Chat Log: QF, Essendon 17.18.120 d Port Adelaide 17.11.113

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salernoa: to del teams
Catas: Heppell needs to go up in price by $2000 to enable Gibbs purchase. Go Heps
Chadwickus: Fletcher out!
Bazza123: how far away is the start - any1 know? cheers
Chadwickus: Travis Colyer is sub
Chadwickus: And Broadbent is port sub
Bazza123: when does the game start?
bert1: go butch
gcs2011: Heppell has a brakeven of87 so Catas i think u might be unlucky
SuperSub17: @bazza 4.40 start
Bazza123: super what that perth time how many mins till that time?
Chadwickus: 2:40 perth time
Bazza123: ok thx 12 mins to go
Mikos333: IS J.Watson DEFINETLY playing?
newmie: yer on the fiele in the warm up
Chadwickus: Got 20 on Lobbe for first goal...need to make money back from GC game lol
Catas: Gcs any idea how much over 87 Heppell needs to be to make $2k increase
Bazza123: chan you should have had it on Rodan
NDiddy: On PAFC with the 72.5 start.....make that 78.5 thanks Schulzy!
buddyboyz: whos essendons sub?
Chadwickus: damn you shulz!
Chadwickus: Travis Colyer is sub according to
awesome-O: need stanton to get below 50. possible?
mdon11: Coyler is the Essendon Sub.
john81: who's essendons sub
shannon229: need lobbe, Zaharakis and Heppell to scroe lees than 250
Spudanator: Port were paying 20 bux for the win!!
mdon11: @shannon: More chance of Port winning the flag to be honest. Barring injury.
bi-winning: pretty sure hille didnt get the first goal of the match....
Loose: Need 82 from Heppell to win
davey_36: what did ebert do???
dane swine: hille and schulz both first goals? nice one m0nty
beauiii: got 25 bucks on port to win
mdon11: Sorry, I meant that to awesome-0
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: An interchange infringement against Thomas gifts Hille the first goal.
Seanus: Schulz and Hille with first goal. Rofl.
Crustynuts: Are subs score added straight away or after all games are completed?
gunners31: Heppell will need about 94 to increase 2K
mdon11: @Kermit: Commentators said Ebert :P
hardnut: ok Heppell I've stuck with you and now I need a favour, +93 please
beauiii: port goal
Brak: umpires should get kermit
Spudanator: Thats port for you.. donating goals to the other team... They even get done by the Bye!!
azza_g: Hille dominating
gunners31: 2132 WITH Heppell in play...good,bad or par score???
falcooons: need lobbe and heppell to get 150 or less and butcher to get over 70 in sc do i have any chance?
JDavey: anyone know where i can watch a stream of the game?
danger: Watson to outscore heppell, lobbe to score 60
flagdog49: put Johnny Butcher into my PRO team this week... maybe it wasnt so funny
davey_36: @gunners, par score
Brak: 2203 DT with heppell and a michell donut
froggy47: need Boak to get 120SC to win lol
beauiii: dr dream team needs ryder to get 117 to beat me ive smased nick maxwell well and also beat my mate who is in the top 1k
Poppy8: 188 v ryder and boak?
chadwick: Dt 2308
Hendo2571: need heppell to score 108 to win prelim with a 0 thanks to mitchell
flagdog49: JDavey
beauiii: 2150 with heppell
bi-winning: need oshea to score less than 195 to win.... think im safe
SuperSub17: 2532 sc with heppell to come
josh111: cmon lobbe need u to get 80
jakeyh78: sub off thomas the muppett and put broadbent on..need 60 for 2500 sc
luke14: my prelim was a draw what happens ?
Don Gibson: no players here so just enjoying the game and hoping the bombers up
beauiii: heppell lining up
pies4spoon: Heppel lining up!!!
BYeates13: need lobbe to get 17 or less
bi-winning: @luke14 whoever finished higher on the ladder
sweaty con: cmon lobbe and heppel, ton each and ill be happy
150+: Hey super sub I'm 2589 with hepple to come
chadwick: Need heppell under 87 to win, not a good start ;(
WEEEagles: @luke 14 its higher placed side @ start of finals wins
Dangeroo: Finished ninth and now into the minor final...
Guaza: Hurley 60SC and I lose. Put a fork in me.
pies4spoon: M0nty, carlisle switched to foward this week
Brak: Heppell vs Grey + 7 in one DT league
Brian: Wowee! Carlile on Carlisle!
ls26a: need heppel to outscore trengove by 11. Go Dyson!!
Spudanator: tonne it up Heppell this is your day!!
luke14: shower start the mad monday
Just Clanc: anyone know a streaming link??
emmawatson: jobe vs chaplin + 130 ... might be over
Austin: Lobbe has to score lower than 80
hardnut: keep going Hep you young star!
thornz23: lets go heppel i need 150 to win haha
bennn17: If Heppell gets 170 I will lose.
SuperSub17: @weeeagles pretty sure its the team who won the 1st week, like in afl the home team is the winner of the qf
nixon1996: anyone no a streaming link????
chadwick: It was actually Chaplin on catlike, but Vics like Healy and BT wouldn't know
WEEEagles: need 79 dt from ryder to beat stjoey. cmmmon paddy
myteamsuks: I need heppel to get 18 sc, Think I won
Slashers: Would just top off a cr@p weekend if Heppell gets the 130+ SC my opponent needs. They also have Lower and Poo!!! ARGHHH
trixxma: I need Ryder to get less than 51 to win
Hutcho42: Need 70SC from Stanton...
BigLynchy: you can watch my stream when i go take a leak :)
Just Clanc: how the flower is port adelaide winning??
azza_g: Need heppell and ryder to score 350 screwed
WEEEagles: no sorry ssub
BenW--: If Heppel outscores Lobbe I am through to the GF!!!!!!!!!!!!!
fattony: need stanton to score less than 118, will i win?
Shiri: Port will win. Essendon haven't beaten them in like 4 years.
JDare: i need heppel to get 141 to win, carn
cougars3: need heppel to score 53 points or less then i win. chances?
Hadouken: @fattony, wow, unbelievable me too. need stanton to stay under 118! goodluck mate :)
ben_849: need another 85 from heppel...dont like my chances
swishy: cmon port u can turn my 5 bucks into 115!!
mwaxo: good scores this week people? looking at about 2225 DT
Austin: keep givin those frees aways lobbe hahaha
BenW--: @fattony - yes he is being tagged. Stants will bet sub 100
beauiii: cape up shultz
SuperSub17: @mrwaxo 2600 sc
StAnselm: Give Schulz the cape
beauiii: schultz liuning up
fertalong: 2200 DT is about par
awesome-O: stanton, please for the love of god dont get more than 50
BenW--: With all the defernders getting shocking scores for 2 weeks straight, who do I Trade in next week to cover Heppel?
korza: I need Boak to outscore Heppell by about 85 in S/C :(((
nixon1996: whats a good sc score this week??
mwaxo: @BenW bock and stanley are looking good
AblettJudd: whats everyone on for dt this week?
azza94: i finished up on 2259 dt
BenW--: Poor defenders - Suckling, Broughton, Fisher, Gram, Martin etc... No one left to trade in for Heppel's price tag?
SuperSub17: @nixon1996 2300 is good this week, 2200 about par
awesome-O: get injured stanton come one
Wardy: @BenW--: Trade in any Geelong defender ... its gonna be down that end all night!
BenW--: @mwaxo - they both stunk it up this week. I have Stanley. Bock didn't get too many points this week?
mwaxo: @BenW he had one bad week.. There aren't many other options tbh :)
BenW--: @Wardy - haha I have Enright. He's due for a ton
nixon1996: got 2350, thatle do
Gibbsy: @benw probably suckling or borchall vs gc if they dont get rested???
Hadouken: @azza94 same mate, 2259DT
SuperSub17: @benw birchall
hdecure93: 1934 including Heppell's current score. Playing with two donuts.
ComeAtMe: please rest up heppell
gunners31: Monty do you know if there will be finals Dream team??
AblettJudd: gibbs and murphy to come in this week
SuperSub17: Broughton is playing injured
Don Gibson: anyone got Schultz? he's chopping it up
Hassoubi: I need Heppell to score 278 in SC for me to win my prelim, what are my chances??? Hahahahahaha
pies4spoon: damn sam mitchell 'injury' pft bullsh!t
austinmax: need 123 from boak :(
awesome-O: come stanton DO A KNEEE
hawks_92: 2409 with heppel to come - am i on track for a big score, or average this week?
hirdisgod5: i need boak to score 11 pts more than heppell to win
tommyg1994: @benw swap heppell into your mids and then trade if you can
Spudanator: Port cant kick straight.. could of had a nice lead by now
SuperSub17: @hawks_92 thats a good score, 2500 is always good
Tigertuff: @hawks 92, well you beat me. im 2360 and praying heppell doesn't tonne u to lose me 2 leagues
davey_36: @hawks_92 Very good score!!
T-HeaveHo: angus MONGfries
W.Mantooth: go port!
Just Clanc: why would anyone have traded heppell?
SuperSub17: Im 2532 with heppell
hawks_92: okay thanks guys, good luck with the rest of the year
korza: Heppell is killing me oh well Kudos to the kid
Escapist: HEPPEL you star!
Kuzco: noo power of heppell
HawksStud8: Heppell.....
Spudanator: tonne it up Heppell this is your day!!
walle: i need 123 SC from Heppel to win.... i spose slim chance...
W.Mantooth: love your work Heppell... im through to 5 grand finals baby!
Tigertuff: @just clanc, i did! for newman, the week he got injured -.-
Loose: Heppell you legend, need 82 from you to win my last final!
CatAttack9: Heppell + Zaharakis VS 20 in SC, bring on GF :D
bennn17: Heppell getting 170 is getting a little bit to realistic for my liking.
Phantom777: flowering heppell slow down im 99 SC up
kizzza: need HEPS to score 70 cmon big fella <3
blueboyscj: you know port have come to play when shculz has the cape...
Tigertuff: heppal stay down dammit. please dont get 114 SC
hawks_92: port should be in front
bohica2693: FFS only 2 wins from 5 prelims :(
proud_lion: heppell doing us proud in your last week!
