Chat Log: QF, St Kilda 12.11.83 d Geelong 11.13.79

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soak: hope its a good game tonight
Spudanator: Carn the Catters.. Time to step it up a notch
soak: quiet in here tonight
chadwick: Quite a few free seats
chadwick: Afl should play the national anthem before every game
Spudanator: time for the saints to spud it up!!
chadwick: Thank you channel 7 for FINALLY putting Friday night on live
Spudanator: not live in melbourne
chadwick: As it shouldn't be. Go to the game!
Prospector: Let's go - Finals DT via the exteam feature - can you beat me? ID is 15185
chadwick: Soft free to albeit. Very soft
Prospector: I'm 10 down already due to a Kelly vs Enright match up.
Prospector: My opponent has only 4 players different, 1 Kelly, where I have Enright
Prospector: 2 Mitchell where I have Cross
Prospector: 3 Jolly where I have Warnock
Prospector: and 4, Gia where I have Daisy. Who wins?
Prospector: Remember, only max of 3 players from each team in week 1 of finals!
Prospector: No salasry cap!
m0nty: anyone here?
Fury: St Failure in front!
Scotty1: Sleep in mOnty
SCMagic714: yeah im here
Prospector: Light up the stars, m0nty, pls.
wbulldogs: Monty please please do icons
Fury: Pity about finals DT
m0nty: I'm in Perth, might struggle to do icons from here :(
Benmybob: sanjiv
yogibbear: what ya doing in perth monty? we could hook up?
wbulldogs: Oh ok me and my friends do beta over who will get what icon :p
Benmybob: gg monty
Prospector: C'mon Enright. Get lost Kelly.
xscotsmanx: how is fanfooty gonna run with you at the game tomorrow M0nty! Not that im overly fussed cause ill be there too
wbulldogs: Bets
SCMagic714: game just starting on tv in melbourne! singing anthom
R.Griffen: in the riverland in South Australia tv tower has fallen down so can i have a live strem website
Prospector: Delays not working m0nty?
Fury: Lift, Montagna!
wbulldogs: Prospector do icons
da bosh ka: Far out St's ?
Benmybob: lol
cherries08: great hit on chappy
GoCrowz98: R.Griffen- Where abouts in the riverland?
wbulldogs: I miss dt :(
Fury: Why can't they just roll our normal DT into finals DT and give us unlimited trades?
Benmybob: monty!
wbulldogs: Chappy bandaid
R.Griffen: about 1:30hours form Mildura but about 3 hours from adelaide
da bosh ka: goddard u gun thing
cherries08: hayes should get +10 for that hit on chappy, great hip'n'shoulder
Benmybob: Chapman had a few early turnovers
Rilian: Chappy = AC joint, down in rooms at 1/4 time. Bandaid time!
NT.Thunder: Rillian = sky is falling sky is falling
longdong: how much will goddard be next yr? 500k+ in dt?
da bosh ka: y isn't the damn game live only on fox tell
Fury: Goddard will be $489, 100
Prospector: delay is good now m0nty, thx
cherries08: doesn't matter longdong, unless he is only mid, you have to have him
NT.Thunder: Hey R.Griffen, you playin tomoz...hope not u soft rooster
wbulldogs: Tags a bit down
wbulldogs: Monty can I be an admin like prospector :P
chadwick: No cape for voldt
longdong: yeah i know. just curious about his price thats all. thanks
Prospector: I'm onl;y trailing by 1 point at 1/4 time - good work Enright
wbulldogs: Put some flames and volt cape
crazyjim: i think next years DT?SC prices are what they finished on after round 22 this year
Prospector: I'm not admin, just mod, wbully.
Fury: You're crazy, jim - that's not right
wbulldogs: Haha then
DrewMartin: no crazyjim - Its season ave times the magic number
wbulldogs: Haha I just wanna do icons :L
anton111: were's supercoach scores
longdong: dont think thats right jim. would be this yrs avg and they have a formula to work out their price
Fury: Can you spud players, Prospector?
wbfc: ok the score are up now, but what about the blog?
crazyjim: alright alright! just what my mate has said... but then again the way they work out some of these scores who knows how
wbulldogs: Prospector can u do icons?
wbfc: this is not right! there is only 1 game tonight and its the finals, why is there no blog?!?!
Prospector: wbully, no I can't do icons
Prospector: No can spud
Rilian: Battle of 4 of the most inaccurate tall forwards, whoever converts the most from Moons, Hawk, Kosi & Roo wins it!
Prospector: I just mod forum posts in SC and DT sections
wbulldogs: That sucks icons are awesome
m0nty: I'm in Perth, can't do the full job from here unfortunately.
Prospector: St Nick on fire, thx for icons m0nty
Scotty1: A long way to go to watch the Hawks loose mOnty
wbulldogs: Ahh that's alright
david123: go the saints
wbulldogs: Who do you guys think will be good options next year? Otten, Petrie, Anthony ?
wbfc: if anthony can get a good pre-season then he will have a ripper of a year.
Staggs: if Trent Cotchin gets a big pre-season in he will be a very good pickup for next season.
wbfc: Cotchin's career is over, sorry to say :P
wbulldogs: Jack will be a star
wbulldogs: Foley?
