Chat Log: R22, Adelaide 9.11.65 d St Kilda 5.7.37

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Spudanator: need 180 from Goddard!
scottm3: who's gonna win this game with milney out?
Jabbott: cmon dal santo (c), goddard, hayes, riewoldt and davis!!
Blues4flag: X2 spudanator
SWANS 2010: need 100+ from tippett
Spudanator: ablett was supposed to rest this week not tair WCE a new one
david123: . Ablett, Gary (Capt) 352
J-Banger: wonder who radar will go to...NDS...hayes?
millsie69: Reilly will wana show Dal why the Crows took him instead
m-ry: who thinks saints over 15 point????
redgum: phew. Goddard, Hayes and NDS all playing. I had no cover for late withdrawals anymore thanks to Geelong.
J.Laycock: C'mon Goddard, Davis and Mcqualter!!!
sharpie: who;s reilly tagging?
absof_86: Give Joey the cape.
redgum: need Goddard (cpt) to score big. My opponents have swan or GAJ.
catfish: lets go montagna (c) chose u over swan n ablett also lets go goddard gilbert and riewoldt !!
cdrobert: go fish
tigermania: scmidt forward tag on gilbert
Bulldogs10: no one let reiwoldt get the ball!!
CFC 1979: if ever you were going to pull out a big one tippett now is the time ----NOW
Jet11: cmon lenny
thornz23: sloooow down joey my opp has u C
catfish: lets go joey lets go (c) gunning it so far dont slow down touch wood
thorgils: you owe me after last week fisher
Blues4flag: Someone stop Joey
CFC 1979: lets go roo
CFC 1979: go joey go
RoidRager: NDS = flame
thorgils: MOre god damn you Fish MORE
Rommas: is spud tippett the worst shot at goal anyone has ever seen
VegasMagic: m0nty is having a shocker with the lines again - wrong way around!
probably: brought in fisher for hodge, averages 115 against the crows. hell yeah
tigermania: schmidt forward tag on gilbert
CFC 1979: break a leg fisher
xumtinlong: hey m0nty thanks again for your efforts with FanFooty this year
cdrobert: go fish
happyjoe: wow slow down tippett, highest 1st quarter DT score this year
tigermania: tag fisher not gilbert neil craig you idiot
CFC 1979: super staurday - as one game finishes another begins
Jacka33: Yes i agree with xumtinlong, thank you very much Monty, should put out a feedback survey for all members to fill out
beerbandit: Dal breaking tag - wow
wbulldogs: give montagna star already and thompson gun :D
dman_85: goal roo !!
rustyc: Dangerfield... what a horrible, horrible let down this year
ben_benny: Yes douglas YES!!!
Bloods: cmon roo kick a bag today
J-Banger: this will be one of the worst teams crows will put up over the next few years, things looking good
catfish: lift gilbert got u for hodge this week i want 75+ from u
cdrobert: carn fish
m0nty: thanks for the kind words lads
thorgils: Crows will have plenty of money for the salary cap next year Goodwin, Mcleod, Edwards, Bock all gone
dman_85: monty ready to go into hibernation and dream of stats...
J-Banger: thorgils - yep but those old guys were only using 50% towards the cap. bock will free up lots so will knights if he goes
maxpowa: need a big 1 from saint nick since he is captain rather than yablett
thorgils: Ya reckons knights will go or is he just driving up the price?
J.Laycock: nick should get the muppet
J-Banger: knights is a vic so maybe. def upping the price but apparently he's looking at a few clubs
catfish: lift montagna lift
Spudanator: lift gilbert u sack of shetballs
tigermania: gilbert running off schmidt really well monty, forward tag more like it
Sando: mOnty u fat smurf!!!
steveholt6: Since Griffen is leaving- Hale+Pick to adelaide for KNights to N.M
J-Banger: radar is on monty apparently...not NDS (crows r tagging monty all day according to game plan)
J-Banger: steveholt6 - is that what u think? or u've heard it? ive heard knights looking at dons and tigers
Fenno: Adelaide won't pick up Hale. Nobody would want Hale
steveholt6: no i was just thinking it, would be good for both sides
Fenno: J-Banger I heard the same
JStapo21: not a bad call steveholt6
J-Banger: hope crows don't get josh fraser.... lazy mofo
Howdoyoudo: Every1 wants hales.
steveholt6: hale is a good ruckman, just played out of position seeing we don't need him as a ruckman
steveholt6: has rucked well in the vfl
commish: hale was a monty for gold coast until north signed him up
J-Banger: NM wont be able to give knights the money or benefits, u guys r broke as, right?
FBDonk: monty down is good but NEED Gilbert to lift!!!
