Chat Log: R9, St Kilda 16.10.106 d Melbourne 13.8.86

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nado95: hehehehehehe go you sainters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
jezion: sylvia 86
Jimmy40: will this be Goddard's break out return to form?
Jimmy40: I'm guessing no.
Bunghole42: McEvoy doing warmup
Winsalot: Beam me up Tapscotty!
Bomber21: Saints by 6 goals
saints_rok: Carn the Saints!
TheBaron: Bate and Cripps subs, according to 3AW
kade44: goddard to ton up, roo to get over 90, sylvia to have a big game and tappy over 80 as hes in the middle
VietMan: Heh, Dees supporter but would love to see some reward for having godds and volt
NewFreoFan: Noooooo I just traded in Sylvia don't give him the PNG cure!!!!
jack8: saints by 10 goals today chaps
jack8: saints by 10pts today chaps
kah_kah: how do i do purple name game?
Jimmy40: I'm thinkig Saints by 23
Jackalenko: up the dees! come on brad green!
dusty m: tappscott davey and goddard godd supercoach scores today
dudz: sylvia 14 and concussed
buddy23!!!: 60 touches montagna, 15 goals roo pleeeaasseeee
FantasyBoy: go NDS
HughJorgan: I think the Saints might get up today would ya!
HughJorgan: Goddard BOG today would ya!
sainter11: Sainters...gotta get up today, Monty and Goddard need to fire...and riewoldt needs a couple early ones for confidence
HughJorgan: I agree sainter11 woud ya
Smirks: goddard has turned into a bunny
crafer: saints by 10 goals, goddard bog 145 thanks for coming
sainter11: @crafer...I hope you're right mate
piccollo: Big game saints! Lets go roo, god, fishy
bevo106: does anyone know when power dockers start? keep reading different things.
Smirks: 310 aet bevo
sainter11: 3:10pm adelaide time,
sniffer64: time to use the axe on some big names if the saints dont win this one..
LeFtBehinD: Goddard 165 today... OWW
Smirks: riewoldt to kick 1goal 7
bevo106: haha yeah thats what i mean some things say adelaide time some say AET
crafer: thats when freo will start, dont know bout port, will they show up ??
Wardy: lol ... yeh that was a good example Bevo
sniffer64: ebert out salopek in
sainter11: bevo, if you're in melbourne or syd, it's 3:40 our time.. qld i think 2:40, and
Smirks: that made things a whole lot confusing
TheBigDog : Big game from Sylvia 113+
tylrdurden: why curse sylvia why
Smirks: is higgins back?
kade44: goddard to ton up, roo to get over 90, sylvia to have a big game and tappy over 80 as hes in the middle
sniffer64: hope so big dog..underated that slyvia
Demons15: will be interesting to see how Evans goes today
dt2011: come on goddard big game son anythimg above 100 i will be happy with :)
crafer: clint jones gunna rape sylvia all game
BigLynchy: has anyone given that afl live game a go? i tried it on ps3 - i didn't like it
crafer: Evans will go well, not many Claremont boys dont
dt2011: i have the game, its decent, best afl game so far, u have to like afl to like this game
sainter11: dunno why mcevoy got dropped...he's been doin alright
Demons15: @crafer yeh true. you a west aussie?
sainter11: also, hoping for great things from winmar
crafer: Yep demons15, love the joint
RealDrDT: i got that premiership coach game for PC... cant get it to work though
Demons15: @ crafer awesome. same here. i support perth though so i'll be watching the dockers game later on to see mzungu
tylrdurden: i still just play TAR
sniffer64: very windy and going to rain in adelaide..wont see to many marks there
Docker21: go east freo we can smash swan districts
Smirks: melbourne by 4 goals and riewolt to kick 5
wayo: who agrees that nick malceski is a bio freak? 12 weeks recovery from lars is amazing
oldsalty: im in adelaide and its not looking pretty!!!
crafer: Claremont all the way
Drazsyker: Dees gotta win this. Jurrah kicks 4 and dees win by 3 goals.
flame: Saints need to fire!!
sniffer64: kite fying weather ...salty
Docker21: @crafer claremont do own
GoLions: cmon goddard and tapscott, need big scores from u after gibbs and bartel from last night
FiveStar: thoughts on jones tag, davey? syliva?
Harvey29: Need big games from Moloney, Tapscott, Goddard, Riewoldt + Siposs... come on!!
Docker21: if its windy freo will not even score! :(
Hirdy_FC: Gee Dean Bailey really doesn't like Matthew Bate does he?
BURNER72: Good afternoon sl*ts and sweethearts ;-)
BigLynchy: fivestar - i reckon he tags sylvia - he's been more dangerous this year
sniffer64: thats the problem with saints 5star..too many taggers
dt2011: cant believe the freo port game is a 3 hour delay in adelaide which means the richmond and essendon game willbea2hrdelay
IH8Ryderrr: good afternoon assholes. IH8Ryderrr here
Smirks: jones and reiwoldt to tag team rebbeca judd
BigLynchy: ironic that roo sports a schoolboy haircut for a team screwed over by a schoolgirl
lil_libba: judd 3 votes
judd3votes: traded out tapscott to bring in scotland
Ferog: Nicky Winmar spears in a pass to Lockett who goals!
agwager: So is God tagging Maloney?
sniffer64: dreamer
GoLions: cmon png curse, my opp has sylvia
BURNER72: Roo got hacked at an apprenticeship hair factory
wayo: hey burner72 and IH8Ryderrr how are you both?
judd3votes: better game on abc1. go the bullants!
aj11: Only got 1 person in this game and he starts as sub :(
Steelers7: go weewoldt
tylrdurden: roo wanted a cut so he rang up jim's mowing
Demons15: StKilda v Melbourne 1 vote C.Judd 2 votes C.Judd 3 votes C.Judd
Harvey29: whats the png curse?
bigadz: syliva purple name curse...71 points
BURNER72: good good wayo, hows yaself
BlackMamba: Need Sippos to smash out some cash for me
korza: Smashem SAINTERS
flame: God 150 today
bazza525: got 40$ on siposs to kick first paying 30
dt2011: L plate for Evans m0nty
BURNER72: Roo eeds to get the WHAM goin like Callan Ward
bazza525: i brought siposs in and played him on the field dont make me regret it son
korza: Selwood will even get a free in this game
keithy: melboure will win this. and jizz on montagna
GoDons!: MATCHUP: Davey being tagged by Jones
hawks78: What can we expect DT scored from Winmar abd Evens? Anyone go early on them?
Hydra911: Why is NDS on Green? Green is clearly a spud and writes himself out of games without needing an opponent...
Tobes84: Saints versus Demons when some Christians predict the Rapture.... too freaky
kade44: sylvia to break the png curse
Hydra911: Sylvia two tackles early...brought in Selwood instead.
murph3: carn the god!
oldsalty: Well said tobes! lol
bigadz: goddard is in worse form than ian baker finch
Grazz: God and Roo have to have big ones tday dont they.
Aaron1976: Goddard, Sylvia & Tapscott - Need 273 combind minimum from you 3 today
SJ=Freak: cmon joey first goal
jsmoove: go goddard, sylvia and voldt
FantasyBoy: gogogo dal santo
MotlopFan1: goddard better lift!
ucantcme: saints to smash demons 60 plus i hope
bazza525: fishhh
ebol: If Joel Macdonald beats Goddard, I may just have to trade Goddard out of my team after all...
bigadz: sylvia free against...give the ball to selwood
BuddyMagic: Im over Goddard
sainter11: milneyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
GoDons!: CLinton JOnes is tagging Aaron davey monty
Steelers7: bloody tip rat
Tobes84: Need Tapscott to play well and Gilbert to not play well.... Both me and opponent have Roo and Goddard
Grazz: Good to see Winmar finally get a run
agwager: at this rate with a little extrapolation God is heading towards 120+
mfwb17: have NDS first goal... no chance really
BuddyMagic: Agwager i wish mate
BURNER72: this is the 1st year i didnt go dal santo and griffen and thier both havin great years
kade44: need sylvia riewoldt godard and tappy to all get 90+
Thebiggf: Goddard, roo, fisher n Sylvia tone up tappy on bench
bazza525: nice to see siposs get a touch early
Hydra911: Unlucky to the bloke who had $40 on siposs...haha.
gravenger: does that mean Kozzie is on track for a 250 game?
BuddyMagic: i wonder how many people picked Saints to win ?
dt2011: Michael Evans is one to consider. i really like the way siposs is playing
judd3votes: milney = spud
sideball: who just goaled? milney?
gerver: cmon sylvia u sarted great lift
dt2011: i do not understand how jack watts was a number 1 draft pick???
MontyJnr: Gees good start bartram lol
gerver: milnes a fluke
sainter11: yeah sideball..its his 2nd
ucantcme: @Buddymagic I wonder how many didnt?
preki1: kozi kneeing sylvia's groin :)
sideball: carn sainters!!!! win a game please :(
Dtkingv2.1: Damn I brought in watts this week
Thebiggf: Montys gave Sylvia the curse today guans mont
caMoGFC: come on tapscott...usually it doesn't matter what you score but i need a big one from you today buddy
Gandog: Fisher on the ball, sweet jesus
xumtinlong: should Kosi be sighted for the knee in Moloney's nuts?
gerver: carn sylvia u GUN
Fozman: Has Volt started down back, as was rumoured?
nikpol: who is lids?
JRiewodlt8: goddard and riewoldt need lifts -.-
big M+: swapped tapscott for krakouer(colliwobles) so need tappys price to up but not get lot poinrs
bazza525: sippos loving you son
BuddyMagic: watts
bazza525: damm goopd effort sippos
sideball: sipposs going well so far geezus
saintwazza: siposs
gerver: evans is a GUN mOnty
Brown*Dog: Who is EVANS?
preki1: riewoldt's on the wing
bazza525: evans carrying the dees
MontyJnr: michael evans is only 91k in sc. bargain!
sundymundy: fisher :( stop getting the ball!
addysstuff: cmon fisher!
jack8: fisher no more pls
big M+: wat is evans prive anyone
gerver: evans a dane swan
agwager: Who is michael evans?
kade44: where does evans play?
bretta23: who is evens
BuddyMagic: yeah who is evens
Harvey29: LIFT Moloney
spudmania: hey guys, where does evans play, is he a midfielder?? possible upgrade target in 2 weeks if he keeps this up
TheSalt: @big m - just double click on his name
boost: Snap your leg off fisher!
hawks78: Evans was 2011 Rookie Draft selection (Melbourne) No. 31.
Spam004: c.judd 3 votes
FiveStar: evans is 80k
big M+: wat a goal from maric
Paliente: Will Goddard ever come good again? :(
bigadz: evans will be the new gysberts or muston......avoid!
