Chat Log: R13, West Coast 15.20.110 d Port Adelaide 13.10.88

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Waspy79: Hoping for a competitive effort from my Port boys today... need Boak to be well held though
bohica2693: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo jacobs got the vest
teamwanga: @Waspy79 need boak to get the double ton lol
DrewMartin: At Subi - Port has No hope!!
hawks78: Lets go Captain Coxy!
Dangermaus: Cox for 150, lock it in right now thanks
Dangermaus: ffs Jacobs as sub, could this week get any worse
hawks78: Dangermaus - i have cox as Cap, my opponent has Jacobs......very happy!
_PowerMan_: Darling can't score anymore than 105 DT
Shucuzz: Big cox cpt
hardnut: 1st time I've needed to play Jacobs...had Nicholson on bench ):
Turkies: NOOOOOOOOOO - BEN JACOBS!!!! Just lost me the game!!!
Slashers: Please Priddis!! 160+ SC!! Gray+Hartlett <60 SC each...
korza: Ben Jacobs as a sub, eliminator win, he needed to score about 120ish :D
AFEsElite: flowerin mattthew Primus you stupid piece of showere need Jacobs on ground
gb101: flowering Jacobs sub you dick face Primus
Slashers: ... and Gray and Hart less than 60 SC each!!
DT Ryno: Need Jacobs to score 11+ to win my eliminator, what is the chance
Jayman: Who do u think p.a will tag???
Thebiggf: Glad I traded adcock to Newman so I didn't have to start Jacobs
pies21: im 1050 supercoach with judd, darling and jacobs to play
yeragam: Need the big Cox to score 99 for me to win my league match, should be ok
thezombies: pies21@ u suck
Blairza1: Guys relax, Boak will get crunched in first 5 minutes and Jacobs will come on...
Panties: jacobs will be subbed on in q3
Luke919: let's hope jacobs doesn't get subbed on!
Pseudo G: Going to lose all my league games and my eliminator this week. FMDT
pies21: @thezombies thanks mateeeeeeee i really appreciate the feedback!
Your_mum: i really hope cox goes shower my op has him capt
FunkyJunk1: @pies21 - that is pitiful
hawks2315: need darling 2 hav an 70+ game
cummo: logan to lecras
Luke919: traded out darling this week, hope he has another shocker!
pies21: thanks funkyjunk1 (smiley face)
Panties: Darling 100sc+ easy
cummo: cornes on shuey
lift_spud: 200+ SC plz big Cox
Swansong: need a big one from Darling in DT
Lions08: darling will do good today, just because i traded him out this week
cummo: pearce in forward role on hurn
Your_mum: lets go hurn please ton up
Dilen: darling on the to of da list
thollo: darling to beat cox by 140 and i win ^^
thollo: wooo looking good so far
asglongden: need a huge sc game from COX!
theBOSS: port adelaide are flowering shower
peteywest: cox playing forward again?...
froggy47: cmon boak u gun
Barlow: Darling always starts off well then finishes on around 70
Cman: o this would top off the worst week ever.. if darling tonnes it up
pachichi: need 167 dt cox and i win
bigdaddydy: cox captan in a brain snap need a big one from him i have jacobs as sub so cox game really make or break my win/loss
Tats19-: will darling play well??
Bigal86: made priddis capt this week hopefully he does well
buddyboyz: keep it up darling
smarty_mc: Thoughts Ryder for Boak Port need a ruckmen Bombers need in&under
lift_spud: cmon get cox nin the ruck you cow worsfold
Dilen: got lecras this week.
HawksStud8: on 1950. with Cox and Darling left. Hoping they both ton up. 125+
Dangeroo: darling to kick 14 and score 200 dt
falcooons: lift cox lol
deano69: need cox to play shower or get subbed, doubt it but no harm in dreaming
HawksFEVER: Omg Darling, i was going to get rid of you.
Panties: suck cox cox
joosoo: have hurley howe and darling on the pine...........
ammin_9: hoping darling has a really bad game from here on
Seb78: Cmon Cox!
The Me: chances of cox, darling and Nicoski getting less than 210
hawks2315: darling betta keep this up for longer then a half of footy
asher3197: shower.... I needed Jacobs to beat Darling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gerryboy: same here Deano69
Jobe3votes: need 68 from Cox to get 2000
pies21: no panties!
Dilen: where is lecras?
asglongden: come on cox LIFT need a huge score in sc
lukedodo: cant have westoff hurn and cox to do well!!!!
deano69: bellchambers will got gws smarty so essendon will hang onto ryder
dmod: i need cox to get 52 points
cummo: nickoski must have money on lecras kicking first goal
bigjuddy: i got jacobs
moorey21: Carn th EAgs!
Gandog: Darling. Bang
NelDog: port worst side in the AFL, worse than the early years of the bears!
sainters66: what u reckon cox (C) + 50 vs darling, nic nat and selwood think im gone
pachichi: chances of cox getting 167
Dilen: chaplin playing today?
asher3197: shower
McLovin_: need 185 from boak for the win. i reckon im in with a chance
LJ silver: eliminator..need to cox and priddis to beat darling by 80, bad start!
ammin_9: oh darling stuff u
BluesFlag: jacobs sub! thank god i didnt start him
buddyboyz: darling needs 4 more dt points to beat his score from last week
allshow: need darling <78 so flower off please darling
Essendon18: cmon cox, need 120 from u, start playing
asher3197: fudgecakes
Sloan4Pres: need 166 from cox for 2000
Crows84: first goal to lecras
Luke919: STOP darling, STOP!
_PowerMan_: Slow down Darling!
Skunk6: whats ya name paul?
Lionman: flower jacobs got 80 and 90 sitting on the bench
asher3197: fudge
HawksFEVER: I have darling and trengrove, good and bad!
BluesFlag: NEEd Priddis to SMAsh Darling In SC Carn prid-miester!>!>!> >!!>!>!
Bigal86: lol at all the people who got rid off darling cause he had 2 bad weeks :P
smarty_mc: Howe I.Smith Darling on the bench = Riewoldt 29 Mzungu 74ok Heppell 58
Bretto3: 112 i need from darling, keep going
God+Jesus: 2023 with cox to play what will i get
asher3197: get on the fudge ground Jacobs
hawks2315: darling 64+ in sc and i win!!
Shucuzz: Get a move on dick
grossn: Omg Cox. Captain Cox. seriously.
cRiSiSv3: darling already beaten his score from last week?
asher3197: get on the fudging ground Jacobs
ammin_9: wohoo finnaly cox
Paliente: earth to Cox?!!?!
macdaddy: big deano opens the account with a big 1 point
superspud: God+Jesus. you will get 2023 + cox's score
HawksFEVER: matt thomas flower off and let priddis run
masterhc2: @bigal i traded darling for howe, who got 105. Would take that over darling ecven with this start any day of the week.
Reno: need darling to be a dog and embers, kennedy, pettigrew to have monster games
mh7690: need cox and jacobs to beat darling+60... not looking good
Khunt1vote: And the clap, I hope....
bohica2693: 2004 SC with cos left not too bad given what i have been getting
MrRiosWan: first goal?
asglongden: lift cox
peewee: Cox stays under 175 and I'm good : )
Selwood(C): need 125 from cox to get 2100
bigdaddydy: me: cox (c) + Jacobs VS cox + 146 .... fingers crossed cox 110 + and jacobs sub 37 :)
peteerb: need cox to get injured to win
Essendon18: cmon priddis and cox, massive games needed, cmon
Gandog: C'mon Jack, flowering drive it home
Bigal86: @masterhc2 nice trade, but i reckon there were others that weren't so lucky :P
Skunk6: pdc10 you flowering bald cow
asher3197: Jacobs +13 needs to beat bloody Darling
evall95: @ Selwood(C) exactly like me. where you on 1975 before cox
grubby: need a big one from cox
NDiddy: Get a move along Priddis and Cox
The Me: * for LeCras
thezombies: need big one priddis comon
lessg123: 2030 with Cox left... Cmon cox, 120+... 170 would be nice!
pies21: need 100 from cox to get 2400
Panties: carn boak, break a leg so jacobs subbed on
Best Ump: need your sister + your mum to beat your aunt + her daughter
asher3197: cmon Cox need 120 from you and 60 from Damn Jacobs
Springyboy: * for lecras thanks
smarty_mc: how many ppl traded Selwood this week or keep him for Pies player next week??
buddy23!!!: please PA get an injury do jacobs can come on
Bomber21: wat is a good score this week in DT??
grossn: Cox = +1 +1 +1 +1 +2 +1. Sigh
bigdaddydy: please bandaid port need jacobs on
Selwood(C): yes evall95! haha i had Murphy captain !
thezombies: good call @ump
UberYummy: Port Power should be port shower LOOL
newks1994: need darling to get less then 142 to win
das_hack: Need priddis to get injured
auxafembel: 2100 in sc with cox as captain. What will i get?
outandover: Cmon deano, fire up!!
Cman: need jacobs on soon or im gone!
ammin_9: bomber21 anything above 1950 will be a good score par should be around 1850
gb101: Need Cox to get 130+ to have a change in 3 league games...I'm screwed
cooneyman: dont worry cox still will get 130 sc
buddy23!!!: @auxafembel you'll probably get above 2000
Jobe3votes: DT par = 1900-2000 so 2000+ is good
Panties: darling will get 143sc
gb101: chance*
I Love Roy: @ auxafembel. You will get 2100 + Cox x 2
RoyalR3D: Wonder if here is a team here called Weekend's warriors! Beating him by 62pts and he has ben jacobs on the feild!
KraKBabY: LeCras = *
buddyboyz: come on darling! dont stop now
lukedodo: jack darling pumpkin monty
masterhc2: I got 2030 in DT this week. Pretty good considering bartel (2) and boyd (70) captain.
grubby: does anyone have cox?
YinYang: what'll be par this week
Dudge: need cox in opponents team to get10 and cox in my team to get 150 lol
ammin_9: well done darling now if u dont touch the ball for the rest of the game i will love you
MyManDawes: cox as captain
bohica2693: IS broadbent playing? or ...?
buddyguy: port are disgusting to watch
lessg123: Cmon cox. Flame up
parsons11: I hate bartel, goddard and reiwoldt. could have cracked over 2200 if they went 80 each!
falcooons: @grubby stupid question if u dont have cox your a spud
The Me: Embley would have been a great unique pick up at teh start of the year
Grazz: Get Jacobs on Primus!
da cooler: need cox darling and priddis all to have rippers
asher3197: Darling = The Icicle
RobHarves: Im on 2021 with cox to go (not capt)
Panties: yeah cox has a brother called big, kerr has a brother called wayne and swift dad is called suzuki
Tigertuff: need lecras to beat priddis. odds
Jobe3votes: me 157 + cox vs Wayne Schwass has Ben Jacobs lol
grubby: I dont have cox darling
chadwick: Holding the ball rule baffles me. Changes from play to play
Grazz: @Dudge lol. Glad to see you still have sense of humour.
jimmytigs: if cox only scores 3 more i get a tie in dt,if he gets injured now i win by 6
yammakid: need Kerr to get 342 to win SC. Any chance?
soicanchat: Guys I have Kerr and Hurn but my opponent has Cox and Priddis who will win? scores tied
NDiddy: Time to let the Big Cox out
Best Ump: need cox-ynch+priddis=kerr+pearce-your mum
RoyalR3D: beating my Elim opponnent by 62pts and he has only Jacobs to play OH YEAH! Bad luck Weekends warriors
ammin_9: need thomas, kerr and lecras to beat cox captin plus 40points to beat a guy who's undeafeated, will it happen
Pokerface: soicanchat it will be a tie
masterhc2: theres no point asking who will win. add up their averages and look at their scores and it will be easy enough to see.
ammin_9: soicanchat ill be honest you'll probably lose
smarty_mc: need boak to lift
Best Ump: I am playing Ozlotto on Tuesday. Will I win?
SwiftCox: reckon someone gave the boys at HS a kick up the rear recently, the SC scores are much quicker
Juggalo: Everybody has the same players, who cares what u need from who unless its some super unique
lessg123: Watch Cox superman it from now. 60+ at half time
asher3197: atake off pittard for Jacos
layngarys : i'm 60 points up and my opponent has darling and jacobs..chances?
banjo46: Need boak to beat Chaplin. Don't like port chipping it around the back :(.
bohica2693: Will darlig touch it again?
grubby: lol @best ump
Reno: yes kennedy moooore! CMON!!!!!
Bretto3: whats with all this i have this player V this player who will win crap
Gandog: JD, keep your foot on the throat champ, twist the knife, turn off the power
dannyzuco: Is your cox broad or bent?
soicanchat: come on hurn i need you to beat cox and kerr to beat priddis
quincat05: darling to score under 50
asher3197: ban Porkbun
Best Ump: STFU fuuukwits
SaintsRGod: i have gray, nicnat, nicoski and kerr vs coz and 5-00
_PowerMan_: hard to compete against 21 on the field
asher3197: Darling for Icicle
smarty_mc: who is the x factor for DT finals? thoughts?
Dilen: layngarys- u will most likely lose mate
asher3197: bring Jacobs on
MrRiosWan: coxxxxxxx!!!
W.Mantooth: go port
soicanchat: flower off priddis
bombers007: dont start with these stupid f kn cox jokes
lukedodo: m0nty ban bst ump!
asher3197: bring Jacobs On
Gerryboy: people, no one cares who you have or what your score is...
Best Ump: I have your mum and your sister. Will I win?
dannyzuco: +200 in eliminator v emblem
champion: flower off pridiss u cow
masterhc2: lol@ everyone saying bring jacobs on. he
thebrock: haha trade darling out thinking he'd never get his BE on recent form, now he is killing it
mesosexy: X factor martin. I chose bartel over him this week.(sc) spewin'
asher3197: Ban Best Ump
champion: Will win cox +48 against priddiss. Surely safe.
grubby: have priddis, rosa, selwood and lynch + 25 v brogan logan motlop and thomas
dannyzuco: + 200 in eliminator v embley and ebert. Will I win?
supertiges: ban best ump his a spud
ImNotRyder: Has Priddis been effective, guys?
BluesFlag: Best UMp - you will win...STD's ;)
drevil: lovebest ump
asher3197: Good Effort by Port to show up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
gb101: for sure danny, ebert can't score with a vest on
soicanchat: ffs priddis get knocked out or somethin do your hammy
HawksFEVER: @ imnotryder yes he has, very
champion: Surely?? haha
asher3197: ban best ump for spudness
NoAction: Anyone considering a swan >ablett trade? Get that perma captain option?
