Chat Log: R12, Geelong 13.16.94 d Fremantle 11.9.75

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bombermann: ohh yeah and CLANCEE PEARCE
Prospector: my turn to be purple soon
Eagle: hey anyone know when this starts?
m0nty: 15 minutes away.
Eagle: thanks monty
Prospector: Cats on ground
Prospector: Dogs on mats
Prospector: Tinnys cold
Prospector: TV coverage? No-one home!
limp: Ablett(c) to beat Mundy + Haselby + 15 pts. Do u think Ablett can do it easily?
Prospector: @limp - B4 or after doubling?
Prospector: ... and DT or SC?
m0nty: even contest limp, but you should be right
redwallis: Gaz to score 150+
limp: Prospector, DT score. After doubling.
Realist: Massive game for me: Ablett (C), Corey, Selwood, Stevie J, Pavlich & Broughton.
redwallis: Mundy + Hase + 15 = 215 max... Ablett should score at least 110 so you should be right limpy
Prospector: Should be easy limp.
4.Gibbs: pink pig tagging hase
Prospector: sandi the tap
limp: redwallis, Monty. Thank guys for giving the support.
TheoX: lift ablett
redwallis: lol broughton
footycool: Bartel (c), JSelwood,Mundy,Hill
qqaaxx: enright
redwallis: umpires obviously set to let a bit go in this game
Giants: thats it ibbotsen. tag chappy out of this game. Lets go Selwood!
jamzee123: good start, bartel, pav, sandi, mundy enright and selwood
essendon33: lets go pav and corey
haza123: need more than 380 from bartel hill stevie j pav n mackie
buggler: wooo ablett on 0, enright on 16 :)
redwallis: byron shanker.... schammer time
Buck Naked: bartel is playing on pav
commers: i need gabblet to get me 282 as captain in sc wat do you think
Fairley: i can't believe it.. i needed pavlich and mackie to single handedly win me elimator.. and mackie is tagging pav!
jamzee123: is michael walters a fwd :S
corneskip: come on schammer
qqaaxx: corey
footycool: Go Bartel the gun!
limp: cmon Ablett!!!
MarksMen: Go Enright and Corey !!!
jamzee123: plz be a high scoring game cuz i have 6 player :D
lozisleg: go pav gaj mundy and chapman
essendon33: need pav and corey to outscore scarlett + 103 wat u guys rekon, in SC?????
Keza41: need 210 from enright and selwood! =]
bigsach: why isnt afl vision workin
lolitsgaz: wtf enright
daniel_4tw: me: Selwood, Bartel and Suban vs him: Enright, Hasleby and Hill. Who wins?
Quadcore: That a boy enright
Prospector: @commers - maybe, weird can happen - its a funny old game
TheoX: wtf ablett?
cam022: go broughton what a gun first year player!!!!
qqaaxx: get selwood in
Drew04: switch on Ablett
DLab: power off enright!
cyrilrioli: go A(c)BC, Selwood, Chappy, SJ, Mackie, Pav and Broughton
jasondevo: cmon bartel...
Prospector: most asks seem a fair chance
skystyler: c'mon Dockers. Put these chances away.
MarksMen: Cmon Freo, so many ppl will be knocked out of last man standin if u win !!!
WCErCHEATS: freo on fire ,double geelongs score!!lol
footycool: selwood warming the pine
lozisleg: go gazza
qqaaxx: geelong is not on
TheoX: GAJ having a breather fwd? hes done sweet FA!
essendon33: lets go corey, need u to smash scarlett
lozisleg: daniel4tw i think u will win
Giants: come on selwood get into it lol
mitch222: cmon duffield
footycool: nice Hill
redwallis: lol sandi
jamzee123: sandi!
qqaaxx: sandilands!!!!!!
jasondevo: thats it stevie
daniel_4tw: cheers lozisleg, enright is scaring me a bit at the moment...
footycool: Bartel, GO!
Bryce08: why the heck has selwood been on the pine for 8 mins
cody: any have a live stream for this? cant find it on banme.Iamaflog
Prospector: sandi first goal
dids: cmon sanidlands, got money on you to beat jolly
Fairley: go sandi you bloody legend!
qqaaxx: selwood is on
the_don: im on 2200 with pavlich ablett ling duffield and enright as captain to play
footycool: Selwood on! lets go gun
jasondevo: www. atdhe. net for live streaming
WCErCHEATS: cody fox1
Davids: bartel ablett sandialdns make a move need a good 120 form all of you
corneskip: thanks prospector
mikevoice1: in DT go PAV, SANDILANDS and DUFFIELD and in SC go PAV, BROUGHTON, and Ablett, Corey and Bartel
4.Gibbs: cmon got 9 players in this one...pavlich, sandi, hill, broughton, hase, stevie j, gazza, mackie, bartel! LIFT
lozisleg: comon selwood
jasondevo: damn sandilands,,
chait: seldwood on
cody: i dont have foxtel :(
mitch222: cmon gaz need alot of points from u
qqaaxx: bartel for the win
bartel_3: yea the_don goodluck with that dic k head
redwallis: I have Ablett Bartel Selwood Johnson Mackie.. hmmm
essendon33: COREY AND PAV CMON FELLAS need big big 100's from yas
4.Gibbs: lift gazza every1 is expecting big things from you mate
footycool: Bartel Handball happy! and im happy
WCErCHEATS: come round 4 a beer and watch!!lol
tomconed: well said devo, you are the man. on the ball you are. yes sir. you are the main man.
lozisleg: comon mooms and selwood
footycool: hehe the ump called joel, troy selwood hehe
daddsy404: oh ffs selwood ur my captain
4.Gibbs: do something hase...put sum sunscreen on the pink pig LING
Davids: nick suban make a move on
irishscout: what is the password for
qqaaxx: good paly
chucknorris: Monty please ban Jasondevo
4.Gibbs: hase watch out for swine flu mate
Giants: Selwood! Good stuff mate. You need to beat Chappy
Fairley: doesn't have fox sports 1?
juddiee :): cmon ablet wtf man
andy otten: c'mon gaj...
n1ck: 2158 with pav, broughton, duffield and stevie j to go
cody: im in adelaide, every1 here is to pov to have foxtel
bachar43: wat does ffs stand for :S ?
footycool: im sure selwood has touched it
footycool: Nice Hill,Bartel,JSelwood,Mundy
turts111: ablett is over-rated JUNK
richskee: i live in Adelaide, god i live in a showere hole.... Easily the worst state!
WCErCHEATS: cody lol.
Jim Bean: goooo chappy!
andy otten: chappy will drill this
bombersfan: ffs = for fvck sake
Applecross: what the hell is going on with nick suban?
jasondevo: argh stop scorin sandilands
Frankdagun: anyone got the balls to get duffield over drummond or newman
footycool: Nice Mundy
Jim Bean: I live in Adelaide and I have foxtel
Tandy: what's the best radio station to listen to the game?
Keza41: they have missed at least two tackles from selwood
MarksMen: Go Enright and Corey !!!
qqaaxx: enrightget one more
cam022: Pav on fire which will boost the SC scores
limp: Is Ablett having problem shaking off Schammer, the tagger?
irishscout: enright has just stopped.
WCErCHEATS: ev 1 stays home in melb as so cold
cptFantasy: I'll get duff! up the duff!
TheoX: ur pathetic ablett wasted 500K this week
bombersfan: good chappy
WCErCHEATS: tandy sen
bachar43: SEN is a good station, its da one i normally listen to
Davids: nixk suban lift need a 60 from you
DeSTRoYeR: SHIFTING SANDILANDS!!!!!! (super mario 64 anyone?)
footycool: a duff can 4 duffield m0nty
buggler: suban you suck
pepper08: nrs
the_don: its just started Theox. calm down hero
Jim Bean: guys, ablett is camping at FF wait until he gets in the centre
Applecross: lol nick suban on - 3, if he stays on that, does he count to my team?
qqaaxx: corey
qqaaxx: selwoood
bombersfan: how many kicks in abletts 4 touches?
marklaney: richskee is a hero adelaide rules
Giants: thats its suban. you just keep scoring like that
daniel_4tw: flower. suban need u to make ur b/e
lozisleg: boo tarrant go down on pionts need u to
andy otten: c'mon soobs, get 60 at least
tableguy: ablett (c) selwood, bartel johnson, broughton
1kendog: selwood -3
juddiee :): cmon ablett
1337_chief: omg freo are sucking and geelong are sucking even more
cotch2cuz: applecross-yeh it counts to ur team mate, unfortunately
BHLowe: freo r dominating
jasondevo: well done selwood! -3
bombersfan: go broughton u beast
essendon1: cmon bartell, hawkins, selwood, johnson and suban
richskee: CmonSelwood, need 90+ from u mate!
Anzac: cmon ablett fire up mate
james1002: tableguy no one cares
qqaaxx: no 25 for geelong
Kazakhstan: go sandipussy!!
turts111: ablett is over-rated JUNK
daddsy404: yeh i reckon adelaide is sick i agree laney
footycool: Go Bartel the gun!
tableguy: just cause my teams better than yours
NorandaJFC: i traded Sam Mitchell for Pendlebry and now he gets injured
richskee: I have to work in Adelaide. If you like fat chicks that look like footy players, then this is your place.
Elephant: turts111 you are worthless scum who should shut your whore mouth
Applecross: I have about 4 extra player to play and am down by 50 points, unfortunately 3 of the extras are suban, hill and hasleby
Kazakhstan: lol tableguy, so childish
adambk: pavlich!
the_don: tableguy stop acting like your a hero. your a loser mate
essendon1: selwood you are doing bad
marklaney: are u serious adelaides a gun place to live ur just great
winty: not as overrated as your belief we care what you think turts111
bachar43: how much dt points for a mark ?
cody: any1 that has fox in adelaide ill sit outside ur house and watch thru the window im desperate
BHLowe: when was the last time geelong had not scorerd a goal 20 minutes into a game
daddsy404: flower off richskee id live in adelaide over any other place
DeSTRoYeR: cmon sandi u dog.d
pkjunior: Lol you traded mitchell, noranda?
andy otten: 3
tableguy: why would u trade mitchell for pendlebury, thats a backwards trade idiot!
Prospector: laughing apple X
asglongden: you only have yourself to blame for trading MITCHELL for pendlebury.. stupid trade
tigermania: stop being a tight ass cody and get foxtel installed
jasondevo: wot a poor quality game... i cant believe i just said that about geelong
limp: cmon Ablett!! Need u to lift.
bombersfan: pav's sc b/e anyone?
Fairley: i'd live in brisbane..
juddiee :): cmonnnnn ablettttt!!!!!! not good enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
knighta21: last time geelong went through qrter without a goal???
Willis: mooney injured finger
cody: fox r jews they ruin sport it should be free
cotch2cuz: i need johnson, selwood and enright to make up 417 points to remain undefeated in sc, cmon boys!
buggler: ablett having an off day :) :) :)
turts111: whatever winty u dik... ablett is a trash player like kane cornes
footycool: were r u bartel
dids: or watch it on justin's tv
Prospector: Pav
pkjunior: pav!
BHLowe: freo!!!
corneskip: pavlich is slightly dominating
Bartel: cody find a live stream site. myp2p is good if you search afl you will get a stream for the game
sblack: Pavlichhhh!
jasondevo: pav b/e is 132
redwallis: go derkas
rus_ling: mmm pav needs to stop and selwood needs to rise, hill and broughton can stay there
al snow: pavlic!!
Bryce08: i love suban
bombersfan: whats the weather like lads?
winty: yet he showers all over you turts
smithy_9: ablett not gettin his usual cheap one twos
RigPerfect: Cmon Ablett, Selwood and Bartel! What's the point i having you if you're all showere?
Keza41: lift selwood! keep going enright! need 210 from you guys
findlay: DeBoer is on fire, give the boy the icon.
lozisleg: comon sellwood and moooney
pkjunior: justintv link?