BuddyMagic: 91k sc evans is
Loose: Lets go fisher, first week in my team, big score plese
Hydra911: Watts is definitely a good pickup for Melbourne. He's becoming really important.
sideball: who goaled for melbourne? ugh why isn't commentary working
MontyJnr: evans is a mid
BuddyMagic: 80 dt
Stinkfist: evans from claremont. gun
snake_p: evans prive is 80K
hawks78: 80k Midfielder too....
Magpie28: Evans is #50
Grazz: @big M+ click on his name mate its all there
eckert09: is this game on foxtel?
gerver: evans might be flukeing this game but
micklovin: What part of the ground is Evans in?
sweaty con: evens is a mid, 80k in dt, 91k in sc
sam1997w: wat position does evens play?
JRiewodlt8: sylvia to be on 30 at qtr time - plzz
Demons15: haha crafer you were right
HughJorgan: Come on Goddard would ya!
gerver: carn sylvia
big M+: is evans an aborigianal cause if he is he is only playing cause is indigenious round maybs
Magpie28: Goddard scores for Melb!
Paliente: Go Sippy!
Steelers7: nice kick goddard
crafer: what woz i saying 12 minutes ago... Evans top Claremont lad.
Pendlez10: i guess everyone will be getting evans there
sainter11: does goddard get that point? aha...oh god.. :(
HughJorgan: They have to win today would ya!
KraKBabY: Is Goddard planking?
PiesGOGOGO: @eckert09 dirty delay on 7 in VIC
tylrdurden: goddard for muppet
big M+: eckert its on southern cross m8
BuddyMagic: Gooooooooo Rooooooooooooo for goodness sake carck 100 for me!!!
Buddyman: Voldt goals
Magpie28: The old 5-point play for St Kilda ;)
preki1: st. nick!
giuly1: clearly davey and jurrah are aboriginals.. muppet !
jack8: roo do something
bakez33: good point goddard got you another kick and mark haha
Docker21: gooooooo goddard
sam25: yes thats it goddard repay the faith
HughJorgan: goal would ya!
Rated_RKO: C Judd, 3 Votes
Blues_FC: saints should win this by 100 points
gravenger: Hey Hugh, is that you camo?
judd3votes: here we go goddard and nick! happy tapscotts done nothin after i traded him for scotland
Escapist: tapscott lift need atleast 80 from you
HughJorgan: Riewoldt would ya!
pk-06: muppet for goddard?
Docker21: carn tapscott u suck
sideball: what time is the game on telly in vic?
bazza525: goping siposs to get to like 20 by quater would be nice
Fenno: Goddard may be scoring points but wow heis terrible at the moment
sam25: anyone think port a chance today i have 400 on them and saints in a multi
pies_36: another big 150+ sc pts game fisher! and play a good game for once goddard
Harvey29: good stuff Goddard + Riewoldt.... keep it up boys!
BuddyMagic: woot go goddar and Roo
Loose: Got Monty, Roo, God, Fisher, need a big game from all
MontyJnr: goddard cog, who would of thought?
korza: PNG curse starting to kick in
jack8: anyone give the tigers a chance tonight
Hydra911: Glad i benched tapscott at this point in time...
xumtinlong: 2 games so far this weekend and Judd's already 6 votes lol
HughJorgan: no mate different Hugh would ya!
sweaty con: st. nuck and goddard to ton it up...tappy lift your game....silvia you can die
theheater: judds pick up and goal was amazing last nite
grossn: I tipped port.
Rated_RKO: need montagna to get less then 100 in SC
sainter11: roo, to monty, back to roo...loving it :D
underdog11: montagna will crack 130\
cfc 1979: go Roo
ucantcme: @sam25 I have saints/port/Pies over 39.5 for 1200
Magicsmell: Goddards been having too many bueggs
mattys123: Goddard plays his best (and scores his best) when down back, nice of Lyon to take 9 weeks to figure that out.
Paliente: Both my main opposition have Goddard and NRoo, bah
SJ=Freak: joey!
MontyJnr: montag goal
sainter11: monty goal :d
JRiewodlt8: watson + hocking r out, stanton back from injury, sure give us a huge chance
pk-06: yes joey!
FantasyBoy: carn tapscott NDS Volt and Goddard
underdog11: montagna u beauty
Buddyman: Montagna GOAL!
sydwce: montagana goal
bakez33: yeh monty!!
Grazz: monty goal
Magpie28: Tigers massive chance tonight for sure
underdog11: here cmes montagna!
HughJorgan: not then - than - woulda ya!
addysstuff: The Roo is getting a wriggle on!
the 29ers: garbage bin for ray
sideball: saints should really be bloody winning by 20 points at this stage but they are terrible atm
remon tea: stanton has the worst efficiency!
spudmania: roo flame m0nty
sam25: sorry who just told me their bet i missed that sorry go again please
xumtinlong: Kosi's copped it in the head again lol
Brown*Dog: Evan's smells of Gysberts 2010
demons13: dammit riewoldt stay down!
sweaty con: crips doing better than farren ray
bazza525: junk time will come early for saints boys :D
kade44: roo starting well
hintos: carn evans
Paliente: $ symbol for Sippy already pls :)
Hydra911: Remon Tea - Actually Stanton is in the top 5 most efficient disposals at Essendon. STOP THE HATING!
xumtinlong: Tappie's doen
GoDons!: tapscott down
MontyJnr: @the 29ers check the definition of the garbage bin mate
Magpie28: Tapscott down...
BuddyMagic: I wonder how much sainters are missing hayes
bakez33: flower!! tappys down
dt2011: tappy injured
sam25: tappy in hands of trainers no
commish: Evan's?
BuddyMagic: sub tappscot
Dangermaus: Roo please ffs - drop a tonne on me today
sainter11: agreed with spudmania
Magpie28: Hammy
AFEsElite: Riewoldt and Goddard looking good, as do the saints
chaosrules: tappy hammy
Jezro: Tapscott Hamstring!!
pk-06: tappy hammy
FiveStar: tappy hammy
GoDons!: Tapscott hamstring
bakez33: tappy gone hammy
pies_36: only got fisher and goddard in this game- they better play good
ReidNWard: tapsy gone
judd3votes: yes tappy!
xumtinlong: Tappy hammy
SwansTas: Tappy hammy..
bazza525: yeh monty $ for sippps
walks23: hahaha tapsott
Blues_FC: tapscott gone from 200000 teams
lukew55: tappy finished
Fenno: tappy hammy
cfc 1979: tappy h/string
boomz23: Tapscott hammy flowered.
Jezro: Tapscott Hamstring!!
walks23: gone and gone
boostboy: Tapscott's gone - done his hammy
pricey: thank god i traded out Tapscott this week :D
kade44: damn tappy
walks23: great news
BuddyMagic: Danermaus i got roo too im hoping for a big game to
underdog11: activated
judd3votes: hahaah tapscott! the week i traded u out!!! hahaahahah
ucantcme: @Sam25 that was me also had 200 on saints over 60 in case port let me down
sydwce: i put tapscott in my team this week!!!!
sainter11: MILNEY! number 3 tralalalala! Tapscott gone
bazza525: haha lucky i dont got tappys his goneeeee
Dangermaus: was *this* close to trading out Goddard this week, but decided against it, bout fricken time he did something though
absof_86: the Saints looked good last week too..
chief: damn
MontyJnr: flower i was gonna trade tappy next week :(
HughJorgan: Goddard would ya!
chaosrules: its not a tweak monty, he cant put any wait on his leg
FantasyBoy: flower plaued tapscott over knights
sweaty con: tappy - lynch this week
sam25: ok thats a good bet what did you get on saints over 60?
flame: Lucky I traded you out Tappy..Ha..Ha
grossn: Thats now 6 Injuries for my DT. FML
Tobes84: Tapscott gone = FMDT - amidoinitright?
ReidNWard: judd u toss
jack8: let's get that tiger army down to the G tonight and the whole AFL will hear us rockin
baked: flower you tapscott!
Dangermaus: i rate Nathan Jones - could be the next chapman, especially with that haircut
sainter11: Milne cape already? yeeeahhh
chaosrules: *weight
DangerousD: judd3votes - your a scumbag
boostboy: Karma's a b*tch judd3votes....
xumtinlong: Lynch in for Tappy for me
cashcow: tappy to lynch (gc)
hintos: milne superman already?
sydwce: yes!!!! i remembered i had winmar emergency
GoLions: thats fckn great, chose to trade knights over tapscott for ROK. FMSC. :(
BlackMamba: at least I got 1 rookie decision right so far in leaving tappy on the bench. The case with duigan though...
MontyJnr: lucky i don't have tappy on at least
GoDons!: Tapscott Cross hes gone
Thunder: m0nty + for Tapscott that looks a good 4-5 week injury
Clark Kent: And now, a news flash from the Daily Planet: Milne has booted his third major of Q1!
Jake9: gonna trade tappy but who should i get i smith or mzungu
merger: milne icicle by end of 2Q
lukew55: tappy sc BE = 38 flower
Jet11: How much will his price drop now? Was gonna trade him next week!
keithy: typical shower saturdays continue
Jackster: @dangermaus I did trade out Goddard
chaosrules: tappy will drop approx $15K
bazza525: siposs comon sone get somem mroe of it
judd3votes: dangerousD, easy mate, i did a good trade, just coz ur side's crap
Dangermaus: c'mon Martin, pull ya finger out and get the ball , its a little red oval shaped thing
Antony: Is it just me or has Watts looked really good this game?
underdog11: dont give him cross til his sub monty
Purt: ffs tapscott
TheBowss: the superman icon should just be given to pav full time.
BigLynchy: have they activated the Red Prawn?
bazza525: gotta love not having tappscoot
dt2011: clark kent ya dud
MontyJnr: spewing if you traded matera over tapscott
Buddyman: Goddard not going on with it...
Dangermaus: i traded out Duigan instead for H.Shaw... except Duigan nearly tonned up last night :(
pk-06: montagna tearing it up
bazza525: i toke a bit of a risk put mundy capt
DangerousD: judd3votes - yeah fair but you dont cheer an injury, surely?
big M+: i reckon clark kent (superman) is overated as super hero he is the judd of the superhero world
boostboy: Price won't change for an injured player. It stays at what it was the week he was injured
sam25: hope tapscott somehow reaches his sc be of 36
tylrdurden: fack traded matera insted of tappy this week
joshy_400: tapscott subbed yet?
underdog11: flowerkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk'
sainter11: official. bate on now
Jet11: Tappy for Lynch
commish: Any more than a $20k drop in price and next week's double trade is ruined!
the 29ers: purple
whale: blood tappy
GoLions: will probably go tappy to chappy next week, will finish my forward line
Scratchy: how bad is tapscott? any chance he'll come back on?
sideball: geez the way milney is going Judd surely will get 3 votes this game
cfc 1979: tappy subbed
chaosrules: lol @ boostboy
walle: planned on trading out Tappy next week anyway - looks for sure now!
