Chat Log: R1, Adelaide 19.23.137 d Gold Coast 10.8.68

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biff2009: I am picking lynch gets zero by half time!
mufc: Danger, Danger its paddy Dangerfield time!!!!!
biff2009: hello?
asmodean: apologies for accidental bogus info on friday! must have misheard what mclure said on grandstand
MarcMurphy: Should take PNG off Lynch
TheLegend6: png..
mufc: good guess biff!
mufc: ablett png
mufc: or slaone or thompson
A.Schleck: cmon crows. will they cover the 25.5 line?? hope so
mufc: i know what tom hickeys icon should be ;)
lozdaleg: come on thompson need a great game from you today
kbbr: your kidding kerridge aint playing? fml
Smoke Dogg: Carn tha crows
Smoke Dogg: Lynch 40 for PNG
Virgil: Hopefully neither of these teams play like Melbourne just did.
oldsalty: big game from danger please
FTroopCapt: GAJ capt - Thompson, Dangerfield & Porplyzia... important game for my team
nostrdamus: c'mon down captain ablett
Staggs: Adelaide by 25+ is paying $1.74 surely that is free money?
chadwick: That is free money Staggs
A.Schleck: staggs i have crows at the line :) hope they get it
windigo24: Azza Hall better tear up.
SaintsRGod: went ablett captain over smitchell, better pay off u bald midget
bungy: gazza and danger please dominate
FTroopCapt: & Hall too
Torpedo10: I have GAJ and Danger in DT, I have Boyd Captain. In SC I have GAJ and Aaron Hall.
GoLions: gaj(c) and porpz. let's do this.
Bomber21: porps is back, missed you last year xo
E Kavastar: Captain Gazza whoot whoot. 170sc today thanks
nostrdamus: 894/10 so far, how's everyone else going ??
Virgil: Danger and Gaz tonning up would be nice.
BYeates13: same golions
@fmome: 3 crows in my Dream Team this year! Dangerfield, Porplyzia & Callinan.
bickies: flower off lynch is the sub. He was my smokey for the year. wonka of a bloke though
LilLionMan: No pressure Captain Gablett...
GoLions: oh and hall as emergency
Torpedo10: i had Murph C so hoping GAJ has a pretty big game to get me a fair way over 2300 in SC. DT I'm aiming for about 2300.
jeffsy85: GAJ for 160
SaintsRGod: ive got GAJ (c) harbrow, danger and porpz, hall on the bench
Sizzler: hahaha to all that have Lynch
Torpedo10: I had Pendles and considered having him C but went Murph instead in SC :/ 167 would have been nice. :P
feralmong: same here golions. lets rack em up.
lozdaleg: thompson(C) And Ablett toning up would be nice
Kraz: 1067 off 12....captain to play yeww
SirDeadly: @Nostr 1359/13 with my captain.
Bomber21: Ablett 175??
blazinup: van berlo v rischitelli $1.90.. thats free money
FTroopCapt: Ive spent all preseason saying to the Utopia boys to put in Dangerrat!!!
Smoke Dogg: so far 780 from 9 players
Sizzler: Scott Thompson to get 150 i hope
jeffsy85: 880/10
BlueBoys#5: 1390 with c from 13 not bad
7ator: gaz captain, danget, thommo nd big sauce for me
Kraz: Tom Lynch 16 points
chubbs24: porp and gazza smash iy boys
Smoke Dogg: big game here GAJ (c), Jacobs, porps, sloan, danger
@fmome: 787 from 9 inc captain.
LilLionMan: No pressure Captain Gablett...
Torpedo10: 1103 from with 9left and Captain Boyd.
oldsalty: 1100/from 12 the big C on gaz
feralmong: 1302 from 12 with capt in SC. all premiums to come.
wolfheart: it hurts to see Sheil and Ellis on the field with Magner and Bugg on the pine.
s.n.a.f.u: lets go little bald man
chubbs24: 1174 from 10 without capt
bungy: I've got 1260 from 13 started Shiel from gws instead of magner :( made boyd my capt this week
Torpedo10: In SC 1295 from 13 but got BIG names like GAJ and Cox left. only rookie is Hall rest are prems or semi-prems.
Sizzler: i had Dangerfield then i swapped him for Priddis
feralmong: DT not so good. 1089 from 14 with capt ablett and all premiums to come.
lozdaleg: 1338 from 14 not bad
MontyJnr: bought in ablett at the last minute as a point of difference. hope it pays off!
GoLions: around 1250 from 14 :/ Hoping gaj goes big. Still have broughton, chappy, fyfe, jelwood, goddard, dickson after this
Baker10: tom lynch is sub is porps any chance of being subbed on for??
arzbar: projected 2115
mackinaw: ablett will struggle today. luckily i picked rocky over him
dt2010: this sub rule is bs. Lynch named chf so I trade him in, then he gets the vest!
chubbs24: go gold coast
Nigey95: 1149 from 13. got Jacobs, Porps and GAJ (c) in this.
arzbar: even though i have ablett, hoping he only score 100 and boyd scores 130 plus, got boyd captain
bungy: @torpedo 10 i had pendles as C and changed to mumford just before the game thinking he would dominate gws
yobbo21: 1220 from 10 with capt to come
DuhWinning: ablett will struggle? Have never heard that sentence before spud
sainter11: 962 from 9
Smoke Dogg: Lynch will get subbed for another tall maybe maybe walker or tippet????
synergy247: Any idea about magners injury fellas? Didn't see it
Torpedo10: @yobbo21 DT or SC?
ben_849: Call me weird, but I reckon with extra midfield time this yr, hunt will average 60+
chubbs24: 1174/10 without capt
bungy: ablett never struggles
Baker10: tom lynch is sub is porps any chance of being subbed on for??
jballstars: magner should be ok
morrowind: Porps has to get through the game first Baker10 ;-)
Torpedo10: yobbo, that's a mass score either way. ur looking at 2500 dependng on your Captain. chubbs, nice.
R.Griff: GCS by 6 what about everyone else
bungy: ben you are beyond weird if there is such a thing
ben_849: Synergy just a rolled ankle, possible week or 2 nothing major
mackinaw: this will be fun..
Smoke Dogg: common big sauce jacobs
morrowind: Gee Chubbs you might win the car with that score so far
oldsalty: ?what the
Grazz: Carn Da Crows
Scratchy: Ablett says he has had his best preseason. Will average 120 this year.
wolfheart: I'm hoping to see some hot KHUNT, and I hope Karmichael has a good game too.
morrowind: My heart says GC but i went for Adelaide in the tipping
bungy: cant see it happening R.griff
chubbs24: gaj as capt
Carlos78: My uniques Parker and Lynch have done me proud so far : /
port4spoon: ablett thompson head to head you beuty got both
mwaxo: what is chubbs on?
synergy247: 1650 from 17 w 5 to come inc capt Ablett and dangermouse
evall95: thommo captain
MontyJnr: thommo straight into it
bungy: K.Hunt is a spud!!
mwaxo: v nice
CrozaN: Ablett and porps for me, lets go porps! Dont make me regret pickin u!
arzbar: ablett stuck on 0
Sizzler: Richard Douglas's mum is a muppet, she shoulda called him Jack...
BoredSaint: GAJ got 5 points on SC just for being on the field
synergy247: That's me dunno re chubbs
gd.39: @Carlos78 hopefully we get an early Adelaide injury I've got lynch too
MontyJnr: gaj turned it over, cost the goal
Scratchy: Porps, Dangerfield, Thompson, GAJ (C). Cmon Tippett!
chadwick: Gaj had a clearance and rebound 50
Sizzler: Jack of all trades most underated douglas
port4spoon: steven may loves a pie and beer
Carlos78: @gd.39 Here's hoping
R.Griff: GD39 that person could be Thommo :)
Sizzler: lol port4spoon who doesn't
pavs nose: have a bad feeling about gary this game
dt2010: @carlos78 - i made the tom lynch sucker trade last night, stinking up my field as we speak
SaintsRGod: hunt outscoring GAJ, classic
wolfheart: i think Dick Douglas has a nice ring to it. Bit like Dirk Diggler.
lion16: i have danderfield and porps
Crakkajack: porps sauce and thero (capt)
bungy: tippett on fire after 4 mins!
Sizzler: agree pavsnose, he had a blinder last year v adel he wont this year.
bungy: wont last long saintsr god
arzbar: prestia couldve been a good pickup..
Kraz: flower you dangerfield
cats09: pavs nose wtf are you saying 5mins in you goose
biggs2dujj: Hall and Ablett. I came
pavs nose: hope im wrong tho as the little bald man is my capt
Carlos78: Cmon Capt. Gaz
Torpedo10: Comeon Danger, Just score well. :P
biggs2dujj: Hall and Ablett. I cant go for that.
R.Griff: Matera nearly goal of the year
Roksta: 5 mins into the game and people being written off... classic
pavs nose: @cats09 just a feeling i said. relax
Vossy086: khunt going nuts
Hodgeey: wheres dangr?
LilLionMan: Haha Biggs, me also...
grubby: hi all
Jormas: Gaj for 130 (C), porps 70+ and danger, dont make me regret getting you, 90+
biggs2dujj: I didn't nearly come...stupid iPhone
grubby: this could be ugly
Smoke Dogg: Crows for the premiership :)
BoredSaint: here comes GAJ :D
CrozaN: Cmon porps!
Sizzler: you are now seeing why GWS beat GC
bungy: agree rocksta makes me laugh
berch: my captain head to head with my vice-captain... nice...
pronga: K hunt could be a very unique pick???
Carlos78: Lynch would be killing it out there. You mug Sanderson.
MontyJnr: crows key forwards on fire
kangars8: ablett playing on thompson they should rack up 40 touches each
lord: is this game on fox?
Spite: Hunt to get first ever fireball?
tyhwu: where teh flower is caddy
dyl_2: cmon caddy
gd.39: Of course a crows spud to get injured ;)
Your_mum: hunt more points than all of last season
Roksta: like golby in last game
Red Dirty: @berch same
BigWilko: capt gary, get me the biccies mate
@fmome: iz po
Torpedo10: I know Jormas, Ireckon Dangers in for a decent season tho.
mackinaw: nice dive
R.Griff: Ump's hate Ablett
pavs nose: ablett robbed of a free
@fmome: Is Porplyzia on the bench?
SaintsRGod: great goal bennell
R.Griff: Doughty might miss a week from that
keenasabea: propz yet to score. sadface maybe ill feel better on swiss
Scratchy: nice Bennell goal
Jormas: Get the pill porps u spud.
Sizzler: ablett should get the medal symbol, academy award performance to try to milk a free
DBerbatov9: where is Porps? :o
pavs nose: bennell has a bit of delicious about him
dyl_2: yeah umps must hate ablett if he has won a brownlow :|
Red Dirty: cmon porpos touch it!
cats09: hey pavs nose who you follow
port4spoon: wrong code ablett, diving is only accepted in soccer
go_freo: Cmon ablett
Scratchy: omfg ablett isn't top scorer i reckon he must be in for a shiiiiite year!!
bungy: glad i chose callinan over porps
Masten: Porps out for Christensen last minute dec. Hope it pays off
CrozaN: Porps is alive!
Juggalo: Ablett lift
Sizzler: give K Hunt a cat symbol lol
Jormas: Torpedo, he better be. If he can average 90+ he is worth the 330K
pavs nose: @cats09 freo mate
R.Griff: Crows with a 2-3 goal wind
GoPies:D: what number is A.Hall
NatandHuey: the spud dr dreamteam has predicted dangerfield for a big year- Im not buying it
bungy: lol scratchy will probably score 160 next week
scotty95: thompson vs ablett
WEEEagles: My team name is Capt Ablett but went with NDS.
@fmome: Porplyzia got a handpass in. Relief.
eza100: hoping dangerfield grabs some consist form this year
Kraz: you know...hunt has kicked the ball nicely
MontyJnr: hall is doing well
Scratchy: rory
shredR: Cmon A. Hall .. Need you to score big seeing Robbie Gray is out :(
BoredSaint: is this a really bad game or what.. whats with the low scoring??
Sydney14: Good goal Sloane :)
E Kavastar: flower this I'm trading Ablett to Pendles. Not good enough Gazza!
R.Griff: the game is Umpires vs Gold Coast
TheLegend6: flame hunt?
muddy85: flame on harmichael
Sizzler: Go Hall
Scratchy: this is high scoring BoredSaint for 13 minutes in. look at all those flames
cats09: bet your watching the next game then .will be good game but i think freo will be to good
chadwick: Geta tackle ablett
ben_849: called it pre match, hunt isn't that bad, he has dropped weight and will be a good player this yr
snake_p: khunt 18 is usally his score for the whole game!!
Torpedo10: GAJ isa GUN and I have GAJ and Pendles in Sc anyways. :D
go_freo: /
bungy: waste of a trade kavastar he will find his feet chill out
BoredSaint: im meaning on the actual scoreboard.. surely crows should be about 4-5 goals up by now
CamT: Switche Zac Smith for the BigO just before Lockout. First decent decision I've made.
go_freo: goal
Sizzler: imagine if hunt gets 100, April fools day is tomorrow
arzbar: karmichael's first flame ever?
bungy: good call snake
E Kavastar: Heath Scotland > K.Hunt this week for sure. What do you guys think?
Scratchy: BoredSaint they have just kicked their 4th goal halfway thru the qtr
wolfheart: 29 degrees. the crows will wilt. GO SUNS!
hayes7: come on porplyzia and dangerfield, you are my two risky players!
pavs nose: @cats09 yep will be watching.think thyey'll go well but it is painful as a freo supporter
Crakkajack: pendles is overpriced
Masten: @ wolfheart, it gets hot in Adelaide
97crows98: GAJ more worried about stoppinh Thommo geting 51 possies again rather than getting it himself
cptFantasy: you can't put a price on Pendles, just get him in
Majestic: i agree pendles is overpriced cant see him improving his avg
go_freo: ablett
kangars8: Ablett!
Carlos78: Gary Gold
beamen: gazzzzz what a goal
Staggs: Gazzzzzzzzaaaaa
CrozaN: Wat a goal ablett!
