Chat Log: R20, Collingwood 23.21.159 d Port Adelaide 3.3.21

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DrewMartin: If Didak fails tonight - I reckon it's his year over
thornz23: didak and davenport r subs
proud_lion: didak to go down further in price being sub and then be the pick up of the finals?
Fenno: I recon your wrong.its his first game back from injury. They will give him more than 1 game straight after injury
irockatso: baha go pies
irockatso: go pies again
Swansong: Didak sub FFS
Fenno: just started powering down in Adelaide. May not be good for many including me with Swann Captain
tmc44: Port will win tonight.
SuperSub17: Jacobs and Broadbent should have white vests- not in selected team on thursday
asha1984: Port have had some big outs, Pies by 15 goals
old_shepp: Why start Didak as sub Malthouse? Surely he needs the run in his legs !
Bennyy: May not be able to do much from the sub spot didak!
bonez1: i dont think leigh brown has had that good a year aswell
brownj16: swan 150+ SC??
chambo1: tmc44 how do you think that will happen??
pedles1: Why didak I just got him on my dt
SuperSub17: @fenno no worries if its sc, all players get scaled so total points = 3300, weather should have no impact
lozdaleg: Who did davenport come in for
flame: Swanny for 150 tonight
matto76: so glad jacobs on the park was facing a donut with all the big names out
willii: rodan didn't suit match-ups? quote buddha
meziare: very wet in SA, going to effect scores?
tmc44: its pouring here. port will win scrappy contest.
bakez33: will swanny score good in the wet?
Luke919: i'll be angry if jacobs scores high because i put mckernan on the field because i thought he wasn't playing!
roo boys!: Didak >:(
Rated_RKO: hope a collingwood player has an injury scare so is subbed off early =D
Scotty1: Why would u still have McKiernan
Bennyy: youd think jolly or wood to get subbed. pies never play 2 rucks. hopefully not jolly, but be better than pendles!
matto76: so glad rumors about peddles wasnt true
Maltylynas: png :(
oldsalty: @Luke919 Mckernan is not playing tomoro
97crows98: @Luke - if you looked at the teams Friday ou would have known McKernan wasn't playing so you should have put Jacobs on
97crows98: Game live on 10 in Adelaide. Normally 30min delay. Not tonight though.
oldsalty: oh wow the rain
Scotty1: Both SC & DT sites light up players Luke so u now who is and isnt playing
97crows98: Early muppet for Jolly
piegirl: woohoo, Beamsy!
MarcMurphy: DT said Jacobs wasn't playing. Burnt a trade for nothing.
Luke919: go captain swanny and pendlebury!
Fenno: MarcMurphy don't trust DT just look at the teams on a Friday in the future
oldsalty: @marcMurphy ur team source is DT??!! mate ALWAYS teams, noob
grubby: pies will win this
prozz710: @MarcMurphy, that is why you look at the teams yourself?
BlueNeck: is that right Mick????? Hmmmmm, hoping for an early pies injury for subs sake
97crows98: Go Swan, Pendles & Bucks
BlueNeck: prozz. Question marks are for questions. Not statements.
Luke919: thats annoying! i looked friday afternoon and mckernan had green light and jacobs had orange, shouldve checked later
Maltylynas: @97crows98 i have them aswell
97crows98: Never trust the DT/SC traffic lights. Always check AFL site for teams
BillyPick: ben reid all australian
Grazz: Carn Swany rack em up mate.
97crows98: Whoo's your skipper Malty. I have Swan
Luke919: got jacobs as emerg so its all good though
J-boss: c'mon dane
Jimmy40: whatever the haterz say, Daisy is a gun who any team would want to have.
oldsalty: lambs to the slaughter at the mo
97crows98: Swan, Pendles & Thomas slow to start
kizzza: port are the laughing stock of the afl
rinski: Marcmurphy for muppet!
97crows98: Could be a love game tonight
prozz710: Cmon Pendles (c) and Swan
ClayGuida: Chad Cornes of to a flyer in his last game
Rated_RKO: need 140+ from swan...
97crows98: Cloke should have hanballed to Pendles running past
Maltylynas: 97crows98 i have pendels
Bennyy: cornes tagging pendles, cassisi tagging swan
oldsalty: The Chadvertiser should just go the biff, you know he wants too!!
corza013: cloke lining up
97crows98: I went Swan cos I thought Pendles may miss or be subbed
jakeyh78: give leigh brown the burger!
Maltylynas: yer swan is my vice
97crows98: I hate Lloydy
Keza41: i love kane cornes :D
danny28: kane cornes is doing well on swan
Luke919: cmon now swanny, the one week i went with pendles over you, you score 171! don't do this to me!
Hazza09: Swan will cost me this week i have the C on him
97crows98: Cassisi & Green both worse captains than Van Berlo
J-boss: yes travis
port4spoon: swannie
Hodgeey: HAHAHAH @ everyone who put swan captain
A.Schleck: wooooo swanny :)
Rommas: Swan goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bennyy: swan goal, not being tagged by cornes...
Bryce08: daneth!!
oldsalty: swanny
Hazza09: Swannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
tmc44: remember that idiot that said port would win tonight? :/
Nigey95: i went swan over judd as capt this week. woohoo!
Jimmy40: Krakouer is a tough little rooster. Not afraid to get in there. Lots of work off the ball.
Demons64: Don't panic. Here comes the Swan!
tmc44: cassisi way better captain than van berlo. they should not even be mentioned in the same sentence tbh.
meziare: FFS, started Tapscott over Lobbe!!
crazyjim: still not over
97crows98: You're kidding tmc. Cassisi was shower last week & no good this week either
port4spoon: havent seen kornes near swan yet
roo boys!: started didak over lobbe. yep.
97crows98: Love your name port4spoon
97crows98: Start Z.Smith over Lobbe
old_shepp: Brown must be the tastiest spud going round :)
dane swine: yeaaah swanny
snowman123: Yay Lobbe. Come on swanny (VC)
TheoX: i hate it when they name a player on the field and they start as sub
Chadwickus: started Lobbe over J Roo :D
L.Shiels: @roo boys! very very stiff mate
kano: 97crows98...mate u have no idea, your idea of a great captain is that he played well last week ?? VB is a garbage leader
jazzalenko: goldsack is smashing westhoff so far
kizzza: junk-time started
dim sim: beams cape
daddsy404: beams superman cape
meziare: this is like PA vs the bye!!
BarlowGod: carn pendles
97crows98: @kano - never said VB was a great captain. Just said he was better than Cassisi & Green.
L.Shiels: come on Jacobs and Pendles.
