Chat Log: W2, Essendon 1.17.10 d Melbourne 1.11.7

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Delicious!: yeh full length footy is back, but zaha isnt damn
berba dtc: loving thursday night footy!
M.Brown#1: Hi all! Tipping a Melbourne win!
T MilzKent: Bomber boiz for the Flag
meister: second
manssonaj: anyone got sylvia in their team?
Kyn1: ?
T MilzKent: Big night Monts. Lets get it right mate
m0nty: berbadtc, no advertising please or you'll be banned
rogan84: Yeah im looking at sylvia at this stage still early tho
Delicious!: why no zaharakis?
berba dtc: why is this? how does it hurt you or your site just out opf curioisity
manssonaj: yeh he's a good price and in for a breakout year i think
Buddyman: heppell goals
fezza: anyonline streams?
T MilzKent: ?? Whyyyyy is Fan Footy not working?? Scores??
luten: You're kidding right Berba? Why would people possibly not want you spamming advertising.
rdw206: nice by trengrove
Delicious,: who are the subs m0nty?
rdw206: sorry trengove
MercsPower: Because uz have similar sites u loser a.k.a competition!!!
Davey_4_PM: Is this a full Game
rdw206: @fezza live on foxtel if you have it.
berba dtc: free world, and dtc is a fantasy footy forum, fanfooty pl should like it, chill out weirdo
Davey_4_PM: Anyone Considering Stewert Crameri?
fezza: surely the fanfooty iphone app must be ready for round 1 this year?
Lionking: Crameri is a NAB cup wonder..that's all!
boomz23: Not me as he's still on the rookie list. Can't upgrade him yet.
fuzzyone: gotta at least think about crameri
Buddyman: really hoping hibberd can demand a spot tonight early signs not great
fuzzyone: grimes and trengove r my only locks from this mob
Lionking: fuzzyone...they're better options 4 the same price or less
fuzzyone: considering heppell and stanton
Tank 22: Anyone got lynden dunn in their team ?
Delicious!: how is the out of bounds rule looking tonight? its a pain in the alps cos its harder to read ruck output
snozza: Crameri = too expensive for a rookie 166k, better off going Swallow from GC at least he has beter job security
luten: who's wearing the sub shirts for the Dees?
Gaz_157: j selwood or chapman guys?
luten: Delicious! The out of bounds rule was only for the opening round.
rdw206: hurley injured possible corkie maybe knee
berba dtc: hibberd :(
gypsymaurz: trengove is a definate gun, not sure about grimes.
Delicious!: cheers luten. Grimes is pretty quiet...
Buddyman: anyone know where leroy is playing?
Cicjose: Crameri surely should get a look in for the bench?
fuzzyone: Lionking - you're probably right but if he pumps out 70-80 per game he'd be worth it
n4cr123: anyone thinking about getting crameri......... your a flowering spud...
jimshoes: heppell = gun
Davey_4_PM: Bombers looking the goods? Hibberd Get a touch mate
Delicious!: heppell is a gun monty give him the gun
happyjoe: ohhhhohohoo ryder is the sickest
samwise: can anyone confirm if jones is tagging stanton? other people say he isnt
big_col 12: what are the demons doing
rogan84: Jack watts?...pft.
Buddyman: I have to say Hibberd doesn't look as if his gonna be b21
jimshoes: looks to me bombers have taken collingwood's game plan to a new level
nostrdamus: is hibberd on the ground??
Bombers11: Crameri is only a ROOKIE for people thinking about him DONT
rogan84: Dees dont play well at etihad
Delicious!: jack watts is quiet...worst no1 pick for a while what were they thinking
big_col 12: who just kicked that
T MilzKent: Stewy is a one hit wonder. A nab player only
GJayBee: Heppell is the man.
Crim2010: crameri has been upgraded to list
T MilzKent: Essendon play great at Etihad. Beaten saints the last 3 times there
berba dtc: patty looks good
big_col 12: jack watts is going to be a gun delicous
Davey_4_PM: Essendon Definately looking the goods :D
meister: Is Tapscott still injured?
fuzzyone: Bombers11 - This time last year Barlow was "only a rookie".
