Chat Log: PF, St Kilda 13.10.88 d Western Bulldogs 8.16.64

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ossie85: The Magpies await the winners.
noongah st: carn the sainters!
Ablett29: Hahn in for Hooper
Swanny!: Saints should smash em tonight
thesmasher: At the game live and should be a cracker
Pointer: @thesmasher are you confident and hows the surface
m0nty: In the words of a great man: the stakes are high and so am I
phiflsw: flowering hell channel 10 is shower at pre game. that voice sounds so shower and they make it so flowering dramatic
Don Gibson: dont care who wins - as long as they beat the pies
oldshepp: shame about the wet weather
McRooster: Remember how it hurt last year Saints - time to inflict some pain!
WBFC: BS how it is not live on TV!!
Bunta: Remebber how it hurt last year dogs time to inflict some pain.
McRooster: Barry Hall busy at half back?
mookie: @ m0nty......Ted Nugent :)
WBFC: i had a mystery bet with TAB on the first goal kicker, i got Hooper... what happens now?
Don Gibson: how wet is it?
WBFC: Do i get Hahn, or i get my money back?
oldshepp: Its on the cards we will have two tired teams at the end of this one
Bunta: WBFC I am only guessing but you should get Hann
McRooster: riewoldt!!!!!!!
FreoMundy: riewoldt is a dud
oldshepp: Lake for Muppet !
johngst: Shepp the bUNDY IS flowing and the dogs have a habit of winning the un winnable.........
johngst: Sorry Shepp will put my teeth back in.
McRooster: Koshowerzke get out the way you Muppett!
johngst: Had to be Hann in...
oldshepp: Dogs need to settle
johngst: Persisting Down with precipitation,,,,,, Yippee
SCMagic714: go harbrow
johngst: Belt them BAZZA!!!!!!!!!!!1
Scully 31: Why is the game so low scoring(Not live in Melbourne)? Is it the rain or just tight finals football
johngst: So do I Shepp
McRooster: Time to get the Hahn's flowin - goal Mitch!!!!!
WBFC: Scully - Saint/Dogs games are ALWAYS low scoring games
johngst: NOT LIVE - WTF - Sorry Shepp talk at half time
oldshepp: Lake loving the Kosi match up
WBFC: HAHN!!!! first goal, but do i get hahn for my mystery bet??? or my money back
strikes91: if the dogs win tonight the pies will win by 100+ next week
WBFC: cause i got Hooper, but he's not playing
McRooster: Tiprat slots it!!
that_guy15: its wet scully31, nice to see another melbourne fan on here
Steelers7: spindleshanksssssssssssss!!!!!!!
phiflsw: grant u ugly merlin flower. u are so anerixic u look foucking ugly you mudda flowerker cow hole smurphy spervy plow
McRooster: Stickboy!! Stickboy!! Great snap!
oldshepp: Grant might feel a bit more at home after that one
M.Brown#1: have the commentary team turned into robots?
McRooster: Great vision by Murphy
Ablett29: Gee i love Addison. TOUGH AS NAILS
oldshepp: Billt would have been happy with that one Liam
Hemmings13: what are zac dawsons brownlow odds
McRooster: Eade - great match up Addison on Goddard
kbbr: reiwoldt: "cmon boys gt the job done!" a bit of arrogance?
that_guy15: @philflsw just coz he's a better afl player than you'll ever be. im no bulldogs fan but gee your a flowerhead
FreoMundy: i hate kozi he is so damn lazy
oldshepp: Kosi = spud
M.Brown#1: crab 4 kozi
siklan: why did i make minson my captain? :(
SCMagic714: m0nty gia for icle i recon
Ablett29: WOW Goddards haircut is shocking
SCMagic714: sc is even on anymore ppl bullshower like tht but sc and dt isent even to be a dick
BenW: Kozza somehow got blood nose, hit in body though...
bennn17: @siklan please no captain jokes you tool.. never has been funny and never will
asmodean: dylan addison look like brett kirk?
EastonGood: Great hit easton
bennn17: yeah what did Goddard get his head stuck in?
siklan: everyone loves a captain joke
mottley: go sainters beat these pretenders. saints 4 2010
asmodean: haha gram
rowshow: hayes = sally robbins
bennn17: maybe the first captain joke one person giggled.. but by the 100th time they are shower
that_guy15: hey siklan i made barlow my captain HA HA HA! CAPTAIN JOKES ARE NOT FUNNY!
Ablett29: Who you barracking for Motts?
oldshepp: Saints aren't coping with the Dogs desperation at the moment
mottley: saints obviusly
Noneya_B: well i h8 stfail and well i was born in footscray so GO BULLDOGS!
bennn17: where is this so called pace and dash that peak has?.. Ive never seen it
McRooster: Robert Murphy's sideburns are sad - has the same weight coach as J Grant
EastonGood: mottly its not obious
mottley: mcrooster must have the same weight coach as monty-
McRooster: Looks like Minson has been on the soy milk again!
