Chat Log: R6, Essendon 31.11.197 d Gold Coast 8.10.58

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The king: go don's!!!
The king: go don's!!!
boof12: .
boof12: ,.mkjln.,
garratt15: why hasnt prestia been playing.?
cobsta: is it worth getting LUKE thompson?
Luke919: why are they not playing prestia!
aj11: I think this will b a good game..............NOT!!!!!!!!
eza100: i can't believe flower heppell is playing now he was emergency so i took him off, hope it doesn't do good :P
NSquires: Who's going to score for you think Stanton, Watson or Ablett?
Jimmy40: Can the Suns get within 70.5 here?
il_davo: so happy heppell isnt the sub!
dibford94: Carn the bombers!!! K
dibford94: Just a casual 100 point victory by bombers :)
GoLions: was hoping heppell or toy would be late withdrawls so that i would get luke thompsons score. oh well
Ravalle: so lads how is your dt weeks much carnage as my teams? bloody feel like givin up!
AchillesII: heppell was never an emergency, he was always named on the bench for the bombers
Tittan99: What happend to heppell being sub?????
shrtlg: Heppell was on the extended bench, if you actually thought he wasnt playing after last week youre an idiot.
Slashers: Footy players need to keep their mums mouths shut!!
Finny6T9: righto everyone get off Heppel's back jeez
NewFreoFan: Hope Iles fails, if he fires up I may have to rethink my trades for this week.
GoLions: need a combined total of 550+ from brennan, heppell, harris, matera, toy, and zaharakis in SC
Ravalle: in truth if i was his coach i would have rested heppell tody....he is a valuable rookie who they want to play all season
Slashers: I went Libba over Heppell. You never know, could still work out ;-) but Libba against Coll... hmmm?
riots: Interested to know who people have picked as their capt tw?
NewFreoFan: @riots, VC Cox loophole kept
eza100: i like poodles :)
Slashers: Are the players here (to the left) listed prior to the game in age order?
eza100: harris better step up today
Slashers: agree eza100
GoLions: yeah i went VC cox loophole as well
riots: pendles and swan favs - with big interest in watson !!
il_davo: @SLashers Fraser is older than brennan surely?
banners87: Anyone know whats going on with Prestia?
Slashers: yea, your right. sorta seemed there abouts though
Magicsmell: Watson 40 touches 5 goals 250 SC points
Slashers: gotta be some logic to it with the first 5 listed for GCS
sam25: hey hows this i have 8 players left to play 2 from each team how even
bigdaddydy: they are listed by most games played
dabombers: anyone else gone Wato as captain??
sam25: should i back bombers 40 plus paying 1.17
thesmasher: yeah i got watson
bigdaddydy: this may sounds really bad call now but im tipping gold coast by 10 points - essendon have no fwd line structure
crippsy: do you need to use trades for loophole?
bigdaddydy: wouldnt be so sure sam25
GoCrowz98: Bloody Hell Heppel, put Toy on field for Heppell thinking he was going to be the sub!!!
nishy: bigdaddy no its not, howlett has played more than hardingham
sam25: yeah i know if id did it tid be with no confidence im actually thinking of taking the 5.20 for under 39.5
bigdaddydy: ok mate nishy no worries fair point
xavjustice: what's with the H letter last names at Essendon????
nishy: but as the other person said before, its kinda near enough to some sort of structure like that
xavjustice: Hille, Hocking, Hooker, Hurley, Hardingham, Howlett - and now Heppell and now Hibberd!!!!
Slashers: C'mon, Bombers would HAVE to kill them wouldn't they? Don't forget, Port are REALLY REALLY bad!
jcobyoung: hope heppel doesnt get subbed!
Bomber11: bloody superfooty said heppell might be rested!!
lachybee76: All Essendon needs to do is play Hille and Ryder foward GCS dont have a strong Backline
cfc 1979: heppell to get subbed 1/2 time
GoLions: oh yeah i have zac smith as well. 80+ from him hopefully
dabombers: I don't think there is just one play into the fwd line these days, thats why it looks like no structure.
nishy: welsh or hibberd will get subbed if there are no injuries
dabombers: If you play just one way into the fwds now teams can predict it and stop it.
Slashers: Yep, seems Heppell is set for a full game. I think it will be Hibberd too.
lachybee76: If Gold Coast are owning by speed they will Sub Bellchambers
GoLions: zaharakis to kick 4+ goals and get me 120+ in SC
timwhatson: Good luck Hibberd...a ton would be nice in your 1st game
hipnsholda: alrighty hibberd... time to shine bro
dabombers: GC to only score 20pts for the Game!!!!
dylsta05: good luck hibberd, show em what your made of. You are a star mate!
Jimmy40: I reckon GC willcover the spread of 70.5
eza100: watson, stanton, ryder, zaharakis, hocking to be expected to have 100+
The Lad: Never trust superfooty or any media without direct quotes. There opinion pieces, informed but still opinion
sam25: just chucked $500 large on bombers by 40 plus into pies to win paying 1.32
piccollo: If dons dominate heppel, will get subbed early 3rd qtr
dabombers: Hey Sam thats a big risk for little return, Doggie might just get up today.
The Lad: dabombers: GC to score over 20 points first qtr
gdogg: sam25 i did the same but with 4500
shurg123: Happy I left Heppell on the field despite the sub rumours. Would have outscored Toy and Stanley regardless
lachybee76: Dogs have no hope they no it thats why they have dropped Higgins Hudson and Hall
Costanza: gone Jobe (C) just for a changeup
dabombers: Yeah the doggies have dropped their dead weight, so thats why their a chance.
lachybee76: Sorry Rested
Sunday2810: all this crap about heppel not playing...or being the sub, ppl are full of s.Hit!
dilz17: anyone know who are the subs for today?
ReidNWard: If Prince William becomes the face our coin when the queen dies, I am becoming an XPAT
G-Mo77: Lonergan and Patrick
cfc 1979: welsh is out - melksham in just on mmm
Slashers: Why is there NO GOD DAM live footy on here in Adelaide on a freeking Sunday FFS??
conmcgee: welsh out!!
The Lad: Reid - Not if Charls? though his ears wont fit the coin.
hipnsholda: @dilz... the subs have the green vest icon... (lonergan and patrick).
steve7: Melksham is the sub
Costanza: its Foxtel Sunday
Danny_Bhoy: Yeah Welsh out, Melsham in, Melksham Sub
ReidNWard: HAHA there will be a bald william on the coin
dabombers: Jetta should have a field day today.
TheJamster: pumped for what should be a close game today
Slashers: screw you foxtel, you can eat me. I can watch netball, v8's or RUGBY?? What the...? Whats RUGBY?
walle: Hibberd better score better than Heppell...
ReidNWard: Watson Captain to rescue my sad and sorry team
dilz17: @hipnsholda - thanks, hopefully swallow, toy, hibberd and heppell are more switched on than i am.
walle: NO footy at all today on free to air!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(
MrSooSick: andrew welsh out melksham in
TheJamster: Slashers, that wasnt funny
stevemac5: welsh out?
hipnsholda: Rugby is the game they can play, but can't spell.
Costanza: Ch7 SA are the worst of the worst
DamoBeard: no footy on free to air in wa :(
lachybee76: Welsh OUT Melksham In Melksham Sub
ReidNWard: KHunt to kick his first goal in AFL bet
hipnsholda: @dilz... all good... got the same blokes as you, plus matera and zac smith. Good luck.
stevemac5: they triple the amount of free to air channels and halve the coverage
Impromptu: Go Bombers however GC players to do okay to give me a decent score
Slashers: Relax TheJamster, Rugby is a NON sport in Adelaide. Why bother showing it?
DamoBeard: looks like im off to the pub for footy
bombers15: Its on Fox 1 guys.. whats the problem??
n4cr123: heppell not sub just tops of a fantastic dt week ...fmdt :P
howey: tipping ryder for a big game today !!!
n4cr123: get foxtel ya tight ass muppets!!
m0nty: geez when they said a new sub I was praying PLEASE NOT HEP D
swan__007: god fox is good
dibford94: not on normal tv. Crap :(
Finny6T9: Harris, Heppel Jetta, Toy, Swallow, Smith to fire cmon LADS
Slashers: Fox1 on your 34cm CRT, cause thats all you can now afford!
bevo106: melksham in
stevemac5: is the roof closed?
Finny6T9: how long til bounce guys?
tiltraise: im loving the bye situation..such a shame its only for 1 season :(
swan__007: nope fox1 on my 151cm tv
CaGs: is 1249 for 14 players good when you still have your captain to play
Costanza: u got fox mOnty or needing matchups?
CatAttack9: couple o minutes Finny6T9
m0nty: Yes, I have Fox. :)
bombers15: Seriously?? Who doesnt have Fox these days??
bigdaddydy: NSW SUCKS NO GAME AT ALL TODAY! not even delayed.. flower this state, should move back to SA or go to wa
corzer: i reckon hurleys in for a big one
keithy: dixen, matera, heppel, harris, smith, probs get 200 between em...
Finny6T9: cheers catattack :)
stixy53: all ready to play
GoLions: @CaGs- 1249 from 12 with captain played tho
cashcow: bombers15: renters.
n4cr123: surely you can claim foxtel as a tax deduction monrty :P
cfc 1979: L plates please
The Chip: cmon smith swallow harris matera heppell
damoc85: ryder up forward
damoc85: hutchins on hille
TheJamster: Yes, I have Fox. :)
hipnsholda: go you little sun cash cows... show me the money
Lionman: lol @ plebs without fox
CatAttack9: game on
SuperCodge: Nice start for capt Watson, free for and kick ..
dutchtup: hoping the suns are competitive
TheBaron: Hurley playing down back according to 3AW
bigdaddydy: here it is fellas. dixon to kick 4, matera 4, crameri 4, gold coast by 10 points. harbrow to play well
chaosrules: all non fox subscribers, refer to montys ad to the right of the chat
TheJamster: brb, gotta unleash a steamer :P
CatAttack9: crameri lines up 35 out 45 degree angle
damoc85: toy on zaha
Snarfy: Taylor Walker was given his marching orders last night and today Hurley is on his last chance as well!
Luke919: go heppell, hibberd, zaharakis, swallow, toy and smith!
CatAttack9: crameri goals ESS 7 GCS 0
Costanza: bag for Crameri today - good luck Khunt
Marcz: this is gonna be a slaughter...
n4cr123: hahaha bigdaddy your on drugs
Finny6T9: Hot Start Dons keep it goin we want goals but
boomz23: Essendon will destroy them
bigdaddydy: thanks n4cr123 :)
The Chip: how much u all reckon essendon willl win by?
damoc85: harbrow on jetta
Slashers: chaosrules, I'll keep that ad in mind when I want to watch toy story
Luke919: crameri is a gun
david95: This is a borin gam
bigdaddydy: gold coast by 10 at full time.
Costanza: Paddy looks determined today
tiltraise: cmon hep rack em up m8
damoc85: monty - hutchins on hille
dibford94: 150 points :)
Marcz: 130pts
CatAttack9: essendon goal ESS 13 GCS 0
TheJamster: cmonmy boys
GoLions: essendon to win by 83 points
scatman: essesndon by 80+
Slashers: 100 point win
desklamp: rekon essendon will score 121 plus fellas ?
roshanetw: fast paced so far
dilz17: far out, why did i fall for all this "heppell to be rested" crap and put him on the pine. ): fml.
TheJamster: @The Chip, 5 points gc way
david95: 114 points
brutus: Bombers to win by 126
Luke919: toy on zaharakis, damn
Slashers: ball wont be down heppells end much
Daniel_79: Who'll score the same amount of DT points as what the margin will be?
Lionman: Usually if someone if going to be rested they dont get named in the team
david95: Gc hav a shower defense
The Chip: heppell better not get subbed
sainterman: bomber by 98
Slashers: as he scores 8 - LOL
brutus: j watson
TheJamster: i am the son--- of poseidon
kuraban: Essendon to win by more than GABlett scores
Bomber11: get hurley into the forward line far out!!!
damoc85: good goal reimers
Mudrat_4: howlett for 130
sainterman: reimers..what a goal
roshanetw: reimerrs!
timwhatson: Riemer time!
CatAttack9: REIMERS! curls it along the ground for a great goal ESS 19 GCS 0
Costanza: can't see Melksham going HB for Hepp
Impromptu: luke russell 2 kicks 2 clangers
sweaty con: heppel 100 by half time
bigdaddydy: flowering suns... soft start come on boys go hard
n4cr123: reimers should be dragged for that fair dinkum..
preki1: open the floodgates
raisedfist: Ehhhh my boy toyota crameri!
sainterman: free to GC..yah
TheJamster: patrick ryder 4 brownlow?
Piesrox11: Cmon Ryder, Heppell, Hurlet, Harris, Swallow and Matera CMON
CatAttack9: great mark brennan
desklamp: jobe most disposals :O ?
boost: This could get very ugly for Gold coast lol
gfpies: What posi is Hurley playing?
Daniel_79: Stuff you Channel 7!
s1bbald: Give Reimers the bin, monty.
Luke919: why is hurley in defence?
iffy: gold coast boys hit the power after last weeks win?
Impromptu: hocking good player
damoc85: muppett brennan
david95: Brennan is shut
CatAttack9: stanton 25 out straight in front set shot
sainterman: the sub for essendon will score more than half the GC players
Piesrox11: why is Hurley in the defense arhhhhh
BigBadBen: common stanton, got as captian
david95: *shower
CatAttack9: stanton goals ESS 25 GCS 0
Costanza: 4 goals in 8 mins
Daniel_79: and poor programming by the AFL yet again to cause this!
BigLynchy: do we really need this running commentary ca9?
Impromptu: come on KM Hunt get to 40sc
Floor: Anyone else think the dogs will win today?
chaosrules: ricciuto footys worst commentator, doesnt even know half the players names
fobbuddy: come on hunt!
scatman: give the trashcan to essendon. game's over
kingbling: gcs going to get smashed, essendon will sub a big name player
dabombers: Hurley gone back to get some confidence against the young guys.
bigdaddydy: flowering suns... soft start come on boys go hard
CatAttack9: reimers 35 out 60 degree angle set shot
scatman: @Floor - no
dutchman: CatAttack9 - Shut up
CatAttack9: this isnt televised nearly anywhere BigLynchy so im assisting people who cant watch it
damoc85: cat attack be quiet
Costanza: Thats what Thursday games can do
kuraban: lol @ scatman. Not wrong.
MarcMurphy: CatAttack only commentating because of purple name?
Impromptu: zsmith? where r u?
desklamp: @Floor no chance
damoc85: hutchins playing well
MetallicA: 100pt plus win on the cards for sure
raisedfist: Coostin z!
david95: There's lik 10 gc plyrs runin around the ball I defense
sainterman: hurley, the switch icon
damoc85: nobody asked you to catattack- theres the radio if people want to listen to it
thall: No footy on in Perth at all today. Awesome ... sigh.
sam25: cmon hurley
steve7: leave him alone! youre doing a great job catattack keep it up!
m0nty: yeah shush CatAttack
chaosrules: its on foxtel catattack
Hutcho42: good to see a Hutchins playing AFL footy!!!
SuperCodge: is it on the radio?
oldsalty: on foxtel :)
love4afl: Yeah flower up Dutchman. Good catattack
disturbia: cheers cat :D
dibford94: See the bombers fly up, UP! Just warming up, gotta get my practice in ;)
kuraban: 10 mins in, and the GCS sub has 6 players below him...
kingbling: essendon will score 150+ easy today
Chucky2010: CatAttack... Im pretty sure though if ppl have access to the internet.. they most likely have a radio.. Whos with me?
bombers15: Stanton will get a million today
stevemac5: so much hate
benj: @thall - same in SA. WTF
The Chip: @dibford - it doesnt count its against the suns
dutchtup: M0nty ill Hale get dropped?
bigdaddydy: bombers wont make 8 dont get excited
Mudrat_4: @thall... doesnt it suck..
sainterman: esendon getting cocky
kingbling: @thall , lol in adelaide both games live
david95: Gc gettin freekicks bcoz umpires feelin sorry 4 them
tferrier18: can someone please tell me where hibberd is playing???
TrueBlues: any live streams?
Impromptu: Ouch KM HUnt take it eash u my cashcow
Munza: lol Hunt -6
Snarfy: I have 8 players running around in this game including emerg. and have a total of 38 points! I'm tying up a rope as we s
haooyy: lol khunt going backwards
SuperCodge: if its on the radio, give the commentary a rest..
fobbuddy: cmon gold coast! essendon supporters are getting a bit rowdy!
thall: @benj - bring on the new TV rights!
Daniel_79: K Hunt -6, LMAO
Daniel82: pmsl khunt on -6
MetallicA: you can when you play gc
damoc85: gonna be a great % for the bombers
Luke919: -6 for karmichael ahhahahah
thall: @Mudrat - heck yeah. Very sad though ...
tradingup: jumk time
ImSoHood: will be ok without your "assistance" cat attack
benj: yes!
Floor: @ bigdaddydy they'll make the bottom half of the 8
david95: Hunt 4 lowest Eva score
disturbia: someone link me to online radio so i can listen? (:
SuperCodge: this is gonna be ugly for GCS
dibford94: Which 7 teams will get a record better than essendon? Come on step up to the podium and speak ur mind :)
BigBadBen: should get shares for fox foe next year
ImSoHood: hibberd surely on the bench
leovo21: What radio station would this game be on? Any state. I
sixxsixx6: this is good for Essendon... get the players head wobble going just like their fans' and watch them all burn in sept
The Lad: Hunt pulled off a good spoil, sometimes Dream Team does not reward a good defensive act
Daniel82: woah theres a daniel79 here
falcooons: whoever has karmichael hunt i cant believe u still have him
sainterman: GC scored!!
kuraban: Harmichael... not having a great day.
ballers88: Radio on Game Day Live.
Mudrat_4: @thall.. i dont understand why they cant show just 1?
boof12: Ryder in for a big game
SuperCodge: Hunt first DT -Ton
joosoo: hurley... expecting you to kick 10
justi: does khunt have the scoring potential to get into the positives after a -6 start? could be the talking pt of the match
david95: 200 point win
The Chip: noone they have ever had karmichael in the first place
chaosrules: go to afl website and go to match centre for this game, click on radio link
proud_lion: wow essendon are going to win by 200 points.
timwhatson: Fireball Essendon?
leovo21: Yeh what radio station!!! I on this iPhone app. Any state.
bigdaddydy: the day ess have a good FF they might do ok... gumbleton
deano69: 38 to1 in the first 10min
bigdaddydy: williams, neagle all gone
Impromptu: i still have
fobbuddy: @ dibford94 pies, hawks, cats
stevemac5: @leovo just go to match centre site
scatman: GC to be renamed 4pt + %. same name we call old melburnians in ammo's
Floor: Essendon could do a Geelong v Richmond of 2007
ImSoHood: actually TheLad, Dream Team NEVER rewards a spoil. otherwise D.Merret would be worth $500K lol
The Lad: i went in a public league as well as two of my friends, someone has Hunt
djch00k: @leovo21, ABC Local.
damoc85: superman reimers
CatAttack9: reimers is gunning it today
kingbling: karmicheal hunt B/E 27sc
timwhatson: Hekko Riemers!!!!
deano69: reimers a gun
Costanza: Threeimers
leovo21: Thanx mate
ballers88: rreimers goal again.
steve7: reimersssssssssssss
SaintsRGod: its past 40 points now, time for gc to come back
bigdaddydy: surely GC mids can win hard ball????? flower
david95: Reimers on track 4 200
Chucky2010: Reimers.. break Fred Fannings record???
tiltraise: reimers for he x
merger: is heppell sore?
Daniel82: Essendon is reiming GC
damoc85: abc radio - sen
Magicsmell: There is so little competition in the midfield that watson has nothing to do
boof12: do something matera
haooyy: biggest winning margin ever coming up?
Mudrat_4: @Impromptu - so do i.. time to switch it up.. nothing coming his way
SuperCodge: Reimers swaps orange boots for white and kicks 3
bombers15: Kyle on fire
sainterman: reimers...100 DT b4 halftime
stevemac5: is essendon win by 100, i dont want to know what happens on 23/7
dibford94: @ fobuddy u need 5 more teams mate. only 3 there. Come on keep it up.
Danny_Bhoy: Whats Hibberd doing?
SJ=Freak: karmichael huge - is sc
Brown*Dog: SEN 1116 or online as well
kingbling: essendon will give the most disposals ever a crack today
david95: Gc doin worse than Richmond in 07 against Geelong
deano69: hope jobe plays better i set him as cap over swan this week
The Chip: this is a joke
Fabbo: Yeah I dont think Matera will see much of the ball today
justi: the suns have no defensive structures atm
Marcz: chuck dixon back there bluey i had to play him this week fmdt
dutchman: This just shows how bad Port are!
fobbuddy: thats what i mean @dibford94, bombers probs top 4
kingbling: can not wait till geelong or collingwood play against GCS
Impromptu: @mudrad save trade don't trade hunt
dyl_2: to bad reimers cant play like this against the 15 other sides.
razza12: reimers ryder stanton have more pts than the whole gc team
stevemac5: this game is making one team look really bad and it aint GC
Danny_Bhoy: Hibberd first kick yeh
bigdaddydy: dissapointing suns.....