Cicjose: surely an instant pickup if upgraded due to hurley's injury
boomz23: Where r all the baggers? :O
rdw206: hurley back on the ground
Ferog: Crameri can still be promoted to senior list
Delicious!: watts was a highschool bully so much bigger than the other 17 yr olds but now he is just an average mid ranger
fuzzyone: Watts was only 17 years old when drafted! KPP need a bit of time ffs
Cicjose: and by all accounts crameri should be picked up based on his peformances
geelFTW: can someone tell me is this the real footy format or NBA round robin 1 hald format
geelFTW: lol i meant NAB
boomz23: No Crameri is back on the rookie list... Pretty sure he can't be upgraded either unless we get an LTI.
rogan84: He just cant find the footy work rate
TheoX: you muppet delicious hes got elite speed and skills
swan__007: cameri is not a rookie got promoted today
snozza: hibberd gets a touch!!!
Munza: yeah Watts used to pick on all the girsl at school, what a hero
fuzzyone: Back to normal format geelFTW
rdw206: 9 pointer
dyl_2: great goal
Delicious!: natanui is doing much better than watts for a kpp. Watts is all hype and no action will never be anything special
Crim2010: listen!!!! - crameri is on list
boomz23: wth... Crameri isn't on the senior list. Go check the EFC site.
rogan84: Nice comeback for grimes the DT slut
Gaz_157: banana.......... ;)
snozza: rookie list
geelFTW: cheers fuzzyone
meister: Anyone got an update on Tapscott?
T MilzKent: Watts will be like Riewoldt one day and he will laugh at all who doubted him
Delicious!: can see a lot of similarities between watts and koshizke
A fitz: you tell em crim
fuzzyone: Ok Delicious, so I guess every AFL recruiter, all of whom would have picked Watts, are inferior to you in judgement??
Bombers11: Rookie List and no he never got upgraded today
MercsPower: Crameri or gamble for me!! Who shuld i pick? Is crameri on the rookie list still?
Bombers11: Crameri is a mid only gamble is a forward only so its pretty simple
snozza: crameri listed as a forward
n4cr123: Everyone jump on crameri... Easier for me to win the car :)
chrissy_J: why does grimes have a purple line under his name?
swan__007: yes he did cameri on senior list
boomz23: How's Hurley look?
snozza: no your right bombers11 my bad
TheoX: hurley looks like hes kicked a cabbie in the plums
Gaz_157: ahhahaah scanloon - YA YA BA NA NA!!!!!!
boomz23: m0nty can u get rid of swan that is BS.
Gaz_157: dingus!! j selwood or chapman?
TheoX: Myers is a pathetic spud
A fitz: just checked the dream ream bible and crameri is only a mid
happyjoe: bombers for flag? thoughts?
snozza: Listen carefully everyone Crameri is on the ROOKIE LIST..
geelFTW: in love with that sloth picture..
dyl_2: who kicked the first tonight boys?
A fitz: that was supposed to say dream team
swan__007: said it at the start of the game if any one has iq and wants to rewind it
Delicious!: turns out jack watts is the 17 year old chick that is involved in the st kilda scandal
Big Lance: heppel to av 80+?
Big Lance: crameri kicked 1st
big_col 12: heppell is such a gun
Hydra911: Sylvia 17% efficiency
Bombers11: lol unlucky Melbourne
Noneya_B: Thats weird Sc has changed the swans, blues and Lions jerseys :S
T MilzKent: Heppel for the rising star? And bombers for the flag i dont think so. Top 8 possible though
fuzzyone: Bombers for flag, the bible is non-fiction, smoking's good for you....
Saint Dos: here comes grimes
dannyboiii: Crameri is going to be a hall of fame one day
Gaz_157: ahhahaha i know it amazing! why selwood ? reason haha
rogan84: howlett impressive
m0nty: Crameri is still on the rookie list, don't listen to the trolls.
HSVKing: can we have a new logo for lynden dunn... a mo would be great
happyjoe: winderlich needs to lift his game - wasted talent
dannyboiii: Bombers got this in the bag mannnnnn
reconfigrr: Thanku for clarification monty
Delicious!: how about a dunny for lyndon dunn
dannyboiii: No ones talking about Ben Howlett his a gun right now
boomz23: Is Hurley on the ground?