Grazz: @asher3197 im with you im a player up in a close game and hes the sub
smarty_mc: D.Martin yes I agree for X factor also multi bye Tigers means he doesn't miss any games for leagues
Panties: @best ump - u wont win as my sister likes big cox
jimmytigs: cox 13 i still got 2 points to play with
maluckyday: darling to get 65 at end of game flowering spud in 2nd 3rd an 4th quater every game he plays gets 40 at qtr time
T.Cotchin: too late to ditch Swan now
champion: a cock ya flog!
grubby: Ive got 6 trades left, what will I do with them?
masterhc2: @no action already have swan + ablett, i'd advise you to try and find a way to do the same
mesosexy: also trying 4 the top 8
asher3197: godd that someone's also feeling the pain of the sub rule. I reckon I have a sub on my field at least 1 in 2 weeks
gb101: Why did it take so long for Swift to get a game? The kid can play
bohica2693: lol darling is gonna flame down
Pokerface: grubby you should eat them
dannyzuco: @gb101 a wce injury now would certainly spice things up!
Tigertuff: fmsc! power off priddis!
maluckyday: (continued) then only get lke 20 point in the next 3 quaters
supertiges: lift cox and darling
Panties: extinguish darlings flame
thebrock: I'll never get getting Boak in again don't think he has the heart to take the next step
asher3197: Darling for icicle
bootle23: not likely best ump they will likely beath the living daylights out of you and leave you for dead
champion: cox lift ya floweren rat!!!
hunt: powder puffs are a team of spuds
maluckyday: i second that bohica2693
grubby: thanks pokerface, I am hungry
NoAction: @master I have a swallow, bartel, rockliff, swan, Boyd and Thompson. Who do I swap to ablett?
soicanchat: flower i hate you prddis
bohica2693: wtf darling broadbent and jacobs have gotten me 0 points in the last 20 mins
asher3197: Is it just me or do Port have to Present or future
ImNotRyder: Man this game looks like a junkfest already, plenty of high scores for the Eagles
Grazz: @asher3197, i reckon all the clubs look at my team then make their choice of sub lol.
champion: If priddis outscores cox by 58 I will cut off my left nut
Tigertuff: lecras and jacobs VS priddis and 59. sigh.
Vandemon: game is in junktime already :p
burner72: My team is finally performing consistently
lagas: why why is coxs bad
NoAction: I have $, but don't think enough to go bartel to ablett
masterhc2: @noaction bartel i think. He has a BE of 190, may not play next week and has the bye in DT finals.
asher3197: why would Kane bother tagging Shuey
Pokerface: @champion can you youtube it please
Panties: carn boak break ur neck
asher3197: haha Grazz
grubby: who's on cox?
soicanchat: flower off priddis
korza: Burner long way back from where you are
tigers96: cmon flowering darling
Thebiggf: 194 pts up both have cox n opp has darling pretty safe I think
JDolling69: Thats low panties
froggy47: Cmon Boak fire up
thezombies: no left nut champion shall be your new name then
drevil: 2nd week in a row cox is inserting his member in my festering bottom
Alka: @masterhc2 bartel won't play next week? what?
champion: hahahha. @pokerface. Im flowerin hoping it doesnt come to that
thebrock: why would Selwood tag Boak?
HawksFEVER: ill tell ya what. Rosa is pretty consistant.
supertiges: finnaly cox!!!!!
Sloan4Pres: @ NoAction why would you get rid of bartel
McLovin_: got 300k in the bank thinking bartel to ablett, knights to sylvia
Azza24: Coxy probs needs to step it up next qtr.... just a little
specky2000: Cmon Cox. Below average performance thus far!
asher3197: Darling=SPUD
bohica2693: Will cox, kerr and darling get more than 370 SC???
Grazz: @burner while mine is in flames, hope i can put the fire out or you and korza will run amok.
dmod: @drevil haha me 2...
lagas: @azza24 step up a little bit ALOT!
burner72: *Korza, 2nd to you las week ive been consistent for 4 weeks now so im ready for the run home ;-)
das_champs: trading bartel is sideways. Sylia is a tasty upgrade next week.
lisapizza7: come darling should be smashing jackson
Tittan99: im going knight to sylvia and then hodge to Daisy/Pendles
maluckyday: darling=dud and spud but need him to get 100
burner72: *Korza your 400 pts off last week thats a big turnaround lol
hammy97: cmon coxy bit more points got you as capt :/
thebrock: Embley loves the uncontested ball so much he is picking up +4's in the change rooms! haha
Panties: SPUD = asher3197
champion: Cox +40 against priddis. Down to the last 2000 in Elim. Hopefully come up against another flog next week. ;)
burner72: i only need to make 8th lol
korza: burner go you good thing
Jackster: keep dreaming bohica
J Dog: come on kennedy and darling, beat cox and 38
asher3197: Shulz=Spud
strikes91: embely isnt in the change rooms its quarter time, they're out on the field
cripdogs: im beating my opponent by 1056 points with darling to play. lol
asher3197: Ranties=Icicle
Torqs: cox is my captain should be running riot against brogan :(
asher3197: Panties=Burger
NDiddy: Goooo Priddis!
babe4hire: cripdog join a real leauge
Grazz: haha to true just goota make the 8
thebrock: haha
asher3197: Panties=Nong
ammin_9: brogan is actually a tough compititer, he wont let your run over the top of him thats why i had sam mithcell captin
teachrtony: Darling + 111 vs nothing in Eliminator. :)
Escapist: Torqs, dont ever underestimate dean brogan mate, great ruckman, never the best.
cripdogs: lol i will
lisapizza7: 100 lead plus darling V kerr and jackson
bickies: Don't tag shuey please
iwtflp: get 130+ SC priddis! please!
champion: Should have stuck with Murph capt...the bloke is a machine
asher3197: panties is showerter than Darling
outandover: This is not the week for you to do flower all Cox, killing me!
banjo46: Stop tagging boak!
korza: My elim i'm +125 vrs Jacobs :D
McLovin_: yeah trading bartel is sideways but with that 2 in his rolling average he will lose so much cash
Grazz: Only 2 games outa of the 8 @burner, you havent thrown in the towel yet have ya.
lukedodo: should i win i got darling im on 1806 hes got hurn westoff and cox he on 1633?????
ammin_9: hope hartletts ankle forces him to be subbed
asher3197: :p
Sloan4Pres: i wish i was still in elim, bombed out round 2
FootyFan74: I'm on 1840 the guy im playing has 1530 I only have COX, he has COX as Captain & also has LECRAS & JACOBS who is sub.??
bluma: 9 point lead in sc. I have Darling, he has Cox. I think I'm done.
RobHarves: @lukedodo - with scores like that, neither of you deserve a win!
Grazz: My last week in Eliminator, aint no miracle gunna save me this week.
FootyFan74: Yikes
champion: Going all out on elim. That 2 grand is mine!!!! haha
skystyler: I need Cox to score 140+ in SC.
pdc10: go mark lecras u are a super star
Khunt1vote: Oh dear! Herman Heartless gimped again!~
griffdog35: Cmon Captain Cox! Lift!
NoAction: Do you think its safe to stay with Smith/Bailey for the rest of the year, and not rade up to get Sandi?
paully: hello
HawksFEVER: Do you get points from smothering?
demons13: come on boak and cox!
NoAction: (alongside COx)
HawksStud8: i need jack darling to score 63
lessg123: Cox is going to superman it. just watch
RobHarves: NoAction - NoHope
idig: kick this cox
goob: com'on coxy ffs
tigers96: Darling
peteywest: upcoming goal for cox, hopefully...
DonBomber: hey ppl.....
thebrock: where are the flowering SC scores CD you cows!
RobHarves: @Hawksfever - should get 6 I reckon
Bretto3: icicle for darling monty
Prospector: Herman Heartless - lols
Grazz: Mathew please put Jacobs on, have a heart mate.
Kryptonite: Need Captain Cox to score 80+pts for me to win my DT game :S
ofnao001: i need darling to outscore boak and jacobs for eliminator win
hawks fan: sc scores anyone
DaisyCrazy: Cox playing deep in forward line... will only score big if he kicks 3-5 goals
sam32: i've got faith in cox he'll get 120
newmie: darling under 68 sc
FootyFan74: Im +300 with COX left but he has COX as captain and he also has LECRAS & JACOBS who is sub, whats your thoughts??
HawksFEVER: Yeah agreeed
sam32: oz where are you
skystyler: who gives a shower. the qtr time sc scores are bullshower anyway
DaisyCrazy: Krypto, I think you'll be safe... he should get 90-100
burner72: jacobs is my emerg, boyds my lowest scoring mid
RobHarves: Ive got cox n Faith
Grazz: Sub Hamish Please sub Hamish Primus..
NoAction: @Harves... NoHope? You missed my second post. SMith/Bailey alongside Cox. Upgrade one?
champion: cox playing deep forward. Faaaarrkkkkkkk
reconfigrr: 2029 with cox and darling vs 1753 with cox. I lose my eliminator :(
DonBomber: cox startin to arouse
supertiges: cox
bennn17: 2203 with Cox to come.
sacka: Cox has played deep forwad most of the year
macdaddy: the dean of mean warming up nicely. lets go coxy, lets go
LJ silver: coxy firing up now
FootyFan74: Will be close I think hope Jacobs doesnt play much
hyh5: Geez HS are slow with the SC scores for this game
cooneyman: good start cox haha fk da haterz
Prospector: cox in deep?
RobHarves: @DonBomber - LOL - me too!
champion: swan pendles back in next week. Team will be a force...12 trades and 200k in the bank. Solid. time to flower knights off
skystyler: cox a bit stiff there.
FootyFan74: COX is rising
DaisyCrazy: Jacobs had to get the green vest at some point
lionspro: Be funny for Dean to to refer to himself in third person as "Big Cox".
demons13: travis boak you flowering flower
Swansong: dont stop Darling need 80+ from u
Tigertuff: why have the eagles dropped Gaff?
glam77: need Jacobs to outscore Kerr by about 390 to win my match. Chance?
maluckyday: take off harlett
burner72: am schelacking INTER lol got you in my sites Grazz lol ;-)
supertiges: go cox!!!
Grazz: Boyd my lowest scoring mid providing Priddis can beat 70.
tom.i52: Cox stinky fat pig dog animal cow ass i hate you worst captain u ass face
NoAction: Cant believe Howe. I played on him all the time (bar last year) and never did much. Mad hops tho
yammakid: some stats please Dan Kerr, I need 342 out of you
jimmytigs: how do you blokes burn so many trades so early,i got 27 teams over sc,dt & sportal & the lest trades i haveis 14 in 1
ImNotRyder: Cmon Priddis dont stop
Ribsy: Cox in deep back pocket.
absof_86: Lift Priddis!!
dt2011: andrew gaff will be a good pick up next year, his been so unlucky putting on the green vest every single game
Prospector: yahoo, dt cracks 1600
cheetah498: Need cox and darling to flog kerr
smcp: lol at lionspro... that would be funny
Khunt1vote: tom.i52 clearly needs medicating
masterhc2: is 2000 at good DT score this week?
PasDaddy: Cmon Prospecter, lift
Sloan4Pres: Priddis will win the brownlow
thebrock: Get involved again Priddis and and Boak.... you are dead to me
supertiges: cox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lagas: cox plllzzz 120+
Pokerface: jimmytigs its one team per person you cheat
chadwick: Kicking in danger still a rule?
benny21: Theres more then 5 minutes in a game Darling
GCSnumber9: need priddis to beet boak by 86 :)
lisapizza7: if darling beats kerr l'm home
champion: flowering worst year for dt. So many blokes gone down....Would consider getting Kreuz in but the bye in the finals hurts.
pdc10: thats crap lecras has been robbed of supercoach points
r u 18: i still got 17 trades
Lionking: Playing Crawf the sham wow today and he has Broadbent & Darling v/s my Cox + 85..wat say?
dim sim: @sloane4pres: priddis will not win brownlow, more than likely be murphy at this rate!
abrehaut: where is cox playing?
VanDammage: could be a 100 pt win if the eagles kick straight
DaisyCrazy: Honestly, first round draft picks have killed me this year.. Gaff will be good in a few years I agree
tom.i52: @Khunt1vote - lol it was a joke but i'm still pretty annoyed. and btw u mean medication*
Khunt1vote: Not if you kick a swampie
quincat05: lets go darling 60 odd at least
Alex7089: m0nty your SC scores are wrong eg. Embley is on 39
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Chaplin kicks out on the full at 40m, Adam Selwood has a ping... and it's good.
mitchys: comon coxxy i have u as captain i expect some latex from u
Demons64: This is about to get Susan Boyle like. Very ugly!
yammakid: Darling wont beat Kerr's 342 thats gonna get me home
tom.i52: cpt cox come ooon!
masterhc2: is sam mitchell eligible for brownlow? If he is would be a good outsider, has shown before can pull the votes
DaisyCrazy: Chadwick - Yes, still a rule. Paid very rarely though
spud regal: nic nat as chiefton loving life!
Sloan4Pres: @dim sim nah i think priddis will, i have him on 11 atm
bennn17: m0nty changes the 1st quarter SC scores to be more realistic
NoAction: Anyone getting on Sylvia this week? $320k and a 99 B/E. Or Pav at $330k and 72 B/E????
FlameTiger: Loving the Kermit commentary!!!
Khunt1vote: The only thing that'll get you home yammakid is a short bus.
thezombies: 1895 with priddis (c), cox to cum
Refused: umpires feeling sorry for port
masterhc2: need cox to get under 115 to win DT match.
HawksFEVER: give cassisi the seagull , he has been getting cheap stats
Willo96: Cmon Priddis, Cox and Darling need to get 300 combined
strikes91: Pav is injured
ImNotRyder: Come on Priddis get back into it
FlameTiger: 2008 with cox on ground
glam77: just broke 1500DT. thanks bartel, knights, boyd (c), n peiwoldt, prestia, z smith
lessg123: Called it, Cox superman... 19 already this qtr. Cmon coxy, another 25+!
NoAction: @ strikes - what did he do?
pdc10: skunk6 is a flower knob
masterhc2: @noaction I may get sylvia,. I was looking at trading out zaharakis but with his 120+ i'll give him another week.
yammakid: Have a whiskey and change your tampon khunt you flog
griffdog35: Lift captain cox
lagas: lets go big cox
Prospector: Lift, Glam!
glam77: need 400+ from jacobs
HawksStud8: whats the odds o Darling scoring another 39 points?
Willo96: lift priddis and darling
jimmytigs: hurn cox rosa boak & gray vs trengove & 709 sc-any chance?
DonBomber: supercox!!!!
mh7690: lol darling has had 2 points since the first 5 minutes of the 1st quarter
Wardy: @glam77: same here mate ... 1532 with Cox & Le Cras
Centurions: yes priddis an hurn come on captain cox i need u t have a masive won
jackavis: Cox deep in the mouth of goal
HawksFEVER: See what i mean about cassisi misses from right infront
Refused: lol at captain monobrow
Hodgey947: supercoach or dreamtema flametiger
korza: Boak goal !!!
smarty_mc: any chance of a boak possession
tom.i52: anyone know any good trades for adcock in backline? i have fisher, deledio, murphy and scotland has a finals bye.
glam77: @wardy .... 1516 with cox and jacobs. think you win
burner72: closing in on 2200 DT
Your_mum: i need cox to be subbed now haha
spud regal: Cox needs to be harder on the footy!
tom.i52: damn i have ben jacobs on field
NoAction: tom152 - SUCKLING!!