MarksMen: Go Enright and Corey !!!
TheoX: Get the goddamn ball ablett u spud
jasondevo: flower bartel SCORE!
chadwick: bartel hasn't been the same this eyar, he gets alot of junk that gets his score up, but not his usual self
footycool: go Mundy and Hill, chop up now freo r playin well
Bartel: yeh dids.....justin tv is good site
DeSTRoYeR: i love u sandi great choice saving $100k+ on cox.
Deeman: pav!:) go corey ablett bartel stevie J!
The_Dohnut: Ablett, cool it even more!!
Giants: come on joel. you need to match chapman
Tandy: come on bartel, I captained you over swan
tigermania: bartel always starts slow
al snow: mooney finger injury!
limp: Why is Ablett not getting many touches?
Applecross: cmon suban ffs!
Jim Bean: The mini master in in the centre! Wait for the quarter half-ton
Scratchy: freo was a good upset pick to be fair. look at last year at subi when cats came from behind to win by 1 point
pkjunior: ohhhhh pav almost goal fck!
Sussa: dammit shouldn't of traded Pav for hawkins
smithy_9: umpires startiong to get geelong back in teh game as always
Fairley: looks like didak and o'keefe singe handedly going to win me elimnator..
bachar43: PAVOOOO (c)
cam022: Pav on fire!!!!!!
Sexygirg: keep going PAV!
juliann: lift ablett and bartel
Blues_FC: enright always starts quickly then fades out... if only he could keep it up for a whole match...
footycool: ull see guys, Bartel chops up in 4th QTR
bombersfan: cheers jasondevo looks like a good upgrade option
Drew04: lol Ablett
Arky: Pav trying singlehandedly to win elim for me!
DeSTRoYeR: let's go hill and sandi 200 from you guys together?
Bartel: i knew i shouldnt have gone Bartel captain in his recent poor form. He only scored 35 in the first half last week...
Panda 09: Ablett does not normally score well against freo (Super Coach)
pkjunior: Hahaha Sussa
t0mm0: lift stokesey
catania: stay shiiiit suban and selwood
footycool: grover reported
redwallis: grover report lol
cam022: grover reported for striking ablett
Scratchy: sandi's also averaging about 18 ppg less than cox. sandi was a good 2nd ruck choice not a cox replacement
findlay: getting tired of Bartel's slow starts. a:his team aint winning and b: a game is played over 4 quarters!
winty: grover reported for hit on SJ....geelong will win by 10 goals now
thollo: hello
ocat1979: grover MRP
Scratchy: panda that is because crowley usually tags him. he is out this year though.
Bartel: Go Pavlich, just don't play so well that Ling starts tagging u ok.
Bryce08: listen to the umpires, what females. kennett= gun
juddiee :): stevie j goal
juliann: stevie j, about time
thollo: Fremantle don't like Ablett
Prospector: wait, I have something in my pocket for Cam's finger ..... ooooohhhhhh
bachar43: who cares if bartel starts slow.. as logn as he does good at the end ?
Blues_FC: steeeeveeeeeyyyyyyyy J!
footycool: hello thollo
jasondevo: @ WINTY: Geelong were always gonna win by 10 goals.. it was just a matter of time when they wanted to
footycool: agree bachar43
dids: cmon ablett, first week i have him and i get this
TheoX: die schammer u tard
pkjunior: What are your overall rankings in SC everyone???
DeSTRoYeR: bartel usually has a big last Q
Scratchy: tgyh stevieJ :D everyone else i have is fail.
4.Gibbs: yablett get to it fire up u bald man
Applecross: I have to get rid of suban and hill, too many freo duds
winty: how can he lift when he's not playing t0mm0?
cody: thanks Bartel, i found one! ur a legend
catania: im ranked 30 in sc
Bunta: game has only just started dids
andy otten: the first qrt was always going to be a struggle... geelong will still win by at least 50 pts...
Bartel: Ur right Bachar but its what could have been if he started fast....... If hes scoring 120 every week it doesnt matter
footycool: bartel havin a nice QTR1 by his standards
buggler: yay suban positive :D
commers: what a tackle duffeild
YourAGun: 3629 pkjunior
Bartel: but since he's starting slow hes only getting about 105 per week so he does need to lift a bit
jasondevo: Onya stevie j.. as if my opponent has pavlich AND sandilands!! wtf
Scratchy: schammer outplaying GAJ
TheoX: this is really some pathetic shower from ablett
Sussa: im ranked 9 in SC
das_champs: omg selwood touch the ball! Gazza leading the team in clangers
pkjunior: Really im ranked are you going this round catania?
DeSTRoYeR: opponent has ablett, bartel, stevey j and mumford and im 470 ahead with no one :(
bachar43: yeh tru, but he does make up for it
thollo: Ablett turnrd human :(
Sexygirg: Yay, Suban actually on positives
RigPerfect: Ratta is shower!
footycool: Nice QTR Mundy,Bartel,Hill CMON Selwood lift!
daniel_4tw: ffs, suban on 1. i need him to beat hill
Sheve25: cmon ablett
chadwick: 22 from boughton nice cover for chornes. jimmy and gablett need to lift a little.
findlay: Well done DeBoer - Great Quarter! McPharlin started well but faded.
mitch222: im ranked first in sc
adnS: Give ablett the spud
juliann: flowering had two back subs, suban and broughton, lowest score counts right?
Prospector: Humungous start from PAV
cotch2cuz: cmon selwood
tbeilbs: gablett is judt having a cool down game
catania: this round im on 2401 wit johnson and pavlich to go luke powel was a good pickup 4 me
winty: ablett will burn schammer off and pick up 35-40 touches for the game
thollo: Boring quarter at any standerds
craigib: stevie johnson, pav and corey keep it goin : )
steven_ora: mitch ur full of it i no the guy whos first
billski_on: im f&^4ed i'm leading by 9 atm my opponent has Chappy, GAJ, Selwood, Mackie and Hasleby I have Pavlich and Mundy...
The_Dohnut: Shannon Brynes = Break a leg!!
tipper_44: is mooney back on ground
Bartel: Great stuff Pav, SJ, Broughton. Captain Bartel doing ok and Suban you suck. I'm in such a close battle with my elim opp
lolitsgaz: wtf r u doing selwood
footycool: selwood didnt go well ,cause of limited TOG, he will lift in QTR2
t0mm0: lift stokes
Sexygirg: Freo should b pretty pleased with their efforts.... it wont last though
Judd_W: cmon ablett lift
craigib: go schammer tag that scum ablett
Arky: Need selwood to pick up... Otherwise great 1/4
pascoe: cmon bartel captain. i need 125 today
Applecross: I can't believe I left petrenko off the ground for Suban :S
mitch222: steven i am that guy
TheoX: hed better winty
panza293: wat do u guys reckon ablett is on atm
tbeilbs: catania thats for super caoch right
footycool: nice Bartel, that wasnt a slow start :D
jasondevo: keep it up selwood... stop scorin sandilands + pavlich
steven_ora: anything in grovers report???
smithy_9: where is downhill skier stokes perfect game for him today , loves the pressure off
limp: Hope Ablett lift in the next qrt?
Blade: train Wreck ablett not great
DaVe86: its bloody nice having corey back. Makes my team 10 times better
footycool: no jasondevo, Selwood GO!
occdaddy: go schammer lock down ablett
pj_brown42: its broughtooooon...its broughton tiiiimmmmeee
t0mm0: lift hiney
Sexygirg: Pav is gun!!
maiL: ablett will pound shammer's hole
Loonerty2: Please stay there Sandi
mitch222: yer he hit steve J
commers: come on gazza get to 143 supercoach
occdaddy: Suban=MASSIVE SPUD
catania: yeh
rus_ling: WTB junk time for selwood he must score 100+
sirzacka: so whens tom hawkins actually gonna become good? you guys gave Jack Watts more crap then Tom Hawkins
limp: Disappointed qrt for Ablett. Need him 2 lift.
SPIZROCK: broughton score is wrong - on afl site he is on 16, not 22
irishscout: how far behind is the live streaming on the justin.tbv website. i dun have foxtel so i dont no
Ryderrr: flower off schammer
Sexygirg: Ablett will go beserk next Qr
pkjunior: catania is talking shiite
Bryce08: very impressed with DeBoer
pj_brown42: broughton > bartel & selwood & ablett :D
rick1301: selwood is the only one letting me down atn
t0mm0: lift stokes come onnnnnnnnnnnnn
daniel_4tw: whos worst, suban or petrenko
footycool: irishcout, about 10 seconds
skystyler: Pav is going off! you watch the cats come out in the next qtr and blow them away.
Johnooo123: is stokes not playin
pkjunior: The 30th ranked team has mundy, pavlich, chapman + more
cam022: mark blake worst scoring ruckman
occdaddy: suban easy
Danog: Good to see Schammer make Ablett his bitch
crusha9: forget hawkins, when's mooney going to become good
steven_ora: on match centre broughton score is write
commers: the vision on justin tv is like 8 seconds slow
Johnooo123: is stokes not playin?
YourAGun: petrenko
limp: daniel_4tw, I think Suban is worst
saintsquad: would like an injury to bartel. and stevie j
Judd_W: kick this mooney
skystyler: stokes was dropped this week for no good reason. Bit quiet v WC
turts111: ablett is trash.
footycool: Nice Bartel
irishscout: cheers footycool. thats amazing it comes thru so quick
Judd_W: mooney behinde
Prospector: can't point, can't kick, Cam
YourAGun: selwood 40+ by the end of this quarter
mitch222: MOONEY you DUD
limp: Gaz, Pls lift!!!
footycool: yeah, i have foxtel, but being in Melbourne, i watch channal 7 games live on there
t0mm0: stokes didn't deserve to be dropped come on bomber lift
TheoX: where the flower is ablett????
cam022: here we go!!!!
chadwick: good boy enright
jamzee123: enrighttttt
Judd_W: enright
winty: did ablett run over your pup in his ford territory or something turts?
mitch222: eNRIGHT U GUN
Loonerty2: Cmon Milburn, fire up.
cotch2cuz: well done enright
skystyler: all square. Goal to Enright.
TheoX: stfu saintsquad
footycool: Gaz is playing "how low can u go"
DaVe86: geelong is innacurate...but teams are so innacurate against them as well.
LeFtBehinD: The one time I actually need Ablett to score 100 to win...!!!
smithy_9: stokes was dropped cos hes a downhill skier and soft as butter
Judd_W: goooooooooooooooo catsssssssssssss
Pfft: enright!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
corneskip: footycool what are you on about?
rhythmgill: engirht scores
DLab: go away enright you knob!
chadwick: why would u watch ch7 when u have fox? fox doesn't have ads after a goal
Suspekt: Nice Stevie, Pav & Broughton
juliann: so glad i picked enright over mackie
footycool: he corneskip?
Jim Bean: great mark by hawkins
Prospector: Chappy with the run
limp: Almost half of Fremantle players are on fire. Cmon Geelong
4.Gibbs: do somethin ablett
jeremyg: hawkins!!
landauc: please slow down stevie J!
turts111: yes he did, and he will pay for it as well. ablett = kane cornes = ineffective footballer.
Pfft: hawkins is a superstar!!!!
daddsy404: flower flower flower why did i not put corey captain over selwood
Lakey91: BRoughton going well again (well at least starting well)
black: lol @ smithy, funny shiznit
josh111: gary capt i might kill him
footycool: nah chadwick, like on friday nights, channel 7 games r delayed , i watch them live on the internet
mitch222: hawka
catania: selwood fcku off
haren-: fox has shower commentators
DaVe86: i don't have ablett...but i'll guarantee he will get 100+, just wait until geelong blow this game open
Blues_FC: enright will slow down... he'll be on 80 at half time and finish on 85
daniel_4tw: flower. im going to lose my unlosable eliminator. enirght wtf are u doing, and selwood do something!
dids: cmon ablett, 2 quick goalsa
steven_ora: lift mackie!!!