Big Lance: Bombers chance for top 13!!
geelFTW: hard ball gets..fitter will play in midfield more, champmans under a injury cloud.
dannyboiii: Howlett is going to be on the star sign at the end of the game
n4cr123: nice goal by sylvia...
Davey_4_PM: Hurley Yes!!!! :)
nostrdamus: or maybe a dunny brush :)
SpudMcSpud: Seems neither of these teams forte is defensive midfield pressure
T MilzKent: Howlett for the brownlow, demons make top 14, fev for coleman
dyl_2: grimes is an absolute general down back.
Grizzlee: Sylvia putting his hand up for DT pick. Who has him on radar?
Gaz_157: shanks mate :)
fuzzyone: 14 point lead 10 mins into 2nd quarter and the Bombers 'got this in the bag'???
chrissy_J: everyone jump on oakley-nicholls, gonna be awesome this year.
gypsymaurz: jack watts is that bad.
dyl_2: pwoahh watts what a hack!!!
geelFTW: its rrrokayyy
chrissy_J: sylvia is in my team for the moment. Need his MPP come bye time.
Davey_4_PM: Anyone think Nick Duigan is worth getting?
Gaz_157: oh oh oh steele sidebottton , my footy man!
chrissy_J: nick duigan on my bench. will change if need be before 1st round.
Buddyman: after a shocker first up watts is going mental... sylvia and grimes doing as they please atm
T MilzKent: When Essendon play finals this year it will be interesting
big_col 12: someone just smashed jurrah in the face
chrissy_J: think i may have to reconsider stanton. Tagged and he dies in the a$$
geelFTW: Ya Ya BANANAS!>>>Steele Sidehero
nikos: What do we reckon of mark Williams as a pick up? Apparently Hird is a fan
fuzzyone: Mark Williams?? Even a drunken stupor wouldn't see me picking him. Crazy talk.
dyl_2: dunns mo has gotta go thats a joke
nikos: Yeah from what he's shown tonight he won't be in my squadron
luten: MilzKent: It's a long season... i doubt they'll have this sort of intensity all year.
TheoX: strauss what a waste of pick 19
cptFantasy: where was the free for Jurrah?
Davey_4_PM: @Chrissy_J Do you think he will play?
T MilzKent: Luten: James Hird is there now. Aka Mr Intensity
dyl_2: bombers wont have this sort of intensity at the end of the night they will run out of legs
chrissy_J: who? O-N? i was jk, hes puss
gilbee94: What happened to Petterd?
chrissy_J: its actually a work joke. Got a workmate to put him in his DT last year!!! hahaha!!!
m0nty: thoughts on whether that hit on Jurrah will get cited?
nikos: Yeah I'd suggest so mont
chrissy_J: i didnt see, dont have foxtel and free-to-air sucks @nus.
boomz23: Who was it that got Jurrah?
eagles9294: it a crime this season to not pick heppell?
luten: yes
SpudMcSpud: doubt it Monty
GJayBee: I haven't got Foxtell Monty, I am tempted though!
Grizzlee: sloppy punch to Jurrah's face but no intenet. just caught him on way down. I hope not cited
T MilzKent: Nooo way is shot gun in trouble. Eyes were on the footy and Jurrah milked the Shi* out of it
Buddyman: Can anyone tell me what role Hibberd is playing atm? Sorry m0nty didn't see it
Noneya_B: who hit jurrah?
valkorum: williams hit Jurrah and I think it will be looked at by MRP - it was late and obviously high
chrissy_J: i know he's not playing, but what do people think of zaharakis?
itsduftime: who hit jurrah?
luten: You don't need "intenet" for a 1 week ban
big_col 12: i go for melbourne and i can say there was nothing wrong with the hit on jurrah
m0nty: good point luten
dyl_2: T MilzKent his eyes were looking no where near the ball
boomz23: ahh well thats fine who gives a flower about a williams...