Jackster: cmon priddis!! need a good score from you today.
Wardy: lol
strikes91: Cox put it down darlings throat,
glam77: @tom... shaw
Thebiggf: 2188 with bartels score, roos score n body capt cox still to come cld of been a great week
teachrtony: Malcheski
ImNotRyder: wtf are you doing Priddis you curly headed flower
Falconhawk: WOW! Big Cox right through the middle passage...
pdc10: skunk6 im going to beat your supercoach score happened last night u were crusing
Demons64: @strikes91 - Was at the game today and Pav come off late with an ankle injury. Should be right for next week though.
bohica2693: wtf broadbent
tom.i52: should i get scott thompson (adel) or dustin martin upgrade in midfield???
Thebiggf: Boyd that was
hawks_2008: tomi.52- Hurn or maybe Gibbs if you have the Money
soicanchat: really need you to lift kerr
tom.i52: yeah cox is dead
Port1983: @Demons64, and you know this how?
Scratchy: can cox beat Darling by 52+ points?
smarty_mc: ok Boak about time. Suckling or Birchall good back choices
NoAction: @Demons - so pick him up?
Crows84: @tom.i52 go with thompson, martin struggles against the top teams
bennn17: Too late to be jumping on Suckling.
masterhc2: this is why i traded darling. 23 pts in first 5 mins and 4 in the next qtr and a half.
macdaddy: cox just blew it, right in front!
Sloan4Pres: selwood taken high, haven't heard that before
smarty_mc: Thmpson more consistent but Martin will give you bigger scores when he's on
HawksFEVER: Great stuff darling
NoAction: I got on sucling at 320k, and am stoked with him since. Loves the junk
FootyFan74: cmon embly
minuzzo: no i got suckling this week still fairly cheap for his average
HawksFEVER: 7:30
tom.i52: @hawks_2008 - thanks. but i have gibbs and money is not a problem so i might aim higher than hurn.
Swansong: wake up darling
willii: just got goddard 4 naff
masterhc2: @noaction me too, traded him in for griimes after he got injured and has served me well.
asglongden: cox (capt) + priddis + darling vs kerr + 308 - who wins??
ofnao001: darling two tackles...
alekstah: *** Is it just me, or champion data have stopped the inflated 1st QTR SC scores??
mesosexy: players win asglo
tom.i52: i might downgrade an overpriced emergecy forward for jeremy howe for a centreline upgrade from wright to s. thompson
jurrahcane: kerr 308
flowerchaiyya: men! i need your opinion? will i win/lose in sc? i have prid he has darling, jacobs + 30 point lead
eggy01: flower me naitanui u were a number 2 draft pick go get a touch u hack
NoAction: my backline sey now. lower, duigan, hibberd/heppel and b. smith(yuck) rotating in the 7th spot
Demons64: @Port1983 - Pav was taken off as a precaution as game was shot. He was on the ground after match and in no discomfort.
tom.i52: cox come on!!!
Bulldogs10: i need darling and jacobs to beat cox and 9 points :S
mesosexy: montys influence alec*
eckert09: jack darling!!!!!!
NoAction: mids, i could go batrel to ablett, and fwds i have jac darling/riweodlt to be traded up, then i'm done. 9 trades left
HawksFEVER: Blood rule matt rosa
newmie: slow down darling
bohica2693: so darling has been on the play for like 2 mins in the first and 2 mins in the second as he is about to flame up. lol
tom.i52: i might downgrade a crap forward for j. howe for a centreline upgrade from wright to s. thompson. good idea?
Vandemon: Get on the field Jacobs ...pretty please
tom.i52: damn i have ben jacobs on field
kahn: carrocci?
tom.i52: donut for ben jacobs
JarodTiger: Misterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Kennedy
Centurions: herrreeee commmess coxxy
moorey21: Cmon U Good Things!!!!!!!!!
HawksFEVER: 5mins
NoAction: howe is a hack dot be fooled. athletic as hell, but not a footballer
antsnest3: cox soooo reliable.
Thebiggf: Darling can't score 192 in sc can he
hjwaite: rosa blood rule
Pavlich#29: who should I upgrade D.Swallow to Judd or Thompson, Thompson has better Avg, gets bigger scores, but Judd is muchCheaper
Tigertuff: comeon Lecras! if you have another 10 goal game left in you i could really use it now!
flowerchaiyya: why donut for ben jacobs?
ofnao001: jacobs to come on in the fourth for 5 points would help me...
Dilen: went for boyd as captain over priddis:(
Sloan4Pres: is swan back next week?
Vandemon: c'mon hamish, do a hammy for gods sake and get jacobs're legs are made of tissue
ImNotRyder: Get to 100 by half time Priddis come on
antsnest3: noaction you're a hack, how many afl games have you played?...let me guess 'noaction'
tom.i52: @flowerchaiyya - donut as in he will get a 0 in you team, a donut.
NoAction: @antsnest. Mate, played on for 4 years, and yes your right, I'm not much chop. He never did a thing
masterhc2: need cox to get under 115, gonna be tight
soicanchat: come on kerr need you to beat cox
Your_mum: darling FO
Pavlich#29: c'mon coxy need a huge score from you!
mesosexy: @ thebigf. not even 114 (sc). isnt that right robbo!!!
Centurions: pridddis!!!! plzz kick this
specky2000: priddas
Jair: Jacobs is the sub, muppet
iwtflp: yes priddis goal!!!
LJ silver: priddis!
Tittan99: Go Coxy
Thebiggf: Judd had bye in finals why trade in players with bye in the last 4 rds now
flowerchaiyya: tom.i52 - im aware what a donut is, but someone suggested he will get one.. how? he will come on later?
HawksFEVER: Priddis goal
tom.i52: @Pavlich29 - go thompson, judd has a bye in the finals and is very inconsistant with scores, go scotty t.
Centurions: should have put priddis captain instead of cox
Dr Bones: Go Cox Go!
Jair: oh my sweet sweet Piddis
Demons64: @Sloan4Pres - Swan will be back next week after a nice little freshen up in Arizona.
Tigertuff: fmsc, priddis can you please not do that again?
FunkyJunk1: priddis = champion
swan__007: priddis gunna make me lose my leauge game the plow
LeFtBehinD: Got Priddis in this week. Jizz
tom.i52: @flowerchaiyya - yeah, dunno just a joke
ImNotRyder: Is it just me or just Priddis look like Heath Ledger in 10 Things I Hate About You?
dim sim: can someone tell me why priddis SC score is so low?
Jackster: a few more goals would be nice priddis
cooneyman: priddis yew beauty
JRoo#8: Go embley, swap for selwood and also upgrade swallow to boomer :)
tom.i52: @ImNotRyder - it's just you
Finny6T9: 2068 sc with Priddis <3
Khunt1vote: Dim indeed...
hammy97: dim sim that is quarter times score
mesosexy: @ dimsim. 2nd qtr. inpact. wait 4 it
Thebiggf: I get pendles n swan back next week yippee should of scored 2500 sc this week if bartel got a 100 odd n even more ididn'
HawksFEVER: 1;41
froggy47: cmon boak, poor effort. i choose you instead of pendles at the start of the year
Scotty1: dim sim SC score is at 1/4 time
spudmania: @dim sim: duno what u expect mate, 30 at 1/4 time is good.
dragonfly: Have 1721 SC with Priddis, Kennedy, Cox, Darling and Broadbent - should be a good week!
cooneyman: cox always score more sc due to hitouts
bohica2693: primus put broadbent behind the play
daddy: Hi kids
tom.i52: @dim sim - i'm just guessing but maybe his disposals haven't been effective? which is what SC works with.
Thebiggf: Who has the bye next week
Scotty1: Thebiggf u should be called Thebigif
daddy: daddy's here
pdc10: i love u lecras
MrRiosWan: Good to see the French man in amongst it
mesosexy: darling fireball? not a chance
Bennyy: SC scaled down by monty but he will still be decent. 30 at qtr is great. youd take 120 every day!
tom.i52: @Thebiggf - saint kilda
daddy: @biggf your mum has the bye next week
Gerryboy: Saints have the bye next week
iwtflp: st kilda have bye next week i think
tom.i52: Cox ur SC better be awesome
evall95: need cox to get a total score of 125 to get 2100
flowerchaiyya: hope darling is subbed off!!!!!!!!
joosoo: lecras has been on fire these few weeks
uMAD?: if darling doesnt get 100, spud
travo: comon smash them weagles
tom.i52: @daddy - that isn't even remotely funny and makes no sense whatsoever
dim sim: just would of thought that if rosa can get 48 SC in 1qtr then surely priddis must be huge!
banjo46: Need 126 sc for cox.
travo: thing the aints have a nye next week
Khunt1vote: Whoever's playing Port have the bye next week
Thebiggf: Oh k I'll have god n fisher on the bench next week n roo but that cld be a good thing
Tigertuff: comeon primus, tim to activate jacobs...
MrRiosWan: people laughed at me when I brought in LeCras but he's killed it lately
Swansong: I hope Jacobs comes on in the 4th and Darling get 85+
daddy: Tom .i52 daddy's has entered the building
mesosexy: What u pay mr.Rios?
NoAction: @MRRios. I nearly got him the week before his 57. He's hit 100 every game since and I hate him now!!
yeragam: I need Jacobs to get less than 35 points for me to win my league game, so I DON'T want him coming on early
Lionking: @MrRiosman...people laughed at you becoz of ur's a riot!!
Ntarq: keep it up lecras
tom.i52: @daddy - it isn't a building it is a wireless online chat
Smeedy09: Need Naitanui to beat Cox on last half by 10 and Hartlett to score another 40 points
daddy: I have itchy balls and a sweaty butt
JRiewodlt8: what happened to rosa, just checked in??
hayes7: need cox ,priddis and pittard to get less than 202.. any chance?
Memph: Lecras is a great pickup, if I had the trades I'd get him in
uMAD?: yeah lecras to kick 12 goals today? yeahhhhh draemin
bohica2693: team icons :D
lift_spud: cox on 40? get flowered
ImNotRyder: Priddis poor SC
pharace: #daddy - FOD
daddy: @tom.i52 daddy's here
Dr Bones: Cox disappointing thus far
mesosexy: we're flyin'high
hjwaite: @JRiewodlt8 he good blood rule but hes fine
HawksFEVER: Yes please Darling and Priddis and step up trengrove, your my smith replacement
Fitzy36: cox lift! :/
sideball: i reckon saints will play the eagles in the grand final this year
daddy: @pharace daddy says hi
gfpies: you're a muppet if you have Cox as C when hes playing Brogan!
dim sim: really hope darling can at least double his score!
tom.i52: Cox please break the big 100 pleaaseee!
MrRiosWan: Picked cox as captain this week. Should still win though
Demons64: Need 35 more in the second half from Cox to crack 2000 in DT. C'
hammy97: wont be surprised if port get smashed by 100+ points
Escapist: darling and chaplin both stay below 70-80
spud regal: @sideball you are floweringly deluded
kaisasosai: lol sideball ure on drugs
mesosexy: WE'RE FLYIN' HIGH...with no performance enhancers
daddy: any one know any good porn sites
DaisyCrazy: how do i get an icon beside my name?
Demons64: Need 35 more in the 2nd half from Cox to crack 2000 in Dreamteam this week. C'mon Big Coxy!
NoAction: @gfpies - your a muppet if you had Boyd as C this week... Like me and probably 70% of Boyd owners!
mevans: anyone reckon darling can get 24 points this half?
tom.i52: @gfpies - who did you have as captain? i couldn't think of anyone else to put.
stixy53: go pies
daddy: cox ball dick daddy
Dr Bones: Should have stuck with Ablett Captain. :(
Hodgey947: Lift Cox
tigeriffic: lift cox your killing me!!!
Essendon18: cya daddy, most likely banned
VanDammage: If your captain isn't a midfielder, your in trouble SC/DT 101
sideball: DaisyCrazy you only get an icon if you support good teams i.e. no pies
NEWMIE: darling under 68 sc needed him subbed to win
Mithrandir: Darling - mark kick goal mark kick goal = yes
Finny6T9: how kewts is priddis
gfpies: nope had gazza
tom.i52: @Essendon18 - hope so...
daddy: cya essendon18 you porn star
dim sim: if you had sam mitchell he was the obvious pick for captain this week! :)
pharace: daddy try
asher3197: Surely it is Broadbent to Jacobs
Fitzy36: c o x l i f t
_PowerMan_: Stop darling... remember u can't get more than 105!
lisapizza7: need a big 2nd half darling
mevans: you reckon that will happen Mithrandir??
tigeriffic: need cox to beat nicoski by 61....
sh!tburger: need darling, cox and embley to get 336 SC so i can get 2000, what a shower week
tom.i52: @Fitzy - a g r e e d
Demons64: @dim sim - Went with Sam Mitchell as Captain as well. Quite happy although Ablett scored slightly more.
feralmong: why is it that when I play bottom teams in my league they score 3-400 pts more than their avg.
MitchPerry: Easy to say that now @dim sim in hindsight
daddy: cox needs some dick in his ass
mesosexy: @ dimsim. mitchell 1st player tagged against a good team though
ofnao001: can darling keep beating boak...?
masterhc2: need cox to get >115
Fitzy36: @tom.152 u have him as captain?
daddy: monty is a spud ban him
bohica2693: Is 2100 good for SC this week?
masterhc2: <115 i mean
Jobe3votes: was cox to ton it up this 2nd half
sh!tburger: who's this daddy flowertard, ban him
ofnao001: does anyone have any info on bartel? (if he is gone for a few...welcome daisy thomas)
burner72: had a terible start to my dt year but am i pullin out the consistency now ;-)
feralmong: if darling and trengove score less than 185 SC I win. Gonna be close.
JarodTiger: Hodge will be FF next week with Buddy out
mrpotato: ben jacobs needs to score 250 sc for my opponent to win :D
bentoscano: Get up Cox!!!
dim sim: @mesosexy: he still racks up 30+ touches though!
Jobe3votes: i'm 1978 with Cox left
AFL_Hayes7: Kerr!
tom.i52: Should i get dustin martin, scott thompson (adel), or sam mitchell upgrade in my centre? help please?
Finny6T9: wats the average score for supercoach this week guys???
daddy: Sh!tburger daddy like turd burgers
tom.i52: @Fitzy - yeah, unfortunately
NoAction: @ofnao001 - he''ll be fine I reckon. Interviewed Scott after te game and didnt seem worried
JarodTiger: on footy show this morning they said Bartel be ok no prob ofna001
Pokerface: @jarodtiger it will be lisle
sideball: Thank you AFL, saints won't lose next week. They have the BYE
MyManDawes: think martin or mitchell would be great
spud regal: big third quarter Cox man
supastarr: 1700 with Cox to play. Terrible SC week
feralmong: i'd go thompson tim.i52. Proven mid.