Drew04: oh ffs ablett
Anzac: cmon gablett
tiger09: Enright usually starts off well.. but will die down in the 2nd half
craigib: good to see all my guys (5 of them) are scoring better than ablett : )
simmdogga: traded geary for enright this week :)
das_champs: well that's Freos good run over
limp: \Where is Ablett? Don't see him geeting any touches?
winty: why did your pup run across the road anyway turts? sick of being molested?
Prospector: Broughton persistent
rus_ling: I just want selwood lol but he'll still end up 100+ calm down peoples
lozisleg: cmon gaz u legend goy u as captan
Keza41: yeah tiger09 you're right
tiger09: agreed Blues_FC
TheoX: dave 86 100 aint good enough for this expensive pri ck
steven_ora: cmon mackie, abletts beating u
tbeilbs: stephen hill wont touch the ball untill the last quater
jasondevo: cmon hill dont go quiet
chucknorris: Cannot understand why SC Game totals almost always tally up to 3300 pts - weird
steven_ora: traded ziebell for stevey j this week
bachar43: is pavo off da ground ?
tiger09: GAzza hasnt touched it yet this qtr
bombersfan: go broughton
pkjunior: Broughton star!
footycool: bartel got a hitout
uncle_muss: lets go capt. bartel, corey and broughton.
Judd_W: lift gazza lift
RigPerfect: Ablett is Shower...
josh111: got stevie j, enright, gaz, selwood and hill last 3 cmon lift
LeFtBehinD: Oh god, im going to have to trade out Ablett for Mumford.
das_champs: heraldsun staff must be on holidays, want SC stats!
cam022: broughton such a good player and scores 80-90 a week on SC gone up $150000
hotdish: CHUCKNORRIS - its pretty easy to understand. its based on total average game point totals when Champion data did reseah
RigPerfect: Schammer is toweling him up!
Giants: geez please Selwood. relying on you. at least suban is doing his job. Broughton is doing well
koala: what name is justin tv
limp: Can some1 give me an update on Ablett? Why is he not getting any touches?
footycorey: changed Ablett to Chapman as captain this week....... C'MON CHAPPYYY!!!
Russo: Abletts been moved deep foward since Schammer has done a great job on him
footycool: Nice Mundy and Bartel
tom_rox2: ablett are you great or something
catania: give broughton a flame
pkjunior: Keep it up ablett!!!!!!
Salisbury: Look it all the muppets crying about Ablett. For goodness sake take a pill
Anzac: ffs ablett's playing at ff
Guitarded: cow
bachar43: ablett another clanger ! haha
Jim Bean: schammer isn't on ablett anymore. Ablett is at FF
Blues_FC: wtf are you doing captain ablett? i want 150+!!!
tiger09: i reckon Ablett will still score 100+ calm down boys
CrozaN: wtf selwood and Mackie....
jasondevo: cmon hilll... get involved stevie j... and slow the flower down sandilands
Guitarded: and theres freo done
Loonerty2: Far out. Milburn, why did I trade you in?
tom_rox2: ablett takes it up the bum from schammer
cam022: everyone has ablett so everyone will be affected so it cancils out
jrivers: andrew williams
Jim Bean: chappy flowering on fire!
Lakey91: Little more from mackie and hasleby would be nice. Whats the weather like btw?
Keza41: lift selwood! need you to be on 35+ by half time
Frankdagun: im lovin a healthy chappy!!
juliann: cmon bartel, ablett and haselby LIFT
Giants: geez chapman bugger off!
Applecross: is suban on the ground?
CrozaN: Go Enright woooooh!!!
qqaaxx: Corey and Sandliands keep it up
SwampApe: Who's Ablett?
essendon1: selwood what you realise you're playing football don't you?
daniel_4tw: someone stop enright!
footycool: Go Mundy and Bartel
jock007: keep it up sandilands
Guitarded: i dont hav ablett
bartel_3: stop whinging you stupid cun ts
steven_ora: cmon mackie
Jim Bean: Schammer off - ablett will probably head back into the centre and rack it up
Juzz85: selwood seemed like he had heaps of it early..still on 12
Oxym0ron: it'll be a cold day in hell when....gosh its cold here
bombersfan: walters lining up
tom_rox2: ablett is great
bartel_3: essendon1 are u fuc ked ?? selwood is a jet
4.Gibbs: cmon hill lift
buggler: got sandi, pav, broughton, enright, corey, chapman and mackie on my team... AND SUBAN!! :(
bombersfan: and goal
lozisleg: comon ablett u can do it
craigib: keep it up pav, broughton, corey, chapman, stevie and and cmon hasleby
jasondevo: well done broughton... wots up with hill?
thollo: suban for spud
josh111: its not good when u think oh 200 easy with gaz capt and he performes like this
dylan123: selwood sucking when corey plays?
heydo: im on 1450 with ablett(c),Bartel,s.johnson and chapman vs 1535 with suban and selwood will i win
Kazakhstan: ily chapman
occdaddy: calm down broughton or more importantly stop
winty: come on geelong....quit toying with these hacks
Frankdagun: Thornton looks like a character from "Ice Age"!!
therescav: hay guyz wat does the suitcase next to gary ablett jnr mean?
soicanchat: is selwood on the ground? same with milburn?
4.Gibbs: sc scores...ablett 19, sandi 68, pav 63, stevie j 51
30Spartans: Scott Thornton is tagging Milburn m0nty!
maicoolz: Wow Monty some nice language being let through
tiger09: hrms.. wheres Hill?
tigerbait3: owen is the best!
BHLowe: broughton filling in for drummond happy so far
ocat1979: ablett 19 sc pav 67 sc
jock007: cmon hasleby
bachar43: heydo, u should beat him easily
RigPerfect: Ablett is showere!
Jim Bean: ablett back intop centre no tag from schammer
Rowdy69: suban and ablett(c).. -_- pavlich and broughton good.
Guitarded: wats selwood on sc?
lozisleg: heydo u should win
limp: Ablett onlt got 3 pts this qrt. So disappointed.
winty: means he's going to be on deal or no deal in a few weeks
Prospector: Gazza always takes a caseful of money to pay the umpires
Clint-84: cmon Ablett i need at least 130 from u!
lozisleg: comon selwood and abellett
CrozaN: Wuts selwood doing?
skdown: give selwood the spud, nah jks but wot a kent, hes my captain this week uhhh....
cam022: harry taylor scord 34 in the first quarter for SC?????
30Spartans: m0nty Scott Thornton tagging Milburn!
tigerbait3: i need gazza to have a stinker, i don't have him but hes my opponoets captain
corey11: cmon jimmy
therescav: wat does the purple tablet next to cameron mooney mean
lolitsgaz: anyone watching the game? is selwood on the ground?
jeremyg: OK..whats yr guess on Abletts final score??
flagpies: Ablett will still get his 120 ...... with ease
soicanchat: goooood milburn son.
aces-high: cmon milburn and selwood
Applecross: come on suban and hill you hacks
Jack Mack: Keep it up Freo
catania: come on johnson
St!ck: having S E X with Big A koubang!
Jim Bean: broughton on fire
tiger09: go Greggy!
TheoX: OK Gaz this is beyond funny now....get the flowering ball muppet!
Juzz85: Pavlich!!!
Prospector: Cam needs to take a tablet for his finger, and then get the pill
andy otten: holy sht... even david johnson is doing better than gaj...
lozisleg: i am 90 points up and it abellett(c) selwood and mooney vs tarrant johnson and byrnes would i win
thollo: its a band-aid therescav
bachar43: therescav, scroll down the page and it says wat each symbol represents
winty: means he prefers purple tic-tacs
chadwick: gablett is still only a goal behind being on track for a ton. maybe it will open up for him
northroos: selwood on the bench. Ablett will get 110 with major junk time
daddsy404: johnson hasnt touched it this quarter
Salisbury: therescav: dont start with that crap again. You were told yesterday what it meant
Ryderrr: cmon stevie and ablett..
jeremyg: yr confidence, ferken hope so!!
Chadwiko: if ablett scores less than 100, i win my eliminator :D
jock007: cmon hasleby
footycool: Go Bartel
limp: Will Ablett get less than 100 by end of the game.
Jack Mack: Ablett will get 140 on sc even if he stays off at half time
Jim Bean: Im watching the game, and i haven't seen selwood all game
skystyler: cats go the length of the field and kick an easy goal
steven_ora: finally mackie
surething: Ablett to finish in the 80's
skdown: dam u selwood
therescav: why does everyone pick on me? =(
lolitsgaz: Is Selwood injured?!?
Prospector: B4 you ask, therescav, the Ps for Walters and Pearce indicate that they'll be fighting in the carpark at half time
jeremyg: hawkins! i love the boy!!
soicanchat: go milburn son
northroos: Cats will run away now...another goal, hawkins
tigerbait3: ablett will bin it up to score big!
penskifile: common gazza!
therescav: give Jim Bean the spud
tiger09: wow shannon.. having a great season soo far..
MrAwesome: step up bartel ur my cap
Fairley: man up therescav.
Rowdy69: another handball...
redwallis: time for a steamy shower
corey11: corey you gun
skystyler: Hill is in the hands of the trainers
J-Ro: what is going on with selwood and ablett?
nathan._: broughton was a random pick for me
jeremyg: ablett ot bartel..loving the combo!
Lakey91: Get a touch mundy - hardly scored this quarter.
Ryderrr: now abletts getting into it
soicanchat: flower off stevie j
footycool: go Bartel,m Captain
northroos: pav on fire
Jim Bean: Don't worry guys, here comes ablett
Rowdy69: you guys are idiots..why do you ask if people are injured if they don't have a band aid or cross? dumbasses
steven_ora: now geelong will punish em
Cutty: pls lift ablett
tigerbait3: I would love to see ablett stinkkk it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Axel Foley: taylor for spud
jamzee123: lift selwood
pete82: i need ablett (c), bartel, selwood, mackie, stevie j, and suban to score 650 between them to win
asglongden: thank you ROWDY69!!! i think the same thing! fools!
Anzac: lift selwood and ablett
TheoX: stop effeing handballing gaz, or at least get the 1-2 ffs
seanmorr: wtf selwood
therescav: hey guys is pav injured? I saw him on the bench just then carrying a water bottle and walking and puffing...
watthewatt: pepper, are you on?
aces-high: i'm 155 up in elimanator with corey, milburn, selwood and pavlich versing ablett cap, bartels johnson and enright.
Jim Bean: Gazzza! Rackign em up! half time hundred!
tigerbait3: stayyyy down stinky ablettt!~!
J-Ro: who here is also playing suban? i have him for cornes...
footycool: the umps love selwood..3 Frees
panza293: ablett rackin it up now
corneskip: "holding free kick to gary ablett" the umpire just wanted to say his name
footycool: Go Bartel!
bachar43: pete82, you'd get that easyyy
bombermann: selwood :'(
uncle_muss: is pavlich injured?
Prospector: Here's Charlie!
chadwick: there is a fere to gablett, get some tackles gary
jeremyg: Ablett is just handball crazy! Chappy to goal
catania: fcuk off selwood u great piece of showertte
yuhalo101: cmon scalett u fat lurg
tiger09: go Abs!
jasondevo: flower bartel
heydo: i traded out pavlich and got ablett last round i hope it pays off
Rowdy69: stevey j getting work on his hip/groin
northroos: aces you should be fine
RigPerfect: Get to 50 by half time Ablett...Oh and kick the damn thing!
tigerbait3: stop ablettt!!!!!
juliann: chappy misses=(
soicanchat: ha selwood actually scored
landauc: less than 80 for gazza please
cotch2cuz: geelong getting thier run back..look out freo
Rowdy69: who trades out pavlich your an IDIOT
Jim Bean: CHAPPY!!! damnit, where's the 75% from SS?