Fenno: Adelaide will Just play McKernan in the ruck over Drafting Hale
Blues4flag: Loving montagna sc
ETMALVJACK: hw the hell is joey on 14
jozz: well done schmit uve kept gilbert to 4 and my opponent has him and i dont =]
Howdoyoudo: Carlton would love hale
BENNN17: Montagna SC?
beerbandit: 2 clangers and 50% eff for Joey
Esso: Just adore Nicky Dal. Will win me another GF!
m0nty: is that Doughty on Goddard and Jones on Douglas?
Esso: flame lenny
BigPat: your great esso
FBDonk: vilbert into the middle, u beaty
BigPat: johncock on fire
gypsymaurz: dangerfield attacks it so well, future cap.
J-Banger: gypsymaurz - that iiiis corrreeeect (takes off shirt)
Esso: adore lennytoo - will make me a premier again!! #56 in SC is OK I reckon
cdrobert: carn fish get involved
BigPat: shower ste
Brent7: hendo wtf lift
thornz23: fuuuucking stop please joey
tom_legend: stop handballing and kick goddard
Esso: sellar or riewoldt? LOL!!!
jazzaman65: thats right joey make up 4 sc
Esso: flame fisher
Khoa: someone get on bloody montagna
SupaSylvia: M0nty has gone AWOL on the flames...
Esso: love fisher - hands and heels from here!
Bulldogs10: montys getting the collywobblesss
Jimmy40: Finally Rutten does something, but the DT season ended for me 2 weeks ago...
thesmasher: hawks knoocked ove the wobblers
SupaSylvia: Ivan Maric, ON FIRE (23)!
jazzaman65: ivan maric is on fire but is half way down the list
gypsymaurz: koschintzke is a piece of shower, people trying to stand up for him, he is pathetic.
jazzaman65: and gardiner
L.Cossens: why is goddard handballing? :@ he is the best kick in the comp and he is handballing it
J-Banger: Jimmy40 - if u had rutten in ur team no wonder it ended 2 weeks ago haha sorry but true
cdrobert: go fishy
beerbandit: m0nty is busy - so what about flames
khunt=god: jimmy40 if ure relying on rutton to do things for u ure lucky it only ended 2 wks ago
Spudanator: something wrong with Goddards legs?
J-Banger: monty is busy smashing the frothies
strikes91: anyone else been raped by zeros this week ?
commish: becaue icons is all that gets most of these losers through the day
tigermania: monty excited about the hawks win, just gone for a minute to the knock the top off
dgdgdm: Keep going Monty!
Jimmy40: It's true J-Banger. My DT was beyond lousy this year.
Brent7: need 150 from goddard and 100 from hendo to be back on track
Esso: swan just 101 SC!!!! LOL
eagles9294: i have brown.watson.selwood.enright.hodge almost a bakers dozen of donuts
barlow=god: was tossing up between joey, swan and ablett for captain, what a waste of time XD
Jimmy40: Khunt = God, I traded him in, upon the advice of someone on here lol!!
L.Cossens: absolutely bent over by zero's
david-8: milne not playing i have him
Brak: i upgraded dangerfield to didak last week, would really like that 2 mins back..
commish: no zeros (yet) but ebert and strijk may as well have been in sc coming in for selwood and enright
will-15: come on saints
eagles9294: it's rnd 19 2009 all over again
will-15: keep going goddard
cdrobert: carn fish
catfish: goddard its called kicking you should try it some time
J-Banger: Tippett might be good for DT next year after he strengthens his left leg. then he will kick straight
cdrobert: someone tag dal
jiggsy01: qtf are u doing henderson ur losing my GF
will-15: i got knocked out in both dt and sc
Don Gibson: cmon gilbert - its the flowering GF
JonPlaka: how is riewoldt not dominating on davis?!?
david-8: im in my sc granny 5 players out
Solat: is it pouring with rain or just two shut down teams doing their jobs?
jake1994: i will be going in without didak and byrnes, but apart from the two doughnuts my score is looking ok
Brak: davis a good player, bock no real loss
TmBattler: random fireball for roo??
J-Banger: @JonPlaka - just seems really tight, pressure screwing up delivery etc. saints not dominating play
TmBattler: sunny day solat
Brak: maric wont ton up, roo might
Spudanator: go Gilbert Junk it already
marshie88: flowering hell tippet get some more of the pill
jiggsy01: henderson u flowering SPUD
jimshoes: breaking news: fat man arrested running naked down street with only hawthorn scarf on
L.Cossens: OMG goddard kicked it!!!
cdrobert: get in it fish flower ya
marshie88: how could you be junking at this stage of the game?
J-Banger: haha at jimshoes
tigermania: what a game floodathon
Esso: getting a stiffy about stiffy!!
commish: its not like it was a final at the mcg today
Spudanator: @marshie88 Gilbert only racks it up when hes junking ;)
Don Gibson: far from junk time spudanator
david-8: come on tippett gwilt and armitage
will-15: kosi's crap
BoredSaint: riewoldt is on fire
J-Banger: stiffy would deserve to be all aus this year if he hadnt missed 7 games
Thunder: It's actually a very good game to watch good hard contested footy
gypsymaurz: happy with jaensch's game so far.