Daniel82: hibberd got a touch!
CatAttack9: this is a joke
Muneem: give swallow the muppet for not touching it
xumtinlong: Matera might catch a cold in the FWDline
falcooons: if essendon can flog by this much it is going to be a 200 point game against collingwood
david95: Lol tis is funny
damoc85: is dwayne russell the worst commentator?
ballers88: Lonergan goal.
Piesrox11: this is going to be 200 point loss to Gold Coast
lozdaleg: come on matera,swallow,heppell,and dixon
boof12: what is hibberd doing?
timwhatson: Record score Essendon?
SaintsRGod: of course the one week where essendon are gonna kick a huge score hurley is down back
CatAttack9: essendon will break highest ever score today
Floor: Essendon could break geelong's record here
GoLions: @stevemac5- lol i get it :)
justi: lol @ stevemac. port will forever be the laughing stock
steve7: i wouldnt really tak hibberds score today seriously. he wont see much of the ball down back
timwhatson: Whats the highest score ever?
Moondog21: essendon will break geelongs record today
Lionman: atleast i can see a win next week
Daniel82: 50 point lead after 18mins PMSL
higgins76: gc up by 100 at qt?
proud_lion: i don't even think GC has got one inside 50.
thesmasher: umm this is going to be a slaughter dont think i want to watch
Brown*Dog: Essendon one way traffic
kingbling: OMG.. demolishing
Daniel82: this just goes to show how bad PORT are
Costanza: nah Ruccitio is easy
Luke919: what's going on with zac smith?
david95: Still 8:30 to go
Floor: Geelong's record is 239
Spudanator: Spud GC team and muppet khunt
Impromptu: with GC performance anyone thinking of trading in Sam Iles?
The Lad: GC just make sure you kick one goal, leave St Kilda the only goaless team in history please
Luke919: jesus still 8 and a half minutes to go
fobbuddy: thats what i mean @dibford94, bombers probs top 4 material atm
Costanza: go Hibberd
dibford94: exactly. Some retards think the dons won't make the 8 but can name 8 teams better than them. Smart ppl. Very smart :)
djohns: hope hibberd does well - had luke thompson as my backline emergency so he's got some big shoes to fill!
CatAttack9: @timwhatson 239 or something by geelong i think
Marcz: against brissy bears... GAS was on fire that night
Snarfy: How did Port get beaten by this mob?
GoLions: @proud_lion- then how did they get a point?
snake_p: only 5 GC players in double figures
kingbling: but geelong will score 300+ when they play GCS
MontyJnr: hurley in defence is killing me, hed be having a field day
justi: @proudlion - they did manage a point so they have one I50. lol
thesmasher: whats the record 4 most scored in first quater
Diamond: BRIAN HAMILTON Has a better chance with DOM EDWARDS then gold coast do have of winning
Muneem: damn, khunts my captain
Marcz: its Collingwood that will smash them the hardest
justi: f me
ballers88: Ryder goal.
Piesrox11: can Matera do something, YEAH RYDER WHAT A FIRST QUARTER
bigdaddydy: pies, dogs, hawks, blues, swans, freo, demons, saints, geelong - all finish higher then dons..
CatAttack9: what did geelong score in the first quarter when they got 239?
Danny_Bhoy: Pies, Geelong, Blues, Hawks, Freomantle are above Essendon. Id put Essendon 6-8th
sam25: hurkey wont be in defence fo whole game i have hm too
MarcMurphy: Lol. How would Hurley gain more confidence in the backline, opposed to playing in the forward line -.-
Clark U: Fml being a port supporter this is a massacre
Daniel82: goal ryder
david95: Wats the record 1st qtr lead
dabombers: Whats the First Qtr record score???
bakez33: far out see the bend on that kick??
karadoc: i'll bet Port Adelaide feel good about this.
kingbling: put charlie dixon in the back half please
costas80: Who else thinks mark riccuito sounds like the the kid from the simpsons that works at the takeaway?
greenbaron: dons wont make top 4 will do wat brissy did last yr fast start slow finish maybe 7th
leovo21: Ryder!!
sgi86: khunt to finish in negs for sure
Solat: you know your ordinary when reimers supemans against you
n4cr123: mercy rule?
Crow_Man1: move hurley into forwards
Snarfy: M0nty, Whats the highest negative score to date?
shurg123: Pumpkin for the entire GC team.
justi: dons are going to cover the 62.5 tab line before qtr time
nick7240: put browny on
cougars3: biggest win in history coming up?
Diamond: biggest winning margin 159 points geelong over richmond is the record
david95: Essendon biggest 1st qtr score Eva
MarkPlow: massive lol @ GC
CatAttack9: biggest every 1st quarter by essendon
razza12: Karmichael on fire hes geting burned by crameri
fobbuddy: come on jobe, join the party
scatman: transfer superman cape
sacka: :o :o :o so glad i didn't bother going lol
boof12: MATERA do something
justi: i wonder what matty primus is thinking as watches on
proud_lion: this is just unbelievable it's like essendon v witches hats
CatAttack9: ever*
SJ=Freak: pumpkin GCS
MarkPlow: lol @ people putting watson captain ahead of swan or cox loophole
kingbling: jobe or ryder will be subbed today
ballers88: Imagine when Collingwood vs Gold Coast..
Brown*Dog: Paddy Ryder - JUNK TIME
AchillesII: mercy rule?
ScootD: If someone's captain gets a negative, does it still get doubled?
kangars8: odds of essendon winning is the same odds of the sun rising tomorrow classic!
n4cr123: come on gold coast!!! i feel bad for them1
SuperCodge: you just know everyone will outscore Jobe in this game..FML!
david95: Diamond it was 157 point win coz scores were 222 to 65 I remember
Brown*Dog: Garbage bins for all essendon players
sgi86: just let the gc bench play too haha
m0nty: spare a thought for the poor buggers who traded Ryder out this week
carndons: 4 suns players below the sub!!
GoLions: @boof12- unfortunately ball isnt going in their forward line
mervneagle: i just tuned in, who's winning?
damoc85: monty its almost time to bring out the bin for the 2nd qtr
justi: essendon on track to beat about ten long-standing records
woozie10: collingwood, geelong, hawks, freo, westcoast, sydney, bulldogs, carlton will all finish above the dons....
Chadwickus: I thought Heppell was emergency this week? Put Bloody Harmichael on for him instead... Fail for me
Daniel82: greatest margin ever is 190 points - that will go today by a mile.
scatman: even aaron henneman would get a kick today
kingbling: 2 superman capes has that ever been done???
dibford94: Blues above essendon. Please Danny_child they can't beat us when we had two men down in 1st qtr. Yer there a great team
SupaSylvia: bot often you'll see a green sub vest higher on the list than 4 of his team mates at qtr time.
falcooons: cmon swallow get the ball u piece of shower
deano69: jobe better not get subbed he's my captain
Danny_Bhoy: why would you trade Ryder out? just stupid
Impromptu: omg
tigerman28: this is a flowering joke. how bad are port adelaide?
mitch4: If ESSENDON win they go TOP 4!!
Andrew3737: I didn't. I knew Ryder would gun it
Diamond: thanks david95
chubbub3: im one of those poor buggers that traded out ryder flower
sam25: why would you trade ryder you always persist with your guns
AchillesII: won't be sparing a thought for those idiots... that's a dumb trade
cougars3: dons might rest players for the big test next week :)
Floor: @ Daniel82 doubt it
carndons: gary ablett looking like a good upgrade target in a few weeks...
hayes7: match is already over.
rainbow x2: STANTON IS THE JUNKIEST PLAYER IN THE COMP he will get 170+ today because he is so cheap
nishy: woozie you clearly havent watched a game of footy this year
MarkPlow: whats the record for goals in a quarter?
justi: omg a stoppage. like suns kicking a goal
sacka: Sub Jobe NOW
Danny_Bhoy: Im not comparing Essendon to Carlton, saying Carlton will finish higher, so theyre above them.
ruthejorda: woozie10... WC wont finish above Essendon, thats a little ambitious
vman33: whats with jobe?? just logged in
Brown*Dog: We need a new Icon for teams playing against the CG
Magaggies: Ugh... imagine what a rampant Geelong or Collingwood would do to this rabble :(
Tigertuff: highest score in a quarter ws South Melbourne 17.4.106 VS St Kilda in 1919, the bombers are half way...
sam25: excatly achilles
sgi86: super man for all except slattery the spud monty
eagles9294: geelngs record score is gonna go here today "mark my words"
SuperCodge: why would you trade Ryder after a bad game, the week before they play GCS?
CatAttack9: zaharakis! woo
kingbling: @mitch4 , if essendon win????
GoLions: go brennan need u to make up for matera not getting the ball in the forward line
Solat: you should never trade out guns when they are playing a training game the next round
Daniel82: goal ess
Danny_Bhoy: And of course Carlton can beat Essendon,
Clark U: Pulling winfs
timwhatson: pulling wings off flies HAHA
Saint Dos: L-Plates for May and Patrick
Joel20: traded out ryder for mumford so still works haha
myfevola: hey heros the biggest ever margin is 164 points geelong over brisy bears
david95: 100 point lead at qtr time
Brown*Dog: Yeah Stanton - Love your cheap disposals OH YEAH!!!
karadoc: this is awesome.wake up call after the win for GC
cherries08: About time Zaka
Floor: highest 1st qtr record?
Costanza: "like pulling wings off flies" - classic call
ReidNWard: commentators must be jizzing in pants
Solat: there is no "contested" ball so not good for Jobe lol
kangars8: most teams will get abblett after ound 9
bakez33: give matera a run in the middle...
Muneem: do something swallow, spud
insano: Bombers gonna pass 200 today
Save-Lo: poor matera, the GC forward line is a no go zone
tigerman28: khunt outscored by the sub!
Rated_RKO: omg essendon are so good, they're thrashing a team of 20 year olds and gary ablett ....
karadoc: Monty change the purple name game to a DONS player
mabo: They really should have given them another year and had them enter in 2012
Wanderer30: No it's not myFevola. It's 190 points
proud_lion: essendon could get 200 points easily
ruthejorda: Heppell needs some fire i think mOnty
Daniel82: QTR time record is 13.3 81
sam25: triplem said it was 159 biggest margin
karadoc: so we can pick a player to score 200
Brown*Dog: 13.3 - 81 points
djch00k: highest first qtr record 13.3
Rommas: As much as I love seeing Ryders score...come on Matera!
daniel87: It a bit different game to the port game gold coast probably aren't as Hungary to win this one as they were to win
CatAttack9: 10.4 was the biggest every first quarter til today
insano: 10.4 biggest first quarter ever they may beat that
kingbling: i will not get ablett
dibford94: Carlton will neva beat the bombers if they can't beat em with two less players and sub activated half way through 1st
xistar: give them all's junk time
SuperCodge: put all the GCS forward line into the back line as well, might get some ball then
steve7: i dont think anyone will judge how good essendon are based on this performance rated_rko.
Impromptu: what's highest lead?
damoc85: monty - change hutchins piece of paper - taking the resting ruckman
preki1: gee whiz this is really bad
Clark U: Nearly time to cash in on my GC cows i rekon
thollo: time to bet all your money on essendon at 1.01. make a bit of money: bet 1000 get 10 extra back :D
david95: Why is gazza off the ground
cfc 1979: 1st record gone - best ever 1st qtr at etihad
fobbuddy: buddy would have a field day against g coast
AchillesII: triple m then checked that... it's 190pt by Fitzroy in '79
steve7: maybe just how shower port were...
vman33: I reckon Essendon will score in excess of 2000 points, dreamteam wise...
Danny_Bhoy: GWS got belted by Bullants. Imagine what would happen against and AFL side
The Lad: Triple M are wrong.
CatAttack9: who got 13.3?
insano: 3 to go
smeagle: 13.3 is the biggest quarter ever by the hawks
pjpunter: wait 4 the records next year with gws in the comp
justi: could khunt become the first player in history to play a full match, stay uninjured and not score more than 0
Solat: pendlebury is the new ablett unfortunately
Daniel82: flower matera not a single touch
haooyy: gold coast players all spuds
david95: Lol at jet
Ravalle: brown made a mistake 159 highest losing margin for richmond
timwhatson: great goal its Frightening!
Daniel82: JETTA goal
Piesrox11: Its going to be 100 points at Quarter time
Costanza: correct 190ish is record
dutchman: GC cannot tackle- So soft
daniel87: Already noticed bock was missing
The Lad: Essendon need 7 points to break the first quarter record.
boomz23: GC to quit :P
mabo: Vman, they might score that many in actual points as well at this rate
YoungGun: triple M said biggest first qtr score in an etihad game
vman33: lol Tom Bellchambers has scored more than half of Gold Coast!
Daniel_79: Imagine what Collingwood will do the GCS!
rainbow x2: suns would beat gws by 100 just think of next year. why the flower are thye in next year already
Jimmy40: well, should the suns go point for point from here on out, Bombers still covered the spread lo
sgi86: anyone still keen on ablet upgrade after the bye hahaha
djohns: this is incredible - would love to be watching this game on tv!
kingbling: this is a joke
fobbuddy: come on hunt!
Shooba: Souths kicked 17 something against St. Kilda years back
keithy: was forced to have matera AND dix on the field this week :(
justi: maiden at stony creek. pretty good maiden if gablett's running
bakez33: this is ridiculous... and greater western sydney will be even worse!
watty: @Justi it has happened before with Montgomery of the Dogs i think
Danny_Bhoy: hahah this is so the worst, but its funny
david95: 81 to 1 lol
Solat: what margin line can i get on the suns?
ballers88: Another goal.
Costanza: GWS had 4x16 year olds yesterday
Joel20: who would even have ablett in their team for this season? lol
kingbling: spudssssssssssssss for GCS
karadoc: i dont think the magpies can do it
sainterman: mercy rule!
rodallegaa: watson and heppel...lets go!
proud_lion: this is absolutely flowerked!
tigerman28: record equalled
MetallicA: this is unreal
Floor: record equaled!
ls26a: Ok how bad are port...
SupaSylvia: wont touch ablett this year....he'll drop to $350k....but thats cos its what he'll be worth.
Ravalle: the worry is will the afl help gws get even more of other clubs top shelfers to be competitive
Daniel82: essendon just tied qtr time score. North and Hawthorn previous record holders
stevemac5: round 16 2001, essendon came back from this deficit, history to repeat?
GoLions: m0nty flame heppell
n4cr123: This game is horrible.... essendon will get a phone call from afl soon tellin them to stop..
djohns: equal for biggest first quarter ever - come on dons! just one more :D
matDTC: 10 individual goal kickers. amazing
dabombers: Whoever scores a goal for GC will get 100 SCpts for that.
mabo: This is bad, the afl completely mismanaged these new expansion entries
karadoc: a record is a RECORD. cant see the Magpies doing the same
kingbling: mOnty you have to give the GCS all spuds, u have too
Kean: this is disgusting
matt1985: I reckon Swan will crack the 200 when collingwood play gcs!
david95: Ablett from winnin by 157 points to losing by about a million
insano: record gone
karadoc: is there a mercy rule?
damoc85: crameri lining up for record
proud_lion: mercy rule mercy rule!!!
dutchtup: take flame off jetta
DrewMartin: 17 goal 4 pts is the all time Qtr record
gutsy61: Making Port Adelaides effort look attrocious
ScootD: cmon Bombers, another goal b4 quarter time!
SaintsRGod: essendon about to kick highest 1st qtr score
justi: lol @ stevemac. good joke
timwhatson: There goes that record....whts next?
Danny_Bhoy: hahahaha
falcooons: essendon have 12 players who have scored over 20 dt and gc have only had 1
cfc 1979: greatest ever qtr time margin ever - 80 points so far - 2nd record
SuperCodge: Jobe handball to Jetta not counted?
karadoc: Tap Out - lets watch UFC 129. anyone in?
TheBaron: Magnifying glass for GC
Tittan99: m0nty flame essondon
Daniel82: bombers 14 goals...
Brown*Dog: We need some DUMP TRUCKS for these guys
snake_p: where's Dr Phillip Nitske...GC need euthanasing
vman33: History in the making here boys!
demon_spud: don't think the flame should be used against GC side
sacka: m0nty SPUD the GC team, i have seen jnr footy tackle harder than this
MarkPlow: hahahahahahahaha
sam25: omg i have never witnessed anything like this im only 22 btw
DaisyCrazy: second highest quarter of all time
CatAttack9: still 2 mins left
kingbling: or give all of essendon flames
Bomber11: get hurley into the forward line far out!!!
buddyboyz: this is a joke
sgi86: matera?????
deano69: atleast the gcs got a point for essendons percentage
TravisBoak: the whole gold coast team needs to lift give them spuds and muppets
Clark U: This is the kinda scoreline i get in AFL Live
riots: Afl standard come along way as shown by this encounter. Ess v vfl team
dibford94: Gc might aswell forfeight, pack up, and save there energy for the lions. Might only lose by 50 in that match haha
damoc85: Highest score in one quarter South Melbourne – 17.4 (106) vs. St Kilda 0.0 (0) in 4th quarter Lake Oval, 26 July 1919
BigLynchy: karadoc - just in time for gsp fight :)
Solat: lol snake
DaisyCrazy: south melbourne once kicked 17 goals in a qtr
Save-Lo: holy balls
Kean: spud for every gcs player
vman33: What the Flower Jobe!!!!
Hydra911: This is why I love Essendon. No mercy.
justi: suns really are missing krak, brown and bock in d
daniel87: Whatever essendon had no pressure playing gold coast coming off a win
spiff: can we get witches hat icons for the entire gold coast team?
rainbow x2: on track to win by 344
Memph: Relying on lots of GC for my team this week :(
Shooba: @damoc85 - that's the one
Danny_Bhoy: Throw Matera on ball, obviously somthing isnt working
CatAttack9: lonergan!
sam25: from the archives damoc GUN
kingbling: isnt the rule if you score 50+ points you get the superman cape....
timwhatson: Just WOW!
insano: ohh dear GC
sgi86: L plate for ablett
Ravalle: as the coach of 5 gc players i have ordered them to play keepings off and they will if any can get the ball to start wit
david95: Lol at the 1 fan calling holding the ball wen gc tackled
kangars8: men vsing boys
CatAttack9: and another!
Magaggies: My 5 GC players have combined for 50pts this quarter
ls26a: Im going to be lucky to score 1500 this week...
higgins76: lol
justi: that's unfair. suns should be lining up instead ess kick 15 in the term with a minute left. a mean is this a dream
scatman: hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!
ScootD: lol @ pumpkins
kovach: hahahahaha on ya m0nty
Kean: hahahahhahahaha pumpkins
thesmasher: monty all capes for dons
djohns: this pumpkin call is way better than petrie's one yesterday! this is nuts
Memph: hahaha monty
CatAttack9: lol pumpkins
david95: Essendon fans haven't been able to sit down
vman33: yes monty!!
Mudrat_4: hahahahahahaha
karadoc: wrong icon Monty. TOMBSTONE!
Danny_Bhoy: ahah the pumpkins
Daniel82: 93 to 1.... far out
bakez33: hahahahaha great!!! whole team pumpkin classic!
raph16: wait till gc sns play a real team like the pies, hawks or cats
cfc 1979: it's halloween
n4cr123: plewase stop..
ruthejorda: Loving the Pumpkins
SgtCroydon: Heath Hocking and Reimers dominating. They wouldn't get a game with the Power!
Tittan99: hahahah
sam25: go harris doing pretty dam well in a shower team hope his SC is higher
Solat: yay pumpkins
gards: i feel sorry for GC
Save-Lo: haha its an early halloween
GrannyBoy: i reckon 22 random guys could do better than this sh!t, wtf have the afl done? Oh $1.25b for 9 game rounds riiiight
Ravalle: 106 points biggest ever qtr in 1919 can they do it
haooyy: haha pack of pumpkins
NewFreoFan: ROFL ROFL ROFL at the pumpkins!!!!!!
Danny_Bhoy: Alrighty no one will surley sign with GWS after this result
Peterdean: this is going to be a 200 points thrashing
JesseSmith: matera hero to zero, hopefully the ball gets into their forward line in the 2nd quarter
Diamond: Surely rischitelli and brennan dont deserve pumpkin???? - Monty ?