Jobe3votes: Par SC = 2150 Par DT - 1900. anything more than this and you've done well
NoAction: @ofnao001 - although hes $320k with a 190BE!!
Prospector: Jobe3votes: how much with Cox right?
Fitzy36: @tom.152 same here :(
dim sim: @ofnao001: commentators said he should be right for next week
smcp: @bohica2693. I don't think so mate. I mean 2100 never bad, but just judging by my league there'll be 5 of us with 2200+
grossn: How long till the game is back?
tyhwu: worst week for DT/SC
Demons64: @tom.i52 - Get Sam Mitchell if you want to win your league. Hawks have a very soft run home.
sh!tburger: @tom152 thompson is the most consistent out of those 3
swan__007: need pridis to score les than 104sc opp has him capt or i lose but guess what im flowered
mesosexy: i would't say that.
Jobe3votes: Prostector - pardon ?
cheetah498: Why did i go cox over murphy for captain, it has just cost me my league match
ImNotRyder: Bloody hell Priddis you spud you should be on 250sc by now
mrpotato: dont get dustin martin, too inconsistant. get sammy mitchell
MyManDawes: 2002 with cox as captain left
JarodTiger: guess fletcher will be FF for Essendon with Hurley out then
snowymcd: I'll be lukcy to scrape 1900 need Coxy to get up in 2nd half
smcp: *and my league is somewhere near the middle (about 16000 I think)
burner72: 2184 with cox DT
ofnao001: bartel as worst mid is not so bad! thank f that n riewoldt and god have a bye next week. I just think they need a rest
Palooza: Boak will still get 100+ SC
Pavlich#29: who should I upgrade D.Swallow to out of Judd or Thompson?
lebron: cmon huey
snowymcd: ill be lucky to scrape 1900 need Coxxy to gun it
lebron: cmon shuey
yeahnah: i would get j selwood or mundy if i was you
VanDammage: Get on dusty next year id reckon, him and nic nat with another pre season under there belt
tom.i52: Yeah i'm leaning towards thompson, he has the bye with 2 other teams so i wont verse anyone.
totcd: good to see darling already better then last week
dim sim: if anyone is thinking of trading in a good midfielder you have to get sam mitchell! he's only scored under 100 twice!
dmod: ofna001@ and montagna 2
ofnao001: people without bartel won't pick him up anyway so it's all good...hope he averages 100 from here on in
snowymcd: That silly shaved blonde Reiwolt gone next week
nostrdamus: need darling and boak to score less than 86 between them in 2nd half
JarodTiger: will be round 2200 SC with Bartel's 4 points
Rommas: Priddis enjoying Cornes tagging Shoo
tom.i52: @Pavlich29 - THOMPSON! he is more consistent and judd has a finals bye so not smart.
ImNotRyder: Dustin Martin is a spud yet another Richmond drafting blunder
spud regal: how do i get the team icon>???
feralmong: my league is ranked 2709. So very few easy beats.
dim sim: @pavlich#29: definately thompson!
NDiddy: Need Priddis to get 114 to win. Keep going Priddis!!!
tom.i52: where's daddy gone? banned?
G-Rat: how long till the start of the second half
Palooza: Read the FAQs @Spud Regal u twit
Pokerface: how do i get an icon
Bennyy: well my leauge is ranked 700th and we have some easybeats so 2709 is interesting!
VanDammage: unlike yourself imnotryder, a massive blunder on your parents behalf
tnuc: 2789 sc scores all played
JarodTiger: and hawks have port and GC in the last 4 weeks too
snowymcd: our league was 1080 last week been therre all year competative that way it should be
Judgey83: @Rommas I'm not. lol
Prospector: ofnao001 - jimbob will do better than that, imo
Port1983: Dustin MArtin is a gun. DT superstar next year.
feralmong: Footy show was funny today. I laughed at dermy laughing bout essendon losing 4 in a row.
farthers: Going for my second whopper in 2 weeks. Om nom nom
ofnao001: what happened to some of darlings points
NoAction: @ofnao001 - keep in mind the finals bye mate
Jair: Need big cock to grow in the 2nd half
jwiggle: those still with nick riewoldt... time to go? or stick with him and suck it up?
tom.i52: @Pokerface - hover your mouse over "Team icons?" under ben jacobs bottom of port adelaide scores
swan__007: my fanfooty league is ranked 151 so no easy beats
Pavlich#29: I was leaning torwards Thompson aswell its just that Judd is much cheaper so I could upgrade a defender from that cash
ofnao001: lets hope prospector
ImNotRyder: VanDammage: Actually, my parents blamed the condom breaking..
Rommas: @Judgey, with me having Bartel, Roo, Montagna, would rather an Eagles win than a DT win ;)
swan__007: in sc
SonOfAGun: my league is ranked 42nd and we have no easy beats EVER
tom.i52: Dustin Martin first pickup for sure next year for centreline.
addysstuff: need prissis to score 227 for win. chance?
dim sim: lol this week i had bartel knights and montagna and still won!
feralmong: that is a tough league then swan_007
Escapist: swan_007, my leagues 151 too!
tnuc: as if you can believe anyones scores on here everyone lies. Prince William is my 1/2 Brother
ofnao001: @noaction cocky by me but i dont think the geelong by will affect me (finishing top 2 and will win first final :S)
dan_666: 2200 with cox captain to go
Judgey83: true, i had roo and mont too. not a good week
MrRiosWan: wow, sonofagun. First GCFC fan iv seen on here
Finny6T9: how long til 2nd half?
swan__007: yeah were in same leage escapisit im premeirs 2010
Pokerface: tnuc can u set me up with Pippa?
VanDammage: ohhhh, i have no comeback for that, well played
ofnao001: is swan back for next week?
Demons64: Average score in Dreamteam will be well below 2000 this week. Very tough round with all the injuries and Pies bye.
tom.i52: captain cox HUGE half pplleeaassee
Prospector: Prince William is my 1/2 Brother too - his Mum married my dad!
hungryJack: @tnuc: is that true can you hook me up with pippa then?
Escapist: oh yeah, shameful im last with one win but looking to score well this week. nice top 10 a couple of weeks ago by the way
dim sim: @pavlich#29: thompson is still racking up disposals in a losing team, imagine when they win a game!
hayes7: please cox.. stay low!
tnuc: Pokerface sorry mate she is a dud route all bones no bounce
tom.i52: what is the tigers team icon for this supposed to be?
Mochasons: MrRiosWan you obviously haven't been here very long.
Judgey83: i need kerr, darling & shuey to score 96 this half to win, gonna be close
ImNotRyder: Whats a par score for SC this week? Pretty bad week, but I've seen some great scores around too
champion: 37 points and cox vs priddis....This is getting to tight for my liking. Seriously sub the flower when he gets knocked out
Special K: 2200 with Cox to go as Captain?? Mate thats a lie and you know it.
RobHarves: Is chappy worth picking up? Im also tinking maybe Green? Or Stevie J?
swan__007: yeah thanks had a good week then A swallow is a gun
m0nty: back on the footy please lads
Pokerface: ok thanks anyway :-(
tom.i52: 2nd half almost started...
dim sim: @pavlich#29: plus he somehow gave away 5 frees and still got 116!
ofnao001: boys if you are top 300 is it too late to go for overall?
wshmith: i like turtles
mesosexy: @dimsim. mitchell vs. geel 29 disp. stk. 22 wb 24
MrRiosWan: maybe havnt been payin attention
rooboypete: back on the football please lads....
m0nty: The Richmond team icon is a close-up of the eye of the tiger in their club logo.
Ferog: Who is The Mastermind?
remon tea: hoping darling doesn't get subbed!
AJames497: need 70 more out of cox
tom.i52: @RobHarves - what about fyfe, b. harvey, o'keefe? they can go in centre aswell so that helps.
JarodTiger: its the eye of the tiger
Mochasons: team supporting logos only show up for last game... prob explains it.
ODIN: Eagles by 70+ from here...
STIFFY!!: glad to see cassisi back
Toohey0709: Boak has to get 570 for me to lose.. please keep him quiet Selwood.
lozdaleg: Sub Jacobs You muppet primus
thezombies: priddis(C) and cox, 1895sc. :/
Wardy: just checking how good my icon looks!
Tigertuff: lol monty "eye of the tiger"
SAINTERS66: need darling to be kept under 93 to win
Sloan4Pres: @ RobHarves lol dont get green, ive had him all year. traded him out last week
Khunt1vote: I thought it was the number 9
Escapist: need darling and chaplin to stay below 145 to win my league, so slow down
dim sim: @mesosexy: 29 disposals aint bad and the rest are his under 100 games
hungryJack: cmon captain hurno!
dawsy: lozdaleg@ You cant sub a sub youmuppet
tnuc: @MONTY that is abit sexist to think that all on here are lads!!!!!!
jimmytigs: cox darling thomas 116 in sc in 2nd half to win
SonOfAGun: looking at 2400-2500 in supercoach
G-Rat: get Jacobs on for Broadbent, he is offering nothing
Red Unit: I feel that Jacobs should come on now
RobHarves: tomi52 - yes Fyfe, sounds good, I have harves and ROK - Will look into cheers
asher3197: Surely it is Broadbent to Jacobs
austhump: @ wardy... its average!!!
HappyDEZ: port goal :-)
Mochasons: i'm only just about to crack 1800 in DT with cox left..... :(
No spuds: Please do not sub out Nicoski or Darling
nostrdamus: cmon darling and boak, spud it up in the last half
smarty_mc: need big boak 2nd half
JarodTiger: i would prefer just jumper colours personally
GOOB: comon capt cox
Escapist: 2146 with cox to go and the smith zero, amateur captaining buddy though
tnuc: @MONTY that is abit sexist to think that all on here are lads!!!!!!
RobHarves: Sloan4pres - I have greenin DT, wondering if SC is a good idea, thats all
W World: would love cox, priddis and darling to pull together a 364 in sc so i score 2500
Wardy: looks ok
Cruise_on: Actuall Prince William IS my half brother.
hawks2315: come on darling time 2 fire up
eckert09: is 2110 a good score? with darling still playing
Juggalo: Priddis coming in to save my supercoach team as usual :D
Jobe3votes: i need 22 from cox this half to get 2000
m0nty: it's only the lads who need to be told to behave. ;)
dijksman: embleyy <3
tnuc: @MONTY "Back on the fotty talk thanks lads" That is abit sexist to think that all on here are lads!!!!!!
dim sim: m0nty, give priddis the gun now!
lessg123: Started this match 2030 with Cox left... Cmon big COxy (DT)
Prospector: nice reply, m0nty!
YouMirin: mmmm
JarodTiger: lads = what monty under 30's?
mesosexy: @dimsim. agreed & in his prime i think. is his price attractive enough though now ?
austhump: @ wardy... its average!!!
RobHarves: tis enuff m0nty - back to the footy!
tnuc: i'm a chick and i'm outa here
matto76: port another 3 in 3 min
G-Rat: tnuc you politically correct twat, get over it
Tigertuff: @tnuc, monty already answered you. no need to repeat.
BluesFlag: prosepctor = annoying
carnport8: phillipsssss!
mitchys: i love purple cats
JDolling69: Philliiippppsss
ImNotRyder: Back on the footy please, m0nty...
nook7: monty knows how to control his bitches
Bricktop: port on fire
Prospector: Port are Powerin'
Slashers: Any chance Hartlett could get subbed?
smarty_mc: hawkins to GWS?
mevans: darling you need 24 this half come on mate
hungryJack: is cox moving freely or is stuck down forward in the box?
RobHarves: eckert - probably, Im on 2068 with cox still going
Wardy: No ... Its OK
Pokerface: pumpkin for nicoski
burner72: when Cox gets to 62 iv'e hit 2200 DT ;-)
_PowerMan_: wow, nice goal.
pies101: i normally score 2200, but this week lucky to get 1700. rich 45, bartel 4, rewolt 29.
mitchys: sometimes a good meercat can get shoved up there with a cone wedge
austhump: i love lamp
hawks78: c'mon Cox
sam32: loveing the egss glass is delivering
m0nty: it's wharfie time for Port!
Harvey29: does anyone give port a chance?
RobHarves: pies101 - you probably have 6 pies as well
Centurions: cmon captain cox this is poor
Cruise_on: This really has beeen a dull weekend of footy, except maybe for North supporters.
JarodTiger: Scully, Walker, Gilbert, Bellchambers. both Cornes, S Tuck for a start
mitchys: who wanted homemade from cox?
wshmith: i like turtles
dipper5: cmon cox i put u as captian u need to get 120-130
the_duke: I have jacobs and 14 points, he has darling. Don't think i can win my SC match this round
matto76: hurn limped off
austhump: @ wardy... if it looked like the one over there <------ it would be better
G-Rat: how is Jacobs still on the pine, port might be a chance with some fresh legs
No spuds: Go Nicoski
Crowsman: Darling + 2 vs hurn. not looking good
Wardy: i like pies
mitchys: I deliver cream pie anyone want some?
sam32: go egg man
asher3197: Broadbent for spud, icicle, sub, down arrow and burger
lift_spud: always a shower week without the pies playing
pachichi: cox has done an achillies flower!
burner72: the_duke, darling tires, jacobs will win you your match
Your_mum: lets go hurn please ton up and win me my matches
Juggalo: Cox has a semi now :)
smarty_mc: sub off broadbent surely
sam32: broadbent like hamburgers and full cream egss
willii: redemption wshmith - awesome
bohica2693: why the flower to i have broadbent in my team
Hoosier: bad week lol
Wardy: There ya go Mitchys ... order
Centurions: flower off pahichi
Prospector: pachichi:bogus info will get you banned
HawksFEVER: Monty i believe its "Matthew Priddis"
mitchys: Cassisi likes his steroids as dry as my walrus
victim84: go pies
froggy47: sub darling please!
sless: Port having a real crack here, I thought they would get hammered
JRoo#8: port comeback?
dmod: m0nty i like the way u made the essendon logo look shower
Pokerface: ban pachichi
dawsy: bring on jacobs now FFS
RobHarves: ban pachichi for false / misleading injury reporting
hayes : Nicoski for spud please
Wardy: @lift_spud .. yep its like why bother
griffdog35: Go captain cox! Lift!
sam32: walrusy time 4 port
Thebiggf: What's the point in just warning ppl just ban them geez
quincat05: darling you cant just have 3 good minutes per quarter
mitchys: @wardy would you like a blue waffle? or black?
Pokerface: surely nicoski is pumpkinable
hungryJack: is kerrupt dealing or playing hasn't moved in a while?
General15: C'mon Hurn & Cox!
ImNotRyder: Priddis you dumb cow, get some touches. 90dt before 3qtr would be sweet
RobHarves: m0nty - you gonna create a yellow big bird symbol for craig bird?
Centurions: priddis holdin the ball? fml :(
sless: Who else here has Dusty Martin as captain this week?
pachichi: shower darling sub
Wardy: Blak!!!!
mitchys: I like purple waffle with maple syrup
mesosexy: glad i traded out darling. good long term prospect though.