Ablett29: How good was captain Ablett today?
Brak: not best captain choice but very happy still with ablett
Spudanator: FFS Goddard kick the fken pill u turd
Kazakhstan: lol @ roo
myfevola: flower me kurt tippett
Doc_Buso: kosi sucks a dick
catfish: riewoldt lift lift lift lift lift !! i need 75 + from u n gilbert need 90+
commish: i gave ablett a spray at 1/4 time - seems to have done the trick
JonPlaka: went roo over swan/ablett or boyd as skipper. Thinking roo against davis and roo would have a day out, thought wrong :|
beerbandit: dont worry Gaz was 13 at qtr time.
mbarlow: really need joeys sc to lift this half
cougars3: NDS + God + Gilbert + Saint Nick = 420???
asmodean: 3.4 to 3.3? digusting
cdrobert: carn fish
CoopPower: Worst game of footy for the year. This is horrible to watch. The saints turning this into a shocking spectacle.
Gerco: Thanks Fisher; 52 last week cost me my PF and now you decide to score properly this week!
rustyc: Dangerfraught is the most over-hyped AFL player for 2010. NOT ONE stand-out game this year!!
siklan: lol gilbert up to 45. what a round should win sc at this rate
Fenno: rustyc your joking right?
Esso: JonPlaka - bad bad bad move. Ablett was a monty for capt this week
gypsymaurz: cooppower - yur a tool, this is a hard game which is the best to watch, far better than port.
rustyc: @Fenno: Nein
JonPlaka: i couldnt trust gaz, even against west coast, lol
JonPlaka: shouldve just gone swanny
SupaSylvia: Reckon Cuz will play tomorrow?
Esso: Cuz is a definite. Can't wait! Wat a legend
SupaSylvia: I hope so. He's worked so hard this year, now he can just sit back and anhielate and launch into some gear.
marshie88: nice, tippet will get me 4 points the way hes going
Fenno: rustyc go watch a game of footy on not just the scores. Im no adelaide supporter but what Dangerfield does is brilliant.
bevo106: day 3 is better than day 2 and day 4 is better than day 3
david-8: low scores
Doc_Buso: Cousins will be dead within 5 years
SupaSylvia: Most of us don't have the money to get to day 3, let alone day 4!
J-Banger: on mad monday cuz will be like jack black in tropic thunder when he finds the coke factory
jazzaman65: y so many minuses
J-Banger: bevo106 - y is ur name bevo?
CoopPower: zzzzzzzzzzz
Esso: Maybe we should have picked Skipworth instead Doc? LOL
CLR77: doc_buso you are a tool
SupaSylvia: Cuz wont have a mad monday, he'll have a mad September instead.
Jimmy40: Rutten has been on 44 since the 3 minute mark of Q2.
JonPlaka: would love roo to put the cape on for the rest of the game
boof12: come on danger field
Spudanator: FFS Goddard kick the fken pill u turd
barlow=god: Walker!!
Spudanator: Joey turnover and costs them a goal
mattd212: cousins wont have a mad monay he will have a mad life
Doc_Buso: Skipworth yeash... more like skip him he aint worth it
jiggsy01: Ricky henderson = WORST REPLACEMENT FOR HODGE
Doc_Buso: go clean ur room CLR77
giaco: correct clr77
Brak: flame it up Fisher
JAKO: Mad Monday . .Oh no no no .. .. ..Mad Month
jiggsy01: goood as henderson 12 is awesome
TmBattler: no jiggsy01 - worst replacement for hodge was enright.....
Brak: Johncock BOG
Doc_Buso: Henderson usually plays alright... cant always have great games
cdrobert: cmon fish
Davo75: X for Graham Johncock, he is an absolte gun and should be named All Australian this year!
CLR77: just talk about the game knob jockey and keep your immature opinions about cousins to yourself.
Sevathius: shut up jiggsy, hendersons better than you would ever be
J-Banger: davo75 stiffy has missed 7 games..otherwise i'd agree!!!
Davo75: Sorry 'Absolute'
Davo75: Still an All Australian year I reckon, and a reward for yet another consistent year!
Catas: Doc Henderson has had two good scores for the year. the only saver was his price
MarcMurphy: henderson's had a great first year you twat
Sevathius: scott thompson what a spud
Sevathius: adelaide are flowering shower
Spudanator: kozshizzen turd goals
J-Banger: can someone get all aus even if theyve missed 1/3 of the year?
barlow=god: Johncock rolled ankle
burner09: Johncock copped a love tap last week for which he deserved, Brown got a week coz Johncocks indigenous
Sevathius: haha johncock hasnt got one
cdrobert: whose fish playing on?
SupaSylvia: Sorry, but i just can't see any crows players getting an All australian jumper this year.