Ablett29: Why the Dogs icon then Motts?
mottley: hy eastongood, change ur name to eastonbad cause he is doing jack alll tonight!!! bahahahaha im soooooo funny
that_guy15: coz mottley is a confused flower]
oldshepp: Saints predictable going forward
mottley: cause it reminds me off my pet dog that i ate alive for brekky this morning
EastonGood: Mate he took out kosi for the night, and hes opponent hasnt done anything
Ablett29: Wood cleaned up that big useless spud Kosi at least
oldshepp: Riewoldt making Cloke look accurate !
EastonGood: Mottley dont get to cocky mate
that_guy15: @ablett29 finally someone who talks sense actually mottley is the only one that doesnt make sense
mottley: hye oldshep: your old
bennn17: Fisher having a night out across half back
mottley: go sainters put these useless mutts down or send them bak to the kennnel
oldshepp: Bedtime at 8.30 mottley?
McRooster: The Assassin not smiling - OUCH!
that_guy15: go dogs, put stfail in the dumpster where mottley lives
mottley: yer :30 in the mornig bahahahah!!!!!!!!!!
BenW: mottley, 2 things: 1-learn to spell, and 2-arent you a WB supporter? Barrack FOR your team!
bennn17: @oldshepp lets hope so..
mottley: hey oldshepp: you are a old german SHEPPard.. get it baahsha
EastonGood: Mottley u have the worst comebaks i have heard in my life
oldshepp: That got what it deserved tiprat
Mcpp: Mottley - you should change your icon to a ballsack! You muppet
BenW: and point 3 mottley-youre NOT funny!
that_guy15: @eastongood i agree, the sad thing is that he probably takes an hour to make each one then repeats em
mottley: hey eastonbad your comebacks are bad... get it.. runs in the name bahahabhahaha
McRooster: He ran 25 meteres before he bounce or kicked that?
m0nty: Back on the footy, please.
Salisbury: saints look a bit ordinary. Doggies really starting to get going.
bennn17: m0nty get rid of this tool..
that_guy15: @m0nty get rid of mottflower and we might be able to
EastonGood: monty give mottley the spud for his terrible comebacks
mottley: hahaha m0nty you said: 'back' on the footy that means we have to put our "backs" on a football. bahaha
Mcpp: Saints midfielders getting smacked at the turnovers
mottley: cmon gram get into it
EastonGood: omg monty spud him up
McRooster: Stay premium gentlemen.
bennn17: and apparently Lenny Hayes is good enough to be an All Australian..
bennn17: isnt
bennn17: isnt*
Salisbury: at least this game is a little bit more exciting to watch.
Salisbury: wow i guess the game not live oon tv
that_guy15: ablett has signed with gold coast!
TW=spud: ban that_guy15 for false info pls
motley: thatguy: funny if someone said 'source', then you hav to say tomato
that_guy15: @TW=spud sorry if its false but it just said breaking news gary ablett has signed with the gold coast on 7 news in perth
oldshepp: afl won't let him announce it this week
m0nty: Sky News is reporting Ablett has signed. No confirmation though.
millsie69: anyone else like the song 'way back home' by bag raiders?
that_guy15: thanks you m0nty your a lifesaver
EastonGood: plz plz plz giv mottley the spud
bennn17: I saw him sign at half time last night..
motley: fox sports said he has signed too!
TW=spud: if it's not on the HUN it cant be true, they never lie and are always first....
Kazakhstan: *fist pump*
that_guy15: foxsports says its undecided
S_Coach99: What does Nic Reiwoldt and Leon Davis have in common
bennn17: @milsie69 love that song! but why put that up on here? aha
punjabnig: give motley the douche bag icon
millsie69: haha it just came up on my iTunes shuffle, felt the need to share!
oldshepp: Big call Sky News - I note they say "believed"
Scully 31: Are you all joking or did these news reports actually happen?
millsie69: Tom Williams is givin Riewoldt a bath
that_guy15: @scully31 nah mate i saw these reports, sounds like he's moving
punjabnig: u there motley u douche
that_guy15: anyone else here like english premier league?
david95: Bigpond website has sed that they believe ablett has signed a multi million dollar contract
Ablett29: Hope its bogus.