GoLions: oh m0nty brennan and rischitelli dont deserve pmpkins
david95: Gud on ya Monty
sacka: Good call
TigersLair: lol @ pumpkins
Costanza: Ess love pumpkin soup
dilz17: yes monty!
deano69: highest ever 1st quarter score
Hawkatack: Essendon to all have anti bulling awareness
LJ silver: considering the score....cannot complain with harris' score so far
BigBadBen: Demetriou will call a bomb threat to the stadium soon
carndons: Liam Patrick: is a pumpkin and is not even on the ground!!
Impromptu: GC just put 17 players in defensive half and flood for 10mins
GoLions: both over 20 points in a side getting raped
Piesrox11: ahahahaha all spuds
Fabbo: Is Liam Patrick a pumpkin? lol he hasn't been able to do anything
Spudanator: Whole bombers team gonna tone it up today
snake_p: flame up the whole essendon team monty
GoneTheBif: wtf?
tferrier18: You've finally got the pumpkin right m0nty! well done
rainbow x2: on track to win by 368 points.W! T! F!
unobrow: no playr on either team could be enjoying this
pjpunter: good one monty
Shinboner: hahaha
damoc85: hahahaha even spud is barracking for them
Memph: Can the purple nurple name game be on the final score instead?
daniel87: I am going to put 5 dollars on the suns if they come backmfrom here I wi
gards: gonna be a long game - 40 minute quarters
Magicsmell: As an essendon supporter all i can say is HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH BAHAHAHAHAHA BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
scatman: lol @ costanza
murph3: LOOOOOOOOOOOl everyone pumpkin
CatAttack9: qtr time
david95: Commentators excited wen ball was near gc goals
falcooons: port adelaide must be sooooooo embarrased that gc beat them and essendon are almost 100 points up at quater time
BigLynchy: hope essendon don't stay this hot for west coast next week :)
sgi86: hahaha crameri spud jokes
daniel87: Be a millionaire
justi: ess have 62.5 pt line covered by 5 goals at qtr time. wtf. unprecedented.
Snarfy: Gee its a long quarter and still a few minutes to go! (Joke)
karadoc: Watson is a slacker
Daniel82: QTR time 94 to 1
Costanza: um....Wow
SupaSylvia: Bit tough on young Liam Patrick, M0nty! Poor kid hasn't had a chance to show himself yet.
n4cr123: i cant see how this is good for the afl game..
jefftee: lolol this is so aweseome to watch
Memph: Hmm $!0 says after this game that Malthouse may rest Swan against GC
spiff: haha this team beat port
enormohead: 1 37.17.239 Geelong Brisbane Bears 1992 7 Carrara Stadium
pjpunter: easy money at 1.91
murph3: 93 - 1 in one quater omggggggggg thatis uunbelievable
dutchman: That non decision in GC fwd line was the worst of the round
GrannyBoy: so why did fitzroy get the boot??? they were never that bad.
GoneTheBif: And this is the side that beat Port....
Clark U: Essendons % will be off the charts
sgi86: the awkward moment when the sub is more effective than karmichael hunt
murph3: you cant give liam patrick the pumpkin
cfc 1979: lift your game melksham
ls26a: As a pies supporter im looking for a 400pt win against the suns
tigerman28: the line is now 176pts!
dibford94: Bombers to score 300 (at least) ahaha yay :)
Hydra911: Centrbet Line is 176 points hahaha
justi: reimers flattered by cape?
silversand: I think GC might not travel well.
Tittan99: lol patrick still gets a pumkin
gards: so how much are the bombers gonna beat port by??
watty: I want the AFL charged for bringing the game into disrepute by entering GC
vman33: The only way Jobe Watson can start scoring is if Gold Coast start resisting...
enormohead: 37.17.239 Geelong vs Brisbane Bears 1992 that records gone
wood: essendon could probably play with 12 players on the feild from this point
benno_919: devo i put karmichael as captain
Tittan99: i reckon that the score will be 257 to 23
Impromptu: Lucky Heppell player otherwise Hunt (e)
Save-Lo: what do you say as the GC coach
Jimmy40: @jefftee.. You think this is awesome to watch? This is very bad for AFL expansion mate.. get some vision.
dutchman: Fitzroy were broke - GC have plenty
ruthejorda: essendon percentage... 9400% so far....
Snarfy: Is 7 covering this game?
HotTiges: flower up bif
shurg123: Why does Reimers have the cape over Hocking?
spiff: i dont think anyone deserves a cape against the witches hat... more like a shooting fish in a barrel icon
whale: LOL liam patrick: IS A PUMPKIN
CatAttack9: dons on track for 376
ReidNWard: LOL at Watty
Muneem: LOL at josh fraser
Chadwickus: Bombers still can't beat Collingwood though, so it doesn't really matter how much they beat the newest team in the AFL
timwhatson: Ess 60 goal game?
blah128: Suns need to pray for a lot of interchange infringments by Bombers
SgtCroydon: These guys are making Heath Hocking look good. He's about as classy as Tom Logan
Jimmy B!: Stanton to get 187....bookmark it!!!!!!
daniel87: Completely diffreny games like I said port played a side that was very Hungary essence play a side coming off a win
justi: I though gc were horrible v carlton in first term. a few words will now b redefined. gc are the definition of ff pumpkin
pjpunter: fitzroy simply had no money
cdrobert: matera should have a couple of tackles
AchillesII: monty, can u give Essendon Bombers the PNG underline??????
jefftee: LOL THIS IS HILARIOUS. HAHAHA. i feel so bad for gc
walle: thought this was funny - until i remembered I have Matera on the ground....:(
Jimmy B!: Dons to score 263 bookmark it
SorrentoFC: Capes for Essendon
rowshow: might put a sneaky tenner on a GC comeback
MarkPlow: lol @ people that put jobe captain
murph3: heath hocking superman
Centurions: i reckon the betting for this game has closed
TravisBoak: 0.1.1 lowesr score st kilda will gold coast beat it?
Moondog21: i'm pretty sure matera laid a tackle. Every point counts.
BillyPick: Hurley deserves the pumpkin as well. Fumbling against these kids who obviously can't apply pressure
jacko10: ryder sc capt
dabombers: What team play GC twice this year, might stock up on those teams!!!
HotTiges: stanton 187 dt?? about 100 sc
GrannyBoy: if gc was a horse they get the curtain and the gun out
toxictoast: pumpkin's a bit harsh on liam patrick. go lajamanu man
kceb1980: Good time to have ryder as my 2nd ruck lol
Spudanator: Bombers can hang up
Centurions: the awkward moment when you brought matera into your team
teamfreo: WOW! I didn't even know the game had started!! just wow
mricho73: matera might struggle to make his -14b/e at this rate
sgi86: wat lowest score in history?
SgtCroydon: Rowshow, why not give me the 10 bucks, that is essentially what you would be doing!
damoc85: bombers % up 22 already
Spudanator: Bombers on ice for the rest of the game
chunky: monty you need the witches hats symbol
SuperCodge: @cdrobert..agree, Watson not getting his points either...Champion Data stats guys has Swan as Captain lol
lionspro: This gives my Lions some hope!
lachlan21: cant believe i have Karmichael Hun capt FMDT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Richter: WOW im a bombers supporter... feel sorry for gc
TravisBoak: sc scores?
cfc 1979: GC SC should all be below 10
pattyrena: png should be guessing essendons f/t score
Kuzco: wow
mabo: Who in their right minds would sign up with GWS after seeing how GCS is traveling?
boostboy: Higest AFL score = 37.17.239 Geelong vs Brisbane Bears 1992 rnd 7 Carrara Stadium
GrannyBoy: Who's fcking idea was it that hawks play them ONCE in round twenty fckin four!
bigjuddy: i just logged on what the flower is going on
Bomber11: cmon matera lift!!!
soicanchat: i shouldnt have put karmichael hunt as my captain
dibford94: Go put a buck on gc at qtr time, extraordinary value
rainbow x2: matera to drop in price sigh
f1-77: Of all days for Hurley to be in defence, it had to be today!?
Centurions: lionspro first queensland clash you never know...
Save-Lo: you would think the bombers will take their foot off the gasa at some point
chaosrules: ok foxtel base package + sports $60, on austar $61
lachlan21: i had Jacob Cocks as my capt :(
justi: okay dons by +/- 200. thoughts?
walle: what does this say about Port...
david95: I think guy mackenna is gunna start cryin and quite gc
SuperCodge: @Mabo...D$le Thom$s
piccollo: Sub heppel now - give him a rest
swansahack: and fletch isnt even playing, WTF
rowshow: GC 100/1 on betfair. Still not a fair price!
jefftee: if taggers are geting highest dt scores. you know the other teams stuffed
AchillesII: hawks play them twice u spud
holly08: josh fraser worst no1 draft pick ever
daverudder: do patrrick shaw matera and hunts zeroes count???
cfc 1979: GC to go the biff
sgi86: the awkward moment when virtual sport delete ur dt account for having karmichael hunt
strath39: this really show how bad Port is
scatman: GC to play a 16 man backline?
Moondog21: geelong play gc twice. bring on the percentage
TigersLair: I'm relying on too many GC players for scores this week
Floor: what are gold coast paying?
upforgrabs: Hepple to get subbed of today
Refused: It said what we know, port are shower
SgtCroydon: @dibford94: It would be value if they had a chance of winning.
Costanza: Suns only 3 players >3 kicks
piccollo: Ess 200 point win
damoc85: swallow comes hard lol
david95: Hunt punched it away lol
GrannyBoy: hawks v gc rnd 24 hawks v geel twice b4 round 12 bullsh!te
bigjuddy: i just logged on what the flower is going on
Danny_Bhoy: $200 on Essendon to win over 56.5 with a line of -19.5, paying $2.20. Should win i
Impromptu: Hunt2>
McLeod_23: Come on i reckon Gold coast should move all their players in the Defensive 50
Centurions: hunt you star
sam25: yes hurley 34 and hardingham 37 yeah babay
rowshow: 100/1 @floor
SuperCodge: KHunt should have gon eto BOxing not AFL
walle: showere have MAtera and Stanley on ground - and Hibberd leaving Heppel on bench...:((
oldshepp: Brought Dixon in to avoid a donut - yay
spiff: jeez dunno how u can icycle a gc forward... were u even watching that quarter?
lukew55: is this real life
jefftee: i wonder wat mckennas going to say to the team
Luke919: swallow can't hold the ball, fumbles every time
boost: Here comes the pain gold coast
pachichi: with the fox package dont you needa pay extra for the box?
RedRoos: the gc forwards should just go to the backline and defend. at least maybe then theyd get a touch
sgi86: how many 100's will essendon hav by half time
chaosrules: heppell having a rest on the ground, its only a training drill at best, GC players are the witches hats
falcooons: im soooooooo glad i didnt trade in matera this week
david95: Essendon haven't got a gol in lik 5 min wats goin on
SuperCodge: @Pachi nope
justi: @supercodge this is a bit like boxing 4 suns
CatAttack9: zaharakis! dons into triple figures
walle: on no AND smith :(((
david95: Nvermind they just got 1
Luke919: yeh zaharakis need you to kick 12 today
buddyboyz: @GrannyBoy we also play Gold Coast twice but in later stage in the season
Shooba: Get Liam Patrick on.. he is an absolute jet. Cousin of Jurrah
Centurions: hunt is beating several of his mates in SC
chaosrules: no, + free installation at the moment
SgtCroydon: Guy McKenna at qtr time: "Well lads, we're flowered"
lachlan21: Matera got a handball stoked!!!!
aj11: hibberds first game will b a massive win for the bombers and he should get quite a few touchs on his first afl ggame
burst: wtf heppel was supposed to be rested
piccollo: As an ess supporter - loving it. As a super coacher- not so much
SuperCodge: Amazing how easy it is to kick goals when there is no pressure..shows how much it's in the head
meziare: anyone NOT got Matera on the field??
ShowerTime: Prince William = no. 17 for G/C
SupaSylvia: With the current bomber line up, can Hibberd hold his spot in the side?
deano69: cmon watson get involved in this punishment
AchillesII: grannyboy... do ur hw before u have a whinge, who does GC play in round 13?
jcobyoung: shutup catattack leave the blog to monty
mabo: They need to bring everyone back to defend and maybe they'll hold them to a 200pt lead by halftime
walle: yes more points to hibberd please
ScootD: 100:1 for GC to win
djohns: almost time to start giving the bin out
YoungGun: @meziare: went with darling and tapscott on the field over matera.
Hydra911: Supasylvia - He'll get the odd game becaus winderlich and Dempsey are out but he wont be permanent.
ImSoHood: ever seen 12 fireballs?
Marcz: no
upforgrabs: Come on hibbet when u over hepple this week got a feeling hird will sub him n rest him for next week
Costanza: looks like you need a witches hat symbol mOnty
travie: afl conspiracy against collingwood = they only play GC once. u heard it here first.
Centurions: Matera finally
desklamp: holy flowering shower last leg of multi essendon 121+ big night tonight :D
gards: cmon matera, your actually on my field this week!
rainbow x2: karmichael for superspud cape
DCarbon: whats the highest score ever?
dibford94: gc to break tackling record. That's all they'll be doing the entire game. Chasing after bomber alps and dust. Good luck!
boostboy: Lowest ever vfl/afl score = 0.1.1 St Kilda vs Geelong 1899
Centurions: was the point rushed
justi: maybe this shows that ablett ISN'T the son the god
ImSoHood: vowel symbol for khunt
The Lad: 100:1 is overs
swan__007: abblet got point
pachichi: got heppell on over hibberd
SgtCroydon: Can't believe the bombers have been so inaccurate.
chaosrules: the point was off hands in a marking contest in the goal square
flopitout1: cant wait till the dons play port pmsl
The Lad: i meant 100:1 is unders
pesh123: 239 by GEELong
Joel20: should just have auto filled my team with essendon players haha
xumtinlong: GC should at least push everyone behind the ball to stop the rot
Peterdean: I hope they don't step off the pedal
david95: Ablett junkin it up now
bigsandi: watson feeling sorry for GC
Crowbot2.0: This is pathetic
aj11: watson and hurley going really bad this game they should be at least on 35 each (dt)
MarkPlow: cummon jobe
bakez33: omg gold coast have kicked a goal!!!
CatAttack9: gold coast goal!!!
insano: @justi Ablett workin his alps off but cant do it himself eg cant be everywhere at ince
david95: Lol gc gol
sainterman: yahhh
Tittan99: go suns
justi: thank god for teac
jonnyx92: go gold coast!
Hydra911: Risky gets a goal!
sullitons: collingwood may just be the first team to score in 4 figures when they play the coasters
AchillesII: flopitout u listening to SEN as well?
cfc 1979: here comes the GC comeback
Priddis: suns goal
justi: true insano
Tittan99: wat are gc odds to win?
Floor: gc are coming
deano69: 93 more points to go gold coast
tigerman28: here come gold coast!
tiltraise: here come the suns..whats the record for comebacks?
Spudanator: Junk time binz for all now
pie wazza: l can't wait till the Pies play GC
david95: Gc fan in crowd has a never say die sign lol
pesh123: suns fuaaaaaaaaaaaaark u mad essendon ?
vman33: Jobe needs 20 points at LEAST this quarter...
chrizzo11: joke..........
boost: Gold coast to come back and win
flopitout1: nope
scatman: GC goal?! - get angry essendon
rodallegaa: what was the 1/4 time score?
Priddis: Glad I tipped Suns
falcooons: k.hunt spud
HawksStud8: im putting $1 on GC, if they win. im going to retire
Sandi2Pav: junk time??
Centurions: carn watson
Costanza: Riemers head will explode soon
The Chip: this is a joke
spiff: haha 22 bins now
tideisgone: Suns paying $90
sainterman: 94-1
flopitout1: nope
CatAttack9: reimers has 4...this is slaughter
Lionman: lold coast
Danny_Bhoy: No joke teams should just rest there stars and play there youth against GC.
Bowzer: does this all count as junk time now? whats the earliest it has happened
joosoo: please put hurley up forward up forward, could probs win the coleman this game
vman33: When your two taggers have the most points on the ground, you know your dominating!
CatAttack9: @rodallegaa: 94-1
GrannyBoy: so gc kicking to the scoring end this 1/4 then???
Curnow: Trash Can for EVERYONE - It's all junk time now ...
swan__007: sign should say never say die but find a hole real quick
The Lad: It's like we get to watch what St Kilda was like in the first decade of the competiion
Jizza9: Time for Hird to appologise to the fans
dilz17: kyle reimers is a massive front runner.
justi: you'd hate to a be a hurley owner right now. even toy is beating him
Spudanator: Pies or the cats play gold coast... GC better not turn up
flopitout1: happy birthday grannyboy lol
Fabbo: yes i think everything from now is junk time too
lachlan21: @the chip, you are a joke mate they are a bunch of kids give em a break mate
GrannyBoy: danny boy - yeah cept port lmao
SJ=Freak: lol at the cheif
david95: Hunt got a kick
justi: khunt halves the diff to 0
thero017: how will essendon fare coming off the bye next week ;p
cfc 1979: GC have to plat Geelong at skilled - tha will get very ugly
SuperCodge: Watson not hungry at all for the pill
PiesGOGOGO: Think my multi leg is safe... total game score over 221 BANG!?
boostboy: This is like watching Japan vs the All Blacks in the Rugby World Cup
david95: Hunt on fire
damoc85: hunt is actually playing well
Jaguar42: rischitelli for the brownlow
SupaSylvia: Pretty tough to say 'die' when you're dead.
neo: why isnt weller playing
holly08: haw freo geel byes had to start 3 gc duds
GrannyBoy: lmao how did you know? aw thanks
SgtCroydon: Jag on Channel 11. Who says nothing's on TV?
Floor: This reminds me of playing AFL 98 as a kid. Kick out of the middle, mark, goal. Rinse and repeat.
aj11: hurley and hepple havent got a anything this qtr
Centurions: give gold coast (matera) a couple of goals to make it interesting
Hydra911: "I think he just...landed...badly"
SuperCodge: Bombers should try and destroy them, not hold off...
Devin: i put 50 bucks on goldcoast to win from here :)
Muneem: gotta love having reimers as ur captain
linusp: seriously tho, Toy and Hutchins are pathetic
steve7: hibberd looks good. just hope he can keep a spot
cougars3: get a kick ryder need a HUGE score from you
Bomber21: best 1st quarter in AFL history??
spiff: lol gc at skilled flower that will be a bad bad day
dodgy bros: hurley outa my sc team next week
Marcz: with the supply Ess r getting Hunt isnt doing bad
sam25: cmon hurley please
lachlan21: atleast gold coast are having fun
ScootD: steve7, anyone in the Bombers could look good in this game
vman33: Ok, time to start playing Watson, Heppell, Stanley and Matera
BigBadBen: Good one roo "spud could still get a kick out there' lol
toxictoast: sub patrick on already
Marcz: muneem did u change ur captain from hunt in the 1st qtr (=
spiff: i reckon gc could lose by 600 at skilled
linusp: if only Roos was coaching Goldcoast. He'd have 2 fwds, with rest flooding Back Flank and ballup central
scatman: socceroos v american samoa...31-0(archie kicked 13)
aj11: wat the hell devin
david95: Close game
GrannyBoy: major prob w gc they'll be sh!t for so long then all their guns wont fit under the salary cap when they mature hmm
Floor: @Bomber21 no 12 short
m0nty: go my Suns players, waxing it!
elliotts: my only benchy playing... hibberd
Slashers: Dyson's mum just called, she wants her son rested.
{crows17}: how many pionts do essendon have to get to get the mercy rule
Centurions: heppel has left etihad stadium?
SgtCroydon: Port will beat Essendon when they play them
The Chip: not too sure they are
mabo: Hird must have gotten a phone call at half time from Demetriou
damoc85: what a kick from T-Mac
Muneem: Hahah , gotta love the changing captain trick
justi: goal of the day. unbelievably from a sun. lol
tigerman28: bombers gone cold
chaosrules: well american samoa needd 3 goal keepers
jefftee: scatman. lolol i remember that. funniest youtube vid ever
bakez33: mckenzie 60m bomb
cougars3: is ryder on the field
mabo: Did he just say " it could be the fire starter!". Seriously?
Hydra911: Damn. Cmon Bombers, back on it!
Fabbo: Michael Christian says suns are going "toe to toe" with the bombers this quarter
Piesrox11: The only problem with this is that all the fantasy relevant players arnt doing anything, like who has Reimers, lonergan
sainterman: Macca!
justi: have port had any less respect in their history than what they do at this current moment in time
Devin: first week i won score 2000 :(
HappyDEZ: McKenzie looks as tho he was born to be a left wingman
Tigertuff: give the entire Essendon team Suns, because seriously, which one of them won't ton up?
lukew55: gc for the biggest comeback in history
vman33: @m0nty, instead of predicting McKenzie's score, lets predict the Bombers final score...