Big Stick: good pendles
Rommas: Foo Fighters - There goes my hero.....(Swan)
TheBowss: Warfie time for Beams m0nty.
waston4: comon pendlez
craigib: last time i looked swan was on 7, now hes on 35. go captain swan :)
dane swine: bring on dids mick showerhouse
kano: not better than cassisi maybe though, green is just a seagull. But Cassisi is actually a decent leader
johnkay: Lucky it's raining or this could be a 150+ point win for Pies.
layngarys : alot of people gone quiet after swans great last 10 minutees. geez guys..15 mins into the first quarter..give him abreak
daniel87: Cmon port fight this is embarrassing
vamos77: Collingwood are wearing Libra wings on their shoulders
AMagpie: Dan Swan.. .Can't be tagged!!
Zeratul: I'd rather have cassisi then VB as capt... Rather VB as a player, but he doesnmt offer much as a leader
97crows98: Wish I had Beams. Might go to the liquor cabinet & get Jim out to make me feel better
Khunt1vote: has there ever been a more deserving winner of the spoon than this Port rabble?
snowman123: Lobbe (a ruckmen) is killing it but it's raining!?!? Weird.
rodallegaa: cmon power!! give em a contest
Dave085: anyone reckon richmond are a chance to get up over west coast?
kizzza: i dont think port will get into double digits, not even joking
cptFantasy: Silence layngarys Swan needs to get 160+ he has lofty standards to play bye
m_zulian: bring on didak!
Bennyy: dane swan, isnt being tagged...
Barlow: omg I just logged in and saw the score. hahahahahahhaha
L.Shiels: no chance Dave
kano: port scored wow :-)
Rourke: @Dave hahaha negative
farthers: bloody hell. Had lobbe on last week instead of smith. This week i had smith on.
flame: Go swan
Khunt1vote: *golf clap for port*
kano: lol #Dave
daniel87: Gf Barlow at least we at port can take comfort we have won a premiership
Dave085: lol, my bad, i was looking at North Melb over Hawthorne??? was thinking of putting a bet down
johnkay: Ruckmen sometimes score better in wet games cause there are more ball ups
chinospot: swan over pendles as cap this week so far so good
rodallegaa: port need a mass culling, pettigrew, salter, stewart, broadbent, banner etc arent up to it
A.Schleck: dave085@ realisticly they should get smashed with no-one to compete against cox, i have a feeling they will get close
roo boys!: started didak over lobbe. yep. sad me
SadSadDay: Beams is everywhere tonight, thought it was swany dominating lol.
hammy97: reid for flame
flame: Lobbe emergency for Sylvia!so far so good!
dane swine: accidently made the wrong dane captain, great mistake though flower yeah
roo boys!: i hate pendles cos i dont have him. grrrr
matts 18: wtf krakouer was everywhere and only 12 sc
LoyalLion: dane swine u r so full of crap
Khunt1vote: Port need culling ok.... From the AFL!
TheoX: i started dids over lobbe too after the shower lobbe dished up last week
SirBanALot: SC cap pendles flowerin lift
SirBanALot: matts 18 - if you were watching he gave away 2 frees and kicked it to the other team you flowerin spud
Bigfatwolf: whats with naming players then making them sub !!
Bennyy: pendles 47 sc dont complain! few more touches but going awesome
....: who is the new commentator?????????? pls answer hehe
Jimmy40: Daisy needs to be a bit more greedy sometimes.
SirBanALot: 47? 34
dane swine: bring on dids mick!!!!!!
97crows98: Chris Grant, Jimmy
Bennyy: @sirbanalot - these are not the SC scores. see superfooty...
stixy53: yeah bring on dids
Nigey95: i thought hartlett was supposed to have season ending shoulder surgery?
flame: Get the ball capt swan
mmurphy3: cmon sean
97crows98: Come on Bucks. Need 70 at least
B.Reilly: Did anyone see J.Struss from Melbourne break his leg today
#9dees: wood to sub off which premuim
Fenno: Nigey95 I thought the same. Thought it was after the showdown that was happening
jakeyh78: go pies...200 point win on the cards!!!
stixy53: yeah didnt look nice
Grazz: @B.Reilly yeh horrible sight.
97crows98: I didn't B.Reilly, nut I'm sure we'll see it at half time or after the game
SirBanALot: pendles lift FFS!!!!!!
B.Reilly: Felt sick for a while
Nigey95: @Fenno: I read it somewhere. Just don't remember where.
J-boss: collingwood only have a few flames
willii: well done joffa & pearceys old man
97crows98: Joffa raising money with Danyle Pearces dad. Funny thing is, his dads name is Joffre
Predacons: Port goaless for whole game??
Khunt1vote: Hartletts on the waiting list. Port have a healthcare card from Centrelink
HawkTalker: Melbourne, Richmond, Port - time for a three-way merger
Demons64: Nearest to the pin. When will Port kick their first goal? I'll go 9 minutes into the 3rd quarter!
B.Reilly: Predacons I hope so
matts 18: fire for krakouer?
Jimmy40: Flame up krak
pies21: so true predacons
igotabig1: i have pies under 39.5 , should i just roll a big fat joint with my TAB ticket now or hold onto it?
97crows98: Just before half time, I reckon
flame: Swan is alive!
kizzza: port wont hit double figures
SirBanALot: ffs pendles flowerin get it
HawkTalker: Lollingwood with 13 flames and pendles isnt one? LOL!
Cyrus: 22min 2nd q
kizzza: @demons64 maybe next week
Jimmy40: Muppett for Blair
corza013: blair muppet
daniel87: Look whos talking demons after youse got beat by over 180 pts last week
Nigey95: 2/3 of the pies team have flamed up
dane swine: port for spud montgomery
Scotty1: 14 flames for pies and Pendles isnt one of them, who would of thought
Harmes37: anyone who has swan or pendles as captan didnt check the weather report for adelaide 2nite :)
dutchtup: get injured buckley
Demons64: Your spot on kizzza. I can't really talk though. My Dees aren't any better. Very disappointing again today!
Big Stick: @dutchtup stfu you never say anything like that about anybody
tmc44: holy crap. come on port.
meziare: @Harmes37, the weather is not stopping Beams so why should it stop Pendles?
dutchtup: :(
Jimmy40: Swan.
dane swine: krak murdering the pigskin
m_zulian: coem on swanny 24 pts!
Dons4eva: swannyy
pies21: what a joke of a team HAHAHAHAHA
Fenno: L.Shiels. No it wasn'y you do know Hanneberry played 7 games in his first year and then won the rising star in his 2nd
sacky35: 14 minute 3rd 1/4
Refused: Lol pooooooooort
chinospot: swannnnnny
Hotel17: Suns, Port, Melb, and soon GWS - just bad for the comp!