Scratchy: What a goal GAJ
go_freo: what a goal
thornz23: you beauty GAJ
R.Griff: Yablett!!!
mishmash: gazza
GoPies:D: WAt a goal from Gaza
sainter11: who talked shower about ablett super star
mooose: GAJ you star
LilLionMan: Ablett is a freak
grubby: gazza
Sydney14: ablett :d
Kraz: gary you superstar!!!
WEEEagles: ohhhh gazza
timwhatson: the Master!
bungy: are you serious crakkajack? he got over 160 in SC last night!
DBerbatov9: wow, Ablett
glam77: what a goal!
daverudder: o my god what a goal!!
Roksta: dont jump on the k hunt train too early
Red Dirty: Yabbblettt
Bomber21: wow garry
tezzer_j: as someone said Gaz is a gun
@fmome: Go Callinan you good thing!
slinks: Legendary gazza!
budgee: everyone having a go at ablett is an idiot. First qtr and 10 left.
Hadouken: slow down hunt, fast approaching your BE !!!
MontyJnr: best goal by gary!
jeffsy85: yabalett!!!!
Gebs: @wolfheart its been pretty hot down here buddy
tractorfac: Abort slowness callinan hall yayyyy
lozdaleg: ABlett gun
Majestic: Gazza, what did he do
chadwick: Good Shepard be rischiteli for ablett
dyl_2: as an AFL fan not just talking about sc or dt that was incredible gaz you are the man pal
cats09: why you have new coach,sandy back you should make the 8 this year
thebigshot: danger on Abet Monty??
Crakkajack: 700k sc is redonkulous
crozman: bernie vince is an overrated piece of shower...
CrozaN: Cmon porpy!
bartyboys: Calinan was an excellent pick last year . Should have lil again
dancasta: wrong game but how bad was magners injury?
bangbangSD: Dont you just want to run your fingers throught Rory Ramjets hair!!
bernieV: be nice
thornz23: lol ablett already on 26.. u people baggin him r ridiculous
grubby: gazza
tmnxn: why is this not being broadcast on foxtel?!?!!
TheJoker: What the F*ck are commentators on about...Hall has been good so far i thought.
pavs nose: hope so cats but taking nothing for granted. cats will still dominate
chadwick: Brodie smith ;(
Red Dirty: gazza give and go unstoppable
Scratchy: gifted goal Kurt
brent_bren: look on the bright side if ablett gets 70 we all have him as cap
Staggs: Ablett could play by himself and still destroy Adelaide
LilLionMan: Hall has had poor delivery
sainter11: tmnxn - it is?
MontyJnr: gary turning it on
Roksta: ablett 4 goals and 32 touches by matches end
crozman: get a kick VINCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
budgee: on foxfooty mate
E Kavastar: Started Dickson over Hall.. mistake?
go_freo: what a miss
Hodgeey: bennel finally starting to show why he wad 2nd draft pick?
thebigshot: these are the worst FO comentatiors mind u they are all pretty crap
Kraz: @bartyboys...calinan played three probs not a very good kick
Jet11: tmnxn? foxfooty?
Sizzler: May playing in March
pavs nose: never bagged ablett he is my capt. just had a bad feeling. glad i was wrong. i have captain paranoia
chadwick: tmnxn every game is live on fox
biggs2dujj: Ablett, Pendles, Selwood, Barlow, Hayes, Magner....happy with my mids
Crakkajack: im watchn on FOX!
bungy: u have issues crakkajack he's worth it
WEEEagles: Sloane looking good
Scratchy: LOL missed bloody hell
tmnxn: why is this not being broadcast on foxtel or 7?!?!!
timwhatson: tmnxn are u serious? its on FoxFooty
morrowind: I have Pendles as captain ;-)
tractorfac: Glad I chose callinan over porps
kangars8: hall should have doubled his score if is teammates could actually pass it to his chest
tezzer_j: Callinan was at that awkward price...most went porpy instead
dancasta: Magners injury?
mifkin: Go Hunt
CrozaN: Dickson will do well tomorrow
CamT: @ Doncaster ... Magner's injury DID look bad despite what the rose-coloured glasses crowd says.
bungy: i went callinan woop woop
gd.39: K. Hunt flame?
sainter11: @tmnxn - fox footy mate
bangbangSD: Kurt Tippett wouldnt kick snow off a wet rope
Torpedo10: Magnet's injury is barely anything, 1 week at the most surely.
Jet11: khunt going ok
Austin: Porplyzia has to beat Hall
nostrdamus: @Ekavastar, me too, my emerg's have been bugg, magnet & hall
Sizzler: why would you pick Porplyzia, he wont score above 50
TheLegend6: Always knew khunt would turn out good :)
CrozaN: Porp do something!!!!!
armyofspud: At the game crows every clearance
TheLegend6: mont ffs we are never gonna see it again, just flame khunt up!
Hodgeey: porplyzia i swear to god
Scratchy: van berlo goal
dt2010: had callinan, traded him to Tom T Lynch last night. DT fail
thebigshot: caddy collecting poits nicely
berch: L plates for Hall
Torpedo10: Comeon Patty, Get in the action.
97crows98: Porps primed for a big season with bursts through the midfield. Once he gets a crack in the guts he will score well
Hadouken: @armyofspud, respect mate, at the game and still on fanfooty. nice :)
E Kavastar: Hall playing on the wing. Nice
TheLegend6: I had both caddy and callinan last week...
crozman: cmon get luke russel on the ground.. i have got him captain this week...
Scratchy: Another Thompson/Sloane clearance
tigerman28: well the porp experiment is a disaster
TheLegend6: flamee
pronga: Stiffy a little limp atm
mpollock: 4 touches only for danger ... needs to lift!
Scratchy: Kurt goal
go_freo: kurt u gun =:)
armyofspud: No doubt
bangbangSD: Anybody who has Porps hasnt a clue what they are doing, leave it to the pro's kids.
R.Griff: Crows will score 200
MatDark: tippett should start kicking set shots with a banana
tyhwu: porps = showerhouse
bernieV: its the first quarter relax about porps, u guys are retards
Crakkajack: porp will be worth the dosh eventually
mifkin: Hunt on Fire! Tempted to take a screenshot of it
mjbt: Flaming khunt
Torpedo10: Hall and Patty need to start up the engine, GAJ doing well.
WEEEagles: bangbangsd u idiot
Jawdan: BangBang mate... I dont have Porp, You tying to tell me I dont know what im doing?
Sizzler: 97crows98 he wont get a crack in the midfield, you have too many guns in there
Roksta: who u got bang bang
Blue_Steel: Cmon dangerfield...get involved!
@fmome: Porplyzia is disappointing.
MontyJnr: relax bangbang, its one quarter haha
bernieV: how could u not have porps? hes 207k? and has previously average 85..
Jet11: porp 200k and he is worth the risk
Staggs: if you are expecting 100-120+ you are just a retard, he's a cash cow
TheLegend6: milfkin JUST SREENSHOT IT!
ub6ib9: porps is a has been!!! And will get injured anyways so terriblee pick!
Steelers7: go captain thompson woooooo
Scratchy: ablett free against
CamT: I've got Porps and I almost won SC in 2009
dyl_2: such a boring game..
bert1: harsh holding call on gazz
morrowind: Remember GCS only in thier 2nd year, thier gonna cop some more spankings ;-)
97crows98: Tippett you gun
Scratchy: Tippett Goal
Sizzler: bernieV porps is injury prone, too risky
CrozaN: Tippet for 150+
dmac0712: tippet cape
E Kavastar: Get your Tips out for the boys
go_freo: tippet is gonna get tired
Sydney14: cape for Tippett
DiPpEr3: superman 4 tippet
jaypee: bangbang you are the one that obviously has no idea at all
ub6ib9: He was good in 2009!
c-hawk: more like tippet 200
berch: superman for tippet
Staggs: if porps can avg 70 for 8-10 games the exp will pay off, he cant get any points because tippet is on fire
mifkin: Jacobs! Surely contested mark against multiple opponents is a bonus
NatandHuey: you are a clown bernieV
Blue_Steel: @fmome yep,I Agree I've got him too...Tippett is on course for 200+
Your_mum: porps ur killing me
FTroopCapt: Would love to see KMH get the 100
kbbr: porps will never miss a set shot. if he marks inside 50 its a guaranteed 12 points
d3An0: no improvment from the suns, wooden spoon again?
pronga: I've got porp and won in 1976
Sizzler: plus, i reckon porps will get the red vest a lot this year.
bernieV: yes he is injury prone, but for that price there is little risk.
MayhemFC2: when am i gona learn to pick on my gut instincts instead of stats....
CrozaN: Get porps in the guts!
ub6ib9: Hall 12 in 30secs!
Gebs: geez they hate ablett the umpires today
Jet11: good Hall
go_freo: post
eckert09: Commentators dont mind having a dig at hall, geez haha
Blue_Steel: Tippets everywhere
mjbt: What price Tippett a Sun next year
E Kavastar: Had Hall on the field all NAB Cup and switched Dickson a day ago... flower this
snoop1: Slaughter coming up
Scratchy: ooh so close Callinan
Fringer: Tippet v no defence
Masten: Jacobs my only ruckman, unique yes, and doing well
ub6ib9: Give porps the walking stick!
97crows98: How good is Callinan at the feet of Walker & Tippett
mifkin: Is there a limit to how many flame icons a team can have?
bangbangSD: Porps is a hack boys, fact. They are playing the worst team in the comp and he cant get a kick. Say no moe.
greenvest: swallow any danger
Carlos78: You've done enough Porps, time to get injured.
Zarts: porps :(
bert1: rememmber tapes a good defender he will keep porps quiet
eckert09: bangbang hes a jet, get over yourself mate
Tredders: whose the crows best player?
Jawdan: Tippet tonne before 1qtr time? Loool
Sizzler: i'm glad i have Hall and Smedts before porps
Blue_Steel: Give porp the white cane
xmichaelx: gaj, that free against is gonna hurt
ub6ib9: Hunt is soild!!!! improved a lot in 12 months!
97crows98: Should have been another free against GAJ
Juggalo: Go Porps, doing well, keep it up.
go_freo: swallow score
Gebs: good job by ablett there to get to the contest
Hadouken: shouldve been a free against GAJ, no eyes on the ball spoil
R.Griff: Ablett tearing up
Sizzler: magnifying glass for porps
Scratchy: This Crows team is looking like Geelong in 2006.
mifkin: Will Ablett get a SC score assist for that action?
biggs2dujj: Porps to pull a 50+ second quarter
ub6ib9: Good goal David Spitand
bangbangSD: Eckert my friend, he wouldnt find the ball if it had hair around it.
pronga: Porps will score 80+ watch and see
snoop1: Why do you dumb cows write off players in the first 20 mins of the year
mpollock: This is what Tippett is capable of .. just not every week!
LilLionMan: Porpz has talent, however you are taking a significant risk based on his extremely dodgy shoulder
pavs nose: cmon gold coke
nostrdamus: porps is niether a jet or a hack, but at his price he's good value
budgee: porps is a cash cow. its first qtr so relax people
R.Griff: Hadouken how did he punch the ball if he wasen't looking at it???
go_freo: KH on FIRE
Torpedo10: I'm very happy atm. In DT Danger and GAJ, SC not exactly sure with scores but Hall and GAJ must be doing alright.
NatandHuey: 200 grand well spent hey bernieV
TheKey: khunt 120?
Staggs: all these jokes about Hunt, but he looks pretty impressive
Fringer: ?West Coast will get Harley Bennell in 2013. nice
wolfheart: i reckon Porps has got Tapes measure.
eckert09: I dunno bangbang, we'll just wait and see..
97crows98: Matty Campbell & Lynchy you suck
Tigertuff: just tuned in. whatever tippett is smoking, i want some.
Sizzler: porps = a wasted trade as you'll trade him out after round 2
Torpedo10: nos, 5 pts from a 200k guy isn't good value.
Carlos78: Hall looks the goods
morrowind: Hall looks good
bernieV: its the 1st quarter of the year..could not be worried less.
ub6ib9: did many take Hall? I think he is quite unique for rookie
FTroopCapt: What is it with the umps & GAJ - if that was Selwood or C.Judd they wld have 5 frees each
Staggs: anyone who trades after 1 round is retard Sizzler
Red Dirty: i got him
Sizzler: Hall on my bench
gd.39: Happy with Jacobs as my ruckman with the rookies. This years Goldstein
pavs nose: fringer dockers have already signed bennelll. just keep it quiet
WEEEagles: definately not sizzle
FTroopCapt: Whats with the goal kicking this round.... Surely professional players can kick straight
Baker10: FLOWER PORPS get a kick
E Kavastar: Hall should have been in everyone's teams. Amazed that some people didn't take him..
c-hawk: porps for lynch in the making i feel
ben_849: ub6ib9 your off your tree, one of the most populare rookies
mpollock: Hall ahead of Ablett!
bohica2693: bloody Porps
SydneyRox: I got Hall - pretty happy right now, but settle. Its Qtr 1 of a long season
Virgil: This game looks like its going to be a route, might not bother watching the rest
budgee: he has 3 rounds to have a good game before values change. relax people
nostrdamus: hall is my emergency, along with bugg and magnet :P
Roksta: staggs if you didnt have magner would you trade him in
tigerman28: Hall was a no-brainer
FTroopCapt: U can use a trade after Round 2 to get the rookie you missed out on but not after Rd 1
TheLegend6: I thought i'd be different and take Hunt as my 7th Defender.... HAHAHAHHAA AMAZING
bernieV: so what do you say to roy, calvin and warnie? they all have him..course they wouldnt know anything
Jawdan: Yep. Aaron Hall on my bench and Jeremy Cameron on the field. Thats a typical call made by me...
CamT: @ub6ib9 ... I've got Hall on the bench
Legend008: haha should have had hall as my captain instead of gaj.....
Sizzler: people will trade out porps after round 2 to get a cash cow, waste of a trade
TheKey: kennedy and hall in the forwards this year. Genius.
J-Banger: tippett has always had this potential..he's just so inconsistent! same goes with Danger. hopefully this will be the year
nathan11: just wishing i had hall on the field over porpoise
Torpedo10: No SC score for GAJ? Hall's 26 SC is good tho.