MontyJnr: @judd3votes yeah that was pretty low buddy
BlackMamba: nah gone for good
boostboy: No risk there - Mundy's a gun!
dt2011: tappy subbed off
GoLions: @boostboy- pretty sure his price will go down, same if ur a sub
Jamesy: Come on melbourne!
Scratchy: okay now he's been subbed clearly not. flowering hell gonna lose all my league games now.
Ravalle: typical my dt week looking awesome with tappy starting ok in his last week in my side....of course it goes to shower
Marcz: hello michael evans...
bakez33: @scratchy no chance at all horrible hammy
Gandog: Tappy Dappy on the pine, lovely
chaosrules: traded tappy to fyfe this week all good
hintos: no tappy won't come on he has been deactivated
Jackster: bout time reiwoldt
tjp1447: tappy--->mzungu
imessenger: haha sideball
walle: Top trade next week - Tapscott to Mzungu - bet you $100 :P
Hydra911: M0nty won't be happy; he needed Tapscott to get 80ish...unlucky
Hirdy_FC: Tappy...
specky2000: jet11 yep same tappy for lynch
judd3votes: dont single me out im not the only one, have a look around the chat window
sam25: dam it tapscott i have been so unlucky lately last week i chucked 700 on north under 39.5 last night i put 350 onblues
lukew55: tappy to drop about $8000 if sc = 20
walks23: awesome mark green
kuraban: Doubt it Scratchy, he's been subbed off. Glad I kept him on the bench this week.
schezza: omg tapscott!!!! ffs!
GoLions: goddard gone quiet
the 29ers: gilbert please do something for me...
big M+: watts has got 34 points in the last 10 mins wat a ripper
Dangermaus: Flame On Johnny Storm... er I mean Brad Green
Hydra911: NDS doing a shocking job on Green. Get Gilbert on him.
grossn: Mzungu is sub.
boostboy: @Walle - Definitely : )
Jet11: Remember what happened to Roo last week! Hope he plays 4 quarters this week
sam25: tappy injury has ruined the whoile weekend
syoun18: Tappy as reserve yew
walle: Better not have anyone drop out of my FWD line this week - or else Tapscott comes in as emergency!!
pk-06: cmon sylvia
Grazz: Dont wish injuries on players but tappy going down has got me back in the contest. Need Roo to ton up.
froggy55: FU Tapscott. POS
Triton121: u r an idiot sam
chaosrules: lol huddo ball almost hit the roof, oh its open
Hirdy_FC: Flame for watts please
bazza525: sipppossss
Rated_RKO: got tapscott as my emergency for higgins ... hope higgins plays and gets more then 16
Harvey29: should i get hodge or ablett next week?
BoredSaint: LMAO AT TAPPY.. i put him on my bench :D
sam25: why triton?
judd3votes: this week i did tapscott to mzungu and lower to scotland who got me a nice 120 last nite
gerver: Missing (magnifying glass). SYLVIA
sideball: siposs yor son?
Floor: it'd be awesome if polo had skills
MontyJnr: goddard over fisher and gibbs over scotland, everyones biggest sc mistakes of the year
kade44: flowerk tappy and sylvia went down the race aswell nightmare
Dangermaus: c'mon Goddard, u had a good 10 minutes, now let's keep it going
walle: Jack Watts seems to be coming good for the Dees at last
Steelers7: go dees
rubitonurs: @ boostboy ... tapscott will drop in price
dt2011: sylvia is not missing, far out his on 16. you cant call that missing
igotabig1: jakovich - a man built for planking, not commentating
Hydra911: Newtown not really carving it up like he did last week.
Blues_FC: these 2 teams look like a bunch of downers after the carlton v geelong game
GoLions: watts will finish on about 70
boostboy: Yes, my mistake. I meant his price won't change AFTER this round (i.e. whilst he's injured)
bazza525: no just good friends
Grazz: judd3votes youd be smilling from ear to ear right about now.
Ravalle: wanted to trade tapscott to mzungu last night but had to trade jolly to sandi
BoredSaint: whos rucking for saints?
Tobes84: seems like a cracking game so far....
caMoGFC: trust me to cover watson being out with a mpp move of krak to avoid bewick on field because tapscott is a better scorer.
Madsnake: f**k %$## &*%$ @#$% tapscott f#$@*&g c&*t
kade44: shower flower
judd3votes: @Grazz yeah pretty much.
knighter33: Got Montagna!!!! Goddard :D and Tappy :S
Magpie28: Kosi rucking... if you can call it that
HughJorgan: Tapscott hammie would ya!
Harvey29: about time you started to fire moloney
rodallegaa: come on goddard!!!!!!!!!
Antony: What position is Evans listed as?
sainter11: boredsaint...koz, blake..fisher :s
sideball: any chance Port win against Freo tonight??
underdog11: i have no fight left in me. im done
judd3votes: newton's a one hit wonder.. another seaby... dont want anohter one of those, lol
bazza525: carn sip get a late won
Bunghole42: Anyone played wii afl?
commish: Very annoying would ya!
Jake9: keep it up roo come on goddard
BoredSaint: but it says kosi is at FF after centre bounces.. so whos rucking around the ground?
dt2011: its the first quarter guys, stop winging about what there on!
The Me: Take the superman off Milne he s only on 38
13r1n0: I know it's bad but thank god Tapscott is out, guy I'm versing has him.
Nigey95: @Antony: Midfielder
gypsymaurz: who you rekon will win?
HughJorgan: Oh yes would ya!
gravenger: plenty of injuries for freo, but port will need 30 on paddock!
Paliente: C'mon 40 sc for Tappy!
13r1n0: Also Montagna is a beast thank god I kept him, and I think Goddard for Fisher was a good move.
bazza525: siposs :( not getting close
Nigey95: cmon god and evans! got cripps and tappy too :/
HughJorgan: I think the saints can still win would ya!
spiff: fisher is rucking around ground
Dangermaus: c'mon saints, this is the first time i've backed u to win all year
Grazz: Evans looks ok, throwing himself at everything.
sideball: is winmar on the ground?
MontyJnr: clinton is killing davey
GoLions: opp has montagna, nroo, goddard, sylvia, and siposs. i have goddard and tapscott. f*ck.
joshy_400: @monty but a flash sig next to jones
Magpie28: Missed 2 Riewoldt tackles there...
judd3votes: guys remember the sc scores at quarter time can be a bit out of whack, so tapscott wont be the same probz
Paliente: did someone at Melbourne put a firecracker up Watts or something?
spudmania: montagna what a quarter!
MontyJnr: milne got 3 goals in the quarter. auto-superman
Jamesy: About time Watts showed his talent
Hirdy_FC: Tapscott 25+ would be good... I need him to outscore Mzungu
Dangermaus: go Joey - u bloody legend
kahn: who is would ya?
Floor: never thought i'd see the flame on green
Hydra911: magpie28 - they dont miss anything mate.
Magpie28: Roo in the ruck around the ground a bit too
HughJorgan: On come on would ya!!
Dangermaus: Hirdy_FC Mzungu is listed as the sub for today, so he'll probably only get a quarter unless there's an injury
Impromptu: Go Evans, need a new cashcow
rodallegaa: good stuff watts
spudmania: everyday im shuffling.. lol jks im tapscott, everyday im pulling hamstrings..
Magpie28: @Hyrda... they missed 2 tackles there though
Grazz: Monty luvs playing the Dee's. seems to go big everytime.
Jamesy: lets hope freo gets an injury and puts mzungu on
Thebiggf: Glad I left tappy on the bench
FiveStar: love my life! put $10 on schnider to beat davey and .... N. JONES!
Hydra911: @magpie28 They NEVER miss anything. A full review of the game is done constantly. They obviously werent good enough.
dt2011: shower call spudmania
standogga1: no wonder your name is spudmania, probably the worst joke ive heard in my life
remon tea: too early to trade in mzungu tbh
TheSalt: need big game from gilbert this week
Hirdy_FC: @ Dangermaus I know but knowing my luck Mzungu will be a tank
Magpie28: Had a choice of Duigan or Tappy using DPPs and went Tappy... not happy
HughJorgan: looking forward to the Bombers tonite would ya
tubs78: What happened to tapscott
Scratchy: Hope tapscott's SC can stay in the 30s.
Magpie28: @Hydra... one was after a hit out on the wing, another was good enough to dispossess Sylvia
spudmania: in case u guys havent noticed, i AM trying to get a spud next to name... lol
commish: Would have to be a Bombers fan
luke14: how much money is tapscott going to loose
HughJorgan: Tapscott hammie would ya
Jamesy: tapscott 33<3
FantasyBoy: now watch tapscott's sc score change as he does nothing
spiff: they miss stuff all the time
Hirdy_FC: Tappy 33 sweet. I'm pretty happy with that.
MontyJnr: tapscott's 33 will only go down from here
sam25: tappy 33 sc thankk god lets hope they bump him up to 40 plus at least he will maintain his price
Hydra911: @magpie I don't define what constitutes a tackle. If you're unhappy, talk to Champion Data, or maybe they'll pick it l8r
lukew55: tappy made his BE flower yeaaah
demons13: to prove that the 1st qtr scores are inflated, watch tappys sc score go down
HughJorgan: Go Bombers would ya!!
Touchdown: Tapscott's BE was 36 so he won't drop too much.
MontyJnr: tapscott will end up on 15 sc or so at the end
TheSalt: well tapscotts either pulled his hammy or he hasnt...theres not often a return to game after such injury
hiltzy79: tappys sc will 25 or less by the end of the game
judd3votes: the sc scores are not the same. i can personally guarantee that at half time tapscott will not be on 33
ratten: Tappy to Goodes this week. Phew!
Thebiggf: Tappy sc will go down quater time scores all ways do so happy his keeping my bench warm this week
Magpie28: @Hydra... all I said was they missed them. Not picking on anyone, they just missed them is all
Harvey29: loving the work of Goddard, Moloney + Roo.
imoldgregg: Divide quarter time scores by 2, that is the net result... works every time
sam25: i remember once sandilands got like 10 sc points in a quarter after being subbed off so who knows
Jake9: tapppy to i smith then attley to mzungu later on in the year hurley to shaw
dt2011: spud for michael newton
13r1n0: Yeah Montagna 67 SC!!
TheSalt: yeah i have to concur...the 1st qtr is no real SC indication
Hydra911: Quarter time SC scores are about 37% too high.
xumtinlong: no need to trade Tapscott - just wait for Didak to drop abit more
lukew55: tappy to chappy next week
Magpie28: Considering Tappy's gone down, I could use the points!
kade44: flame for sylva
hiltzy79: flame 4 maloney
Hydra911: @magpie and im saying they didnt...because they didnt. have a good life.