ThePez: Can't help but think ch. 10 chose the wrong game...
slinks: weather not stopping swan either!
boomz23: cmon m0nty give all the port players the spud.
johnkay: Just waiting for M0nty to change all the Power player symbols to spuds
mmurphy3: can someone tell me is it possible to watch live games on afl
m_zulian: harmes, what wa sthat about the weather?
sewellgood: Wake up pendlebury
97crows98: How good is Leons disposal
Demons15: @hotel17 melbourne are 11th. they may lose by a lot but when they win, its usually by a lot too
Bryce08: port adelaide hahahahahahah
TheoX: wtf pendlebury
old_shepp: Champagne football
Jimmy40: C'mon Port. This is not good for their club.
sacky35: Neon Leon!!!!!!
bickies: Why is this game live on tv? It's a joke
Luke919: pittard sub
xXparryXx: no mmurphy3 go to then searh tas!
#9dees: anyone for 2 leagues with relagations
m_zulian: rain stopped!!!!!!! collingwood to improve!
tnator: Just logged in and I think something is wrong with this site....Port has one point.....What
Cicjose: wish i had lobbe on instead of Smith
theblitz: thats a little harsh, the suns are good for footy, given not this year but over the next two i reckon
Nigey95: i thought the suns were gonna get the spoon this year. well done port.
DazGranzza: Any1 thinks Mick may sub Pendles for Didak since the game is blown away?
supaeagles: wtf pendles plz dont fail me tonight just get me a ton and ill be happy
97crows98: Port just doubled their score
costas80: wtf pendles :(
Bezalenko: thank you Pendles...and stay there!!
Cicjose: come on swan get 200
daniel87: Cmon port Ffs fight
kizzza: who kicked ports behind? haha
Hotel17: true Demons15, just the way the Dees are at the minute
Demons64: Thanks Captain Obvious @daniel87 - Well and truly aware Dees are no good. Even Stevie Wonder could have told me that!
Harmes37: if anyone looked at the wetaher report fo adelaide for 2nite....they would have known it was going to power down
supaeagles: yr agree dees and melbourne should be in the 2nd divi
dane swine: bring on didak for flowers sake
Harmes37: so best not to choose swan or pendles as capt for this week
vamos77: I think so Daz
Bryce08: what the heck pendles?
97crows98: I reckon Mick will sub Beams when he hits 100
johnkay: Will Primus be the 3rd coach sacked this year?
theblitz: hahaha port hasnt scored, 2 rushed behinds!!!!!!
#9dees: still waiting for first goal for port
Cicjose: pendles will be the sub
Mutters: I have Pendles but my league opponent has him Captain! Gotta get the boy off!
DazGranzza: nah Mick won't sub Beams as he needs match practice after back from injury
m_zulian: mick staill has didak up his sleeve, i mean mo! get him on
Nigey95: primus should have stuck to being the ruck coach or whatever.
Bezalenko: a sub 50pt Pendles would be magic for all football of all sport in fact
#9dees: yes i know supaeagles thanks for pointing that out to me
TheoX: haha maxwell shower himself
BigBadBen: not primus fault, just a shower list
Luke919: its weird seeing pendlebury near the bottom of the collingwood players...
Cicjose: pendles needs to move and get points asap
Hodgeey: Come on Jolly and Pendlebury
dutchtup: port could lose against the bye
Cicjose: glad i have swan captain tho
B.Reilly: Pendlebury ha a slow start and his my SC Captain
Bombers11: been watching other game came in here to see only 2ts for port lol what the ?
Nigey95: @BigBadBen: come to think of it, you're right. they're an ordinary bunch
port4spoon: <<<<< its in the bag
billiam97: wake up pendles!!!
supaeagles: np dees dw my mob the tiges should be in the 3rd divi!! the problem is theres only 5 teams worthy to be in the top divi
SirBanALot: flower me pendles f
waston4: pendle :(
Cicjose: that top 5 for port and jacobs are the best players on that list
port4spoon: imagine if conditions were dry
97crows98: Hungry Thomas
johnkay: Leon Davis playing like it's dry weather.
wadaramus: Playing well Port, keep it up. Carn Pendlebury, lift a bit.
Luke919: haahahaha good kick thomas!
m_zulian: daisy, u show pony!
B.Reilly: you just wait Port fans will be leaving at half time
BigBadBen: I dont think they have one player on their list that a top 4 club would want
bickies: Daisy just hangin round the square seagulling for goals
dane swine: pendles on the field?
sewellgood: Pendlebury, z.smith, montagna are gonna cost me top 4
Hodgeey: Port playing well? Right....
Bryce08: pendles you idiot!!!!! do something please!
tnator: Lets go. another point before half time please
Hawkmad: I suppose it would be special if Chad kicked ports only goal tonight
Bezalenko: Port fans might need to be subbed on at half time!!!
vamos77: Shane Warne has a bigger head than Mega now
Crabstick: PNG curse?
m_zulian: didak is gonnna pull out his gun in the second half
Cicjose: at this rate lobbe and boak will be the only players to be guaranteed contract for next year
MightyEss: people shouldn't complain about pendles score. I mean, most coaches have him anyway so what's the matter?
mgiannes: I have not even seen pendles!!!!
sewellgood: Pendles being beaten by half of port
dane swine: spud time for port m0nty
kappa6198: sorr
kingscotek: kane cornes is on pendlebury not swan
jakeyh78: i guess port will be happy that the magpies are thumping the opposition! wish my grandpa was around 2 ask his opinion
Demons64: Not a fitting way for Premiership player Chad Cornes to end his career. Was an absolute Dreamteam gun at his best!
B.Reilly: Give Westhoff the spud symbol hes no good
costas80: after a year of brilliance Pendles has kicked me out of league when it counts. Not a big game player :p
masterdead: does anyone know what happended to troy chapplin?
kappa6198: sorry people, captains curse again-pendles
wadaramus: Good to see the Chadvertisers retirement has inspires the Power.
BlueNeck: i hope so zulian. I kept him
tnator: whos pendles?
L.Shiels: spud up the whole port team, bar Boak m0nty
kano: Coming from someone called B.Reilly???? Really ??
chinospot: the week i go from pendles to swan.... pure genious imo
Bezalenko: Booo - Pendles got off 24
xXparryXx: davis is butchering the ball :(
dutchtup: please give didak a half MM
costas80: yay pendles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
billiam97: omg pendles just had another disposal!!! keep it going mate
SirBanALot: pendles lift FFS!!!!!!
goodone: is pendlebury injured?
B.Reilly: Commontater just said port having best stage of get and yet they still have 2 oh port just got a goal
johnkay: Who do you reckon will kick Port's first goal? I reckon Hitchcock
97crows98: Hope Chad is enjoying his last game as much as his second last
Cicjose: pendles needs to start kicking the ball
walle: Pendles is great with contested possesions....problem is there is no contest!