Buddyman: chrissy-j zara depends on the midfield time, unless you see it i'd look else where
dannyboiii: Mark Williams Bumbed Jurrah
T MilzKent: dont think your watching the same game dyl_2
Noneya_B: anyone know why sc has decided to change the swans, blues and lions jerseys?
m0nty: just a point on the PNG... the full version will have to wait until tomorrow, just the number tonight
proud_lion: these games are such a better indication.. wonder when first fantasy freako email coming?
MercsPower: Trengrove will burst in DT this year!
Delicious!: all the talk about strauss playing sweeping half back role must have been a joke just like joke watts
dannyboiii: Dannyboii is the new Monty
chrissy_J: cheers buddyman, i have him as a forward instead of knights like everyone else does!
dannyboiii: Half Time, at the Dome and the Dees are Trailing by 14 Points
eagles9294: any SC scores for half time?
Danny_Bhoy: you mean me dannyboiii?
A fitz: proud lion warnie teaches my boy at school he said next week
dyl_2: theres no other game on so yeah deffinetly watching the same game
dannyboiii: Highlights for the Bombers, Hurley a super goal
T MilzKent: Bombers for the Flag
chrissy_J: sorry to ask again, but why does grimes have purple line under his name?
Delicious!: bombers for 2nd last after the lions
tigerman28: hey chrissy - who do u like instead of knights?
valkorum: Chrissy_j its a game at half time where you guess what DT score that player will get at the end of the game.
gilbee94: No Petterd?
happyjoe: ive seen this game before, bombers win by 23 points - i swear to god
valkorum: chrissy_j click the purple link above the chat dialogue
chrissy_J: ahh ok, thanks valk
boomz23: Purple name game Chrissy clcik the link for it above the chat...
Delicious!: chrissy its cos grimes came out of the closet on the weekend monty just wanted to highlight it
chrissy_J: tigerman, at the moment i have zaharakis instead of knights.
tigerman28: fair call chrissy. shame he aint playing tonite
dannyboiii: Injuries For tonight is Hurley and Jurrah For a knee construction
chrissy_J: yeah. think they will prob be on par with each other. Zara less injury prone i guess.
virgsguns: what a boring game i'm watching biggest loser
chrissy_J: how the hell do you fill out this halftime game form/selections!! haha, i suck!
MarcMurphy: At the end of Hurley's info, it says 'a rather high 4...', anyone want to tell me what that means? :)
nikos: Dannyboi are u serious about Jurrah?
Delicious!: who should i get in my backline instead of kepler bradley, although im pretty confident he will be a keeper
fezza: what do you guys reckon about sylvia vs goodes for the supercoach spot this year? sylvia looking good but not effective
proud_lion: are these just 20 min qtrs?
valkorum: anyone other than bradley will be a good pick - and I am a freo supporter
tigerman28: but knights is 100K less
fuzzyone: nikos - Jurrah just kicked a goal - don't listen to trolls like dannyboii
luten: what a goal by jurrah
Delicious!: give kepler a go he has only recently moved up the food chain from kiphler potato to kepler potato
Delicious!: grimes you are such a $lut but i love you LOCK
itsduftime: @MarcMurphy: I think it means 4 free kicks
chrissy_J: yeah i know hes $73,600 less, but more risky i guess tigerman.
Buddyman: heppell goals again
dj_2188: grimes is the next heath shaw. watch out when they learn how to tag him.
valkorum: whatever you call kepler - he is still a spud in DT
MarcMurphy: Ahkay, thanks.
T MilzKent: Grimes over rated . Heppell is better
Buddyman: personally goodes for super coach... but just my 2 cents
Delicious!: fyi valkorum a kiphler is a type of potato = spud
berba dtc: goodes effiencyb was awful last year
tigerman28: grimes and heppell :)
Delicious!: watts is overated relton roberts is better
fuzzyone: Shaw's averaged in the 80's for the last 5 years - sounds good to me.
cptFantasy: You make so many silly calls T MilzKent
valkorum: like I said - whatever you call him he is a DT spud
dj_2188: a good average fuzzy one. Shaw is a gun but personally its either 130 or 30
Hemmings29: who should i get in for ricky nixion?
happyjoe: this is alwyn davey's year !! B&F @ Essendon !!
mitch4: How many Montfort kicked?