Slashers: Look @ the only players doing any good for GC suns = AFL experience
david95: I think I got this tip right
Priddis: How good does Port look now?
damoc85: hunt going for merretts record
sam25: yes go harris and smith
elliotts: who tipped gold coast
gabriel: gold coast got in in the bag!
damo2468: carn hurley where r u
scatman: commentators doing anything to keep viewers tuned in
upforgrabs: Keep going hibbet chose u ova hepple this week
SgtCroydon: @ Tigertuff: Jake Melksham
travie: dear mr heppell...score a flowering point
Piesrox11: Well they are Fabbo
sam25: i know damo come on hurley
TheJamster: brb-taking a huge steamer
Bomber11: cmon matera lift!!!
EAGLE4LIv2: essendon looking very good, not looking good for west coast :(
The Chip: unlucky swallow
lachlan21: luke russel the gun do you reckon m0nty?
berthier: stop complaining about hurley, he's in the back line, the ball's not there!
Centurions: Heppell doesnt care such as shower cow
david95: Gc winnin qtr
Hydra911: GC winning 2nd quarter so far...cmon dons
boof12: ryder 2 points this quarter?
totwotoo: The biggest scoring bonanza in Bomber history and Hurley is playing *an important cog* role out of defence
linusp: sack McKenna!
MarkPlow: jobe watson hacking it up
The Chip: lift dyson
daniel87: Wow all you dogs bagging port can go flower yourselves
Hydra911: Nice, Monfries! This is good for ya mate, you needed an easy few goals for confidence. Gonna be great forus.
Fury: Don't bag Heppell, he's doing fine.
Floor: geelong's record will be safe
PrimeTime*: Can anyone tell me y prestia isnt playing
Tiki50: this is prob the best thing that can happen for WC next week
Zeratul: cmon - most goals on Cameri this match haha
Archer11: Demetriou will have to ring Hirdy and ask him to slow down. Not good for the AFL.
SaintsRGod: this game is killing me
TheJamster: ahh, back boys, the toilet is clogged now!
Piesrox11: Suns have won the clearances this quarter
BryceJay: Whats hunt doing!!!!
HappyDEZ: would be happy with 50 from Matera at this stage
Gazzajnr: I put watson captain :( :( :(
upforgrabs: Put matera in the back line so he can get a kick
broaja4: anyone watching, what is watson doing?? how come he isnt dominating
sullitons: gold coast winning the quarter
piccollo: Sleep heppel, uv earnt a rest
benno_919: i thought the confidence would make karmichael improve this week so i put as captain, pretty devastated
EAGLE4LIv2: anyone know lowest dt score ever
HawksStud8: what the highest ever end of match score? 250?-300?
mabo: Fk that kid has a leg on him
The Chip: mckenzies loving those!
CatAttack9: mcKenzie has a huge kick
siklan: All the guns flower up against gc whilst the showerkickers dominate. flower you Watson you bitch cow
justi: mckenzie can kick it a mile
travie: michael hibberd...i will have a sex change and give birth to ur children ur that great
Buddy Guy: Go Hibberd
chrizzo11: Imagine if essendon played port adelaide LOL
lachlan21: heppell is having his out there lift mate
steve7: leave heppel alone! he's enjoying his bye this week.
swansahack: @daniel87 port are the worst team in the competition
SaintsRGod: i got heppell, hurley, matera and swallow
spiff: lol 50? i'd be happy with 30 from matera at this point
jefftee: crameri for 15 goals
vman33: Heppell +3
Zeratul: bombers slowing down
sam25: matera goal
damoc85: icicle off for brandon
{crows17}: gold coast for premiership
justi: here come the suns
Piesrox11: matera woop woop yep
david95: There coming bak
troller: Yay Matera!
justi: nah i'm joking
vman33: Matera goal!
lukew55: matera!
YoungGun: matera goal!
Devin: matera ! u legend!
Hydra911: Matera goal...far out
nostrdamus: is ryder at full back???????????????
wood: gc rallying
aj11: i hav heppel hurley watson and hibberd and they r all doown the bottom of the board
SuperCodge: Matera!!! Gooooooooooaaaaaallllllll
Floor: matera's a gun
CatAttack9: gold coast come back
Marcz: firing up Suns yewww
Slashers: Yea, c'mon Hirdy, I was nice enough to give Heppel a rest, how about you do the same...
Hydra911: HawksStud 8 --- 239
jefftee: leave the defenders alone. if i were them i would pull out my picnic basket and enjoy the afternoob
Bjorn: Leave Britney alone!!
elliotts: ban travie
sixxsixx6: maybe opened your mouth a bit soon mr ess 121+????
bigjuddy: matera
Brak: Zac Smith into the ruck couldnt have come soon enough
chaosrules: get ricciuto off foxtel geez, terrible commentary
lachlan21: mateeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaa
GoLions: woo go matera! 9 more mk
benno_919: i'm feeling a comeback
gypsymaurz: nice hibberd
{crows17}: gold coast for premiership
daniel87: Yeah be uase the last 20 times essendon played port they have like. 6 times
SgtCroydon: Kyle Reimers actually spent some time with me at Mt Thomas
Piesrox11: Boundary umpire just did his hamstring ahahahah
sacka: Hocker is the dumbest player in the AFL, constant diarrhea of the brain.
spiff: what's a good dt score gonna be this week then... 1800?
upforgrabs: Matera wld be a star in a decent team
CatAttack9: another one to gold coast!
david95: Wow 2 in a row
sam25: yes zac smith goal my biy well done
gypsymaurz: smith goal
tigerman28: zac!
jonnyx92: suns are coming!
The Chip: zacccyyy!!!!
Lionman: here they come
Tittan99: GC to win?
piccollo: Go zaccy!
Fabbo: suns!!
n4cr123: Go gold coast boy!!
troller: Sweet now Z Smith's turn
justi: two in a row. the suns are rising after a very looooooong night
bigjuddy: smith
rioligunn: smith goallll!!!
Chipsy_DT: cant wait for GWS.. they will get pumped by 200 everygame
vman33: Wow Gold Coast gonna win lol! 2 in a row!
BURNER72: 37.17.239 geelong vs brisbane 1992
Judd005: wakey wakwy matera woot
sgi86: essendon for pumpkin now haha
mabo: GC was just giving Essendon a head start eh?
lukew55: bombers getting smashed this qt
GoLions: yeah go zac
EAGLE4LIv2: here come the coasters
YoungGun: people talking about heppell, i rested him. Now that his is playing, pray he does well, if he is subbed. $$ down
Gazzajnr: Rischitelli will win suns best and farest
Bjorn: lol
keithy: LOL id be over the moon i i got 1800
justi: suns are competing at the stoppages and their structure is beginning to work
chaosrules: brennan leg injury
tigerman28: icicles for the dons?
Floor: 239 is safe
TigersLair: C'mon Mother Hibberd
Piesrox11: I will be back in 10 mins, going down to TAB to put some money on the Suns to win
siklan: Give Watson the steaming, downhill skiing turd
buddyboyz: here come the suns
SuperCodge: Are GSC winning the quarter?
eagles9294: here come the suns
Powner4123: flower this gold coast for the flag :) common boys
Fury: Doubt Bombers will crack 200, they'll probs go easy in 2nd half
BURNER72: most goals in qtr sth melb 17 in 1919
Archer11: This week Hibberd in - Duigan out
m0nty: go GAJ, show a bit of fight
justi: yes suns up in this q
NewFreoFan: Suns comeback kings, matera to kick winning goal lol
Powner4123: lol jokes on u my mums a ranger
SgtCroydon: Only 14 goals to go lads
jiggsy01: will 2000 be a sweet scorein dt, i doubt i wont get there
Gazzajnr: I've had a pretty shoker week so the only good that will come out will be that my cash cows keep going up
Hydra911: GSC winning this qtr by 8 points
sam25: he deserves it propably gazzajnr but you know who will get it cause there paying him like 2 million
The Chip: what is heppels b/e?
falcooons: watson GET THE BALL!
piccollo: Pretty hard to keep going mentally when ur dominating like ess are
upforgrabs: What is hepple b/e this week
daft_play: Why did i ever pick up HURLEY .. god he is so crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PrimeTime*: Anyone know y prestia isnt in this team
dilz17: keep banging in toy you gun
TigersLair: I already traded Duigan for L. Thompson
higgins76: toy hard at it
chaosrules: wait until hibberd is named for his 3rd game
troller: Another free kick for Toy, keep em coming...
Crowsman: Croyden you 12yr old turn it over to ABC and watch cartoons
steve7: essendon have done what they need to do to win. they'll relax and win be about 60-70
Hutch28: essendon for brownlow?
Marcz: Josh Toy is leading the way with his attack on the pill...
Richter: heppell b/e 9
bakez33: where the flower is watson??????
rainbow x2: harris you gun!
MontyJnr: hurleys playing backline, give him a break...clearly working for the dons
SuperCodge: Toy has the look of a young other words a total cnut
Wanderer30: Hurley is on 34SC at QT which is great for 14DT. You are spuds for playing DT
demon_spud: For BE - click on their name
Curnow: His mother called and asked us to stop talking about Heppell's "back end" - he's only 18 you know ...
The Chip: @primetime general soreness
spiff: ffgenie has heppell's b/e at -1
vman33: yay Watson to Heppell!
SgtCroydon: Crowsman: Are you Bernard Finnigan? I think so
Floor: i think big andy d told them to slow down at qtr time
jiggsy01: lol codge
Bjorn: Judd 3 votes
upforgrabs: Keep going hibbet zaharakis swallow Harris n matera
justi: suns are a different now. they actually look gooood
sacka: Bombers running forward of the ball looking for cheapies atm
Marcz: Suns have got some MEDDLE
bigjuddy: yes, harris!!!!
sam25: cape for harris
Rated_RKO: im gonna need pendlebury and swan to score about 600 to get to 2000
SupaSylvia: GC are doubling ESS score so far this qtr, good see a bit of ticker.
piccollo: Harris flame
Zeratul: dont slow down bombers, you have records to break!
rodallegaa: wtf watson
ImSoHood: dixon looks a bit like the guy in happy gilmore with the nail in his head
Costanza: hide the scoreboard and its game on
MontyJnr: ton up harris!
swansahack: wanderer32: so true
rainbow x2: swan to get injured
buddyboyz: lift hurley u flowering cow!
Bomber11: will hibberd play every game?
eagles9294: in same boat Rated_RKO
Shooba: Played Harris over Heppell, come on old mate!
nostrdamus: hellooo ryder, glad ur back
freaks: OOOO damnit should of played luke thompson over heppel :(
sam25: lol imsohood oh that guy is funny
benno_919: anyone else have hunt as skipper?
falcooons: go harris
justi: where the flower was this 30mins ago
sam25: mr larson if im not mistaken
sam25: cape for harris
m0nty: this is like the Moomba Parade suddenly reversing direction
Marcz: Harris has that thing on a string
vman33: Is Watson dead? Just traded him in this week...
SuperCodge: @ImSoHood..Guns Don't Kill People, DT kills people
Rated_RKO: although, it is possible for pendles and swan to dominate bulldogs...
swansahack: good stats for khunt. 2 FA lol
daniel87: I am happy heppel is playing
kovach: played swallow over harris :( this is poop...
FFScience: @benno no dumb captain jokes man
MontyJnr: heppell should still get alot of points, happy i chose thero over him though
Brak: Can Hunt outscore the Sub?
aj11: its a bit over due for hurley first disposal this qtr
ShowerTime: why has ryder still got the flame? 2 poss this qtr
sam25: lol monty
vman33: yes Heppell junky
SaintsRGod: hurley is biggest dt hack ever, he is gone next week
justi: khunt has more fa then possies
TheJamster: monty monty!
ImSoHood: sick of hearing about l.thompson... find something new to jerk over ppl
boomz23: we dont need to win by 200... obviously going easier.
dyl_2: gold coast have won this quarter
DarkSpider: wow Heppell is playing, have him on my bench. Put Polec on instead
MontyJnr: *thompson
Marcz: Demetriou would be tickled pink with this fight back...
buddyboyz: too bad that fletcher is missing out on all the fun
Bomber11: get hurley into the forward line far out!!!
lachlan21: yeah superman cape for harris
daniel87: Score is better than donut so ill take it
sam25: yes hurley + 5
sacka: Why ae the dons playing 2 blokes behind the ball ffs?????
ReidNWard: Watson Lift you MOFO
TravisBoak: give the whole essendon team flames
Buddy Guy: Pippa Middleton ok Imsohood
bigjuddy: keep going harris lift smith swallow and heppel
proud_lion: yay swallow
watty: Hey Imsohood, sounds like you must have missed the boat on Thompson. haahahaha
keithy: so happy i was forced to put dixon on the field...
lukew55: swallow = gun
swansahack: khunt for -3 at HT
MarkPlow: @ riedNWard watson is lifting
Marcz: P Middleton 3 votes
Costanza: with Fletch out there's nobody else Bomber11
daniel87: Can swallow heppel and zac smith
justi: me too keithy
eagles9294: wots with matera, gone from hero to ZERO in one week
dilz17: weak josh fraser, do you even want to be there?
vamos77: there will be records galore next year with Greater Western Souvlaki coming in
agwager: Hi all, what happened to heppell supposedly not playing? Lol
pachichi: playing swallow over harris may pay off
tigerman28: will hooker swallow?
eagles9294: L Thompon was a trade in i have over 200k in bank now
Fury: I would so do Pippa Middleto
Richter: dons cant score
rainbow x2: karmichael for superspud cape
CatAttack9: should make khunt the PNG subject
sullitons: im calling it now, gold coast win
MontyJnr: one positive, hutchins is killing hille
ImSoHood: watty i invested in cows still raising in price, hence not making round 6 downgrades .. boats ahead of yours buddy ;)
BURNER72: greatest comeback from qtr time is 58 points ESS vs NM 2001
rainbow x2: everyone doing aight now except matera
justi: suns on fire...
n4cr123: good boys!
sacka: Ess forward forgetting how to defend
Marcz: go u suns...
dibford94: bombers slowing down heavily.Trying to solidify a win and rest at the same time.Not looking to break any records. Hird.
Buddy Guy: Pippa and Kates mum>>>>>>>> Stifflers mum
Brak: I have Stanley, Toy, Harris, Swallow, Smith, Matera (Prestia) all on the field, really need this comeback to keep going
cfc 1979: heart for all GC
scatman: who's watching? - why aren't essendon scoring?
justi: suns are missing their best four defenders (most exp anyway) in coad, krak, brown and bock.
MontyJnr: @eagles9294 supply might have something to do with it
vman33: lol listening to Triple M, when Gold Coast scores, its the same noise level as when Essendon kicks a point...
Wanderer30: Burner it was 69 you flowering donkey
lukew55: gc gonna do the same to essendon in 5 yrs
The Chip: @catattack does the png even go negative?
swan__007: D Stanly suge sc at half time 60 or so im guessing goal assists hyard ball gets loose ball gets everything
agwager: I wonder what the record number of players to score over a ton is in DT? Could we see it 2day?
boomz23: Watson injured thumb
SuperCodge: Watson will have a massive second half..Hirdy will go sick on them
ls26a: hunt isnt playing as bad as his score suggest u muppets
ImSoHood: jobe has fired up and is joining the orgy
sacka: If GC win i will eat a human turd everyday for the next 12 months
spilly87: gc paying $90 for the win on sportsbet.. get on it!!!
pachichi: whats wrong with prestia? still sore or dropped
GoLions: need matera to kick all of GCS goals, and zaharakis to kick all of essendons goals :)
Crowsman: @Croyden Hocking looking good
Buddyman: buddy guy, try hard
ReidNWard: LOL Demetriou must have gave Hird a call
Costanza: all in the head -tricky when ur so far ahead. Port will never recover
sacka: Hird will go off
oldshepp: Any chance of Dixon getting a touch?
lionspro: Has the Bombers gone to bed?
swansahack: ill quote you on that sacka
carnaDEES: damn new i shouldnt have put hunt as my captain!
eagles9294: @sacka post it on utube for us please go goldcoast please get
SgtCroydon: Dixon has infected Hurley with his inability to score disease
sam25: cape for harris 36 that quarter
siklan: Geez GC have some potential
rainbow x2: flower off hibberd!
Mudrat_4: FFS hunt. you suck. who can i trade him for?
GoLions: if essendon sat down and had a picnic for the rest of the game, who would win?
agwager: Good quarter by the suns
boomz23: @m0nty bandaid for watson. Thumb.
ImSoHood: if hibberd makes 50 HT i will choke on my burrito
Buddy Guy: problem buddyman?
nunya: hurley is crap
HotTiges: you fool for picking hunt
swansahack: go karmichael
deano69: not good enough watson
Jimmy B!: Hibberd looking good. Stanley been 1 of GC's best. Swallow doing well in terms of DT...hasnt played that great
Judd005: carn stanley need you to get close to thompsons score last night had him on the bench in sc
Costanza: surely you jest Mudrat
nishy: why did you even get hunt
skooper: Hunt>Hibberd
UpDog: flame up hibberd!
whale: @mudrat, kieran harper?
justi: @lionspro has they gone to bed? yeah a bit. the game is dead
MontyJnr: @mudrat_4 LOL
Hydra911: Essendon played shocking that qtr. Cmon guys...
travie: monty...hack saw for watson...he is a hack
EAGLE4LIv2: daniel stanley
ShowerTime: anyone with hunt in their team deserves a spud icon
Archer11: Hunt was never going to be a fantasy player
PillagerII: Awesome fightback
troller: Hibberd's JS bombers fans?
Sandi2Pav: the funny thing is K hunt hasn't played too bad
sam25: hurley will have a big 2nd half
freaks: Come on Heppell SC tonne please
Brak: how do you score FF points?
sullitons: the star already !?
spiff: why would u flame hibberd? he's 47 at ht
Jimmy B!: GC actually played very well that 1/4....more them playing well than Ess gonig to sleep i think...
eagles9294: is hibberd gonna keep his spot now? any thoughts
Mudrat_4: @whale. hes on my watch list. got 100K spare asswell
rodallegaa: howlett should have a massive sc
MontyJnr: such a random for png
HotTiges: exactly sandi2pav.. he won't score.. all he does is spoils... that's his game
MarcMurphy: Howlett BOG already?
whale: @troller not too great with pears and myer to come back
Sandi2Pav: early star m0nty things can change
Dangeroo: nice going bombers!
Mcnna: The Star... already out???
ShowerTime: Hunt was never gonna be a AFL player...
carnaDEES: good from you toy!
GoLions: how does howlett have the star already m0nty? could do nothing in the second half
Crowbot2.0: How can you give a star after a half of footy Monty?
agwager: Whats hiiberds job security like?
gunther: put hurley into the fwd line to get some confidence back
Jimmy B!: lol Howlett got star already....
Costanza: I rate Hibberd higher than Myer - much better user
Floor: and geelong's record is safe, too bad bummer supporters
HarleyL: Dustin Martin.. that is all.
siklan: Lulz umps don't even know who Nuffer Howlett is
cashcow: this site is a poor example for the young. suns are stars.
Brady01: lol png coin flip. will stanton get 19 or more? haha
dibford94: Hibberd= easiest debut ever
Brak: give reimers the x factor and Stanton the gun then take the afternoon off monty
troller: @whale cheers, thought just as much
nishy: well the game is pretty much over, all the players who play well now are doing so under no pressure
MontyJnr: half time, but the games already was junk 15 mins in
Hydra911: Hibberd's job security is terrible.
PillagerII: People need to relax on the icons.. take a chill pill
n4cr123: howlett i not a star...
ImSoHood: 2nd half is a bit like the rest of lindsay lohan's life ... meaningless but you'll read about it tomorrow
boostboy: Because m0nty has a not so secret man-crush on Howlett, that's why!!
Mudrat_4: Howlett from Donnybrook, WA. My home town. Knew him as a kid!
whale: if u guys reckon K.Hunt is bad, israel is reportedly 3 times worse
BURNER72: Greatest halftime comeback is 52 pts collingwood vs st.kilda 1970
HotTiges: you would take 8sc from hunt you morons
ScootD: Geez I wouldn't mind getting paid $1 mill a year to give away free kicks... K Hunt must be laughing his a$$ off
Dangeroo: essendon is only 6 points off half of geelongs record score of 236. they could do it
PhilipJFry: Hurley trade if he can't perform against Suns
dibford94: Hibberd= easiest debut ever
ajconodie: Dustin Martin could win it from here on his own. From the Coaches box. On one leg.
EAGLE4LIv2: karmichael lower than the subs at half time LOL
Barnzy: The only star Howlett will ever get is against GC
Hydra911: 79 point lead only...not good enough bombers bloody hell. need to win by ~150
HarleyL: Lets go Swallow, Hurley, Harris, Smith and Heppell.
The Chip: lol suns 3rd quarter ever won!
m0nty: Howlett gets the star because he set up so many goals in Q1, and the rest of the match is meaningless.