Doc_Buso: sorry mr sensitive, need a kleenex.... wouldnt be the only one thinking he's probably going to head back to his ways
Brak: Roo All Australian?
Sevathius: hey guys, how many abo's does it take to screw in a light bulb?
redgum: ban for Sevathius?!
Davo75: Burner, that is just a dumb comment!
A fitz: maybe his cousin not nick
Khoa: get lost montagna
godons23: burner09 that was so dumb it wasnt even offensive
alfredwong: shut up sevathius and enjoy your wooden spoon
redgum: and Burner09
CLR77: no worries f#ckhead
J-Banger: sevathius...r u actually waiting for us to guess?
burner09: davo75, Why?, everyone knows franklins had 3 strikes due to drugs and hes still playin coz of his colour
Jimmy40: keep the racist stuff out of here Sevathius..
Esso: johncock on?
commish: hang on it might be funny
Brak: Sevathius fell in a tub of tits and came out sucking his thumb..
J-Banger: burner09 i didnt know that.. is that cos i live in sydney and we dont get much footy?
JonPlaka: do something riewoldt!!!!
port2010: stiffys a alcho
Tats19-: Sevathis = ban
godons23: racism = fear=cowards
myteamsuks: yeah the doco to me said his "only motivation" to get off drugs to play footy, now it is over? what motivation is there
burner09: racial discrimination doesnt come into it with the afl if they ban a white player like they did cousins
Davo75: another stupid comment!
giaco: he hasnt said anything racist yet u bleeding hearts
m0nty: Righto then, back on this game please.
burner09: Imagine he turmoil if they banned franklin, double standards, stop bein so naive and ignorant ppl]
TheoX: hes going into business teamsucks
Jimmy40: Anyone think the Saints will go out in straight sets?
SWANS 2010: cmon sainters
SupaSylvia: Matty Stokes got charged with dealing pretty much...just got a club sanction.
Esso: saints asleep
CoopPower: Crows will win this. There is only one team trying to win, the other team is playing some shower footy.
Spudanator: Gilbert hasnt even touched it yet this 1/4 ffs
myteamsuks: theox, but going into business means nothing, he can still do drugs, you dont get tested there
tigermania: do something nicole
Fenno: no jimmy40 but I think the dogs may
Brak: finals footy is the best, i'm so looking forward to some good games
SupaSylvia: Michael Johnson got caught and charged for beng in posession...again, just a club sanction.
TheoX: at least hes not gonna be a bum on a surfing trip like when he got deregistered for a year
myteamsuks: thats just what i read from doco,
SupaSylvia: Cuz was never charged or convicted of anything....and yet 12 month AFL suspension?
burner09: supasylvia hit the nail on the head there
Jimmy40: Maybe Fenno... We'll see how they look tonight.
Jet11: Bullies=straight sets
mjbt: The Saints could go out in straight sets. They could not have a tougher draw - Geelong then probably Hawks
giaco: correct sylvia. michael johnson was arrested with coke in his pocket. a million clowns have got strikes. its all a load
cdrobert: get some cow on dal
CoopPower: WoW! The saints actually had 3 long kicks in that passage of play! Who wouldve thought attacking without handballs works
TheoX: yep dimitriou's a flowerwit of the highest order
JonPlaka: bullies are a huge chance. Essendon will play them into form
Jet11: Cuz brought the game into disrepute - that was why he was banned
TmBattler: move it NDS
myteamsuks: wow, hendo went off 12
Brak: I would like to see Freo at least make a prelim
itsduftime: roo post again
roosboy29: gilbert you cow touch the flowering ball
burner09: If i punch someone in the mouth i get locked up, my indigenous mate does it he gets picked up by thier local elder and t
myteamsuks: goddard killing it now
CFC 1979: mOnty - 2 swans out but rohan is playing
commish: freo saints dogs straight out awesome
roosboy29: flower you brendan goddard
Monaco: No thanks BRAK
burner09: fev bought the game into disrepute as have many others too yt no bans !!!
redgum: ban Burner09 for talking nonsense
Brak: who is out monty
Brak: please let it be ROk
JAKO: I reckon at 3 qtr time the saints will change their game plan to kick long & attack, win by 5
tigermania: gilbert can't find the pill when he's picking splinters out his ass on the bench
mattd212: stop saying flowering racist shower ill get ma mates onto ya
redgum: it's nothing to do with the footy
leovo21: Keep it up goddard!!! Cmon riewoldt
CFC 1979: hannaberry + kennelly
giaco: of tripe. Afl has double standards and they are a bunch of moralising heros. u would think fat demetriou was perfect
itsduftime: kennelly and hannerbry out
SupaSylvia: Kenelly and Hanneberry out.
cherries08: Fish off, may be hamstring
leovo21: Hannebury is gun, rising star
giaco: the way he bangs on
thorgils: Career over for stiffy?
IfYouSaySo: Gram surely flame on, flame off Reilly?