Djc04: WHY Did i pick Porplyzia? :(
Tigertuff: @jawden, same here bud. don't feel to bad
Hadouken: Legend6, hunt will end with 45
Refused: Khunt you star!! Brownlow possibility this year
crozman: Wow tippett, you scored more that quarter than you scored all last year ya spud
R.Griff: I've had Kennedy, Magner and now Hall on the bench FML
Clark U: Hall and kennedy on my FWD bench, looking like a lot of wasted points
Virgil: tigerman Hall missed most of the pre-season through injury and plays as a small forward, not a 'no-brainer' by any stret
biggs2dujj: Hall is great cash earner. Bench or not, he will get you premiums
TheLegend6: Tippett will go quiet now
Torpedo10: Hall on field in SC but not in team in DT, may trade him in if he does well this rd and next.
J.Bartel: can someone with foxtel explain why this game isnt on? i thought it was every game live
WEEEagles: @thekey, ditto but played smith :(
MayhemFC2: settle down muppets, its bloody gold coast ffs
CamT: @ Clark U ... same bench as me
go_freo: not good gary u hould be on 45 ot more
pavs nose: any one got that khunt in their team?
Torpedo10: I hope Danger fires up,praying for 120+ :P
E Kavastar: lol @ anyone that didn't take Hall. He can play Half Back or Wing, was a lock in GCs 22 and is mature age...
Blue_Steel: His numbers aren't really stacking up preseason(HALL) but today when the balls down there 99% it makes sense having him
Scratchy: It's on FoxFooty Bartel.
thebigshot: laffs at crozman
bernieV: wagga tv is flowered, how does hunt actually look? like a footballer? very happy for him
Virgil: Bartel, the game is on? channel 504
west_coast: j.bartel u idiot hahahahah
Clark U: Bartel its live on 504 on fox
Jizza9: gonna have more 100's on my bench than on the field, FMDT
Kraz: @torpedo10....30 each q will give 120.....thats a good score
luke15: goooooooooooooooo gazzzzzzza
Impromptu: Porp 2 possies for 11SC is pretty good
tjp1447: at least porps has 1 more point than his direct opponent.....
banjo46: Stop worrying about porps so early. He is gonna have 3 more qtrs of the ball in Adelaide's fwd line.
lord: batel, fox have changed ther stance, on 360 only get 8 live games instead of 9.. i hate fox so much
crozman: suffa jizza9
Sizzler: $ sign for Hall
Scratchy: Don't worry about Porplyzia, when he fires it will be hot.
pavs nose: is hall indian? he looks indian
KruZin: 67 in 1 1/4 WOW!
Hadouken: what is Halls JS like ?
Torpedo10: i hope so Kraz, I hope he get's that and atm if Hall keeps this up 2300+ easy.
Virgil: banjo two games are on at the same time, what do you expect them to do?
Torpedo10: in SC.
Virgil: Hadouken, no JS worries at all.
Jormas: wouldnt be surprised if tuppet ends up with 180DT?
Blue_Steel: I took out whitecross for dangerfield...first mistake of the season
Scratchy: I can't believe Hunt and GAJ are on the same score at QT.
Fringer: Pavsnorter he is Tasmanian
dyl_2: 1 qtr of footy for 2012 and people are writting porps off i dare ya to trade him i bet he will tear it up next week
Sizzler: pavs nose he likes a curry in a hurry
Hadouken: i was looking at hall, but didnt know if he'd play each week. bad move by me :(
dt2010: Karmichael Hun 10.2% ownership suprises me
R.Griff: Hunt!!
eckert09: Porps will end up with a decent dream team score
Elephant: @Scratchy is must mean Hunt is as good as GAJ
Torpedo10: first mistake of 2012, Captained Murph(116) instead of Pendles(167)
Sizzler: Porps wont score above 50
pavs nose: hall and nahas catch up for a curry when they can
Jizza9: porps will put the cape on at some stage
Blue_Steel: Campbell is a terrible commentator,almost as bad as KB
CamT: I picked Pops expecting 70 SC points if he does that he's done a job.
Hodgeey: porps will score plenty of junk goal
E Kavastar: Why do so many people get sucked in to midpricers like Porpz and Golby each year?
bernieV: wanna put a tenski on it sizzler/
@fmome: @dyl_2 I won't trade Porplyzia, but I am disappointed by the low score. He tore it up against the Eagles.
MontyJnr: this is gold coast. porps could easily kick 3 this quarter and all would be good.
Daza7792: Hall is fijian i think
MatDark: Thero going for 51
luvfooty: Fremantle Geelong game is live on fox 1 at the same time as Roos Bombers game
Scratchy: nice goal from walker
MatDark: thompson, lol why did it write thero haha
Sloan4Pres: crows 1-39 not looking good
The It_123: i never looked at Porplyzia and for this reason
Blue_Steel: @torpedo10 same,got SP but chose Boyd as captain
Staggs: well Fyfe was a mid pricer at the start of last year and he was in every side by the end, dont write them off
J-Banger: @E Kavastar - why do people like you get sucked into judging a players worth from 1 qtr of footy?
KruZin: LOL @ the muppets who picked Porps
Sizzler: bernieV a six pack
bartyboys: Have had tipper before , great one week then the next ??!!
mifkin: 10 Adel players hot, 11 not Damn.
chadwick: Golly was good. People get sucked in because they become premium like Pearce Hanley
myteamsuks: @E kavastar example: petrie last year yarran too upgrades later
berch: thompson alreday to 14 disposal. looking good
dyl_2: @fmome yeah i know but patient he will come good :)
gdshifty: Kavastar Golbys 75 is par for him.
bernieV: haha, done. the porpus had better lift his game asap
port4spoon: should of gone thompson as captain
armyofspud: Danerfield is beast and cheap
banjo46: Suckling was mid price last year wasn't he?
Torpedo10: Blue Steel, That was in SC, More nighmares. In DT I din't have Pendles but Boydy captain.
UberYummy: ablett hurt
@fmome: @dyl_2 I hope so. Had a bad DT last year. Want to do well this year.
port4spoon: ablett just winded
R.Griff: knock for Ablett
Staggs: Suckling and Fyfe. Mid Pricers are for the people ballsy enough to take risks
KruZin: Thompson & Ablett rip it up!!!!
nathan11: oh oh gaj has a sore back
CrozaN: Porps is alive!
Torpedo10: Danger is coming into game, need Hall to get into it too now. very critical for both of my Fantasy teams,
chadwick: Suckling and hanley were, shiels,
bert1: gazz will be fine.needs help though the guts
dyl_2: im SC not a big fan of DT be patient though cuz if you trade him out he will probs score a ton the next week
Blue_Steel: @ torpedo same,nearly had a heart attack when I saw SP's SC score
Sizzler: Tom Lynch will come on for the porps in Q3 me thinks
Munza: Lol at the Hard tagg on Thommo
crozman: porp, get your head out of your bum and get a kick.......
Majestic: lynch on for porpz
tyhwu: my team is shambles
Scratchy: Lynch might come on for Porpz or Henderson, Douglas (underdone).
go_freo: is ablett still on the pitch
Crabstick: Personally hoping that icicle stays on Porpoise all day :)
berch: omg hunt beating gaj :o
Scratchy: Kurt goal
morrowind: I love ppl that want to trade ;-), Trade away folks ;-)
FTroopCapt: Settle down Big Kurt
bingobango: ablett back
bernieV: generally vests are for the young ones..dont think they'll dish it to porp
Staggs: im a crows fan, but i think Henderson is the worst player on the list horrible
R.Griff: Tippett is goal hungry
Sydney14: Tippett will kick 10
wolfheart: porpz got a kick!
Kraz: to whoever got suck...he never averaged anything so why would he now
VanR88: GAblett back on
FTroopCapt: GAJ not the greatest capt choice atm...
dyl_2: gahhhh caddy is scared....
gd.39: I went T Lynch instead of porps not that much of a difference haha
Majestic: gold coast dont tag, ST will get tagged other weeks but reason i didnt pick was crows tough draw
Juggalo: Ablett lift lol
Scratchy: hunt OOF from 70 m
E Kavastar: Porpz on fire! 2 touches in 10 minutes of football... lolz
Torpedo10: Comeon pstty and Aaron.
biggs2dujj: Sylvester Sloane will be awesome
kangars8: porps will get the sub
dancasta: kraz he will gain price im just using him to eventually upgrade him
cptFantasy: True bernieV Brodie Smith likes a vest - still scared from last season
Sizzler: everybody get on North tonight we will win as Hansen not playing
chadwick: Should have gone pendles captain
Majestic: GAJ is on track for 120 stop complaining fools
Scratchy: Majestic, Crows have the easiest draw. GWS, GCS, Port and Melbourne all twice
SydneyRox: Hope some people trade in Tippet after today! :)
BoredSaint: thompson teaching GAJ how to play football here
ben_849: thompson captain...oh yea
ub6ib9: pendles was 40ish at half time!
MontyJnr: north will struggle to contain hurley without hansen. decent chb.
mjbt: Anyone else have Tippett captain
siebs: hunts actually getting possesions
bartyboys: G coast and Adelaide always ordinary for sc
FTroopCapt: @Majestic - when others have Pendles or Biyd capt he needs to get 150
Torpedo10: why Sydneyb Rox?
Kraz: Dancasta...he will be lucky to average 60....will not go up much past 300k
TheLegend6: whoever said khunt will get 45 is a twat. 70 at least.
FTroopCapt: Had Jacobs in and swapped him out for Mumford & put Watson in instead of Pendles.... Hopefully it gets better next rd
Majestic: Scratchy crows before the byes play hawk, syd, geel, carl, coll, freo in subivery tough start leading to byes
snapper: whoever said twat was a khunt is a twat
pavs nose: gary looks extremely frustrated
dyl_2: walker and tippet will kick 12 between them
Scratchy: brilliant hands from Porpz, great kick from Henderson, super mark from Walker
go_freo: is caddy alive
myteamsuks: Gaj will get 130+ scoach
Jormas: i swear, if porps doesnt make 50...
@fmome: A few might trade in K.Hunt after this performance.
SydneyRox: One game doesnt make a season @ Torpedeo - plus they are playing GC
NatandHuey: walker has an 80s mullet
Majestic: pendles got 132 not 150
lord: big scoring game!!! going to lots of 120+++
morrowind: Could be the 1st time i see someone have 100 by HT
dyl_2: @go_freo been thinking the same thing he is getting in the wrong spots and he is so timid to go in and get it
living21: people you have toremeber crows are playin gold coast dont expect these scores from tippet ealker etc. every week
FTroopCapt: Why is every1 surprised at KHunt - He was a gun in 2 sports... give him time he will be great at AFL too
crozman: Go pies and pendles for brownlow
Crakkajack: porps on fire
TheLegend6: i already have khunt :)
Scratchy: Majestic fair point. I wanted Thompson or Mitchell and I know Mitchell is a strong finisher.
FTroopCapt: @ Majetstic - soz but talking about SC
dancasta: porps get 60sc cmon
crozman: porp, get your head out of your bum and get a kick.......
MontyJnr: in supercoach, porps is 21 and aaron hall is 26 so hes only 5 points behind
austhump: i have hunt
Carlos78: @morrowind - Didn't Enright do it last season?
morrowind: cmon caddy ;-)
Getit2jpod: Everyone complaing about Ablett by seasons end if he is your worst midfielder you doing well
Scratchy: living21 I am certainly expecting 80+ at half time every week from Tippett.
Sizzler: Porps +7 this Qtr
tyhwu: where is caddy, stop thommo
Majestic: yeh i only play dt, i picked griffen over ST
Jair: who cares about brownlow crozman, we want premiership thanks
dancasta: khunt is in my dt lol
richorocks: touch the ball dangerfield!!
bernieV: porps u r making me look like an a-hole
morrowind: @Carlos..I mean that i have never seen it, Could have otherwise but i musn't have been online
Crakkajack: crush em capt thero
lord: complaing about ablett you joking??? he is 47 half way through the 2nd
ub6ib9: quick question people. Who is better Porps or Yagmoor?
mpollock: Is danger on the ground and playing on ball?
snapper: I have khunt, but something smells fishy
Kraz: I got caught up in the dangerfield hype I think
Sizzler: Porps wont beat GC Score lol
Scratchy: KT on track for 100 at half time :)
NatandHuey: first thing you have right today bernieV
crozman: get stuffed jair
FTroopCapt: @Majestic - 1st year doing DT / Always played SC.... so getting used to he expected outcomes of a player
Jair: Porps has job security
Costanza: Porps good in a month - give him a break
bernieV: no its not..42pts on the golf course this morning..2nd thing
BoredSaint: dangerfield will rip it up later when the sun goes down.. PUN INTENDED
Carlos78: Porps to Lynch. Do it Sando
master6842: game is over, impossible for porps to get 60+
FTroopCapt: Come on DRat - u need a big 2nd half!!!
Torpedo10: @BoredS I hope so
mpollock: Finally dangerfield ...
Masten: fantasy scores aside. Gaff or Dangerfield?
BlueBoys#5: henderson please go off so porp wont
AzzaHawkzz: cmon gaj, 130 son
Scratchy: Henderson sub off for Lynch?
Carlos78: Henderson! Hope you're alright mate, but get subbed please
Jair: I guess you were happy with last year as swanny won the brownlow cozman?
Torpedo10: I also hope Aaron Hall wakes up and get's too atleast 40 by HT.
c-hawk: got lucky there porps owners
MontyJnr: everyones paying out on porps, but danger only has 29 sc, 6 ahead of porps
KruZin: If ONLY Tippett still had DP...
E Kavastar: Well done Porpz. Thanks for burning all the fools who picked you. :)
chadwick: Warm up lynch
port4spoon: henderson ko'ed
R.Griff: hope Hendo gets subbed so Porp doesn't
eckert09: Henderson may have saved porpoise from the sub
Costanza: phew, no sub for Porp
Torpedo10: MJnr I don't care cause Patty only in my DT side.
Jormas: danger better get 100, cause flowering porps has let me down bigtime.
myteamsuks: Danger sc poor only 29
Staggs: hope Henderson gets subbed cos he is shower lol
Sizzler: Porps is happy as now he dodges the red vest
sledgey07: gaff every time
gd.39: @Carlos78 lynch time!
Torpedo10: Hendo will be subbed, being strectered off. :/
timwhatson: i got sucked in by Dangerfield
Grazz: Two blokes hard at the footy.