150+: 5 gf's for me on 2589 is sc with hepples to come wonder if I can go close the the 1k
budbundy: i lead by 144 and my opponent has Heppell....Nooooooooooooooooo
RogerTwose: I need Heppell to score 103 in SC to win! Tight!
blueboyscj: could anyone tell me why my name is not pruple? won png gc vs melb
Vandemon: 122 vs Heppell....who wins?
Slashers: heppell's a f@g
Phantom777: know the winner last week who pocketed 1K... wait for new fantasy sport product next year!!
AblettJudd: Good quarter Heppell
Mochasons: 170 pts vs. Trengove, Hurley + Ryder... EEEEEEPPP!!! Someone kill one of them! (Supercoach)
kizzza: heppel score 70 i lose.. so devestated
Easty1989: Need 140 from Heppell to win! GO SON!
150+: Hepple 31 sc was expecting 40 odd
korza: Heppell S/C phew dodged a bullet thier cmon Boak smash this kid
Gandog: Heppell, 113 SC required, can't go missing today
AblettJudd: sad for youuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!
froggy47: lift hurley
TheAnt: Please, get a corkie heppel! nothing serious just to put you out of the game!
walle: @vandermon - hopefully Heppell - what I need him to get
W.Mantooth: @Slashers - And you're a w@nker
BigLynchy: a lot of cogs there for port
Catas: How the nerves Markus? Still got 25 points up your sleeve. Heppell must be getting tired
150+: Do u like the pink iced donuts better than the choc MONTY
Phantom777: done on 2401, 4 GF entries, last game opponent needs 71 from J Trengrive.
AblettJudd: sad for youuuu!!!
W.Mantooth: sal!
froggy47: cmon boak 120SC please
Wild Thing: There's been a donut in the first quarter in all three games today!!
dragonfly: Need 62 SC from Heppell to win
mdon11: Awesome got Dr. DT next week. Psyched for that.
da cooler: good heppel, keep goin, don't stop!
danger: Sub heppell PLEASE!!
DTmuppet: carn stants! i took dttalks advice and put you captain!
Poppy8: suck sht phantom
mnyr: need 140 sc from heppel to win..cant see it happening
W.Mantooth: port playing well at the moment
piccollo: 2402 after trading mitchell in for Judd. *facepalm* going to lose by 35 points
Catas: The girls are praying for an end to this rot. Not so me. Love it
awesome-O: cmon stanton dont get more than 62
150+: 111 sc for hepple fom me to reach 2700 my highest score of the yr
Phantom777: poppy WTF... ill make all GF if trengrove keeps going!! You tool
danger: That's it Watson, gotta beat heppell! Lobbe need to score too
walle: 118 SC from Heppell...pleeeeaasseee
kizzza: flower heppel +5
chadwick: 3 crappy frees in a row to the bombers, vic complaining about home town frees there?
tommyg1994: Need 60 from Lobbe, not too much to ask for?
pies4spoon: charity free for the dons
Palooza: Lads. Quick question, what happens if there is a tie in
W.Mantooth: these umpires are tools... essendon getting game on a platter
mdon11: @Palooza: Highest ranked team goes through, ladder rank, not overall.
Palooza: Lads. Quick question, what happens if there is a tie in SC scores in one of our league finals?
jnrc07: if tie highest finish on ladder wins
Phantom777: paloza reverts to highest position on h&a ladder
Hadouken: @palooza whoever has highest total points i think
Palooza: What happens if there is a tie in a SC final h2h?
korza: I have been premium all year. Boak is about to ruin it !!!
swishy: i agree w.mantooth its terrible
chinospot: @palooza tbh i have no idea
pies4spoon: lol umpiring is crap. Go essendon!
Hadouken: ahh ok, i have that wrong
stixy53: the person who is ranked higher wins
dragonfly: Highest position on the ladder prior to finals
AblettJudd: Heppell is our answer
kano22: Armchair ride for Dons. Yellow maggots
bi-winning: @palooza it is whoever finished highest on the end of season ladder
pies4spoon: whoever is higher on the ladder wins in a tie
feralmong: 144 SC vs heppell to win. slow down heppell please.
redrocket: @palooza isn't it who finished higher overall
JustAdcock: If there is a tie the highest ranked team wins.
Khunt1vote: Cheating bloody umps! If it wasn't for the maggots Port would be looking at another flag!
W.Mantooth: afl dont want essendon to lose
froggy47: Boak touch the ball ffs
Phantom777: Who ever finishes higher on the ladder, if there is a tie H2H the higest ladder position goes through!! ALL Finals..
awesome-O: stay there stanton. do a hammy or sumthin
150+: Why not manTooth
ynot1985: i need heppell to get 96 sc to win my match
davidp: quick question - heraldsun site says heppell got 50 in the first qrt....was it 50 or 31?
jnrc07: someone take out heppell :-)
froggy47: what happened to Hurley?
W.Mantooth: because they couldnt handle essendon not being in the finals again, the club would implode
DuhWinning: 123 vs Heppell in SC! pls die heppell
chadwick: Hate dream team. Rookie heppell outscores premium defenders.
Don Gibson: are port a realistic chance here?
cougars3: if heppell gets 3 more points i lose. chances?
150+: Mantooth they make the finals anyway you tool
ashb23: Need 114 SC from Heppell. C'mon son, repay the faith!!!!
GoPies:D: cmon heppell keep going son
korza: I truly apologise for my next comment BOAK you flowering magott.
feralmong: davidp. FF normalises the scores at 1/4 time. HS do not.
Shaggy03: i need 360 from heppel and zaka, any chance? :P
pies4spoon: W.Mantooth....settle down, port are shower
whale: god i love hurley
Hutcho42: Need 122 from Hepple - season over me thinks!
Kuzco: might just be gone cougars
maddo: They havee already qualified W.Mantooth
W.Mantooth: im settled, im ranked top 300 and in 5 GrandFinals
Cheesehead: Essendon can't miss the finals
froggy47: Hurley on fire!
davidp: thanks feral - whats that mean exactly?!
oldsalty: keep pushing heppell mate 20 more for 2300 dt
korza: Thier goes my premium status all thanks to Travis Boak not happy Jan
150+: Mantooth they make the finals even if they don't win u bloody spud
oldsalty: Nice one Mantooth
shredR: Go Bombers! The onslaught begins!
Grazz: @Wes well done
Gibbsy: bombers ghoal
feralmong: the scores HS produces are inaccurate.
DuhWinning: die hep die!!
moppy: Mantooth = Tosser
GoPies:D: @mantooth im in the same boat as u, im ranked 297
austinmax: get your hands on it boak! jebus!!
Gibbsy: who thinks heppell will have more inutes in the mid next year to support watson etc???????
jnrc07: do a hamstring heppell
150+: Mantooth for the spud or cox head icon
davidp: ok cheers
mruniverze: If port lose does that mean they wont make the finals??
froggy47: Boak = Disgrace
W.Mantooth: moppy = jealous troll
ballers88: people take dream team too seriously, when they are wishing players to die.
Poppy8: cox head icon
Kuzco: moppy = tosser
T-HeaveHo: needed 85 sc from boak....not likely atm
froggy47: A rock > boak
stixy53: keep going heppell,great stuff
Khunt1vote: Good olld Onetooth....A flog to the very end
hirdy11: @gibbsy the future for heppell is in the midfield, i would assume thay he would play alot of time there in years to co
MarksMen: Lol
moppy: At least I'm not up myself wonka
hdecure93: Could Heppell be picked next year as a premium/Mid pricer. Are people considering him.
Gibbsy: @ballers88 agree mate
W.Mantooth: 150+ - settle down mate
W.Mantooth: butcher!
Gibbsy: @hirdy11 yeah true just wondering to get him next year or not depnfds on his price
austinmax: effective kick and score assist from boak! WOOHOO!
hawks_92: 2nd year rule, i wouldnt touch him
MarksMen: Guys unless your number 1 and win a car no one cares really
WEEEagles: seriously ryder, 79 is not too much to ask 4
Kuzco: wait no... mantooth=tosser
c#nthooks: shower need hurley trengrove and heppell to get less than 179. any chance?
W.Mantooth: @Khunt - Cant hear you keyboard warrior
150+: Mantooth what's ur team name
moppy: 150+ well said Mate
Kuzco: your all tossers
slimjim: Whu is ALMIGHTY
Gibbsy: @hawks92 what excacl;ty is 2nd year rule
Loose: All i need is another 33 from you
ashza: 2152 sc
m0nty: back on the footy please lads
W.Mantooth: I dont disclose my team name 150+
150+: Zaharakis in my sc team next yr, will play mainly midfield
walle: 118 SC from Heppell...pleeeeaasseee
Khunt1vote: So you're deaf as well as stupid?
Kuzco: hes in the top 300, deal with it
W.Mantooth: butcher!!
Hotel17: gee that Butcher looks a likely type!!
ashza: 2152 sc still have happell and Zaharakis what u recon ill finish on
austinmax: fyfe is a 2nd year players hawks. missed a good one there!
GoPies:D: cmon heppell get the footy!!!
Gibbsy: yeah 150 im pretty sure i will alreday lock him in aswell for sc
flagdog49: get on it BUTCHER!
Grazz: @150 hes telling the truth. Top 300.
150+: Lol at man tooth why wldnt u disclose ur teams name, okay Monty
Kuzco: fyfe and martin broke that rule
maddo: Love Zaka as a player but he is killing me in this prelim!
Wardy: Butcher carving them up ... 3AW lol
Guaza: Exactly 150, why wouldn't you?!
john81: @kuzco wat rule
finchy: heppell get subbed off mate, have a rest before finals
cbarwick: i reckon im higher then him
150+: Yeah gibbsy his set to explode next year in the mids hope he is still mpp
Impromptu: @Maddo Zaharakis is killing me with overall (team 2 has him)
Hutcho42: Salopek tagging Stanton
pies4spoon: davey such a spud
Hodgeey: Zaharakis is a premium forward in sc
AblettJudd: stop getting the ball zaharakis. I want you in my team next year and you need to be cheap.
T-HeaveHo: Travis you bad boy, how dare you ruin my prelim in SC??
alexd1996: @finchy lol they have a bye next week
maddo: @ Impromptu Ouch m8!