Wardy: err ... black
Crowbot2.0: Lift Port
sam32: the new icon should be an egg. perfect for @mitchys
Swansong: im level in my match me: cox and darling vs cox and jacobs who will win?
dim sim: @m0nty: ban mitchys
Crowsman: Hartlett=Gun
grossn: ffs cox.
Escapist: monty bam pachichi and mitchy's they're annoying as hell
CATS 11: 2052 vs 1603 (cox,darling,nicoski,pittard) who wins
Gerryboy: Cox ya spud lovin it
General15: Surprised Monty hasn't made a symbol for Kane Cornes.
stk4prem: darling's got the ball you flogs
tyhwu: what was darling on at half time?
hunt: come eagles. need a win for 8 out of 8
Power16: Darlings 3rd quarters are always bad
JDolling69: Cmon Port
RobHarves: swansong - jacobs fresh feet will kill ya
eckert09: Put Jacobs on for Broadbent!
Sambo1991: why is shuey being tagged over someone like priddis, he hasnt done well lately
pachichi: cox done an acl!!! omfg
starlecras: cmon boys, over 39.5!!!
Dr Bones: Put Cox back in the ruck FFS!
Bennyy: cats 11 you cant be serious!
da cooler: priddis is being tagged
GOOB: com'on EAGLES ffs
mitchys: @wardy so black and a creammy side egg!
JarodTiger: lynch should have passed to Cox was in space
strikes91: cmon priddis most touches please
dijksman: priddis is being tagged you twat
Bennyy: priddiss is being tagged....
eckert09: Pearce is having a huge quarter
Pokerface: get rid of pachichi now.. thats twice
feralmong: both are tagged sambo
absof_86: Sub jacobs for broadbent!
UberYummy: LOL @ cox owners
AFL_Hayes7: m0nty ban pachichi... 3 bogus comments
Crowbot2.0: ban pachichi now
Dr Bones: Bogus info will get you banned
bazzazz: flowering Cox ucker
Wardy: White cream please
mesosexy: >40 in the bag *lecras
banjo46: FFs worsfold... tag cassisi or Pearce!
PICCOLLO: C u ltr pachichi ban time
Danstar: Sub Cox! hehe 390 points vs. Cox Kerr and Kennedy. come on my 390 points!
CLINT_OFF: wayched n volt play last night at G. He is a broken man. I will be trading him out before finals.
prospect0r: is darling subbed off?
buddy ♥: priddis is being tagged
Ferog: Shuey is being tagged because he is gunna be a gun
cooneyman: @UberYummy, you just wait mate
Sloan4Pres: we're due for an upset
Prospector: pachichi: you've now been told at least twice. Stop it with the false info
JRoo#8: UberYummy is jelous
RobHarves: prospector - you're scary! NOT
Fitzy36: what was pachichi saying?
mitchys: I do enjoy when Cox has an orgy the size of Pinocchio's nose
nook7: ban pachichis bitch ass
The Chip: dean cox letting me down braa
mevans: need 21 points darling cmon mate
bonez1: come on boak
RobHarves: Could the weekend get any worse with port actually winning
CLINT_OFF: com'on cox ur my capt. Im in front and will win but I want over 2200 sc.
lachlan21: i have jacobs capt
Pozzato: as if you guys care so much about pachichi's comments
prospect0r: you a hero @ propector
jimmytigs: hurn boak cox & gray vs nicoski pittard trengove schultz & 39-subs could decide this 1
kaisasosai: god i hope port win
BluesFlag: Prospector - Dosnt matter who ya ban most people have 50 accounts anyway bwah haha
lachlan21: i have broadbent capt
Dr Bones: Cox looks clumsy and slow today
KCEB1980: pachichis HAS NO FRIENDS
nook7: nuthin like a good banning to get the blood flowing
Thebiggf: Bloody ban him pros geez his said shower twice so everyone can say a bogus bit of info at least once what shower
Rated_RKO: need cox and kerr to get another 100 each =[ and darling to set subbed off
General15: what did Pachichi say?
lachlan21: m0nty is great
starlecras: yes nic nat, show those haters
_PowerMan_: soft goal, charity.
Prospector: only to you apparently, prospect0r
CLINT_OFF: comon primus, sub jacobs for anyone! I want the $$$ increase
hayes7: please stop priddis, thomas!
ImNotRyder: Priddis gone to slep
Crowbot2.0: Can Port please kick a goal ffs!
HawksFEVER: Starting to think putting glass captain was a mistake
G-Rat: give away some Frees Cox haha
Laudle: Need Cox +120 to beat Jacobs Priddis and Darling.... tight!
Sloan4Pres: naitanui is an overrated clumsy hack
smarty_mc: lachlan21 you must have a poor side with Broadbent Captain
froggy47: Boak is dead?
Wardy: what are Broadbents abilities??? ... eating burgers?
WCE !: port won`t win. They came at us last game during the 3rd quarter to fade out.
Fitzy36: what was pachichi saying?
Prospector: How many you got, bluerag?
The Chip: bring big bj on!
WalkerOn: Need Cox to reach 100
Pozzato: everyone that has bagged pachichi is average at dreamteam
burner72: shold be like the mayor of new york, zero tolerance, ban bad captain jokes
matto76: boak goal
eckert09: Boak is a great finisher
Prospector: Where's johno?
banjo46: Yes boak!
SAINTERS66: sub darling ffs
WalkerOn: and bring Jacobs on soon
PICCOLLO: Power hanging on. Wce need to finish this off.
dim sim: @pozzato: why's that?
ImNotRyder: Alright Priddis this is getting stupid now, 4 points in 17 minutes ffs. get a move on
CLINT_OFF: saints were soft last night v geelong. Wont be a hard recovery for the geelong boys at all.
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Schofield's rebound kick from CHB is intercepted by Broadbent, who gives to Boak to kick the goal from 45m!
Rourke: Darling off for Ebert
eckert09: jack darling subbed!
burner72: Ive won my DT by 500 so i actually need coz to slow for SC as my oppon. has him
Jobe3votes: Darling Subbed off
Lionman: fuuuuuuuu darling subbed off
Crows84: darlking subbed off
WBFC: darling subbed
PICCOLLO: Darling subbed!
lachlan21: @smarty_mc im ranked 72. so think out that mate
Sambo1991: darling subbed off
muffin_man: darling subbed
bart3l: Who gives a flower if people are talking shower, it's the internet
BillyPick: if only u guys knew how ugly Pachichi actually is. He really does need to hide.
NEWMIE: yer darling subbed i win
HappyDEZ: darling subbed
MarksMen: Darling subbed
dim sim: what did schofield do to get muppet?
cRiSiSv3: darling sub
smarty_mc: darling sub
Gandog: Fire Up JD, couple of goals champ
Pozzato: pachichi was right you lemons
NEWMIE: darling under 68 sc needed him subbed to win and i win
BluesFlag: just the 1 ;) .....thats actually true
mesosexy: how's darling goin' robbo?
Centurions: fck i love you shannon hurn!!!
bart3l: Wash the sand out of your vowel and stop beong a bunch of pussies
korza: Hurn MASSIVE
tom.i52: cox LIIIFT!
Palooza: Boak is a great finisher but he just doesn't get enough of the pill
absof_86: Yes!!! Darling got subbed!!
Prospector: who went off for ebert?
PezzDogg95: nnnnoooooooo ddddaaaarrrrllllliiiiiiinnnnnngggggg
burner72: darling ubbed you lil rippa lol
smarty_mc: 72 where?
dawsy: Darling off, MUST bring on Jacobs Now!!!!
hungryJack: feel the burn from captain hurn!
sh!tburger: darling nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Swansong: there goes my match this week
chinospot: darling subbed has just won me my 5th league game :D
Gandog: Woosha you cow!!!!!!
Grazz: Darling being subbed just won me my moneyleague,
G-Rat: Follow the subbing lead Primus!
big M+: bastard worsfold y sub darling flowering wonka
Pseudo G: FU Darling, FU Jacobs, FMDT
tom.i52: @Prospector - Jack Darling
MTTY: My uncle is currently 2092 in DT with Lecras, Cox and Embley playing
The Chip: @prospector - read brav
ImNotRyder: Hopefully Broadbent gets subbed. Might have a slight chance of beating Shane Crawford if he is..
sam32: hurnnnn
NoAction: Flower. As if you would sub Darling off! Some of us still want to make money off him!!
lessg123: Cmon Cox, LIFT! 70 at the end of this qtr at least! cmon
HappyDEZ: I have darling + 4 vs Jacobs ha, he gets his chance to win now
Wild Thing: Terrible week...Montagna & Bartel subbed off, N Riewoldt's spuddiness and no Sandi, Pendles, Swan, Didak, Smith etc.
Dr Bones: Adios Darling this week!
thebrock: jacobs on
NDiddy: Get a move along Priddis and Cox
HawksFEVER: noooo darling! lift pridddis
Thebiggf: Darling subbed I win my league match bye 150 odd against bloke coming 1st I go a game clear awsome
Pozzato: if you have darling still on your field you're a spud at dreamteam
tom.i52: get on field jacobsssss! no donut pleaase!
CLINT_OFF: darling subbed...excellent (in a monty burns tone)
johnkay: Darling subbed - might lose now after I had the win in the bag
vamos77: Darling off has just won me my game
skystyler: Darling and Jacobs are my emergencies. phew!
Dr Bones: Primus forgotten about Sub?
grossn: Darling Subbed. Cox has gotten 10 points since 1/2 time and Kennedy hasnt touched the ball.
Wild Thing: Add to that Darling being subbed off as well!
ChosenOne: cmon pittard
WalkerOn: Jacobs is on
Gerryboy: @ Clint...bahahahaha
glenr: Jacobs subbed on for Stewart
Crows84: stewart subbed off
jimmytigs: sub off schultz trengove or pittard they all doing no good
dawsy: jacobs on!!!!
NEWMIE: jacobs on
matto76: jacobs is on as well
Grazz: and Jacobs on you beauty, i was sweating.
dijksman: fire up embley
farthers: darling to howe was a good trade after all
Bennyy: is jacobs on?
dawsy: thank flower for that
sam32: jacobs
Prospector: who came on for stewart?
johnkay: Need Cox to score 21 to win
JarodTiger: Stewart subbed for Jacobs
tom.i52: jacyy on
hungryJack: why did worstcold sub darling?
CLINT_OFF: comon cox...harden up! get that red cherry...
ChosenOne: cmon pittard
asher3197: Need Jacobs to get 32 to win!
The Chip: flower this shower cow ballsack douchebag
Dr Bones: This match is crappy.
tom.i52: score something jacobs, anything, please
nathan11: cmon cox and kerr need tons from both of you
G-Rat: get some leather Jacobs
The Chip: @prospector ya muppet - read!
smarty_mc: lachlan21 what's your score this week?
WCE !: was there a reason darling was subbed not nico ? injuried ?
ImNotRyder: Need a lot more Priddis, get to 95dt
FunkyJunk1: only just got back - is Jacobs on?
da cooler: noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Sloan4Pres: @ hungryJack because he's s**t
HappyDEZ: @hungryJack - prob cos of conditions
Prospector: how many more subs will there be?
tom.i52: liiiiiiift coxxy
ammin_9: cmon jacobs i want 40 from you
No spuds: With darling subbed i need YOU Nicoski to pull finger out
WalkerOn: Cmon 40 short of 2,000
Essendon18: cmon cox, massive last quarter needed
Cman: need 29 from jacobs to win!
hjwaite: why darling subbed nicoski is clearly more of a spud
iwtflp: darling subbed guys if ya didnt know
bart3l: Prospector you bitch about people talking shower, take a look at yourself
sh!tburger: can't wait for next year with no byes and hopefully flower off this sub rule, or at least name them with the teams
pies101: i need rosa to get 81 to win, not looking like it
Centurions: cmon coxxy snag a late goal
Thebiggf: If u are starting Jacobs or darling this time of the yr ur a shower sc side
austhump: i need cox 110 + and embley 100 at least to win sc for top spot
burner72: *Korza, thought you woulda backed that 2280 up again lol
dawsy: jacobs got a tackle???
Essendon18: very good prospector
tom.i52: @Prospector - poo
The Chip: @prospector ban yourself...oh wait...u dont have chat admin powers
mesosexy: not goinn' to win by enough greeny!!
sam32: jacobs
Tigertuff: lecras and jacobs to outscore priddis by 60 sc! it can be done!!
Prospector: biggf - what ranking is shower?
korza: Burner your not still upset about last week lol
froggy47: Cmon Boak fire up
hungryJack: he should have taken the muppet hofield off
GOOB: with injuries some people have no choice but to play jacobs and darling
Sloan4Pres: just sailed past 2200 :)
lessg123: FUUCK cox, lift!
WalkerOn: Cmon Jacobs find the ball
SwiftCox: say I if you're not a virgin
JarodTiger: Cant imagine Cox. NicNat, Darling, Kennedy and Lynch all playing against BLues
burner72: *Korza only that i pumped out another 2100+ in a row and lost...again lol
SwiftCox: say I if you've had sex with another man
SaintCuz: Why'd darling get subbed.. I needed him to dominate??
ImNotRyder: Keep going {Priddis
Thebiggf: Anything over 2 thousand n it's obvious darling running out of gas n Jacobs named on bench chance for sub, u sld have
HawksFEVER: Ohh priddis
hungryJack: oh boy kerrupt has done it again!
Cousin Ben: i
burner72: *Korza and Grazz i am enjoying the league though and the challenge
walle: @ theiggf - what about covering byes and injuries you fool
HappyDEZ: + Collingwood bye = 5 on bench for my side
froggy47: Cmon Boak
Thebiggf: Beta cover hibberd ect who starting on the ground
Pavlich#29: Shulz! Mark of the year!
Gandog: People who say your team is showere if you play darling/jacobs obviously have had a wonderful run with injuries. flower off
Scratchy: cmon Cox need a 100 from you. Can't believe I'm facing someone without Cox and haven't won yet.
carnport8: schulz had red bull before the game
Bombers11: my worst ever week in dreamteam this week anyone score of 1608 with cox still playin anyone lower?
Prospector: so no teams inside 2000 rank will be playing Darling or Jacobs, eh?
JarodTiger: Darling will get next week off.. then thet have bye then he + team be fresh for the Cats
Grazz: @burner lol just cause your on 2196
big M+: swiftcox u just want to cover up ur own herosexuality wonka
hungryJack: i can't say it but i can type it 'eye'
eckert09: WHy wouldnt you start jacobs and darling, considering collingwood have the bye?
Dr Bones: I'm playing Darling.
Grazz: @burner same here, ive been a bit lucky but enjoyed the solid competition,
BluesFlag: yesa!! NEEd PRIDdis to beat darling by 60 SC
No spuds: wake the flower up nicoski
BluesFlag: yesa!! NEEd PRIDdis to beat darling by 60 SC!! COMe on!
kaisasosai: come on cox wake up mate
Sloan4Pres: @ Prospector not if they're smart
bazzazz: flowering Cox ucker just lost me sc !