The_Dohnut: Suban, you're a legend/gun!
northroos: traded out pavlich...? your kidding right
aces-high: will i win?
bachar43: ablett 11 handballs 1 kick
Scratchy: trading out pavlich = fail doesnt matter who you get for him
daniel_4tw: J-Ro, same. Thought he would at least score 40 :(
royzboyz: who ever jus said pav is injured has no idea about football
adambk: trade pavlich out for who?
catania: flower
YourAGun: selwoods alive selwood 19 sc at quarter time
heydo: i mean johnson
pkjunior: Chapman has been really wasteful in front of goal. His SC will be poor
redwallis: geepong have too many bald cows
therescav: i got in david johnson this week, good pickup i think.
bombermann: WOOT WOOT HAPPY with CHAPPY
Tandy: come one cats, finish failmantle..I need some Bartel junk time
footycool: unlucky bartel,
Johnooo123: sandilands=king
nathan._: ive got broughton, pavlich, bartel, and stevy j left
J-Ro: suban is a joke. not even worth wasting a trade on. feel sorry for you Daniel
Nick1069: cmon stepan hill, u spud!
bombers15: lift duffield
royzboyz: cmon mackie
soicanchat: jesus christ byrnes
Nick1069: get a touch hill!
skdown: did selwood put his bro scott in place for him?
t0mm0: david johnson is a terrible pickup and i keep thinking him and ablett are each other
nathan._: bartel is the junk master
dpops: whats up with Selwood?
occdaddy: comon schammer shut ablett up already
Tigers#30: whats happening with selwood?
andy otten: you know geelong aren't doing well when byrnes is the highest scorer, and david johnson is coring more than ablett
tima14: who agrees with me in saying sandilands has been better value than cox this year?
Kazakhstan: i traded suban for grimes before grimes's 3rd game
redwallis: lol @ Jacko calling DeBoer "DeBoo-er"
corey11: ablett has 11 handballs 1 kick, selwood has 6 handballs 1 kick haha
Axel Foley: cmon big pavvy
qqaaxx: give selwood cold plz
daniel_4tw: j-ro, agree. ive never heard of a rookie going down on his start price - but likely to happen soon
therescav: everyone who had ablett captain he just had the ball and dropped it ahahah!!!
limp: Need Ablett to get 50 by half time. Go Ablett!!!!!!
buggler: suban heating up
juliann: flowering suban will count instead of broughton :@
uncle_muss: im going to kiss greg on the mouth
soicanchat: t0mm0 - its him and chapman you cant tell the difference between.
asglongden: they are roughing ablett up - the poor little cry baby can't handle it
Blues_FC: byrnes has been good this year. a few very big scores
TheoX: you aint getting no Brownlow Ablett playing like this you flower ablett
CrozaN: wow broughton wut a champ
BHLowe: wat a move put ablett out as captain riewoldt in genius
steven_ora: cmon greg crack the 50 big man
RigPerfect: Ablett kciked it!
CrozaN: ablett wont get brownlow anyway
bartel_3: your just jealous asglongden shut your mouth
Scratchy: tima he may be better value sure. but petrenko has been "better value" than GAJ
t0mm0: @soicanchat - no its not i think i'd know who i cant tell the difference between. Johnson is bald and #28 ablett #29
Scratchy: in the sense that 'value' relates to their increase in price
dpops: Ablett is no sook he can take it plus Geelong have others to stand up when they focus too much on Gazza
tiger09: Hill is lifting his game
royzboyz: will mackie beat cloke's score of 57???
jasondevo: well done hil... keep it up bartel
brown_dog: asglongden you are kidding yourself. you get 12 touched with 2 thugs smacking your ribs everytime you touch the ball
asglongden: jealous of what, bartel_3? you make no sense.
footycool: Nice Hill
mattrix: soloman tough...
lozisleg: lol i traded hill for picken
ocat1979: I'm sure gaz would care what you guys think when he has his premiership and brownlow medals at the end of this year
Ryderrr: stevie clangering it up..
dillon: omg Lift Gazza
footycool: Go Bartel 50 at HT
J-Ro: what is going on with Selwood? is he healivy tagged?
soicanchat: chapman is bald aswell dumbass
Will[Dog]: where is pav?
Tandy: mackie probably my worst pick up this year
Frankdagun: Glen jakovich jizzes whenever Freo touch the pill
bartel_3: jealous of how good he is this is the first game where he hasn't totally dominated and u mock him
bigmoo9: whats going on with selwood?
dpops: well said ocat1979
MarksMen: Go Enright and Corey !!!
steven_ora: mackie finally
Jim Bean: Selwood is having it tough today
asglongden: ablett will not win the brownlow..and who says he can take it? he is ineffective every time he gets roughed up
Scratchy: ablett still on track for 30 touches quit your whinging
jamzee123: lift mundy !
darcy: Ablett = mr handball ! Die in a hole jesus
j_rulz10: on 2186 with s.johnson, chappy, selwood and broughton in
paul23: cmon cats please
steven_ora: freo freo way to go we r the freo dockers!!
therescav: who do we give the spud to with potato peake not playing?
darcy: Did anyone buy Duffield from the start?
Axel Foley: mackies not doin a very good job tagging pav
Bartel: Bartel = no marks = oh oh eliminator slipping away. Need captain bartel to get at least 115.
Juddanator: flowering selwood u r my captain u spastic
irishscout: where is pavlich? is he injred
daniel_4tw: ffs, hawkins has more then ablett lol
GOGOS2GAJ!: whats wrong with joel and cmon GAJ 110 mate! lets go
asglongden: there has been many games ablett hasn't "totally dominated". Stats and DT scores don't = domination.
Kazakhstan: go sandipussy
hawks_92: who was it that had the live stream? can you please repeat the site name?
steven_ora: woot broughton 50 for the 2nd time this qtr
footycool: Bartel will get 130, is having an above average qtrs, 4TH QTR is his gem
buggler: damn ablett is too consistent, can't he have a bad day???
uncle_muss: give kepler the spud..
dylan481: whats abletts sc score at QT
jrivers: mackie is shower
soicanchat: irishscout wtf?
darcy: SJ hits the lead !
dylan5webb: im 13th overall in SC
aces-high: selwood cant take a trick
Clint-84: GAJ will still score 100 2nd half points!
rhythmgill: ablett will be geelongs top 3 scorer .. wait and watch
Chuka: gazza wtf
footycool: Nice Hill
smithy_9: umps finally realsied selwood is a faker and not giving him frees, simple!
Scratchy: possessions goals etc which ablett does do = domination. his SC scores indicate that.
Bartel: hawks_29. justin tv
Blues_FC: what is joel selwood doing?
therescav: gablett jr isn't even that good... half his touches are like crab handballs in the backline, he is not damaging at all
TheoX: buggler hes having a shocker
hawks_92: who has live stream?
northroos: ablett will finish with 100+ for sure
occdaddy: ablett qtr time sc19 hahaha
j_rulz10: the guy i played in eliminator has pendlebury as capt
darcy: Byrnes again wtf
black: just keep watching, what's the bet he still gets 130
jeremyg: Ablett is having an off day!!
Panda 09: Whats mooney doing?
Pfft: shannon byrnes is a superstar!!!!!!!
tima14: dane swan for the brownlow!!
winty: you a flowering star byrnes
zombine: cmon selwood you spud
J-Ro: Im going to lose my eliminator match too cos of this game...
winty: you're a flowering star byrnes
Xie54: 19 for gazza at qtr time in sc
Cutty: Grover should be reported for spelling Anthony: Antoni
Chuka: Gazza 50 by half
daniel_4tw: here comes ablett
Ryderrr: cmon selwood, youre letting me down
Loonerty2: Slow down Sandilands!
watthewatt: wat is flowering?
steven_ora: so happy i got rid of ziebell for stevey-j this week
MrAwesome: i have bartel, chappy, broughton and selwood and bartel is m cap
cam022: put selwood on ice he hasnt done anything
Spazb0t: sure sure therescav...
darcy: 13 handballs ... always with the give and go surely teams must pick up on that !
Will[Dog]: Montagna will win the brownlow
cptFantasy: who's his vice j_rulz?
Scratchy: broughton my emergency and jarryn geary the spastic scored 16 on field as well as grimes and fisher 55 each
Spencie69: if ryan "creepy " crowley was playing i would not have set ablett as capt.
Cunnas: Hey may seem a stupid question, but... Where can you see Supercoach scores before Full Time???
JSelwood09: 40 secs left
tiger09: To all the guys dissing Ablett calm the fu.k down. He will still score 100+
Fairley: ablett is having a bad day and is still on 41 at half time haha.
Cutty: At least GAJ is thereabouts for the ton J Selwood is dying in the alps big time
asglongden: lol... fantasy games do not indicate anything Scratchy. Judd is far more damaging than powery handball cry baby ablett
tableguy: ban cutty for the worst joke in history
Clint-84: @ Jeremyg Ablett has had 15 touches already how is that an off game?
steven_ora: lol scratchy unlucky
j_rulz10: bartel his vice, hoo isnt goin 2 gr8
Panda 09: Dal Santo for brownlow
yuhalo101: yay selwood about flippin time
jasondevo: cmon hill keep goin...
TmBattler: what is selwood doing?????
hawks_92: its not on justin tv? there was anothr site someone said
footycool: Nice bartel, 51!
lolitsgaz: nice bartel f u selwood
Scratchy: antoni is the Polish spelling
bombersfan: good late possies jimmeh
chadwick: nice heapies to jimmy at the end
steven_ora: agree with u tableguy
petchy92: bartel +11
aces-high: broughton is a gem
Chadwiko: Get schammer back on Ablett! He was keeping him quieter than Dodd! My opponent has him captain :D
jamzee123: cut that i picked grimes ahead of broughton
MotlopFan1: ablett will dominate the last quarter
catania: give suban a spud pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
therescav: purple name game: Guess what Max Rooke will finish on.
Scratchy: ablett racks up clearances contested possies inside 50s etc. he is as damaging as judd.
Chadwiko: Gun for Sandilands.
TheoX: GAJ should be double this score at HT ffs
adnS: joel selwood is tanking
Bryce08: how the heck is bartel on 45? done NOTHING
daniel_4tw: love bartel junking it up
m0nty: Please, no links or passwords to video sites.
hawks_92: far out, where can i find live stream! dont say banme.Iamaflog!
zombine: i got broughton at the startfor 83k what a spud
winty: yet Ablett is leading most media awards, as well as the coaches' award asglongden....wonder why that is...
footycool: Bartel (c) :) Hill :). Mundy,Selwood, LIFT!
heydo: i got stevie j for 118 lol
limp: MotlopFan1, I hope he does
MrAwesome: 56
TmBattler: are you online crushers??
steven_ora: rooke 31
aces-high: max will get 53
Bartel: yay go bartel 51 at the half! Eliminator will be sooo close now. If Pav can beat Duffield i probs win but i need
Cunnas: 51 for jimmy b
daniel_4tw: seriously need selwood to lift
footycool: y m0nty, does it violate come agreement?
tableguy: GOOGLE IT HAWKS_92 for flowers sake
corey11: montagna will have too many st kilda players taking votes off him i.e dal santo hayes voldt goddard etc
Heater: GAJ must get 130 plus for me to win this week............
Bartel: i need suban to get 30 i reckon, will be tight!
barca: Selwood is having a hard time because the umpires hate him and are mega relucatant to pay obvious frees
tima14: dane swans better than ablett
mattrix: god ya have to be quick in the namwe game........
Will[Dog]: i need 124 from Steve Johnson, Pavlich and Broughton to get 2000? am i a chance?