Loose: Come on Heppell, please dont slow down
beauiii: heppell can rest next week
Gibbsy: @150 yeah i hope he is too i hate how hodge got chnaged to just mid in sc
finchy: pfft 2nd yr rule is a thing of the past
Gibbsy: backman are so haRD TO FIND
The Caners: Frankly, I don't see how Heppell getting 117+ is good for footy in general
Impromptu: @maddo I'm a bombers supporter and Zak is killing me :(
finchy: @alexd1996 yeah i know mate but would just love him to get subbed off
ownage: heppell has to score over 112 in SC for me to win this week
W.Mantooth: robbie gray! go PORT!
hdecure93: Tackle, free kick, kick, mark and kick then from Heppell. Thank You.
beauiii: port goal come on
old_shepp: How can you say that Hodgeey - he averages 90 and is inconsistent?
Hotel17: Heppell should get -8 for that garbage kick!!
crazyjim: woo go port!!
150+: Yea gibbsy, yarren sld be a back next yr may be worth a look
ls26a: ohh heppell that will hurt your SC, but still helps your DT
alexd1996: dont u have him?
austinmax: how you looking prompts?? decent score this week?
maddo: @Impromptu yeah me too mate. what kind of a lead do you have?
mdon11: @finchy: Its not a rule set in stone and is open to interpretation and manipulation. Like any rule in fantasy footy
finchy: keep doing clangers heppell
godons: What are people's SC scores this week? I'm 2413
Crimmo: Heppell's bee due for a rest all season, best give him the VEST!
W.Mantooth: BUTCHEr!!
tommyg1994: Come on Lobbe, need another 28 from you to beat Maxwell!
beauiii: butcher lining up 15m out
150+: Buthcher what a grab
hdecure93: What a mark from Butcher. Why has he only played 3 games.
smcp: @ls26a what did heppell do, was it a clanger?
GoCrowz98: need another 36 from heppell to win this week
Grazz: Butcher Port got a good kid there.
Impromptu: 2300 with heppell to come..laters boys going to bro-in-law house
JDolling69: butcher
mdon11: @godons: 2350 +/- 20. Also would have been more if I had Poo over Stanley. shower happens though.
kiss01: If heppell gets 118 i lose :9 surely not
Khunt1vote: Mainly because he hadn't been doing much in the SANFL
T-HeaveHo: boak!
finchy: only got 2332 in sc this, a real downer for me and a couple crappy bench moves have killed me
Brian: Wowee! Three big ones to Butcher in Q2!
GoPies:D: Butcher is gonna become a gun when he is older. even better if he could kick
Don Gibson: @godons i got 2495 in SC
crazyjim: @hdecure93 butchers had back issues for a while as well
mdon11: @hdecure93: Injury? Lack of Form in SANFL?
W.Mantooth: hdecure93 - he had issues with his body and form in the SANFL
beauiii: another shot on goal
ls26a: @smcp hit rodan on the chest from 40m....
Grazz: Gray havin a shot
JDolling69: yES ROBBIE
Hotel17: Carlton will monster Essendon in Week 1
W.Mantooth: GO port!
Grazz: Goal
SuperSub17: Lol SEN said one guy had 600 bucks on port to win at $20 to win before the game
emmawatson: ffs take control of the game jobe, be a real man, STAND UP!!!
pies4spoon: does anyone have butcher in their team?
chinospot: butcher carving it up (worst pun ever)
beauiii: come on port 350 dollar return
imessenger: ohh boy wowwweeeee
dragonfly: 2253 SC with Heppel to go
kingbling: wow how much was port payin to win??
TigersLair: butcher will look great in a tigers jumper next year
swishy: go port!
MajicMajak: and people said john butcher couldnt kick hahA
150+: Robbie gray wld be a star in a decent side
smcp: @ls26a... thanks. ...Doh, I need heppell to score well on SC
Gibbsy: @chinospot its not that bad really
beauiii: looking at 2400 sc and just cracked 2200 dt
TigersLair: 2312 + Heppell
JDare: need 99 more from heppel, be a lad n do tht for me willya
mdon11: Wuldn't surprise me if Essendon got up over Carlton in week1. Those games are always crackers.
Judgey83: Make a cleaver icon for butcher Monty
kizzza: give schulz the magnifying glass after his big first Q...7 in the second
Gibbsy: i heard butcher is a good bloke i would like to meat him in person ha ha ha ha
mdon11: Also Hurley next season. Call pick bad pick?
roo boys!: go power!
Hadouken: slow down stanton, shower
kizzza: whole bombers team for the MUPPET?
T-HeaveHo: John butcher skinned the cow hide that made that football he kicked: Real man
ls26a: @smcp probably get 40-45 SC, butchered a few balls that quarter
Dasherman: agree 150+ and Gray is also injury prone
Escapist: t-heaveho, someones been listening to triple M or is it just a coincedence you said that? haha
ownage: heppell pull your finger out!
bi-winning: wtf, why is heppels sc score so shower?
GoPies:D: WTF heppell SC score is bull
T-HeaveHo: im in perth dont have triple m!
Gibbsy: where was that username impromptu is he the leader of sc impromptu
roo boys!: heppell SC? What's up with that - been ineffective?
150+: Yeah dasherman he is a very classy player wld like him in the hawks forward line beside Cyril n buddy..
ashb23: C'mon Heppell... effective possessions!!!
Hodgeey: Yes! Keep going Zahakis, sucks that i have to trade you out next week.!
Gibbsy: @gopiesd good sc points are scored in the forward half of the gropund =so maybe that could be why
W.Mantooth: that is one bad ass hurricane coming for NYC
HughJorgan: Coz he has been turning the ball over!
ls26a: @bi-winning - twice that quarter he turned it over to port players under no pressure.
GoCrowz98: Cmon Heppell another 36 points and im through to the grandfinal!!!
blueboyscj: lift jobe!!!
sniffer64: the butcher is getting in for his chop...
stixy53: how can robbie gray be on 82sc
chrisj911: cant believe bombers r in the finals, what a joke, and im an essendon supporter
Mochasons: <-- traded heppell to suckling this week... now who sucks.. :@
bi-winning: if Oshea scores 165 points in the last half ill lose
kizzza: wow...did i see heppel get subbed...................
Khunt1vote: Some of the Port muppets muct have the finger out trying to stir up a bit of trade interest.
yeragam: kizza, your a dick
pies4spoon: heppell no love from champion data
kingbling: is heppel subbed??
HughJorgan: No some idiot just posted it
Gibbsy: is it just me or does it seem like there is a lot of tough choices next year fantasy wise?????
150+: Dean brogan has a huge head dunstall n spud sld measure it may give BT a run
Bombers11: gee don't scare me with the heppell sub stuff i need him to get 4pts to win the league
smcp: Cale Hooker 39... Heppell 46... not sure that's quite representative
cdrobert: hepple
scoregasms: @Khunt1vote any excuse to bag port eh you flowering loser
DuhWinning: die hep die!!
HughJorgan: He's not subbed - some loser is posting rubbish
Gibbsy: this john butcher will win 3 or 4 colemans hes such a good contested mark
jnrc07: Heppell great DT, poor SC due to clangers
Just Clanc: flowering hellessendon how could you be losing to this shower team
mdon11: Hope power keep it up. It would be nice to see them win, especially considering the year they have had.
150+: Gibbsy not with buddy still around
matt mundy: no one actualyl said heppel got subbed i dont think
sacka37: Bomber went on the bye a week early
Gibbsy: @150 true good point but llok what hjes doingin with what is probably he worst mid in the comp
hardballge: your kidding mdon11, stuff them port maggotts
MsHighkick: wow, might have to give some serious thought to starting butcher over harvey in the GF....
GoCrowz98: Will Heppell get at least 36 points?
matt mundy: john butcher, gee that kid has got some heads spinning around
150+: Yea gibbsy he has been very impressive
Gibbsy: i wouldnt mind seeing port win aswell and i backed bom,bers 100 + now that that cant win miswell go for power
tow mccow: heppell= subbed,gone!!
AblettJudd: oh no port you can't win and pass the gc :(
KC_Badger: 27 more points from David Zaharakis and ive won
DuhWinning: bloody hell wish BIUtcher wasnt playing would be a great rookie price next year!! might still be worth it at 180 odd
Gibbsy: @150 yeah but youre probably right abourt buddy but theres no telling what this kid could do tim will tell
MajicMajak: tow mccow cya buddy
DuhWinning: die hep die!!
HughJorgan: 2 idiots on this site now re Hepppel!!
ben_849: if heppell gets injured / subbed i will cry 40 more points buddy
LazyT: Butcher for a special player icon
ZacDawson: stfu heppell ya blonde cow
Bretto3: ban them monty
pavs nose: heppell has done me proud this year. i'd have him again in 2012
ZacDawson: spud heppell
Bretto3: false information
Don Gibson: agree with LazyT need a butchers knife icon Monty
ZacDawson: give me the rock weekly
LazyT: yeah i was thinking a butchers knife too
150+: Yeah gibbsy only worry with him is the side his in lol but yea in a few yrs could do anything but will also get a lot
matt mundy: @tow wish i could believe you!
tow mccow: this is bullshower!
MajicMajak: is heppel sub?
wixy: who do i bench next week, nick riewoldt or robbie gray?
150+: More attenion from the opposition
Gibbsy: yes true 150
gilbee94: heppel gets over 70 i lose... not looking good
matt mundy: well heppell 70, put me out of pain now.. i lose..
MajicMajak: unless heppel scores 228 in sc i win all 5 of my fiNal and only 1 against shane crawford, 'thats what im talking about'
oldsalty: @ tow mccow = troll
AblettJudd: Everyone which mids would you defs have next year?
150+: Wonder how many premiums will get rested this week going to be very interesting
Gibbsy: is anyone watching???? port sound good on the radio long and direct
matt mundy: carn heppel for -1
iHeartDees: I've never more wanted a player to get injured in a match then today. Let's go break a leg Heppell.
Gibbsy: @ablettjudd for me ablett, cotchin, murphy, zaharakis thats a start
pavs nose: port look ok on tv gibbsy
buddyboyz: icons!!!