ImNotRyder: Anyone reckon O'Keefe is goneski next week?
GOOB: come on BIG COX need some more from ya buddy
Thebiggf: Dunno mate but if so they will drop this week, u sld have beta cover n trades left to trade out injured players like
Centurions: you are amazing matt priddis
Selwood(C): i had to start Mzungo, Howe and I Smith in my forwards and im loving it
smarty_mc: selwood trade this week for Pendlebury good move or any other ideas?
Prospector: anyone inside 200 rank playing Darling or Jacobs, say "wrong, biggf"
ofnao001: i played darling and he cost me the elim this week, plus bartel and boyd C
Prospector: *2000
commers: 120 embleyyy
burner72: *Grazz this is my 4th week over 2100, i'm comin to get you in a fortnight lmao
SaintCuz: I'm inside 2000 and have Jacobs on bench and darling on field this week..
Thebiggf: Adcock n co
Palooza: How many weeks will Franklin get folks???
bickies: Sick of the +1 for cox
brooka: no im not plying either of them
ImNotRyder: Yes Priddis you beautiful man, get to 100 by 3 quarter
big M+: i got darling in sc which is alright cause im doing ok on track for bout 2100
mitchys: I enjoy cats who lick white puss
Twiggles: @ Prospector. Be good to have a player jumper number column... That wo be helpfull
Gandog: Inside 2000, starting Darling
Prospector: wrong, biggf
MrRiosWan: buddy shouldnt get anymore than a week. low impact, negligent etc
burner72: ofnao001...u cost rself by not upgrading darling lol
Scotty1: Thebiggf what your ranking. Honest answer
JarodTiger: ranked 2044 and have darling as Cloke out and chose him over McKernan, Matera out
PezzDogg95: come on big coxy give us some +9's
big M+: palooza 1 or 2 cause of his bad record
hungryJack: @ofnao001: i hear ya traded in fartel this week and look what happened cost me dearly
Thebiggf: How is that so pros
Meltator: wrong bggf and i am ranked 39000
HawksFEVER: Who should i replace darling with, 443,000
Sloan4Pres: priddis 3 brownlow votes?
dim sim: @m0nty: priddis for gun!
bennybaker: is 2400 sc a good score this week ??
soicanchat: plz ton up in sc kerr
jabugs: buddy has a bad record 2 weeks
thetank: more +6 cox, enough of this +1 crap
peteywest: cox can suk on me hat
UglyOldPim: Prospector what a dud!
froggy47: Cmon Boak
HappyDEZ: rank 764 but will drop this week have both jacobs & Darl on field, coll bye bad 4 me
ImNotRyder: My team is flowered next week. Goddard, Adcock, Riewoldt, O'Keefe, Buddy out
Khunt1vote: I reckon biggf must be village idiot for about 4 different villages. Serial tool!
asher3197: Prrids for Star
mesosexy: tips on margin???
flagdog49: Priddis DT PRO Captain - Happy!!
Bennyy: 2400 is a good score any week spud
Centurions: i agree priddis for the gun
Thebiggf: Benny baker yea good score with collingwood bye
Shooba: shower, I havent even crossed 1700 yet in DT.
jackavis: Cox was a bit stiff there
Lionman: wtf dwayne you stupid flower, said that ports season is not over if they win here.
Twiggles: Cmon captain cox!
G-Rat: power off cox
kaisasosai: why is o'keefe out next week?
Grazz: Rabbits are a chance in FF2 with the Darling , Jacobs sub.
jefftee: i feel so sorry for gaff
smarty_mc: i wonder if Grant Thomas has ever had his nose broken?
asher3197: wrong bigff although i am just outside top 2000.. but i only started jacobs
JarodTiger: with 40% loading Buddy loooking at minimum one and more likely two
Cousin Ben: I love the eye of the tiger symbol!!! Tigers certainties for top 8. Dustin Martin - Brownlow, Jack - Coleman.
Meltator: on 2345 with cox left please Big Cox get 100+ sc
Grazz: Priddis has got me back in it.
No spuds: IMNotRyder how many weeks for o'keefe
Thebiggf: Why is that kyung cause u have a flower side
mitchys: I love my wet pusssssssssssy
tom.i52: cox HUUGE 4th qtr
Centurions: gun and star for priddis
GOOB: power of priddis
AJames497: darling gets the sub ;)
ImNotRyder: Priddis you sexy excuse of a human being
mrpotato: no way will ROK get weeks. softest incident ever. Umpire didnt report him
chinospot: priddis is turning up the heat on that flame
UberYummy: yesss prridddis u star!!!!
KraKBabY: X factor = HURN, nuff said
MrRiosWan: I won the second Darling got subbed. Dont mind the sub rule now
dragonfly: yeas Riddis 101 by 3/4
JarodTiger: o keefe bump will be looked at high contact
Escapist: LOL at whoever said martin brownlow.
Thebiggf: Khunt
bennybaker: Jarodtiger oviously the minimum weeks 4 buddy is 1 he cant get -1
Jobe3votes: yay 2001 in dreamteam, would love 9 this 4th term for cox but he wont
PezzDogg95: lol cox on 69
chadwick: Burn ain't x, hurn is best on
chinospot: same mr rios darling gone me win
walle: Priddis as VC...
jpreed84: no players in this game and thank god for that!!
chadwick: Hurn
dawsy: 26 + jacobs or Cox final qtr = who Wins?????
Selwood(C): cmon rosa 24pt 4Q and i get ng :D
hungryJack: buddy needs to start thinking about bribe amounts
mesosexy: 44pts
Selwood(C): ng*
Selwood(C): png**
AJames497: need 47 from cox last quarter
Thebiggf: Nice having Jacobs on me bench n so glad I upgraded darling to Sylvia
Grazz: @burner only 1 game out the 8 now, Korza's home and i think i'll sneak in just.
thezombies: finish em off priddis(c)
Selwood(C): awkies
chadwick: Why do people ask who wins as if we care
smackdog34: everyone who's anyone has cox so who cares what he gets..
JarodTiger: na if he not had 40% loading his caryyover points expired 2 weeks ago coulda got gulty and 90 odd points carryover
NDiddy: Come on Priddis - Need a Big SC!!
Loooose: u lose dawsy... both the game and for being a port supporter,,, my sympathies
mesosexy: @ jpreed. sc may surprise
ShaneO: Gray 100 please
triple.d: Jack Darling, you saved me the league game by donning the red
kaisasosai: I downgraded darling to Howe - epic move :)
JRoo#8: Embley big last qtr?
tyhwu: need darling + jacobs under 81!
jpreed84: would love to see the aging eagles get knocked off, overrated team only firing because of the old army!
Centurions: Cox / Priddis / Hurn vs 455 (sc) who wins?
AJames497: Thebiggf - you should have downgraded darling to howe
Demons64: @dawsy +26 and Jacobs for mine. You should sneak over the line.
MrRiosWan: Wonder if Brownless will harp on about the MRP if buddy gets suspended
mrpotato: yeah apparently franklin had 70 carry over points expiring at the end of round 10
Turn: jacobs good last qtr to get your b/e thanks mate
WalkerOn: Need 26 from Jacobs and Cox will it happen?
burner72: *Grazz..I can't lose too many more so i hopefully have timed the run home well
HappyDEZ: cox score still relevant for capt reasons
buddy ♥: go port adealide
buddy ♥: *adelaide
NDiddy: 88 for Priddis FFS!!
riceanator: i win if cox scores under 150 sc!!!!!! will be my first win ever (this is my second season of fantasy games) :-)
ImNotRyder: Priddis' SC is a joke. Has he been ineffective or something?
jefftee: wtf embley sc score?
GOOB: jpreed84 you full of shower old army fo
ammin_9: want thomas,kerr and lecras to beat cox cap as cap 20 points this quarter, gona happen or not
Turn: 1850 vs 1762, im winning and have cox, but oponent has cox as c. who will win?
Thebiggf: No a james already have him champ another nice bench player
burner72: I needed to win by 380 or more to get % above 100 and im gonna win by 450 plus so am happy
UberYummy: ..........what the flower is that sc score?!
walle: PLayed Darling instead of I Smith... :(
hungryJack: thank you very much capiton hurno!
umadbrah?: 455 wins
Escapist: need chaplin to get less then 23 points in the last quarter, darling to not go up for sc
bennybaker: Well what can I say Jacobs was a awesome pick up....... not!
AJames497: Turn - you will win
Grazz: @triple-d me to and jacobs coming on was a bonus, need Priddis and jacobs to score 7 to win my league.
jpreed84: priddis, embley, cox, lynch, kerr, butler, glass
hunt: u r kidding walker on. of course you will
johnkay: Need 7 points from Cox. Playing someone who is getting 175+ above their average.
M_Murphy3: havent seen the o'keefe incident.. is he gone or safe?
Centurions: wtf priddis' sc score is flowerING a joke
MrRiosWan: played smith instead of darling :)
Turn: hope so
Thebiggf: Pros where u ranked mate
Cousin Ben: No reaction to my outlandish Tiger statements - proud of you team. Good work.
GOOB: 7 players????/
Grazz: @burner still not in the 8 are you.
burner72: * done well from behind...bundyboys scored highly against me too a week earlier,
NADO95: lol
burner72: I bring everyones high scores out lol
HappyDEZ: Dermie trying to dial buddy in for one on tv, then all over the sling tackles, ban these muppetts from bais MRP opinions
sh!tburger: wtf is with embleys SC
hayes7: currently up by 3. opponent has pittard, cox and priddis. i'm in with a chance!
Newman17: cox fo a 100 sc
jurrahcane: i have dunstal as cpt oponent has neville bartos who wins
remon tea: o'keefe was reckless, i reckon he's gone
jpreed84: butler, selwoods, nicoski, schofield have all been in the systems for a while to......
bennybaker: hayes 7 who do you have??
burner72: Grazz..not yet, i'm 2 games out so hopefully beat the pappys and then you and try and sneak in lol
Grazz: @burner 1 game out but starting to motor, sorry missing blogs, cooking a currylol
Bennyy: nevill bartos all day
Thebiggf: Prospector what ur dud team ranked
travo: 11 goals last qtr eagles
Meltator: chopper
sh!tburger: @jurrahcane no cash
HawksFEVER: Priddis's sc is bullsht
burner72: *Grazz me too got silverside and roast spuds and veggies, up and down yo-yo lol
tom.i52: coxy make 100 and i'll be happy
hayes7: @bennybaker - no one.. i was being sarcastic in my pain of 3rd loss in a row. bartel lost it for me
yeragam: Don't touch it Jacobs, you must get less than 29 this quarter!
mrpotato: if eagles get up by 16 then thats 5/6 on the multi
Slashers: Not my weekend. All my players got shower SC score (vs DT) (PRIDDIS!!) and all my opponents players got crazy SC scores.
Cousin Ben: Cox is rising
Prospector: inside 2000 biggf
tiltraise: cmon coxy big last 1/4
NEWMIE: junk time already 100 point win comming up
asglongden: cmon eagles win 51pts +
skystyler: yr kidding remon tea. Murphy headbutted his kneecap. ROK will be fine.
Prospector: I missed yours, mate ...
W.Mantooth: dwayne russell is w@nker commentator... hates port
Grazz: @burner been very lucky this week against him, all year ive been fked by the fairies mate. Need abit of luck..
smackdog34: someone cork priddis
minuzzo: solid start for coxy here cmooon!!!!!!!!!!!
pat889: darling wtf
Meltator: coxy 4 goals last qtr
Thebiggf: Yeah pros what exactly n How many trades u have left
matto76: boak goalski
W World: need cox + priddis to score 215 between them to score 2400
Lionman: dwayne loves port, he thinks they can make finals if they win this
feralmong: Unless trengove pulls 130 SC I am home. phew.
BluesFlag: need prddis to beat darling by 60 in SC to win!! COME On PRId-MIEstER!
jpreed84: all im saying is WCE are not that young or inexperienced......
burner72: *Grazz am havin some too finally, sad when my DT is outscoring my SC lol
Prospector: how many and what rank did you say?
Newman17: xmon por
Newman17: xmon port
wazzasmith: so happy i traded darling as a trade down instead of matera
pies101: rosa, 12 more points and i beat my mate.. 12 will do just fine
Meltator: dont think biggf has a ranking prospector
Dtkingv2.1: Was darling playing shower or...?
HappyDEZ: 10 tackles Cassissi - welcome back
mancini22: @ grazz is ur team name gutted rabbits
Thebiggf: Yeah pros
burner72: sell smith, bring in 3 backs and hope to pull 2300-2400s by finals
W.Mantooth: well done harlett you gun
Prospector: funny also, that I don't spend all my time here telling ppl how lousy their team must be
tom.i52: haha! every disposal ebert gets is a turnover, just watch and you'll see. it's funny as.
Slashers: flower off Hartlett and flower off great Gray.
claywi15: Dykingv2.1 he was playing alright
mesosexy: xmon newman17
Grazz: @burner lol yeh thats not good, we all drop the bundle at some stage, i have in SC this year meself.
Prospector: or telling them they're no good if they have certain players
feralmong: ebert and darling are similar players. its a good switch.
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Embley's clanger kick on the HBF results in a Hartlett goal!
Falconhawk: Trading Darling TOMORROW.
gfc27: Needed darling to score 53 sc to win. Not happy!
froggy47: cmon boak junk it up, you are my last hope.
HawksStud8: need a 42 point qtr from cox
dudz: does anyone know why montag got subbed?
GOOB: okay okay all im saying is the eagles are a hell of alot better team than last year
burner72: Grays gonna win me my SC you lil rippa
BOOMZ23: Priddis should have the star m0nty...
matto76: haha lecras was celebrating a behind, typical frenchman
dim sim: c'mon rosa get to 110 for png sake! :)
Prospector: i guess i'm just a nicer person than you!
griffdog35: Come on cox, lift!
wazzasmith: have had my worst score for the season and i still win... gotta love that
Thebiggf: Haha I am not only said if u still have darling or u r starting Jacobs u are shower
feralmong: Only muppets trade on Mondays.
mesosexy: What the?
Slashers: Just beat them WCE! I'm in SA and I H8 port.
W.Mantooth: go PORT! beat the west cokes!
Jamesy: Darling, hopeless.
Grazz: @mancini22 yeh mate, hope your not flogging me in a league, bad weekend for Rabbits.
HappyDEZ: jeez, Port making a game of it
jurrahcane: i need wce by 47 last leg multi damm it
chinospot: cox is having hit outs to advantage sc guys so he will b getting some good pts
Bigal86: i wish priddis sc was better.. but oh well
ImNotRyder: Get amongst the junk Priddis
pies101: im gonna trade darling to didak :)
PICCOLLO: Coxy's tap work is awesome
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Pearce bounces a pass to the hotspot, McGinnity fumbles, O'Shea pounces to goal!
The Chip: prospector is whipped
tom.i52: lift cox lift cox lift cox lift cox lift cox lift cox lift cox lift cox lift cox lift cox lift cox lift cox lift cox lif
tigerman28: get a touch priddis!