Costanza: Dixon 1 handball - Hurley's confidence is fine
Marcz: essendon against roos actually was about 10 goals in the 90's
HotTiges: geez, you will never see lonerghan that high on fantsay points
ImSoHood: hunt to sign with the redbacks in 2014
aj11: my people got ok sc
agwager: I like how dixon picks up 2 points well after the siren.
tigerman28: his parents should have named him michael. then he'd be mike hunt
GoLions: guys bagging hurley he's not really getting much of a chance with ball in forward half most of the time
hirdy11: wether or not howlett has a good 2nd half, he still played a massive role in the 94 points in the first Q
Jimmy B!: @whale....folau will be worse then Hunt i think....but may take a few grabs which will lead ppl to thik he has potential
BURNER72: Dangeroo it's 239 not 236
nishy: howlett was bloody good against the pies last week you spud
freaks: ffs your not suppost to judge a player on there DT stats you muppets
HarleyL: Howlett is a STAR!!
Andonious: Folau will look shocking especially if they play him in the middle
n4cr123: worst call monty...
HotTiges: eagle4 - oh really?? did not no that
ajconodie: @Marcz that was at 1/4 time.
Mudrat_4: im with you m0nty.. top effort from him
Rated_RKO: hit 1300 finally... worst week in dt for me in about 4 years or more
yammakid: We're up by 80 at half time and i'm powered off with them!!
n4cr123: half a game left...
bigjuddy: is harris sc right
eagles9294: if i get 2000C this week it a miracle
PillagerII: Demetriou has already said that Dustin Martin is not allowed to play against GC
Crowbot2.0: The umps don't see it that way Monty
ImSoHood: calm .. my ...cnut
demon_spud: 4 touches for Israel Folau this weekend....
lil legend: 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
Dangeroo: really? well it's only another goal
Jimmy B!: Hunt actually doing ok defensively. Not a complete spud...
agwager: Whats hunt like at cricket?
EAGLE4LIv2: well now u do
PhilipJFry: Performance regarding points, not actual performance
HarleyL: Matera... wow thats great kick some goals you spud!
BlueGlory: is krak playing oday
Costanza: this is basically a DT site @freaks - frustrating as it is
TravisBoak: the supercoach scores are a loose cannon hurley on 45?
Exodus: Cool pattern with the flames going on, haha
Marcz: ok cheers (;
HarleyL: Foley to Ablett is looking good now.
freaks: 2000SC this week will almost win you the thousand
Barnzy: Dane Swan will outscore the whole GC team in DT points
Moondog21: thats why sc is a joke hurley no influence hardly sighted and 45points
Jimmy B!: Matera should have more.....laid 2 or 3 tackles not 1
Dangeroo: end of last night i was on 950 for 16. 3 donuts though
eagles9294: dane swan will outsore my whole SC side
upforgrabs: Happy with harris swallow hibbet zaharakis need more from matera
ScootD: yes krak is playing today
proud_lion: will it even be worth trading curnow to ablett?
Jimmy B!: yeah
ImSoHood: i thought today would be perfect for l.jetta, perfect downhill skiing conditions
sam25: not wrong freaks
HotTiges: moondog - hits the target mate
Rated_RKO: higgins out hurts =[
sam25: im on 1117 from 12
demon_spud: someone will get 2500SC, they would have made their team spec for this weekend only
daniel87: 1370 from 16 at the moment
HarleyL: leeeeeeeeeroy jetta
keithy: swa for 170, boyd for 160
justi: that shed ad on fox is showere
KingKenny: bunch of losers
razza12: why would u trade out foley now becoming good
yammakid: nah, curnows this year's barlow
desklamp: collingwood over 15.5 ?
justi: bring back the alpaca farmer or better still dttalk's cgu rap
Brak: my predicted score has increased to 1706, what a shower week
Marcz: ppl making more than 1 team should read the rules properly...
pothead: is higgins out??
sam25: seriously boys whats swan going to do to this side abletss 254 sc points could be under threat
Moondog21: hot tiges. ablett dominated quarter, contested possesssions hits target, goal assists hurley has had no influence
KingKenny: all of you
kingbling: a star already!!!!!!!!
freaks: haha nobody is this years barlow
TigersLair: wait for Abletts' price to go down, get him after GC second bye round 10
Brady01: im on 1035/11 sc swans as cap
HarleyL: razza12 he will be back to sub 70 scores by GC bye.
absof_86: How does someone get the star at halftime?
upforgrabs: Looking at bit under 2200 sc this week bit under abbé
Jimmy B!: If Matera gets to about 60 will be set for score of like 2050 to 2100 this week so very happy (In dt)
BURNER72: pies by more than 8 goals
flopitout1: swan will get rested and pendles vs gc
Marcz: haha yeah pot he was out on thursday
KingKenny: get a life
TravisBoak: what time does the other time start?
deano69: yes pothead soreness
TravisBoak: match**
Hawkatack: 1965 sofar from 19 with Swan (C) Pendellbury and Boyd to go
freaks: my SC average is 2250 and i wont even hit 2000 this week, same as last week :(
Marcz: 4-430
Jimmy B!: Prestia better be back next week.
Brak: the game was over at qtr time, give out all thie icons i reckon
yammakid: read btwn the lines mate, curnows the best cheap-keeper!!
razza12: foleys a keeper
sam25: im aboiut where you are freaks
justi: i'm looking at 1750-1850 dt. it sounds shower and that's because it is.
TigersLair: No need to rest Pies. They have byes close together
Costanza: 4:40 est
BURNER72: Higgins out with "general heartless"
bennyp24: dustin martin once beat a wall at tennis
sam25: pie game satrts at 4.40
HarleyL: razza12 yes atm he is.
BlueGlory: foley is a hack, just played a spud team this week
daniel87: Multiple byes hurt
HarleyL: Martin jokes.. lol last night
Hill32Freo: i smoked ice last night
agwager: I heard dustin martin is the new stig
upforgrabs: Who else bringin in chappy this week
flopitout1: did it melt
Costanza: mmmm battery acid
Joel20: dustin martin doesnt cry, his eyes sweat
bennyp24: dustin martin doesnt sleep, he wakes
Jimmy B!: Hope Swallow + Heppell outscore Harris and Libba.....Heppell better not be subbed off but dont think he will be
thesmasher: wheres fletcher
GoLions: @BlueGlory- u would think i'd be offended by that
scatman: oh yeah, i ate a big red candle
dibford94: +4 reimers. Bangg!
BlueGlory: hurley is klling me in dt, time to offload
ImSoHood: reimers just dry humped a cardboard cut out of himself and earnt a tackle
Hill32Freo: it was the best shower ever
CatAttack9: hoping for about 2050 - 2100 SC this week
sam25: hurley will have a big 2nd half and propably earn cape 3rd quarter
BlueGlory: hahaha sorry Lions, cant wait for Brownie to get back. Redden and the other bloke tearing it up
GoLions: @CatAttack9- exact same here bro
flopitout1: golden shower
yammakid: Higgins is made of rice paper stuck 2gthr with his own semen. Soft.
Nigey95: watson, heppell, swallow and matera with zac smith on the bench
BlueGlory: GoLions, unfortnuately too many passengers in your team these days
CaGs: thoughts on reiwoldt for darling
GoLions: @BlueGlory- u mean rockliff?
CaGs: *nick reiwoldt*
BlueGlory: GoLions, yer that fella, gun.
MontyJnr: @yammakid haha classic
BlueGlory: GoLions, just woke up, brain not in gear yet (is 6.30 am here)
stevemac5: howlett gets BOG.. with half a game to play?
dibford94: Come on Hird. Rev ur boys up n get em ova the line. There slacking!
beaver: put hurley forward!!
justi: where are you blue glory
Costanza: and who stands Dixon?
Memph: Go Gold Coast, purely because I have more DT player than I do from Essendon
agwager: Like my chances in the purple name game this week
BlueGlory: justi, Zurich Switzerland
GoLions: BlueGlory, who gets up at 6:30am?! a real man gets up after 11am
Andonious: Higgins fit for tennis perhaps..or neighbours
justi: nice
CatAttack9: ablett down!
Costanza: oh oh Ablett
deano69: thats what i need watson moved to the centre
BURNER72: Hmm GCS is officially the 20th club to play vfl/afl football
BlueGlory: GoLions, only way I can get my aflfix, coulda slept over this game and jumped on the later game but prefer to sit on bot
GrannyBoy: dibford - they're is no way their going to score there fair share this 1/4 :P get it right
GExcell: Hurley faces the axe from my team
beaver: are they called the Suns cause every player on the opposite team has one!!
A-Dawg: howlett is bog already bull shower
Hydra911: Burner72 - University, Fitzroy, South Melbourne the other 3?
CatAttack9: theres one coinflip right
BlueGlory: HUrley i am going to axe also, worst pick for me this year
meziare: Duigan>L.Thompson and Harris> Watson or Mitchell??
ImSoHood: it takes a 4qtr effort to earn 3 votes ... the exception isn't if it's junk time but if you're #5 for the blues or not
GoLions: BlueGlory- what country do u live in then? America?
Hydra911: Goal! Go Dons!! Cmon boys 239 is still within reach!
upforgrabs: Plz hibbet score more than hepple
flopitout1: Professor Higgins
Chipsy_DT: happy with harris so far
A-Dawg: harris = cash cow
chaosrules: release the tags hirdy
Buddyman: oh poor m0nty, how could you pick Chaplin? :(
BlueGlory: GoLions, Switzerland
justi: wouldn't bears count instead of south. south is swans
dibford94: yeee good stuff :)
GoLions: lol@CatAttack same here bro :)
bigjuddy: keep going harris lift smith swallow and heppel
Brady01: GAJ out?
BURNER72: sth melb no catattack surprisingly, brisbane bears
Memph: Hmm don't pick defenders, from good teams, playing against the GC as they won't get much of the ball
dogs peps: cum on watson zaha swallow and harris
ImSoHood: +1 beaver... lamey goodness
upforgrabs: Flame zaharakis
BlueGlory: Lets hope Heppell stays on the field for the whole match
The Chip: did many ppl pick gablett in dt this year?
dibford94: Yeee bigjuddy what u said haha
CatAttack9: @Brady01 nah hes up and running
Shiri: Made Watson my captain this week in prep. He's letting me down :(
dogs peps: and cum on heppel
KingKenny: shut up bigjuddy
Costanza: Ablett ok, ankle tweak under tackle
upforgrabs: What Rd is ess byes
GoLions: ah mk. didnt think people in switzerland watched afl
rodallegaa: come on watson...lets go
GrannyBoy: what? flopitout? where do you come from? what? do they speak english in what?:P
newman61: yeah i did
BURNER72: when the bears merged with fitzroy to become the lions. sth melb has always been swans
Costanza: samw Shiri - just for fun - oh well
Daniel82: Watson is about to be subbed.
bigjuddy: hahaha yeah dibford94
BlueGlory: very true Memph, Hurley playing forward tho often these days, still no good.
stevemac5: how many purple names out there? i feel like im standing out
spiff: 46211 with ablett
rodallegaa: lets go harris, swallow, smith and toy
BlueGlory: GoLions, I am from Melbourne, but live in Switzerland
rainbow x2: here we go galaxy here we go!
GoLions: matera to kick 3 goals this qtr
GrannyBoy: oh i'm sorry did i break your concentration?
xumtinlong: Essendon has a bye in Rd 12 I think
Richter: south melb just relocated
Memph: Matera is good, but only if GC can get him the ball :(
The Lad: I left goldstein on the SC bench as I thought Bellchambers may get to load up today.
KingKenny: shut up rodallega...loser
Gazzajnr: ablett will be a good pick next year when the younger suns know how to give him the ball more
BURNER72: xumtinlong..ess bye rnd 10
dibford94: essendon= last team to hav bye
Hydra911: Goal Monfries
GoLions: BlueGlory- well that makes a whole lot more sense
dogs peps: bludy hell watson wear r u
NewFreoFan: damn it, Iles looking like a good downgrade target, but I already have a downgrade and upgrade lined up this week :/
woozie10: lols khunt another FA
absof_86: Oh. You're finished? Well allow me to retort.
MissPies: ouch hammy
hayes7: who should i replace Hille for? only have an extra $7,000 and in sc
Powner4123: i put watson cpt over swan this week because the bombers are vsing gold coast... damit
BURNER72: Port last team to have bye rnd 12
Hydra911: Hayes7 - You bought Hille. Stick with him.
Joel20: @Gazzajnr he will still get tagged basically every game, so thats why the young players will have to step up
remon tea: mumford, goldstein are good options
BlueGlory: GoLions, cheers mate hopefully the Lions come good soon Brown should be back in a couple
xumtinlong: thx
GrannyBoy: I'm killing this w/e...swallow 68 goodes 47 riewanger 43 now matera 15 n krakwhore to cum
MissPies: @Gazzajnr and also when he gives them the ball and they receive more efficiently
Andonious: Hunt is on track to beat crowleys score last week was that the first zero ever he played 4 qts
miracleman: damnit i had hunt captained up this week instead of swan cos they are playing the dons
n4cr123: love it when they dont pay your players points for tackles..
bert1: me too powner4213 me too dam you watson
NewFreoFan: get on mummy, wet weather specialist coming into winter
SaintsRGod: hunt gives essendon a goal
eagles9294: NewFreoFan who is down target next week?
Lionman: hunt goal
Hydra911: Goal Ryder
Costanza: nice Paddy
BlueGlory: Thinking of bringing Brown in when he returns, time off wil sort out his other niggles, might fire
rodallegaa: come on kingkenny hes alright, and btw its rodallegaa to you
ShowerTime: hunt = muppet
CatAttack9: essendon are flying again
justi: khunt gets four points, gets into positives but costs his team a goal
Memph: Come on suns, in particular Toy, Smith, Harris, Swallow and Matera
xumtinlong: I'd replace Hille with Pippa - I'd like to ruck her all day
Tucker: anyone else going over 2200 in sc this week im 1589 with 7 to play
dibford94: paddy ryder ftw :)
ScootD: Cmon Heppell, hit 60 b4 you get subbed
GrannyBoy: did a.swallow ever get his extra possies added?
dipper5: cmon watson
Power16: hunt for gold star
Memph: I heard on the radio that Hunt was playing as loose man in defence?
NewFreoFan: @eagles9294 downgrading duigan, upgrading ward to mundy
Powner4123: hunt is fainlly doing better than the sub lol :)
DCarbon: Crow Ken McGregor got -1 one week. Lowest score ever
Costanza: Heppell is being rested - on HBF
Chipsy_DT: SPUD K HUNT m0nty!
chaosrules: brown is rubbish at dt, always has been always will be
vman33: here we go Watto... need another 50 points to notchup a decent score
KingKenny: no worries rodallega
bert1: ok lets go swalow harris zar and wastson money time
Madsnake: i'm about sick of my plaeyers giving away free kicks
bobs-mac: Hunt zoning off his opponent
Hydra911: Hurley VERY solid in defence today.
pachichi: duigan and richo i need to trade
GrannyBoy: harmicheal nice more than 100k per point now
Brady01: hunt in the positives..............fror now
totwotoo: There is something fishy about that khunt. I dunno, could be personal hygiene
xumtinlong: WHAT? Suns' KHunt is loose?
Costanza: Hunt appears loose cos his opponents just drift away from him
benny21: Lift Heppell
rodallegaa: jobe on the way up
CatAttack9: reimers again!
justi: if that's 15, i'm not here
Daniel82: reimers kicks 5
bigjuddy: will karmichael even pass his breakeven
cherries08: Jetta has been bloody good today
Hydra911: Goal Reimers
Memph: Yeah on the radio in Q2 it said Hunt was loose man in defence. Dumbest idea i ever heard
vman33: Reimers! what a legend!
dibford94: Khunt: solid 1 pt after 2 and a half qtrs. Nice
chaosrules: lol @ channel 7, show highlights of race 8 in news before they show it
aj11: Get up On the board Hurley
Costanza: Reimers a sprinkler - always pops up in Goal Sq - gold
boof12: toy no score in 10 mins
pachichi: heppell swallow and smith 75+ please
stevemac5: will essendon kick 30 goals?
chaosrules: hunt aint loose man in defence
GExcell: People who defend K Hunt for various reasons are kidding themselves.
totwotoo: There is nothing more dangerous than a khunt on the loose. A loose khunt as it were
corza013: go ben howlett
bigjuddy: will karmichael even pass his breakeven
BURNER72: I ip the pies to get highest ever score and greatest winning margin
GExcell: Hurley magic
rodallegaa: very accurate kicking by the dons
bert1: this is really junk time well is it?
piccollo: Go hibbo!
justi: suns getting killed again
chrizzo11: any1 that got Hunt in their team thinking he would be any good is kidding themselves anyway! so stop whinging
Gazzajnr: Karmichael Hunt will be cheaper then a rookie by round 11 hahaha
Barnzy: Watson starting to lift
Sandi2Pav: reimers star?
siklan: You are a moron Watson
Daniel_79: How many goals at that end of the ground now! wow...20+
xumtinlong: @totwotoo not to mention it'll spread disease
Marcz: hurley on matera uve got to be kidding
ruthejorda: bit premature on the star for Howlett ey m0nty...?
Daniel82: could be a 150+ lead at end of 3rd
BURNER72: Must be the kicking end lmao, Strong gale lol
Mudrat_4: watson off.. ohh
spudmania: i get excited when i see Hurley +6.
Costanza: no star for being end of chain
Chipsy_DT: anyone looking at 2000 DT this week. massive struggle
xumtinlong: @Gazzajnr you mean a cheap KHunt?
bakez33: heppell and watson on bench...
karadoc: who wants to take a bet, magpies wont do better than the dons against GC
GrannyBoy: channel 7 can fck off with their 'coverage' of football, wish they lost the rights and bruce too for that matter
GExcell: Not just from a dteam perspective re Hunt. The team is only playing him for pomoional reasons
Lionman: downgrade to hunt in rd 24 to get $$$
FFScience: where's zaharakis?
Move Betch: karmichael will win the brownlow this year
BlueGlory: they should throw matera into the middle
MissPies: sub time soon
Power16: unless swan gets 200, no 2k for me =(
m0nty: if you people think Reimers deserves the star you're kidding yourselves.
dibford94: And ppl laughed wen I suggested the dons would win by 100 -.-
Bombers11: Lift Stanton i got you captain
vman33: cmon Watson, more kicks, tackles and goals.. less handballs son!
GrannyBoy: they just broadcast for all the special people - (read retarded)
Andonious: jobe is the lawnmower man
dipper5: cmon heppell and watson
Gazzajnr: if swallow and harris both score 80 plus i will be happy :)
MarcMurphy: Does Eliminator start next round or round after?
troller: @mOnty: agreed
pothead: @move betch no doubt he will :P
Jaguar42: @Move Betch, yeh its a sure thing
spudmania: m0nty that call is pumpkin worthy
iffy: if you take away the first quarter,its essendon 50 - 33 pretty close lmao
siklan: flowering scum essendon loving umpire cowfaces
MontyJnr: i think he does now with 6 goals monty
boomz23: @m0nty what do u expect from ppl on this chat... I agree.
Hydra911: Reims on 6 goals...he's not making the play he's just reaping benefits of great play by Essendno
vman33: Reimers Heart m0nty ?
dibford94: Reimers 6th. Pretty average. Haha
Daniel82: 13 possessions, 6 goals, 6 marks, 3 tackles in just over a half Monty... YOURE dreaming.
Andonious: +1 monty
tiltraise: reimers fr the x
Mudrat_4: yes m0nty.. your right
rodallegaa: lift toy
BURNER72: round 8 im sure
Marcz: agreed Folau wouldve kicked 6 goals playing that role today
Rommas: Reimers = biggest downhill skier of all time
jappleby: reimers could finish with 10. then theres no way u could say howlett deserves it
GrannyBoy: will anyone seriously put gaj in for more than 350k??
dutchman: Good one Monty - He has been given 5 easy goals.
skystyler: yawn. Remind me why we needed 2 more teams in the comp again?
Costanza: so much to learn Jnr
wazzbatt: If Libba, Krakouer and Boyd score 150 each, I'll crack 2000 DT this week! Oh yeah!
Memph: I played junior footy with Reimers at Bunbury Bulldogs FC
freaks: matera must be cold down there
ruthejorda: m0nty@ Riemers doesnt deserve it yet, but Howlett shouldnt have been given it in the 2nd quarter!!!
xumtinlong: Eliminator Rd7?
rodallegaa: whats a downhill skier??
Davey_4_PM: Give Heppell a run in the guts hirdy
chaosrules: channel 7 good at delayed coverage, v8 race on 2 and a half hour delay
m0nty: I could stand at the top of the square and kick six sausages for Essendon today.
tigerman28: khunt deserves his own icon - let's get some ideas from you all
Lionman: curnow > gaj
Memph: Always went for goal no matter what.
justi: reimers needs x factor or something. he has kicked six and he's no key position forward
bakez33: any1 actually got reimers??
GrannyBoy: skystyler - $1.25b
boof12: where is hibberd?