MajicMajak: wellsy having a poor end to the season could be a bargin next year
HughJorgan: U are an idiot iHeartDees
roo boys!: @AblettJudd I pick andrew swallow most years as he's a gun and only getting better.Will probably get one of Pendles/Swan
Gibbsy: @pavsnose thanks mate
sparkyblue: would love it if port beat the bummers
Bretto3: i dont care if Heppell gets subbed, already in GF
hdecure93: Good ball movement and a lot less turnovers by Port. Working a lot harder.
ls26a: ohh heppell, dont do this...
150+: Gray u jet
W.Mantooth: come on port...!
roo boys!: Goal to Port! Weeeeeeew
Gibbsy: bombers in troubl;e
Just Clanc: can someone watching the game plz tell me if port playing really well or essendon playing really bad?
AblettJudd: @gibbsy, what about pendles?
mruniverze: lenny hayes for me
Slashers: Im with you iHeartDees. He'll get over it ;-)
azza94: @ ablettjudd - rockliff
HughJorgan: A reflection on your team no doubt
berthier: there's a reason 46% of DT's have heppell, he was cheap and he's proved consistent
Wild Thing: @AblettJudd, Murphy & Rockliff
Gebs: yeah i have zaharakis vs two opponents who have heppel with a current lead of 10 and 6 so im looking comfortable :/
pavs nose: dayne beams to ave 110+ next year IMO
T-HeaveHo: football is my religion. Not islam, so these are RELIGIOUS icons!
tassieguns: Heppel and 25 vs Zaharakis. Come on Heppel!
Gibbsy: tryemajikmagic but can we trust him?????????????
GoPies:D: Omg heppell u need to increase not decrease
matt mundy: YAY HEPS -3 im still alive! up by 2...
handypoint: why do icons only pop up for the last half of the last game?
MajicMajak: ow]]]
mruniverze: heppell keeps going and lobbe and stanton stay quiet thats 4/5 gfs for me!!
iHeartDees: Seriously I'll pay a Port player cold hard cash to take out Heppell RIGHT NOW!
HughJorgan: Bombers palying crap
WojakDaw: if i win my game this week with a donut from mitchell, i owe puopolo and lobbe a beer
theblitz: Holy shiete who would have picked it
MajicMajak: wow dons dont deserve to be in the finals
BrennanBus: go trengove!!
Gibbsy: @ablettjudd i picked him up this year i think theres a jury out to say will he repeat the avg of 128 sc points thatsalot
Dasherman: Butchers carving them up
imessenger: Hi all go the weagles
Martywalke: @Ablettjudd mundy for sure
dane swine: ha ha
AblettJudd: @all people on mids next year, I was thinking: Murphy, Pendles, Cotchin, Selwood and maybe barlow
Just Clanc: can someone watching the game plz tell me if port playing really well or essendon playing really bad?
cdrobert: cmo hille
pies101: lots of pressure on heppell, the weight of the dons, and peoples dt/sc.
ZacDawson: get around me
HughJorgan: Your a dud Dees - like your footyball team
dane swine: m0ntgomery, why dont i have to pies icon next to my name??
Escapist: i reckon north should in in over essendon..
AblettJudd: @gibbsy, what do you play dt or sc?
stkfcKINGZ: Essendon are pathetic
chrisj911: bombers r the worst finals team ever
DuhWinning: die hep die!!
Don Gibson: Cmon bombers - show some heart. no point playing finals if we lose to port
MarcMurphy: LOL@BrennanBus having Trengove. You deserve to lose :P
Gibbsy: @ablettjudd oh yeah selwood and probab ly watyson
MajicMajak: port playing well
Gibbsy: @ablettjudd only sc
DuhWinning: ablettjudd! I reckon Rockliff is a goer, will only get better
beauiii: dons looks lost
iwtflp: lol @ reimers, selfish spud!
T-HeaveHo: boak need 85 sc hurry up
hdecure93: Carlton will flog Essendon in first EF.
matt mundy: man i wish i didnt trade dave heppell out
W.Mantooth: port are playing good footy
Bretto3: bombers lost 11 out 12 times against port
Catas: Are current players permitted to play dt or sc. If they could it would help us all and make them try even harder
AblettJudd: @gibbsy, ok I was really thinking Mitch Robinson haha. Thoughts?
chrisj911: carlton will beat bombers by 150 pnts in final
Brak: my heppell vs Gray league final is exciting
MajicMajak: are there going to a be as many byes nxt year
pies4spoon: flower you reimers you spud
Gibbsy: god how the hell did this team beat the cats
150+: Lol at shaw saying bombers cld win the flag this yr..
GoPies:D: this year i started with cotchin and rockliff :D
AblettJudd: stay down zaha just for next year...
outrammed: yeah dane swan has a dt
stevekat10: All this game shows is there shouldn't be 8 teams playing finals
Gibbsy: i tell you what ab;ettjudd its not that crazy he could be a good unique pick up
Gebs: @gibbsy the same way sydney did there not unstoppable
iHeartDees: @HughJorgan Well your team is playing like a dud today and we beat you earlier in the year too.
AblettJudd: @majic, none :D...well hopefully.
Just Clanc: this is disgusting essendon...
matt mundy: zaharakis bust out a 150
iwtflp: another one! go port!
beauiii: goal to port come on baby
W.Mantooth: o'shea!
marshie88: slow down zaha!!
Gibbsy: bombers almst gione now 22 up power
Grazz: Port amother goal
GoldDigger: Come on Bombers
Panther: Hird to be sacked???
W.Mantooth: essendon are finals pretenders
mdon11: Go the Power, hope you guys salute.
old_shepp: Yes Catas Nick Maxwell has a side - I've beaten him fairly comfortably this weekend :)
150+: Hawks will beat the cats first week of finals also
hdecure93: What were Port head to head odds. Must have been at least $8.00. They had a 70 point start in the line.
23rookie23: need heppell to get 89 sc. I am now out but I want my mate out as well :-)
Bunta: How embarassing
Gandog: 67 SC requred this half from Hep to make GF.......Pre-season starts in 6 months lads!!
AblettJudd: @gibbsy, forwards: fyfe, zaha, nahas, cloke, franklin?
chrisj911: bombers beat eagles, saints, cats, swans and drew with carlton but cant beat melbourne north tigers or port
HughJorgan: Yes they are but they are miles ahead of your great boy team!!
swishy: yes port!
Gibbsy: @gebs yeah i guess not but omg
GoldDigger: No Fletcher, no Bombers?
iHeartDees: Bombers are going to get pumped by the Blues like they did in the finals against the Crows a few years back.
MajicMajak: hahaha this is bullshower we beat port by 70 points and essendon by 30 and were not gonna make the 8
godders: yeah! go boys!
W.Mantooth: bullshower free kick
Brak: need hurley to kick a bag for my DT Pro team
AblettJudd: @hdecure93, 16 or 17 dollars lol
godders: nah they were more than 8 bucks, 12 just for the win were the odds i got
Gibbsy: @ablettjudd interesting i was thinking fyfe buddy watts maybe, zaka is only a mid in sc what di you pleay
iwtflp: hooker subbed off
JDolling69: wtf was that free for? victorian showers
matt mundy: @majic also beat shower freo by 100 and they beat ess by 5 goals
WEEEagles: gooooo paddy my man
dannyzuco: Does everyone not realize that essendon want to lose to guarantee an 8th place finish and a match against Carlton.
Grazz: Hooker subbed
stevekat10: Bombers are a developing team, of course they're going to be inconsistant
MajicMajak: on sportsbet port were pay $17 lamo essendon are shower
AblettJudd: @gibbsy, dt but i shall play sc next year
hdecure93: That is stupid money by the betting agencies. wish I jumped on it.
HughJorgan: Not a chance - but at least they are there unlike Melbourne as usual
JIMMEH3: MajicMajak, you had plenty of opportunities to make the 8 and got rolled in all of them
MajicMajak: hooker sub
T-HeaveHo: bombers finished with the hooker
150+: Hooker subbed, got a call gotta go get on the cox to make some $
MajicMajak: sub hooker
marshie88: someone man up zaha pleaseeeee
Grazz: Good game of footy.
AblettJudd: Carn the Bombers, port can;t pass the Gold Coast :(
mdon11: @dannyzuco: In all fairness if I were Essendon I would prefer to play the Saints. They would run circles around them.
stevekat10: dannyzuco Essendon can't go up or down, they are definitely finishing 8th
Gebs: @dannyzuco there guarenteed 8th place even if they win
matt mundy: is it true razor ray penalised someone once for trying to kick the footy into the roof at etihad
Reidy: need 180 from you zaharakis!
cdrobert: cmon hille ya cow
MarkPlow: dannyzuco essendon are 8th even if they win u moron
MajicMajak: jimmeh3 is that record at skilled stadium still going??
godders: yeah sportingbet had em for 17 straight
The Caners: Are port allowed to sub on Broadbent for Heppell?
HughJorgan: Melbourne wont be in the finals in the next 5 years!!
Slashers: C'mon Jobe, drop Hep one more spot
myteamsuks: Zaha can't get 108 sc, or I lose match
Don Gibson: @The Caners I loled
berthier: bombers match up well against saints, beaten us last few outings, we'd rather have sydney
stevekat10: The Caners haha!!
DuhWinning: die hep die!! 123 vs you in SC
bennyq: we should still win this...
Wild Thing: FFS, am I really going to have to hear Brian "Everyone Listen To Me" Taylor calling 3 gamesa week next year??!!
Gibbsy: @myteamsuks i reckon youre gone mate sorry buddy
MajicMajak: dazza mate lost to george rofl lmao
AblettJudd: stay down zaha but essendon win!!
john81: @majicmajak no swans bet the cats there yesterday
hirdisgod5: come on boak! lift!
roshanetw: bullshower call
Pozzato: Essendon don't want to play Sydney in Sydney that's why they aren
dannyzuco: Essendon want to lose to ensure gold coast win the spoon. Port already have 1 but the suns don't.
davey_36: melbourne were going alright, then we had coach change an that stuffed everything up
Marucho: lol @pozzato. they cant get ahead of saints or syndey anyway pal.
mikeyt527: go the power
MajicMajak: cats finally gone. need to start re-building
Bert: Essendon will come out and roll Carlton in he finals now
dannyzuco: By losing this week a victory against Carlton will be even sweeter and more annoying for the blues supporters.