Chuka: dam got 161 for purple name
jamezz: every1 is a scavenge i was in 3 seconds late and there were already like 100 things taken
asglongden: well winty, because everyone gets sucked in by the media and people only look at stats these days
IamBic: DeBoer > Selwood
Scratchy: lol sarcasm barca?? selwood gets the most frees in the comp usually
catania: monty could u give suban A SPUD
therescav: hey heater i reckon you are gone mate! lol lol lol lol lol
t0mm0: @corey11 bartel won a brownlow in their premiership year with SJ, Chapman, Ablett, Selwood, Scarlett taking votes off hi
30Spartans: barca: your talking crap Selwood is the biggest umpire's pet in history!
big nasty: The blocking the opposition do to Ablett around stoppages should be illegal. It's worse than holding on IMO
bombersfan: quick question fellas, in dt, my opp had pendles as skipper, he gets his vice as capt right and also his emergency score
footycool: my predictions: Bartel 120,Mundy 85,Hill 75,Selwood 70,
thebullet: and gaz wouldnt have any geelong players taking votes off of him......
The Master: u won't find the live stream through google lol
jasondevo: 3 of my 4 players are on track for 100s... the one that isnt is steve hill
HynzieStud: rooke lol
n1ck: 2158 with duffield, broughton, pav and stevie j
Bartel: Broughton is an absolute star......just putting that out there!
barca: No the umpires are shying away from paying him some really obvious high and interference frees its riduclours
Axel Foley: no spud for suban!!!!
Prospector: chuka, he's a good chance of 161!
MrAwesome: ? bartel needs to get between 100 and 120 for me
Chadwiko: I am laughing so hard at all the people crying about Ablett and Selwood. Get original DT players you noobs.
Will[Dog]: Montagena will win believe me
winty: yeah asglongden, the coaches wait for the stats and media reports before they give their votes too I suppose
Bartel: Duffield has been absolute revelation this year. wish i got him from the start. I know a bloke who did and hes loving it
soicanchat: can someone tell me chapman, bartel and milburn sc scores?
Scratchy: ok barca ill take your word for it cos i can't watch it here. but that's very unsual for selwood
richskee: Ablett is losing me my macth!
MotlopFan1: ye bombersfan
MackA: selwood is going to cost me my game
haren-: winning by 100 with SJ, PAV, mackdogga and selwood versus bartel (c), hill and chapman
cam022: i'd be giving scarlett the spud he is in the team of the decade and equal worst on only 12? spud for scarlett
Wadey#5: Lift Selwood!!!
jamezz: got rid of sellwood and got ling this week =)
commers: i need gazza to get 143 What do you think?
MotlopFan1: Chadwiko, even if they're the most common picks, they can still be stars
therescav: soicanchat chapman 54, bartel 66, milburn 45
bombersfan: cheers motlop
juddiee :): wats GAJ sc half tiime score?
jack_lord1: original dt players? nice one.....
Applecross: everyone should get Suban like me, he's kickin ass
catania: yes spud 4 suban fcuuk off suban lovers
zombine: selwood's gonna d=cost my game too, need 69 from hin sc
qqaaxx: Sandilands 200+ plz
skystyler: Mundy had 2 handballs that qtr.
VeLLa: almost got doughty over mackie.... flower!
steven_ora: scarletts in team of the decade to be a defender not a midfielder
cona101: y the hell do u get to deside stuff m0nty
asglongden: coaches? 1 coaches award...woooooo well done
winty: haha, Geelong have had more hitouts in the first half than Fremantle
SimonOz: pm prospector
G-Mo77: Need Ablett's SC score if anyone has it
n1ck: coz its his site, cona?
Prospector: commers, that's beginning to look hard
hawks32: Selwood will still get 80+ SC
tiger09: did Presti score his highest ever score of 63 yesterday? lol
HynzieStud: freo play good 1 week then bad the next week
Scratchy: asglongden only reason ablett didnt get charlie last year was missing 4 games
MrAwesome: on my dt it says bartel is on 45
limp: Ablett might cost me my eliminator if he don't pick up his game in the next half.
occdaddy: Ablett SC?
Scratchy: ablett on 40 at hafl time SC
bombers15: duffield is a gun
steven_ora: the man who won brownlow last year deserved it
penskifile: need ablett to beat chappy, common gazza!
footycool: Selwood has looked out of soughts in this game
Realist: Ablett 40 SC
soicanchat: sandilands 90 at h-time
diddley: g. ablett 40 sc
thollo: Sndilands is amazing
Tonche: 40 SC for Ablett is BS, he has done jack all
Sexygirg: Ablet SC
asglongden: the only reason? oh ok. its an excuse. he didn't win it. the end
HynzieStud: any got sc scores
hawks32: what is selwood on at halftime in sc?
JACKSONED: come on selwood!!!!!!
Jim Bean: Dream team has Bartel on 45? wtf?
kaye.: U on bade??
Sexygirg: how do u know the sc scores
Ryderrr: 32 Selwood SC
costas80: is there somewhere to see SC scores plz
YourAGun: selwoods sc lol?
aces-high: s hill 46 in supercoach he's doing well
essendonfc: abletts had 15 possies hardly terrible
ozzy23: selwood sc
Prospector: Incoming Simon
JimmyB23: you are all noobs
dillon: Ablett need 100SC in the second half
asglongden: i've never seen a 'team player' be so upset to lose the brownlow, and the norm smith! what a joke
JZ19: need 325 from chappy enright GAJ(capt) selwood pav n broughton to hit 2000 :)
tigermania: 32
aces-high: superfooty costas80
Scratchy: asglongden so i spose your of the opinion that shane woewodin was a better footballer than wayne carey?
riolipower: where do u find out sc scores live and delayed
essendonfc: who do you want hyd
skystyler: I chose Cheney in front of Broughton. Broughton has already beat Cheney's score.
Prospector: @Simon, it was thanks to footycool.
bachar43: im beat my opponent by 275 points i got s.j and pavo and his got ablet (c) s.j and haselbey. Who wins ???
costas80: thanks aces :-)
Tonche: 10 dinky handballs 3m off the pack (and yes, I am bitter I dont have him)
holygrail: dream team also have chapman on 57
essendonfc: go on superfooty costas80
hawks32: pav -3 in sc for the 2nd quarter wtf!
HynzieStud: pavlich was on more at qrt time then half time wtf?
JimmyB23: skystyler you are crap, why would u pick cheney over broughton?
mitch72704: Anyone got Selwood's SC score?
darcy: I hope the Cats don't break away too fast, bigger bodies though around the ball ... Enright for 150
bombersfan: Why would u choose cheney instead of broughton
winty: so you'd be happy to lose a grand final after giving it your all would you asglongden?
zombine: i had to play broughton and glass had no option, getting 100 from both
steven_ora: bachar youll dominate him y ask
bachar43: beating*
emo emus: bartel at 7-1 for most possys looking good?
Mutters: I made the same mistake Skystyler :-(
jasondevo: me and my opponent are goin rite doen to the wire
soicanchat: can someone tell me where the live blog is on superfooty?
skystyler: coz Cheney was playing the bombers. duh!
juddiee :): sellwood on 32 sc
asglongden: oh no winty, he was crying because he lost the norm smith at least as much as the grand final. make no mistake. read pls
mitch72704: Selwood's SC score
Mutters: Cheney V Ess ort Broughton V Geelong. Why do u reckon???
mitch72704: Thanks
YourAGun: quarter by quarter sc scores arent accuarate pavlich could not have got -3
Chadwiko: jasondevo, same. it's all going to come down to Ablett. He's my opponents captain. However, he also is relying on suban
darcy: Hasleby needs to lift he's gotta get close to 100
redwallis: jasondevo are you serious you can't spell down?
irishscout: im on 2390 with steve johnson captain, chapman & pavlich left
winty: so you can tell why people are crying just by looking at them asglongden?
skystyler: yeah. right. like anyone gives a crap about the Norm Smith.
juddiee :): mitch72704 sellwood is on 32 sc!!!! :)
Scratchy: asglongden he was upset about losing the GF that's all. if they'd won GF he'd have won norm smith anyway.
zombine: selwood atleast 90 sc tonight
darcy: irishscout team name
JimmyB23: irishscout ur lying
doolz: haha doEn hes ze'german
SimonOz: Tks Prospector....
hawks32: broughton must get the $ sign
steven_ora: how is hill beating broughton on sc wtf
asglongden: well winty if you have half a brain and half a clue its pretty easy. the baby wants personal accolades
zombine: broughton for star
vcgb15: ablett will finish with some huge sc score - 150+
turts111: ablett is JUNK... he's a little pig who deserves nothing...
Scratchy: redwallis the E is right next to W...give him a break
Geelong 22: sure u r irishscout
YourAGun: agree zombine
jasondevo: @ redwallis.. the 'e' is rite next to the 'w' on the keyboard.. as if anyone cares if about spellin in this chat. wtf?
grass73: go to superfooty and scroll down until u see a big green S and click that 4 sc scores each quarter...
bachar43: whos been the best playa in dis game ?
Spencie69: pavlich went flower bakwards
nfiore: i have suban captain
JSelwood09: wats pav johnos, ablett SC???
jasondevo: @ REDWALLIS... is ur team so shower that spelling is all u can talk about
Guitarded: if sum1 went from 5-80 in the last two minutes of a game , would u give them a fireball even tho they should be on 100
m0nty: I care about spelling.
costas80: reckon ablett has gotten into a handball frenzy lately. He does it too much. Isnt as damaging player as he used to be
Spencie69: ablett 40 sc at half time..
zombine: i think walters will be worth a look next year
essendonfc: wwho would you take drummond or newman?
riolipower: have a pic of yao ming for sandilands?
winty: yeah, that's why he handballs to players in space rather than running 50m and bombing goals from 60m asglongden
darcy: Duffield has 150 locked up he's so good for that comp
The Master: unfortunately for geelong they have come back to the pack a bit, one loss for the year could quite possibly be the big o
jasondevo: lol monty.. even in chat?
Spencie69: was that at me monty?
Xavier: ablett is forced to handball with players hanging off him...
hawkey02: ablett only 40 SC way below average
hawks32: vcgb15 wishful thinking!!!
darcy: Xavier true but his give and go means he double's his stats everytime !
therescav: half time- time to grab a hungry jacks whopper
costas80: I just reckon Ablett should kick a bit more. I agree that he does find players in space well with hbs
Scratchy: spelling is not the same as the odd typo anyway. as long as what you write in chat makes sense...
doolz: gaj will dominate the 2nd half u muppers. 140sc
commers: i need gazza to get 143 What do you think?
Sexygirg: m0nty, who's looking at the gun right now?
darcy: Glen Jakovich needs a spud
Sheve25: therescav did u get paid 2 say that
Scratchy: yeah i'm off the belief that GAJ will come out firing in the 2nd half
barca: Pav + Sandilands gun
barca: or chappy first to hit ton
MotlopFan1: why does everyone always repeat themselves...i dont like reading the same conversations over and over
asglongden: a kick i50 is much more effective than a useless handball. despite the fact its not labelled as "efficient" a lot
Prospector: gun? looks like chappy so far?
limp: turts111, Gaz won't get 143. U should b happy if he get !00+
Bryce08: DeBoer is a gun
mitch72704: Selwood minus 3 already, flower!
Guitarded: who will u giv the gun to lol
bombers15: selwood lift lift
daniel_4tw: why didn't i start deboer over selwood?
redwallis: give jackovich the spud
Spencie69: flowering hell seelwood you shower tnuc
soicanchat: goal to freo
therescav: gun for ling i reckon
darcy: Byrnes gain jesus !
therescav: and at this star for byrnes
bombers15: why does everyone always repeat themselves...i dont like reading the same conversations over and over
Prospector: byrnes a lot of class
zaqwsx1221: flower u ablet u cow
Lids12: i am 145 points up in SC with Stevie J, Selwood and Hill left; my opponent has Stevie J (c) and Chappy. Will i win?