Thebiggf: Haha good luck to ur dud side if u want some tips next yr hit me up
Prospector: we all know how saying those things makes you feel important
Selwood(C): i traded Darling last week to Howe :D
Scotty1: Thebiggf team name??? ranking???
skystyler: I bet Kermit was busy this arvo at the swans v blues game. So many muppet moments from the swans at both ends
mancini22: nah mate ur beating me just 1 of those weeks
W.Mantooth: m0nty port are causing the turnovers, stop dishing out kermits
mesosexy: nice pies101. missed some cash but
Luke919: me to selwood
FuzzyGoose: +0 good score from half the port side
Hodgey947: I am going to Drop alot of spots on dreamteam this week getting only 1900
Prospector: but no one is fooled when you can't state your team or ranking!
jackavis: Montags fine just underdone according to Lyon
Thebiggf: Hopefully u can atlas finish inside the top 10000,
crippsy: rosa get injured <3
asher3197: cmon Jacobs.. 26 MORE
Thebiggf: Hopefully u can atleas finish inside the top 10000,
burner72: 2 muppets lol
tom.i52: lift cox lift cox lift cox lift cox lift cox lift cox lift cox lift cox lift cox lift cox lift cox lift cox lift cox
Centurions: sweet +0 this quarter hurn
soicanchat: hurn get to 90 and i will winm
supastarr: eagles over 25 please.....
Lionman: where the flower is jacobs playing cant see him anywhere
lift_spud: gooooooooooooooo coxy!
pies101: i traded tappscott to howe
Prospector: do you have a name in the forum?
chinospot: tom dont spam
addysstuff: gooooo priddis!!
umadbrah?: gotta love matt the priddy boy priddis
Thebiggf: Finish of strongly big coxy
dudz: thanks jackavis. spewin though
Prospector: or do you just caome here to abuse people?
W.Mantooth: beat the druggies port
froggy47: dont lift cox, cmon Boak!
Grazz: @mancini sorry buddy shame to be beaten by a ordinary score, struggling this week. What league mate.
Dasun: if cox gets 149 sc i win
G-Rat: tackle, hit out, handball...anyting Jacobs
myteamsuks: anyone see how good carlton was today? that is all!!!!
tom.i52: lift cox lift cox lift cox lift cox lift cox lift cox lift cox lift cox lift cox lift cox lift cox lift cox lift cox
feralmong: port pearce the cox.
The Chip: shhhh prospector
d.ros: monty, im sick of you giving out the burgers! you should have a look at yourself you muppet!
Thebiggf: No dnt do forum n shower like that champ
lessg123: go cox! ton it up
Falconhawk: Who you talking to Prospector?
W.Mantooth: west coast eagle fans dont know the rules
TheCougar: .
NDiddy: Keep going Priddis!!
asher3197: ban for W.Mantooth, M0nty!
Centurions: cmon hurn get into tge game
lift_spud: yourteamsux... says it all
Pokerface: stop bullying pros ;)
Thebiggf: Wow ur touchy pros ur team must be really shower always next yr
deano69: your team sucks
mesosexy: @pies101. tapscott about to lose some cash but looms as a reliable bench player
addysstuff: great goal hurn
IDIG: thx centurions good call mate
The Chip: well said d.ros
ImNotRyder: Get a goal Priddis
Centurions: HURN i flowering love you u beautiful person shurn!!
myteamsuks: we'll see in july!!
mancini22: the masterminds, got a few bibs this week
hungryJack: capiton capiton capiton hurnooooooo!
Demons64: @Centurions - I think Hurn heard you. Great goal!
Jobe3votes: only 4 tons this week and still over 2000 in dreamteam. Nice !
Jackster: keep going priddis!!
eggy01: comeon naitanui
W.Mantooth: asher - turn it up mate, i actually contribute to this site in the forums
Pokerface: how is thebiggf not banned for the racist comments he made earlier in the weekend?
Gerryboy: sound the siren NOW
thebrock: Hurn back to prem status?
Prospector: anyone can find my team anytime.
ChosenOne: lift pittard
burner72: we all come on hereto check our live scores and end up abusing ppl for thiers, end of day who's no.1 in the comps?
myteamsuks: yes deano, my team does, how many months havent you guys won in! ha
bigjuddy: come on jacobs get at least 20
JarodTiger: Heart for Cassisi/// given much blood today
_PowerMan_: WCE fans are the worst in the comp... agree with Mantooth... they need to be given handbooks when they enter the ground
deano69: 1
GOOB: as an eagles fan i love ya priddis but in DT i need u to power off
zed fc: hey guys im gonna finish with a draw in the elimanator. What happens then? cheers
tom.i52: looks like a big 3 from benny jacobs, thank you so much jacobs you little champ.
MTTY: Anyone beating 21
Centurions: get to lift now captain cox 115 + sc
chadwick: called it earlier, hurn BOG
Scotty1: mancini22 whats ur team name. Mine Rattlesnakes
hawks fan: come on kerr, lift
Thebiggf: Yea to find out what not to do lol
asher3197: You can't call a team the Druggies because of 1 player. It isn't right and I don't even barrack for the eagles. @Mantoot
Buddy-Love: Yeah buddy
quincat05: 1850 par i think,
No spuds: would people bring in Hurn or deledio?
The Chip: cox not good enough
MTTY: Anyone beating 2150 in DT
Grazz: Just won my game in FF2 dont ask me how. Lucky to break 1900, bad.bad week
burner72: wether ya 2nd or 300,000th ya not 50k ricer so enjoy the site lol
gravenger: cmon jacobs need 5 more to win
tom.i52: do something COX!!!!!!
Case999: Kennedy = Mr reliable
W World: 2400 from me
lessg123: @Zedfc I think it's whoever signed up to DT first or whoever is leading overall points
skystyler: cox is crawling towards the ton. Harden the flower up, Cox.
Scratchy: cmon cox
GOOB: @asher3197 WELL SAID
W.Mantooth: asher - have you been living under a ROCK?! the drug culture was ingrained in the club not just cousins.
Centurions: hurn to priddis. delicious.
Prospector: wrong biggf
myteamsuks: exactly, come back to me when you win again, do you play gold coast again??
damoc85: heart for hartlett?
tigerman28: cox pretty soft
froggy47: Yes Boak, keep going!
Thebiggf: Pros takes his side very serious no one bag out any of his players there his life
asher3197: Priddis deserved the star and BTW thanks GOOB
burner72: cox and swan still score well even when thier quiet
pies101: im in a league ranked top 600, only 2 games seperate top 12 teams.
zed fc: cheers lessg123 I hope i dont miss out. All i need was darling to get 1 point more to win grrr
TheoX: flower you hurn why start the season shower and force me to trade you out after 3 games douche
Boodetime: @asher lol one player as if. Started back in nthe 90's and was performance enhancing then recreational.
smackdog34: att: j.worsfold... flowering drag priddis, he is killing me
Prospector: wrong biggf
asher3197: Cmon Jacobs 23 more
burner72: I'm in a league ranked top 150 ;-) so ner
GOOB: oh yeah only the wce have had a drug problem flower off
Thebiggf: What wrong pros?
G-Rat: is cox on the bench?
Guaza: Prospector why the asterix on the frenchman?
asher3197: don't comment anymore Mantooth
dim sim: @m0nty: cassisi for gun!
TheFellas: Hurn is shower, he has had about 3 good games
Centurions: one goal please cox
Jackster: ban thebiggf
griffdog35: Come on coxy! Big last 15!
tom.i52: get a point at least cox? one point? please? cox? are you alive? why must you do bad when your my captain?
eckert09: lecras loves the cheap goals
Barlow: Picked Redden capt over Cox and Boyd this week :). Also I have Priddis :)
Hodgey947: what is the par score this week
Grazz: @burner so am i so ner.
roo boys!: @Guaza because he got the first goal
gravenger: why no read legend?
Paliente: i should have gone Boyd over Cox as captain, he averages 120+ at home and when i set him as captain, he stinks it up
happyjoe: my cox is sore
Centurions: the fellas he has averaged around 110 for the last 6 gmes
soicanchat: surely hurn for the star
Thebiggf: All I said was if u still have darling or ur starting Jacobs this week ur teams shower n u been banging on bout it for
Luke919: embley for gun
skystyler: the big cox has gone completely flaccid.
W.Mantooth: @GOOB all clubs have a drug problem. i love with the amount of shower that gets talked here, you pick mine out
minuzzo: cox harden up and get some possessions
Demons64: @Guaza - Asterix means player kicked the first goal of the game.
travo: need a 39.5 pointwin eagles
BABE4HIRE: back off the mantooth he contributes good info alot
W.Mantooth: im off to the stats, clowns...
Daniel82: Guaza it's an asterisk. Asterix is a comic character. Learn English.
_PowerMan_: Gun for Cassisi,
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Pettigrew's rebound kick to CHB is easily cut off by Rosa who finds LeCras on his own 15m out for the goal.
TheoX: woopdy woop im in the #1 ranked DT leauge
grossn: Flower you xoc you piece of garbage, one of the easiest games to score well and you fail.
smarty_mc: has boak got an x factor?
PICCOLLO: Ablett captain rest of the year. Coxy 100 sc is not enough.
ImNotRyder: Priddis you're pathetic you should be on 150 by nao
GOOB: COXY a little bit soft today
froggy47: cmon boak, 120 SC please!
Bricktop: cassisi, brogan, thomas, logan only players that have heart for port
Vandemon: nice and slow big cox so i can enjoy it
travo: two more goals weagles
Thebiggf: For last harf hour everyone entitled to an opinion geez
Guaza: @roosboys thanks mate and well played yesterday
Seven: Special commentary from Dennis: Hurn has been like a cork in the ocean today!
Lionking: Carn Rosa 7pts for PNG victory!!
TheoX: what role is hurn playing? HFF or something?
Prospector: see ya wes!
roo boys!: Haha cheers Guaza, was a great game to watch!
PICCOLLO: Many ppl get 8/8 tips this week?
W.Mantooth: @babehire - thanks i try. im not some person that rolls up to the chat, i actually contribute to this site.
Thebiggf: Coxy a let down today
ChosenOne: lift pittard
smarty_mc: norwich rising star nominations?
Seven: Special commentary from Bruce: LeCras has been delicious, don't you think?
eggy01: ablett brownlow his my pick bog 4 weeks in a row
dim sim: @m0nty: cassisi for gun!
Vandemon: put big cx on the bench ffs
chappysnap: FML, why did they sub Darling!! i had him as my captain!!
asher3197: WTF: what does a cork in the ocean have to do with Hurn's performance
tom.i52: m0nty enough muppets.
TheoX: guy i'm playing has darling and jacobs on field, sucked in muppet
Meltator: i got 8n last week 7 this week damn roos killed mine
thetank: Junk it up Cox
Guaza: I was there with three mates- all Roos!
Wolf_49: i got 8/8 tips
ImNotRyder: Get flowered roo boys!, North had to cheat to win yesterday Essendon still the 3rd best team in the league
tigerman28: cox is worn out
Centurions: is that a point cox? :O
PICCOLLO: Hurn bobbing up to change the tide
TheoX: ive tipped 8 this week, after 7 last week (why did i think GC would beat norf?)
happyjoe: cox looks a bit stiff
Meltator: cmon ryder pull the other 1
Essendon18: not quite imnotryder, we still have a long way to go
burner72: 7 from 8 in the tipping, missed on brisbane ffs
GOOB: priddis ur killing me ease up already
Costanza: Cox aint gonna get many more - just standing around
soicanchat: come on kerr just beat cox and i will be happy
lift_spud: kikc some goals cox ya flowering hack
Centurions: lets go stiffy cox
Demons64: Agree dim sim - Great comeback game from Cassisi. Port have missed him.
asher3197: 17 more Ben
tom.i52: cox moove!
vcgb15: Cork symbol for Hurn
roo boys!: I was there with 3 Essendon supporters Guaza :P And ImNotRyder, clearly you are not.
hazlett: @imnotryder your off ya head mate essondon 3rd best team your kidding right?
JarodTiger: Cox's hitouts to advantage been very good should be at least 110 SC
Escapist: imnotryder- you are a disgrace
mesosexy: 44 lookn good
Dilen: @imnotryder- ur ryder
Gooseman10: i need at least 100 sc from cox to be in with a chance
myteamsuks: ha @ 9mnotryder, flowering siiks you guys are, 3rd best i dont think so
Thebiggf: Jacobs may get a rest next week all together n get a full game in the sanfl
W.Mantooth: well done dom
Paliente: 16 more pls Dean
tyhwu: dont score more than 29 sc jacobs
Guaza: @imnotryder surely you jest mate
Jackster: cmon rosa +4
rainbow x2: jacobs, prestia, knights, heppell, riewoldt, goddard...pendlebury, mundy, selwood, adcock, sandilands all out how lucky
Sambo1991: @falconhawk nice laughing, see if he still thinks that after next weekend ey?
brendan023: f idiot russell. rodan played league for norwood.
grossn: Please get to 100 Cox and 80 Kennedy.
rainbow x2: and swan
Centurions: one junk time goal please coxy
PICCOLLO: Agreed jarodtiger
froggy47: cmon boak u havnt touched the ball in 5 mins
Essendon18: need cox for a quick last goal
Thebiggf: Anyone hear how callinhan went
ImNotRyder: Jay Neagle can't even get a game for us. We must be good. Well done Priddis hopefully 120+ sc
Falconhawk: Dead right Sambo ;)
deano69: how much time is left
TheoX: tyhwu dont worry theres zero chance of that
tigerman28: cox not up to it
lift_spud: same outs for me rainbow. Howe and Smith scores help
sainterman: shuey, get me another 20!
Luke919: lecras or embley gun
Dilen: lecras:)
OhYeah===>: need pridus and cox to score at an even rate
Pseudo G: Lol Neagle
mh7690: 4 more points cox!
Wardy: Does anyone know the extent of Adcocks injury ... how long?
tyhwu: cheers theox
feralmong: N Voldt for LeCras or Kennedy. What u all reckon??
Meltator: is it worht getting kerr now maybe swapping heppel out?
JarodTiger: need to get rid of monfries.... Mark Williams is a sharpshooter and put Fletcher FF seeing BUddy not there... Pears FB
riceanator: don't know why i continue to persist with glass as captain, never performs >:-(
thebrock: minus 3 boak why?!
Grazz: Anyone doing fanfootyini Sportsbet.
skystyler: thanks to knights, nroo and capt boyd I dont think I will break 2K this week. bastards.
deano69: they said rnd 17 wardy
_PowerMan_: callinan got about 120 dt pts yesterday
ODIN: Tim Gossage on SEN worst commentator on radio, tosser...
G-Rat: stop winning the taps Coxy
Thebiggf: Darling a big drop in price this week pros
TheoX: 3 weeks for adcock, so 2 more
hazlett: @imnotryder maybe he should cause anything could help the dons are shyt
GOOB: roo has been woeful
Port1983: Lecras, gun!