HughJorgan: Commish - tapscott tore a hammie would ya!
Madsnake: GOddard is in for a ripper
remon tea: montagna DT looking solid :)
Blueboys36: Agree Hydra, always high 1st 1/4!!!
sam25: hold on is tappy a mpp?
underdog11: at least mo0ntagna C
lukew55: give tappy the tombstone he looks dead
jack8: fyfe straight in next week
commish: ?
HughJorgan: Strap Tapscott to a plank and take a photo of him would ya!
Thebiggf: Tone up Goddard roo, fisher n sylivia
gdshifty: hydra still has broughton lol
Dangermaus: good boy Goddard, keep it up
schezza: i had tappy as C this week knowing the ball will be down their bakline heaps! FML!
rodallegaa: finally goddard s getting amognst it
happyhippo: jason blake=star
HughJorgan: Tapscott is lying on the ground planking - he is not injured!!
capt_jerk: come on montag captainnnnnnnn
irockatso: wtf happen to tappy
lukew55: wtf stkilda refuse to pass the ball to roo
tylrdurden: circle work today boys
spudmania: @schezza: u are a sh*t talker mate. what do u think we're f*ckheads or something?
The Bomber: Wtf...they drop mcevoy for blake and this is how he plays...
happyhippo: i plaked my bed for 10 hours last night
migman19: Is bailey taking a photo of tapscott while hes planking on the ground?
dt2011: why is there always randomly 10 +0's? get with it m0nty...
Steelers7: wee goal
whale: davey is a spud. the sub has more points then a supposed 'leader' of the mfc
TheBaron: Tapscott out with severe constipation
kah_kah: flame up the god man!
migman19: Give Tappy the planking icon??
preki1: roo kicks it
FantasyBoy: lift dal santo
TheSalt: bit of bad luck for tappy with a lot of coaches im sure
kahn: is winmar gonna show us his nipple if they win today?
Thebiggf: Flame Goddard mont
Tobes84: flower yeah roo!!!! famous win for the saints we can all remember for one hour before we all die!
sam25: lol hapyhippo i think we all did
kade44: give sylvia flame 11 poits in 6 mins
Dangermaus: happy with this game so far, Roo, Goddard, Montags, Sylvia & Martin
chaosrules: aaron davey still cant escape the tag in indigenous, cmon ross give him a break
Bombers11: got Montagna Captain good choice
HughJorgan: Plank him up would ya!
migman19: Winmar nipple icon?
underdog11: monty give goddard the flame for the first time this year
lukew55: lol@davey
MontyJnr: do the dees have a tagger?
Thebiggf: My players making up for bartel last night
JRiewodlt8: big leap by stef martin
fezza: why do people care and ask for their players to be flamed? it doesnt make them any better
Tobes84: lol migman19 nice
Dtkingv2.1: Good work roo
pk-06: montagna is killing it!
demons13: migman19: nipple icon?
TheSalt: @dangermaus - s.martin is a superstar, natural athlete (hardly a ruckman) still he's a good footballer
gc4life: montags!!!! lovin the work mate
FiveStar: give montagna cape
ScootD: monty gonna smash out a huge score this wk
meziare: Risked Monty captain and it's paying off!
chaosrules: swanny better carve up, was going to go monty as captain
Bombers11: Evans looking good for a first gamer
wally2g: ffs sylvia
Mudrat_4: glad i threw tappy to the bench this week
Jamesy: Watts vs Riewoldt
moorey21: C Judd 3 Votes
sainter11: Gwilt..loving it
OhYeah===>: Get Gran from Angry Boys to start coaching AFL
MarcMurphy: Eliminator opponent has Milne... wtff
Thebiggf: Sucked into ppl who have traded Goddard out this game may get him back in form for rest of the yr
pk-06: good game for DT
Tobes84: demons13, nicky winmar's famous stand against racism at vic park where he took his top off and pointed to his chest
BoredSaint: imagine if peake got flamed.. oh the horror
TheSalt: @marc murphy - yeah my eliminator had Carazzo a few weeks back scored 123 i lost the round to him..couldnt believe it
dt2011: Michael Evans looks like he has played more then 100 games he is a star...
demons13: ahhh yes how could i forget?!
underdog11: 100 at half time for monty
lukew55: roo=gun
Bunghole42: If peake flames = hot potato
OhYeah===>: Plank Icon= Raph Clarke
MarcMurphy: Hahaa. I have Carazzo :)
kah_kah: falming up the GODMAN has made him HUNGRY FOR DT POINTS
lukew55: can davey overtake tappy score?
Dangermaus: The Jizz is on fire!
MontyJnr: dean bailey's the worst coach, letting montag do what he wants
sainter11: goddard and gwilt, loving it...lets get two quick ones sainters
kade44: stop montagna stop
sam25: yes go goddard go go go go go
buddytrain: yes it does fezza, the runner looks at fanfooty and goes and tells the players if they've been flamed!
Mills93: thank god goddard remembers how to play football!
sainter11: monty tonne by half?
underdog11: cape for montagna
OhYeah===>: So many points for Saints, yet little goals
TheSalt: it was the Mon night vs Saints - last game of the round, I was....quite...amused
Tobes84: brilliant bunghole!!!
lukew55: goddard dominating
kade44: yess goddard HES BACK BOYSS
TheSalt: go montagna!!! woot woot
mfwb17: on track for the 1/2 timw ton
Thebiggf: My four players in this game flames up happy bout that might make up for bartel
Bigal12: who the flower is on montagna
Pettiger: Lots traded out Goddard this week - silly, silly, silly.
oldshepp: I can't believe I shuffled my team around and brought Tappy on the field. I should be able to sub Krak on for his injury
sainter11: kozi concussion - icon m0nty
Dangermaus: If Montagna gets over 80 by the end of this quarter he deserves a superman!
Mills93: michael evans the next michael barlow hopefully! hope he doesn't become a gysberts of last season though
Tobes84: jesus Joey with the cape already and the comment sensational 2nd quarter.... still half a term remaining
freaks: why would you trade out goddard still averages over 100 in SC haha morons
BoredSaint: who goaled?
Ravalle: would be having a great game if i could of got tapscott off the field have top three for saints and sylvia
Tobes84: i admit i benched goddard this week... thank you lonergan for not playing!
Chucky2010: How bad is Tappys hammy? How many weeks are we talking?
baked: is evans actyally playing really well?
TheSalt: according to the cape obviously Bizarros is playing on Monty
masterhc2: bloody tapscott. opponent has roo and sylvia + duigan last night. not good
Tobes84: ray goals btw
sainter11: @bored saint - farren
Hazardous: Monty was on the trade table up until now...:)
Thebiggf: There was no point trading out god his price had stopes so much always keep faith in premiums
RooBoy: Montagna captain :)
kade44: carn sylvia break the half ton
BURNER72: Is Evans Rookie Listed?
Davey_4_PM: Montagna Repaying the Faith :D Whos this Michael Evans? Seems to be doing good
Fenno: Evans has done some poor things but you expect that from a first gamer. Overall though playing pretty well
Steelers7: good evans
sam25: green just goaled from goal square hope robbie warnock is watching
mfwb17: Jack Watts has found his niche...
MontyJnr: evans the next barlow? hasn't even played a half of football yet lol
SJ=Freak: some people are so stupid why trade out proven premium starts of SC idiots
sainter11: Kozi back on..seems ok
BoredSaint: thanks. god im so happy. got montagna, roo, god, and tappy was on the bench
remon tea: dal santo needs to be put back on ball
TheSalt: goddard sure lost some coin but last year Gilbert one of best backs in comp..hope to see return to form
xumtinlong: Tappy's 4-6 weeks
theblitz: evans 91k in SC seems a good downgrade target
Hazardous: Evans = Another fine product of the Claremont Football Club :)
kaisasosai: God needs 180 to BE u muppets. He will go back to shower again next week
sam25: excatly monty jnr there may never be another barlow
Mills93: coincidence that barlow and evans share the same first name? dont think so
rodallegaa: what position is evans in sc???
beamen: greeeenyyy
Lionman: hahaha give davey spud for that missed mark
BuddyMagic: montatna dt points yeah baby good for eliminator
sainter11: clinton :d
Hazardous: Mantag going backwards :(
Memph: Go Voldt and Goddard, but someone please stop Montagna
MarcMurphy: m0nty, the pictures you have on some players' profiles are soo..... weird..
kade44: got gddard roo and sylvia :)
beamen: it ain't easy being green
woofy: lets go sipossssssssssssssss
Steelers7: Davey????
Thebiggf: God is back
sydwce: i got gods, montagna and rooo :)
Pettiger: Goddards BE does not matter if you are keeping him muppet.
elvundir: Sylvia lift.. need you at the top of the list
Impromptu: come on Monty..u owe SC/Dt owners for last week
TheSalt: according to TAC cup SC scores for 2010 Ben Jacobs (mid/def) was ranked 2nd - its his 2nd game this week worth watching
demons13: watts has been pretty solid since melbourne's bye
tylrdurden: newton mupprt
underdog11: wtf montagna
boostboy: Muppet!!
remon tea: newton muppet :P
Jackster: newton muppet
Tobes84: i have a theory - roo and goddard play well = st kilda play well??
dt2011: muppet for newton
pk-06: newton for muppet, what a horrible miss
mfwb17: Davey and Jurrah - not the round to be quiet
sainter11: Sippppppppa!
Steelers7: game over
Hazardous: St Kilda aren't really playing that well
swansagun: davey cant handle a tag.
LeFtBehinD: Can we get an Abo icon for this round?
piccollo: Tappy still got more than davey
MarcMurphy: Pedersen has 6 in VFL.. near end of third quartrer
remon tea: Tobes, you are a genius ;)
SJ=Freak: muppet newton
Hazardous: Soked that tappy was my reserve:)
sainter11: dempster...hit in head aswell
BoredSaint: just give siposs the gun. he is just a gun
Tobes84: well maybe play better - not necessarily well... hard to guage since I can't watch this match
Aaron1976: come on Sylvia 1 more tackle before half time
bakez33: haha holding on to god is paying off for once
Bunghole42: I have another theory.... Melbourne are poo
BoredSaint: sub off kosi and play cripps
sainter11: one more before half sainters...preferably to monty
dt2011: i reckon daniel harris would be a good downgrade to evans.
Ravalle: smart one leftbehind
Blues_FC: @LeFtBehinD: hope you're banned
remon tea: moloney carving up the centre clearancess
HughJorgan: Yes Goddard would ya!
boostboy: Can we get a redneck icon for LeFtBehinD!?
