden ton? Like a box with 'ton' on it??
mufc: cmon horse get to 90 greene a hundred!
danyoung36: giles sc?
Carlos78: Cmon boys, gimme some icing.
gdshifty: Which radio station is broadcasting this?
adz11: Ablett update?
haooyy: kennedy been massive!
dubs$men: @ windigo - i like it
nolan: horse to beat ablett by a nose, please!
Pendles_10: kennedy scoring well now :)
DBerbatov9: Kennedy, brilliant quarter so far. Anyone got his SC score?
loving it: carn GAJ 120 mate
Nigey95: gaj 121 sc :( :( :(
zeddyzed: Lets go Horse! 95+ please
TheoX: sen
windigo24: It's on ABC shifty. Treloar goals.
Sydney14: treloar
SaintsRGod: goal trealor, onya mate!!!
remon tea: Sen and abc
mufc: good qtr kennedy cmon greene
Kavastarr: Finally Treloar you little beauty, that'll be 20sc for ya!
R.Griff: umpires cost GCS the match
Luke919: this is unbelievable! surely that was a throw though
bert1: shiel free kick yes to giles yes again and gsw goal look out now gazz time
Jormas: treloar sealer!
adz11: cmon get 20 more Gaz
SuperSub17: yes treloar goal
W.Mantooth: kennedy got his BE in DT!
MontyJnr: Giles 108 sc
Costanza: GAJ +12 to win it
Grasscutta: Trelor!
PezzDogg95: townsend +29 in sc
haooyy: treloar! hopefully an SC boost with that goal!
SydneyRox: Lovin GAJ! - Loving more the spuds who didnt keep him!!
Scotti2Hot: Campbell Brown = shower
mdon11: Get to hear the Giants song. This will be awesome.
old_shepp: Calm down about GAJ - he's not going to go up as much as one of your cash cows you're about to cull to get him back in !
raz07: giles my word!
SaintsRGod: giles, game over surely
PezzDogg95: **treloar
windigo24: game over.
Kavastarr: Treloar! Giles! Goal! AMAZING
Sydney14: giants are home
Pendles_10: giles
Grazz: Abletts BE 127 thats handy.
SuperSub17: $4.20 on GWS at 3qtr time looking good now, 15 pt margin
GoldDigger: giles, treloar going nuts - hope they know the club song!
R.Griff: GWS win game over
Goddard18: gold coast are spuds
SydneyRox: Cmon GWS
Priddis: Giants are home!
Luke919: game over!
magic007: giants win
bert1: giles wow thats huge
Grasscutta: Giles gooooooal!
Mochasons: GIVE Giles the GUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jormas: CMON GAJ! Lift, bring it back for the GCS
danyoung36: treloar supercoach?
loving it: how long to go lads?
pcmaniman: Rahahaha treloar you champ
BlueBoys#5: if the scores stay like this, Melbourne are on the bottom
Grazz: Wish Giles could play a 1st quarter, tons every week.
Chadwickus: ...what is the club song?
windigo24: Cameron goal!!!!!!!
Pendles_10: 3 mins left
Woodie: 85
SaintsRGod: giants are on fire, yes jem cam!!
GlinnMgraw: Giles x?
Kavastarr: I think Guy McKenna just got fired...
HawkTalker: For all the player Ablett is, and he IS a superstar... he still cant win games like his old man could
itsduftime: 3 min
kuraban: Giles for the 'X'
zeddyzed: So will Giles get extra SC for putting GC away?
masterhc2: mckenna sacked alreafy
darpy: massacre now
Jormas: Giants win 1st time, GCS spuds
SuperSub17: All my players have kicked goals in the last qtr, Cameron, Treloar, Giles, Shiel, loving it
Clark U: flower this is amazing
mdon11: We get to hear the Giants song, who else be excited?
porkman89: bloody hell, this is a ridiculous finish. Well done Giants.
GJayBee: Giles, seriously, I left you on the bench, it's all my fault.