Jormas: GAJ, you have to get 130DT! ur my captain!
biggs2dujj: Like your thinking costanza. Porps get there
loserboy: how is khunt doing better than rischitelli what a shower
bernieV: what beer do you like sizzler?
Scratchy: Henderson certain to be subbed off after this. Lynch should score 50+
Torpedo10: @twatson, Sucked in? oh your talking about SC. :P
bernieV: henderson probably hs porps in his side
AzzaHawkzz: @Jormas yeh and ablett can hear u mate, he says hes guna try and get to 130
mardals16: isolate porps!
Sizzler: anything but light lol
timwhatson: settle down people. 250,000 other people hav Ablett as captain
Crabstick: @Torpedo10 - Hall wake up? He's a cheap rookie on 35 points half way through the second and you want him to wake up?
Hodgeey: danger i stick by you every year, dont do this too me again
chadwick: 8:00 on the clock for those without tv
Chipsy_DT: brought in porps last minute until brown is back. flowering failure!
Torpedo10: @Crabstick I want him to do the best he can. :)
Virgil: Crabstick, 4 points in 20 minutes? Yeah, wake up is a fair call. At least he's better than Porps
Hadouken: going to be a 40 minute quarter
Baker10: props mate come on??
Impromptu: Welcome back SC/DT love the healthy discussion :)
Costanza: writing off players one half into the year - funny
CrozaN: Lets go porpy!
dancasta: porps kick a goal or 2 thanks
Baker10: I Tippett it!
Virgil: Everyone trade Danger out, he's clearly a spud
mpollock: Danger on track for 85 DT?
budgee: danger is still very young but this is his break out season
Redlegs: Who is Jason Porplyzia did he get a kick in he's heyday?
AzzaHawkzz: yes ablett + i think
dancasta: sloane expecting 80+ sc
Torpedo10: @Virgil in SC he might but DT he should still get 100.
Majestic: 85 against GC is poor, lets no get ahead of ourselves there playing GC they lost to GWS
BoredSaint: LOL at HS live sc scores.. flowered up already
greenvest: crows no blackarm band for jimmy_ disapointing
E Kavastar: Porpz being beaten by Tom Hickey.. embarrassing
gd.39: Jacobs is a very good kick for a big bloke.
Scratchy: Porpz started 2010 with 20 goals straight. Just has to find his rhythm and the ball and he will be good.
MontyJnr: anyone expecting more from ablett?
wolfheart: Risky KOs another one! He's a specialist. I think he had Lynch and Porps in his DT.
Virgil: Hickey's a gun. Acutally, I have no idea who Hickey is.
ub6ib9: they didnt lose to gws........ just like richmond didnt beat geelong!! doesnt count
BoredSaint: the funny thing is no one is complaining about johncock.. HES HAVING A SHOCKER
Sizzler: i was close in picking van Berlo, very underrated by us vics
chadwick: Brodie smith, LIFT
Scratchy: MontyJnr - he's on track for 130 so no I was not expecting more.
myteamsuks: Majestic gold coast may have lost to gws, but melb beat coll rich beat geel who cares bout preseason games
GoPies:D: porpz is almost outscoring dangerfield in SC
leovo21: GAJ - What a gun!
brynpower: Ablett just getting warmed up
Kraz: can everyone realx about gary!!!!!!!! jesus! the game opens up in the second half
kingscotek: jimmy had nothin to do with crows greenvest, settle mate
beamen: nvb turning into a great goalkicking mid
Torpedo10: Comeon Patty, 50 by HT
Sewelly07: Majestic: If everyone went on pre-season form then Richmond would be favourites every week.
old_shepp: Porps priced like a rookie playing like one?
MayhemFC2: relax about gary? hes on 61 ffs..... what more can the poor bloke do
@fmome: Wanted NVB last year & it didn't work. Didn't think of him this year. Mistake perhaps.
Virgil: BoredSaint I think Johncock is about as unique as you'll find.
bert1: johncock is up and down
dancasta: hopefully the risk of boyd sc capt over gaj pays off!
Sizzler: Porps is like Eddie Betts, too inconsistent
Carlos78: Sub the ump
Fringer: Umpire down hurt
badcorkie: damit should hav got tippet in my team what a dreambot
gd.39: Ablett needs DT Talk logo m0nty
brynpower: Most rookies would be getting more points than Porps at the moment
UberYummy: lol umpire hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
DiPpEr3: I need ablett to get 150 + in sc cause he is my capt? Do you thimk he will get it
mpollock: Ablett = superstar!
Majestic: You guys need to look at the strength of the teams though, coll had no one play vs melb and richmond won by 70 vs gws
E Kavastar: Bennell is a freak. Will be one of the picks of the Gold Coast bunch
morrowind: Is Lynch on or thier not using the vest yet
Majestic: gold coast are the second worst team in the comp, no ifs or buts
lozdaleg: come on thompson
zeddog: @dancasta no way pal ( and I have Boyd)
NatandHuey: Scott Thompson - only consistent adelaide player
bert1: johncock is up and down never stays firm
Sewelly07: GC still better than GWS,. Thier top level players better than GWS'
c-hawk: khunt has been impressive
DiPpEr3: get a goal ablett
Virgil: morrowind, I think they'll wait to get Henderson assessed before they make a decision
bartyboys: Hackplyzia
Sizzler: who will score more DT points this game, Ablett or Thompson? I say Thompson
dancasta: @zeddog seeing most had gaj i thought i try something different :/
R.Griff: where is Porplyzia I thought Ellis was bad your flowering terrible
AzzaHawkzz: ablett +3
gd.39: @NatandHuey Jacobs??
Ermaz: pooplyzia
Majestic: porpz is a horribe pick, what did ppl expect
Sizzler: Natandhuey agree
E Kavastar: Porpz got a touch! Give him the magnet
Morts54: Ablett has kicked a goal
d3An0: wtf is caddy doing
A.Schleck: cmon danger you flower
Virgil: I don't understand why people picked Porps to be honest.
ub6ib9: Porps pulling on a Glenelg jumper next week....
Carlos78: Slutty Ablett : )
old_shepp: That's about the only interest left in this game Ablett or Thommo to top score?
biggs2dujj: Abletttttttt
bungy: glad i picked callinan over pooplyzia
Sizzler: couldn't agree more Majestic
Gr8Game: Dangerfield has done much only 36 SC points
Majestic: so ablett is on track for 140-150 where all the complainers and whingers now
go_freo: caddy are u alive ???
morrowind: Tippets let me down, wanted to see a hundred b4 HT lol
kangars8: ablett racking it up
SydneyRox: Ha - all the people bagging Ablett 15min ago!
NatandHuey: there is something in the water in adelaide. Scott Thompson drinks bottled water
Scratchy: Ablett and Thompson both on track for 140+
Virgil: Majestic Why would anyone complain about Ablett?
myteamsuks: Gaj just hit 75 sc thanks capt
E Kavastar: Ablett not even having a great game and he's about to hit 80sc... freak
BlueBoys#5: every time it goes to the porp they are poor delivery
morrowind: I have GAJ but i have Boyd C for DT
Torpedo10: Comeon Danger, Hall 40 would be nice but ur doing good atm. Ablett don't rack up too much but keep racking it up.
dancasta: porps will get a run in the middle q3 to rest other mids
Red Dirty: loving al 3 of my player up the top Tippet, Abllet Thero (C)
Sizzler: good goal assist Hall
GoPies:D: ffs y didnt u go for goal Hall!!!
Fringer: All the west aussie in that play
Gr8Game: Wish i made Pendles my Captain and not Alett
lion16: i have danger and porps to lift
Majestic: scratchy ones playing Adel and the other is playing GC whos doing better?
Brown*Dog: oh gazza i love you
thebigshot: capt Ablett all year..
Masten: NatandHuey haha thats gold
Scratchy: Majestic, I have both so I'm happy all round.
Kraz: Leave the C on Gary...set and forget
Red Dirty: *Thomp
gd.39: @mOnty dt talk logo for gaj!!
thornz23: tippet to crack the ton
go_freo: tippetts free yea goal
Scratchy: Tippett's chance to crack the hundred !
CrozaN: Porps got a hanball and it hasnt been paid??
piccollo: Afternoon lads. I see ablett is gunning it as usual.
living21: gazzas SC???
nostrdamus: l have ablett(c), pendles, boyd & selwood in both DT & SC
TheLegend6: cmon khunt dont stop keep it going !
Sizzler: Kraz you're forgetting Boyd
berch: love having just gaj and thompson in this game. (+ hall on the pine)
E Kavastar: Hands up Porpz owners... lolz. Half time and he isn't even past 12 points
Havacrack: Just logged in to check scores, GAJ (C) = instant boner
keenasabea: prorpz ur on fire!
wolfheart: Tippet will have the ton up before half time. Extraordinary.
Torpedo10: Comeon Patty. ::)
Majestic: yeh i guess both were popular picks, St was 7th-8th best mid premium for me
Scratchy: CrozaN yeah I saw that handball. they will fix it up probably.
d3An0: i went mitchell over ablett this year
ub6ib9: haha porps takers crying because of 2 points.... scrapping the barrel
W.Mantooth: ablett over pendles anyday
J.Bartel: same nostra i reckon thats a popular middy
mpollock: Ablett and Pendles in mids ... perfect!
luke15: Go tippett
port4spoon: lol @ havacrack
Sizzler: Havacrack lol
E Kavastar: Who went the double whammy with Porpz and Dangerfield? lol
morrowind: Noooo Tippett
rider: C on swan in dt bad move c on pendles Sc good move win some lose some.
Scratchy: Kurt -3
dancasta: anyone trading porps out or not worth it
snapper: Having porps makes you feel like a khunt
Sydney14: want a big second half from Dangerfield
W.Mantooth: loving thero, jacobs, gablett, hall and danger
Grazz: siren
Kraz: boyd consistently gets 120's....were I think garyy can get the 150s
lozdaleg: Ablett Murohy Thompson Pendles and Magner all in my mids this week :) :) :)
FTroopCapt: whose the player for PNG???
R.Griff: Porplyzia kick :)
bungy: must have ordinary sides if your complaining about a pooplyzia handball
@fmome: I heard Porplyzia's name on the commentary. First time today.
decapp: ablett 71 sc atm
BoredSaint: WHY IS GAJ sc GOING DOWN???
Zarts: hopefully porps gets his ninja boots on second half :P
beamen: dangerfield looking disinterested
nostrdamus: l have danger in DT and porps in SC
E Kavastar: Good half Porpz. You're single handedly increasing my overall ranking. :)
haooyy: absolutely love callinan's work today, glad i chose him over prop
nathan11: woo hoo 25 sc for porps on track for a 50
Gr8Game: I got Pendles, Ablett, Boyd in my center...
man0005: @lozdaleg no-one cares :) :) :)
rooboypete: L plates for Aaron Hall???
Virgil: Hopefully Porps can push up to about 30 by full time :p
pies21: yes porp cmon mate!
NateKnife: same here gr8game
BlueBoys#5: I did @E Kavastar. I had hayes but then he got K/O'd and i wasnt sure so got danger
GoPies:D: i got pendles, GAJ, boyd and mitchell
@fmome: Dangerfield. Very quiet quarter. Need him to do better.
wolfheart: how come doughty hasn't been put out to pasture yet? the crows have better players than him that cant get a game.
Baker10: flower porps why did i pick this douche
DiPpEr3: my midfield is ablett capt, peds, barlow, murphy, selwood
rooboypete: @haooyy, I too choose Callinan over the Porpoise. Let's hope its a season long good move...
J.Bartel: move purple name game to porps
kangars8: will porps go down in price after round 3?
Virgil: 164 for Captain Gaz and 41 for Danger. I'll take that.
Havacrack: Porplyzia's score is provocative, it gets the people going
liverpool: anyone with porps might as well study for next years sc & dt cause your season has gone
Scratchy: wolfheart Doughty is still very good. Good tackles, good tagger, good foot skills.
decapp: cmon caddy :(
Baker10: its been a saucey game
bartyboys: I got j kennedy Gibbs Pendles ablet magner and danger mouse
Virgil: AT least there is an upside to Porps' score - he'll be cheap again next year :)
97crows98: I got Pendles, GAJ, Boyd, Fyfe & Hayes
Torpedo10: Hall at 34 is pretty good, would be amazing if he go 80 tho.
@fmome: @liverpool. Early call there!
wolfheart: 15 to half. I'll take that. its 15 more than Robbie Gray's donut that I will cop.
rustyc: Not too many have Porps in DT... only about a 1/3
kbbr: man no wonder danger is so cheap. everyone always talks him up pre season n then he hardly touches it.
Zarts: big call after one half liver. There are these magical things called 'trades' afterall...
PiesGOGOGO: Porpz and Dangerfield LOL
W.Mantooth: you do realise danger will go up in value? he avged 65 last yr... at this rate he'll go up 45,000
port4spoon: patrick spudderfield
myteamsuks: @liverpool - all your playerz must have got 100+ this week already tool
Gr8Game: The porpous is killing me
Torpedo10: I know Wes! so many people doubting him but he'll probsbly get 90, I was hoping for more but bettr thasn nothing.
thebigshot: ITS THE FIRST ROUND.. worth it to see porps TOG.. he is a cheap FWD in stead of rookie gd pre seaso
Virgil: Not worried about Danger at all. 41 in a half is by no means a bad score
rustyc: KHunt has me mildly aroused
97crows98: Need at least another 50 from GAJ in 2nd half to warrant having him ahe right choics capt over Pendles. I think I made t
E Kavastar: Where'd all the Porplyzia supporters go? :)
liverpool: @fmome true but he will be injured ometime during year too me thinking andwith low score will be hard to upgrade
thebigshot: yep rustyc me too. got wood for KHunt myself... wonder if he is worth the swap?
bartyboys: It's first game of season . How many 80 pointers did Boyd have last year !!!
wolfheart: I'm not feeling it, Rusty. KHunt looks tight. Needs to learn how to spread.
liverpool: @my team sucks did i say i have 100+ players like some noobs
Libo: go the porps
bernieV: im still here.
myteamsuks: Im pops supporter, done nothing got sc 25 he'll get 75 sc
port4spoon: lol @ wolfheart
CatAttack9: go porpsss
BlueBoys#5: guys dont worry porpoise to kick 3 goals in 3rd quarter GUARANTEED!