JSelwood09: Byrnes is actually a really good player. great goal to him
redwallis: gun looks like pavlich so far
Sexygirg: Go Freo, keep going!
Fearsam: how much is chappy worth in DT at the moment?
Scratchy: sandilands gun byrnes star if he keeps it up
limp: Ablett, pls kick some goals
Spencie69: flower i hate people with that "will i win?" bullshower
vcgb15: ablett will get 70 pts or something in the 4th, and you won't know where they came from but they'll be there at the end
darcy: Gazza again with the nothing handball ! Bartel jesus he's cheap
lloydie: im on 2679 for dt. is this a good score? will i win?
The Master: sorry lids12 you're gone
Prospector: chappy bringing selwood into the game
grass73: go selwood 4 f sake
ocat1979: that -3 fir selwood was a stat correction you knobs
m0nty: Umps give Geelong players an eternity to get rid of the footy.
turts111: ablett is over-rated JUNK
Clint-84: Bartel should have never won a brownlow
smithy_9: pavlich easy bog so far
Sexygirg: I wonder whats going on with Selwood?
footycool: cause there geelong players m0nty :)
winty: STFU turts....we heard you the first 1000 times you said that
footycool: he deserved it Clint-84
bombers15: Bartel loves junking it up as much as Dane Swan
grass73: geelong r the protected species monty...
jasondevo: @ MONTY... we already knew that... theyve always had a lot of help form the umpires
MotlopFan1: Umps love Geelong
hawks32: go selwood!!
zombine: selwood is flowering
mattrix: mundy got rid of that..
qqaaxx: keep it up Selwood
MarksMen: Go Enright and Corey !!!....Stop Ablett
darcy: LOL at Chapman not being able to kick
jeremyg: Darcy..u still have me by 27pts! closing tho
daniel_4tw: mooney is a spud. he only stars when geelong are on fire
Juzz85: kick a friggin goal chapo!
fossburger: ablett is better than the entire fremantle team put together
GOGOS2GAJ!: mundy wake up and mackie too!
footycool: Mundy :(
limp: Gaz needs to get some marks. If not he won't touch 100
mikle: c'mon ablett. get it back
MotlopFan1: lloydie, you'll win the troll award
BHLowe: if it wasn't for selwood i would get 2100 dt
footycool: Selwood is playin footy now
darcy: sj !!!!!!
SankDog: nothing is happening with Selwood. He is just getting beaten.
hawks32: why does ablett need marks to make 100???
lozisleg: go mundy
smithy_9: reality check for mundy, was only as matter of time
Keza41: same BHLowe... and i had bowden and goodwin out
darcy: Damn ... LOL at Suban
Loonerty2: Come on Milburn
Jim Bean: Why the flower is Ablett camping at FF again?? The the flower back intik the centre
rustyc: The Frockers getting the rub of the green with umpires in a fairly major way
lozisleg: comon stevie j get 90
grass73: selwood pickin up now :)
footycool: Nice Bartel :)
hawks32: this could get ugly for freo!!!
richskee: F U ablett!
BHLowe: selwood has had 11 touches 10 handballs though
Arky: Mundy & selwood v Corey & broughton I'm dying here
RigPerfect: Ablett get a flowering move along!
thollo: go s.j get 145
jasondevo: all ablett does these days is just handball.. it has no effect
darcy: Come on Hasleby !
MotlopFan1: cmon chappy
daniel_4tw: need geelong to play better coz i need that junk time!
tom_rox2: imnot a happy chappy
1kendog: lucky i changed captain from selwoof
1kendog: lucky i changed captain from selwood
mikle: keep on goin milburn
Jim Bean: Broughton and Hill are stat-padding each other! Brilliant!
darcy: Bartel for Hasleby next round me thinks
buggler: another ablett handball
hawks32: why does everyone want ablett to get a move on, when every one in sc has him?
lozisleg: cmon abellet
bombers15: does anyone else think Duffield looks like a duck?\
fossburger: in what way is kicks more effective than handballs jasondevo? your a spud...
limp: Ablett. Pls get some more touches.
darcy: dropping the ball ! are you joking
jasondevo: cmon lets go hill.. fire up
zaqwsx1221: nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga
Arky: Geez I wish I had broughton on the field at this point
sy88: i don't have ablett, and i've made a point not to have him :)
lozisleg: luckly i didnt put gaz as captain
m0nty: dunno how you can say that rusty, Geelong getting s dream run IMO
corza21: wat r u doing hill
juliann: cmon enright and bartel
Juddanator: zaqwsx1221 thats offensive you herogat
Bartel: great work broughton. Keep it up. Bartel please get to 125 ok.
therescav: continue to do poor ablett : )
daniel_4tw: bombers15, duckfield
jasondevo: @ FOSSBURGER.. Let me know the day when a handball through the big sticks counts as a goal
buggler: WHAT ON EARTH is suban doing?!?
Antz: God junior needs to kick a couple of goals to break 100 SC points for the match
tiger09: enright has done jack since the first quater as per usual
Davids: ablett lift ur my captain
Juddanator: ban the bastard zaqwsx1221, monty.
cptFantasy: give sy88 the spud
MotlopFan1: fossburger, cant get a goal with a handball, cant go as far...
limp: I don't feel confortable the way Gaz is getting his DT points.
ocat1979: seeya later zaqwsq
kuraban: Once again we see that there's one set of rules for Geelong, and one for everybody else...
corza21: buggler Subans doing nothing
darcy: Pavlich FF :) Spud up Bradley he's shower
qqaaxx: Keep it up Mackie
tom_rox2: shut the flower up zaqwsx1221
t0mm0: international maritine organisation m0nty?
Leesa: a kick travels further!
buggler: oh great, he was taken high but then it was play on
MotlopFan1: why did i put geary on over broughton
billski_on: I think it would be best for everyone if Bartell fails for the rest of the game
darcy: Nice drop SJ :) Varcoe with the speed !
Spencie69: do something ablett BE LIKE THE JUDD
bachar43: m0nty, why dont u give the players spud symbols anymore ?
30Spartans: Dam you Broughton and all your cheap marks!
uncy duncy: subans having a smoke in the forward pocket
Clint-84: cmon GAJ at least hit 100 to justify ur Captaincy
vcgb15: its funny when people without ablett bag him out as a bad investment when he plays average
Lids12: hill is doin pretty well, might keep him now...
zombine: broughton, johnsona and selwood, 2 good appples one bad apple
Bartel: suban +3 its a miracle
daniel_4tw: theyll stole subans kick :(
fossburger: @ JASONDEVO... and you tell me the day a goal is scored from geelong without a handball being involved in the play
sy88: just because i don't have ablett? that's pretty harsh cpt...
Arky: I am watching one of my own bench players sink me in elim, geez
Jim Bean: slow down johnson
footycool: Go Captain Bartel
winty: floodgates are about to open here
tiger09: go Greggy tonne it up again
MrAwesome: step up bartel ur my cap
limp: Pls inform us if Ablett gets some touches.
grass73: wtf enright going down ??? frees against?
m0nty: even when the ump gives a free to Freo he stuffs it up with a bulldust advantage
killanite: Do something ABLETT! TODAY PLEASE
occdaddy: slow down pav,broughton and bartel
sarji123: gary ablett scored with no handballs in 9 seconds!!!!!
rustyc: Cats starting to assert their superiority
irishscout: good to see enright doing f.uck all again after the first quarter. i have him. he always starts well then does nothing
lozisleg: selwood and mooney and gazza get points
darcy: OMG Ablett had a kick !!! Broughton is a freak glad I started him over Grima now
hendi-19: fossburger abletts 9 sec goal against the dees?
MotlopFan1: fossburger, you tell me a goal when a kick isnt involved in the play ;)
bachar43: how much will selwood drop in dt price ?
Scratchy: fossburger: how about when Ablett grabbed the ball from the tap, ran to 50 and scored in 9 seconds ;)
Leesa: stick to basketball fossburger
sleary: come on abbo
Lids12: hope StevieJ gets above 100 but doesn't dominate too much, my opponent has him as captain
footycool: m0nty some sour grapes there??
jamzee123: AHH plz stop sj cuz my elim opponent is mowing me down with him, LIFT MUNDY!
zombine: the umpires are shockingly biased today
uncy duncy: wats wrong with selwood m0nty?
reubenk: johnson and sandilands at the top...captain & v.c.
RigPerfect: Wow Ablett did something!
Bartel: wow i say it again my elim battle is so tight anyone here 'Chenicimo'?
Jim Bean: GO Bartle, Ablett (C), Broughton, Hill and Chappy!
harky: gr8 3 i got sandi, broughton, and stevie j
kappa619: come on ablett
footycool: :), Bartel, u r a absolute GUN!
darcy: Don't complain about gazza i got rid of him :(
Xie54: heaps accurate kicking... not.
BHLowe: yes broughton was replacing drummond hoping to get 20 less he night get a ton
Ablett Jnr: Hey Monty, I can hear your crying from Subi
jasondevo: @ FOSSBURGER... u lsoe
chadwick: fire off enright.
jasondevo: KEEP GOIN Hill...
fossburger: i hate basketball..... it is the worst sport invented.... it sux balls
tiger09: damn you Bartel was hoping to pick you up next week. Pls dont get your BE of 108 =\
bachar43: how much will JOEL SELWOOD drop in dt pricee ?
darcy: Hasleby come onnnnnnnnn
Jim Bean: Slow the flower down Stevie J and Pavvy! flower!
Ablett Jnr: Just because Hawthorn cant get into the top 4 because they cant rush behinds and hold players out of the play anymore
teamcat: jamzee, whats your elims opponents name? teamcatfish?
jasondevo: well done stevie j... stop scorin sandilands!!!!!!
Prospector: selwood swine flu - too much time on plane next to ling
ocat1979: pav 3 possies in 20 secs
Macca9: Tarrant is killing it.
darcy: tiger09 I agree ! Come on Enright wake up
Tandy: 2 marks bartel? Weak
Chadwiko: My elim battle is going to result in a huge upset win for me by the looks of things thanks to Selwood and Ablett
Scratchy: Ablett Jnr get off fanfooty and start kicking the ball!
nathan._: broughton,pav, stevie j and bartel helping my crap week
footycool: no tiger8, bartel will get 108 and more!
tom_rox2: pavlich!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tima14: lol sandi and pav just had a massive passage of play
kappa619: i got ablett-captain, hill, broughtan, sandlilands fire up!!
Jim Bean: Ling striking, will be reported
m0nty: no wonder GAJ isn't scoring, he's whinging on FF chat! :D
pascoe: stevie just got riped by a bump, hahhahaaa
buddyforpm: I need 150 from Johnson, Bartell and Hill for the rest of the game to win league - what chance ?
jasondevo: selwoods B/E was 105
Xie54: three highest scorers all freo now
Bartel: anyone here called CHENICIMO?
darcy: Duffield goals ... game on
Bryce08: get going selwood for crying out loud!!!
yuhalo101: ayy why is wojinski not playin ????
Macca9: haha GAJ cheap possesions as per usual.
MarksMen: cmon F
footycool: Hill is a star and IMO a keeper
darcy: Hasleby SC any1
buggler: maybe ablett is trying to get his price lower so he can pick himself up on DT?
dylan123: lift ablett u spud, come on mundy and selwood get hte dam ball
MarksMen: cmon Freo !!!!!!!!!!