TheoX: kim duthie hemmings
T MilzKent: The intensisty of essendon has increased. hahahaahahhahahaha
chrissy_J: has stanton gone missing???
Crim2010: get a lawyer - hemmings
Delicious!: hemmings you should definitely lock in gilbert
Hemmings29: nah nixion was 314,234 a lawyer is a premium at least 460,000
HSVKing: Are you going to make a red vest for the player who is subbed off monty?
run2dmax: Had Heppell in my team half a year ago. Just wish he were wearing WCE colours :S
mitch4: How many monfries kicked?
fuzzyone: Shaw is over 70 in 80% of games
Delicious!: monfries has kicked 13
Hemmings29: got gilbert allready tho delicious, i was thinking that chick she racks it in every week and then sues for $$$$$$$$$$$
T MilzKent: bombers for the flag
T MilzKent: grimes is crap
mitch4: Wat did melksham do guys?
Warney: I want Lynden Dunn's mo in my dt
Delicious!: yeh she is a cash cow if she sell her story and sues
Grizzlee: Dunn for 7 year breakout rule?
T MilzKent: Hey andy, nah grimes is good. just trying to stir dyl_2
lagas: cooney would be a preium
mtty: So your calling a future captain who averages very high in both sc and dt team for his age crap? How does that work
Hemmings29: and then i might off load her for the pictures of reiwolt and nds heard there worth a bit, a jail sentecne
Delicious!: fletcher for 18 year breakout rule?
thollo: geez, i didn't even know they were playing tonight! fail...
T MilzKent: Jurrrraahhhhh the cougar man is comming
fuzzyone: Dempsy in trouble
sacka: Lucky dunn
Esso: Mark Williams on $330k - 2,000 members pay for him to be this shower
lagas: give monfries the french fries
Grizzlee: Dunn giving him plenty of lip - great call by commentators
T MilzKent: Oi who rekons im a champion ?
Delicious!: give hooker the gstring
Albino: wassup ladies
nathgb.79: jump on zaharakis
Grazz: Will Crameri get upgraded off the rooky list.
fuzzyone: You and no-one else little boy
chrissy_J: give winderlich a tongue???
chrissy_J: give ryder a horse.....
Delicious!: sylvia gone quiet is he being rested?
J.Selwood: hurley a smokie? looking good
lagas: wat abot jurrah jump on him and stants he is a gun!
MarcMurphy: @Selwood. Was thinking the same thing.
reconfigrr: give hooker a.... hang on wait
T MilzKent: zaharakis is a gun
nathgb.79: crameri will def get games
nathgb.79: crameri overtaken neagle
fuzzyone: Whenever Jurrah gets his hands on the ball, something happens for the Dees.
Delicious!: stanton cant handle a tag, got no tank i hope a lot of people suffer with him this year
fuzzyone: Neagle - now THERE's a spud!
reconfigrr: hopefully crameri is upgraded to senior list midseason... would be a great downgrade target
T MilzKent: fuzzyone - now theres a ripper
PorkSwords: I hate essendon more than life itself, but Stanton has a massive tank. 16.4 in the beep test,
Grazz: I like Crameri, could be a LOCK
nostrdamus: stants has got an enormous tank, and cant handle a tag!!
Albino: williams cant help himself. what a bogan
tha-moose: jurrah = new age jeff farmer for the demons.
Grizzlee: Crameri second year player. Forget it. looks good but I wont break the golden rule.
happyjoe: neagle has an enourmous rack, absolute LOCK!
berba dtc: hes got a tank, no heart tho
bingobango: stanton wont get the tag when watson plays
fuzzyone: Gumbleton and Neagle - the legacy of Courtney Johns. What a trio
cptFantasy: jarrah is nothing like the wiz, but i understand the crowd roaring and cult-hero factor
reconfigrr: @grizlee... the golden rule?
jenkinator: lock in daisy thomas
thollo: howlett looks good. he's cheap and scores well
tha-moose: spot on cpt fantasy.
bombers15: whoever says Stanton cant handle a tag literally knows nothing about footy....
malteaser: both teams will run out of puff by the end of the year, sort of like puff the magic dragon sides
Delicious!: golden rule is only pick a player who has played at least 10 seasons
reconfigrr: this is the quarter where sylvia, grimes and stanton should theoretically climb the pack or pull away
thollo: but howlett also breaks the golden rule
Team A: stanton is cheap
nostrdamus: how good is heppell, ready made player or what??