Davo75: Don't think so thorglis!
eagles9294: now i have 6 out, anybody else wanna pull outlast minute.......For flowers Sake
redgum: c'mon Saints! kick clear and junk it up!
gards: @ thorgils - no way, why would you say that?
itsduftime: symes got a knee in the head. bleeding
L.Cossens: i hate it when the finals are all sewn up you get all these bullshower withdrawls
cherries08: Stiff would have been 3 time AA if he lived in Vic. Got years left
masterhc2: flower lift reiwoldt
redgum: kennelly out makes me :). My opponents have him. I don't!
Brak: i have Hams 75 on bench so kennelly out is good
Esso: upset when stiffy inj. doing cartwheels when kennelly out!!! Gold
Arky: Haven;t heard any of this game; is the weather bad, or is it just an ultra-flooding special?
Jacka33: I could get highest SC score of the round, coz im one of the few who hasn't had any of the late withdrawal players
Shazzman: *does the happy dance* woooooooohhhhhhooooooooooo
eagles9294: never doin this SC and DT again, smash it all year make the granny in 3 leagues then cop this
Jacka33: What was Gilberts halftime DT score?
gards: my team has been decimated by injury, suspension and late withdrawls... FMDT!
redgum: how are you tracking Jacka?
SupaSylvia: Gilbert's half time DT was 40 I think.
masterhc2: flame armitage?
CFC 1979: good news in dogs v bombers as selected
Arky: I had an emergency for hodge and a trade for pods, and haven't been hit with a late withdrawal yet...
joshuaba: round 22 sux! I have brown, watson, hodge, selwood and enright ALL out!!! FFS!!!
Jacka33: 837 points with 7 players played, got goddard montagna riewoldt and gilbert from this game, no captain played yet
Tats19-: Have the top three flames in each team in my team :) god (c)
Arky: on the other hand, half my SC team is a donut :)
Arky: oh yeah, enright, but I had strijk for him
Dovey2: @Jacka whos your capt?
Esso: cross for fisher
JAKO: Two shut down sides, doin' their thing, look out for a change in tactic's at 3 qtr time.
boof12: dangerfield dam u
itsduftime: fisher prob wont be back. cant see them risking it
redgum: I'm 1396 from 13 (which includes a 0 from Selwood). Cpt Goddard, Roo, Gilbert, Hayes, NDS in this game.
joshuaba: strijk was crap!
JonPlaka: byrnes out, ellard emergency :D
Jacka33: i thought i'd take a punt coz im only playing for the $1000 now, so i put brent harvey as (C) coz they play Melbourne
nickijaz: whats going on? harden up sainters cmon
TmBattler: really over all these injuries and late withdrawals...
tigermania: will nicole choke shooting for goal after the siren
CFC 1979: nice round to get the yips roo
Catas: nothing to say
popejamesh: kenelly enright hodge watson cooney brown pods FMSC
tigermania: yes!!!!!!
wixy: tipped the crows by 11, looking good!
tigermania: out on full lol
jmacks: r u serious rooey
Monaco: @joshuaba, i would take 63 from an EMG. any dy of the week
david-8: come on goddard
Brak: Kennelly, Hodge, Cooney, Didak & Brown out for 2 donuts after my limited cover plays
TmBattler: hodge, cooney, mumford, enright, selwood, carazzo, fisher....going well....
Ryderrr: Collingwood and Saints falling over themselves, Dogs a mess. Give the Cats the cup already
bert1: that cant be the score god dam low
mattd212: hodge, cooney, watson, pods, j hunt, selwood, kennely, hannerberry, milne,
wixy: give the hawks the cup dont you mean?
Catas: AFL idiot coaches should stop interferring with the real footy as coached by us, without asking permission first
eagles9294: hawks have it this year all sewn up
SWANS 2010: y isnt my name purple. i won png in the geelong game ??
myteamsuks: i had pods, hodge birchall cooney didak and selwood out, but i got backups for all, thats what a good team is about
masterhc2: how bout those hawks? :) Need swans to lose tonight at the G
masterhc2: Gabba
DaRon: go joey
Jimmy40: that's right Catas
Spudanator: Goddard kick the fken winning goal and give me some reason not to want to smash u
itsduftime: fisher in trackpants. gone for the day
Pendlez10: It's still august guys
Stingers: @SWANS2010 I cant select the purple name game score coz i dont no how, so can u tell me how to select the score please
masterhc2: @pendlez, wrong time of year to start losing
JAKO: But I thought your team suks
masterhc2: @stingers its only in half time
wixy: hands up who is happy they followed the mob and picked ablett as captain
FBDonk: 4 donuts this week. 3 backline out with webberly/silvagni not covering
JarodTiger: Sleeping Cats about to awake and will no doubt eat Magpie and Saints alive
SWANS 2010: @stingers at half time click on the purple link then go to the bottom and it will say pick
Esso: ablett staying at geelong - announcement this week. 3AW
leovo21: I had gaj and m happy. What did swan get?