Didaaaaaak: whoever lingy punched went down like a sack of leigh browns
Prospector: buddy4pm - NO
bachar43: can someone explain to me wat exactly breakeven is ?
tiger09: Duff goal
Arky: About 20 down in elim, if selwood and mundy fire up i could still squeak it
darcy: Pav pwning Ling :) make him power ! HASBEY GOLLLLLLLLLL COME ON
MotlopFan1: buggler, he would already have himself :P
Will[Dog]: 66 needed from pavlich, broughton and stevie to get my first 2000, ive gotten 1900's 5 times already
bachar43: buggler hahah
lozisleg: comon gaz
dylan481: haslby 33 sc at ht
klmtiger: i have stevie j, corey, ablett(c), enright pavlich and selwood
zombine: selwood to junk up
redwallis: GOOO failmantle
bombers15: Lingy will be in trouble for that punch
rustyc: Wow, umpires at it again
shappy3: come on stevie.j
Macca9: go freo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
gonzy: because he is selfish
DeSTRoYeR: gg hill GG SANDILANDS!!! eff off johnson ad bartel, YES GAJ im the only one in DT without him he finally has an avg game
jeremyg: haselby shot on goal
darcy: drills it ! freo are in this big time
bombermann: i hav pav :) , i hav chappy :) , i hav selwood :(
3.votes: P. Duffield... 3 Votes!!!
footycool: bachar43- a B/E is a score a player needs to get to avoid going down in price
jamezz: buggler LOL true
twal666: I wish i could get GAJ down to the farm cos he's a great sheepdog
hawks32: selwood is having his worst game of his career
Xie54: breakeven is what a player needs to score to hold their current price
greennick: Nice work by Freo, but they will still lose...
m0nty: That was a charity one though.
jeremyg: haselby goals
Ryderrr: ablett is costing me my match..
jaybo123: Cmon Captain Duffield improve your SC score by actually hitting targets!!! nice goal tho my liege
sanchez: duffman best pick ive ever done from start of season
t0mm0: keep lifting haselby
TC4ST: cumon freo! put these chokers away!
Oxym0ron: breakeven is good...not to breakeven is bad
Prospector: bachar - not exactly its a fudge
evan01: cmon ablett +30 in last 7 mins
Ablett Jnr: Yeah, that sure was a bias decision there wasnt it Monty?
tomsdons: willdog u suck
cam022: ling in deep poooo!
Scratchy: ive SJ GAJ JB mackie, and broughton on the bench on track to be my 2nd or 3rd best back this week
kappa619: ablett u bettr get 100 or im selling u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
*Higgins*: no one cares what u have bombermann
zombine: be is calculated from an algorithm based on a player's initial value and performances up to that point(being rd11)
bachar43: ohh ok, thnx footycool
The Swert: argh my opponent has sandi, pav, broughton, hill, johnson and bartel :(
klmtiger: LIMG ON PAV tag
tomsdons: cmon ablett mate
footycool: Ling tv m0nty?
royzboyz: lift mackie lift!
liamlizza1: m0nty, TV icon for Ling...
uncy duncy: whens the last time selwood touched the ball?
darcy: nice sanchez hes best back in sc behind goddard i think? is enright for real come on !
mitch72704: Lol at everyone relying on Ablett to make their score respectable
limp: Will Ablett score this qrt?
Ablett Jnr: Geelong beat Brisbane by 92 points. How many did Hawthorn beat them by? Oh.....that's right
GOGOS2GAJ!: wake up gaj get 65 by 3Qt
Prospector: plenty of time for ling to get over the flu
Jacko69: Freo getting on top
jasondevo: cmon hill pick it up
kuraban: Not really biased... looked like one of the many that Stevie J gets week after week...
darcy: Gazza contested handball again ! BALLLLLLLLLLLL UMPIRWE WTF
30Spartans: monty s.thornton has been tagging milburn for the whole game!
3.votes: rosario!!!
footycool: y do the crowd hate ling?
long_john: FFS i have GAJ c and my opp has Corey and we are dead level. motherflower
sullitons: higgins is the best player in the afl
Macca9: GO mcpharlin!
darcy: mcpharlin !!!!!!!!!!!
Xie54: subiaco crowd going nuts
occdaddy: mOnty plz put scarlett spud
bombermann: comon selwood 65 plz, that would be a good recovery
hawks32: ablett is the best player in the comp and people are hanging crap on him, its a joke!!!
kappa619: ablett got points yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
redwallis: mcfailan better kick it
Bryce08: i hate you selwood
SimonOz: Loving this Freo - keep it up boys
footycool: Bartel :) and he hasnt even had his 4th QTR surge
jamzee123: ARGH cmon geelong y not killing freo
St!ck: cant tell the difference b/w pierce and broughton and chapman and johnson...ffs
Frankdagun: listen to the crowd... subi would be a great place to play footy
kuraban: Some weeks I'm not sure if SJ is trying to win an Oscar, or a place on the Olympic diving team...
irishscout: corey enright is s.hit
Arky: all I needed was selwood and mundy to score about the same as Corey and broughton arghhbhhhh
Jacko69: Gogos did u change your name
jasondevo: judd is the best... no questions asked
rifkib: When freo get into Geelong, Geelong turn into Jelly
TheoX: you are a flower ablett
RigPerfect: I have Ablett as SC and DT Captain.....Flowering hell...
Anzac: ablett best player in the comp... i dont think so judd is
redwallis: mcPHAILin
Ablett Jnr: You'd think Monty would be able to relate to Ling. You'd think theyd be best buds
Chasta: Lift Pav,Gazza,Rooke,Suban,Selwood,Mumford Go SJ,Corey,Chappy,Sandilands,Broughton,De Boer
hsvcr8: Is Selwood a chance to scroe 100?
*Higgins*: sullitons: true..all australian for sure
footycool: listen to that crowd
chadwick: ablett aint best player, bartel is better
3.votes: rosario!!!
TheoX: burn in hell ablett you scum herogot
kappa619: whats ablett on in sc any1
Ablett Jnr: We all know why Monty loves Cheny so much at the start of the year
seanmorr: gazza will still get 100
BHLowe: mcpharlin needed to kick that
Lakey91: come on mundy and mackie!
yuhalo101: who here has selwood as cap????
Juzz85: cos hes just an ugly bloke maybe
Juddanator: jasondevo i agree 100%
tbanger: One bad game for Ablett and everyone's against him... ease up
Spencie69: chris judd is the best in the AFL, then riewoldt
CrozaN: cmon lift selwood and mackie!
BHLowe: this is like a replay of stkilda carlton!!!
darcy: 4 tackles good for enright sc :) come on Hasleby to 60 !
Macca9: bartel is no where near ablett, u moron chadwick
tom_rox2: chasta your hero
gerry01: ablett may only be on 52 in dt but i'm sure he's on 150 in sc
Xie54: That's what you get for waking up in vegas
Prospector: hsvetc 100 is hard to scroe
mjbt: Ablett has been the best player in the league three years running full stop
hsvcr8: me
MarksMen: Go Enright and Corey !!!....Stop Ablett
Davids: ablett ur shower
limp: Ablett ahs 17 handballs. That's bad for his DT points.
daniel_4tw: why is selwood doing nothing?
dogs_coke: priddis is best player in comp
hawks32: ablett is in a star midfield and beats everyone of them every week, ablett is the best!!!
jasondevo: just discretely... 'lets go freo, lets go'
Will[Dog]: 49 to go COME ON!!!!
footycool: Bartel is miles ahead of Bartel, in terms of skill
dillon: Lift GAJ what is this?
Chasta: tom_rox2 ????????????
gonzy: you are kidding your self Anzac
cdiprose: gerry01 .. you would be wrong then
McSniff: broughton is made for DT
bombers15: Duffield racking up
grass73: ablett is a gun so is judd who cares ...
tale: floweren cows
Applecross: so who else has Suban?
Ablett Jnr: People who dont believe ablett is good dont actually watch him play. They just look at his stats
Kazakhstan: fu selwood
twal666: Ablett is far from the best in the AFL, Gets easy possy's, not damaging enough
lolitsgaz: come on suban, scarlett, rooke, walters, blake, foster, milburn!!
MarksMen: is game on in Melbourne beside fox? Reply ?
YourAGun: damit i have selwood as captain in sc
Xie54: brilliant mark de bor
Daza7792: Ablett was on 40 at half time in where near 100 in sc this qt =[
andy otten: ablett can do anything judd can do but better
Bezerk: selwood is killing meeee. he injured?
buggler: suban!!!
Macca9: footycool: Bartel is miles ahead of Bartel, in terms of skill, you're a muppet.
tom_rox2: chasta is a wonka
Jim Bean: Umpire is rubish today. Deserves the Trash can.
nathan._: bartell is miles ahead of bartel footycool?
dons4eva23: yes footycool
Bartel: Suban please get 30, you costing me my eliminator at the moment mate!
Anzac: lol gonzy im not judd is a superstar
hawks_92: only on fox
soicanchat: marksmen - no
tigermania: never pick ablett as captain against fremantle ever
jasondevo: Broughton is the next bowden.. the next 'cheap half backlne kicker'
footycool: i meant ablett Macca9 :D
Xie54: enright a couple of cheap uncontested marks in three mins from a kick in
hsvcr8: SELWOOD PLEASE!!!!! Get involved son
jock007: wtf joel selwood, what happened??
uncy duncy: flower selwood!!!!
The Swert: schammer's made so many ineffective kicks
Lids12: im meant to be studying for exams, but will probs go watch the last quarter...
jaybo123: OMG duffman your a machine... i heart u duffield
sullitons: jim bean ya hero
MarksMen: soicanchat...thanks
Chasta: Look tyaself tom_rox2 talkin yaself up
jock007: cmon hasleby
tale: floweren cows
delish: It shows that if you tag ablett he doesnt influence thet game as much....
ADROCK: Come on Bairstow, where are ya?
skdown: omfg selwood, get a touch
Xie54: happy chappy lining up for behind number 4
daniel_4tw: far out. 10 points up in eliminator. comeon selwooooood
limp: I need Ablett to score goals. I will in trouble in the Eliminator if he don't.
rustyc: go cahppie
Will[Dog]: come on i need 49 from Pav,Broughton and Stevie!!!!
McSniff: was ken hinkley a late withdrawal?
ADROCK: Come on Couch, lift lift lift
jaybo123: But on a more serious note Hurry the flower up and win Geelong!!!
seanmorr: is selwood on anyone?
nickyt: wtf ablett?
footycool: 4 more Bartel
jamzee123: mundy and johnson are loing my my elim
MrAwesome: come on bartel get 100
Spencie69: ablett clearly wouldn't risk his looks to go on the field with a broken nose andyotten you flowering l0ser, judd would
kappa619: 2 more 4 ablett yes
*Higgins*: terrible kick chappy
Macca9: come on freo! flower the cats!
Jim Bean: come on chappy! 0.2 from 3!
Keza41: what's going on with chapman?
jasondevo: stop scorin pavlich + sandilands... me and my opponent are rite down to the wire
RooBoy: I have pavlich, broughton and SJ but i also have ablett (c) selwood and *sigh*....suban
craigib: cmon hasleby beat ablett
andy otten: delish, ablett has been tagged every game this year, this has been his only bad game, ur wrong
uncle_muss: so glad i changed captain from scarlett to duffield this week
BHLowe: even though i hav already won my elimanator my oponent has selwood as captain
roddy17: GAJ, (C), chappy mackie and hill, could be good, could be shoit
Chadwiko: Is anyone here 'Represado' in the eliminator?
tale: flower off ablett you fat little cow
raph16: wats the eliminator
J-Ro: is selwood even out there?
Rowdy69: is gary gets under 80..i will be so powered...i go for swan instead of him last week and ablett this week and look now
William: come on brownless!
teamcat: bartel get some cheapies.
Chasta: agree *Higgins*
tiger09: lol Chappy
St!ck: why would u say something offensive like that crozan...ban him i reckon monty that crozan guy jeeeez
jasondevo: bartel will fire up in the last and finish on around about 125
daniel_4tw: why cant ablett be more like duffield
evan01: i hate you selwood..and please ablett get 50 in last qtr!!!!!!!
bachar43: broughtan dollar sign
nathan._: is broughton on?
yogibbear: YES!!!!! Ablett doing average = i win eliminator!!!! OMFG!!!! Pavlich, SJ, Broughton, Corey ALL LEGENDS!