Gibbsy: o shea off for broadbent (SEN)
The Caners: At least if port are in-front Essendon can't junk it up.
millsie69: @davey36, did you stop to think WHY you had the coach change?? A 188point loss isn't what I call 'going alright'
matt mundy: give schulz magnifying glass. gone missing since 1st qtr
godders: listening to morphett's call
SuperSub17: O'shea subbed according to SEN
beauiii: o shea subbed
JDolling69: oshea off,
Pozzato: they can mate if they had of beat port by 100 and sydney or saints had of lost badly next week they could 6th or 7th
iHeartDees: Give away some free kicks Heppell!
MajicMajak: george smashed dazza .,.,., well tat embarrising
W.Mantooth: essendon fans having a whinge about umps because their team are crap
myteamsuks: Essendon can't finish anywhere but 8th even if they win
KC_Badger: whats a good DT score this week???
davey_36: geelong at skilled, we gave up 5 minutes into the game, poor effort
mdon11: @Millsie: Before that they were though.
DA BOSH KA: essendon suck!
dannyzuco: Essendon playing rubbish to ensure they don't get injured.
pies4spoon: haha W.Mantooth, tigers are shower
DangerCrow: omg, SC scores even, Boak (me) vs Hepell zzzz CMON BOAK !!
T-HeaveHo: points cut from the butcher
Disco DB: far too many gears in use for Port. m0nty must be on the gear...
mdon11: @W.Mantooth: Watch some genius out there blame Collingwood or Richmond fo being feral.
ownage: heppell - more marks more goals. kthanx
theblitz: if essendon lose and north beats rich next week its game over for bombers
MajicMajak: JOHN BUTCHER is the most realible unrealible kick ever
Marucho: zaha has smashed it this quarter.
dannyzuco: A good dreamteam is 1 or more points then your league opponent.
Bunta: Essendon can finnish 7th if they win by about 25 goals and brisbane beat swans
mdon11: Also I haven't seen this many Cog's since playing Gears of War 2.
hdecure93: They could have finished 7th if they won by 150. Based on Ports season, it could have happened.
AblettJudd: feck zaha. (please dont ban me)
TheAnt: theblitz you're pretty dumb....
Marucho: @theblitz, you are retarded
SuperSub17: @theblitz thats wrong unless north can get 6 pts for a win
aces-high: Butcher will be a very similar play to cloke ib the future
beauiii: essendon are in finals
Just Clanc: @theblitz you're an idiot,north cant make finals
William: go poort
WEEEagles: yes ryder
W.Mantooth: just like you said mdon11
MajicMajak: no its not theblitz
matt mundy: anyone know why fletcher late withdrawel?
McRooster: Go Power!! Wes - you going on the walk from the Rosemount next week?
Bunta: Look at ladder theblitz dons 6pts clear of north.
SuperSub17: Monty we need a jet icon
marshie88: cant believe that 136 points up with my opponent having zaha and i could lose
cdrobert: cmon hille, gotta beat ryder
DA BOSH KA: is zaharakis greek name
W.Mantooth: Roost - what walk?
berthier: fletcher ankle from training thursday
MajicMajak: david swallow coming to north next season
Just Clanc: fletcher was a late withdrawal because hird thouth this was guaranteed win, he was l;ate withdrawal in gold coast game a
old_shepp: @matt mundy - coz he's old and past it?
dannyzuco: Breaking news: North can make finals! Breach of salary cap will result in a top 8 team being stripped of all their point
chademan: no chance david swallow is leaving
theblitz: damn draws, nobody should get points, if ya dont win ya dont win
Bert: M0nty, can we get a plow icon on Westhoff for the lols?
Demons15: bye danny
SuperSub17: @dannyzuco: breaking news! You are a hero!
peteywest: OMFG - score? lol BYE HIRD
McRooster: It's in the forum, walk to Adelaide Oval for Port v Melb - sounds good for SA footy but will be on Father's Day >:(
Bert: That's a pen15 icon for Westhoff....
go_freo: i have zaharakis, watson and heppel
150+: Makak no Andrew to GC so he can win a premiership in the next ten yrs
old_shepp: Ok dannyzuco I'll bite - who is the team?
AblettJudd: lol
MajicMajak: david swallow will come to north
SuperSub17: Wtf? Filter for d!ckhe@d is hero??
stixy53: cmon heppell
chademan: trade andrew swallow for david swallow
W.Mantooth: ill be at the game Roost, premium covered apparently have to get there early?
dannyzuco: Melbourne storm.
Gibbsy: @majikmajic no way mate evenb tohguh youd liek him too
moiecoute: Dons top 8 team or top 18 team ?
T-HeaveHo: Boak get some points NOW
MajicMajak: andrew sign on to 2014 so david coming to north
Just Clanc: testing out the filter: hero plow vowel cow herogot
stevekat10: Dannyzuce Please let it be Collingwood and let it be true...
bennyq: is 2500 good for sc
Hadouken: slow down stanton, if you get 52 more i lose
Demons15: LOL danny
TheAnt: Heppel you hero
AblettJudd: lol gibbsy for not having carlton for his fav team
m0nty: do not abuse the filter please
chademan: ok trade wells/ziebell for david swallow
MajicMajak: gibbsy i couldnt really understand that.
150+: Hey majak thanks for Gibson
SuperSub17: Me too @ the filter: dick vowel plow
W.Mantooth: ROBBIE gray! go PORT!
dannyzuco: Haha. Even if it was collingwood know one would be told. The economy would stop.
sammyo7: stop heppell stop
AblettJudd: damn it gray
Gibbsy: @ablettjudd what are you talking about????? gray goal game almosty over
Grazz: Gray great goal
TheAnt: Heppels a hero if he gets me 10 more points
beauiii: no 5 for gray boy
bennyq: monty ill build u an iphone app for fanfooty
Panther: HAHAHAHA......Hirds going to get sacked!!!
SuperSub17: Sorry m0nty wont do it again
McRooster: March will enter via Chappell gates after coming across Morphett St Bridge - Congratz on the prelim win :)
Just Clanc: this really is disappointing essendon, you don't deserve to play finals
matt mundy: essendon are shower
Gibbsy: @majicmajak swallow wont go to north mate proablabyl not
rechmi12: im 2780 with heppel, zaharakis, robbie gray and stanton in play, could get top score?
150+: Gray killing the bombers
stevekat10: benny Not if your opponent gets 2501!
iHeartDees: Ha, ha, ha, the Bombers have just gifted the Gold Coast Suns the wooden spoon.
theblitz: 2nd last game for essendon it seems.....
Bert: yeah m0ny iphone app?
DA BOSH KA: how was hird the messiah he sucks as a coach like buckley will
WEEEagles: cmon paddy 20 more points
azza_g: So heppell or shuey for rising star?
W.Mantooth: okay ill check the forum - thanks!
hdecure93: rechmi12. Your kidding. That is incredible.
mh7690: essendon will come back... fell sorry for them if they dont
The Caners: Well done Port. Keep it up.
stixy53: gray killing me
BigLynchy: sc ftw, but dt needs 48 more points, and i don't see a superman effort coming :(
matt mundy: @the blitz, didnt u say north were going to knock em out? haha
theblitz: btw how do i change my icon i dont go for geelong.....
WEEEagles: get out there
A.Schleck: haha lloydy tipped the bummers by 80 something points :p hurts him!
bennyq: suns will make the eight next year
Disco DB: @rechmi12 - wots yor ranking?
AblettJudd: stay for gray????
pies4spoon: so many posters -.-
ownage: heppell has gone to sleep! WTF
Gebs: ridiculous ump decision
mdon11: @azza: I like Shuey more but really it is a coinflip at ths stage.
HawksStud8: hawks to win granny :P
chademan: umpires love bombers
DA BOSH KA: hope essendon lose this by 40 points hate their guts
W.Mantooth: stanton shocker
Slashers: Ha ha di ha, sucked in Heppell.. You gone missing
Gibbsy: who said befor i didnt selct blues as my fav teakm what are you on about ???????
iwtflp: ahahahah nice kick by stanton!
theblitz: yes matt its hilarious i misread the ladder and assumed teams would be at 4pt intervals
Brian: Wowee! What was that from Stants??!?
FantasyBoy: weren't bombers 1.01? port winning would be a bigger upset than geelong losing
iHeartDees: Hopefully Heppell gets negative points for this Qtr.
Gibbsy: @bennyq proably too early but def 2013
Disco DB: ton up Heppell you WC!
higgogun!: john butcher is an absolute gun!
Gangoolie: kermit stantons kick
beauiii: lloyd has lost a lot of friends siince he has joined the media
Gibbsy: @fantasyboy yeah if they pull it off def uopset of the year
rechmi12: so lucky i had rockliff captain over swan
mh7690: gc will get to approx 12th next year, and will either make the eight or be very close the year after
cptFantasy: Lloyd at least came clean about his diving throughout his career
froggy47: lol hurley touch the ball
DA BOSH KA: shpuld of put a bet on port about $50 would be good
co111111: essendon are hacks
Harmes37: Lloyd never had any friends!
Martywalke: need 300 from heppel and boak in sc...
lachlan21: neeed 27 more from paddy to win. get on mate!!!!!!!
azza_g: How is it upset of the year? Wat about essendon beating geelong??
willoss: how can u say hird is the messiah-he sucks nearly as bad as big ears ratten
GCS2011: rechmi i did that to :)
matt mundy: lloyd is a flower head
Gibbsy: holy crap port $1.75 wtf they were $20 before the bounce
Harmes37: Lloyd only came clean to sell his book
moiecoute: Bombers will kick 10 this quarter................ behinds :)
Bopple: Cmon Watson, need 108 from you, 19 more!
pies4spoon: @cptfantasy we're still waiting for didak to admit the dame thing!
godders: carve em up butcher!
mikeyt527: carn the power
millsie69: Sydney beating Geelong at skilled yesterday??
godders: Gibbbsy, should of thrown a tenner down :P
Gibbsy: @azzag this is probably bigger this is a club thats been smashed by 100 + twice this year i think
150+: Sydney beating cats at skilled the biggest upset of the yr
The Caners: Nice quarter Heppell. You just need to suck for another 30 min.