MarcMurphy: I think the golden rule is: Never get second year players? That's mine anyway
Delicious!: explain tonights performance then bombers15 and all the times last year.
jenkinator: was happy when the hawks got rid of williams heart the size of a pea and LLLLLAZY
fuzzyone: The so called 2nd year rule is the biggest crock of shower ever
Grazz: Whays yjr Golden Rule Grizzlee Second year Blues or something else
simma1978: What a game! Probably the best pre season match for a long time!
luten: monty: Just on the Jurrah punch to the face, i've watched the replays a few times and he's definately getting week.
Albino: you tell us you are nostradamus
reconfigrr: second year players priced at 166k? thats a stupid rule.. i can understand not picking them if they are more expensive
MarkRobo: 3rd and 4th season players are always golden
luten: reconfigrr: If you can pick well, you can get a guy scoring just as well at 94k.
bombers15: Delicious: he has the 2nd most touches on the ground tonight!!!!!! What else do u weant me to say
reconfigrr: @luten... if your going gun rookie strat i would find it hard to believe you could find 6 players at 94k scoring that
thollo: ppppppppppaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttttttttttttttttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Delicious!: bombers 15 admit he is no where near the same league as swan, ablett, bartel, montagna and boyd
nostrdamus: am very surprised heppell went so "late" in the draft, alot of recruiters will rue that decision!!
berba dtc: 8 hitsouts for ryder, needs to bump that up a tiny bit more and he'll average 90 this yr!
MarkRobo: grimes is a gun why wouldnt you have him
chrissy_J: come on grimes, get to 129
bombers15: Delicious: of course he's not in their league ... all im saying is he clearly handles a tag well....
fuzzyone: MarkRobo - no such thing as 'always' in footy.
nostrdamus: sorry chrissy, grimes is gunna get 121 :s
reconfigrr: @markrobo... some ppl may consider hima risk with his back injury history.. personally i think hes worth the punt
Delicious!: say i if you think stanton CANT handle a tag i
bombers15: .... and here comes Stanton... told ya
Spazb0t: shut up delicious.
Wonderlich: To me a score of 74 doesn't look like 'not handling' a tag, Delicious.
eagles9294: say
itsduftime: are these games full length or are they slightly shortened?
MarkRobo: well Im willing to take it
Delicious!: hey i dont really care spazbot i hope you all get stanton ill be closer to the car that way
eagles9294: i
bombers15: Oi delicious.. look at the other bloke on the ground with a Tag... Davey....gee he's going well!! ahaha
Albino: wassup ladies
Wonderlich: Anyone know who Carlisle replaced?
bombers15: slightly shortened... so add plenty to the scores!!!
eagles9294: stanton does same every pre season pleez choose him
fuzzyone: Two players being tagged tonight - Stanton has 19 disposals, Aaron Davey has 6 - who can't handle a tag??
wixism: your mum cant handle a tag
deadsets: Stanton can't handle a tag, we all know this
bingobango: stanton is a dream team jet, will be a great pick up at his price
m0nty: Carlisle replaced Colyer
Delicious!: davey has never handled a tag. stanton gets all his stats in junk time and behind the play Q4 specialist
Wonderlich: Thanks m0nty!
fuzzyone: Stanton's averaged 100 for the last two seasons - what more do you want?
Spazb0t: so if he still gets stats anyway, how is it a bad DT pick?
chrissy_J: hope Zara plays next week to see how he goes.
reconfigrr: 110? :d
cherries08: Sylvia isn't being tagged and he's only on 62.