Sunday2810: dont worry pendles will still score a ton....rack it up Q4
DazGranzza: at this rate AFL will have to close the gates at 1/2 time to stop Port fans from leaving the ground!
sacky35: Get On!!! it's 14 minutes into the 3rd.
layngarys : swanny!!
Luke919: swanny!
josh2959: Swanny!!!
TheoX: corne tagging the shower out of pendles
m_zulian: swanny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! give ma another 24 pts
sewellgood: Swan lining up?
TheoX: cornes
rodallegaa: flowering hell
B.Reilly: johnkay i think no one will LOL!!!
Cicjose: can someone ice up the power team plz
Luke919: should've kicked that swanny!
muffin_man: no port player has scored lol. 2 rushed behinds.
kizzza: @dazgranna, should of tried that at qtr time!
wadaramus: DANE SWAN........enough said.
agwager: What are the odds of port going goalless all game?
97crows98: Hope Chad is enjoying his last game as much as his second last
Nigey95: can port score a goal...for chad's sake?
tnator: It seems that the whole power team suffers from softsockalitus
masterdead: this game is painful to watch
KraKBabY: Pendles is tanking cos Raphly made him his Captain in SC and they play each other this week.
Hotel17: Boak must be thinking he's wasting his time at Port!
#9dees: ha quarters giving it to port
DazGranzza: some probably did leave at qtr time but others were hopeful 2nd qtr was better!
97crows98: oops. Think I may have posted twice.
kingscotek: stuff Chad
rodallegaa: magnifying glass/icicle for all port players bar boak
Predacons: port spuds or crabs?
mr king: how long left????
masterdead: stewie!!!!
fattony: yeah pendles! keep it up bro!
B.Reilly: OMG port might get a goal
sewellgood: daniel stewart goal
ThePez: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
sacky35: oh no!!
TheoX: mick give didak a run you flowerer
wadaramus: softsock??
sewellgood: clap clap
97crows98: Can't believe the crowd is going nuts, and he hasn't kicked it yet
Demons64: Here's their chance. Daniel Stewart lining up for Port's first!
Priddis: port goal
Bombers11: here come the power lmao
B.Reilly: OMG they got a goal
Mutters: Imagine how bad port would be by Round 24 if Chad played out the season
MightyEss: it's frightening to see the difference between the best team and one of the worst teams.
muffin_man: here come port
Predacons: please sub swan
dane swine: RIP chad
SirBanALot: pendles lift FFS!!!!!!
Cicjose: there has been some shocking football dished up in the last 2 weeks by some of these losing teams
Nigey95: it's a halftime miracle!
old_shepp: 10 push ups Rounds - bad turnover
billiam97: wow... was that a power goal??
DazGranzza: Well done Port! Finally a goal!
masterdead: power off
97crows98: I said they would get their first goal just before half time
agwager: Did u mean softcockalititus?
B.Reilly: Did you see that one clapping port sporter HAHA Loner
#9dees: chad cornes ports best player ever
sacky35: Luke rounds??????
jazzalenko: which collingwood player will get subbed at halftime??
#9dees: ?\
wadaramus: Predacons...whaat the?
#9dees: ?
ComeAtMe: hopefully pendulbury not sub?
Mutters: Swan was subbed to Arizona already. Pendles is the one who needs a rest. Vest him up Mick!
tezzer_j: bad time to be a struggling club when you've got the AFL pets GWS AND GC taking all the talent
SirBanALot: if pendles gets subbed ill decapitate my dog
Dylan0000: need swan to get subbed hes my opponents capt
Nigey95: three...or possibly four thumpings this round. suns, port, dees and tiges?
Cicjose: hoping swan puts the cape on in the 3rd qtr
Jobe3votes: i'll call it now, goldsack i reckon to get subbed mid 3rd term
FlyCou: Pendlebury will get subbed , swan and Thomas have already missed games
kizzza: i think sidebottom will be vested, hasnt missed a game all year
Dasherman: what happened in 97/98 can't remember it was in the last millennium
97crows98: I said they would get their first goal just before half time
B.Reilly: By they way what does the FF score mean (ex Pendlebury says 3, reid 3 and ball 5)????
Cicjose: fasolo to be subbed out
Swansong: Get Didak out there
Bryce08: rounds= idiot
kano: if they regroup at half time port can still win this..
turtle42: hopefully swan his killin me
sewellgood: so pendles is only 13 off par...not really that bad
Cicjose: so are we wanting muppet for rounds?
bickies: Tab live line of 130.5
GoldDigger: beams looks tired
FlyCou: Rounds for muppett
Hodgeey: Hawks will probably smash
Demons15: i reckon goldy will be subbed
TheoX: didak needs some game time you senile flower mathouse
SuperSub17: Krak sc?? Wtf
port4spoon: most of the rain gone
Priddis: Win it for Cornes, Port!
jakeyh78: fire up pendles...stop trying 2 be a flowering spud..need a big ton from u
dane swine: subs on dids mick
Cicjose: muppet for rounds
Hawkmad: Who kicked ports goal?
matts 18: wtf krak and sidebottom sc :0
stixy53: stewart
HughJorgan: Daniel Stewart
jakeyh78: doesnt matter who kicked a goal 4 port...who cares anyway!
HawkTalker: lol pendlebury. I can hear the wails of soooo many dt coaches
D.Dickfos: Even I could still get a game for Port
farthers: i assume most people saw the port vs the bye video. Brilliant!
Bigfatwolf: bring on dids
CamT: @jakeyh78 - hawkmad obviously cares. What's wrong with asking a question ?
jakeyh78: dickfos coodnt even get a game for wunghnu...or nth sunshine!
Cicjose: i have swan captain.... but pendles needs to lift
daniel87: Glad I went Judd cap
CamT: Stewart kicked Port's goal, Hawkmad
jakeyh78: true camt..shoddnt take that away from him...stewart kicked the goal 4 port
Antony: Malthouse about to sub Pendlebury, I can sense it!!! =)
HawkTalker: Malthouse to be subbed for Buckley ;)
dane swine: Dids on for Fasolo?
Cicjose: why would malthouse sub pendles he is about to explode his score
jakeyh78: hawktalker...clarkson 2 be subbed for eade...or worse...another former hawker
chickenpie: heath shaw put 50 dollars on pendles to get subbed hahaha lol jokes
Cicjose: Swan to double his score pendles for 120 with 30 points in JT
HawkTalker: lol @ jakeyh. They can have him, mate. Clarko is a terrible matchday coach
TheBowss: Krak Attack butchering the ball?
hungryJack: @chickenpie: lol more like he diverted his arizona flight to vegas
wadaramus: Port are stinking the place up
D.Dickfos: @Jakeyh78 How many AFL games did you play?