W.Mantooth: @wardy - those injuries usually 4 weeks
Costanza: broken finger is 3 weeks min
smarty_mc: honestly blokes can not tackle anymore? Surely watch thw hips too many head high tackles!!! Its annoying
pies101: adcock was 3 games at best, up to about 6
Lionman: @wardy 3 weeks
Stoned: okeefe
Hotel17: LeCras like Roo...inconsistent!
Guaza: @detaining get on the Frenchman mate
HappyDEZ: callinan 30 touches, 1 goal, named 2nd best for Centrals
mh7690: @wardy they say only bout 2 weeks
PICCOLLO: Neagle delisted at end of year. Take ricky dyson with you.
Scratchy: cmon cox 12 more
lift_spud: Adcock out for 3-4
Demons64: @Thebiggf - Apparently Callinan had 30 disposals and kicked a goal in the SANFL this weekend.
Wardy: Thx Mantooth ... havent heard a peep
mh7690: adcocks injury not as bad as first thought
Selwood(C): wat does everyone think is par score? im in 2060 right now
RooForPrez: I'm 2195 in SC with Cox to come. Fairly happy after barely breaking 2k last week.
TheoX: is gossage a freo supporter?
Dilen: lecras gun M0nty
Meltator: is it worht getting kerr now maybe swapping heppel out?
caleo: Thankyou woosha you spud for taking of darling, you have lost me a league match
travo: one more goals eagles, just one more
VanDammage: how long left???
lift_spud: Need Callinan to play, So spud Mckernan can flower off
Wardy: Cheers mh7690
JarodTiger: Welsh gone.. Winderlich has to think about life after footy... Neagle... Dyson
travo: how long left??
KraKBabY: F..U Woosha, cost me a league win by subbing off JD.
Prospector: @Thebiggf - Apparently Callinan had 30 disposals and kicked a goal in the SANFL this weekend.
TheoX: ~2000dt, 2200sc
bert1: good to callinan playing well thanks
Pseudo G: Neagle to GWS for a hand shandy
ImNotRyder: Essendon are just having a little mid season rest. Wait till the run home, we'll go undefeated
da cooler: WILL BE LUCKY to break sc tonne after darling sub
_PowerMan_: Gun for Dom! c'mon
smarty_mc: ton it up boak!!!
Austin: gossage is a saints man
froggy47: boak u have gone -3 in the last 10 mins ffs
ChosenOne: cmon pittard lift
peteywest: f u cox
nathan11: should of gotten kerr when he was under 300 000
Grazz: Callinan be in the Crows side soon.
hayes7: what will priddis' supercoach be?
Essendon18: cmon cox
ImNotRyder: JarodTiger: Isn't Tom Hislop getting a game for you at the moment? Brad Miller too? Pathetic.
soicanchat: 10 more kerr and hurn
smarty_mc: hards as a cats head great quote
Escapist: IMNOTRYDER- you wont make finals, stop dreaming you sound like an 8 year old boy who knows nothing
skystyler: is dons, is ordinary (at best).
rainbow x2: jacobs Y U NO kick a goal as sub
JRoo#8: wtf embley?
Thebiggf: Really pros how many weeks away from afl u think
GOOB: thx jacob for being a spud u won me my DT game :)
addysstuff: wait until essendon play geelong, cats by 10 goals easy
RooForPrez: Surely Darling will be struck with general soreness next week.
ImNotRyder: Keep junking Priddis. Go big in SC
drsma1: ryder...dons will win 2 games for the rest of the year
JarodTiger: na be Bellchambers.. they wont let Hille and Ryder go and have Joe Daniher in 2 years
psasvs: c'mon nicoski, sneak a late one!
myteamsuks: @imnotryder, just waitin fir you guys to turn on hird, no better than knights, stats show
enormohead: come on siren
Jackster: damn you rosa
da cooler: pridds sc will probably be 115
lift_spud: cant wait to play the dons again. Should be a whitewash
deano69: much time left
mesosexy: cuppl years time lecras & darling could be locks. esp with lecras in mid in future
hawks fan: need kerr to beat cox in sc. what do you think?
PICCOLLO: Priddis 120 cox 110 sc
smarty_mc: fire ball for boak
Bryce08: trash can for boak
JarodTiger: yep... our midfield goos... jroo needs help and defense needs work and muscles
lemon13: haha my friend, who made his team out of people with funny names (sidebottom, leuenberger etc.) is beatingaguy ranked400
Stinkfist: lol @ ImNotRyder your new coach isnt the saviour mate, suffer in ya jocks
tom.i52: cox, hate ya
Meltator: we need gumby back ff
footyrand: need 97 from cox, will he get it?
jimbob_990: cox needs to relax. he'll cost me the round
Danstar: prob 150 with this new score system
_PowerMan_: seriously, STFU west coast fans, you lot are a joke
Abboudi: ton it up Cox
GB101: why the flower did I pick Cox as captain over Ablett???
Scotty1: Man love between Thebiggf and prospector ????
RooForPrez: My league opponent has Swan, Pendles and J Selwood on his bench. Not a bad week to play him!
tom.i52: it would be hilarious if hird started playing for us again cuz we suck so much
Selwood(C): hahahahahaahahahaha lemon
froggy47: over 9000 icon for boak
Paliente: +1 Cox you can do better
grossn: Won my DT by at least 3 Points!!!!!
WalkerOn: I hate Cox right now
JarodTiger: na... bomber fans will newer cr@p on St James... too classy a man is Jimmy
tom.i52: guessing 89 SC for cox, everyone REMEMBER that number.
clint_001: big cox just cant use it like he used to
feralmong: Dons have a tough draw still. I think they'll finish bout 9-11.
PICCOLLO: Essendon could beat hawks without buddy imo. Will be a good game.
HappyDEZ: Percentage boost for Port :-)
tyhwu: slow jacobs
Scratchy: 10 more cox
Prospector: Scotty1: we live together!
Bryce08: how does boak not get a trashy? on high 60's at 3/4
G-Rat: is there a port ruckman, he always gets the taps
jimmytigs: need cox & thomas combined to score 190 sc what u think?darn darling sub might just have pipped me
Grazz: @burner gone past 2200 now, watching you lol
deano69: hird, bomber, goodwin, wellman all get on and play
smarty_mc: whats Pippa Middelton and a JK Rowlin book have in common?
Freddo9: time to get rid of Darling? Has he reached his peak price?
Pavlich#29: ffs cox i needed 114 from you to crack 1800!
Prospector: (he's gonna be so upset, I was supposed to keep it secret)
asher3197: cmon Jacobs 11 more
Lionking: Hahahahahaha Darling subbed and my opponent Crawf9 had him..hahahaa
BluesFlag: PRID=MEISter!! pls pls pls beat DARLing by 60! pls!
ImNotRyder: Hird's 1st year as coach > Dimma's 1st year as coach. Cox should ton up in SC hopefully
tom.i52: How good was Hirdy in DT or SC when he played? I didn't do SC when he played.
Cman: jacobs needs 25 for me to win!
alias: needed Cox to score 95 to win eliminator... :(
Thebiggf: Who lives together
vamos77: Swift looks like Jar Jar Binks
KenOath: filth
Hotel17: Dons think they're a show with Buddy out?? Still no chance!
skystyler: that was a bit of an anti-climax from the big cox. Went hard early but couldn't maintain it.
Jackster: bryce08 - because your team actually has to be winning to get junk time...
BigV2011: won all leagues and eliminator
tom.i52: guessing 89 SC for cox, everyone REMEMBER that number.
Hotel17: Time to sack Hird
Your_mum: thank you hurn
hawks_2008: I was on 2,300 on three Quarter time and I have got Hurn and Cox hope they get heps this last Quarter!!
BluesFlag: @freddo9! he peaked like 2 weeks ago. Im keeping him as bench cover
mesosexy: nice bye 4 wce
JarodTiger: dons will have to take some scalps from Carl, Coll, Hawks, Swans or Eagles to get in... Tigers or North to get in
RooForPrez: @tom.i52 he was a monster. Hate to say it but Buckley and Carey were the two best.
Prospector: ? neither can deliver?
soicanchat: flower i might lose now thanks kerr :|
D.Barwick: hawks by over 10 goals next week! bye essendon
Lionking: Carn Rosa -4
tom.i52: @Hotel17 - i agree we'll get smashed
RooForPrez: @tom.i52 from memory Buckley averaged close to 150 one year.
Stinkfist: how many list changes for hird in 1st year as coach? hardly comparable mate
Danstar: siren cmon
chappysnap: According to my data, Cox's SC score should be around 135. Thoughts ?
feralmong: hird didn't turn over 12 players in first year ryder. so the comparison isn't valid
Freddo9: @BlueesFlag Not going to use him for an upgrade?
Bryce08: are u kidding jacker? junk time is for BOTH teams you clueless
lift_spud: carn cox 105+ SC you cow
Bretto3: 5 more rosa
Jackster: damn, missed png by 2 :(
itsduftime: sorry cox, marc murphy captain from now on
hungryJack: this is my favourite part when players keep scoring once the game is over it's like playing the pokies
Danstar: watch cox 120
JarodTiger: good last quarter Cox... sc i reckon 120
Vandemon: cox 107
lift_spud: i flowerin hope so chappysnap
strikes91: was pearce an option in most possesions in sportsbet ?
ImNotRyder: Tigs will finish 9th as per usual
Dr Bones: Hird supercoach about 96 average
dim sim: @m0nty: cherry for cassisi!
Zeratul: Junk time is when there pressure is off, and 1 team is a certainty to win - anyone can score well with no pressure
Warney: Its not about this year for the coaches at essendon and the realistic supporters
ODIN: Thanks Monty...
teatowel: I just lost by one point :/
Stoned: priddus needs 110 or i'm it for chasey
chappysnap: Matthew Primus should be sacked
Demons15: fu woosha! cost me my game by taking darling off
spudmania: @ ImNotRyder: where are ur bomber heroes gona finish now?
jimmytigs: hope your right chappy
Jackster: you usually get junk time when your team is in front and they are playing
unobrow: that kick after the siren cost me my multi, flower you Eagles!
feralmong: 6-13 on the ladder to fight it out for the last 3 spots. 12-13 only cos they are Dogs/Saints.
Bryce08: exactlyu Zetatul
Jackster: you usually get junk time when your team is in front and they are playing kick to kick in defense...
Prospector: Where's my friend johno?
tom_scully: avg score from peoples leagues this round??
JarodTiger: with Cox signing on for two more years does this mean the big Q is GWS fodder?
Bryce08: jackster sorry mate but you're wrong
BABE4HIRE: hi stinkfist
cfc1995: Cox and Pittard cost me eliminator!
The Me: 100 not bad
ImNotRyder: Hawks and Carlton supporters can't talk. No matter how pathetic we are we always beat those flogs
lift_spud: only 100... flower
pdc10: gee i love lecras whats a gun
Bennyy: 100 sc for coxy. not bad! scale him up haha
The Me: lol at whoever need 110 from Priddus
ImNotRyder: Priddis SC is stupid. Surely he wasn't that ineffective
Scotty1: Cox 100
spudmania: @ ImNotRyder: look at the ladder you moron. you're pathetic, you wont even make the 8, remember i said that.
roo boys!: jacobs LOST money in SC? :'(
Bryce08: good call monty re boak
tom.i52: @lift_spud - no way. your name describes cox perfectly this game by the way.
Falconhawk: @ImNotRyder: Are you Ricky Gervais in disguise?
KraKBabY: 2172 in SC including Bartel's score of 4 :C and Buddy as C
tom.i52: thank god coxy 100!!!
Hodgey947: I got 1917 disapointed
W World: how does priddis only get 106 sc
Meltator: 2445 sc i would think i would b ranked for the week top 2000
TaxiWaters: I got 2502 Supercoach
tom.i52: benny j 9 ya little champion.
myteamsuks: imnotryder, kucky you drew to us, bunch of pretenders u r, sad team when stanton is one of ur best mids!!
Thebiggf: See yous all next week, shakes hands with pros
BluesFlag: 109 prid fAArrrk ! lost by 2!
tom_scully: 2314 SC, DT lost my eliminator :(
The Me: OMG i lost by a point and then after the siren Nicoski -4 means i win by 3 OMG
tom.i52: @spudmania - your exactly right, well be lucky to end up above GCFC
teamwanga: why boak garbarge? played 4 quarters and tried to get us over the line in the last.
gypsymaurz: happy with trengove as cover for smith
Stoned: 2000 dt 2100 sc
thebrock: why such low flowering SC scores? as if Priddis only got 109!!!
PICCOLLO: Hope coxy get a few extra after points review
BABE4HIRE: thegigf what is that logo next to yr name?
eski_liddr: i drew! shiza!
mesosexy: ess will make the 8, remember i said that
Your_mum: still alive in the eliminator... just
nathan11: yeah cox gets 105 on hun scores
GB101: 1964 in SC...flowering terrible. Z.Smith, Prestia, Bartel, Heppell & Harris all screwing me over, schitcows
hayes7: 1969 with rioli C, bartel's 4 and two 0's
GB101: Add Nroo the shower truck to that list
ImNotRyder: myteamsuks: We would be premiership contenders if we tanked for the same picks you did.
gypsymaurz: flower lost by a point in my eliminator
bert1: lost by 8 points f u darling grrrrrrrrrrr
BluesFlag: heres hoping prids SC changes slighty as SC often does after initial scores
DT2011: tom swift looks like a girl
tom_scully: anyone trade selwood for bartel this week?
bazzazz: love u Cox @! just won by 2points. hehehe
eski_liddr: cox u bugger! the one time i rely on you
W.Mantooth: boak bin very harsh
ImNotRyder: The fact Carlton can't win a final with all those #1 picks and the best player in the compeitition is a joke
spudmania: ImNotRyder: look where you are now, u've lost ur last 4. ur sh!touse. hirds a fake, ull be out of the 8 next week.
tigersrock: had cox as captain this week
myteamsuks: get out the violins ryder then youd set the coach on fire then, hack, you would have still picked up stanton
DonBomber: carlton haver drafted good this year, duigan, curnow and they still have watson a lucas
DonBomber: and*
remon tea: your a muppet ImNotRyder
ImNotRyder: Stanton > Brock McLean. Can't believe you traded a first round pick for him LOL
myteamsuks: this year imnotryder, we will win one, prolly play you guys
spudmania: so THATS what u come up with?? god, ur SUCH a fvckwit. mate, its ok, keep crying over the umps like usual, u dumbcvnt
eski_liddr: heppell and knights are getting a nice axing :)
myteamsuks: @imnotryder, our team has about 10 rookie listed players now on the list, thats what you call great recruiting, jealous
eski_liddr: save the carlton v bombers for a forum. At the end of the day both clubs are successful (esp. ess in the last decade)
Seb78: @ryder - seriously mate stop now you're making a fool of yourself. Carlton are way ahead of us right now
drevil: good night dick heads
Dibiasi: Carlton are EVIL!!!