Hydra911: ruthejorda - Howlett is still best on ground so far; he's created so much opportunity by Bombers.
Brady01: comon zaha nother goal
Jaguar42: what the fvck matera!
CatAttack9: lol good point m0nty
Maca24: 6 goals is still a good effort cut him some slack
MontyJnr: still has to kick them, travis cloke would be 1.6 with the same supply
stevemac5: @m0nty, i'd pay good money to watch that
Shiri: GCS couldn't beat Heidelberg Under 17s
MarkPlow: lol @ monty
TheoX: u mean eat six sausages
Daniel82: Monty well and truly jumped the gun with the star - watch reimers kick 10 now, with 10 tackles and 25 touches.
ShowerTime: you'd eat them m0nty
upforgrabs: Monty don't take it to far
BlueGlory: are GC actually touching it this quarter?
dibford94: Lol Monty...sausages :)
Costanza: i'd pay to see that mOnty - u a leftie or right?
Brak: watson could be subbed?
FFScience: i think hunt would have the better of you m0nty
Tucker: ive had judd154, nds150, knighta 121, dangerfield94, l thompson 1126 and cox (C) 262 overperform this week saved my butt
Maca24: 6 goals is still a good effort cut him some slack
eagles9294: any word on subs in piesVdogs match?
troller: @m0nty: sure you meant 'eat' six sausages
Hydra911: Crameri goal
freaks: there is no x factor against the suns
Daniel82: beaver icon for khunt?
siklan: Bring your own flowering umpires you scumbag cows essenscum
ajconodie: Khunt should have a set of curtains for his icon.
Wanderer30: Khunt's icon: A picture of a khunt
m0nty: and I'd smash six more sausage rolls in the rooms afterwards...
youl_R_FCK: can some one please tell us what the ff score is done by
Marcz: he has a tongan icon
FFScience: @ troller lol
wazzbatt: Perth only got 3 FTA games this week. 2 x 2hr + delyed and the other 1 hr delayed! No Sunday Footy! Crap!
totwotoo: khunt leaking out of the back half again...sloppy work
Juggalo: Gaj has officially been hobbled, no 120 av this year...
Memph: Captain Swan better score 200 or my team is doomed
raisedfist: Stop talking about supercoach you losers. DT all the way
skystyler: a hairy clam
Costanza: gold, with sauce
xumtinlong: lol @ m0nty
Marcz: lmao
BenW: The way its going I would have kicked 6 out there, even with a broken leg!
swan__007: not even remiers has himself that much of a spud watch monty give him the pumkin magnifying glass and icicle next week
Memph: @wazzbatt i know it's outrageous
snake_p: and a bucket of KFC monty?
dibford94: Nice Monty. When you can't beat em join em :)
HappyDEZ: 22 goals to a point at that end the bombers
ajconodie: Khunt needs to pull his finger out.
upforgrabs: And a dezen doughnuts monty
GrannyBoy: cmon dyson - hep hep no island in the sun here
MontyJnr: @wazzbutt so did vic
david95: Liam Patrick comin on
BlueGlory: cant wait to see what swan does today
Chipsy_DT: guess who: Spud (potato). It's no surprise that this player's fantasy score is so low... he's just a spud, no one should
Daniel82: DT is for retards who don't understand footy. Rewarding players for kicking it like a bag of shlt
3.votes: monty loves his sausage rolls. good lad.
freaks: DT is for muppets who dont understand how AFL is played
Hydra911: Cmon Captain Watson kick this one mate, captains goal
youl_R_FCK: ff SCORES?
bakez33: watson mark 35 out straight infront
ImSoHood: hookers, reamers and riders always do well against cheap oppostion
dibford94: Joooooobeee Watsonn
Davey_4_PM: I know this has no relevence to footy but just switched it over to the V8s and a car just burst into flames
vman33: yeah, Watson kick the goal!
justi: lol @ khunt pulling finger out
Shiri: Anyone almost get tempted to get C. Dixon last week? Thank god I avoided that train wreck.
Daniel82: wow just learned you can type SHlT
froggy55: DT is for low IQ people
siklan: Watson you flowering piece of turd cow
CatAttack9: lol watson hits the post
rodallegaa: come on watson...lets go
Hydra911: Watson HITS THE POST DAMN IT CMON idiot essendon need to score 240!
bakez33: watson post... :(
riots: Essendon skills have improved considerably since 2010!!!!
Wanderer30: DT is shower. Matera's turnover in the back pocket last week gets DT points. Disgrace
boof12: i have had 3 players not score this quarter =[
spiff: on a lighter note... 34,281 people have khunt in their dream team
Joe B: Is Jobe on the gound...score hasn't move for a while??
troller: tape subbed, not sure if anyone cares
Marcz: getting close to Ess sub time who is gonna get the red shirt?
FFScience: tape sub
justi: dt is for people who like to know what there getting, for people who don't like being screwed by random scores
david95: Patricks now on
GrannyBoy: arguing about dt v sc is such a rewarding exercise
pk-06: tape subbed
cotch2cuz: jetta get the flowering ball
ImSoHood: blah blah bag DT ... it's a game of playing stocks and AFL knowledge rather than rewarding shower footy
watt043: DT/SC who gives a shower its the same thing more or less
BURNER72: GWM is 190 points fitzroy vs melbourne 1979
upforgrabs: Hibbet lift
kceb1980: dt is the original game spuds
BlueGlory: seb tape subbed off
dibford94: Yeee Kyle reindler went to hospital for burns
Fury: Two guns for Reimers
rodallegaa: come on jobe, lift!!
eagles9294: cant wait for next week when levras kicks 13 and shuts up the bomber tosspots
sullitons: what the flower is zaharakis doing
BURNER72: the 2 GWM were both in 1979 lol
Shooba: Patrick Subbed on...go mate!
Jaguar42: yeh liam patrick, thats my cousin
MissPies: @Daniel82 yeah but it is still fun
MontyJnr: matera or pittard?
vamos77: DT and SC are for muppets who can't play footy and sit behind computer screens
BenW: Greatest Score 239 Geel v Brisbane 1992
dibford94: That what u get for driving a Holden :)
RogerTwose: Tape off
eagles9294: go the frenchman
tigerman28: khunt is screwed. he's having a stinker!
Joe B: I hear that Watson be subbed for Melksham today which would be disappointing...
kakarot: and sc is the new and improved version. that is all.
miracleman: the best part is the suns beat port ahahahahahaha
skystyler: c'mon Hurley ffs. Ignore Dixon and go glory hunting. You're not gonna get a touch down back today.
BlueGlory: GC are just being witches hats
Crow_Man1: move hurley forward hird
Memph: Throw Matera into the middle, he can't do any worse than the chumps already there
Pokerface: being the original doesnt make it as good
dutchman: Bravo vamos77
BURNER72: BenW..rnd 7 ;-)
xumtinlong: Cmon KHunt use your fist to punch it
swansahack: @eagles9294, lecras was rushed back and now he'll finish off the season shower. wont even get 3
Tucker: i so wanted heppell to get rested so many teams wouldnt have been able to cover him with the triple bye
ShowerTime: @tigerman ' khunt is a stinker!!
Bjorn: Heath Hocking to be subbed
sullitons: will hunt be dropped?
david95: Muppet 4 reimers
justi: and that's why reimers doesn't have the star. hits the post from inside the square
pk-06: will hunt get dropped?
rodallegaa: come on jobe, lift!!
BenW: thanks burner! ;D
siklan: I flowering hate you Watson. You are a piece of shower
freaks: Get matera out of that forward line, he will have fresh legs from not been delivered the ball all day
Rommas: come on Matera you flog
Memph: Why don't Gold Coast play Sam Day anyone?
Curnow: @vamos77: if "DT and SC are for muppets who can't play footy and sit behind computer screens" u must be typing that ...
Brak: in SC if your intended target slips over and it goes to his opponent you score minus points
rodallegaa: gold coast havent been near it this qtr
Tucker: the top 10 teams in sc all have issues with scoring donuts this week due to the multibye lol
The Chip: hunt is a joke
Marcz: lol reemerz
justi: suns goalless again
broaja4: omg at half time my players were looking alright heppell, watson and swallow have done nothing this quarter
BURNER72: Why doesnt McKenna put Dixon at CHB and Matera in the Back pocket to get some pts
freaks: wanted heppel out aswell thompson's 127 would have been great
Curnow: ... from an iPhone in the Centre Square at the moment ??
Marcz: lol reemerz again
MontyJnr: @memph hes still very raw
Memph: Hunt won't be dropped as he is a big drawcard for the club despite his uselessness
skystyler: Heppell, Hibberd, Hurley, Hocking, Howlett, Hardingham, Hooker, Hille...
A-Dawg: @memph coz hes shower
Daniel_79: Hocking Subbed
dibford94: Hunt can't be dropped needs the experience so that he can score over 50 dt for once in his life
SwansTas: Hocking subbed.
Costanza: nice Hibberd
demons13: i have matera and dixon, and also a doughnut thanks to higgins....fml
BURNER72: I'm not a muppet for sitting behind a screen when it comes o footy, im just too bloody old lol
xumtinlong: @BURNER because it wouldn't make a difference
Barnzy: Stanton is a massive spud
vamos77: @ curnow no football on in sa, this site is good for live feed and a laugh.
skystyler: is it just me or does Hirdy like people whose names start with H?
GrannyBoy: monty is great lmao, how can you tell i'm not being sarcarstic?
Memph: So are all the other GC players? What's your point
Hydra911: I thought Hep was gonna be the sub so put on Thompson instead; best decsion yet.
ImSoHood: melksham must feel like the toilet cleaner at playboy mansion
joosoo: crameri is a gun
youl_R_FCK: dam it heppel
cotch2cuz: ffs jetta
Hydra911: Can't believe Reimers missed his 7th...Cmon Essendon lets make 200.
swansahack: stanton is a cow
GrannyBoy: flower this shower its great
Marcz: Hunt has been their best defender for the season so far
Bomber21: -1 this quarter harris!!
rodallegaa: its been ages since any of my players scored
BenW: Any quarter score records that essendon has broken, coz i just tuned in 10 mins ago
freaks: you cant give matera an icicle, when the ball is never in the forward line its not his fault
YoungGun: @hyrda: did the same thing ahahahahahahahahaha
BURNER72: I played most my footy in the best VCFL in victoria is all ;-)
{crows17}: hey monty for the signs for people gorringe from gold coast can be a orange
MontyJnr: L plate for patrick?
sainterman: liam patrick bettere than hunt
troller: Prediction next week - Reimers to be awarded the pumpkin for returning to his ordinary form
Brown*Dog: Is it junk time yet?
vman33: Hunt worst DreamTeamer of all time ?
Gazzajnr: 13 goals from now for Essendon and they score the highest in AFL history
Curnow: Give Matera a run in the mids !!
kingbling: im a muppet, i did a sideways trade with cam rich to charlie dixon this week to maintain my overall =(
Hydra911: Need Melskham to run hard and rack up lots of disposals
Costanza: country footy - the real deal
sullitons: how much is bellchambers?
cotch2cuz: @rodellaga- i feel your pain mate
keitho: patrick on for 7 seconds and is already outscoring Harmichael...
tigerman28: patrick has already gone past khunt - classic!
mixsa16: FU CK WiT
Juggalo: Hunt fits the spud definition perfectly yet avoids it???
SaintsRGod: ive got hurley, swallow, matera and heppell, this game has killed me
Shooba: Liam Patrick is a jet... look out for this bloke
Memph: I hope some people pick up Reimers after this performance
BlueGlory: hurley getting a bit of the pill now
dibford94: Lol it was junk time after the 1st five mins of 1st qtr.
justi: @vman33 - presti built that title for 15 years. khunt has to earn it over more games than half a dozen.
Power16: yes matera 17....
Snarfy: This guessing Sunday teams is stuffed. Needs to be fixed to make this comp. more skilful.
Bomber21: Reimers for 200??
The Me: OMG OMG OMG Matera touched the ball
NoButYeah: Did anyone see that crash in the V8's? The cars floweren exploded!!!
Gazzajnr: give hunt the flame +2!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hayes7: sollituns. click on his name and it has everything you need
Marcz: lol same Memph
Gazzajnr: +4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
youl_R_FCK: did i hear the the radio 5min ago that heppel got subbed
Nigey95: lift heppell and matera!
MissPies: C'mon Dysepps
TheBaron: @NoButYeah - and the driver off to hospital with bad burns, unfortunately
Hydra911: Isles another goal
dibford94: Boooooooooooooo booooooo boooooooo
MontyJnr: sam iles superman haha
tmc44: 5 touches already for patrick!
david95: Tht was bull shower
chaosrules: that fireball in v8s is old news, that happened 2 and a half hours ago
Juggalo: Harris to Iles??
demon_spud: crap hunt going to score more than Dixon...
beauiii: give patrick the cape lol
justi: suns know how to kick goals in patches but like the essendon of old they concede them in massive streaks like 15
Hydra911: CMON BOMBERS sheesh...this is sad
Judd005: come on matera give me a 50
Memph: Iles looks a decent downgrade target
Joe B: any predictions on final margin?
NewFreoFan: I think Duigan will have to stay in my team 1 more week, Iles looks too good to pass on
Marcz: haha MHP in the house
MissPies: Well done Iles
tiltraise: hocking got subbed
BlueGlory: Patrick doing well
kingbling: dixon wtf??
sam25: hurley 26 points that quarter
justi: maybe gc suns are a worse version of essendon in 2010
Mcguire123: spies1234 is a spud
Hydra911: Bloody hell Essendon letting Gold Coast get away with murder...
Costanza: the lesson continues for GC - they're listening though - good to watch
Exodus: Go Jobe! Ton it up in Q4
CatAttack9: think the cats record is pretty safe
MarkPlow: this has got to be one of the lowest fantasy scoring rounds in history
vman33: Patrick is a stud.
Brady01: keep going Iles
Bjorn: yeah isles could be in for duigan this week
Gazzajnr: riemers 63 point quarter for highest DT score ever
swansahack: patrick has played 10 minutes and has already tripled khunts score. lol
siklan: Watson, I like to be kissed and hugged before I get flowerED!
Tucker: here come the suns 2 in a row
pachichi: how many trades have we all got left? 17
GrannyBoy: whats wrong with the dyson? is he sucking too hard??
MontyJnr: ton for hurley in sc?
TravisBoak: whats up with heppell he was on 44 at 1/2 time ??
beauiii: hows everyone scores looking
Fury: Will Iles be back next week?
Hydra911: 81 points needed for the record...14 goals. possible if the gold coast are tired enough!
BURNER72: Cat Attack9...Agreed ;-)
kingbling: L plate for Liam Patrick mOnty..
richo=god: fml. playstation network still down :(
keitho: Wait until GWS vs pies/cats early next year...
wazzbatt: So glad I traded out Ryder for McCauley! Ryder is crap this season!
FiveStar: if jobe beats stantons score i win 70$ do you think i have a chance?
spies1234: ableett fro the pumpkin
Munza: 21
Daniel_79: 19
spudmania: hurley SC prediction at 3/4 time: 71
Gazzajnr: 19 trades
Memph: Only players reached the ton so far for me this week - Foley, Cox and Lids.
tigerman28: what about a smelly fish for the khunt icon?
dipper5: essendon is versing a crap team and heppell can`t touch the ball
Jimmy B!: Matera should have spell on wing to get a touch....wasted atm
The Lad: If you remember Melbourne spanked on a big last term two weeks ago. Essendon better, records still very much on here
GoLions: 19 trades left for me coz i had to double trade to avoid a few donuts this week
BlueGlory: 21
cotch2cuz: flowering jetta!!!!!
yammakid: I wish someone would tell Spud Frawley theres an e in "triffic"
swansahack: @richo=god, thats why you get an xbox instead. spud
BURNER72: 20 trades left but will start will duigan to hibberd next week when carl. have thier bye
Costanza: Stanton is about to take out the rubbish - so no
giuly1: any footy on free tv today?
Juggalo: Not giving Hunt and icon sucks :( :( :(
kingbling: i think i should of played higgins over dixon..
rodallegaa: @richo=god: i know, its annoying the hell outta me
Hydra911: Heppell is in the back line...of course he cant touch the ball...idiots...
Memph: dipper5 Heppell is a defender and GC have not been into attack.
MontyJnr: mccauley should have been a lock from the start for everyone, he was 91k as a 4th ruckman!
spies1234: heppel subbed
GrannyBoy: trades? oh thats why my team is so sh!te
CatAttack9: 20 trades left
justi: @ the lad, if gc have motivation they can compete in q4 - see last week. maybe they don't want to lose by 200 today
rodallegaa: ps3s dominate xboxes
demon_spud: 21 trades so far and will use 6 in the next 3 weeks
giuly1: any footy on free tv today?
yammakid: @giuly1 free tv is for hippies and the homeless
Daniel_79: Riemers for 200 SC points
SupaSylvia: 80k
Daniel82: GC paying $530 for the win! bargain
dabombers: Was concerned about making 2000pts now its 1500pts gonna drop from 2000 to 20k
flopitout1: i put polec in ths week for bewick pmsl
SupaSylvia: 80k Monty Jnr
Hydra911: 42 points Essendon, cmon boys
Dangermaus: 1800 this week, no doughnuts, just $hithouse scores from everyone this week
Juddster5: Xbox is 10x better than ps3. Ps3 sucks
ChEzZa32: Anyone know whats the deal with day? when will he play
bigjuddy: hocking got subbed monty
SuperCodge: Pumpkin for PS3 Network
giuly1: just asking yammakid you great f uck
sullitons: what is Iles' breakeven for this round?
dibford94: khunt wit the cog: he has no game to sacrifice by playing a defensive roll. Spud for hunt, not the cog
ShowerTime: m0nty, seriously, why won't you give hunt the spud? I honestly would like to know...
flopitout1: 1 day
BURNER72: my 4th ruckman is smith, i have petrie as my 3rd, will trade out smith after gcs 2nd bye
pachichi: im looking at 1700-1800 depends how C swan scores
GrannyBoy: if you could get 2m-1 on gc it wouldnt be worth it
Shooba: Jezus FTA is bullsh!t... no arvo games at all this weekend.
piccollo: Hocking subbed for melksham?
pachichi: with 3 donuts"
Daniel_79: Ben Jacobs has 5 touches for the Port Magpies in the 1st qtr today! Butcher with both goals
Cotchin: Hocking subbed
spudmania: hurley!!! jizz!
KingKenny: cos monty is khunt
colonel78: hocking subbed
chaosrules: gee we wouldnt want swan to fail this week
Juggalo: Day who is Day??? Do you mean Daye?
dabombers: Juddster its Halo VS Gran Tourismo, and I'd take GT anyday
flopitout1: monty doesnt like hunts
razza12: only person who likes ps3 is the one who hacked it and has everyones info
dasha: can someone tell me that they care what other people's DT or SC scores are going to be?
SuperCodge: Watched GWS yesterday, Folau was dreadful too
wazzbatt: AFL bites dogs balls for their FTA coverage!
yammakid: @giuly1order foxtel then you wont have to ask, its a win-win
giuly1: any footy on free tv today?
CatAttack9: C Judd...3 votes
BigBadBen: common stanton bring it home!!
GrannyBoy: ah i'm bout 1400 w 5 to go plus c, the girlfriend is 1700 4 left w c ahhhhhh!
Daniel82: ive got 3 GC players totalling 29 points. pmsl
nishy: there is day and daye
bretta23: lovett murrey best on ground easy
MarkPlow: no juggalo.. it's Day
GrannyBoy: bcos monty is great lmao
kingcarey: i like ps3
SuperCodge: Hindsight, embarrassing move from NRL fans will watch AFL instead...
Madsnake: loves it when i bite the bullet and get jvolt and he rips out a 91
Juddster5: nah xbo is way better
m0nty: Junk it up Suns!
Juggalo: The AFL must be counting Tuesday as one of our 4 FTA games this week
flopitout1: swap teams
dibford94: Why doesn't 3rd draft pick Sam Day get a game??
BlueGlory: anyone know subs for coll wb match yet
n4cr123: god i hate dow field frees robs your player of points..
piccollo: Lift hibbs
boostboy: @GrannyBoy LoL your GF Pwned you!! : P
rodallegaa: anyone got the afl game??
Hutcho42: heart for watson staying on after injury? what a wank!!!
giuly1: well then answer me yammakid, is there any footy on free tv?