Save-Lo: 2 more points from either heppell or zaha and i take the lead :)
TheAnt: Guys...Port was over $20, the rest of them were under. This will be the biggest upset if it happens
McSniff: wtf is the icon on westhoff
NDiddy: Both sides have had their chances to put this game away. Ripping last Q coming up!!
The Caners: @150 especially after they lost to Richmond
buddyboyz: anyone know the live odds?
stevemac5: it would be nice to dodge that damn wooden spoon and have more than 2 wins
cptFantasy: seems everything's all about Heppell!
matt mundy: give melksham the seagull
150+: Port great record against bombers cats won 29 strait at skilled that was the biggest upset no doubt
stevemac5: i think every time franklin kicks a goal, m0nty creates a new icon
HawksStud8: Essendon: $2.02, Port: $1.85
WojakDaw: westhoff's icon is the astronaut. it means he has out of this world skills
co111111: wooden spoon would be good for port. drafts
Dafty: Stanton what a year you have had! thx M8
Gibbsy: @150+ proably just shaeds them out sydney but its tight anyway this ones not oiver yet
150+: Yeah the caners, it was a huge turn around
mdon11: Lets go Power. Result means jack but it would be nice to see them still win.
mh7690: essendon more dt points... thus the better team :P
HawksStud8: Can let Heppel and Hurley to score more then 40 points between them. Whats the chances?
Predacons: is ryder out there??
AblettJudd: carn the bombers
Reidy: need 21 more from you Heppell, that will get me 2300 in DT
godders: a win will take em off the bottom by %
Gangoolie: westoffs icon is a dunny, he is filling it nicely.
SuperSub17: This is a bigger upset than sydney's, syd are a tough hard team and geelong were focusing on finals
jnrc07: cmon monty SC scores
AblettJudd: how does port have 8 players in defence plus 2 taggers?
Gibbsy: gray goal all over by bom,bers
moiecoute: Port to get 100 points
beauiii: gray boy baby no 6
Grazz: Gray number 6
SuperSub17: Does anyone know heppells sc?
outrammed: I want port to get the spoon. Come on bombers
pies4spoon: CD slack as usual
150+: Gray has harf a dozen, which is 6 for ppl who not sure how many that is ha
oldsalty: Bombers will get belted by carlton next week playing like this shower
AblettJudd: the tv says robbie gray has 6 goals?
godders: you beauty! he does have 6!
beauiii: another one
SuperSub17: @oldsalty no they won't they have the bye
co111111: did i win my dream?
Grazz: Butcher vertain goal
W.Mantooth: butcher!!
beauiii: buthcher
hdecure93: What a gun Butcher is.
Grazz: certain
150+: The butcher is chopping essendon up
Gibbsy: @oldsalty hope so mate and its not next week butcher goal offoicially over
Panther: Hird to be sacked tonight!!
myteamsuks: Bombers lost by 75 Pts to blues not long ago, most likely gonna be same result
moiecoute: Dons will be playing in the VFL next week
iHeartDees: Yes if Port blow this out Heppell's SC score will drop :D
oldsalty: @150+ mate dont worry about others when ur spelling "harf" like that lol
A.Schleck: yeh carlton will pull the bombers pants down in the first final
wixy: i have had gray in my team all year, i reckon he could be the x factor for the grand final, with port playin melb
rechmi12: give gray the spud monty, hes been useless all day
godders: carve em up butch!
aceballa: im pretty sure bombers have a bye next week, durr
Patty19: good form for essendon running into finals :)
Gangoolie: butcher made mince meat of that 1.
IamBic: Pears is one of the worst defenders going around... overrated so badly..
SuperSub17: Sc monty?
oldsalty: @gibbsy lol correct
pies4spoon: for flower sake, can't anyone kick a goal??? bloody misses -_-
Loose: All i need is 5 more from you Heppel and im through in all my finals
dipper5: How much has butcher kicked
W.Mantooth: old lady got smashed
150+: Old salty how did I spell it lol, Sunday session does it to u mate
Mrdougy: Bombers will end up ninth and north will roll Carlton
SuperSub17: Knife icon for butcher
Gibbsy: @oldsalty lol
matt mundy: wat the??? i thought it was a certain goal
lukemattar: machete sign for butcher?
TheBowss: Butcher - A guy who can't kick, with 11.1 in 3 games
Catas: Essendon breaking new ground showing poor form either side of the bye
dylsta05: omg we dont deserve finals at all
old_shepp: I guess if Hird is the Messiah he better start doing his stuff !
RobHarves: gray has just 5 SC scores above 100 - I wuldn't risk him in a final!
RogerTwose: SC scores???
Poppy8: lol @ bombers
chrisj911: how the f did bombers beat cats saints swans and eagles and draw with blues? most inconsistent team in history
beauiii: schultz lining up
T-HeaveHo: Boak you are starting to EXCITE me
Gibbsy: schulz lining up 50 out directly in fornt icing on cake???????
Mrdougy: Guys essendon are out!!!!! North will roll Richmond
Gebs: omg people get it right its not a knife or a machete his symbol shall be a meat cleaver
HughJorgan: Bombers showere today!
SuperSub17: @mrdougy you, sir, are a tool
pavs nose: no fletcher no bombers?
Gangoolie: kidney icon for butcher as he is offal kick.
Gibbsy: schulz goal junt tike offocitally
outrammed: MRdougy: can't happen, bombers have 6 points over north
jmje76: lol to all those potting the dons, when their side isn't in the finals...
Driscoll6: Doesn't matter. Win or lose, essendon are in the 8
wixy: check out grays average vs melb, though +20!
meister: essendon has nothing to play for, no motivation to win
chrisj911: bombers r 6 pnts ahead of north knob head
stixy53: SC scores
JCos14: haha bombers are in the finals no matter what happens
HawksStud8: top 8 is sealed mate, north cant get in.
matt mundy: schulz first possies since qtr time!
cdrobert: bombers are flowered
crazyjim: top 8 is pretty much sorted, north can not make it
MajicMajak: no essendon cause theres no good players?
RobHarves: Mr doughy brain
rechmi12: heppels tackle wasnt counted?
Gebs: @mrdougy your an idiot
co111111: fletcher is crap
pies101: essendon already knew they were playing carlton week 1 finals, todays game, means nothin
Mrdougy: @supersub, u don't think north will win?
TheAnt: Doesn
hardnut: 12pts Heppell, just 12 pts, cmon mate
whale: 53 points to go thru.. comon...
OscJane23: ahahahahahahahah cop it essesdon!
Loose: Thats why boomer lost his cool yesterday
man0005: didnt you guys know? you lose 4 pts when port beats you
TheAnt: doesnt matter...... essendon still are getting flogged by... PORT. LOL
Catas: Sorry jmje but i thought the logo and the name might show we are there - again
mdon11: @pies: But as a pies supporter Essendon winning means I am happy.
s.n.a.f.u: spud them up mOnty
JCos14: MRDOUGY biggest struggs going round
josh111: need lobbe 22 more points cmon big fella
stevekat10: Essendon too happy knowing they're in the 8
leeroy26: sc ffs
pies4spoon: are you retarded mjak? watson is better than all of north combined
bennyq: bombers so dissapointed
Pendlez10: lol bombers
MajicMajak: HAHAHAHA man0005 if only that was true
150+: Ess, Sydney and Carlton just making up the numbers in the eight, they have no chance
mdon11: @Pies: Sorry essendon losing. Nice mess up there.
Mrdougy: Haha just looked at ladder my bad
dane swine: yeaaah zaha
GoLions: we've got the power to win....
BENNN17: I'd take Swallow over Watson.
stevekat10: Mrdougy Nth are 6 points behind Essendon!!!
omatty: What happens in a SC prelim if it's a draw?
matt mundy: @pies4spoon obviously not better then port though
GoldDigger: No heart, Bombers
co111111: essendon are losing because they are playing neopets
150+: Spud up reimers MONTY
W.Mantooth: port have killed essendon today. deserve to win
SuperSub17: Essendon will roll carlton in two weeks, mark my words
Loose: Come on Heppell all i need is 5 more points!
Just Clanc: this really is disgusting essendon... lol essendon shouldnt even be in the 8
T-HeaveHo: yes boak this is it you have won it for me
MajicMajak: hahaha watson gets injured every 3 games. good luck in the finals essemdon
A.Schleck: @150+ If that game went for 5 more mins last friday night carlton would have rolled you mate dont get too cocky
buddyluvsu: what are bombers doing?
GoLions: omatty highest positioned team wins
chademan: umpires love bombers
old_shepp: Essendon might be in trouble against the bye next week !
Buddy-Love: put SC scores up
beauiii: hey pies4spoon kangaroos beat your mob so how can watson be better then our whole side you dud.
jakeyh78: bout time broadbent...need a huge quarter from you!
Driscoll6: omatty: swhoever finished higher on the league ladder wins
stevekat10: SuperSub17 That would be nice...
Gibbsy: anyoine watching is butcher playing like a riewoldt role where he leads up the ground etc????
john90: This a flowering disgrace bombers getting destroyed by the worst team to play football in 20 years flowering disgusting
briggs00: Big ears must be happy , second 100 point flogging in a final for the dons in 3 years
GoldDigger: Hirdy could kick 5 goals from here ...
HawksStud8: A.Schleck. If the first granny went for an extra 5mins, you would of got rolled mate. So dont get too cocky.
Loose: Well done Heppell,you habe just won me my last final. You gun!
hdecure93: It will be embarrising for Port if they lose this. Essendon have been terrible.
omatty: Thanks guys
Panther: Essendon are a joke of a club
WEEEagles: 6 more pts ryder u legend
mikeyt527: @john90 crying?
tassieguns: come on heppel!!! WIN MY GAME FOR ME!
Gebs: @gibbsy not really just pack marks and stuff
150+: A schleck mate we killed em in first harf just saved our self second harf n we will kill u bogans to
GB101: Carlton vs Essendon week one of the finals.
BENNN17: Has Heppell been ineffective the last few quarters?