Brak: i
Jet11: yep home the swans lose tonight
J-Banger: on 5AA they said theyve heard GAJ has or will this week tell cats he is staying with them
JarodTiger: @wixy.. my hands up.. was a no brainer to have Ablett (C)
JAKO: Strong rumor from footy park (on adelaide radio) gazz Ablett has met with frank Costa & said he is staying at Geelong
Spudanator: Cant wait for september axion to begin!!
catfish: gilbert lift giblert LIFT riewoldt lift montagna need 110 from u goddard 11
Stingers: ok thanks swans2010
JarodTiger: So glad i put Tippett on the bench this week
giaco: with freaks like zac dawson in their best 22 the saints are kidding themselves. not to mention mcqualter
HughJass: the geelong news is that there will be a major announcement at 7pm
Ablett29: Please be on the money with Gazza
sanchez: lift riewoldt!
eagles9294: douglas a good pick for next season?
jiggsy01: henderson u may as well have not played mate, flowerING TERRIBLE
commish: throw in geary as well
JarodTiger: Be the perfect unificating spark for the finals for them if he is staying...
dxlr8: will all the tools that wrote freo off after last week please stand up....
dgdgdm: News is that Gablett will sign a 5yr contract with the Cats before the end of the day.
Jet11: who are GC going to pick up then? Most big stars are re signing!
gypsymaurz: unlucky riewoldt yu greatlord.
JarodTiger: Crows and Collingwood seriously need to enrol in the Peter McKenna school of goalkicking... woeful
SupaSylvia: Major announcement will be that Menzel will make way for Maxy Rooke in the final series.
Daniel_79: c'mon saints, finish the crows off.
SWANS 2010: saints are gone
CFC 1979: gold coast - who cares
Ryderrr: Didn't Geelong deny any news of an announcement tonight?
masterhc2: reiwoldt LIFT, good joey, goddard
eagles9294: geelong news is bullshower they said major announcement after the game, then nuthin happened, so they said oh at 7pm now
SupaSylvia: @dxlr8, I'm stading up.. .. ..andI'm standing by it.. .. .. I've still got them written off for mine.
eagles9294: then they got an official on radio he said nothing happening
JarodTiger: Jarred Brennan, Shaun Grigg, Bachar Houli, Tarkyn Lockyer, Jarrod Harbrow and maybe Campbell Brown to join GC
TheoX: Yep they denied it so did Liam Pickering
BHLowe: the problem is for fremantle i cant see them beating a top 4 team in Melbourne.
Moondog21: I told all u fools 4 weeks ago that gaz was going to announce just before finals. My brother is mates with Nathan on the
CFC 1979: liam pickering = fool
BHLowe: But i thnk Fremantle has been the story of the year and i hope they do well
VegasMagic: flower i dropped the ball - traded hodge for gilbert, thought about milburn
JonPlaka: rischitelli to GC as well?
JarodTiger: they need the Bushranger Rooke... a tough nut utility who puts frear into defences
JAKO: I hope barlow is in front of the brownlow count, at round 14
TheoX: this must be a shower game to watch
JarodTiger: @jon... Rishi is a Keilor boy and his parents want him home = the BOMBERS who have the coin
Jacka33: lol -7 to Gram
Jet11: no one expected us to make the 8 in the first place
TheoX: they cant have risc and brennan for fre
JonPlaka: we'll take him at essendon then
Guaza: In GF my outs this week- Enright,Hodge,Selwood,Hunt,Pods,Cooney,Watson,J Brown. Oh dear.
TheoX: Rischi cant kick for shower anywho
CFC 1979: lenny hayes you gun
JarodTiger: @jon ... yeah and with SPike going another 2 years they'll be trying to swap Stanton for J.McVeigh
UpDog: Need gram/gilbert junk!
JonPlaka: cause watson and stanton are the best kicks in the comp??
austhump: Abblet brought a house in gc this year,apparently deal was done mid year, a friend of mine is married to the coach of so
gards: jesus, how did lenny go from 83 to 101 in 30 seconds
BHLowe: @jet11 yea u'll be really good in 2 or 3 years
HotTiges: splendid job dirty phil... you are my hodge this week
david-8: go saints
marshie88: cmon tippet kick a few more mate!
CoopPower: I dont think StKilda are actually trying to win or want to . This is terrible footy.
JonPlaka: yeah, but id rather stanton over j.mcveigh
austhump: southport, and they are sating deal is done
JonPlaka: ablett also bought another house in melbourne
HotTiges: Symes not coming back on.. still in rooms
Jet11: rumours schrumours
arshavin: just signed in, how much DT was tippett on at 3/4 time? just wanna know where abouts his SC will be
tigermania: game over st kilda dont care
masterhc2: saints and pies losing at the wrong time of the year. Really open finals series this one
CFC 1979: geelong have shored him up with huge property deal. makes more $
Guaza: @ austhump absolute bs
buddyluvsu: who are you guys real estate agents!!!
jiggsy01: henderson spastic
Saint Dos: y wouldn't u buy a holiday house at gc if you could
giaco: my mail said he bought one in london. hes lining up for chealsea next swing....