Antony: Who is with me? Pendles Pendles Pendles! Sub! Sub! Sub!
#9dees: hey dickfos i remember you.
dane swine: D.Dickface flower off
theswiz: lol monty give all the port supporters thier club icons. maybe dees too
chickenpie: hahaha ye hungry jack
wadaramus: Why would you sub Pendlebury? Unless you dont have him in your team?
jakeyh78: just as many as u dickfos..and even more senior rugby league games. muppet
Cicjose: pendles will not be the sub he was getting good at the end of the quarter
matto76: thomas iced up in the rooms
gunners31: are u the father of Met North's Jackson Dickfos
jakeyh78: cheers hawker...ur a champ :-)
Big Stick: daisy heavily strapped
Khunt1vote: Port < Brisbane Bears on a bad day
wadaramus: Rack off Dickfos you tool.
theswiz: Jordan, having fun with juzzbergs? LOL
Jimmy40: Daisy might be subbed tonight.
aflnut: to all the tools who put pendles as C... look outside the square sometimes! haha
jakeyh78: wasnt dickfos the great player who played for brissy n port...sorry, that was heuskes..still both were greatbos!
D.Dickfos: @Jakeyh78 You played 65 AFL games?
Luke919: swanny how'd you drop that!
dane swine: dickfos, get flowered
Jimmy40: @D.Dickfos, do you know adam pearce?
gunners31: D.Dickfos are u the father of Met North's Jackson Dickfos
Centurions: swan drops a sitter in the square
old_shepp: Swan. Golden opportunity missed
wadaramus: D.Dickfos you didn't, the real Dickfos maybe, but not you.
jakeyh78: danny dickfos might have played 65 greatfl games but a muppet spud like u coodnt even get off the bench in a u/10s match
B.Reilly: Pendlebury needs a big secon halve
A.Schleck: rounds has a shocking haircut
meziare: Pendles comes alive!!
Cicjose: swan just needs to get hands on the ball and pendles is improving
port4spoon: pendles will still get close to 100
B.Reilly: Did anyone here about C.Brown from Gold Coast
goodone: swan could have cost them the game
m0nty: rack off Ray
D.Dickfos: One of Collingwood's big men to get subbed/
wadaramus: Word up Jakeyh78
dane swine: pendles
goodone: pendlebury will gt well over 100, he got 50 from just 10 possessions
Demons64: As per usual Razor Ray just has to get involved!
chickenpie: rounds has a terrible head
layngarys : can we make a razor ray a player and permanently spud him?
dane swine: the beast awakens.. (m0nty)
Cicjose: just another 25 points pendles then a big last qtr
jakeyh78: cheers waddy...go pies!!! and a great match chat 2!
Big Stick: get off ray's back m0nty he's doing his job
BillyPick: ray took control...give him his dues
chickenpie: m0nty wat has razor ray been doing>>
Bennyy: dont give ray the muppet, learn the rules, he did the right thing!
D.Dickfos: Razor Ray has got a touch of the head wobbles on the saturday night televised game
L.Shiels: put a banner on the home page with a picture of razor ray and a spud m0nty
Fenno: wasn't rays fault it was the goal umpires
kano: broadbent is garbage, needs to be delisted
FlyCou: Minty for moppet not ray
powerchick: im a port supporter but gee im glad i have a few pies players in my team
wadaramus: Go Pies, Port suck.
Cicjose: lets go pendles show port how to play
Sunday2810: baahhhaa all who doubted pendlebury LOL
port4spoon: pendles woo hoo
meziare: flame up Pendles!!!
matto76: gee peddles ripping it up now
FlyCou: M0nty*stupid iPad
B.Reilly: C.Brown (GC) tacked Kelly then got up and the ball went away then brown started walking and his pelvis just shattered he
Bryce08: wow pendles gone mental!!!
Fenno: The Muppet deserves the muppet for that call. Ray was good there unlike the goal umpire
97crows98: What did Ray do. I went to the toilet
kano: wadaramus, you come up with that all by yourself ?
Demons64: Massive start to third quarter for Pendles!
D.Dickfos: Pendles lifting to avoid being subbed off
jakeyh78: wats a ray chamberlain muppet??
L.Shiels: onya pendles.
Conan: 18pts for pendles in 7 mins- u beauty
97crows98: Get busy Buckley
goodone: 5 touches and 3 tackles in 6 minutes pendles, he mst have received a roasting at half time
Hawkmad: Ray Chamberlain is the biggest muppet i've ever seen
FlyCou: @Jake it shouldn't be the ray made the right decision
LoyalLion: Malthouise sub l davis
B.Reilly: hahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahlolololol
TheoX: oh ffs bring didak on he'll never get a easier game to ease into it
gtrainers1: here comes pendles, LOL to aflnut, you know nothing boy
powerchick: im embarrased to be a port fan
Cicjose: huge qtr for pendles on track for a cape well done pendes keep going
wadaramus: Jakey78, Rampaging Ray is a permanent Muppet!!!
waston4: pendlez
SirBanALot: go SC captain get me in the top 50!
jakeyh78: is the ray just a ref...goddammit...they shood just ref and keep personalities outta the game...soz, novice 2 this
Fenno: Allot of you guys need a muppet for not knowing the rules if you think its a muppet for Ray
L.Shiels: Ray needs the sack he thinks he's bigger than the game.
TheBowss: Watching the good game; what did Ray do?
wadaramus: Jakeyh78...hear that brother.
jakeyh78: cloke...paid $400,000 a year 2 kick staright and he cant even do that...give me his job!
FlyCou: M0nty don't forget your name next to Dwayne russell
CamT: Razor calls it according to the book. he doesn't care if it's raining or close or in the goal square
Cicjose: imagine if cloke had kicked straight
jakeyh78: and now a dwayne russel is a muppet 2...wats he, a super spud??
old_shepp: Pies have switched off
97crows98: Why the muppet for Dwayne Russell?
MightyEss: pendles coming back!
Mithrandir: Yeah, it's game over, but Swan's second efforts tonight are not there. Looks a little lazy
GoldDigger: bring back goldspink
KraKBabY: Dwayne Russell is calling the other game #justsayin
wadaramus: Whatever CamT Ray is a Knobjockey
daddsy404: c'mon pendles got u captain DT
Cicjose: supercoach scores suggest a few turnovers?
GoCrowz98: Cmon Bucks and Jacobs, get the bloody ball!!!!!
SirBanALot: pendles lift FFS!!!!!!