Staggs: togh love him or hate him, Stephen Milne is a magician
Steelers7: tip rat
wbfc: cherry picker
da cooler: c'mon ablet yer my captain
wbfc: im so glad Griffen signed on for 2 more yrs
wbfc: DT and SC has no finals this year, how SH*T!!
da cooler: need blake and gilbert to lift
wbulldogs: Ditto wbfc jope harbrow does but looking doubtful
wbulldogs: Hope*
chadwick: Mitch Morton midfield time averaged 100
juz1978: That article in the Herald Sun about Selwood going MIAvin finals was on the money.
wbfc: we might strugle next year, possibly no johnno, hahn, eagleton, huddo... getting older
wbfc: struggle*
Staggs: Daniel Menzel looks a good prospect, maybe not next year but you never know, id say in 18-24 months he will be a gun
wbulldogs: Will gibbs and deleds be mop
wbulldogs: Mpp* stupid iPod
MarcMurphy: if anything, that's going to help your club wbfc
Fury: I hopes I can get Gibbs as a back.
wbulldogs: Yeah bulldogs flag window is closing although jones ward picken look like great players
wbfc: MM, i doubt it very much. we still have very young kids that wont peak until late next yr.
Fury: Kosi only scores points in the first quarter, then he does nothing the rest of the game
Fury: showerflowercow
MarcMurphy: you guys have had a good year, and barely played eagleton, hahn and johnno.
Prospector: Tiprat Milne is not allowed the cape
Staggs: Goddard is showing brownlow form tonight. looks really really good.
wbfc: Cats lose this week, and we lose this week to the collywobbles, it might be a repeat of last year for us :|
woodz84: matchups?
crazyjim: i love how people use finals games to pick brownlow winners
cherries08: Brad Scott is a classy media performer
Staggs: well hes had a great year as it, but i mean he is rising to the occasion and is there for the team when it counts.
david123: go the the flowering saints boys :)
chadwick: Mcevoy looks good around the ground for a ruck man.
Romacrow98: hmmmm boring half time
Bull8: Looks like Selwood and Enrights week off my cost them,, It Did ME!
yeah_nah: the saints flooding is such boring football
MarkPlow: game over?
Rommas: omg byrnes lift my week depends on you
Rilian: Ablett = bandaid. Hayes headbutted his knee.... free to Hayes apparently!
Prospector: Too early to start doubting the Cats
david123: yes game over . go the saints
Bull8: Cats will work back But can the Saints finsh them off??
cherries08: all over
Noneya_B: at the start of the year i said it would be a saints vs collywobbles GF i could be right
kbbr: the defense is just flowered... i swear every time saints go in 50 they score.
Hawkmad: suprised by saints come on sainters
Barlow: Game over
roosboy29: joel selwood is such a gun
Bull8: 12min mark the cats turn it on!!
Hawkmad: cant count out cats just yet but i hope saints win
stixy53: go saints,keep it going
kbbr: wtf so many turnovers
david123: Gary Ablett jnr ?
kbbr: here we come!!
david123: come on saints
BradyBunch: well done noneya_b, you are a super star
stixy53: go saints
cherries08: Who is this peake guy, on fire
wbfc: couple sore/injured cats, hopefully that stays that way for next week :|
Barlow: Guten Tag Ich heiße Barlow
eagles9294: is the game also frozen or just this site?
Steelers7: selwood u butcher
Rommas: definitely not picking up ablett next year
Turmoil: selwood is killing geelong, i dont think any of his touches have been effective
TW=spud: so FF died?
stixy53: whats going on with this
Prospector: Owen da sayits go marshman inn
Argento: has play stopped
D.Barwick: carn the cats
chadwick: Cats lifted
eagles9294: is it raining at the game yet?
Don Gibson: is game day live AFL site working for anyone? cant get radio feed
wbfc: the site got hacked into
Scotty1: Here come the catters
Prospector: Oi lordy wannooo beana nana, owen da say its cone marshman inn
D.Barwick: hello
myteamsuks: last score i got was 66 - 77
TW=spud: died again?
Argento: shower, power, flower, cower
sydwce: is there dt finals???
Scotty1: Prospector ur a dick
macca.barb: come on cats
Arky: 77-70 schneider just marked inside 50
chadwick: Milne been very good
McRooster: Schneider man - Schneider man BIG goal!! under pressure
Prospector: Game on
DrewMartin: cats 77 sainters 83
iceman: score is 77 to 83 saints up
WCE !: come on Saints !
Rated_RKO: 77 - 83 saints winning
chadwick: Saints need 1 more
macca.barb: how long to go any one
BlUeBoYs=1: wheres baker?
masterdead: go saints
myteamsuks: short qtr i reckon
cougars3: how long left ?
WCE !: saints WIN !!!!
WCE !: HA Ha free kick !!!!!
WCE !: drama`s !
Prospector: excitement yes?
WCE !: sorry i`m talking to much excited ! DONE
masterdead: Go Saints!!!
Prospector: Damn you Kelly, move it Enright
Prospector: Ophisleide?
McRooster: Cam Mooney was right!! Ump lost them the game
Prospector: Gazza very ordinary - watch out for him next game ...
Fury: Oh how I want to be at St Kilda when the umps gift us the gaaaaame...
kbbr: the afl is so rigged. flowering stupid.
azza707: that was a legit free kick
azza707: that was a legit free kick...
WCE !: that last goal had to kill the cats supporter`s ! Thought they won the game. oohh
hungryJack: Yes Riewoldt is my captain!
blueboyscj: stevic for spud?
da cooler: that was bullshower
bennyq: bulllllshower win
big_col 12: was at the game
wally2g: that exact free kick has been paid all year, stop whinging you girls
Roo rocks!: I was at the game