JarodTiger: LOL at Kosi... how the heck did he get a new deal... Stanley is better prospect
will-15: saints r doing crap
austhump: @guaza, fair enough mate, just saying what ive been told
DaRon: @ Saint Dos - u haven't been to gold coast, its a showerhole
CoopPower: This is a farce. StKilda are actually not trying? Their strategy is appalling and making the crows look good
jasnos1234: dawson out , WIN WIN WIN, dawson in.......
subterfuge: someone give the cats the premiership already.
Saint Dos: not if u got cash to splash around
gards: no one cares what u have to say cooppower
gypsymaurz: cooppower stop talking shower yu donkey
Guaza: @ austhump fair call mate but he is staying
will-15: whats happening saints
JarodTiger: maybe Frank's offered him a job as spokesperson for the Costa Group a la Juddy's 300k "job" at VISY
ausgroover: c'mon roo
Grazz: coopPower what like collingwood did last week you tool.
WhiteTiger: @jiggsy01: eating your own?
will-15: come on saints dont lose to crows
austhump: @ guaz... thinks it would be better if he does stay... flower the gc
CoopPower: Game has been over for ages. The Saints game plan is horrible. This been one of the worst games of the year to watch
roosboy29: cmon gilbert mate, you junk loving slut
Davo75: Adelaide are clearly the best team outside the 8!
tigermania: junk time
JarodTiger: Ball game looks over folks
CFC 1979: well done dohertys. and at last tipprat
J-Banger: crowscrowscrowscrowscrowscrowscrowscrows
Jet11: saints and bullies out in straight sets
gypsymaurz: coopower i think port vs saints a few weeks ago was a little bit worse yu wonka
CoopPower: Hope the crows kick another 3-4 the Saints are a joke and deserve to get hammered for this crap
Jimmy40: anyone tip the crows here? I didn't..
m0nty: Looks like the Crows will finish ahead of Port.
subterfuge: no milne no saints :P
TheoX: who had tipp on bench?
stooky: saints will get up
JAKO: Red Cross for Symes ???
Grazz: coopPower you blokes against Richmond was the worst game for the year. Can u say 1 sensible thing today or go to bed
CoopPower: @gypsy I'm pretty sure that Hawthorn V Freo was worse ya kn00b
JAKO: Port Still to play yet mOnty
mbarlow: flower joey lift ffs
Monaco: Ihate UNDEFINED!!!!!!
JAKO: I tipped the Crows
myfevola: reiwolt ur nothin like ur cousin jack
jmacks: how long left?
JarodTiger: me..... cos i got Sandilands back and he scored a lazy 110 i think
gypsymaurz: im not the one that said this is the worst game yu cockbreath
J-Banger: @stooky - they dont care now, they have bigger & better things to do
TheoX: whos other ruck not cox i hope he got 50 odd
premiers06: cmon roo lift ur team across the line
scottm3: i flowering hate the saints! cost me some handy prizes! useless p rics!
Jet11: saints are not interested
JarodTiger: your man Jamar Theo X
lionspro: Cockbreathe? Even the new swear words here are a fail
ambler24: go goddard
stooky: get fkd jbanger u muppet dog rat assole c.u.nn.t
Grazz: But there was a reason ,what was powers excuse.
myfevola: i tipped adelaide and hawks
CoopPower: Na this game has been heaps exciting, I luv watchin the ball go back and sideways for 75% of the game.
DA BOSH KA: Crowz win yessssssssssssssssssss
J-Banger: hahaha stooky relax u feral
JonPlaka: i got h-mac
juz1978: The Saints are flowering ordinary.
JonPlaka: flower you riewoldt you plow. Learn how to kick
leovo21: Gwilt for trash can.....
JarodTiger: Lyon is a useless coach.. praying Knights get the sack on Tuesday
commish: cockbreath = gold
Ablett29: Monty handing out a few bans? Grow up kiddies
eagles9294: it dont matter, in same position myself, my team was unbeaten all year played bottom side last round, we had a draw
itsduftime: cooppower if you don't like it why the flower are you watching it. go have a wank or something
Grazz: CoopPower i said it not Gypsy you tool. Yuor outa control mate. I bet your 15 years old.
eagles9294: still went on to win the flag though, 2000 wot a great season
gypsymaurz: good for yu cooppower i also like watching port getting flogged a winless richmond
knackerbag: stooky stop lactating u lil bitch
Stingers: lol Ablett29
Hazza09: Gilbert cant handle a tag!!