James1993: i like ps3, any1 know when ihe psn is back up?
beauiii: ill be lucky to crack 1500 dt this week and 1900 sc
flopitout1: n1 granny pmsl
spudmania: please put hurley forward so he can kick 3 quickies :)
Hydra911: Juggalo - the 4 FTA games were thursday, friday, saturday afternoon, saturday night, weren't they
BURNER72: 6/249GCS players lol ave 40 odd lol
GrannyBoy: that would be cheating lol, i hadnt tought of that cool!
swansahack: spud for everyone who has stanton in their team. hes a shower cow
Juggalo: Sam Day? lol I wouldn't expect to see him before Daye
GrannyBoy: tought? i tought i taw a puddy tat?
kingcarey: i got afl live, its sick.
justi: why did 7 buy the rights if they don't like showing the bloody thing
YoungGun: when will ben jacobs start playing ??
craig22: i for 1 will be getting foxtel next year WAs footy telecast is shower. no footy at all today
david95: Psn will prob b up Wednesday
BlueGlory: James: Sony are having a press conference today, will announce date
SupaSylvia: a bloke like Harris must look at a bloke to Hunt and wonder why on earth he gets paid that much.
whale: @juggalo, no it was thrusday friday and 2 on sat
Costanza: mOnty loves his Bombers
Juggalo: There was no Sat afternoon game
Judd005: This is exactly why i only got 4 suns players. would hate to of picked 6 or more
BURNER72: No footy on free to air in vic.
Juggalo: There was NOT 2 games yesterday
boostboy: @ BlueGlory - they only name them 90mins before the start of the game don't they?
flopitout1: bombers are great
chaosrules: the soooner i get rid of these gold coast players the better
Costanza: can Thursday nights
david95: There were 3 games yesterday
tigerman28: news flash - GCS first round draft pick for next year is brett lee.
Hydra911: Bellchambers goal!! Go son :-)
FFScience: bellchambers woo
BlueGlory: boostboy, game starts at 4.40 so 90 minutes has passed
spudmania: @juggalo: ur rite, ther was 3
nathgb 2.0: Im watchin it on SCTV.............. sattelite tv
whale: really? was out, just assumed, my bad
CatAttack9: bellchambers! second-best decision i made this year to have him in my team (first was redden)
chaosrules: thats right burner, no footy on free to air anywhere
SuperCodge: Sadly everyone else in the GCS squad would contribute more than Hunt
yammakid: @giuly1 no idea mate, seriously if you love sport fox is a must
Marcz: haha Hurley's SC is hilarious
GoLions: ton up brennan
dibford94: Belly
scatman: tigerman - hahaha
justi: wtf tigerman
MontyJnr: a bloke like harris will be thankful to get a second chance at the suns
SupaSylvia: hahahahaha @tigerman28.....nice
SupaSylvia: hahahahaha @tigerman28.....nice!
keithy: really? ur cheering bellchambers?
MarcMurphy: Moles and Buckley subs. Buckley in for Tarrant. In case anyone didn't know.
Solat: gonna be very hesitant to pick up GWS players next season, cant score if you dont get the ball
flopitout1: no pun intended
Hydra911: 3 ruckman in the game for essendon has destroyed the gold coast bigs
T-HeaveHo: essendon only by 110
spudmania: @juggalo: then what do u call north vs port?? a morning game? SPUD HIM UP!
HappyDEZ: hibberd & heppell both gone quiet
boostboy: @ BlueGlory - Not on HS site yet then?
Chipsy_DT: I reckon the AFL should subsidise our foxtel bill for next year. as free to air is dying
benny21: FFS come on Heppell, get this rest rubbish out of your head
Juggalo: Krakouer is going to start on the field now?? What a joke, Malthouse can get flowered
demon_spud: will only get GWS midfielders and some defenders
BlueGlory: thanks Murph! word on subs yet
rodallegaa: hurleys sc is high because of spoils, and hes taken dixon out of the game
BURNER72: The only year i havnt got foxtel and the pies play on it tonight lol half my luck
hayes7: i am heading for 1200 this week!!!! there goes my alright overall ranking
hawks_92: matera and dixon...
Juggalo: North vs Port was not televised where I am.
PrimeTime*: Hurley = taxi bashing overated spud
eagles9294: krak actually startig a game not as sub?
MontyJnr: heppell down arrow :p
demon_spud: GC have no bigs, smith, dixon?
Buddy Guy: GWS are taking Anthony Mundine with pick 1
BURNER72: good thing about heppell is he goes up in price and 3 games to go b4 ess by and a trade out so $$$
T-HeaveHo: you can score if you dont have ball by TACKLING
Hydra911: PrimeTime* - Hurley has played a FANTASTIC game.
dibford94: Poor effort dons. If u ain't guns break the scoring record, crack 200 at least. Come on. Thing about %!!
Marcz: Dixon was never in the game thats why its hilarious
hirdy11: Primetime* = muppet with no knowledge about football
Gazzajnr: cmon swallow harris and Watson
Judd005: heppell cash sign
CatAttack9: bellchambers again!
ChEzZa32: Dixon wont need to shower tonight, cause Hurleys giving him a bath
spudmania: and is that our fault Juggalo??
MissPies: @BURNER72 Jump on SEN
GrannyBoy: nice fireball on 7 can they burn them all so we dont have to watch this sh!t again???
T-HeaveHo: this round will be my worst dt score in 3 years worth
jappleby: moles and buckley subs. tarrant out for buckley
Shooba: Doesn anyone know if Telstra will be providing a live stream via subscription? I know they are doing it for mobiles.
beauiii: wonder if my overall rnking will change if i crack 1600
Buddy Guy: Pick 2 GWS Yothu Yindi
MontyJnr: @burner72 heppell may be a keeper as a 7th back, defenders are thin this year
CatAttack9: give bellchamber the cash sign
rodallegaa: jobe on the way up
YoungGun: Ben Jacobs?????
GrannyBoy: hope they all die so i can watch footy...somethings are more important than goin round n round n round....
spudmania: bellchambers flame m0nty?? and maybe hooker
pachichi: got hibberd on bench for heppell -_-
Davey_4_PM: @Buddy Boy lol good call
Wanderer30: Pick 3 GWS - Mother Theresa
Bjorn: Hurleys also towelled him up
boomz23: m0nty u need to list bellchambers goals as well...
winty: Bombers need another 10 goals to beat the highest score at Etihad (35.12.222) kicked by Geelong against Richmond in 2007
PrimeTime*: Hurley= crapola player who needs a run in the 2s
BlueGlory: Good, buckley to make some coin today
dibford94: @ buddy guy incorrect,GWS taking mike Tyson to play FB while he films hangover 3 in aus :)
Solat: has ryder's score moved since half time?
byjingoes: Beauiii 1600 would be your seasons best
Daniel_79: Jacobs up to 10 touches in the 2nd 1/4.
Nigey95: get into it heppell!
chaosrules: you will only get 2000if you pick your team this week
deano69: telstra tbox has a dedicated afl channel
Munza: DIxon leg injury on becj last 20 mins
david95: Hunt tackle and free
BURNER72: Misspies..Are they like foxtel?
bigjuddy: and harris $ sign
sssboi: why doesnt josh toy get the dollar sign?
leeroy337: yeh winty i was at that game :P
rodallegaa: slattery is just awful
hayes7: why is heppel's breakeven lower than hunt's?
wazzbatt: Krakwhore wil crack a ton today!
swansahack: who the flower is ben jacobs
sullitons: give reimers the vulture
G-Rat: Perth Free to air does it again, no games on a Sunday, WTF this is beyond a joke
Judd005: matera ffs!!!!!
Buddy Guy: Pick 3 GWS Kathy Freeman
DCarbon: highest score ever was 229!!!!!! not anything else
MarcMurphy: Does anyone actually have an idea of when Ben Jacobs will play?
Essendon18: harris and toy money signs?
T-HeaveHo: go stanley! cmon matera, may
Rommas: I'm trading Ryder out, hes lost in the shuffle of all the talls
beauiii: doubt it how would u know anyway
The Chip: matera..why?
BlueGlory: Murphy, 1 - 2 weeks
Hydra911: DCarbon - Actually 239. Get your facts right.
Brady01: $ for Iles
Judd005: matera touched it..twice!
pachichi: who has bye next week
giuly1: kevin sheedy captain coach of GWS
Curnow: MarcMurphy - be at least a few weeks only playing SANFL reserves at moment
Judd005: next few i reckon marcmurphy
tigerman28: geelong will poach khunt as payback for losing GAJ?
GoLions: coz of matera doubt ill even crack 2000 in SC this week :(
rodallegaa: jacobs has glandular fever not for a while
piccollo: Pick 3 gws robert deniro
kingbling: reimers for up arrow
MarcMurphy: Thanks mate.
aj11: Hurley and hepell so bad this game at least Watson and hibberd r playing very good especially since it's hibberds first
Daniel82: monfries goal
justi: i wouldn't pass it to reimers either
Marcz: matera is gonna get dropped with that lack of effort
Chipsy_DT: is there any free to air on in australia at the moment???
Hydra911: Goal Bombers
spudmania: @pachichi collingwood
CatAttack9: lol @ monfries, had reimers in the square alone but went by himself
Daniel_79: @ MarcMurphy: could be next week, played ressies last week for the Maggies!
david95: Lol reimers
carnaDEES: Andy otten is out for 4-6 according to rumours
Memph: No $$ for Harris?
Hill32Freo: monfries
DCarbon: @Hydra911 sorry pressed 2 instead of 3
dasha: i think mat Primus knows when Jacobs will play, but he is not telling anyone
The Lad: D Carbon doest rate any scores against the Bears
BURNER72: pachichi..Collingwood
Solat: pies
scatman: GWS Pick 2: Karrie Webb - breaks takles like Swanny with massive, strong hips
byjingoes: Beauiii I know who you are...your SC team is garbage
beauiii: collingwd bye next week
andy_c: matera decides if you crack 2000? i wish i was playing you
DTeam12: Whos your captain for next week since swan isn't playing?
Marcz: didnt even chase
TheoX: wakey wakey ryder you douchebag
Davey_4_PM: Anyone seen hibberds game?
HappyDEZ: ben jacobs recovering from glandular fever, playing his first game back today, in SANFL ressies maybe
Costanza: Pies bye next week then Blues
Hydra911: Matera won't get dropped otherwise you might as well drop the entire GC team. All played terrible.
hayes7: @pachichi - collingwood
Buddy Guy: Otten-Hibberd
Barnzy: lol @ the Essendon down hill skiers fight over chips in the goal square - Monfries, Reimers etc. Back to spuds next week
MontyJnr: buckley and moles are subs. yes, buckley is playing
MissPies: FINAL INTERCHANGES Collingwood: Alan Didak, Scott Pendlebury, Brad Dick Substitute: Simon Buckley. OUT Chris Tarrant
ShowerTime: traded otten for luke thompson this week :)
T-HeaveHo: materaaaa
cfc 1979: CH 7 rubbish - even V8's delayed
craig22: what the flower is ryder doing
spudmania: matera omfg yyeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bjorn: hibberd has played well
beauiii: haha how much game time u get yesterday
Hydra911: Barnzy - Monfries and Reimers are both good small forwards.
Billyho: suns had their win last week....looks like they are still on cloud nine
CatAttack9: jobe!!!!
eagles9294: trade swallw or harris>illes???
upforgrabs: Spud up hunt n Dixon mont
bakez33: watson goal!!!!!!!
leeroy337: pick 5 for GWS chuck norris, roundhousing goals from the pocket
Costanza: lovely Job Jobe
deano69: watson
stixy53: watson
SwansTas: JOBE, you gun!
BlueGlory: HappyDEZ, think he played last week as well
ls26a: Watson junking it up nicely!!
Exodus: Jobe!
justi: not any more billyho
Brady01: cpt next week judd
GoLions: @andy_c- and also goodes, tapscott, gibbs, and had buddy, sandi, lower, bartel out with byes
vman33: yes Watson great comeback!!
swansahack: khunt has turned it on in the last Quarter. up to 10
SuperCodge: Great passage for Watson...
PrimeTime*: I cant believe zac smith only started afl at age16 what a gun
Memph: Matera has had 4 touches and kicked one goal - pretty good conversion rate.
bigjuddy: trash can for watson
Gazzajnr: Good on ya Jobe
The Me: 20 players above 50 from Essendon!!!!!
GoLions: averaging over 2200 before this round
hirdy11: please get a kick heppell!
ajconodie: Chuck Norris would be ok - until he came up against Dustin Martin.
Davey_4_PM: Buckley and Moles subs
CatAttack9: whoever just posted final interchanges can u do it again? i didnt read it all before it disappeared
kingbling: mOnty Steven May L plate??
byjingoes: Beauiii I got what was expected!!! The coach can flower off!!!! As for my SC..may get 1800 this week
rodallegaa: what was that about otten?
G-Rat: does anyone know the highest winning margin in the AFL?
Essendon18: jobe is a gun. i reckon top 5 in AFL this year
GrannyBoy: and gaj is still laughing all the way to the bank
deano69: good on ya ryder ya knob
justi: flower dixon goes to a new low. khunt goes on bye. surely it can't be that hard to get to 20. 3 tackles gets you to 12...
SuperCodge: Ryder you d1ck
ReidNWard: Watson just made mo jizz in my pants!
Memph: Heppell keep junking it up
MarkPlow: maybe watson as DT captain wasnt such a bad pick?
stevemac5: hunt 109,000dt, BE of 25 :S
chaosrules: the trash cans should of been out halfway through the st qtr
PrimeTime*: Superman owns a pair of d martin pjamers
HappyDEZ: maybe right BlueGlory, but hopefully that other person gets the gist
andy_c: watsonnnnn
Buddy Guy: Otten-Puopolo next week as he will play against Port for sure
The Chip: jobe!
MontyJnr: watsonnnnnnn
bakez33: watson mark inside 50 having a shot great mark too! :D
sainterman: watson...he'll miss
ls26a: Watson more junk!!!
Costanza: w a t s o n
beauiii: lol ill beat that sc this week
stixy53: go watson
Hill32Freo: wattoooo
Bjorn: watto!!
SwansTas: Great mark, JOBE!
siklan: Watson will miss
Exodus: Give Watson the can & the gun
dibford94: Party rockerz in the house tonight. Wut wooooo
Hydra911: Essendon18 - Unfortunately he wont get any votes this game. Too many players doing well.
deano69: watson firing on all cylinders
SuperCodge: Jobe killing it now
BURNER72: Buckley sub for pies, Tarrant out
MarcMurphy: CatAttack, Just got to afl website. Click updated teams.
vman33: kick the goal Watson!
bakez33: missed :(
Gazzajnr: throw watson in the forward line Hirdy and make him 3 :) :) :)
Hydra911: Damn it cmon boys only 4 more goals..
siklan: Nothing surer than spudson missing that. Motherflowerer
david95: These commentators r stupid they sed Watsons mark was a monster leap he went like 5 cm off the ground
ajconodie: I'm surprised Khunt hasn't been rubbed out yet.
MissPies: FINAL INTERCHANGES Collingwood: Alan Didak, Scott Pendlebury, Brad Dick Substitute: Simon Buckley OUT Chris Tarrant
andy_c: bombers v westcoast will be a cracker next week
BlueGlory: thanks for the sub confirmation guys
ShowerTime: hope swan is subbed for buckley after 10 mins
Buddy Guy: I wont get 2000 this week if i add my dt to my sc
Costanza: still 10 mins to go - gold
rodallegaa: why is puopulo so certain to play?
The Chip: please least break 30!
Gazzajnr: *kick 3 Watson
freaks: throw matera in the guts gor christs sake...obviously the current midfielders are not doing there job properly
JimZ: North Melbourne had 43 scoring shots yesterday, Essendon only on 37...
Ravalle: if petrie given the bin why not watson this is the definition of junk time scoring or is he a fave of yours monty
MissPies: did you get it that time?
MontyJnr: if hurley played back every week, hed be consistent for sc id think
piccollo: Hibbs keep going!
Floor: essendon fail at breaking records
vman33: Who's trading Krakouer or Richo to Patrick ?
The Chip: well done matera!!!!!
Shooba: Beauty, can stream live next year for a price. Knowing Telstra however it will be a rip-off and shower.
Cotchin: Materaaaa!!!
bakez33: matera got hurley holding the ball inside 50 having a shot
Costanza: at last Matera
whale: well done matera
Buddy Guy: Bruce is out with a PCL and Puopolo did not play at Box Hill today he is a certainty
Hydra911: Good onya Brandon...kick the goal for my SC score but i'd rather bombers win by heaps still
chaosrules: matera for the 14 point play
Exodus: Slot it through hurley PLEASE!
Bjorn: whats materas dt b/e?
kingbling: mOnty Steven May L plate?? and a few P plates missing...
vman33: yes Matera great tackle! go back and kick the goal!
SuperCodge: Matera...absolutely buggered
Moondog21: hurley 40sc for that effort
tigerman28: matera!
Prospector: Watson still can't kick
MontyJnr: another one to brandon!
HappyDEZ: yay late surge from Matera, handy points
Mecir: Hope Prestia is back next week
GoLions: matera to kick 22 goals in this qtr and win suns the match and get me a decent sc score :)
sainterman: matera..
spudmania: @Floor: ur a muppet, they've broken the record for the biggest first 1/4 in history u spud. know u facts
deano69: @floor they broke 1
BlueGlory: goal!
Ravalle: this is why people are telling you to stick to the computer programming matey
hayes7: my ruck sucks. robert warnock, david hille and zac smith as emergency
The Me: Materas B/E is -14
Judd005: yes matera
MissPies: Western Bulldogs: Lindsay Gilbee, Callan Ward, Tom Liberatore Substitue: Brodie Moles
Exodus: Hah, on the radio I swear they sad Hurley had the ball. :\
TravisBoak: bin for watson heppell and matera
Prospector: Nice to see Fletch avoid the conflict of interest - with Toy as hif PEGS protege.
demonboy13: come on stanton :O only 4 points this quarter :(
boof12: ryder 25 points since quarter time>
MarkPlow: @ Hydra.. Im pretty sure essendon still win by heaps i fMatera kicks the goal
Gazzajnr: lol @GoLions
Solat: how can they not recall Prestia after this performance
rodallegaa: i swear toy hasnt touched it since the first qtr
BURNER72: WB sub...Moles
nathgb 2.0: vman that sounded soooooooo horses hoof
hirdy11: reimers score hasnt changed this quarter
agwager: Well done matera
imessenger: Rischooto is terrible to listen to!!
Fozman: Has there been confirmation of changes in teh Coll v Dogs game?
azza707: ryder is a spud
oldshepp: Not true Supdmania - only AFL not VFL. Sth Melb kicked 17.9 - get it right !
Bjorn: Thanks The Me
Floor: @ spudmania no they didn't
vman33: Matera getting some points on the board!
Costanza: Riccuitio is a downie
quincat05: i think ryder has to go if he cant manage 80+ at ff against gold coast
siklan: Silk
wazzbatt: Take out the trash Heppel!
david95: @messenger I agree
kingbling: lol.. no $ icon for dixon coz of his shower performance
PrimeTime*: Dustin martin doesnt wear his collar up his shirt gets an erectionz when it touches his body
siklan: Siklan hearts Heppell
Power16: YES MATERA, give him the flame =P
MontyJnr: tarrant is out for buckley. dogs unchanged
SuperCodge: Watson off...bollocks
Hydra911: OldShepp - Sth Melb kicked 17.9 IN A QUARTER but NOT THE FIRST get it right!
deano69: @ floor, highest score in the first
chaosrules: harris must have already peaked, no cash sign
beauiii: reimers gone cold
wazzbatt: quincat05 - I ousted Ryder this week. Dissapointing this year and costing me money!
James1993: Is kraq playing?
GrannyBoy: riccuttio sounds like justin langer
vman33: Watson taking a breather.. get back on the ground
tigerman28: dustin martin got his neck tatt when he was in grade 2
aj11: Go Watson
newman61: pies v dogssubs?
Hydra911: Wazzbatt - That was silly, wasn't it...?
imessenger: Haha good to see ppl agree on rishooto (spell cbf)
The Chip: break 200!
YoungGun: would it be believable to say ben jacobs will play next week or round 8?
GExcell: Keep scoring Toy. Try and get to 80
MissPies: Keep amcoming Jetta and Dysepps
siklan: Can't wait to see Dick n Krak
upforgrabs: Few more kicks hibbet
GoLions: m0nty gun for brennan?
CatAttack9: @neman61 buckley and moles
BURNER72: sth melb..17.4 4th qtr 1919
wazzbatt: James1993 - Yep and he will crack a ton today!!!
sacka: Mckenzie nooooooooooooooooooo png
piccollo: More hibbo, more!
singoman: dogs sub = moles pies sub = buckley... krakouer is apparently in
disturbia: Rischitelli destroyed slattey. spud.
boostboy: @Jamesq993 - He's named in the 22. Just depends if he's named as the sub or not now...
BURNER72: pies sub..buckley..wb sub..moles
freaks: Harriss and swallow so hard to choose who gets placed on the ground :(
MissPies: @newman WB Brodie Moles Pies Simon Buckley
Hydra911: Watson really vying for some Brownlow points in this last qtr!
T-HeaveHo: i have may, matera harris mckenzie smith lol!