Turkies: all over cameron goal, 21pts up
Grasscutta: Cameroooon
NewFreoFan: Bye bye Guy McKenna
bert1: all over gws will win most likely come on gazz
Sydney14: get the song lyrics out GWS
darpy: Bluey for the chop
DiPpEr3: nnoooooo 1 tip right
mufc: townsend 2 point last wtr wtf dont have him but still..... my others out for his bullshower
mdon11: Malthouse for GCS coach next season?
W.Mantooth: game isnt over yet
GJayBee: I knew the Giants would get up, Sheedy has brainwashed them into going in HARD
zeddyzed: Malthouse to coach the Suns next year???!!!
GoldDigger: is gary on the ground?
Jormas: gaj, 115.
shrimp5083: ton up ward
windigo24: GWS have a way better talent pool than Suns.
Nigey95: well there's a big big sound from the west of the town!
Pendles_10: coniglio 4 star?
GJayBee: Bluey is in trouble darpy, no doubt
raz07: dammit coniglio sitting on my bench
Kavastarr: Come on Ablett and LIFT! Get your team back in this
Luke919: couple of late touches ablett
doogz: why did i bench cogs :/
old_shepp: Cogs a keeper?
bert1: giles 120sc come on gazz
twinpeaks: this is huge, grats to the G men
GJayBee: How hot is the sportsbet chick on the ad? I usually just ignore that stuff but she is hhhoootttt
Nigey95: hope the giants have someone to hold up a board with lyrics like the suns did.
sainter11: Coniglio is an ABSOLUTE star! I want him in my team next week!
Redlegs: lol @ Nigey95
kuraban: Changed my tip from GWS to Suns based on the return of GAJ. Damnit.
mdon11: Suns don't look like getting near the ball let alone the goal for the last 5 minutes.
morrowind: cmon bugg 70 is all I want
Dazza87: thumbs up if your playing Giles ;)
Grasscutta: Greene looks like the little fat kid from hey dad but he plays like a gun
BlueBoys#5: I feel sorry for Bluey
Jormas: tonne giles, greene and horse!
mufc: gaj not great last qtr big BE next wk for DT cant wait for the drop!
windigo24: Giles again. haha.
Woodie: Gun on Ablett, you must be joking mOnty
Pendles_10: Giles!! kick it u star!!!
SaintsRGod: jeez give j-giles the x-factor, big term 4
Kavastarr: Bluey McKenna GAWWNNN
R.Griff: Giles!!
SuperSub17: Giles again, woohoo
porkman89: Yes Giles, ice that cake baby.
raz07: giles is ridiculous today!
joshas182: c'mon treloar get the 100!
mdon11: Derp, game is over.
Mochasons: GIVE Giles the GUN ALREADY!
bert1: giles again huge game
checkraise: @dazza87 duh
Jormas: GILES AGAIN, Hero!
mufc: cmon greene tonne tonne tonne tonne tonne PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pendles_10: giles x factor
magic007: giles 100+
sainter11: giles! seals it!!!
jfitty: Giles for the gun, bugger off Ablett
haooyy: turning into a thumping now
masterhc2: got giles and treloar on bench, shiel on fieldflower
W.Mantooth: @Woodie - read the description dude
Dazza87: looks like GWS are popping their cherry tonight!
Turkies: Goal to giles whats his SC?
BlueBoys#5: can they crack the 100 for the first time (i think)
mufc: doees anyone realise what the gun means gaj had to get it
TTT Saints: I can horsely hear myself
GJayBee: I have giles on bench in SC and DT. FML hahahahah
W.Mantooth: JUNK Time
greentea89: come on greene...
SaintsRGod: mm giles on my bench :(
Grazz: Onya Giles thanks from all of us.
kuraban: Raises the question, how could Giles sit on PA's list for four years without getting a game?!
GoCrowz98: A Horsley goal would go down very well right now!
manonfire: Giles what a player unreal
Nigey95: i'm getting rid of jacobs and having maric/giles as my ruck combo.
Solat: hookers all round tonight for the boys!
Dazza87: Giles 127 on SC
mufc: treloar sc?
Nicksta: its THE Chad to you
DiPpEr3: gosh gws are better then goalddcost when they started
Pendles_10: ohh giles almost again!!!
