Chat Log: W1, Richmond 9.26.80 d North Melbourne 6.11.47

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oc16: and so it starts again. BRING IT ON!
Hawka101: bring it on!
preki1: so the tiges redrafted nason and kangas git hale back?
asmodean: footy footy footy I love footy
Magicsmell: Good to be back!
kangars8: Watch out for Corey Jones.... good work monty!
c-hawk: hello?
Danog: Interesting tema list. Didn't know Richmond still had Polak, Moore, Thomson, Polo, Morton, Tambling, Hislop, Collins...
Danog: Farmer, Gourdis, and Nason
yousetouse: yo yo
Scotty1: Anyone home
maluckyday: should be an easy game for kangas
maluckyday: kangas shouldd get over the line
Panther: Fox Footy is back!!! What a wonderful day!!!
muffin_man: footy is back love it.
TassySwans: Let the season begin
stixy53: j
ManAtArms: This working?
sless: Um our team list is a bit out of date....
stixy53: here we go
damoc85: conca had a bit early
port4spoon: get it together monty, youve only had 4 weeks to prepare
valkorum: footy is back!!!
Smoke Dogg: Monty has a few early glitch's not his best form
valkorum: I am not sure that champion data are presenting the data live
Beastiano: no audio, no team lists great start :(
port4spoon: whenever the team lists were finalised
maluckyday: kick off the afl :)
Luke919: go david hale!
TheMC: Martin looking good early
n4cr123: Scores working on dt website..
meziare: 3aw for audio
port4spoon: martin is on about 24 already
damoc85: hot start dusty
Torpedo10: has it starte yet? I wish It ould hurry up. :P
Tinka7: glitches i dont like glitches
maluckyday: cn you watch the game on your computer live
Torpedo10: Hi Guys.
valkorum: dustin martin - 20 dt
maluckyday: has the game started
Torpedo10: shouldn;t the chatupdate immediately?
valkorum: north melb player down
valkorum: leigh adams
s.n.a.f.u: goodnight adams
stixy53: whats going on
valkorum: leigh adams down and not looking too good
Scotty1: Why no scores
s.n.a.f.u: scores look good
ELLsendon: live stream?
Torpedo10: I can't see any scores.
ELLsendon: link to a live stream?
DuhWinning: Why no scores
hawks4eva: Why aren't scores up?
DuhWinning: I have streams.....Monty the square frowns upon it though
valkorum: champion data dont normally release the live feed for pre-season games
Panther: just shows how much we miss watching scores on Fan Footy!!
Mochasons: pm me a steam please :)
damoc85: live stream is fox footy
valkorum: @duhwinning because its illegal and you can be fined
zadow757: link to live stream? please? bloody f0xtel
s.n.a.f.u: no streams boys
stixy53: what a crap game so far
s.n.a.f.u: dream-stats have scores. mOnty can't be far away
ELLsendon: duh winning pm me
s.n.a.f.u: grima in trouble
valkorum: enough chat about streams thanks
Torpedo10: yeah, no more stream chat.
UberYummy: where the flower r scores
Joel20: i cant see scores or anything? just says Richmond Tigers: 0?
moorey21: Thank christ footys back
GoldDigger: hey valk
Paulish: Did you divide by zero again Monty?
stixy53: fox footy all good
feralmong: half time is 3.3.21 to 3.1.19. tiges in front. Roos are ordinary at the moment.
Torpedo10: @joel20 same.
feralmong: hope that wasn't a spoiler. soz but thought scores would interest some.
s.n.a.f.u: moorey you been purple all summer ?
Joel20: @Torperdo ok so im not the only one :)
valkorum: hey GD
feralmong: 2 of the roos goals were maggot gifts.
popedelio: if you want live dt scores just go to the afl match centre
s.n.a.f.u: conca 26martin 25 edwards 36 ziebs 22
maluckyday: today would be nice mony by the way zibell goal on fire
clint_001: dream-stats
swanny36: whats the hold up?
stixy53: tigers back in front
Torpedo10: No hold up, just scores aren't working. :( guys, just call me Torp or Torps. :)
feralmong: maric clearing well for tiges. looking a good trade
s.n.a.f.u: dustbin on fire
GoLions: sup torpedo :P
feralmong: nahas burning the turf. going a step above last year again.
Torpedo10: guys, I'll be back later. :)
maluckyday: cmon monty
clint_001: scores on dream-stats
nameless: guess it's for stats?
maluckyday: comin back later
popedelio: If you lads want live stats go to afl match centre, it has the dt scores on there
s.n.a.f.u: ellis getting a little bit now
damoc85: anybody taking black caviar at 1.12 fixed tomorrow?