Jormas: looking at a juicy double score from GAJ
mufc: paddy lettin the team down
I<3Sausage: On top of spaghetti, All covered with cheese, I lost my poor meatball, When somebody sneezed!
incredi: At least with hendos hit it will mean porps will get a whole game. Chuck him in the middle\
meka100: should of benched Danger for Magner, at the last minute changed Ablett over Swan as cap, gaz should get 130+
I<3Sausage: It rolled off the table, And on to the floor, And then my poor meatball, Rolled out of the door.
CamT: If Porps get 70 SC points it's a win.
bartyboys: Only few will get you 120 every week
CatAttack9: henderson subbed
NDiddy: Porps doing better than stiffy in SC
wolfheart: I agree. Sando needs to sit Thero and Sloane down and put Danger and Porps on ball.
I<3Sausage: It rolled in the garden, And under a bush, And then my poor meatball, Was nothing but mush.
Armagetya: Hmmm porps as a captain could have been a mistake
97crows98: Dont't judge a bloke on round 1. Martin & Cyril only scored 79 & Heater 56. Still time for Porps too.
mackinaw: dangerfield will have a HUGE second half
Baker10: congrates liverpool the boys from Fan footy are really proud of you
CatAttack9: lol you're really funny armagetya.
bluengold4: ok liverpool
PiesGOGOGO: The Perma-Captain strikes again
I<3Sausage: The mush was as tsasty As taty could be, And then the next summer, It grew into a tree.
liverpool: gt the 2 month free pass its really good live SC scores and more goodies
Redlegs: lol @ sausage
CamT: I was honestly about to say "At least we haven't had a captain joke today" then out of the blue ...
I<3Sausage: The tree was all covered, All covered with moss, And on it grew meatballs, And tomato sauce
Refused: Round 1 every year has some surprises or abberations. People then jump at shadows and regret it later
E Kavastar: Who will score more this game: Gold Coast or Porplyzia?
Baker10: good on ya liverpool really giving the effort to fan footy love ya stuff
nickyt: The ridiculous thing is that ablett hasn't seemed to have had that much of an impact...
liverpool: baker10 who said pendles is the worst midfielder there is last night,u have no credability
Virgil: I too love sausage.
I<3Sausage: So if you eat spaghetti, All covered with cheese, Hold on to your meatball, Whenever you sneeze.
97crows98: Dange, Porps & Callinan to see some time on the ball in the 2nd half
ofnao001: wheres prop been (i don't have him) but he needs to do well for the crows to do well...
Armagetya: i love sausage too......wait no i love tacos truly
I<3Sausage: Thankyou for listening :)
Redlegs: haha virgil loves sausage
Baker10: clearly swan is more influencial player pendelbury is all show like dal santo
Virgil: Why would you put Porps on the ball with Sloane, VB, Danger, Thommo, Vince, Doughlas, Reilly etc
Refused: Ablett hasnt had much impact. Lot of the ball but made mistakes and hasnt hurt with it.Thats why he has SC lower than DT
Baker10: judd worse than both though
brynpower: thanks for the laugh Baker10 !!
scrappers: monty superman for gaz 50 point quarter
Baker10: baker tagged judd in his prime at west coast klept him to 7 possies and got him suspended
oldsalty: @Baker10, u knob
meka100: Have Bugg, Kennedy and Magner benched, should of benched the spud Porplyzia, at least I'll get Kennedy's 116 for Couch
dt2010: Baker10 you're either trolling or just know nothing about footy. Pendelbury tore that game up last night
97crows98: @Virgil. Rotations. Try different things when the game is beyond doubt.
bernieV: fair point virgil
97crows98: @Baker10 - Not last night. Pendles the best.
E Kavastar: Pretty bloody good that Ablett hasn't been great and has 72sc. If he lifts he'll go 150+ easy
fudgecake: i love footy
Meldrum23: Taggers don't deserve recognition, no one congratulates someone when they smash the tagger?
Baker10: @oldsalty you really bring nothing to this chat
liverpool: all im saying is i use fanfooty for dt and sc on hsun websites so im never slagged fanfooty by saying that.
Baker10: i wouldnt say tore it apart dt2010 he wont get brownlow votes
Apachecats: Wll Lynch be on soon
Fringer: lol fudgecake
Crabstick: How are people saying GAJ hasn't played that well? He's been everywhere! Has 23 touches for christ sake!
fudgecake: kurt tippett 150 dt
mardals16: who here has porps? probably most of us
CamT: Pendles is the second best player in the comp.
fudgecake: thanks frinfger
Bulky: Tippett won't do a thing for the next 6 games. That's the way he rolls.
Refused: Lol at crabstick ranking a good game on number of touches
eza100: can anybody give me info on where dangerfield is plain??
glam77: agreee with crab. ablett has been great.
Redlegs: @mardals16 i have porps disapointed not to see the dolphin symbol up
eza100: playing*
E Kavastar: Crabstick, Ablett has been getting a few cheapies and hasn't had a massive impact on the game
Kraz: one particularly good has him I wouldnt think
dt2010: franklin 3 votes, pendelbury 2 votes mitchell 1 vote for me. Maybe swap mitchell and pendles, but he'll be in the votes
liverpool: nope mardals stayed away
FTroopCapt: Interesting to see new SC scoring bring scores down for ineffective players
Grazz: What score do people think will be #1 in DT this week. Rookies have done well so far for most.
bernieV: i have him and im good
bartyboys: Hit the nail on head bulky
AzzaHawkzz: @E Kavaster does anyone really care mate, as long as racks up the points it dosent matter
mardals16: @kraz, i took a chance with him, not really paying off yet, didn't know who else to choose
Fringer: Porps will fire now Tape subbed
brent_bren: close to 2300
Colossus: hunt, wow!
korza: Grazz hey hey No1 2296
Kraz: @bernieV....nobodys perfect lol
E Kavastar: That's my point AzzaHawkzz, he's played only okay so far, so he has a lot of improvement left in him this game
Crabstick: Sorry @Refused, isn't 23 touches good enough for me to say he's had a good half?
FootyFan7: cmon danger!
Armagetya: i got pendles, swan, boyd, gablett, sam mitchell and harry cunningham in my midifled not bragging just saying
Crabstick: Just because Ablett hasn't kicked 4 your saying he hasn't had much of an impact... Unbelievable
bernieV: @kraz correct and not the first regret for the weekend either
fudgecake: carn dangerfield
Redlegs: @Crabstick no not always the case
Refused: Touches doesnt mean a good game.. Hasnt had an effect and has made lots of errors
FTroopCapt: Why doesn't Reilly have a flame???
CamT: Ablett gets judged against himself, just like his old man ... not against normal players
Grazz: yeh i was going to say 2200+ with how the rookies have gone, most prems have done ok so far.2300 is doable.
mardals16: Dion Prestia looks the good too
berch: flower ablett's a gun...
Carlos78: Nice mark Browny
FTroopCapt: GAJ - Could be a bigger qrt coming up....
R.Griff: Ablett!! great start
Staggs: anyone 'complaining' about Ablett is clearly trolling you bunch of retards lol
bingobango: good call camT
grubby: lol at the ablett knockers
Majestic: Hall just 6 points that quarter
liverpool: i do have dangerfield which im disappointed with
Grazz: Heya Korza, it will be something like that, the right cpt the right rookies on the ground 2300 is gettable.
korza: Danger -12 WTF
Crabstick: Made alot of errors? He made one error that resulted in a shot at goal. Gives so many good hanballs off.
Armagetya: @grazz thats not bad but if i dont score at least 2600 ill be very dissapointed
jusso: ho no Henderson was my captain
AzzaHawkzz: wtf dangerfield, what the actual flower was that
sapearson: how did danger go -12?
fudgecake: [;[;[;[;[;[;[;[;[;[;[;[;[;[;[;[;[;[;
FTroopCapt: Love the theme song after every goal
Jawdan: Refused obviously forgot to get Ablett in his DT and is now jealous cause he's had an outstanding half.
R.Griff: DT site has Dangerfield on 41 not 29
Majestic: ablett and buddy one and 2 respectivily in the comp by a fair margin
Armagetya: YEAH porps bring the pain son BRING THE PAIN
Trav_One: Superman > Seagull...
97crows98: +6 for Porps
dancasta: wasnt danger on 41 2 seconds ago? glad i dont have him
luke15: go lynch
Refused: Actually jawdan you numb nuts, hes my captain in sc and dt
mpollock: @Majestic ... what about Pendles?
mardals16: im on target for atleast 2700, im hoping
Chipsy_DT: porps is alive!!
Refused: Some of you just cant seperate possessions from playing a gun of a game
Staggs: Thompson is such an ineffective player that teams dont bother tagging him, which makes him DT gold
FTroopCapt: I think they took his tackles off him
Grazz: @ Armegetya haha you'll be #1 for sure. 2600 in DT even with this weekend so far bit hard.
Majestic: ahh yes staggs rate pendles really highl yaswell, hes a clear 3rd IMO
Since1864: Patrick Cottonfield!
Jawdan: So why complain you illiterate idiot? he's on 82 dt and 73 sc at Half time.
R.Griff: here cone the Suns
Redlegs: porplyzia sucks and i dont like it
dt2010: pretty sure danger was 41 at the half...
dancasta: hopefully 2300 sc need big game from boyd
jusso: fuuccccckkkkkk
bingobango: stop porps stop!!!!
Refused: You fool. im not complaining. the discussion was about his actual game, not his points!!
korza: @Grazz Aramageddon is a Troll dont even bother
luke15: 3 votes ablett
FTroopCapt: DangerANT - actually thats unfair to Ants
bartyboys: Dangermouse !!!!
Jormas: Ablett for 140DT!, porps for 60! and HOW DID DANGER GO FROM 36 to 29?!
Majestic: Did danger just go from 41 to 29? lucky henderson got injures for your porp pickers
Chipsy_DT: DT icon for ablett m0nty? that bandaid is clearly not doing anything
97crows98: +2 for Porps
Bulky: Has Dangerfield been falling over a lot and smacking into other players, point posts, etc, like last year?
Staggs: Thompson will get 30-40 touches a game with about 28-33 of them being ineffective
FTroopCapt: 2 votes Ablett - playing great but still cant take them from - C.Judd
jusso: Ablett fire a shot
Armagetya: @korza now that hurts my feelings comparing me to your mother :-p
Jair: I get sucked in by Danger every year:(
97crows98: +3 for Porps
R.Griff: Porplyzia
FTroopCapt: Surely the son of God should have a halo symbol or something... GAJ needs his own symbol
itsduftime: porps couldnt even get a point ffs
Montastic: Danger had 4 tackles at HT. Now has 1 ..
berch: staggs, clearly you dont know the meaning of effective
GoldDigger: mum comments? childish!
Jormas: ablett, 115 at the 3QT.
Getit2jpod: Flame for the porp please
korza: @Armagetya, you will be banned bye Troll.
brynpower: Is Dangefield playing full-back or bench ?
crabapples: Whats with GAJ band aid?
FTroopCapt: Still love u Dangerfield... though I am going to cop it on the Footy Utopia show Tues morning....
Majestic: porpz, hall, danger LOL
Thunder: Dangerfield from 41-29 for no reason
97crows98: + 2 for Porps
dancasta: porps on fire
Staggs: all im saying is Quality > Quantity, im not complaining, he;s in my team because he is a magnet
Refused: Porps rocking it now :p
Jormas: put $20 on ablett for the brownlow last week, $230 payout, looking good.
Chipsy_DT: porps on fire. set for a big last half
brynpower: @ Jormas Ablett was NOT 115 at 3QT !!
Bulky: Patrick "Yagmoor" Dangerfield.
Armagetya: bye korza
Trav_One: Go Scotty T (C), "Gun" symbol coming...
jono71501: porps!!!!!!! on fire!!!
bingobango: walker is a hack and needs a haircut!
J.Bartel: go the porp
BlueBoys#5: porps has had about 5 tackles that havnt been added on so they take off 3 tackles??
Wardy: FTroopCapt: I agree ... and stop calling me Shirley!!
timwhatson: Porps killing Danger in SC
Sloan4Pres: @ Jormas massive payout
NDiddy: The porpoise has been let loose
Staggs: At Geelong, if Ablett has 40 possessions you were flowered, teams can let Thompson have 40 and still win
Trav_One: Lol Bulky...
thebigshot: monty ice for danger?
myDTrocks: there is a reason thunder, dangerfield is rubbish
s.n.a.f.u: danger has had 3 tackles removed form score i think.CD hopeless
panaman1: roomgreat field
MayhemFC2: gratz brynpower... ur a numpty
Crabstick: @Crabapples, copped a knee in the back earlier in the game. Went off for a short period of time, over it now though.
NatandHuey: dr dreamteam must be dominating with porps and dangerfield in his side. Wonder if he'll make the top 10 000 this year
dtownsend: dangerfield had 4 tackles at half time now he only has 1?
Torpedo10: what the!!!!?????
FTroopCapt: Tape has lost his front teeth
Trav_One: Seb Tape off...
tazmos: poor tape!! lost 3 teeth
biggs2dujj: Awwww 3 front teeth...that's brutal
Virgil: Danger -10? How did that heppen?
crabapples: Cheers crabstick
itsduftime: how did tape get his teeth knocked out?
J.Bartel: obviously half time is where they review the tackles and he lost 3 which were given to other players
Blue_Steel: Wtf dangerfield FUB
brynpower: @ Mayhem - great sense of humour dude - think it through nuff nuff !!
Torpedo10: I know Virgil.
Redlegs: oh no seb no teeth tape
Refused: Porps doubles his half time score in 7 minutes this qtr
97crows98: +6 Dangerfield
Armagetya: missing 3 teeth, might have to get traded to Colloingwood
W.Mantooth: gross
mardals16: GAJ deserved more than a flamed
97crows98: +9 Dangerfield
FTroopCapt: dangerfield!!!!!!!!!!!
Trav_One: Danger bang!!!
liverpool: dangerman
BlueBoys#5: danger dager!!!