RogerTwose: I can't see Evans doing this every week.
Dangermaus: will be very happy if martin gets to 90 again today!
LeFtBehinD: What? Apart from the obvious ones some people dont know who all the indigenous players are...
daverudder: ricky pettard looks like lee harvey oswalds twin brother!!!
Dangermaus: yes Joey - 2 x 40pt quarters, what a star!
Memph: Someone please stop Tags!
Jamesy: Half of Melbourne have the flame
sainter11: monty 85 atleast by half mate? haha
AirCanada: majak dawes just kicked a goal from 50 on the boundry
Tobes84: leftbehind, you could have used a less racist term...
Thebiggf: Fisher is just a scoring machine
HughJorgan: Looks like Montagna could get 200 today would ya
Loose: Nice - have the top 4 saints
Hemmings29: brawlsssssssssss
Flicka: about bloody time riewoldt & goddard are doing something
Lionman: how is the abrevation of aboriginal racist? god some people are precious
sydwce: i had the 1st pick for the purple name game :)
Thebiggf: A lot of tones this game
Tobes84: st kilda have won two second quarters this eyar - round five and this round
keithy: wow monty, jizz, godd, and nick nice :D oh n tappy...
Flicka: oh shower tapscott hammy what a planker. did it look like a bad hammy injury?
HughJorgan: Yes he will be planking in the CBD for the next few weeks would ya
sydwce: i have montagna, goddard, tapscott in dt and riewoldt and goddard in sc :D need monts and god to make up for tappscot :)
blueboyscj: they may not be back but at least their scorers are :D
living21: wonka
boostboy: "Abbo" is no more an "abbreviation" for Aborigine than "N*gger" is easier to say than "Negro"
gdshifty: whose this Evans bloke?
Ferg720: boostboy's all over it. it's not about being precious, it's about not being a racist flowerwit
HughJorgan: stop being racist boostboy would ya
Memph: Nice work statisticians, keep Monty going backwards
Flicka: This Michael Evans is doing real well, must keep a eye on him in round 10
keithy: yehh calling me aussie is racist...
Lionman: was about to say the same thing keithy
Tobes84: agree boostboy. I get he was trying to abbreviate it but unfortunately its an offensive term
Dangermaus: gonna need Sylvia to junk it up a bit this half
waston4: boys
boostboy: No it's not. "Aussie" is referencing what coountry you come from, not the colour of your skin. Not racist
waston4: got the top 3 for saints :)
merger: Milne for the icicle
keithy: its a joke mate
Toddler: Evans has a hard month coming up though- Carl, Ess, Coll, Frem. Take his scores with a grain of salt for a while
HughJorgan: Stop banging on about it Boostboy. Stop being racist would ya!
Lionman: but if abo=aboriginal then doesn't that mean that calling someone and aboriginal is raciest
Khunt1vote: Finger out Colon!
BlueGlory: how is abo refering to colour of ones skin?
OhYeah===>: If you want racism, watch Angry Boys
Thebiggf: Ppl banging on bout Evans score look who I'd top for them lol
briggs00: What do you wanna be called then? Tell us how to abviate it please?
demons13: evans 39
BlueGlory: who the hell is michael evans
sainter11: sylvia -4 at half time?
jozz: silvia -4 pts =]
Bigal86: aussie isnt racist neither is abo neither is nip or pom they're all just shortened words for what country you come from
HughJorgan: Evans is a Melbourne player would ya
TheSalt: asians and aborigines are as racist as we are, its life - stop being politically correct its Australia on America
Jake9: tappys sc went down wtf
standogga1: tappy's SC 33 down to 19 lol
Tobes84: tappy down to 19 = fmdt :(
merger: Goddard is coming into the 00's again
jezion: so glad i got evans in this week
Ferg720: if you don't understand why abo is racist literally kill yourself
MontyJnr: i thought tapscott would get 15, he'll be lucky to get 10 :|
HughJorgan: dont take too much notice of the scores posted here would ya
kreuze_mis: Tapscott didnt even make SC breakeven FFS.
Bigal86: @TheSalt too true mate
keyboard: evans is he son of Tony Evans, premiership midfielder/forward for West Coast?
Jimmy40: ugh... kids who say "would ya"
Thebiggf: 219 fm 4 at harf time not to bad
elvundir: how inconsiderate of tappy to do his hammy so early in the game
Rated_RKO: tappy will still go down wont he ?
Thebiggf: Stoked tappy on my bench this week
HughJorgan: tappy will go down a little - yes would ya
TheSalt: @bigal - ahh it showers me, ya cant say shizzle now days,ausies have always prefered nicknames we dont mean anything by
skystyler: good 2 c goddard and St. Nick getting some points 4 a change
Madsnake: tappy's new score is about 170k
BuddyMagic: yes he will go down
jozz: tony evans was such an underratted player 5goals in his 2 grand finals
BuddyMagic: time to trade tapscott
HughJorgan: Tappy's gone planking for the afternoon would ya!!!
BuddyMagic: ive got roo and godd thank god they get some points for me
TheSalt: its just our laconic nature. I dared have a dig at the umps on this site (which is part of footy) & got canned :)
boostboy: What's this "Would ya" thing everyone's doing?
Thebiggf: Tappy was my bench cover. To mzUngu depending on how he goes today
benj: watts finding his feet? averaged 70 odd last three weeks and again today. Even better in SC
Ferg720: @thesalt you brave man, daring to attack an umpire on this website using racial epithets
DoorKnob: i knew as soon as i benched green he'd bang ot a good score, oh well will stop leaking cash at least
skystyler: Fisher playing on ball today as a makeshift ruckman? why? you got Kosi and Blake to do that.
HughJorgan: What do you mean boostboy would ya?
rodallegaa: yeah goddard. hes back!
Peterdean: tapscott is gonna lose about 20k
Lionman: better be careful salt. some on here may thing calling an umpire "ump" is racist.
OhYeah===>: Even the dead are planking too, they have no choice
Flicka: yes TAPPY will drop as his BE score is 58 DT & 46 SC
sainter11: saints need 2 quick ones in the first couple of minutes...would love roo to get em both
kahn: what is would ya?
HughJorgan: Better not refer to Indigenous round as Indy Round would ya!
FlyinHigh: fellas are the saints back?
sewellgood: Cmon surely HT is over..
Thebiggf: How a that help u flicka
HughJorgan: will ya wont ya would ya!
Clark U: Cmon goddard want 140+ from u
TheBigDog : huge half Colin
sainter11: roo, mont, god, 100+ and gwilt 80 plus...i'll be happy
skystyler: watts has been the dees best so far.
merger: Gysberts Scully Trengrove Grimes
kahn: monty what is this wouldya thing?
remon tea: love having montags, roo, godd in DT :p
skystyler: all class Schneids.
Hazardous: Winmar is a spud
Clark U: Remon tea this is the first week u can say that
switch200: @ remon tea - same as me! haha loving it
leobertos: del santo you're killing me!!
Khunt1vote: So where's all the tards who've been canning Watts for the last two years?
remon tea: unfortunately your probably right clark :3
dusty m: davey by by
Steelers7: Juice
BlueGlory: one good game from watts doesnt mean shower
falcooons: im so glad after all this time that i kept goddard
elvundir: @khunt we're still here, 1 good game in 2 years isnt something to brag about you loser
HughJorgan: Come on Kahn you know what it means would ya!
masterhc2: come on dal santo
dusty m: sub dawson
Khunt1vote: He was good last week as well tool.
kahn: the indigenous boys showing how much indigenous round means to them
sainter11: wtf saints..WTF
BlueGlory: if watts is your saviour then you need to rethink your life
Lions08: winmar will chuck on the red vest
elvundir: 2 good games, wow.. staggering
ratten: wtf is NDS doing?
barlow=god: get a move on sylvia
Dilen: nick reiwoldt u bloody llgend of chun g
remon tea: ripper game this
dusty m: true but he is doing shower ok
Bigal12: khunt1vote is a kn0bhead
Lionman: watts isnt that bad, its just there were alot of good players picked after him in the draft
Memph: Voldt on fire :P
masterhc2: any danger of you doing something nds?
Harvey29: Moloney, Goddard + Riewoldt... keep going you superstars!!
Tobes84: ah here's the saints we all know and love :(
da bosh ka: dad get off dream team yes its joshua here can see u on dt y r u on it so Much
remon tea: goddard moved into the guts! about time :)
Luke919: cmon saintsssss i've got you in gauntlet this week
MarcMurphy: Pedersen 8 goals in VFL... nearing end of game.
Dilen: goodard and reiwoldt! bak in form!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
G-Rat: ohhhhh not again
sewellgood: What the saints that are square with the Dees???
Dangermaus: Junktime please Sylvia, a few crucial goals wouldn't hurt either
CamT: @da bosh ka - give your dad a break
gards: bloody hell, where has this evans bloke come from?
merger: Milne for the icicle
dusty m: true dilen
leobertos: NDS pretty much cost me 2 matches this week!
waston4: comon saints
demons13: this is far from junktime guys...
OhYeah===>: Saints won most of their close games last year, not this year
sainter11: couple more please saints
sainter11: top 4 sainters..lovin it
Bosaltico: Icycle Davey m0nty
Memph: Hmm i'm calling a draw
ratten: NDS has to come good again. Ripple effect from Hayes injury
OhYeah===>: Oh hello Polo
Aaron1976: come on Sylvia please
Magicsmell: The Evans bandwagon is warming up. get on it
irockatso: its so funny when a learner is has the best score for a team
Bazzooka: you beauty, got montag,roo and gwilt....smash it boys
Davo75: Dangermaus you are flower/shower, no junk time when it's close you pillick!
G-Rat: montag, where are you
Dangermaus: has Joey touched it this quarter ???
dannyboy94: carn colin!
sainter11: winmar injury...
dt2011: michael evans to be michael barlows debut dream team score?
damo2468: Michael Evans i want you
Luke919: still glad i traded reiwoldt out for buddy, would rather have buddy any day
sainter11: joeys been quiet..he'll blast next qtr though
Harvey29: i cant believe hardly anyone has Moloney... he is in the best form of his career
underdog11: get of ur ass montagna
XNefreyuX: NDS into the mids might work Lyon
Scratchy: keep stopping montagna.
underdog11: montagna!
Nigey95: evans and god keeping me happy :)
Memph: God has answered my prayers in two ways. Stopped Monty and started scoring
jack8: roo about to take off
ScootD: Evans is rock bottom price too, $80k
Dangermaus: bwhahaha my eliminator opponent has Tapscott, Pittard and NDS.... classic
bart3l: i love how people have been bagging goddard all season, now he starts playing well and all of a sudden
rodallegaa: cmon goddard!!
bart3l: he's everyones favourite player..
boof12: Luke919- so glad u traded out roo. u idiot
Philnc: Trashcan on montagna please Monty
korza: Polo now tagging Gysberts tag Molony Lyon you flowerwit
Sewelly07: who is this evans kid?