97crows98: I know Krakbaby but read the top
BudWood: johnson 2 weeks
dane swine: FFS mick get dids on
FlyCou: Lol budwood if that's 2 weeks McPhee will get done for life
aaaaaaab: imagine buddy kicked straight, he has 51 goal 48 behinds...
meziare: johnson not even a FA, it was for the Pendles throw
FlyCou: Didak coming on
matto76: didak about to come on
vamos77: dids on
Sunday2810: brilliant game between bombers and swans! def swap over if ur watching this crap :)
97crows98: Dids on for ???
Cicjose: come on pendles get to 75 before 3qtr time
BudWood: The bump is dead. Look at buddy franklin. That is at least 1 week
m0nty: no spoilers from the other game please
dane swine: flower yeah dids
97crows98: REid subbed
goodone: if buddy kicked every shot he would be on 99 goals
FlyCou: Reid subbed
CamT: Cloke equal top in Coleman race now
matto76: ben reid off subber
meziare: Dids on for Reid
GoCrowz98: REid subbed
TheBowss: Reid off, Dids on.
matts 18: ben reid tf
corza013: reid off dids on
port4spoon: reid subbed off
SirBanALot: pendles lift FFS!!!!!!
Luke919: reid sub
TheoX: bout time mick
layngarys : pendles sub
HawkTalker: Port, Dees and Tigers to merge as "Port Melbourne Grrs"
layngarys : sorry, reid
Sunday2810: wasnt a spoiler just said it was a good game...nothing to give away there M0nts
sewellgood: seriously mOnty just ban them, crack the whip
goodone: jack reiwoldt will kck 10 against west coast, hedid last year
Cicjose: pendles has lifted get to 70 plz pendles
bigsandi: gooooood old collingwood forever. they know how to play the game
thebrock: seriously of all the weeks for pendles to go missing and boak to fire
dane swine: come on dids, trah up a 50+
FlyCou: @budwood..... 95%of franklins reports are from he just being reckless
sewellgood: pendlebury still 13 off par
m0nty: just a friendly reminder ;)
daddsy404: m0nty your fired
Cicjose: swan to annihilate port in the last qtr
97crows98: What will round 24 bring when Port play Melbourne at Adelaide Oval?
L.Shiels: ban @Sunday for the spoiler m0nty.
SirBanALot: pendles lift FFS!!!!!!
costas80: what thebrock said
lachlan21: its creepy when u do a wink M0nty coz your 50
BudWood: @fly no they are because he moves so fast for a big man. That bump was past the ball. He is in trouble
wally2g: is this one of the most boring games ever or wat?
Cicjose: no the pies are just taking it easy atm
SirBanALot: back on the game pls monty
thebrock: @ costas80 traded boak out this week after getting sick of his terrible scores & have pendles cap! eek
sewellgood: Ban them monty, they know the rules and continue to break them. BAN them
FlyCou: @97crows98...... will probably be a sellout, easy access transport by trainngreat day out
dane swine: get the pill dids
Bullwinkle: here comes the power
keiths18: what happened to the spuds monty? that was super funny
jakeyh78: 97crows98 cood be a match for the jon patton cup...loser gets a higher draft pick!!!!
thebrock: why would you want someone banned for saying it's a good game?
wally2g: bombers and swans is a heaps better game, this is crap
Swannies: No DT symbol for Swan?
keiths18: ju willy
costas80: @thebrock i did same thing
Cicjose: oh no port scored who scored the goal?
old_shepp: Muppet for Blair
SirBanALot: pendles lift FFS!!!!!!
dimmel: @keiths18-grow up pal its a flowering potatoe mate
keiths18: monty = fat peado
97crows98: Patten will go to GWS. 17th this year gets pick 3 or 4 only
Grazz: @cicjose banner i think
FlyCou: Banner scored
thebrock: @ costas80 it hurts hey? Plus my opponent has swan captain
sewellgood: Agree with Swannies. DT symbol for Swan please Monty
Juggalo: Go Thomas, catch Swan for me
TheBowss: Ray needs to stop being a smart-allower.
Cicjose: come on swanny get 150 pendles get at least 90
dimmel: lift reid got u captain
costas80: @thebrock haha mine too
sewellgood: You are gone Keiths18
roo boys!: go swanny go
Cicjose: thx for the goal update im trying to follow both games
SirBanALot: pendles lift FFS!!!!!!
Bennyy: Now m0nty, will you finall switch your info to pendles being the one tagged by kornes, been trying to tell you all night
watson32: reid got subed tool
Grazz: Swan tons up
jakeyh78: 97crows98 any side 2 pick a key forward in the first round of a draft is gona be doomed..watts, gumbleton, patton
layngarys : sswanny doin a fair bit of seagulling..not that i mind
hammy97: swan thomas and krakouer in SC going well so far
watson32: why wood you have him cap
Guaza: Cmon Pendles strap on the bin
Grazz: @cicjose ditto
dane swine: get in the game didak
roo boys!: didak for the ton? ;0
Cicjose: go pendles some junktime goals please
GoCrowz98: Cmon Buckley and Jacobs!!
SirBanALot: pendles lift FFS!!!!!!
Grazz: This is just a training drill, Port are the witches hats.
Cicjose: lift pendles get me 105
Cicjose: pendles for cape if he gets 100
97crows98: Big last qtr please Pendles & Bucks
SuperSub17: Razor ray is not a muppet, its the goal umpire that paid a point even though it was impossible
SirBanALot: pendles 120 SC pls lift FFS!!
Grazz: Hope swan can get to 140ish
feralmong: bin it up swanny my capt.
Guaza: Pendles will punch out 125 SC
thebrock: ffs pendles you have to beat swan. Huge last quarter!!
collpies11: port 2 scoring shots (not including rushed)
Bigfatwolf: i think pendles gets double points like judd.
sewellgood: Pendles avg just under 25 a qtr so yeah he should get 100
matts 18: wtf the cameras
meziare: wow, that's hard to watch!!
SirBanALot: pendles lift FFS!!!!!!
aflnut: pendlebury is a joke how many sc points he accumulates for doing nothing!
proud_lion: downgrade hibberd to didak? lol
roo boys!: goallllllllllllllllll
lift_spud: as if let them kick another one, play 4 quarters for once you flowers!
hungryJack: port melbourne should take port adelaides spot in the afl this is embarrassing
collpies11: spud for travis cloke
Grazz: cloke muppet
SadSadDay: Cloke you are killing your coleman chance
GoldDigger: dids does zip
Grazz: cmon pendles ton up mate.
SirBanALot: pendles ffs!!!! killing me get the bloody pill arghhhh!!!!
baby-J: @hungryJack, Gold Coast didn't do much better and this is Collingwood that Port are playing, so calm down buddy
kano: More scintillating material from HungryJack
Sloan4Pres: how many does cloke have?