Grazz: Nice goal Danger
MayhemFC2: mate, its not 3/4time yet. grow a brain
tyhwu: keep it up danger loving it
thebigshot: blow torch on dangerfields iceicle
Sydney14: Danger goal
Big Stick: dangerlcious
myteamsuks: Porps 42 sc , great!!!!
beamen: danger HUGE goal
Crabstick: @Armagetya, hahahahahahhaahhahha
Legend008: yes danger! surely thats worth some points!
GoldDigger: what is teeth tape?
R.Griff: Dangerfield is Alive
budgee: who is the noob bagging danger. to many children making stupid comments.
port4spoon: great goal patrick potatofield. now go back in your shell for 15 mins
brynpower: @ Mayhem - hence the joke and the irony of you saying I'm lacking a brain - THINK, dude !!
Jair: a lot of love for Danger
97crows98: Porps in the guts
budgee: tape had three teeth knocked out. subbed to get them put back in
Trav_One: Cherries or Gun for Great Scott???
Torpedo10: Finally patty stepping up. still a fair way to go tho.
R.Griff: Russell doing well
devize: lol @ everyone going crazy for dangerfields goal
MayhemFC2: yeh, good jk... well done... do i clap now...
panaman1: you fail if you have dangerfield
Jormas: danger might make 85+ ?????
Torpedo10: hopefully Hall get's some points now.
tractorfac: calinan was my smokie
J.Bartel: loving the porps commentary 97crows
thebigshot: whose the bird who thinks he owns the place?
Virgil: port4spoon Danger's so great he can have 10 of his points taken away and he still goes up.
brynpower: @Mayhem - you can do whatever you like - just don't pretend you understood it at all
FTroopCapt: Brennan can be the best & worst player in the same play
Getit2jpod: Tippett killing cause bock is out
Refused: Tex is a champ haha
R.Griff: Thompson = Pendles gets his touches from Free Kicks
liverpool: texasranger
Armagetya: if tape has more teeth than brain cells does that make him smarter or dumber than NRL fans
W.Mantooth: Luke russell ON FIRE!
Carlos78: Enjoy it Walker - this is as good as it'll get
mardals16: everyone hating on dangerfield, four seconds later.... danger you beast
CoopPower: Why did Danger just lose a bunch of points????
Grazz: Walker oh my god, likin want sanderson has done with me boys. Only GC but game plan brilliant
LilLionMan: Has a sniper taken out Aaron Hall?
NatandHuey: walker best mullet since billy ray cyrus
Sizzler: K Hunt beating the Porps lol
Trav_One: Walker you hungus, Danger wide open...
Barlow: say I if you took a gamble and played Hunt, and if youre pleasantly surprised :)
GoPies:D: lol porpz equal scores with dangerfield in SC. bad for me
97crows98: +4 Porps
jmate: spuds
timwhatson: Walker is selfish
TheLegend6: was tape wearing a mouthguard?
Virgil: Hunt's beating half the players on the field
FTroopCapt: Danger needs 71 DT & 81 SC.... come on junk it up
MayhemFC2: stop talking bryn, ur embarrassing urself
W.Mantooth: walker is a selfish plow... shown that a few times today
panaman1: caddyyyy
spudgun: natland - i thought maric's mullet was an absolute cracker, puts walkers little mull to shame.
austinmax: cost danger 9 points with your selfishness
flagdog49: Is Ablett even on the ground?
Virgil: LilLionMan Someone had to rmind Hall it is his first game and he needs to play like a first gamer
W.Mantooth: LUKE russell has 32 points in 10mins
FTroopCapt: @The Legend - if he wasn't he will from no on - all players should have to wear mouthguards....
97crows98: Walker can be as selfish as he wants as long as he slots them.
Bulky: All Crows midfielders dominating except, yep you guessed it, Dangerfield
spudgun: Other hair highlights - Robinsons rats tail, and ed curnows pet shop boys do.
mardals16: why does porps have the icicle and petrenko doesnt?
hicksy5: big ivan king of the mullet surely
Sizzler: porps for hamburger
go_freo: wheres ablett
FTroopCapt: Porpose breakeven 13... So all good
chadwick: Yeh ablett is on, just 6 points this qtr
badcorkie: go caddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
W.Mantooth: caddy will be a jet
Barlow: because porps had more hype than petrenko.
97crows98: Zzz for Hall
mufc: cmon danger need atleast 80!!
Virgil: @spudgun And Chris Masten's... thing.
Refused: Walker kicks them goals in his sleep. lol@selfish calls
thebigshot: brennan is such a dope
MontyJnr: When you cheap out on dangerfield, you don't deserve a big score. Fake premium.
Hazza09: Danger same old story
FTroopCapt: sorry 42... was looking at wrong player... lol..... come on 12 more (SC)
panaman1: dangerfield=spud
MayhemFC2: Caddy will go to Essendon next year
Trav_One: Magnifying Glass for Hall???
Phunk-star: Perhaps and fishing hook symbol us needed. Give it to Danger as he suckered us all in - hook line and sinker!
E Kavastar: Ablett needs to lift a bit
port4spoon: jared petstinko
nostrdamus: is ablett still on the ground
Crabstick: @mardals16, because people expect far more from Porplyzia, and he's actually fantasy relevant
tractorfac: calina na na you don't have him
xumtinlong: is GAJ on the ground?
Jair: Callinan your the Man!
Torpedo10: I want Danger to just get 80 that is all.
go_freo: ablett u have to reach at least 110
GoPies:D: thx for being a flowern dud dangerfield
Carlos78: Cmon Gaz, get your skates on
mardals16: @Crabstick, fair point. Cheers
chadwick: Yes ablett is on. Gees
pavs nose: cmon gaz you bald genius
port4spoon: ablett on ground just bludging
spudgun: looks like jack reiwoldt has gone full retard this year with his style as well.
mufc: Danger aint a cheap premo he doesnt even deserve to be called a cheap premo!
Armagetya: Patrick Dangerfield = Rodney Dangerfield. Should be funny but is more tragic. Plus they both suck
Virgil: Dangerfield - giving GC a chance. If he was to tear it up like he can, half their team would get sacked.
Barlow: I wont hear a bad word on Rodney Dangerfield.
W.Mantooth: earth to ablett
mpollock: GnR is the only way to go ... mid pricers are always a flop!
Sizzler: haha to those who picked Zac Smith again
R.Griff: Ablettt!!!!
Trav_One: Gun for ST... 8-)
97crows98: Porps +4
bernieV: rodney dangerfield is awesome....
dancasta: @spudgun LOL full retard hahaha
W.Mantooth: really m.pollock... i used 5 midpricers last yr and finished 320th
Carlos78: Freakin butterfingers Lynch
Refused: Ablett is looking for Tapes teeth
mufc: so callinan is a flop and sloane?
Pseudo G: bs you have to pick the right mid pricer/breakout player to win the thing
Virgil: Oh, hey Ablett's alive.
go_freo: ablett is alive
mpollock: Did you start with them rd 1? who were they?
nostrdamus: gazzereth has risen!!!
Armagetya: @bernie no. no he isnt
port4spoon: hall 6 point since qtr time, whoahhh
panaman1: dangerfield is a fatter version of relton roberts
Barlow: lift Khunt!
E Kavastar: Ablett tons up :)
W.Mantooth: yes i did, swapped one after two weeks
liverpool: chris msten is my mid breakout man
Panther: Porps hasnt reached his B/E yet
Sizzler: have a shot hall, come on bazza lol
go_freo: yeh where has hunt been :(
Barlow: panaman: hahahahaha
Virgil: Harsh panaman, harsh.
CamT: Relton Roberts jokes are good, captains jokes ... not so good.
mardals16: who picked K.Hunt here?
MontyJnr: Lol @ panaman
@fmome: Question, who will finish on more points, Dangerfield or Porplyzia? Not as silly as it sounds.
bickies: keep getting involved caddy
badcorkie: halll!!!!
Blue_Steel: Dangerfield is a spud looks and plays like one
Sizzler: Khunt prefers it wet, too dry for him lol
spudgun: had him up to the bell mardals then got boumann in. slow clap that last minute decision.
bert1: tape was keeping porps quiet
dimmel: ablett - best player to ever exist along with his dad
pavs nose: cmon gary
97crows98: Will be happy with 70 from Danger & 60 from Porps
sainter11: Ablett gets no decisions
badcorkie: dangerfield is the next gaj marke my ass
pavs nose: umpires hate gary
Blue_Steel: I opted for him over whitecross. It's annoying the shower outta me
port4spoon: masten is dangerfields long lost brother, both over rated
KruZin: I <3 you Gazz!
mufc: has danger got a touch this qtr?
CamT: @ Dimmel - agreed
flagdog49: ablett wandering around earning his millions...
Jormas: porps died again,
Armagetya: is it just me or is no7 from gold coast a hairy Khunt
Pseudo G: can you dislocate a shoulder from excessive jerking off?
liverpool: ablett 100 sc
devize: another clanger to dangerfield, perfect...
Majestic: danger has scored 21 this qtr what do you mean has he had a touch?
mufc: danger touches it alleluha
Jormas: GAJ, i need another 40. Danger, hit 85
Virgil: mufc Danger has scored more points this quarter than Ablett has
R.Griff: If Ablett was at Collingwood he would get 200 every game with the free kicks he should get
Trav_One: Walker - Very good looking man...
TheLegend6: Karmichael cmonnn 70 mate :)
Sizzler: bin for Gary lol
mufc: tonne up gaj
donzano: Hi everyone, Go Captain GABELAT
korza: *Pseudo ROFL
CamT: Ablett Snr kicked 10 goals once ... didn't get a Brownlow vote. The 3 votes went to Barnes for 19 hit outs
KruZin: I <3 you Gazz! Best DT player EVER!
97crows98: You been watching mufc? Gone from 33 to 50.
mufc: virgil:what was danger on at 3 qtr time?
E Kavastar: GAJ, 115sc by 3qtr plz
97crows98: Danger +2
W.Mantooth: @mufc 31
Jormas: porps for astronaut.
Virgil: Dunno, three qtr time hasn't happened yet?
mufc: thouht he was on 38 at 3qtr time
R.Griff: why?? no free for Brown
bernieV: danger was on 41 initally then lost 3 tackles somehow, so was at 29
97crows98: GAJ needs to not worry about frees and get some ball.
pavs nose: if dangerfields name was john smith he would not be highly rated by anyone
Grazz: Ablett tons up
mufc: half time sorry
chadwick: 2:24 left
bingobango: 2.20 to go
donzano: Ton for garry, I luv you garry full hero
J.Bartel: dangerfield has had 23 points this 1/4. nothing wrong with that. also its round 1
TheLegend6: tippet spud
panaman1: need a relton symbol monty
@fmome: Dangerfield Inching up. C'mon! Is it too early to ask for garbage stats?
go_freo: what a miss
Sizzler: Gumby icon for Porps lol
Smoke Dogg: lol @ pavs nose its the way he plays not his name
Virgil: 31. Well, acutally 42, but then I came back ten minutes later and he was on 31, so, yeah...
TheKey: rr
devize: whats dangerfield on in SC?
IfYouSaySo: Couch a certainty to play for Melbourne next week, BOG for Casey
nostrdamus: now gazzz has got his ton he can cut loose
Torpedo10: Danger get's another 10 pts this Q andf should get to 90.
go_freo: give gary the superman sigh again
IfYouSaySo: 113 DT points too
MontyJnr: Porpoise aiming for the half ton
E Kavastar: Bennell... wtf
Davey_4_PM: Relton Roberts Symbol: For rookies who flop maybe?
Carlos78: Brennen still learning to run
97crows98: Bunny Bennell
Trav_One: Bennell -Muppet sign...
Jair: so true PN, I love Dangers name
chadsta112: Porps and Danger junk. now boys, dont be selfish and score for me.
R.Griff: Great Kick from Bennell
mufc: go gazza! keep it up callinan, keep scoring danger and LIFT porps! i need u now i dont care what round it is
97crows98: Porps +2
liverpool: danger is durable will paly every game even when gets big knocks hes like a bull
donzano: the Porpise is my only failure pick so far
Sizzler: i said early in the first Q Porps wont get more than 50 DT pts
panaman1: for rookies and dangerfield
thebigshot: LMAO ot brennan. worst player in AFL
97crows98: Pin sign for Lynch
Jormas: had a choice between porps and callinain
Virgil: Do you guys think I should trade Danger out for Porps?
R.Griff: Porplyzia will get 60 still
kiddy56: s
CamT: Plenty of Rookies flop ... Relton stood in the forward pocket wondering when he could light up his next cigarette.
Sydney14: good stuff Sloane
port4spoon: 97crows98, you wont be working overtime calling porps points
panaman1: trade danger for yagmoor...
liverpool: brennan has taken the mantal as dumbest football from will minson and i been saying it for years
Bennyy: like how everyone is talking about bad picks! its round 1 people just relax!
donzano: Is anyone goign to tradeout the PORPISE after this performance?
Jormas: trade porps out for callinan??
Panther: Porps still hasnt reached his B/E yet
kangars8: porps robbed haha
Carlos78: No soup for you Porps
thebigshot: what happened to advantage..porps ckicks a goal
Sizzler: kermit for porps
W.Mantooth: luke russell has had 40points in less than one quater
nostrdamus: wow, rory sloane u gun!!
R.Griff: Porplzia you kucking idiot why stop
E Kavastar: Porpz won't even hit his break even, lol
chadwick: Well left porpus
Virgil: Relton Roberts - the only player I've ever seen eating a sandwich during a game.
mufc: why do that virgil? dangerfield will improve his scoring as long as hes played in the mid, porps wont find it as much
kiddy56: Sloane one of my best picks mainly because he's a gun but also because no one else has him
dimmel: ablett = 3 votes as per..superstarr
BlueBoys#5: u look at adelaide players like tipett and walker they hog it when near goals when u look at porp and he takes it back
Bunta: Ports has missed a lot of footy, will keep improving
Barlow: where is that useless khunt?
kreuze_mis: cmon spud dangerfield - get to 80sc
Kraz: I downgraded birchall to waters to be able to afford dangerfield......if he doesnt average 85 I will be gutted
E Kavastar: Russell: 41dt for 17sc. Shows just how little junk time stats really add
Trav_One: Anyone unlucky enough to have Scotland, Clarke, Shaw, Porpz & Morris???
Jormas: would u have porps or callinan?