BURNER72: Pederson 8 goals in the VFL
gards: Watss starting to look like a no.1 draft pick!
JRiewodlt8: lol at daveys score
gc4life: @philnc your retarded mate!!
jack8: tapy still better than davey and he has been off the ground since the 15 minute mark of qtr 1 - davey your a cat
OhYeah===>: put cripps on!!
Crustynuts: I did well trading Reiwoldt to Sylvia 3 weeks ago
sainter11: winmar ac - will return - according to doc
G-Rat: trashcan? their is only 5 points in it
MeetNova: evans another fine product of claremont fc
Sewelly07: burner72 nth melbourne are stupid
underdog11: motagna
Paliente: Peds has only played 2 games this season? North are a joke
Philnc: Evans is the new Barlow!!!!
twsherrin: Any chance NDS could get amongst it
Jackster: davey for spud?
masterhc2: come on dal santo
Hazardous: Micheal "Barlow" Evans
Archer11: @sewelly07 evans played WAFL colts last year
elvundir: C'mon Sylvia!!! 117 mate!
Aaron1976: yes ! come on sylvia get to 80 by 3/4 time
korza: Sylvia the cape
bart3l: had evans from the start, my cousin plays for the dees and raved about him
Scratchy: stop Montagna.
sainter11: play the game saints
OhYeah===>: Dawson for spud
wayo: carn sylvia u lad
thebestHT: raise it joey
FantasyBoy: dal santo's first touch since half time
Vandosa: Dal - make a move you soft apple danish
Bigal86: c'mon nicky dal! lift!
FiveStar: why hasnt the high tackle that sylvia did count?
Bazzooka: carv em a new hole montagna
Paliente: Peake normally has the spud icon by now
ciggers: who's got the most possies and goals?
Buddyman: Montagna raises the bat!
ratten: whoa whoa NDS take it easy killer
da bosh ka: or else what?
wayo: carn goddard
MeetNova: evans played at my junior club watching him break his leg in their final was shocking, great to see him playing again
Harvey29: give moloney the star
bart3l: @FiveStar - solid english there champ
Bazzooka: pick it up gwilt and roo....
Fenno: Why do people say stuff like "Evans is the new Barlow" there will only be ever 1 barlow nobody else will come close
OhYeah===>: Saints are playing like last week
Hassoubi: Or else utli uu teezek!
pezhawks23: c'mon gilbert get to 100
Clark U: Fenno u dont know that
Philnc: Give Evans the cape Monty... And montagna the muppet
ScootD: that's not something to brag about bat3l. U had Evans sittin on ur bench doing nothing for 8 rnds instead of making cash
sainter11: montyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
keithy: yes mont
proud_lion: calvin was spot on with montagna haha, onya calvin
underdog11: leigh montagna u star flowerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
T-HeaveHo: hey what is the record for possesions by riewoldt?
jack8: whisper - fisher to be subbed
Clark U: Sylvia +43 in a quater
dusty m: mg mont 100 dt
waston4: happy i kept goddard
bart3l: @ ScootD ...touche
pezhawks23: geez i hate both these teams i hop its a draw
falcooons: im loving goddard riewoldt and sylvia but tapscott is injured
remon tea: good quarter for sylvia
Buddyman: MONTAGNa!
sainter11: god and roo 90+ by 3qtr? and gwilt 80+ please?
Rommas: My man Monty is making it up for Tapscotts score!!!!!!!!
BoredSaint: is roo in the ruck? cause i like that
FlyinHigh: is goddard back?!
OhYeah===>: Sylvia and Moloney get more than Goddard, but GO SAINTS!
elvundir: go sylvia you champion
waston4: how do u get into png
sainter11: Oh thing you've done...!
T-HeaveHo: everyone has sylvia now mad-dog
underdog11: leigh mo
spiff: massive dt scores this week
lilfrodo: go sylvia
mr king: i put mzungu in my 22 instead of tapscott should pay off
sainter11: Unlucky nick
pezhawks23: sh*ta. montagna is gonna get 150 +
underdog11: montagna 138 i sed from the start
hintos: yes evans you champ
BURNER72: I dont, I actually brought in chapman :-D
Bazzooka: looking good, got n roo,montag,gwilt
keithy: what happened jizz man
JRiewodlt8: riewoldt +riewodlt 100 at 3qtr time
dusty m: 130 sc at q3 for mont
Bazzooka: montagna gunna smash it this week.....
Wild Thing: Highest debut score is what and by who??
underdog11: montagna is so good
jayrox: Hurrah most overrated player AFL
buddytrain: evans awesome for dt but s.h.i.t for sc
Philnc: Monty mustn't be here... There is no way he'd give montagna the gun when all his possies have been junk
korza: +48 so far for Sylvia this qtr
BadBoyBen: NDS do something please
sainter11: @bazzooka, I got the same - loving gwilts game
thesmasher: montagna massive qtr 41 pts so far this qtr
Thebiggf: Tone up roo, god, fisher, n sylvia
T-HeaveHo: yeah might bring in sylvia as my last forward
wayo: goddard finall paying us all back a favour in dt
underdog11: highest debut score jaxson barham 143 against brisbane
keithy: barlow prbs
ShowerTime: I'm in love with Joey right now
lap9: barlow got 100 and something last year
Lions08: there is a difference between evans and barlow, evans is 18, barlow was in his mid 20s
commish: I reckon Jarryd Morton got a big one for Hawthorn on debut
FiveStar: barlow got like 120+ last year in his first game, id say that woulda been the highest
mr king: @ wild thing could it be barlow?
jayrox: 128 barlow
ratten: NDS get outta my team NOW!
dusty m: :-()
thedaveyb: wild thing i remember bradd dalziell getting a pretty big score on debut for brissy
Licca09: IMO the SC scores won't b as high as a lot are thinking...Pretty high possesion game so will be an even spread.
BURNER72: gotto check on my roast pork and scalloped potatoes
dyl_2: joey loves playin the dees
spudmania: Barlow got 145 in his first game..
underdog11: dalziel got 134
gards: montags in for a big one here
underdog11: its not barlow
cohzee: flower where did sylvia come from, i checked 10 mins ago and he was low
mfwb17: lost the PNG comfortably
bakez33: absolutely thrilled with joey, godd and sylvia!!! and my freo boys in the other game pitty bout tappy... but im happy :D
Philnc: Evans is way better than jaxson barham. You must be a collingwood supporter.
barlow=god: its a good feeling when you have 3 players in this game and goddard is the lowest :)
briggs00: Beau mutton got 120 odd sc on debut dunno what he scored dt though
OhYeah===>: Nintendo DS is still worse than Nick Dal Santo
BenW: Happy day, Frawley has more than NDS! YES!
big M+: y didnt they sub off winmar
commish: hate the tang
buddytrain: barlow got 598 in his 1st game
russs13: can melbourne hurry up and drop aaron davey
Luke919: screwwww youuuuuu reiwolldddttt keeeeep goooingnggg goddardddddddd
totwotoo: Barlow was 22 on debut...
underdog11: barlow was not even close to the highest debut
m_zulian: finally. my 3 key saints montagna, riewoldt, goddard are playing well in the same week
Pendlez10: top 3 saints players woohoo... get up melbourne!
pezhawks23: wtf buddytrain no he didnt
underdog11: montagna captian
elmazi: montagna you little legend
commish: kosi
Davey_4_PM: @Barlow=God Agreed :)
remon tea: @m_zulian, think that applies for everyone including me
Hazardous: St Kilda are a shower team, only beating a shower side by 2 goals
m_zulian: never considered trading out goddard
dannyboy94: pezhawks23, pretty sure he's joking champ
bart3l: jack watts pulling the wool over everyones eyes
HotTiges: anyone starting Tapscott??
waston4: same here pendlez10
theblitz: evans 58 sc
Thebiggf: Need fisher to tone up n my four players all have the century
m_zulian: own up! who traded out goddard this week?
big M+: hazardous i go for saints ur right their a shower team this year dees alright but lyon not coach for club
mophead222: who was it that said montagna will have 120 SC at 3QT?
Harvey29: 100+ from moloney would be fantastic
ImSoHood: dean polo dreamtime medal on debut!
mophead222: goood guess
eagles9294: sylvia, tnx i just traded you in this week :)
mrpotato: evans...shower sc score
russs13: why is evans so low?
eckert09: never once considered trainging goddard beause no one to trade to
ShowerTime: Nice Joey. Making up for Tappy
Pendlez10: @watson4 isn't it sweet :)
Aaron1976: will Montagna score 150+ ?
eagles9294: Mcgough, anzac day medal on debut
Rated_RKO: why cant montagna get injured or something.... dfhknfdhknn
jayrox: What's goddards DT breakeven pls
gards: Evans must be burning hte ball judging by his SC score
NewFreoFan: I started Tapscott, but Siposs was my only other option so while the result is bad, the decision was inevitable
buddytrain: i bet monty changes monty to the star by the end of the game
NunnyOwns: Damn tapscott -_-
Hazardous: Junk it up Montag and roo ;)
Marcz: slowwwwwww down joey
BoredSaint: i saw montagnas score and jizzed in my pants
jayrox: Evens missing targets
theblitz: evans lots of clangers and free kick against hence poor sc score
m_zulian: ecker109. good point. defenders are doing crap anyways. he is a keeper for a reason
ratten: god be 141 in dt
MrMonstah: @Hazzardous not sure if i'd quite call it junk time yet mate.
HotTiges: @bartel - not in SC.. wool is well above my eyes
waston4: @pendlez10 its flowerin grouse
IfYouSaySo: wow Kossie had 14 points 3 minutes in
gravenger: cmon sylvia, need a killer Q4!
HotTiges: anyone do Goddard > Fisher??
falcooons: @jayrox 150
pie wazza: EAgles9294 Mcgough did not win the Anzac medal on debut he played a season before that
keithy: yay nick
Libo: Nice one Davey
gravenger: too serious site gave montag the tick for capt of rnd, wish I had him
Lionman: lol @ davey
underdog11: roo
StAnselm: Evans is having the best debut since Brlo
StAnselm: *Barlow
shredR: Good Gooddard/Gilbert! Crack the SC ton please.. Tapscott has killed me though :(
Jackster: davey muppet
Don Gibson: davey muppet please monty
dusty m: whos pendlez10
gards: nice roo
ScootD: Rooooooooo
Jamesy: flowering melbourne
Memph: Woah Riewoldt - NICE
waston4: riewoldt is a legend
BoredSaint: rrrrrroooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
gravenger: flower you roo!
soak: joey (c) revolt, god and my man lower is killing it
buddytrain: theres the heart icon, but what about an icon for someone really soft like davey?
thebestHT: who is lids?