T-HeaveHo: one would think that Port has obviously been Tanking this year, look at eagles. Port arent really that bad
Gibbsy: hold the phione bmm rs 2 ina inute
Bryce08: pathetic essendon
Seb78: @John lol what are you worried about they're thinking about next week
HawksStud8: well said 150+
co111111: there is only one worse team than essendon and it is the dockers
Gibbsy: okay gebs cheers mate
pies4spoon: lol another pretty showerty free for essendon
ls26a: heppel been quieter but more effective second half
GoCrowz98: 12 more points Heppell!!
stixy53: here comes the bombers
matt mundy: reimers you spud
W.Mantooth: bullshower free kick...
buddyluvsu: How can port do this interstate - they will be the eagles of 2012
cdrobert: cmon hille flower ya
Grazz: Umps doing their best for Bombers, that was a crap decision
Gibbsy: shower bombers 3 in 3 minutes dont go away all
Mrdougy: Go dons!!!!!!!!!!
mdon11: @co: Cold man, Dockers have been hammered by injuries.
matt mundy: port are tanking
beauiii: essendon still in it
Blue_Steel: if essendon had of smashed port - would they have played saints? have they tanked cos they fancy playing carlton?
rechmi12: stfu co111111 you go for brisbane
Hendo2571: cmon heppell just 17 more points!!!
Gibbsy: freo will be the eagles of 2012 if they have a clean bill of health
GoCrowz98: that 4 times during the match that Heppell has been on the score of what there teams on haha
john90: They shouldn't be loosing to these shower sides
W.Mantooth: umps keeping dons in it
whale: 40 more points heppel!!
RobHarves: will ryder get 111 SC?
hdecure93: Port could not possibly lose this. Essendon have been terrible.
co111111: essendon aren't bad they just have to rebuild essendon one of the best teams in the afl and so are carlton and magpies
m0nty: I think I need a cat icon for Westhoff... he is a definite cat
pies4spoon: @blue steel, essendon thrash st kilda all the time, we'd rather play them
HughJorgan: Why dont these idiots at the Herald Sun update the SC score???
matt mundy: @gocrows, cool
omatty: you think champion data are just trying to mess with the heads of us in close games and holding the scores?
kpickard12: you guys are stupid, there is no point of port tanking, it's not like they get anything for coming 16th
cdrobert: looks like A tragedy now
Harmes37: Essendon can ONLY finish 8th
kpickard12: 17th*
stevekat10: If Heppell and Zaha get 263 SC combined I lose, I'm just a little worried!
thesmasher: bombers shouldnt even bother in finals waste of time i think ble=ues will hammer them
Wardy: you mean pussy m0nty?
Dafty: like it monty
BENNN17: This Butcher kid knows how to play footy.
briggs00: Essendon were 8 percent behind and swans play Brisbane only if essendon won they prob Wudda played syd up there
mdon11: @omatty: Yes we are getting trolled by Champion Data.
Catas: No cat icon for Westoff. We don't want anything to do with him.
matt mundy: jetta goal!
Bryce08: wow, port couldnt lose this... could they?? no, surely not
Gibbsy: goal bombers 10 points omg whata turnaround
Grazz: 10 points in it
swishy: come on port
beauiii: what a game
jakeyh78: knife icon for butcher...butchers knife!
T-HeaveHo: why is there a red light next to hookers name
GB101: why wasn't butcher playing earlier?
W.Mantooth: shower
co111111: repeat
ascari: if dons finish 8th n not 7th if they win week 1 they will play WCE not GEE or HAW
Brian: Oh boy! The Bombers are on FIYAH!
mdon11: @Catas: What about Hawkins for Westhoff. That is a good deal for you guys.
co111111: essendon aren't bad they just have to rebuild essendon one of the best teams in the afl and so are carlton and magpies
GoPies:D: here come the bombers :(
hdecure93: This would be a crushing blow to Port if they lose.
imessenger: what about nat the knife fyfe then>?
stevekat10: GB101 it's the sub sign, he's been subbed off
pies4spoon: wow, the umps love us????
Driscoll6: fiyah!
W.Mantooth: thomas was knocked out and they paid holding the ball?
mdon11: Port has to beat Melbourne next week, surely they must.
Gibbsy: is everoyne putting fyfe in next year can he better this year, hurley having a shot on goal
co111111: port tanking for the wooden spoon
dylsta05: hurley goal
HawksStud8: Lol, essendon was paying $18 at start of this quarter. Now back too $2
Gibbsy: hurley poster
Safa: here they come!!
dylsta05: dam it haha
JDolling69: Eff you umpies
Safa: poster!
GoPies:D: cmon heppell get involved
Gebs: yeah was a bit great thomas got head high and then called holding while he was still out on the ground
ben_849: 16 more points heppell...CMON
briggs00: Bombers finish 7 play sydney up there and doesn't matter they won't beat blues or syd all over
absof_86: @stevekat10. hahaha
mdon11: @Gibbsy: If he is a forward then definately, if a midfielder then no already set my M1 to M3.
walle: cmon Heppell need 118SC from you
redwallis: Oh boy. Wowee
kpickard12: essendon will win by under 15
kingscotek: first time I will ever go for essendon...come on PORT GET THE SPOON!!!!!!!
s.n.a.f.u: hurley spud
cdrobert: carn hille big fella
trevor1257: i only need heppell to fart and i will beat daniel harford
Driscoll6: How do you get your clubs picture next to your name?
bi-winning: port gonna blow it
Bryce08: good call kingscotek!
Gibbsy: @mdon yeah if hes a forward they are so hard to find and backmen
azza_g: Ohh them to misses could of been the lead :'(
mdon11: Think about Josh Caddy though, he looks good and should have a pre-season next year.
Grazz: Bombers on fire
outandover: Port showerting their pants
Grazz: 2 points
Gibbsy: davey goal 2 points i cant believe this
tassieguns: how long?
pies4spoon: GOAL! F YEAH dons
beauiii: 2 points
Driscoll6: nvm :)
mikeyt527: cmon port
Buddylove!: port are goneskies
hdecure93: This game feels like Coll v Adelaide. Adelaide up for the entire game. Lose by 43. Essendon will win by 24
omatty: This lack of SC score is starting to get frustrating. As is Ryder coming into the game
GoldDigger: do cd give points for farting?
GoCrowz98: 10 more points heppell
mdon11: @Gibbsy: Very hard to justify going midpriced in the midfield especially with guys like Selwood, Murphy and Pendles.
Crows84: 32pts lead in dt, go very quiet heppel and hille
buddyboyz: how long left?
Hoff: game over!
Jaken05: phew.
Gibbsy: why dont i have a calrotn icpon next to my name lieke evroyne else
WEEEagles: get involved paddy
maddo: Cmon Bombers
Grazz: 7.50 lrft
co111111: essendon aren't bad they just have to rebuild essendon one of the best teams in the afl and so are carlton and magpies
GoPies:D: i want bombers to win so that gold coast wont win the spoon
T-HeaveHo: whats a better name... Tyson or Dyson?
cdrobert: cmon hille
kpickard12: cape for colyer!
davey_36: @pies4spoon, love the name ;p
Gibbsy: @mdon 11 i know these are the decisions that keep me to 4 hours sleep a night lol
GoLions: yeah co111 we get the picture
grecstar: still 7 mins to go
SadSadDay: Sad Sad Day for me- had 100 on port @ 21 and im gong to lose gutted
Gebs: 7.00 left
Just Clanc: dyson
m0nty: go my boy Lobbe!
HawksStud8: Dyson Smith Tyson
outandover: Byson
chief: dyson if you're naming a vacuum cleaner
Safa: carn bombers
Gibbsy: @sadsad day dont give up yet mate
MajicMajak: gc will be rooting for essendon
Driscoll6: How long left m0nty?
trotto: carn lobbe
matt mundy: ohh unlucky span away from him!
Gibbsy: lol @ chief
BENNN17: Dont talk too soon
GoCrowz98: cmon heppell!!!
cdrobert: flower off ryder
Safa: bombers goal
feralmong: need 70 from lobbe in DT to win.
swishy: that is not a flowering mark
Gibbsy: bombers in front hurley goal
Grazz: Hurley for the lead, who would of thought. Been a good game
GoldDigger: let's go, zakarakakaris - 2 goals needed
Priddis: Game Over
dylsta05: in front wow, great come back
kingscotek: go Bombers!!!!
Bryce08: Travis Colyer superman
Khunt1vote: Obviously Port got a lot of confidence back after only being flogged by 10 last week
dylsta05: colyer superman! m0nty
hardnut: I'm drawing! 1 more point Hep
Gibbsy: now well see if port have the nerve to hit back
Buddylove!: port = goneskies
The_Kid_05: you flowering muppet umpire, never a flowering mark you scum
mdon11: Hurley next season, surely that is a moral.
matt mundy: Butcher will kick winning goal mark my words! he spins everyones head around
rubitonurs: So funny how nuts the bombers fans are going .... It's port Adelaide and you are gonna scrape home !!
biggs2dujj: Colyer heart, cape etc
Brian: Wowee, what about this? One of the most remarkable comeback this year!
co111111: crap...............
GoPies:D: hurley pritty much single-handily put them infront
thesmasher: as brian taylor saids woweeee
BlueBoys#5: monnnnnnfries
Buddylove!: Monfries!!
Gibbsy: monfries lining up
feralmong: butcher must make a difference to ports structure.
Cheesehead: wow Colyer's been a super sub this year, did the same thing against geelong
McRooster: C'mon Power, fire up - LOL Brian Taylor saying remarkable comeback, it's against Port you tool!
cdrobert: discusting decision
shauno: monfires has sealed it surley
chademan: well done umpires.. won the game for essendon
redwallis: Moustache icon for Brian
roshanetw: brian it would have been but we shouldn't have fallen that far behind port in the first place
dipper5: Is Ryder injured or is he ok on the phone so don't no
GB101: Port = forever chokers
azza94: the feeling you get when you beat dr dreamteam (:
walle: cmon Heppell need 118SC from you - puullleessee
josh111: 4:48 to go
Gibbsy: @brian the hawk comeback for mine against freo
vamos77: port won't get the spoon, they'll beat Melbourne next week
Buddylove!: Port adelaide were good.
froggy47: hurley +50 for winning goal?
Gibbsy: how long l;eft 6 mins????????
DangerousD: Mooooooooonnnnnnnnfries!!! Worst commentating ever, how to make an exciting game shower
Grazz: Monfries goal 4.48 left and i reckon game over, Port cant come back can they. Bombers on fire.