Scully 31: thanks that_guy15
GoldCoasFC: Hello all, i am a representative of the Gold Coast FC and we have just signed Gary Ablett JNR to our team.
m0nty: Please, no soccer discussion, This is an Australian football site.
david95: I like the epl
GoldCoasFC: This website is the first place to hear of it.
that_guy15: no prob scully 31, its great having a melbourne fan on here :P
Ablett29: AFL forum. No soccer crap
Kazakhstan: @GoldCoasFC: no you're not.
that_guy15: yeh david95
spilly87: saints by 15 ...
bennn17: tonights chat is rubbish
that_guy15: i reckon dogs by 4
GoldCoasFC: Yes
Ablett29: Nicky Dal back for the 2nd half? Would hurt the Saints
Jabbott: reckon if dal santo doesn't return, saints wont win...
oldshepp: TV just said he's back on Ablett29
lash16: benn17 you are rubbish
that_guy15: hey monty if im not on for grand final talk then thanks for a wonderful season of fanfooty
lash16: who is monty?
that_guy15: sorry lash 16 i meant m0nty
Ablett29: Those bottom 4 names for the Saints are their weak links. None of them are up to it.
Jabbott: great start nds
Saint Dos: spot on ablett. baker should be in for 1 of them
bennn17: @lash16 you dont even know who m0nty is.. dont call me rubbish
fezza: shutup jabbot
Ablett29: i hate the little twerp baker, but agree
Jabbott: power off fez
lash16: rubbish
that_guy15: saints have completely swung the momentum
Ablett29: Balme apparently has spoken on SEN and said Sky reports bogus
alftiles: i hate the pies
arshavin: sick how aka said that hahn whould be late emerg for hooper
GoldCoasFC: Ablett29: You eill find that you are incorrect. He has signed with us.
bennn17: I just lost alot respect for Sky
that_guy15: omg arshavin, awesome i support alpsnal too
lash16: pie in the sky hiiiiii
bennn17: Dawson has been amazing so far..
that_guy15: oops i meant alpsnal lol
that_guy15: what the hell why is it that whenever i type in alpsnal it turns out alpsnal
S_Coach99: I hope reiwoldt does a hammy
that_guy15: ok fine have it your way a r s e n a l
gibba23: flowing lift doggies you C-rap U-gly N-eanderthal T-rashbags S-luts
lash16: ooooooooo poooooooooooo
EastonGood: dont say that s_coach hes a great player
oldshepp: fat lady is warming up the vocal chords
Salisbury: gibba23: stop trying to avoid the censors potty mouth
S_Coach99: Yeah but I don't want Collingwood to win the grannie, he'll just shank it like last year and tonight...
Pettiger: S Coach you have to worry about the morals and mental powers of a person who wishes an injury on another person.
Ablett29: ban a few of these Goofs Monts
S_Coach99: @Pettiger - what about the morals and mental powers of AFL players that target a players injury, who cares its football
lash16: ham is yummy
Salisbury: wow play by roo
Salisbury: brad johnson should have retired. He's costing them out there now
gibba23: they need to lift salisbury, i know im not making a difference, but some inspiration couldnt hurt
Hemmings13: fat lady has sung now
Salisbury: fat lady clearing her lungs.
that_guy15: @lash16 you are a flower, who gives a shower if ham tastes yummy? your being useless so go kick the back fence
Prospector: hi all
tigermania: time for OSCAR THE GROUCH mony
tigermania: monty
Saint Dos: goddard in any trouble for that elbow on picken?
mattys123: Barry "the Spud" Hall, he's the saviour, yep.
tigermania: no
Salisbury: starting to click for the saints.
Salisbury: i can go watch something else now on tv lol. Saints for flag
oldshepp: You know you're done when Kosi marks on a strong lead
lash16: i dont have a back fence
tigermania: where is oscar
Prospector: Live chat very iffy for me tonight
mattys123: Saints can only play a half of football, second final in a row that has happened.
tigermania: colligwood still need to choke a bit in the GF for the saints to win
masterdead: yep place all yer chips for some old guy that has no consistency
Antony: Another icon off to the farm. I will miss you smiley face.
bennn17: Jarrod Grant is a sick looking man..
EastonGood: @antony soo true
Saint Dos: grant will have to have his own merlin icon next year
that_guy15: sorry prospector but we've had some real idiots tonight
Spudanator: roo lifted
lash16: why would you apologise?
tigermania: joey needs the bin
oldshepp: Callan Ward premium mid next year?
tigermania: prospector will get over it, you can;t stop children behaving like well children
Ablett29: Yeah a little wizards hat woudl do the trick Monty.