Grazz: Finally getting rewarded for having Mont god and Roo
proud_lion: lol at dr dream team telling us to trade riewoldt the other week
sainter11: riewoldt! saints! woop
BoredSaint: keeping the faith is one of the hardest skills to master in SC
Madsnake: roo can go eat a very large choad
HughJorgan: Looks like an early coaching career for Bailey would ya
sainter11: sippo - cripps
budbundy: Go you good thing Gwilt!
NewFreoFan: dr dreamteam fails hard on a weekly basis
rootopia: amen@grazz
CatsFan: put the sock c0ck icon on davey
bigadz: who is lids?
Grazz: Evans looks like a cash cow, going very well for an L Plater.
CatsFan: put the soft c0ck icon on davey
dusty m: goddard over 100 supercoach at full time
OhYeah===>: Cripps speed better help
thebestHT: are dids and lids the same person?
mossssssy: mixed emotions, 4 highest scorers in the game and tappy :/
Dilen: noda dusty m
the 29ers: gilbert 2 points off his highest score of the year :)
Lionman: be careful on evans, could be another gysberts
dusty m: davey has to get 90 suercoach at full time our by by
ImSoHood: does that mean Duigan is "Digs"??
dt2011: stefan martin only doing well because his there only ruckman coz of jamar injury
jayrox: Evans icicle
budbundy: Anyone know if Stefan martin is dustin martins brother?
barlow=god: sylvia, goddard and riewoldt fighting it out for the biggest score. makes me happy :D
Grazz: @rootopia they say all good things come to those that wait,maybe it is true mate.
HughJorgan: Dean Bailey assistant coach at Tigers next year would ya!
Bigal86: c'mon dal santo! junk it up :D
soak: a couple of goals for Joey would be nice for my capt.
tracey2112: If there are so many flames for Melbourne,why aren't they winning?!!
Thebiggf: Tone up fisher n I'll b stoked
the 29ers: gotta love having all top 4 saints :D
Nigey95: cripps for 50+ SC :)
Jumbos: who gives out the flames here? are they watching the same game as me??
OhYeah===>: CRIPPS!!!!!!! Workin it well
dannyboy94: colin is a lovely guy
Bosaltico: Heart symbol for Riewoldt?
mrpotato: goddards back
bert1: whoop monty like it should have put your skipper
Steelers7: Juice
dusty m: spud to davey agrey
judd3votes: lol wasnt milne on 38 at qtr time?
howe2591: thebiggf not happy with fishers phisique??
Marcz: pfft thats not back
bert1: evens looks like a player l watch him for sc
Jumbos: Dean Bailey gorn bye byes
dusty m: goddard to tone up today
tylrdurden: goddard just has to remember to kick it thoguh
Harvey29: LIFT Moloney
Madsnake: @Jumbos the flames are given to players who are likely to crack the ton
OhYeah===>: Milne is unpredictable
mrpotato: s. martin was a great cash cow. up 177k this year now melbs #1 ruckman for a month too
dt2011: aaron davey is a gun, should never deserve the potato, only playing bad today gosh give the guy a break!
proud_lion: goddard ton!
sainter11: cmon gwiltyy 85 min and goddard, smash that tonne! tell those people who thought you were useless!
BadBoyBen: 15 this Q so far for NDS keep it up
mrpotato: magnifying glass for rowboat milne
BoredSaint: WHY SUB OFF SIPOSS? he was part of our structure D:
Hawkatack: flames only indicate player is on track to score SC 100 you pack of tossers
Dilen: goddard and reiwoldt are back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HughJorgan: The Saints could still lose this - they have been doing it all year would ya
Buddyman: Voldt raised the bat for the first time this year... only took a couple months
bootle23: who traded goddard out this week?
OhYeah===>: Sub off Dawson, biggest SPUD around!
BoredSaint: 1 more goal and saints are home.. but 1 more for dees and its game on :(
buddytrain: @dt2011.... its not that he's playing bbad it's his attitude that is s.h.i.t house
Buddyman: Goddard tonnes for the second time this year!
Prospector: Does Lenny's zero count?
gdshifty: omg Goddard Tonned up...
underdog11: wtf montagna
MontyJnr: is watts breaking out? :o
dusty m: no what about kosie
underdog11: montagna were r u
totwotoo: Saints looking better(just a little)..wouldn't bring the cameras out just yet though *L
dyl_2: dees dont even look like it
The Caners: @Hawatack it says for DT
Jumbos: saints alive!!!!!!!!!!!
remon tea: saints home now?
Sandi2Pav: no MontyJnr, he uses pimple cream
dt2011: jamie cripps gun
sainter11: crispixxx!!!
tylrdurden: st kildas press starting to work
dyl_2: geez imagine if cripps played a full game he has done this twice now 2 goals in the last quarter
gc4life: got the 4 top saints!! :) but tappy as well :(
insano: WTF is NDS doingin bak line
sainter11: remon tea - saints are never home till that final siren mate
mattys123: Cripps to outscore Kosi with only 20 minutes played, HAHA.
Dtkingv2.1: Milne scored since 1st quarter?
travo: go saints over 15.5 points
Toohey0709: Congratulations Jack Watts. Finally fulfilling his potential. A Future Champion.
NunnyOwns: What injury did tapscott get? Cause I'm not watching
Clark U: Sylvia ton up ffs
pk-06: ton it up sylvia
CatsFan: Welcome to League Football Jack Watts!!!
Tobes84: The super sub!!!!! This is our highest score of the year, ain't that just flowering sad?
Archer11: tappy hamstrung
OhYeah===>: Cripps= Last Quarter secret weapon. X Factor for him.
Bombers11: lift Montagna get 150+
Thebiggf: Come on fisher ton up son
kandy: got gilbert last week .good trade
Hawkatack: tapscott pulle a heart string
Grazz: @nunnyOwns looked like a bad Hammy
freaks: come on fisher lets go
bevanx: can Kosi have 2 spuds?
waston4: ton up martain
dt2011: evans is gonna have a mad break even
Marcz: ton on debut...
BURNER72: Kosi needs a sack of spuds !!!
dusty m: goddard 2 goals came on
NunnyOwns: @Grazz alright mad thanks aha
mrpotato: so the sub whos been on for less than 15 mins has scored more than kossie in 4 qtrs? wow
lilfrodo: ton up sylvia
MontyJnr: ton up evans! putting him captain has paid off :p
cRiSiSv3: so many dees 'on fire' but still osing by 4 goals...?
mitch33: keep going brad green!
Essendon18: is this evans kid going to keep playing?
korza: Fisher 3fa not good for S/C :(
Jumbos: Gilbert will be best trade of the year at that price, he will finish the season with big scores
OhYeah===>: DAWSON = SPUD. What has he done since the first quarter= NOTHING!
Freddo9: Evans! impressive... could be competing with Mzungu for my next trade
Dilen: milnes minused like 50 today
cashcow: evans = turnover king
Eaglespud: c'mon colin, get to 120!
Hawkatack: montyjnr you talk so much shower
Port1983: good to see Brad Green finally delivering a decent score.
NunnyOwns: Hope jack watts sits on 99 (;
StAnselm: X factor to Cripps
SupaSylvia: Evans is a product of WAFL club Claremont. He was a junior gun but broke his leg.
bevanx: Kosi "mild concussion"... how can anyone tell?
folete: Evans isnt even on the Demon player list on their website. wtf
Buddyman: Go on with it Montagna...
Thebiggf: Junk it up plz fisher
Scratchy: Cripps is scoring extremely well in the quarters he plays.
MarcMurphy: I think he's a rookie folete
Crustynuts: Where are you Colin?
Grazz: Where you at MP
Harvey29: flowering hell moloney
gards: kosi - mild retardation
StAnselm: Who is Evans? Where did he come from?
Essendon18: So is evans going to keep getting games u reckon?
James1993: what possie is evans?
gooaall+6: have a look a what the flames means u numpties they ould loose by 100 goals and still get 100dt points = flames
bakez33: cmon sylvia ton up
G-Rat: sleep time for sylvia
KraKBabY: Evans is on their rookie list.
rupink06: Rooey 26 touches!
OhYeah===>: Polo has found a new home I'd say
Fitzy36: give kozi the spud
Dilen: people from the WAFL those days, either breaking this or that
Grazz: Cant see Bailey dropping the kid after this.
ratten: nds????????
Nigey95: i really should have tipped the saints...
OhYeah===>: kosi - severe retardation
MightyDees: watts has made his 1st 100 ever!!!
Jumbos: why dont you give Jurrah a flame while your at it!
Grazz: Anyone have Evans
Thebiggf: Teams score so well against the saints don't get to excited
Hawkatack: @gooall+6 well said where do these NUMPTIES come from ? Adelaide would be my guess
Lionman: holy flower look at nds face
BadBoyBen: NDS = Nick Dal Santo
Aaron1976: sylvia has been on 95 for 10 mins !
Bigal86: evans is midfield, hes only 91,700 in SC
hintos: evans has made his first 100 as well
bert1: L plates on top
sainter11: dal off with blood
Jumbos: Watts is like a light bulb, usually he is 30 watts, today he is 100 watts, but lights not bright for bailey, bye bye
OhYeah===>: Who's that ex Hawthorn spud at the bottom of the stats?
James1993: Evans nickname is "pickles"
HughJorgan: Put Evans in next week would ya!
oldshepp: Tapscott has ruined what has been a fantastic start for me this weekend
ratten: NDS????????????? wtf
korza: Sylvia has given up
Archer11: evans ? - hopefully not a Muston
bert1: my sc needs some pickles
Grazz: You there Dudge
mrpotato: martin = gun
Hawkatack: @ohyeah Thats why he is ex Hawthorn you retard
Thebiggf: Why jump on evens this week wouldnt u wait n see what he does next week
BoredSaint: NDS should have a nintendo icon
FantasyBoy: wtf NDS
Jumbos: clearing my throat to sing the greatest football song
xuft: where has sylvia gone?
arkie: gonna bring montagna in my team next week
boof12: keep going green
thebestHT: fyfe just tonned up
bert1: tappy and mundy have killed me from other wise good start
Jamesy: Evans was inconsistent, he will only score 70-80
Memph: Damn you Montagna
Grazz: Should of grown a pair and made monty cpt, always goes big against the Dee's. Too scared not allowed and mum said
Toohey0709: @Jumbos. Hope you dont mean st kilda.... there song is the worst, havnt even changed the words from the original.
Thebiggf: Come on fisher
eckert09: thats 3 weeks!