Carlos78: Lynch 25 in a quarter. Another one of those please
97crows98: Need 30pt last qtr from GAJ
mpollock: Danger is crap!! That is all!!
gd.39: Anyone think if porps grew a beard he'd look like Corey enright? Dead ringa
BigWilko: what is porps B/E?
W.Mantooth: sloane unique? bahahah
mufc: agreed 97crows
TheLegend6: porps will do a nthan foley from last year. Start slow and steadily make his way up.
Sizzler: Lynch will beat Porps lol
Bennyy: shaw? shaw got 91! thats not a bad game. jeez theres some flogs on here!
Blue_Steel: Unlucky enough tO have dangerfield
ReggieOz1: i don't have Morris lol
cptFantasy: Yes I have all those Trav_One, they won't be bad every week!
BigWilko: @trav swap morris for ellis and i'm there
@fmome: @Trav_One i have Porplyzia. Only one from that list but still gnashing teeth. :-)
E Kavastar: Did people actually get Dangerfield in SuperCoach? lol
ofnao001: chuck morris will come good!
WEEEagles: @trav1 could easily b done. i haveporps only thank flower
liverpool: happy if gaj and danger get a 50 this qtr
dylsta05: What was GAJ score dt at half time Pleaseee??!!
ofnao001: gaz to get 127...
97crows98: Porps 50 SC
Torpedo10: I want Danger to get 50 pt Q, Please Blow Up the DT chart Danger. :/
nostrdamus: @E Kavastar, you seem to spend alot of time bagging people.,.,.,why??
Mithrandir: Another year of Dangerfield promising and not delivering
Virgil: dylsta 82
hanyi22: wtf, asif russell got 41 in 1 quater
brent_bren: 84 i think
gilbee94: get up thompson you cow
BigWilko: gaj 83
Bunta: Take iceicle off Porps, 18 players have a worse S/C score than him
E Kavastar: For the laughs, nostrdamus. For the laughs
jebuswhosj: whys ablett got the bandage??
Virgil: Subs always come on and blitz, that's what they're for
walle: Porps beating Caddy in SC...
DuhWinning: dangerfield lift you shower truck
thebigshot: ummm Mithrandir isnt that YEAR 3/4 of a game?
brent_bren: gaj 138 dteam at the end 140 sc
mufc: cmon danger superman time!
brent_bren: caddy the ball butcher!!
Virgil: three quarters of a game is pretty much a year, isn't it?
nostrdamus: am thinking this really could be rory's breakout year
spudgun: what does the oprp need to ave to hold value?
phenom: Hey Ablett, have the suns won a premiership yet>
spudgun: and by orop i mean porp.
cptFantasy: is everyone looking at a low average per player this week or is my team just crappy?
BigWilko: gaj hit in the back
Sloan4Pres: @ nostrdamus he's playing gold coast
97crows98: Last year was Rory's breakout year. This year will be consolidation.
phenom: I hope you have fun at the bottom of the ladder for the rest of your career scablett
brent_bren: 60 i reckon for pors value
SickBloke: flower this shower
Armagetya: maybe Porps is special ed. If he is hes doing really well
dancasta: happy with sloanes sc be even better if he tons up
Virgil: spudgun, not much, like 45
Panther: Im loving Jacobs game!!Come on mate 110+!!
TravisBoak: Please everyone remember this game is agains gold coast
Trav_One: ST for 135??? I have the big C on him...
MattAttack: Dangerfail :(
liverpool: i thought i would never say this but gaj beat my pendles score cause i have u capt
E Kavastar: 60 for Porpz is value? I can get a rookie 100k cheaper that will score the same
chadwick: 85 pls Brodie
MontyJnr: Hey phenom has ablett won a premiership yet?
CamT: Porps is guaranteed a game, other Rookie priced players aren't
TheoX: tape to be traded to collingwood?
ofnao001: i think 2200 will be a good score...
brent_bren: ni i said 60 to hole his price due to a bad game
daniel87: read nothing into this game danerfield dosent need to play well in this
Virgil: LOL Theo
97crows98: GAJ = gun
thebigshot: yeah GAj..lvoe it
chadsta112: yyyeyewwwwwww
brent_bren: and most of us have the best 2 rookie forwards anyway,the next lot are all crap
chadwick: You are a star gazza
Sydney14: gazza
bernieV: kavastar, what is your team name? u r obviously an elite dt'er..i want to see what perfection looks like.
pavs nose: Gary is a fin genius
dimmel: haha ablett - cannot get any better
Pseudo G: @CamT yeah cause he's played so many games in previous years
Trav_One: @liverpool, that should help...
WEEEagles: Just give it to him anyway. love it
R.Griff: Yablettt!!!!
liverpool: abletttttttttt
bartyboys: Here comes danger field
JTren: oh my gary
austinmax: gary, you are a gun
myDTrocks: Ablett <3
liverpool: thx trav :P
nostrdamus: wow, russell is flying!!
E Kavastar: bernieV: I don't really play DT, more of an SC bloke. But I did finish 500 odd in SC last year
windigo24: Gary for Brownlow.
devize: i love reading the comments before the stats update. not watching the game atm
TheLegend6: I think ablett will win the brownlow this year
justi: I got Khunt on my bench. Happy with that
bernieV: well u either play or you dont..
pavs nose: I love Gary in non sexual way
R.Griff: lol Warnock chased down Van Berlo
justi: the word about ablett is that he's had his first uninterrupted pre-season in years.
Trav_One: I lucked out in my mids this rnd, Pends, GAJ, Murph, Thommo, Magnet, Wingard, Coniglio
W.Mantooth: i love you gary in a sexual way
JTren: cmon thomson
Pseudo G: When the Eagles play GC do you think Cox will be on Khunt?
panaman1: god i hate tony shaw
Morts54: "I dont REALLY play DT". You either do or you dont
Armagetya: i love garry in a VERY sexual way
E Kavastar: bernieV: I made a DreamTeam this year but spent about 1 hour total on it
Getit2jpod: Henderson to beat porplyzia
Hazza09: Dangerfield huge let down today
ben_849: Sucked in by the lure of patty dangerdudd...again fmdt
97crows98: Porps +2
phenom: Hey Ablett, why do you only have 2 premiership medals?
Sizzler: everybody clap the Porps *clap clap clap* what a gun lol
R.Griff: Porp handball :)
probably: any chance danger will get those points back?
Panther: Porps still hasnt made his B/E yet
Torpedo10: @Hazza, He should get about 80, he'll inprove. Breakout season for him.
BlueBoys#5: see what i mean bad delivery to the porp
Trav_One: GAJ sent to the pine...
Dangeroo: third sub-affected player i've had this weekend
port4spoon: any cgance thommo
Bulky: Dangerfield is a let down EVERY year!
R.Griff: Phenom he has 2 more than you!!
Morts54: Bin shouldn't be applied for guys that come on as subs
snozza: Dangerfield is a dud, he burnt me last year
panaman1: im on 2300 with damian cupido to go
OziBatla: all abord the dangertrain!
Trav_One: Thompson to excel in Junk time now...
flagdog49: Callinan you are going to be a GREAT INVESTMENT!
Torpedo10: @snozza, I'm hoping a few 80s and 100s then his price will go high.
Sizzler: agree morts54
Chippa: Danger will only ever bring DT pain. Great contested footy but not built for DT
snozza: @torpedo, that sounds like wishfull thinking mate
korza: Watz Dangers B/E
mufc: cmon callinan tonne up
E Kavastar: Terrible 3rd umpire...
Smoke Dogg: BS wasnt touvhed the ball
Virgil: korza, Danger is priced around 70 points per game, but prices don't change until round 3
justi: I khunt might get a start in 22 next week such is showerness of my defence.
myDTrocks: lol @ danger owners
Torpedo10: I know, Gotta think positive, I don't have assistant coach, who does.
Bulky: If AFL DT was falling over a lot and smacking into things Dangerfield would be a superstar.
97crows98: That was not touched
Sizzler: magnifying glass for 3rd ump
Smoke Dogg: wats the point of the video review if they gonna make wrong call
port4spoon: did dr dt pick danger
sainter11: Zaccy
badcorkie: tippett 2nd hald is like porpoises 1st half
LilLionMan: Dangerfail
Torpedo10: might downgrade him. w\ho knows atm.
97crows98: It's a worry when they go to a review & still get it wrong.
jusso: oh no Warnock is my Captain
nostrdamus: c'mon gazz, tear 'em a new one for 15 mins
97crows98: Porps +2
korza: * Virgil thx
97crows98: Porps +3
kiddy56: Dangerfield to callinan maybe
saints4cup: 3 years ive pessisted with danger 3 years his failed overated spastic
mardals16: every second comment is bagging out dangerfield
Trav_One: I don't think Danger should be written off yet, it's round 1...
bernieV: going to be close sizzler
oldsalty: @myDTrocks u got heath shaw?
Pseudo G: flower it, I'm just going to scrap my account and make a new team for round 2.
KruZin: Ablett & Thompson <3
Virgil: Isn't the whole point of a review system to show everyone just how incompetent they are?
Smoke Dogg: common big sauce get some leather
leovo21: Junk it up gaj!!
port4spoon: get back on the ground ablett you bludger
FootyFan7: both tom lynchs on the same sc score at 3/4 time
Torpedo10: yeah kiddy.
Chippa: Is there a fitter rig of a human in afl than Scott Thompson ?
E Kavastar: Get some junk Ablett, 140sc would be lovely
cptFantasy: every 2nd person does or doesn't own him.
Virgil: Oh wow, Porps hits 40 points, halfway through the last lol
Hazza09: Does dangerspud get another week? Surely he can't burn me again
kiddy56: Its only rd 1 so don't act like his goin
Bulky: LOL saints4cup.
devize: is ablett on?
JTren: ablett and thomson get your junk on
97crows98: 20 more DT GAJ
bernieV: danger is just too inconsistent..shown promise for years like most adelaide midfielders and they have all done nothing
sainter11: cmon gaj, 130+
MontyJnr: Is Gary still on the bench?
SickBloke: Brodie Smith plays frisbee
kiddy56: It's only rd 1 dont worry to much about danger yet
Fringer: Scotty does look good he's put some work in.
hicksy5: not since dean rioli chippa
KruZin: @Chippa - Thero is a machine!
hinjy: Lol @ DANGERFIELD!! What a mug! Always does this come the normal season... Wtf did I jump on him? MUUUUGGGG
Trav_One: Thommo, u beauty...
E Kavastar: Porpz 58sc... meanwhile, Hall is on 52sc, and 110k cheaper. :)
pavs nose: Get sexual gary
BigWilko: dangerfield is an impact player, will influence games but not ideal for fantasy
trevor1257: all of australis thanks you Monty for keeping these blokes off the streets
JTren: captained scott thomson on supercoach, ablett on dt. fantastic result
nostrdamus: lol cpt fantasy, every person does or doesnt own EVERY player
Refused: Thompson has looked that way for a couple of years now
hanyi22: comn porpy
bernieV: i think sando will play danger more in the middle though
mardals16: Andy Otten was a good pick for me last year
Chippa: Big guns, big tank and racks up DT points. Flower it - I'm turning for him haha
Bulky: As far as Dangerfield is concerned the gap between looking like a superstar and playing like a superstar is vast.
SickBloke: Michael Walkom, eat one.
old_shepp: That's true E Kavastar but Hall could be "rested" next week - Porps will play
GoldDigger: gogogo Baldy
cptFantasy: ou know what I mean... you're nostrdamus after all!
Blue_Steel: Damn you dangerfield friggin pretender
snozza: Cmon Hall lift... need another 15-20 from u
Trav_One: DANGER if you have him on FIELD...
bernieV: im not so sure about dangers js either to be honest
windigo24: Hall done enough to keep his spot do you think??
AMagpie: C;mmon dangerfield.. get some points!!
gilbee94: dangerfield you cow
lloydy28: Go Ablett!
panaman1: dangerfield came 2nd in a dangerfield lookalike competition
bernieV: woops, i meant porplyzias js
gilbee94: any young girls on here? around the age of 12?
bartyboys: Dangers 80 sc won't be bad . Martin 89 haha
snozza: Going on what ive seen Hall could turn out to b a serial vest wearer this year :(
snoop1: Danger junk
hanyi22: godamn ian callian, y the flower did i get porpz
Jormas: Cmon GaJ, power home
korza: Danger and the BIN not far off starting to rackem up
Bulky: LOL panaman1. Yagmoor came first.
E Kavastar: Lift Ablett 150sc please
Chippa: Crows at $1.75 for + 39.5 at TAB is like theft. How good
thornz23: 15 more dangers n im happy
Virgil: Here comes Danger
R.Griff: get 70 Porp, 90 Danger
Torpedo10: yeah korza.
panaman1: hehe only thing yagmoor ever won
probably: if danger gets his three tackles back then he'll have an 80,not a disaster
Staggs: Chippa: i got 25+ at $1.74 i thought that was absolute free money
WEEEagles: yes Gilbee94 can i meet u?
justi: @chippa unless they win by 38
97crows98: Tippett done FA since half time
badcorkie: dangger n caddy do it for me guys!!!!
windigo24: I'm starting to think GWS have a better talent pool than GC.
Crakkajack: ton up sauce
korza: i'll take 80 for Danger
chadwick: 7:14
mpollock: @gilbee94 ... wtf?
97crows98: 15 more DT GAJ
Chippa: Nicely done. Gamblers Charity
Trav_One: Monty, gilbee94 thinks this is, time for him to get the door symbol...
Costanza: any danger of talking about someone else?
justi: danger's about to go +12
liverpool: danger woo hoo
korza: Danger woo hooooooooooo
thornz23: hahaha yes dangers benefits from a shower kick
c-hawk: great kick harbrow!!!
R.Griff: Bin For Dangerfield
Sydney14: kick the goal danger
MattAttack: why would you pick up caddy?
kreuze_mis: dangertime!!!
ofnao001: porpy would be hurting some ppl
thebigshot: dagner gets a gift..can he kick it?
97crows98: Dangerfield kicks this to get par score for price.
donzano: WHO here HAS PORPISE?
Grazz: Danger haha this will be handy
Kraz: yesss junk time goal danger!!!
gd.39: Dangerbin!
port4spoon: spudfield handed a gift
Jormas: Porps, you are officially the worst whole-game player on the field.