SuperSub17: giles misses :(
Jormas: giles almost!
CeccHy23: robbbbaaaa
Kavastarr: Ablett get some late touches, need 130sc from ya!
Turkies: Commentator on SEN just ejaculated when he screamed Izzy's name
Grasscutta: Oompa loompa symbol for Greene monty
BlueBoys#5: How good will they be with patton up at CHF
NewFreoFan: treloar on 88
azza_g: Treloar sc?
TheoX: GC need to get a proper coach
feralmong: horsley is 200% of a Magner
old_shepp: Wish I had the guts to start Cogs on ground this week
mufc: greene you flower i needed u and you let me down i need a hundred
Meztek: bah giles on my bench.. not even named as my emerg :(
DiPpEr3: matttyy
PezzDogg95: treloar 88 sc
Pendles_10: all GWS players should get extra points
Dafty: Z smith second year blues
Costanza: nothing quite like a sideways ruck trade
BigWilko: cos port adelaide stink of power
pcmaniman: nice call on the cape - what a last three quarters from that man
Grazz: How far is Patton away
mdon11: Think McKenna will make big changes for next week.
Jormas: Siren!
Nicksta: -3 Prestia so I can win png
MontyJnr: taylor adams 85 sc
windigo24: Siren
Kavastarr: Good damn you Ablett, not good enough
DiPpEr3: cmon gablett get 120 dt
SuperSub17: siren
mufc: guys where is patton not aloud to play this season or some shower or injured?
brunckka: mufc.... as if the 6 points makes any giff for greene... 94 is excellent
Dazza87: McKenna is SO GOOOONE
nolan: ton up horsley, ton up
feralmong: giles and maric my playing rucks. So cheap and so good.
SydneyRox: what a qtr fromg Giles!!
Clark U: Aaron hall back in next week, booo yeah
NewFreoFan: Giiiiiiles!!!!!
brunckka: patton played 2's today mufc
damoc85: how many clearances for Conig?
DiPpEr3: injured
K-Red7: Giles SC lads?
feralmong: patton had knee surgery
SuperSub17: mufc he has a dodgy knee
tezzer_j: well done GWS. saw em last week and they were good. still picked against them though...idiot
MacDaddy33: haha Greene looks 8 years old
TTT Saints: Ablett -31 on projected
Pendles_10: m0nty give all the GWS players the gun
Meztek: hopefully aaron hall gets a game now
Clark U: Mufc is just bitter cuz hes soccer team is shower
sainter11: Giles = Superman! Love it
mufc: thanks bruncka
Spitter9: HUGE scores from all the GWS players in my team. Could be a big week! :)
SaintsRGod: now lets hear them sing the song, should be as fun as when the suns did last year
raz07: mckenna is not gone GC have been pretty good this year bar today
bert1: yep get hall in
Dicko: kavastar - you are a true idiot!
GoldDigger: all the giants are abletts!
bazza525: Trealor very good effort son
Jormas: shh Narge!
mufc: wtf horsley sc???
DBerbatov9: Kennedy, great finish. 43 sc last quarter
shrimp5083: yay
winty: Haha. Melbourne are on the bottom now.
GJayBee: Campbell brown is lucky GC picked him up. would need someone to get injured at hawks to get a game i recon
morrowind: massive well done GWS
Priddis: Ablett is an overpayed hack!
Sw1neflu: Who is worse? Melbourne or Gold Coast?
GJayBee: Meztek, I figured Hall had to be injured, does anyone know?
SuperSub17: treloar 40 pts in the last qtr
mufc: dixon is shower if anyone has him put a gun to your head now
Grazz: @Meztek hope so
afldt2012: one does not simply get close to beating fremantle and essendon and then lose to gws
mufc: thanks guys
doogz: ablett sc is 126
shrimp5083: yay
SuperSub17: spud for campbell brown
MontyJnr: campbell brown is a pathetic excuse for a footballer
daniel33: is there a view on afl dt website where you can see your team by position as opposed to by unique players?
kingcashew: melbourne for sure