Marcz: shoulda just nabbed joey... thought he might go down a bit still... FAIL
eagles9294: ton it up sylvia, i deserve you too
Clark U: Jamsey ill take 80
Jumbos: traded Monagna in this week, makes up for having tappy on the field
eckert09: bartram 3 weeks bad luck mate
Prospector: Gogogogo Jojojojojo
craigib: love you montagna as the big C :)
sewellgood: Montag for +160
bert1: yes l'll wait on him last time l jumped on a demon it was jordy yes that went well
Jumbos: no need to change the words, SAINTS GO MARCHING in is fantastic!
Goddard-18: Good on ya saints
OhYeah===>: Does anyone else agree, DAWSON for SPUD?!!!!!!!!!!
Hally25547: montagna beats his dt b/e :(
GoPies:D: goddard get some junk time
bart3l: carn sylvia, one more kick
dt2011: bin for jurrah
Jumbos: where has sylvia gone? maybe he has gone to get a real mans name
Gandog: haha... don't get carried away, surfers paradise fc 2's could be melb
hintos: dawson and kosi as double spuds
James1993: ton it up jizzberts
Port1983: Dawson is a massive spud!
bert1: l should had you skippered monty grrr
freaks: goddard and fisher play kick to kick (:
bakez33: cmon sylvia almost there...
Sandi2Pav: 1 tackle more sylvia
bart3l: h/o or ff col, almost there!
masterdead: there is no need for zac for spud. It is know fact. thats like saying that shower does not smell.
Thebiggf: What's fisher doing ppl
cats81: get 160 monty!!!!
underdog11: 4 left
Dilen: suck balls@ anyone who traded reiwoldt a few rounds ago
elvundir: C'mon sylvia get a few goals
BURNER72: Ifs, Buts, maybes, shouldas, couldas and Wouldas, Fact is none of yas did lol
craigib: my opponent in DT has dawson lol
underdog11: 3 montagna 2 goddard 1 riewoldt
thesmasher: should change the song if they to ohh when the saints go limping in and just get over the line
chaosrules: just be thankful you have montagna, only 12% of teams have him
underdog11: bull****
OhYeah===>: Too late Jurrah
underdog11: gone
OhYeah===>: 3 votes CHRIS JUDD!
ratten: roo has been a long and painful journey this year
Jamesy: CMON melbourne!
bakez33: @chaosrules im in that 12% :D
dannyboy94: sylvia come on 100!
addysstuff: fisher still playing?
underdog11: cmon dees
travo: one more point saints, need ove 15.5
Hirdy_FC: What position is Evans in sc?
Jumbos: the flames are on the wrong team, or does the flame icon show who smokes dope?
Stoney8: evans good start ay
Magicsmell: stefan martin!!! boooya
Thebiggf: Fisher get at least 85 sc plz
BuddyMagic: my opponent in dt elminator has no capt and no emerg lol how has he made it this far i dunno. 900 points from 7 players!
Hawkatack: cleaned out all saints players weeks ago best decision i have made, what a pack of unskilled retards
waston4: same here
sacka: Capt monty :)
insano: one more hb Maloney
Scratchy: Montagna looking at a very low breakeven next week hey. but want to get Gaz too. decisions decisions
BURNER72: Evans is a MID
Harvey29: crack the ton moloney
Memph: Flame means a player is on track for a DT ton
Crustynuts: Shocking 1/4 Sylvia you squib
xuft: no more points please
whale: "hot(flame). This player is on fire in fantasy terms" NOT REAL GAME
mrpotato: another goal dees still time
bart3l: poor joke jumbos you muppet
lessg123: traded Reiwoldt in for Lance... better be worth it
Dilen: @jumbos- it is flame if the players r on tracks for 100
briggs00: 1 more scoring shot saints gee whizz
BuddyMagic: timeleft ?
underdog11: montagnas be 144
soak: come on joey 150
underdog11: nice work roo and goddard
TravisBoak: @Thebiggf fisher is tired from running the midfield for the match
BURNER72: saints wont win a flag with kosi and dawson playing
bevanx: happy i forgot to trade this week. saints bought another week
migman19: Michael Evans, 18 year old from claremont, played colts, averaged 17 possessions. This is a one off game, Muston 2.0?
mrpotato: saints wont make the finals with kosi and dawson playing
Bazzooka: Lets go gwilt
broady316: @lessg123 why trade like for like? poor decision lost alot of money on that 1
underdog11: game over
addysstuff: fish just got +2, go you good thing!
TravisBoak: goddard goal!!!
BoredSaint: this game shows how DT isnt as good as SC in terms of giving points to players who helped their team to victory
The Me: Ton it up Sylvia
cashcow: if you had monty, roo, goddard and bob davis in your team you'd nearly average 100
tracey2112: I agree burner72.Kosi is a girl
travo: hold it up now saints dont let them score
Thebiggf: Oh k boak how many sc u think
BURNER72: migman19 i like your call lol ;-)
barlow=god: 1 more point sylvia
Eagle boy: get 1 more point Sylvia, 100 looks better than 99
kaywhy: ive got saints exact margin 21-22 not watching game, anyway they can score another one
Dilen: reiwoldt huge sc. u just wait and see
TravisBoak: jksssss
dusty m: st kilda has w on this game
Crustynuts: Forgot to trade...i forgot to log on to this page and type this response.
kaywhy: yehhhh theyyyy can
kingcarey: Burner- stupid thing to say since they drew a GF last year...
OhYeah===>: Peake could be on fire
KraKBabY: @cashcow, too soon.
parasite: That;s because 100 IS better than 99 duh.
underdog11: montagna crack 150 u desrvge it
kade44: sylvia 1 kick and i win png
Jedinak: @Eagle Boy - yes get 1 more i want the purple name :)
Hirdy_FC: Puck you Montagna.
waston4: spud for dawson
SadSadDay: How many min to go?
xuft: what is wrong with sylvia?
migman19: Gilbert cheap as chips, liking the look of him again.
Luke919: yeaaaah still in the gauntlet
travo: blow the horn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BadBoyBen: sylvia what were u doing this quarter?
OhYeah===>: Dawson finally score, what a STAR, I mean SPUD!
FiveStar: montagna kick!
elvundir: will sylvia get 100sc?
underdog11: riewoldt!
pricey: 150!!!
TravisBoak: gameee
proud_lion: voldt kick after the siren yahoo
MontyJnr: how did so many dees ton up?
Jumbos: Melbourne tanking again??
keithy: some stinky junk there
BoredSaint: cripps should get 50 SC he is a gun
imoldgregg: Puck you miss
JRiewodlt8: ffs sylvia u spud!!
chief: -3
dannyboy94: oh sylvia!
barlow=god: wrong way sylvia! but godddard and roo :)
Sandi2Pav: hahaahhah whoever had 96 for sylvia in the png is a magician with that -3
underdog11: i had the three highest and lowest on the field
sydwce: omg i had silvia for 99 dream team for the png and with like 30 seconds to go he got a free against!!!!!!!!!
bert1: are u a 16 old girl migman lol just joking he's cheap as jump on
Nigey95: evans, god and cripps :)
Luke919: i got the 6 picks in this game right, does that mean my name goes purple?
xuft: sylvia you flower
leobertos: NDS thouse has forsaken me!
d.martin: carn tigers
FlyinHigh: is goddard smiling yet?
eckert09: Nick dal santo down arrow?
sainter11: dicks to whoever had sylvia purplename at 99 haha
Harvey29: good moloney.... cracked the ton
BillyPick: need montagna to get more posessions than goddard
Rommas: Had Montagna, Roo and Goddard....then ripped off with Tapscott, covered him pretty well I think :)
underdog11: leigh mo
Buddyman: Brilliant game by Voldt, Monty n God, keep it up boys!
dutchtup: hope i have a late withdrawl in backs
imoldgregg: CARN THE TIGERS! Smashington Central tonight, bombers in huge trouble
lap9: brent moloney flame?
OhYeah===>: SAINTS VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!About time
hawks_92: yes joey
mrpotato: good on you martin
jimbartel: riewoldt mark and kick on siren, should be 140???
cuzisking: sylvia you flowering spud!
dusty m: told you goddard will tone up 122 dt 144 sc hoping
Jumbos: good game Gilbert, time to harden up again, but this time without Kim Duthie
waston4: montagna,riewoldt,goddard, and martain. :D
OhYeah===>: Dawson, you are lucky not to get the spud
Lions08: goddard picked up his form from last year
d.martin: bout time nick
Rated_RKO: hope montagna and tapscott SC = less then 150
Nigey95: cripps for 50SC
masterdead: tapscott messed me up
travo: SC Scores???
Judd_MAgic: wtf happened to dal santo? Just loogged on.
BenW: Frawley SC > NDS SC? Thoughts?
ratten: NDS went out for takeaway
broady316: was gonna have tappy on but moved pav forward and brought on hibberd.. could work well
TravisBoak: sc scores?
d.martin: both sc spuds ratten
BuddyMagic: 907 from 7 players capt played
dusty m: supercoach scores plessssss
d.martin: not bad buddy
BuddyMagic: and 3 for 3 in footy tipping go dockers
BuddyMagic: txs d.martin... :D
Seegull: don't worry about high scores, its a high scoring weekend so far. All the stars scoring high
BuddyMagic: still going with lower on 97 :D
Centurions: riewoldt 148
Judd_MAgic: tapscotts injury doesnt worry me. Was going to go tapscott to sylvia next week anyways
BuddyMagic: got roo goddard in sc and 4 complete with 540 and got roo and goddard scores to come :D
chief: kosy beat tapscott
BuddyMagic: fyfe too
mrpotato: wow milne gave away 6 frees
Harvey29: goddard, roo + moloney.... good scores all round!!
BuddyMagic: swan capt there good score for me this week to come :D
hawks_92: roo, goddard and montagna - thanks gentlemen
travo: 439 from 4 players, pity Tapscott did his hammy could have been more
bert1: monty yes good nick about time goddard well done boyzzz
Jumbos: thanks for your services Kosi, but its time to go, your killing us
Scratchy: lol at Evans' sc. was he really turning it over much or what?
Judd_MAgic: all stars scoring high except dal santo and I have him. LOL!
Prospector: Saints backbone good to DT and SC!
Nigey95: 513/7 in SC from God, Cripps, Evans, Tappy, Yarran, Judd and Gibbs
OhYeah===>: Supercoach/Dreamteam match for Montagna- WEIRD!
ronaldfc: Are the SC scores even right? Because they are not up on superfooty
FantasyBoy: flower you NDS
briggs00: Lol tapscott went up from 3/4 time
ratten: god, mont and roo in sc. Bout time boys
BenW: 473/5. Checkmate @Nigey95.
ljm2: lol @ the flogs that traded out goddard