UberYummy: monty wtf is going on scores?!
clint_001: dt scores
m0nty: woo!
m0nty: wait those numbers look bad
s.n.a.f.u: woo hoo
meziare: looks about 4 times to high!!
valkorum: log in to dreamteam for live stats
Luke919: jeeez if H keeps getting these scores i'll definitely get him
maluckyday: bit high dnt u say
valkorum: these scores would have to be a record for most number of tonnes in a game :P
port4spoon: wow my dt will have all nm and richmond players
bomber5186: You dont say.
damoc85: greenwood is my captain :)
sammyo7: go greenwood go
bomber5186: Seems legit.
snake_p: Brad Miller's even got 75!!
chinospot: +27 lol
s.n.a.f.u: greenwood is on 18
asmodean: umpires pants are real good
valkorum: I like the new ruck rules - separate them
sammyo7: lol screw playin 9 quaters
torres: never knew there were 9 quarters in a game, darn NAB cup rules
maluckyday: kangas finally have a 3 pt lead
GlinnMgraw: All is normal. Nothing to see here.
Zarts: lock n load mcmahon :P
Luke919: nahas -159 what a dud
torres: Nahas just gave away 53 free kicks = mega spud
maluckyday: didnt know q9 went for over 100 mins plus did u see those minuse thetre was like minus 10000000
bomber5186: Marty McFly latest richmond recruit, adding extra quarters because he needs to go back to the future.
bomber5186: Ziebell should stay there :D
whatlez1: What's with the scores?
damoc85: getting closer monty
maluckyday: roos win
s.n.a.f.u: Nth up
whatlez1: North had a good win
Zarts: how long do first round NAB cup games go for compared to normal games?
maluckyday: good one glinnmgraw
torres: NAB cup games are 9 quarters long with each qtr going for 115 minutes.
whatlez1: @zarts, half the time
valkorum: @zarts - less than half. 2 x 20min halfs (no stop clock) for these games
dipper5: lets go gws
Centurions: sierakowski not playing?
feralmong: 1/2 north's score from frees. In a full game Tiggers would have won it.
Zarts: cheers whatlez, I thought it was something like that :)
AFEsElite: What's going on Monty, clean up your act!
UberYummy: monty wtf is going on scores?! move your floweren ass
Town10: when is this game going to end, 100 minutes into the 9th quarter ;)
windigo24: Few bugs in the system?
whatlez1: Swallow got 7 touches but 2 points???? Geez he must be undisiplined
whatlez1: Yo windigo
john90: What is with these scores?
maluckyday: hellllooooo mmooonnntttyy
samcro: Long quarter length...
maluckyday: 80 min extra time
windigo24: Hey dude.
whatlez1: 9 quarters already?
tnuc: for accurate scores go to afl web site
whatlez1: Windigo from the forums?
windigo24: Why can't they televise the games on 7mate or something. Gee.
windigo24: Yeah mate.
s.n.a.f.u: conca may get 4-5 at mrp
whatlez1: New fox footy channel all the way bro
port4spoon: windigo get foxtel 50 bucks a month
maluckyday: wht hppned
bwilson13: 7 have only got the rights to the GF
whatlez1: Monty you have had 6 months to prepare and look what happens?
windigo24: That'll never happen.
valkorum: @snafu commentators said that adams has said it was accidental head contact
valkorum: stop picking on m0nty - if you dont like it make your own site with live stats
maluckyday: are u serious monty
ELLsendon: Q9 100 minutes, i thought it was 2 20 minute halves?
Zarts: lol valk, it's a pretty weird bug :P
s.n.a.f.u: 3aw comm's reckon it was strike 50m off the ball
whatlez1: @valkorum, I wasn't...
whatlez1: To check scores go on the dreamteam website
Torpedo10: hey guys.
windigo24: DT top scorers were Miller & Edwards...
whatlez1: Dustin Martin 43 points, b.ellis 14
Torpedo10: So North win? :P I'm aboit confused. :P
tabs: hmm did Derrickx play up front??
Torpedo10: Swallow on 02? Morris on 06, OHanlon on 57 FF points but o DT. and time I don't think is correct. hmm.
whatlez1: Dustin Martin 43. Good start
Torpedo10: the scores look abit weird. :/
brent_bren: cant see any scores on the dreamteam site????????????????? dont u mean afl site?????
brent_bren: where are the scores on the dt site???? dont u mean afl site???
cameltoes!: what has monty done wrong this early in the year?
Grazz: Hello all, welcome back for 2012. No live footy into SA, Aussies getting pumped in the cricket but the grog is cold.