W.Mantooth: notice the difference when port score compared to essendon with Brain Taylor... fat plow
BENNN17: Cmon Butcher! Strike back!
Just Clanc: i'm glad that we're winning now, but sriously against port!! it's still disgusting
pavs nose: cmon heppell mark kick mark kick mark kick
rubitonurs: Blues will smash bombers by 10 goals on this performance
stevekat10: Bit early to call game over in't it?
finchy: cmon heppell stop mate
Vandemon: 118 SC for heppell, but not 122 :p
cdrobert: for flowers sake hille
mdon11: @vamos; Definately. Port have momentum but how did Melbourne look today if anyone watched it?
WEEEagles: uh oh need 2 more from ryder to win
SadSadDay: Sad Sad Day for me- had 100 on port and going lose DT if Heppel doesn't get 15more pts
Priddis: Suns fans celebrating like crazy
150+: Cape up colyer MONTY
HawksStud8: how long left?
Catas: Bombers showing great form either side of the bye. Happy Andrew.
Gibbsy: @vandemon he wont get either his sc has been low all day
pies4spoon: where has butcher been this year? he's been awesome today
matt mundy: truza
vamos77: GB101 lol classic coming from a blues fan
GCS2011: Vamous they will beat melbourne and they will stay wooden spooners becasue Gold Coast will win
Gebs: 3.20 left
Nigey95: need 286 from zaharakis in SC :'(
WEEEagles: yessssss
feralmong: lobbe u beautay. home.
tassieguns: Heppel, score 11 more than Zaharakis from here!! please!!!
GoPies:D: @pies4spoon he has been injured
dimmel: typical cheap essendon win
johnkay: What's my icon?
trotto: we get it Sadsadday
Gibbsy: 3.00 left ??????
stevekat10: Does anyone know Zaha's SC score?
dipper5: Bin for Ryder and hurley
HawksStud8: thanks gebs
Bretto3: ton it up Hepster
yeragam: why don't we all have icons
W.Mantooth: pearce is the worst footballer in the afl
150+: Beside ur name johnkay
walle: yes more ball please Heppel
vamos77: GCS2011 you never know
sweaty con: west coast eagles @ johnkay
Crows84: crap only a 15pt lead in dt now :(
davey_36: come on hurley, +3
dannyzuco: Never in doubt really. Now for Carlton
Gibbsy: 12 point margin
maddo: Technically not junktime dipper5
cdrobert: cmon hille
walle: now intrecept and kick a goal please Heppell
hdecure93: Heppell tonne's up.
matt mundy: game not deserving of 'bin' status
Gebs: 2.20 left
Bryce08: x factor hurley for shizz
Thunder: Port are bloody useless
mmurphy3: colyer x factor
RogerTwose: Anyone know what Heppell was on in SC at 3/4 time?
sweaty con: lobbe you champ...keep going son
GoPies:D: 2.20 left
bennyq: ryder will get heart if we win
mdon11: @dipper: Dreaming man. There has been no junk time this game.
Vandemon: stop it walle :)
azza_g: Bin??? Essendon come back from 30 points down cant call that junk time ya muppet
CatAttack9: comeback much, last time i checked the dons were down by 34
Gibbsy: zaharakis having shot from 50
walle: lol cmon Heppell
The Caners: stop Heppell
johnkay: Shame we can't use Heppell next week
nixon1996: zaka lining up
bennyq: zaha is a gun
matt mundy: Colyer - best use of the sub all year
Gibbsy: 13 points game over
Khunt1vote: another epic Port choke....
old_shepp: 180 vs Hurley & Heppell in SC - looked all but home at 3/4 time, now....
RobHarves: will ryder get 111 SC?
Gibbsy: 7 points now
matt mundy: what happend to that spud tow mccow who said heppell was sub
sacka37: wtf
tassieguns: heppel kick a flowering goal!
hardnut: YES Heppell, still in the race for the cash. Love ya now to trade you!
W.Mantooth: come on port, clearance and goal
mikeyt527: cmon lads
stevekat10: Miss Zaha PLEASE!!!
GCS2011: 7 points go the 7 point play
john90: Lol bombers starting coming back after I abused them I'm sorry bombers I love u
Reidy: any chance of a 210 from Zaharakis? hahaha
cdrobert: cmon hille ya cow
Gebs: 1.20 7 pts
ben_849: 4 points heppell...CMON
walle: Heppell marks, kicks, runs on, gets the ball back and scores! - please
nixon1996: 1:23 left port 7 points down
Langaaa: give colyer the x-factor m0nty.
Reidy: need 1 more point from heppell, or I finish with 2299.
GoldDigger: Eye fiat, but eye doughna perleave ut
GoPies:D: hurley will have a massive SC score imo
dipper5: How long left
cdrobert: its killing me
RobHarves: time?
SadSadDay: give it to heppell 4 pts i need
sweaty con: 2362 atm with heppell and lobbe playing
dipper5: Port are terrible
myteamsuks: All over
Gibbsy: i think youre right go pies d
waston4: game over
godders: god dammit
nixon1996: dons yeah
GoPies:D: game over
pies4spoon: lol i won dt by nearly 700
GCS2011: siren
Shanghan: Sad day. Ess defs don't deserve this win.
SadSadDay: heppell please
Marucho: fulltime
Thunder: stuffed it all over
Reidy: flower, 1 point off 2300...
pies4spoon: siren
josh111: if lobbes score doesnt change it means i lost by 1 FML
walle: dam it I'm going to fall short by about 15 points :(
W.Mantooth: flower off chapman, seriously
old_shepp: That's why SC is shower imo
Gibbsy: god i feel sorry for port they realy deserved to win today
mdon11: @gibbsy: Hurley is in my team next year (SC) bar some freak injury. So much upside to picking him.
TheBowss: Star for Watson, X for Colyer.
sparkyblue: disgraceful....
GoldDigger: Hirdy got his 5 goals to win!
GoCrowz98: just lost by 1 point :(
JDolling69: Woulda been much closer if the umps were fair
outrammed: Stanton you legend
jmje76: lol to all those potting the dons, when their side isn't in the finals... and then the bombers win!! Hahaha!!
azza94: beat the doc
Bryce08: superman colyer, hurley x factor
sweaty con: @piesforspoon, are you playing off for the bottom 8
Just Clanc: lol many port fans will probably go get stoned after this
cdrobert: i dont know what to say
DangerousD: One word to describe Port?
GoPies:D: zaharakis star and hurley x factor
hdecure93: It would suck to be a Port fan and a player right now. They deserved to win.
marshie88: won by 3 points thank you zaha for missng those goals
rodallegaa: heart for gray
outandover: Good game Port you spastics!
thereal#11: Didnt heppel get subbed
Turn: clance you should be a comedian hell funny w anchor
matt mundy: all port fans getting on the gear at alberton
GoldDigger: I face CFC next week for granny!
thereal#11: games not over, port won
bennyq: if port won then they deserved to win
Escapist: bombers fans, dont know why you are jeering, your side is shower and almost got beaten by the worst side in the comp.
Slashers: Heppell shouldn't have made 127SC, right?
SuperSub17: @dangerousd spastic? Retarded?
The Caners: Give Heppell the Maxwell Smart Icon, Missed it by that much.
handypoint: through to the league final. phew
bennyq: heppell i reckon 111
buddyguy: won by 12 points woo woo. thank god gray slowed down.
da cooler: will heppel make a sc ton anyone?
dannyzuco: Essendon can still finish 6th or 7th. Just need Sydney or Saints to lose by about 300
matt mundy: @thereal, no you spud!
godders: 16 points up into the last change
Davey_4_PM: am i the only one that thinks Colyer or hille deserved the X factor?
flagdog49: outscored everyone in my league.... pity Juddy choked last week and knocked me out :/
BENNN17: Heppells SC should be pretty even with his DT going by his early on SC scores.
ComeAtMe: 2401 in sc
cdrobert: since the twist of maay
thereal#11: port adelaide to play in grandfinal
thereal#11: this is bullshower
crazyhawk: made finals in every league :D
oconnell: will heppel and stanton score 210 sc
MajicMajak: won every final and didnt even score that well!!
God+Jesus: Just needed 110 from Mitchell and I would have won :(
cdrobert: thanks hille, you got there big fella
rodallegaa: at least now we know that when we want it we can go okay
SuperSub17: 2632 sc
sacka37: Got 2100 with four 0's and no capt lol
thereal#11: flowerin
ComeAtMe: Heppell 73 sc
Seb78: Where has that port performance been all year
Wends: Walle - lost mine by 5... :-( NDS a dud final trade.
myteamsuks: Zaha only 98 sc I win
Nigey95: and there goes my SC season... :(
Gibbsy: hurleys 2nd half of year has been better than his 1st
oconnell: heppell 84
cdrobert: robbie gray for the star, cant do much more than what he did
morrowind: need gray to pull out a 144 sc for a win
kingbling: sc scores are up on herald sun
Reidy: flowering zaharakis
Gibbsy: @seb78 who knows mate
jnrc07: So glad heppells disposal accuracy is so shower
stevekat10: YES!!! Can't believe how badly Zaha and Heppell went in SC, I won!
thereal#11: sacka37 should get the spud, no body likes a lier
pies4spoon: colyer super sub
Crows84: flower you hille, your mark in the last 10sec cost me the win by 1 flowering point!!!
Gibbsy: gray giving us plenty oof food for thought in off season
oconnell: yes heppell 84, won by 7
DTmuppet: all of port spuds
RobHarves: into granny by 27 pts wowhoo
SuperSub17: @oconnell no
josh111: oh sweet losy by 1 fml
bi-winning: won my sc prelim final :) still havent lost a game all season!
BlueBoys#5: who will win carl or ess both coming of byes?
lachybee76: Hey oconnel what ya score
Rated_RKO: smashed my opponent 2341 to 2100
skinner: Essendon. Carlton are pretenders.
Reidy: you spud zaharakis
lachybee76: needed helpell to get 76 :(
matts 18: omg, lost sc by 1 point cause zahrakis didnt get 102 fml
cdrobert: robbie gray star
NavyBlues5: if carlton are the pretenders in this situation skinner, then why did essendon just get smashed by port for 3 quarters?
cptFantasy: he's a great player get on him next season