A.Schleck: seagull beams monty ;)
Grazz: cloke 3.5
MarcMurphy: Beams - downhill skiers at their best.
Swansong: Come on Didak get involved
hungryJack: @baby-J: gold coast are school boys port are grown men who have been playing for sometime a big difference
torres: Give Chad Cornes the heart
boof12: anyone go with stevie j as captain?
prozz710: Lets get a junk goal now Pendles :D
collpies11: chad cornes is on 44..
L.Shiels: carn Swanny junk it up champ
SadSadDay: Cloke please kick a goal in the last Q
JSelwood14: Hille goal!! scores level
kano: @HungryJack...Last week did u say same about Melbourne? And last year West Coast. Just a muppet thing to say champ
JSelwood14: flower sorry wrong game :/
stixy53: come on dids,where are ya
supaeagles: yes boofa i did but swan is gonna cancil that good score out for me my opp has him cap
SirBanALot: jselwood ban!
FlyCou: Pendles
JSelwood14: sorry seriously forgot I was in this game.
collpies11: pendles
layngarys : pendles
proud_lion: pendles wohoo
SirBanALot: pendles lift FFS!!!!!!
Bennyy: thankyou pendles!!
roo boys!: no pendles..
Grazz: yes pendles
port4spoon: thanks jselwood, enjoy your ban
prozz710: Hate to say i called it
JSelwood14: I didnt mean it, said sorry straight away
xXparryXx: nooo pendles!
torres: a heart for his career, not this game obviously. He is a DT legend
Bigfatwolf: soft touchs for new c.judd. pendles
hungryJack: @kano: melbourne scored more than 21 points and there game wasn't a home game
Swansong: Swanny
layngarys : it just gets even better, pendles now swnany!!
BillyPick: what did Jselwood say? That bombers won?
Bennyy: yeah give Chad the gun! He use to be a lock in all teams. Only player who was a mid,fwd, and back all at once!
SirBanALot: yes pendles junk it up
redwallis: Everyone has Pendlebury, who cares what he scores.
MightyEss: lol at the contradicting views on pendles score!
WojakDaw: why is chad kornes retiring now? why not at the end of the season
Juggalo: Is Luke Ball brownlow eligible?
korza: Goodsyyyyyyyyy
redwallis: Stfu Billypick I had missed that, tosser
L.Shiels: Yeah Chad back in his day was a DT god.
happyh: gooodes to kick after siren!!!! to win game
thebrock: any chance of pendlres matching or beating swan in SC?
thebrock: the chad never won a b&f did he?
BillyPick: rewallis, dont worry goodes missed it
Juggalo: bye happyh
JSelwood14: Nah billy said it was closee
thebrock: @redwallis I have him captain and opposition has swan - hence I care
lachlan21: screw this shower!! switch to the other game all you downies watching this
happyh: dw.. he missed.. by an inch
redwallis: Monty can you ban spoilers...
Grazz: Swany how i luv ya my dear old swany.
port4spoon: monty must be asleep, no ban for jselwood 14, thanks for ruining the other result
JSelwood14: flower up happyh
kappa6198: essendon by 1
D.Dickfos: happyh is used to missing by an inch.... zing
MightyEss: bye kappa.
bigsandi: Port Failaide
Bezalenko: 2nd time happyh has been spoiling up things with other games....hmmmmm dodgy
collpies11: m0nty should make a retired icon in their last game
BlueNeck: hahahaha, spoilers. As if you're gonna ban yourself from all forms of media to watch the replay you sook alps honkies
SirBanALot: happyh powering myself nice spoilers
dane swine: have pendles 95 in PNG come on
Grazz: Carn pendles 5 more mate
rustyc: Didak picking up where he left off... inconsequential.
BillyPick: redwallis, you'll enjoy the was a ripper. unfortunately the better team lost.
korza: Chad was one of the greatest D/T sluts of all time, i pay my respects.
dalts: Give Chad the gun!
Town10: pendles get to 101 DT
Big Stick: ban korza
torres: heart or gun for Chad Cornes
HawkTalker: Didak, what a hack.
rustyc: Alan...., Alan....., Alan....., Al?
BillyPick: redwallis, i'll tell you another little secret, the pies win this game by over 100 points.
SadSadDay: Cloke please kick a goal
hungryJack: @korza: yes he was
Grazz: @korza yeh he was, one of the 1st picked each year, was a great fan footy tart.
baby-J: what in the world does PNG mean? Please tell me !!!! THANKS
aflnut: juddy 3 votes I say!
Bennyy: yeah chad for gun! come on! you havent given it to anyone else!
port4spoon: thanks for the DT memories chad
FlyCou: Heart for Chad, had a great career
Bennyy: thats it. im a pies supporter and love the chad gun!
Demons64: Here Here korza. Farewell the former DT stud Chad Cornes.
Town10: 3 more dt points and then have a spell pendlebury
jasonjjh: Would love to see Chad get the gun has been one of the champions of DT
dalts: Yes Chad the gun!!!
MeetNova: chad gun!
Piestorm!: Papua New Guinea
lukedodo: ayyy chad got gun
korza: Gun for Chad cmon
SadSadDay: Cloke!!!!!!!!!!
gooaall+6: ru for real monty, bin should have came out after the first half because port are shiezonhousen
supaeagles: great save pendles raise the bat
dalts: Chadwick you gun!
oldsalty: well done m0nty
kingscotek: come on! don't disrespect the GUN like that
Dasherman: Chad the gun Cornes farwell 35
bamford23: what does vale studley mean?
cptFantasy: The gun for had is out of years of Gunmanship - but i wouldn't be surprised if he has a real one on him
hungryJack: @korza: Portable Network Graphic
scarlett: chad = big, fat muppet!
pk-06: good choice with the gun, farwell to a former DT gun
Grazz: Both the Cornes boys had excellent careers
CamT: Great career, Chad well done
collpies11: travis the muppet
Bucky: Good work Chad with gun. You should get a cigarette symbol for him to, for a smoke..... or even hero.
GoldDigger: haven't seen the gun on Chaddy for a fair while. Fond memories of a DT captain!
BlueNeck: Chad is a funny unit. Good seeing him around town watching the local bands in his tight as flower leather jacket.
Footy_Pie: True hard player who will be missed. Thanks Chad.
SirBanALot: yes pendles SC me biatch!
Grazz: Thanks Pendles great stuff.
cola182: dammit i just brought in cloke this week! imagine if those extra 6 points were goals!
torres: kingscotek, chad was one of the original guns. Completely deserved
roo boys!: well done chad. much deserved gun
SirBanALot: swan DT cap Pendles SC cap come on pendles
SirBanALot: chad had 2 good years he is a spud
kano: Scarlett obviously you are 12 years old
Dafty: pendls come home hard
old_shepp: Bin for Didak ?
premiers06: ton up Krak
dalts: Well deserved gun chadwick!