Dangeroo: If he doesn't kick this i'm going to find his house and have a word with him
GoPies:D: cmon danger kick a goal, need a 80 SC from u
liverpool: No
panaman1: what do you guys think caddy will avg this year?
leovo21: GAJ - junk it up plz
Grazz: Bin Danger
kiddy56: Dangerfield
kreuze_mis: THANKS DANGER. Thats the 80SC I wanted
bert1: sub russell has done well
nostrdamus: l have porps in SC
donzano: Type 123 if you have the Porpise
Morts54: I do
DuhWinning: go danger!!! you ripper
GoldDigger: some have a dagnerise purpoise in mnid!
donzano: 123
justi: danger to ton up
Refused: Lol at the crying over Danger. Heading to a solid score and its been one of his quieter games
korza: Cmon Monty give Danger the BIN
chadsta112: 10 points more out of porps and danger and i'll be semi happy
liverpool: danger 78 sc gaj 132
daniel87: 123
Jormas: 123
Trav_One: Caddy, 60-65 avg this year... Overrated...
Pseudo G: porpz get involved you turd
kreuze_mis: give danger the CAPE
rider: What happened to hall did he go missing
FTroopCapt: Keep binning it up Dangers.... One more would be nice.... Lets get the Porpouise a goal too
Virgil: Dangerfield? More like Junk-time-DT-goderfield!
panaman1: not solid enough versus gold coast and as a keeper
Sizzler: Porps should be Corps
bohica2693: seriously porp what's that
bartyboys: 123
chadwick: Sauce certainly tiring
windigo24: Loving it Dangerfield. Still hate you though. Haha.
GoldDigger: 321
ryansteam: go the suns.
Jormas: Did danger kick it?
smigga: 123
FTroopCapt: COme on GAJ - get to 40 touches
badcorkie: type 213 if you loved nate dogg RIP
Slashers: I wouldn't be proud of having Danger no matter what
lloydy28: 123
monkeybums: Dangerfield scored more than Dustin Martin so probably not worth sooking about it
gdshifty: Need 15 more from GAJ
GoldDigger: hall's tank is mt
Slashers: As for Porps, now I know why I tried for weeks to find a unique replacement
donzano: 1+2 = 3
SickBloke: The real money's on Paartalu.
Refused: And Danger is the type who will do this vs GC, but get 120 vs the cats or hawks
mpollock: Danger - not exactly breakout season scoring!
pavs nose: Rape that ball gary
thornz23: porps :)
BlueBoys#5: yay porpoise
Big Stick: porppp!
FTroopCapt: Porpouis!!!!
Virgil: Admittedly, 21 touches and 2 goals for 79 points is not a great return
chadsta112: poooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrppppppppppppp
GoldDigger: pourpose drbbles a goolie
biggs2dujj: Porps you star
living21: porplyzia!!!
Grazz: Porps thank god
barrylover: Porps!
kreuze_mis: porps bin
Djc04: porplyzia!
Jormas: Porp, hit 50 atleast
sharpie: porpedo
itsduftime: porps finally
DoctorRush: Haha. Porps goal. Cheers
bickies: the porpys
glam77: porps-to-please-ya!
Crakkajack: porps!
timwhatson: porpporpporpporp
scoregasms: porps!
watt0: paartalu!!!
donzano: yeh 123 PORPS!
GoldDigger: poorpose powersespukes
Refused: That was selfish Walker again
thebigshot: anioyone got an update on Porps SC?
bernieV: i cant see the tv...but that sounds like a 6 pack sizzler..
port4spoon: great game porpoise
gdshifty: And danger gets the bin :)
Trav_One: Porpz, haha to the pine...
Blue_Steel: C'mon dangerfield 20 more in junk time
donzano: 16 disposals for the Porpise? Bad score for 16 disposals
leovo21: Keep going gaj and dangerfield!
R.Griff: dont take Poplyzia off
Slashers: LOL, do all you guys have him
mackinaw: wow shows how many potato skins are on here
TTT Saints: Dangerfield earning money now
hanyi22: comn keep it going porpz
Chippa: X factor to the porpa
Sizzler: he could get -3
GoldDigger: lets go gazza
timwhatson: porp 68 SC
FiveStar: dont get to 128 ablett! my rockliff score must be more!
hanyi22: how long left?
panaman1: type 555 if you like pizza
liverpool: all the guys who went porp!!!!!!!!! have
CamT: Porps !! 70 SC points is all we are looking for.
jfish: yeah Porpy, dont care if its junk time
Nails: Five - Rockliff's score got boosted to 130.
thornz23: considering that this is porp's first game back and is basically rookie priced im not that unhappy with his score...
Crakkajack: 200k for porps is a bargain, 1st game in a year
GoldDigger: numty numty noodlespuds
donzano: Was the porp on 12 at halftime?
windigo24: How long left?
kreuze_mis: cmon danger. one more junk goal
thebigshot: e and half mins lef
BlueBoys#5: porp paid off in the end
snapper: cmon the porp, he's hot
Bunta: 444
Sizzler: bin for the porps
Torpedo10: I'm pretty happy with Danger atm. pity Hall couldn't get 70 SC but pretty good.
FTroopCapt: Adelaide 18.20 - Terrible kicking again.... Don't teams have goalkicking coaches these days
SickBloke: 555
Carlos78: 3 mins Windy
Refused: Porps was 15 at half time
Blue_Steel: Thompson's carrying on the form from late last year
donzano: clock on 3:07
Jormas: Has GAj died?
GoPies:D: cmon danger 1 more goal
chadwick: 3:07
korza: Luke Russell WOW
nathan11: 3 mins left
liverpool: 82 sc danger
Trav_One: I'm going to say it, I have a man -crush on Scotty T (C)
guddaboy4: Can't beat my pendless
bernieV: gaj, 39 possies..the mans impressive
thornz23: happy enough with dangers and porps score
windigo24: Thanks fellas. Enough time for Danger-Time.
mpollock: ablett injured ... he has leather poisoning lol
donzano: Gabloid + 6
GoldDigger: who's buying pizza?
StAnselm: Tippett for the star
R.Griff: 40 for Ablett he gets the star
Blue_Steel: C'mon dangerfield beat whitecrosses score ffs
hintos: cmon swallow get to 90. good effort by luke russell in 1.5qtrs
Carlos78: 2 more touches Gary
donzano: Ban Mpollock
Virgil: Danger - 50 points for the half
mace485: ablett sitting on 138 supercoach points
SickBloke: Actually....
thornz23: porps up to 58.. solid first effort
donzano: yehhh porpedo! + 6
port4spoon: if porpoise averages 55 he will go up to like 250K wowee
R.Griff: Porplyzia!!
Refused: Youre not a man if you dont want a bromance with Scotty T
DoctorRush: More for Porps!
E Kavastar: How long until Porpz shoulder goes pop? I say Round 5
Sizzler: muppet for warnock
leovo21: danger loving the junk
97crows98: 10 more DT GAJ
footywiz: GAJ, Thompson, Pendles. Guns in my SC
Turkies: Where are you getting live SC scores?
M.Brown#1: Taylor walker will soon be one of the most hated players in the afl
Trav_One: @refused, lololol...
donzano: aother + 6 for the Gazereth
lionspro: Danger's a junkie
CrozaN: where is the muppet that said Porps wont get 50?
thornz23: lol another 8 for GAJ"
thornz23: lol another 8 for GAJ
donzano: make that +9 for The gabalot
barrylover: Gaj waxing in the backline
R.Griff: Ablett +8
port4spoon: nice junk ablett
liverpool: ablett junk time
Carlos78: Cheers Gaz, thanks for the junk
daverudder: porpos on 74SC!!! love that
kiddy56: Mbrown I already despise him
Slashers: Yea Kavastar, I'll check sports bet and find out what its paying LOL!
Torpedo10: right now still looing at 2300+SC pts.
mpollock: thank god for junk time!
Sizzler: bin for porps
windigo24: Ablett is perma captain now.
liverpool: 140sc gAJ
donzano: CADDY will look good in an essendon Jersey next year
Jormas: Went boyd over thommo and mitchell, hope it pays off.
CrozaN: get to 60 porps and you have done your job
@fmome: MY Brother has GAJ as Captain. Wise move.
thebigshot: 30 secssd
Turkies: I remember 10 minutes into this game when GAJ was sitting on 6 points people were talking about trading him out rd1 LOL
GoldDigger: go gazza
Refused: Why would you dislike Walker? Hes one of the best blokes
Davey_4_PM: Donzano you think he will leave?
Dangeroo: yes lynch!
Majestic: Porpz is shower and 60 is shower
johnkay: Live supercoach scores on Herald Sun superfooty site
Carlos78: Lynch, cherry
Grazz: Nice goal Lynch
CamT: Anyone who doesn't have Porplyzia has no ******* idea
kiddy56: What is sloane sc
hanyi22: how long left?
chadwick: 24% of the comp has ablett captain
Virgil: fmome Your brother and about one hundred thousand other people
korza: 86 For Danger i'll take that
thebigshot: very very happy with Caddy
mpollock: @fmome - so does most of Australia!! lol
donzano: 7 secibds keft
dt2010: 57 point half for danger
Blue_Steel: C'mon dangerfield 20 or so more...
gdshifty: Thanks for answering my request GAJ. Nice second half danger.
DuhWinning: lol CAMt, your erong there you have no idea
@fmome: Unbelievable. Both Dangerfield & Porplyzia to beat their break-even scores.
lord: lol camt your an idiot... porps is no dream player and no keeper so
liverpool: get 60 porp so i can get ri of u there really saying
thornz23: 87 for dangers.. solid
Majestic: so i end up with one player from this game and he has the highest score
nostrdamus: gazz 140 & thompson 149 SC
Turkies: @johnkay: Thanks a bunch
Pseudo G: thought you didn't believe in mid pricers CamT
Dangeroo: danger last kick yes
Damion23: anyone who has dangerfield has not idea more like it
chadwick: CamT I got double the points from Kennedy for half the price
c-hawk: 89 for danger
Grazz: 272 for Gaj Cpt, happy with that.
R.Griff: Dangerfield +3
old_shepp: Caddy more DT relevant than SC?
TheAnt: CamT my rookie has to only score 55-60 now to go up in cash pretty much as much as Porplyzia, look his shoulder popped
rhysmac: come on callinan get one more poitn you crab
Morts54: Whats a secibds
decapp: anyone who has porps know nothing about footy
kbbr: why play porplyzia in forwards if hes gonna do nothing whole game. least give hima chance sanderson
Smoke Dogg: so close had 40 for PNG
TheAnt: BTW, Caddy for the bin.
thornz23: 89 for dangers*
liverpool: danger 88 for a quiet game good boy
devize: dangerfield you gun. LOL
bernieV: he gets those 3 tackles back and hes 101..
SickBloke: Did someone take my spectacles?
CrozaN: I will take 58 from porps
E Kavastar: Not good enough Ablett I need 200sc from you. Ablett > Pendles after lockout is over
Virgil: 272 from Captain Garry and 89 from Danger. Can't complain.
Blue_Steel: Dangerfield survives into wk 2... Just
Trav_One: Ablett, Thompson (C) & Danger for me = 8-)
CamT: I don't believe in mid-pricers. Porps is pretty close to rookie price. I have Kennedy too.
DuhWinning: CAMt your a spud
Blanketman: well done danger mouse !!
liverpool: sorry 93 danger in sc nice
brent_bren: i said gaj 138 and 140 sc
probably: @bernieV why did they take them off him?
DuhWinning: i like it danger, quiet game for 93 with 2 goals and 25 touches
Jawdan: How is this every game live going to work for FoxFooty? I want to watch Fre V Cats but Ess v North is on FoxFooty
TheLegend6: well done khunt :)
CamT: @ DuhWinning ... if you ever see your name at the Top of the SC ladder with 300,000 people in it I'll listen to you.
decapp: mmm caddy sc very disapointing
Blue_Steel: Go PORPY 74 lmfao
Za Chap: why did dangerfield get 15 points taken from him??
Torpedo10: I like it that Danger got 89.
brent_bren: i will take 74 points from a bad game from porps!! he will avg 80 easy
VanR88: @Jawdan fox sports 1
Slashers: OMG, just noticed here in Adelaide, channel ones 'Before the Game' is on BERFORE NO GAME!!
decapp: jawdan, little red button
Morts54: Freo V's Cats on ch7
Turkies: WTF how did danger get 93 in SC? I thought junk time stats didn't mean much in SC? He nearly tripled his score last qtr!
luvfooty: freo game live on fox sports 1
97crows98: Dangerfield 25 possies for 89 DT. Not bad huh?
Bennyy: 93 from danger. imagine if he had of had a good game people? lol.
scribe313: surely caddy was better than 57...
Slashers: Oh and every year you can certainly tell which players the Supercoach organisers have...
Blue_Steel: Still annoyed with dangerfield at 430k or so scored less than white cross 375k and started on the bench vs pies
dancasta: yell yeah porps
oldsalty: @jawdan on fox sports 3
axelbiddy: @Za Chap its because he is a danger.. field LOL
thebigshot: lol 74 sc for porps and 93 for dager... wonder how they will go if they turn up?
bert1: happy with my 3 gazz scotty and hall
E Kavastar: Porpz score 74 against the bloody Gold Coast, with most of it in junk time, and people are happy. Ignorance is bliss
Jawdan: How is this every game live going to work for FoxFooty? I want to watch Fre V Cats but Ess v North is on FoxFooty
Jawdan: Cheers everyone!
Sack Craig: @Jawden its on Foxsports 1 look at the afl broadcast guide on their website.
oldsalty: fox 1 sorry
axelbiddy: josh caddy is a future gun!
Jayman: did I win PNG?
decapp: caddy turnover king
Jawdan: Red button does nothing? Do I have to watch it on Fox Sports? Poor form FoxFooty... So much for every game live.
Jayman: who won PNG? It said 'too many connections' when I went on???
mufc: disapointing 2nd half from tippet
Za Chap: @axelbiddy do you know if the games on tv??
timwhatson: woohoo
OziBatla: Fox 1 for freo
jamesalex: yeah who won PNG?
Jayman: is my name purple? ;)
dimmel: ablett is the best in the afl by that far it is a joke