Antony: Since Gaz is off to the Gold Coast he should get a full time sun icon. Give Harbrow one for tonight as well, he is gone.
lash16: exactly tigermania!
tigermania: how much has joey junked it up in the 2nd half of the 3rd qtr
snowymcd: Go Dogs hope the uppires give them heaps of frees to win the game like last year
snowymcd: Saomts got looked after last prelim
tigermania: double digit junk for joey that qtr monty more like it
bennn17: I really hate collingwood but I just cant even give either of these teams a chance against them to be honest..
m0nty: The big winner today is Eric Bana.
tigermania: bulldogs had 0% chance of beating collingwood, i give the saints a 20% chance
spilly87: saints wil punish the colliewobbles.. they choke under pressure
tigermania: the saints didnt handle the bulldogs pressure too well in the 1st half
bennn17: wouldnt you call last night pressure?
oldshepp: Like last nights pressure spilly87
spilly87: pies played their best footy last night and next week they wont even come close to matching how they played
thesmasher: I'm at the gamme dogs need quick goals fast
tigermania: wheres oscar monty geez this game was over 10 minutes into the 3rd qtr
spilly87: saints did handle the pressure in the irst half, look at the score tigermania
spilly87: last night wasnt pressure, umpires favoured ies the whole game... and geelong played like retards
tigermania: watch the replay of the 1st half on fox spilly you idiot
BenW: nooooooooooooo bad 3rd qtr. go doggies
spilly87: no need, if they didnt handle the pressure then they wouldnt be infront now,they would have folded ...
spilly87: but who am i to comment im a rihmond supporter :))
tigermania: i was only referring to the 1st half, bulldog run and pressure evaporated at half time
bennn17: is the anyone that doesnt support collingwood that actually wants them to win the flag over saints??
oldshepp: say no more Spilly that says enough
Oscar: Bah! The fat lady just took out the trash.
spilly87: lol, DRAGONS FOR TH FLAG
Pettiger: Don't support Collingwood, but they deserve the flag this year.
Special_K: I dont barrack for the Pies, but hope they win.
lash16: all over red rover. what a shame doogy styles
spilly87: i wanted freo to win this yea, really i couldnt give an f who won...
cfc 1979: ROO mothballed
Antony: Come on m0nty, give Harbrow the sun. He is off like the Russian runner ... He's powerinovski
Spudanator: roo done for the night
happychapp: I am a very proud cats man. I hope. Pies don't win, but they will be mighty tough to beat
Spudanator: Harbrow on the plane to GC
td123: Loving GC backline Harbrow, Bock, Krakour and Brown
oldshepp: Dal Santo not right
mattys123: Pies will win by 32 in the ugliest Grand Final in years, the Saints will just flood all day.
big_col 12: its being reported ablett to gold coast
Antony: and Carmichael!
Jabbott: ur right oldshep, hope dal santo's good for grand final
Spudanator: yep sky news.. GABLETT signed up
Antony: and Karmichael!
oldshepp: same with Ball Jabbott
bennn17: and a Rischtelli Ablett D Swallow and Brennan midfield..
lash16: gaj 100% at gold coast. Sky news live
bennn17: everyone is going to forget about the brownlow and grand final.. it will all be about ablett and GC!!
big_col 12: it says that hes leaving for queensland in a few weeks
BHLowe: it's on the sky news website
lash16: hes there already apparently
bennn17: Giansiracusa quiet on the big stage once again..
Geoff: It says that he is believed to have signed with the Suns .. !!
lash16: gia good player but needed to step up
big_col 12: oh didnt know that
Kazakhstan: wooo
oldshepp: The odds are out - $1.43 Pies $2.85 Saints or thereabouts. Ridiculous. Should be much closer
bennn17: key word being 'beleived'..
lash16: woo big col woo wooooooooooo wooooooooo herogot
geelFTW: sky news qoute "gary ablett believed to be headed to the gold coast" hmm i do believe that BELIEVE is key there
bennn17: 5 players on the bench for saints haha! arrogance
Geoff: Exactly .. believed by whom ?
S_Coach99: there should be laws against making a whole article based on a belief from an unknown source...
travo: beleive/its my undersyanding is jurno talk for fact
crackhead: pies supporters are the most arrogant yet defensive people in the world.
Spudanator: saints benching there team onl McSpudQualter left
EastonGood: goal after siren
Steelers7: 80 goal season for bazza
lash16: flowering great cow
S_Coach99: I believe barry hall has signed up with maclaren next year
CaptCrawf: Nooo, that goal to bring it back to 24 just cost me $1800 in a multi. F...... me you f..heads St Kilda!
lash16: gaj gone to richmond. FACT
EastonGood: Great career brad johnson
R.Griffen: They could have said that ages ago Ablett belived he has singed with gold coast
bennn17: Brad Johnson was a DT legend.
oldshepp: Arrogant like restimg 5 players on the bench crackhead?
bubba: Beautiful Malthouse.x
bubba: here we come The mighty CFC..
StAnselm: Give Riewoldt the star
bubba: bradie played well
Samchez: Saints have it all wrapped up, '66 replay here we come! Goddard for brownlow too
aces-high: Baker in Eddy out next week i reckon
johngst: Thx Brad Legend...........