Rommas: Wooo Matera
wazzbatt: Hydra911 - What? Getting Ryder? Hell Yeah!
david95: Matera agen
Marcz: go matera u $lu+
pachichi: at least get 60 smith
Costanza: yes matera - anything will do
The Chip: mckenzie to finish on 81!
andy_c: i dont know how slattery gets a game
newman61: cheers
Daniel82: Matera for trash can
The Me: K hunt has tripled his score since the third quarter
BlueGlory: drill it matera
agwager: C'mon matera
PrimeTime*: Anyone know if sam day is getting a kick in vfl
Bigal12: eat d!ck matera
Bazzooka: K hunt should of stuck to league
Sewelly07: look at the 2 duds at the top, u can tell they r playng GC
James1993: @wazzbatt thanks mateee, i would have been 2 short if he wasnt playing
Munza: Swallow seems to always have better SC scores that Harris
disturbia: I imagine Walsh'll replace Slattery when he comes back?
MontyJnr: 100+ sc hurley
Costanza: not sure many brownlows have been decided in 4th qtrs
BURNER72: mckenna knows how to kill dixons confidence, give him a run down back ya ranga
kingbling: dixon, matera, zac smith... ?? fml.. bye bye overall ranking
Hydra911: Goal Crameri
bakez33: harris BE is 8 why has he not got $$ sign???
disturbia: Crameri has 4
wazzbatt: Fraser has scored 9 points since half time - Crap!
dibford94: Hunt to kick 10 against the pies when the suns giv em an education on gold coast footy.Haha pisd myself while writing it
Essendon18: so glad i picked hunt up at the start of the year
walle: will you pick Hibberd or Heppell on ground in future?
torres: join for afl chat
The Chip: damn lost in png even thoguh i already have another ggames :P\
agwager: Cape for hunt for trippling score since 3 qtr time!
andy_c: yeah reimers is a spud.monfries has his moments
GExcell: Karl heavily backed in latest markets to win the Gold Logie
Wanderer30: True Sewelly. You won't see those hacks ever up the top again!
vman33: Dollar sign for Harris ?
kingbling: Jobe Gun
T-HeaveHo: Good Boy Matera beat Goodes!!
eagles9294: wots the most flames in a DT game will bombers break it?
pachichi: matera for richo anyone?
MissPies: @wazzbatt yeah sucks
keithy: higgins u weak flower, maing me have to put dixen on..
MontyJnr: @munza not really, one week swallow does better, harris the next
GrannyBoy: Munza - always actually means ALWAYS in english - check your stats knobjockey
Lionman: settle down its just a sign
TheJamster: something funny
Hill32Freo: i have monfries crameri n mckenzie
aj11: Very dissapointing game 4 Hurley
vman33: Cmon Watto 120 please!
The Me: Reimers has done nothing this quarter
Fury: You can't stop the Cram Dog
Hydra911: Not long enough left for Bombers to get most DT flames ever...need about 9 or 10
freaks: what happened to Smith he scored so weel first 3 rounds
Costanza: Day got a few touches
MontyJnr: 3300 rule for sc is gonna take all the points away from the GC
BURNER72: harris good at home, swallow on the road ;-)
CatAttack9: wtf? my PNG says that i picked GC to win, draw or lose by less than 57 when i chose the other one!
disturbia: How many goals has watson gott?
beauiii: is collingwood game live in sa?
Hydra911: AJ11 - Hurley has played a great game. Look at Dixon's stats...
cougars3: guess what?!?
MarcMurphy: Has Hurley had a good enough game to suggest he may stay back there?
stevemac5: @beauiii, only on fox
david95: Reimers agen
Dangermaus: geez, weekly prize winner will be anyone who gets over 2100 this week
Hydra911: Cmon Reimers kick a 7th!!
carndons: no free to air in SA today
Munza: GrannyBoy: LOL what you smoking ya plow
dibford94: Slot 3 more bombers. "YOU CAN DO IT"
G-Rat: Is Heppell channelling Oscar the Grouch, he was 10 behind Hibberd not too long ago
Essendon18: fury: who is cram dog??
chaosrules: coll bulldogs game live on fox
Hydra911: YAY! Go Reimers!
Marcz: live on fox nothing on 7
BlueGlory: reimrs is reeming GC's ass
siklan: I'm on about
Prospector: Watson gun
Daniel82: reimers got 7
kingbling: i hate the 3300 sc rule..
david95: 30 goals
eagles9294: they have 7 with prob 7 mins at last left gonna go close to most flames i reckon
Exodus: 30.10. that's great scoring
Barnzy: 2 more goals
Costanza: do u think Reimers will be confident next week?
siklan: I'm on about 2050 with Swan and Krak to come
singoman: people who think hurley has played poorly have no idea
CatAttack9: can they get to 200?
bevo106: give jobe the bin
byjingoes: It is in my house Beauiii
benno_919: got has one t you muppet
Joel20: get +2 mckenzie
deano69: no games live or delayed on f2a in adelaide today, cause free 2 air is shower
keithy: need boyd(c) and swan to get me 500..
Fury: Cram Dog is Crameri, of course
leeroy337: im looking at 2150 this week :) judd captain
vman33: Watson from better 4 upto top 2!
beauiii: so i no footy on free to air today
CatAttack9: REIMERS! what a gun!
FFScience: star reimers!
The Chip: holy shower!!!!
agwager: Seriously who's got reimers in their side?! Will do nothing next week
Daniel82: reimers got 8
david95: 8 gols reimers
Costanza: 0:58 left - 1 more !!!
UpDog: reimers 8!!.
MontyJnr: m0nty, you can't kick 8 goals and not get the star
disturbia: 8 for reimers
SwansTas: Number 8 for Reimers!
deano69: reimers 8 goals, well done
mabo: So Monty, is 8 goals enough to get the star?
Hydra911: 8 goals for Reimers!
FFScience: give reimers something for 8 goals
vman33: Reimers GUN
damoc85: wanna change that star monty
nathan11: reimers 8 wow
Marcz: im so getin Reemerz (;
Sandi2Pav: reimers star m0nty, you can't kick 8 and not get 3 votes
nathgb 2.0: Im half way across bass straight and watchin this live on sattelite tv...SCTV
andy_c: inbefore someone says they have reimers captain
GExcell: Had Fletcher played, would hurley have played forward and kicked ten?
SaintsRGod: 58 seconds to kick a goal to crack 200
McRooster: Matera about to outscore Nick Roo
mitch72704: Hurley has played poorly
Daniel82: told ya monty jumped the gun with the star - look at the stats now.
theadz: What is the 3300 SC rule? A team can't earn more than that?
The Lad: singoman: Dont fret them people judge games on here purely on points. Not football
Exodus: Give Reimers whatever the opposite of a pumpkin is
DCarbon: Totally agree deano69
Gazzajnr: watson was 20 at qtr time and about 5th lowest score for essendon now 2nd highest score and almost 100 in 3 qtrs!!!!!!!!
leovo21: 8 8888888
wazzbatt: Reimers for Coleman!!!!
chaosrules: 60 bucks a month for foxtel with sports package
bigsandi: Reimers Star
Fury: Just give Reimers double guns
david95: Hurd not happy
quincat05: weekly winner will be some PC who made their team this week
HappyDEZ: howlett to handball star to Reimers
DCarbon: surely X-Factor for Reimers
stevemac5: reimers star
spudmania: im 1916 with hurley, matera, swallow, libba and swan (C). any chance for the cash? :)
kovach: hahahahaha bin!!!
watt043: reimers as captain....NAWT
Costanza: 7 from the goal sq for Reimers
nathan11: one more bombers c'mon
Daniel82: 20 possessions, 8 goals, 6 tackles, 7 marks and no star monty??
Red Unit: Howlett 3 votes het hmmmmn
Shooba: Reimers is a fron running chezza picker... no star.
meziare: you should be able to just get fox sports without all the other crap
vb22: the bin for reimers? is that a joke? hes killed goals since the 1st quarter
eagles9294: lol at the reimers trash can love it
MontyJnr: big statement with the bin haha
BlueGlory: hahaha junk yard dog
GExcell: Ryder - season
Bizza: hahahahaha bin pure flowering gold m0nty
swansahack: good call m0nty. reimers is a sheepdog. goes missing against anyone who isnt the gold coast suns
watt043: lol classic monty
Floor: if you cant afford foxtel you fail at life
Lionman: hahah 200
DCarbon: @spudmania That SC isnt it
The Chip: hohohl;kdlgk;dskl'fs
freaks: Give Slaterry the spud only player not to get over 50 for the bombers
LaHug: take the bin off reimers, monty!
wceagles: reimers was on 80something at ht, and gets the can? Lol monty is a douche.
Buddy Guy: I dont think any of my players scored this qtr
CatAttack9: OMG mark on the siren!!
errorjoe: F off reimers has junk time
KraKBabY: $ for Harris
DCarbon: 1 more!!!!!
david95: Crameri on siren
scatman: @spud - definite chance. sounds like everyone is going showerhouse
Daniel82: crameri kicking for 200 after the siren
freaks: the whole game has just been junk time you morons
malteaser: 1 pt off getting purple name
Move Betch: put reimers as my captain this week.. huge sc score coming up
hawks_92: reimers is such a mediocre player, how can he kick 8 goals
Hydra911: CMON CRAMERI KICK IT! Noooo :(
steve7: 200!
mabo: Lol you really don't like reimers do you Monty?
disturbia: after the siren?
Fozman: Every player should have bins after 10 mins vs the Suns.
buddyboyz: how long left?
Costanza: wow - what a day
MarcMurphy: Has Hurley had a good enough game to suggest he may stay in the backline?
deano69: this will happen to the eagles next week
UpDog: bombers are crap, cant even break the double tonne
chaosrules: the game was junk since the 1st qtr people
Marcz: baha he got a bin love it m0nty
Ravalle: your a joke monty give the bloke who has kicked goals all day the bin you pathetic armchair observer
CatAttack9: he missed!
T-HeaveHo: someone should phone reimers and tell him about his score because hel never top a game again
spudmania: @DCarbon: yeahh i reckon i can land 2300+ :)
Daniel82: monty youre an a$$hole.
HawksStud8: monty is doing it as a joke, too shut you 'star' flowerers up
dibford94: Who actually has reimers. Honesty guys?
The Chip: wow!
MissPies: Awww no 200
freaks: Floor dont be an asshole, a lot of people cant afford it you cow
wazzbatt: Matera big last quater!
G-Rat: hahahaha Biiiiin
Sandi2Pav: reimers star m0nty, he'll get three votes trust me
Davey_4_PM: Kyle Reimers Gun?
SuperCodge: Its been e,ptional
aaaaaaab: hahah can't wait for franklin, and lecras to take on goldcoast, they might beat 20 goals for the game ahha
KingKenny: i told u b4, monty is a khnut...
sacka: How did Reimers get the bin hahahahahahahah JOKE?
Prospector: I'm tipping a raw here!
Costanza: Fletch back next week so no need - nice flexibility though
Sewelly07: Prorbably think they will win the flag now....wait till the aura of playing for Hird disappears...
Juggalo: Heppell should get the gun
tmc44: spud for crameri
G-Rat: i've never seen a 200+ game
Fury: Heppell has a quiet game and scores 80+
benno_919: how has reimers got the garbage can you tubby muppet monty
Prospector: *draw
hardnut: @murphy - nah he's there coz Fletcher is out
xumtinlong: Reimer and Milne are very similar players
BURNER72: missed by that much
Goblejobba: M0nty just hates Essendon in general, not just Reimers
troller: No good call m0nty on Reimers, maybe the icon should be a set of skis?
beauiii: just cracked 1200 with swan c libba boyd and if krak plays
Daniel82: Monty reimers my ass.
disturbia: Monfries X Factorr?
peter paan: reimers for bog
DCarbon: no
dibford94: Asif crameri. Take ur time mate.
winty: Essendon are crap. 94 at 1/4 time, and couldn't even break 200.
Lionman: haha you kids get so worked up over icons
A-Dawg: omfg
nathgb 2.0: Hurley only in backline cause Fletcher out. Then theres pears aswell!!
singoman: i wouldn't pick reimers, i think he is an average footballer who feasted on playing against average opposition
scatman: 200 haha. kick another riemers, you pizza face
Paliente: Foxtel is overrated shower
RimTosen: hurley will go forward once flecther is back cheif
Marcz: haha he got the bin m0nty i love it
soicanchat: charlie dixon for star?
deano69: bombers will hit the 200 against eagles
quincat05: about 1560 with swan and kraks to come, be rapt to get 1900
Judd005: thank god matera
A-Dawg: Oh Em Ef Gee
TravisBoak: heppell deserves the bin
Rated_RKO: reimers will never kick that many goals again .
Exodus: Need an icon for junk players who occasionally pull out a huge score. Reimers, L. Thomas, etc.
Ravalle: yes it dont take long to realise monty is a bit of a joke....good entertainment really
disturbia: X for Crameri or Monfries
Juggalo: That was all bin all day, the whole bombers team should have the bin
MontyJnr: Garbage (garbage bin). Had a pretty quiet game to start....he was never quiet
singoman: who cares about icons losers
eagles9294: 8 flames, wots the record?
Judd005: 200 sc for reem me
TravisBoak: sc scores?
daniel87: Than god I get sandi and cox doing ruck next week
Move Betch: footy died a bit today....reimers kicked 8, thats an absolute joke, i can play better footy than him
Gazzajnr: essendon 94 in first qtr then 103 in 3 qtrs they should have scored over 200 easy
Ravalle: wheres the bin for watson you wally
DCarbon: @winty they were at 94 at 1/4 time, that is some feat
david95: Reimers should get the gun
Power16: 1585 with swan (c) and boyd to come FMDT
freaks: Eagles are a good side deno69
troller: @Exodus: agree, how about a pair of skis
dibford94: 141 more disposals to dons lmao
bigsandi: Reimers will own the hawks Round 14
Sewelly07: Exodus : a steaming pile of sh!t icon will do....
chaosrules: well down charlie, thanks for the price drop
Juggalo: Bellchambers going to rack up 5 points in the 5th?
SuperCodge: Jobe captain better result than I thought it was going to be
benno_919: singoman you are a wayne kerr
mabo: The point isn't that he'll never do it again, the point is he did it when the opportunity arose
sainterman: omg! heppel scored more for me than smallow, harris and fraser...stupid
dabombers: hopefully the boys keep it in the bag and take this game for what it was.
tigerman28: who gets the khunt medal? awarded to the biggest 'tard on the ground
fattony: hunt for massive price drop next week
PiesGOGOGO: Reimers for the BIN
jappleby: reimers for the star not bin
RimTosen: mm mmm
Davey_4_PM: Well if Essendon can do this to Gold Coast i am scared by what the pies will do
Fozman: Geel early 90s and 07 hit 200+ few times.
roo boys!: Give Dixon the starr!
demon_spud: 0.5% of teams have reimers, about 1,500 people
chaosrules: 1464 with swan (c), boyd and krak. 1800 will do
Chipsy_DT: will be buying foxtel purley for footy after missing out on this game. flower you SEVEN and TEN
sless: haha my gf has Reimers
soicanchat: you are some sort of hack heppell.
Bjorn: 130 at 3qtr time aint junk
rodallegaa: whats downhill skier mean??
hayes7: tigerman28, he deserves it himself
RimTosen: how the shower does remiers get the bin lol? he was bog...
SuperCodge: 1648 with Swan Pendles and Shaw to come
demon_spud: Reimers has an average of 85 points over 2 games...get on him!!!
The Chip: my dt this week is flowered
benno_919: why has bellchambers got the flame????? he's obviously not going to get 100!!! are you for cereal monty???
tmc44: no chipsy, thats what they want you to do!
Judd005: goodto see a hack turn up against a bunch of hacks
dabombers: Reimers bin ya kidding did it all in first qtr
chaosrules: williamstown will play against the gold coast
dibford94: Dissapointed from a don supporter point of view. We wer lookn at at least 300, but couldn't get 200.Not good enough :P
M.Brown#1: Trash can for heppell
Hydra911: Reimers nowhere near best on ground.
A-Dawg: dixon by far the best
Dangermaus: Hurley's SC ??? wtf
Judd005: thank god this bye shower is over
yammakid: @winty essendon are CRAP? Me thinks sour grapes on your part FOOL!!
bakez33: got goodes and riewoldt they couldnt get 100 between them fmdt riewoldt getting traded nick that is btw
dibford94: See the bombers fly up UP
flopitout1: knew i should have played mcauley over smith doh
freaks: ablett will be at a juicy price soon
singoman: hurley 90 SC you beauty heppell 83, ryder 97!! not bad boys
hayes7: 1200 with swan and krakouer! shower!11111111
Hydra911: Dangermaus - Hurley played a great game mate
KraKBabY: Why no Pumpkin for Matera
rioligunn: im 1405 with swan (c), krak, rob murphy and libba left
andoss: m0nty for the spud
chaosrules: yeah the game was junk in the 1st qtr dabombers
dabombers: 13 players over 90 thats gotta be a record
sullitons: i honestly had the suns winning this one
scatman: 1703 with pendles and libba. cripes!
SuperCodge: Supercoach is wierd...Stanton had less possies, and was a general non-contest player...watson gets less? Makes no sense
Hydra911: Need Didak to beat Matera's score of 35 and I'll beat a lot of SCers :)
vb22: ruining your own credibility giving reimers the bin monty, we know he isnt that good but the bin is just wrong
ajconodie: On track for my lowest score ever.
dibford94: The whole game was junktime. It was ova before the first bounce. You know it, I know it. Even MONTY knows it :)
tmc44: wow 3aw gave 1 vote to ablett.... wtf
Tucker: swan libba and gilbee to go just cracked 1900
yammakid: round 12 straight swap Gaff for Gazza
chaosrules: all of essendon should have the bin, the game was over 5 minutes in
tigerman28: GCS 1274 SC pts
nathan11: wow bombers with only 2 players who didn't outscore jroo
eagles9294: SC is a total shutdown this year any muppet could win
swansahack: lol reimers only got 137. what a shower cow
spies1234: 2200 with pendles annd swan yet to play
Hydra911: Might scrape 2000 SC...what a terrible week...Smith, Goodes, N Roo, Goddard, Gibbs, all huge let downs.
flopitout1: upgrade to roo soon
flopitout1: upgrade to roo soon
TravisBoak: im 1660 with libba swan (C) and krak
sullitons: reimers will score under 60 next week, just watch
Judd005: smith matera killin me. harris swallow descent effort
SuperCodge: Matera scored more than the Voldt lol
yammakid: @vb22 damn straight, give it to that IT nerd Monty. Wots he eva done? 8 programs in a day??
FiveStar: with stanton getting that kick in the last 3 seconds, lsot me 75$
Judd005: got swallow stanley matera smith and harris on the ground any1 have more suns???
FFScience: @Hydra911 i reckon our teams are almost exact
dabombers: 1673 with Swan, Boyd, Libba and Krak to go be lucky to get 2000.
deano69: monty for the giant knob for giving the bin
hayes7: i need 300 from dawes, swan and krakouer to crack 1500...... :/
dibford94: Both subs outscored hunt. Legend of our game he is that bloke -.-
scatman: riemers to be dropped for next week
nathan11: didn't have more but had the same judd005 + dr hibberd
sydwce: On 1025 with Swan (c) , Shaw , Beams , Brown , Dawes and Higgins to go with Kraks sub but everybody played in midfield
Hydra911: Reimers won't get dropped after 8 goals.
yammakid: Monty hates essendon more than he hates his mum coming in his room when he's "working
ajconodie: 1116 with Krak, Swan (c) Shaw and Bob Murphy to go. Oh lord.
hayes7: sydwce - higgins aint playing
cotch2cuz: hows everyone going with supercoach?
TravisBoak: higgins isnt playing @hydra911
nathan11: you know higgins isn't playing sydwce?
TravisBoak: @sydwce**
Hydra911: 1743SC with Swan, Libba, Didak. Might just scrape 2000.
yammakid: Ï did a landscape job 4 a Monty in GWav. Ugly dude with a turban. Is that you??
fivestarmd: beams out
dibford94: Asif Monty didn't flame up every don after 1st qtr. unfair, so unfair. I'm sure uve given it to the hawks ey?? Ye
MissPies: yamma kid I do not think he still lives with mum he is 38 lol
sydwce: @hayes7 - oh yea, thats right :/
whale: looking at 1700 if im lucky
TravisBoak: hurley 92 sc
yammakid: @misspies I know a bloke in Officer who still lives with his mum. He's 62 she's 89! True
garratt15: gc 4 da flag
sydwce: NOOOOOO, beams is out, thats means krak come on as my reserve :)
GazzaLeg: misspies thinks shes mint and she sent me a photo ugliest looking chick
keithy: need 500 from boyd(c) and swan to get 1700. only one player scoring over 100, cox
chinospot: lol i bet gc for the spoons odds looks pretty good right now