JarodTiger: Monty banned my bro for a one line soccer rant and he still banned despite constant e/mails
DA BOSH KA: Gilbert u cost me final u dudd
Saint Dos: if stk aren't going to play properly why not play a few players like Stanley incase of injuries
J-Banger: great win for goody, birdman, hentschel and mcleod! makes their lap of honour a lot better
Hazza09: Thanks Gilbert, you have cost me big time!!
leovo21: He goes for port, he's a downy
LilRoost12: flower yeah
tigermania: so you should get a permanent ban for talking soccer on here
gobbies: ablett29 clean ya knobb its brown from being in montys ass
Stingers: stookey has been banned...
LaHug: st kilda don't deserve a premiership
JarodTiger: Stanley has great potential but they persist with justin "I play 4 great games a season rest are ordinary" Kositschke
catfish: leigh montagna 10 more come come on and goddard n giblert n riewoldt lift boys
J-Banger: my mate coaches rugby under14s. they played port today. guess what happened. match stopped at half time from violence..
DA BOSH KA: damn i chose carlton they cost me 4/4
Realist: 2 more kicks or a mark and kick for Monty please
tigermania: st kilda would have forfeited if they were allowed, they couldn't give a s.hit
Hazza09: Wont go near Gilbert again, worst trade when Goose went down!
knackerbag: powera gobbies
DA BOSH KA: Gods u gun
DA BOSH KA: suck saints
catfish: nice m0nty =]
Stingers: gobbies shut ya mouth i think somthing stuck in there...
GoLions: lol nice m0nty
jmacks: whats up witht he bins we arent junking it??
VanR88: Good call the whole side junk :)
DA BOSH KA: Ha nice one Monty all saints junk time
CoopPower: I cant remember the last time I saw a side that was only just behind in the last quarter, just not try to attack.
CFC 1979: blow the siren.crap game
gobbies: good job
Pettrefied: Same here Hazza09, i could have got Goddard but went for Gilbert, its killed me big time
juz1978: What no crabs this time?
DaRon: cats will flog these spuds next week
yomofo: thats just fcks up my coinflips for png
Fury: Cool bins, but spuds would be better.
Saint Dos: may as well play kosi as a backup ruckman and stanley up fwd. at least he can catch.
jmacks: siren and the worst game we have played all year
Jimmy40: Fisher a junk bin, without even playing? Awesome effort!
jamin2813: cmon riewoldt, you owe me at least one goal for keeping you all throughout your injury
itsduftime: shortest 1/4 i've ever seen
stk4prem: self preservation.....
J-Banger: we're the pride of south australia
wbulldogs: monty give thompson the gun please
eagles9294: gilbert was good first half of season calm down fools
jasnos1234: how is it junk time if saints are loosing, grow a flowering brain monty you clown
subterfuge: JDustbin Koshiztdisposal
DA BOSH KA: if anyone team is supposed to be junking it it should be adelaide
yogibbear: how the hell are st kilda losing???
Hazza09: Spuds for all of them!
leovo21: Someone tell me what the waits are doing?? Are they just chipping it round?
Grazz: Central United knocked off Adelaide Uni today to go straight to the Grandy well done lads. Sorry m0nty.
Bunta: crows too good
JarodTiger: So who plays on Stokes, Byrnes, Varcoe and Stevie J next week? Dawson on Mooney obv
giaco: do u think thommo might be left footed?? good footballer
HotTiges: jasnos - saints were playing for final siren aand next week... was a good call monty
insano: hayes gun kozie x factor
itsduftime: reckon davis could get 100+ sc
aces-high: tippett set for 60+ last qtr sc i reckon:)
Bunta: Bins on right side of page
Daniel_79: ffs St kilda, now we have hear about how good adelaide where for the next 6 months!
jmacks: do those bins count for coinflips???
JarodTiger: Cats did the same thing today.. last 15 minutes were super junk
LaHug: get the bin off gram! he was on 74 at 3 qtr time and hardly got much in late in the 4th
insano: kozie cant catch and gave adelaide win thriugh lack of points
riches: crowa should of made the finals
Grazz: This will be good for the boys going round in the parade thanks Simon, Andrew, Brett and Trent. Well done Crows.
riches: crows should of made the finals
JarodTiger: Tippett was 14 at 3/4 80 i reckon
J-Banger: kudos to st kilda for staying on the ground to show their respect for the retiring crows
JarodTiger: 63... stil la good decision to leave him out.. Jamar wil lget 70-110
Hazza09: how the hell did Fisher score in that Qtr?
HotTiges: handy 80 odd dirty phil
JarodTiger: perhaps you get points for putting tracksuit on all by yourself HAzza
itsduftime: not bad sc from gilbert and fisher considering
wbulldogs: bin dal santo please monty
jmacks: @wbulldogs dal played well all game mate
FBDonk: Gilbert SC. not too bad :)
Jabbott: dal deserves the gun