Stingers: great goal
monkeybums: need a red subs shirt icon m0nty
Big Lance: Stanton = Most inefective high possession winner in the AFL
Delicious!: id like a ducati 848, a round the world airline ticket and a house
fuzzyone: only 6 players averaged 110+ last year
mtty: Nah big lance it's actually Boyd
chrissy_J: sylvia hasnt justified why i picked him....might change to didak or something?
fuzzyone: DT doesn't care about effectiveness though Big Lance
cherries08: Afl Coaches>>>Big Lance
Delicious!: heppell gone quiet the second half, tough for a rookie to step up and play out a whole game, still locked though
reconfigrr: @chrissy_J... leave him out at your own peril... its just one game, i reckon sylvia will avg over 100 this year
bombers15: heres brent!!!!!
m0nty: the bench icon is the "subbed" icon for now
Stingers: m0nty need a red shirt sub icon ;)
MarkRobo: cnetury's up
MarkRobo: century's up
Hydra911: Big Lance - Priddus is also really ineffective.
fuzzyone: Sylvia's only ever played 75% of any season
reconfigrr: @fuzzyone... i think last year he was a bit unlucky with the blood clot
happyjoe: junk time stanton
Daza7792: who does the winner of this game play next?
nathgb.79: Have you HIRD the revolution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Delicious!: trengove will outscore gaz next season 110+
Albino: true, silvia plays like 15 a year. absolute rubbish, wont make my team
Stingers: cool thanks m0nty
cherries08: Stants is effective if you let him, that's the point
bingobango: 100 not bad for someone with no tank and can't haddle a tag, what a bunch of hacks!
bingobango: stanton locked and loaded!!
lonergan14: whoever is bagging him dominate this year...
MarkRobo: what happened to grimes?
Delicious!: junktime specialist gets the ball when it doesnt even matter
Wonderlich: Champion Data scores different to FanFooty scores???
Albino: tadpoles
happyjoe: anyone know who the bombers will play next round?
bombers15: Delicious. Youre a muppet
Delicious!: I also hope that having stanton hurts you in the grand final of dt if you even get that far
Big Lance: Essenscum gotta get their wins up brfore they start playing for premiership points
thollo: example wonderlich?
T MilzKent: hirdy Hirdy Hirdy What a CHAMPION
run2dmax: What happened to Heppell? Very quiet second half
lonergan14: hey lance. nice one...essenscum. might want to spell before right as well yeh?
Maurz10: ciao sylvia
nostrdamus: anyone who has stanton will trade him out for a super-premium before round 24
fuzzyone: Are DT scores dependant on the state of the game? NO! If you get the ball you score. Regardless of when
Davey_4_PM: Considering Alex Browne Came on in the third quarter, hes done a pretty good job
J.Selwood: @delicious bombers have a bye in the last round anyway.
R.Griffen: yes
jenkinator: stefan martin = gun
T MilzKent: As the BOMBERS Fly Upppp
R.Griffen: Great game
fuzzyone: Essendon play winner of Collingwood vs Swans
Wonderlich: Its only about 4 or 5 points different... e.g. Stanton 105 CD, 100 FF
reconfigrr: did monfries play more midfield.... will his scoring be less if zaha is in the team?
fuzzyone: Had Trengove and Grimes locked before this game - consider the key thrown away.
R.Griffen: png?
T MilzKent: Essendon 2011 Priemers?
Big Lance: Hird to be sacked BEFORE vossy
T MilzKent: Patty for my SC Ruck
Spuddy: how do you know, fuzzyone?
fuzzyone: SEN just said so
rednuts198: where are the supercoach scores
Loaderup: heppel looks the goods in fantasy land
T MilzKent: big lance to get Muzz punched
T MilzKent: Seeee The Bombers Fly Uppppp
T MilzKent: Zaaaaaahhhaaaraaakisss
Ferog: reconfigrr, What about Watson as well?
T MilzKent: How good are the Bombersss. Hird is a genius
reconfigrr: true ferog
NDiddy: SC scores? Heraldsun link is borked?
nathgb.79: yeah
dylsta05: bomers!
dylsta05: bombers:)
dyl_2: your an idiot T Milz
Albino: tadpoles
scotty888: go you bombers!