GoCrowz98: 1 more handball Swan :)
n4cr123: Didak almost cape :p
bamford23: chad always reminded me of one of the fraggles from fraggle rock.. not sure which one though
dougie1112: @scarlett = corkhead. On ya Chad
thebrock: come on pendles kick a flowering goal or take a contested clunker
Dafty: well done THe chad, deam team king! back in the day
lukedodo: ban scarlett
Demons64: 150 up for Captain Swan!
thebrock: luke ball no won has you that goal is for Pendles! haha
dubs$men: Fairwell Chadwick - for a few years there, you were a must in every DT backline.
SadSadDay: How long left?
unobrow: at this rate Dids will score more than half the Port team
gb101: Nice touch giving Chad the gun.
daniel87: Chad cornes is a legend
SadSadDay: How long to go?
Bucky: Give Maxwell the heart......somehow he stays in this side, even though he doesn't contribute.
Khunt1vote: A fitting send off for Chornes I reckon.
goodone: sack primus
Gooseman10: Back in the day, everyone loved the CHAD, well done mate!
FlyCou: Beamses Sc will be massive as he kicked a goal when the games was in the balance way back in Q1
Bryce08: pendles loving it mate, keep on going :)
HawkTalker: Chad gets all the girls. Kane gets the scraps
Bennyy: jolly finished nice and strong for me too! pendles and swan well done boys. stock standard!
SirBanALot: yes swanny yeh pendles!!!
Footy_Pie: Remember Essendon game few years back and Chad comes out and says "whatever is said on the field stays on the field".
Dafty: nice monty
port4spoon: leave the gun on chad as a mark of respect monty
collpies11: dale thomas magnifying glass
SirBanALot: shower yeh pendles 130+ SC you star
omatty: If they kicked straight this would have been a bigger smashing that Melbourne last week
strikes91: pendles you dirty little slut
kano: oh yay we get to hear some garbage from the biggest waste of skin on this site Khunt1vote
sewellgood: Goodboy Monty
preki1: bit harsh on didak
powerchick: agree portforspoon
Bennyy: didak looking fitter!
nathan11: slow down swanny i was happy with judd as captain :)
old_shepp: Didak has been useful
bamford23: chad cornes and kane cornes are flogs of the highest order
kingscotek: nothing sweeter than for Chad to go out on the worst ever performance from port! so very fitting! fair well Chad
hungryJack: loving pendles jt efforts
Hemmings29: ahaha port
BYeates13: purplename!
billiam97: great last qtr captain pendles :D
roo boys!: bye bye chad chad
goodone: pendles has to be the best junk game of the year
Bryce08: pendles you LEGEND!
thebrock: i am hoping pendles junk time counts and didaks doesnt haha
Dafty: Thank god thats over
stixy53: well done dids
powerchick: thanx for the memories chad
HawkTalker: How could Chris Tarrant get to 250 games? Biggest chump ever. Has done nothing memorable. nothing
dane swine: nice work dids, cape that shower m0nty
Hemmings29: ahah port ahah what ajoke
Bucky: Whats is the record for most 100s in a Team for one game ??
proud_lion: lets pay respect to chad he was the best dt defender for a good 3 years
PurpleName: how bout a plow icon for the chad coz he strokes it every hour of every day... tosser
masterdead: Poor chad. As long you walk out with your head held high its alright!
Town10: pendles will get 135sc and swan will get 150sc
scarlett: @bamford 93, i couldnt agree more! just ask Schwartz From SEN
Grazz: Great respect for Chad from the pies, good stuff.
PurpleName: plow = pen!s
SirBanALot: bye spud cornes
dalts: RIP chad, you will be missed in DT.
pharace: #kingscotek - very sad and lacking comment
Khunt1vote: The question is, will this rabble finish in front of GWS next season?
cente: pendles will get about 135
juddy-05: jack dalton! get off fanfooty
dalts: Think I might trade in Chad this week for team morale purposes.
cente: is chad cornes gun for his career?
Khunt1vote: Back to back spoons are looking good...
gravenger: great career studley, we'll miss ya!
collpies11: @HawkTalker except for mark of the year 2003...
PurpleName: @bucky, hawks had 11 x 100+ a few rounds ago
cente: u should get a symbol for a last game player like a plane thats saying goodbye
BYeates13: yeh chad will be missed by 1.28% of dt'ers
cptFantasy: Thanks for all your good Fantasy years Chadwick!
bamford23: ive got as much respect for chad as collingwood had for port today
pharace: To Chad's knockers, he played you didn't
Rated_RKO: didak you gun... all i needed from you was 50 .
Bennyy: massive win in those conditions
cente: fasolo has secretly signed with gws
SirBanALot: come on pendles give me your SC goodness!
masterdead: does anyone know what happended to troy chapplin?
thebrock: come on pendles smash swanny!
bennn17: Thanks Chad for all those great SC seasons. Your a legend.
Bennyy: chads premierships 1 - people on heres premierships 0
PurpleName: @phrace, i reckon i'm better at my job than chad is at his... therefore i'll knock him all i damn well want, he's a w@nk
bombers15: People forget how good Chad Cornes was at his peak
cente: swan 3 votes beams 2 votes Pendles 1 vote
Demons64: Lowest score in clubs history tonight for Port and highest ever losing margin.
TheoX: ankle withdrew on friday mstedead
nathan11: wow beams 175 sc
cente: i SAID PENDLES WILL GET 135 m0nty didnt i
kano: Pretty sure Chad cant sleep at night due to worrying whether Bamford23 respects him
Turn: chad you are a star
Town10: gotta love being right ;)
SirBanALot: not bad pendles
SirBanALot: 67 krak thats flowerin shower
Khunt1vote: Good the see Port beating their 119 point record!
daniel87: Chaplin out injured
jballstars: cya Chad good career matey
bamford23: kano=flog
ramma7: Well done Chad Cornes . Great loss to port
cente: thank you i have sold krak WAY to inconnsistate and u think he is gunna play good then he shoot u in the foot
scarlett: Port fans, if chad played for another team, u would hate him as much as we do! hes a thug and a tool!
cente: 85 points for pendles in final half
gb101: Swan just outdid Pendles which is annoying, but still a solid score, I'll happily take it
kano: bamford23=virgin
cente: if u had swan c u just lost 18 points
bamford23: kano=daddys little boy
pharace: no idea Scarlett
scarlett: Blinkers on Pharace
ratten: love the chad cornes icon. RIP fallen DT legend
d.ros: cudos to you Monty for giving Chad the Gun to finish off his career!
pharace: No blinkers, just respect for someone who played at the highest level