ADROCK: Come on Robert Scott
tale: oi monty mate]
hawks_92: its okay, you can say powered..
pascoe: goal suban!
MarksMen: soicanchat...thanks
Rowdy69: suban!
Macca9: woooooooooooooooo freo
therescav: suban goal
lozisleg: cmomn mooney kepp going mate
Jim Bean: suuuuban~!
chaddy: ablett will end up with 30 possies.
teamcat: suuuuuubannnnn
Bryce08: suban!!!
buggler: suban!!!!
Xie54: SUBAN!!! Carn Shockers
ADROCK: Go Buddha you hairy beast
jasondevo: freo goal!!!
occdaddy: keep spuddin around ablett
Didaaaaaak: subaaaaan!!!!
dillon: Freo goal
footycool: i think bartel got a tackle just there
Willis: suban gun
cdiprose: give sandi the star now ..he is getting 3 BL votes this game
Guitarded: carn shamdog
dylan123: wow ablett 21 touch for only 54, i hope he gets lots of junk time last quarter
Juzz85: I hate the way freo only play well against good teams...bunch a noobs
MarksMen: Cmon Freo, so many ppl will be knocked out of last man standin if u win !!!
royzboyz: what is mackie doin
footycool: Hill:)
adnS: give ablett the spud!!
daniel_4tw: suban racking them up
delish: spencie you spot on Judd is a much better player than Ablett, Judd goes in hard and Gaz wont get the hardball like judd
Will[Dog]: come on 42 to go !!!
tale: shower
bombers15: i play against Represado in my league
J-Ro: good work suban... only 70 more dt points to go
Wadey#5: I need Selwood 2 Lift
Axel Foley: who said suban was a dud?
Athomas: Mundy and Selwood ffs. lol @ Ablett. :)
Padfoot: Mundy 6 points since QT...WTF!!!!!!!!!!!
Macca9: hill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pascoe: goal hill!!!!!!
cam022: hill
qqaaxx: how long left in the qt?
Xie54: carn dockers
Jim Bean: s hillll!!!!
grass73: is selwood playing????
evan01: hilllll goalallalalalalalall
flashi: selwood and mackie killing me
Bryce08: STEPHEN HILL YOU GUN!!!!!! Amazing
mattrix: this is a huge effort from a young freo team....
steven_ora: any1 think of putting sandi captain
footycool: hillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
buggler: !!!!
Didaaaaaak: hill!!!!
mitch72704: Is Selwood still breathing?
SimonOz: Freooooooooooooo
kzed: Selwood has destroyed my SC
cdiprose: Hill !
corza21: missed to jimmy bartel tackles
kingcarey: anyones dt league page working?
dillon: Hill goal
bombers15: hiiiiiiiiiiiillllllll
Chasta: Hi Wadey#5
bachar43: close game :|
jasondevo: goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
MarksMen: gO gO gO fREO
Bezerk: selwood has to get 50 points in the last quarter lol >< and pavlich needs to do shower..
MotlopFan1: lets go chappy :D
asglongden: agreeeee! juddy > ablett.
Spencie69: yep and ablett obviously dosent like kicking much does he?
kappa619: if freo win this will be the biggest upset evr
blake2412: awsum goal!!!
pete82: selwood and ablett absolutely killing me at the mo
tomsdons: EQUAL its nice sugar
TC4ST: hill! ram that up your choking alpss you flowering chit cowers geelong!
Timbo2702: 10 seconds left in Q
ADROCK: Not over the Hill!
footycool: go Bartel
Johnooo123: hillllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
Ryderrr: chapman has been so selfish this game
MrAwesome: there would b someone who put sandi as cap
mjbt: Ablett having a shocker - will probably finish with 35 touches - Judd is ordinary by comparison
delish: Fre potentialy may have a few All Australians... Pav, Tarrent, and Duffield if lucky.
bachar43: are u serious ??????????????????
Jim Bean: Oh hi Didak, Good game you had last night : )
steven_ora: freo freo way to go we r the freo dockers!!
Wadey#5: Hi Chasta!!
jamzee123: flower bet on geel by + 40 wat is this :(
grass73: u r costing me a game selwood u asshole..
MotlopFan1: lol tie
blake2412: freo wont win
ADROCK: we've got the close one!!!
Spencie69: well at least mark thompson has to put ablett in the centre now, biggest pretender arrogant coach
dt_king: dont worry freo are the official chokers of the afl
footycool: Mundy 60, Hill 85, Bartel 120,Selwood 60, Cmon guys, u can do it
Macca9: $5.50 fremantle, JUMP ON IT!
MrAwesome: go bartel
steven_ora: give selwood spud
MarksMen: gO gO gO fREO
dids: need cats +25 for my multi, ffs
kingcarey: freo will choke
Keza41: was set to get 2100 before this game...struggling to get 2000 now! lift selwood and enright!
tomsdons: Why cant Geelong play at Subiaco
Lids12: remember how close they got last year, pavlich hit the post to lose the game
Bezerk: omg flower off pavlich
Jim Bean: Gazzza mate, HUGE 4th needed from you. Seriously. Jimmy and Chappy 120+, Hill and Broghts 100+
Chasta: You should be up here Wade last qrter ask ur mum
Xie54: Last year Palmer delivered to Pav lace out... this year it will be Hill lace out to Pav for the win
corza21: they have missed 2 bartel tackles
MotlopFan1: cmon the draw XD
limp: EVery1 thinks I should win Easily. Ablett(c) to beat Mundy + haselby + 15. I have doubt now.
Bryce08: stephen hill you STAR
darcy: Come on Sj beat Chappy this game please mate ! what a game
Spencie69: mark thompson - "oo we don't need ablett in the centre oo" and now freo are almost beating them, ablett to have 50pt qtr
*Higgins*: geelong will win by 25
asglongden: "judd is ordinary by comparison" ? Judd with a broken nose influenced a game. ablett is crying with rough treatment..
steven_ora: u would think subi suits geelong because its a wide ground???
kingcarey: its in their culture
Anzac: hve bartel,selwood,mackie and chapman vs sandi + 79 points in the last quarter wat r my chances
REXPECT: ablett 3 kicks 18 handballs lol
footycool: any1 still have hill like me?
doolz: haha JON over gaj what an insult
The Swert: mark blake is doing better than selwood lol
Chadwiko: Keza Enright is 18 points below his average. With a whole quarter to go. Calling him to lift is stupid
Will[Dog]: come to 43 to go wif 3 players!!!
kzed: Come on Freo!!
TigerBob: i need 84 point win from duffield haselby stevie j and suban over sandilands, can it be done
delish: Yea true Freo chocke heaps.... Pav has missed more than 1 goals right in front on the siren and they lost.
rus_ling: Garry ablett has one bad game and getting tagged briently, he must suck.
penguins00: Ablett > jasondevo
zombine: geelong lose to fremental boy that would be a suprise
smithy_9: geelong to win this game based purely on free kicks
nuge02: Cats better win how they looking on tv?
Keza41: c'mon enright and selwood! need 10 points between you guys this quarter
Ablett Jnr: Hey Monty. How'd the Hawks go last week? Beat Brisbane did they? At home? Geelong scraped a win against them
nickyt: need ablett to step up this qtr, could still get his ton
winty: 21 more touches than an armchair warrior like you REXPECT
MotlopFan1: lol at everyone thinking they're a better coach than thompson
ADROCK: Michael Walters, Career over, never been any good, remeber when he was young, dud
Clint-84: GAJ is no longer perma captain
Bryce08: selwood is losing to freaking mumford
yogibbear: corey + 133 vs. sandilands, enright, 2 x ablett last quarter
MackA: flowerkk its selwood, mackie and pav + 100 vs ablett (c), duffield, sandi, chappy and suban
m0nty: get back on the ball Ablett Jnr
simpsndonk: you all know geelong will win by 8 goals
Kazakhstan: holy crap @ team scores
kzed: Walters dissappointing after last game
dt_king: last time freo played geelong at home pav hit the post with seconds on the clock for the win
Ryderrr: anyone who has a big impact this quarter will score huge in SC
therescav: lol monty, ablett jnr owned you!
MotlopFan1: ablett witht finish with 100 exactly
roddy17: ablett still 120ish SC
nuge02: ablett jnr shut up and learn something
Bartel: I think im gone in elim now (Grrr). Hill killed me in that quarter. Need Bartel(c)Sub,Pav,Bro to score 138 more than
buggler: cmon suban 9 more points and you'll beat spuddy franklin
chadwick: dam ablett captain, never does well against freo should have had jimmony bob
pj_brown42: mundy u b!tch get a kick u hero
REXPECT: lol winty, you got ablett as captain this week? su.cked in champ, handball me a beer hahaahah
The Swert: schammer and deboer have done v. well on ablett and selwood
smithy_9: joel corey is so under rated its not funny
toleman10: monty i thort the ling punch was on suban
darcy: Ablett is flowered freo have this they just need to finish them off early
MotlopFan1: Clint, hes had one average game
HynzieStud: sc any1
Bartel: Hill + Duffield. Bartel needs to get me about 60 this quarter. Cmon Bartel!
Wadey#5: Talk 2 me Chasta.. Go jimmy
darcy: pav sc will be massive hes already got the star for me
Clint-84: this is twice he's let me down this year
simpsndonk: macfarlane cant kick for crap
Ablett Jnr: People forget about last year so easily....Freo challenged Geelong then as well
Chasta: why isnt my name comin up monty???
ADROCK: Ablett is by FAR, the best player in the game, [-------BY THIS MUCH-------]
Giants: selwood!
footycool: go jimmy bartel
chadwick: 21 touches for ablett, just no marks or tackles
delish: No way Ablett wont break 65...- MONTY REMEMBER THAT!
heydo: need selwood 2 get 5 points 2 win
Clint-84: i think SWAN could be the new perma captain
ADROCK: [---------------this much----------------------]
cdiprose: sandi was on 90 sc at half time and he hasn't slowed down .. sandi for the star
Lids12: Me: Selwood, Stevie J, Hill + 145 vs Opponent: Stevie J (C), Chapman; do you think i can win?
1kendog: sc scores fellas?
chadwick: ablett gets too many 1-2 cheap handballs. bartel is a better player IMHO
lozz15: cmon geelong
bombers15: chadwick: is your last name actually chadwick????
jasondevo: i mite just hang on to win... i need a bit of luck
yogibbear: freo always challenge the eventual winners... they just suck at everything else... e.g. beating eagles when eagles won
Lakey91: i need mundy the crab to have a big last quarter.
smithy_9: monty pav must get the start, fre would lose by 10 goals without him
Jim Bean: HUUGE junk-time require from Bartel and Gablett and Hill and Broughton. Chappy, just keep going.
roddy17: Clint-84, GAJ, 150ish there or there abouts since rd.1 2007. except 2 times against freo at subi. and injuries
klmtiger: wheres millsy123 gone these days? he always use to be talking. never see him anymore
Wadey#5: it is now chasta
winty: try 2 tackles chadwick
delish: chadwick: 21 touches for ablett, just no marks or tackles--- Judd tackles and gets his hands dirty unlike cheap gaz....
Spencie69: ablett is by far not the best player in the game ADROCK. just get off this site mate no one likes you
bachar43: heydo, u srs ?
Sexygirg: Ablett SC
adnS: pav gets gun, ablett gets spud
Bartel: Correction need Bartel(c),Sub,Bro,Pav to beat Hill,Duff by 128 in this last quarter. make it happen!
nickyt: cmon selwood!
darcy: here we go !!! sandi another tap ! pav clearance
heydo: yep
delish: chadwick: ablett gets too many 1-2 cheap handballs. bartel is a better player IMHO------Chadwick I love you....
black: yep that honour goes to judd
Clint-84: well a perma captain should score 100 minimum every game
Bezerk: Abeltt is a way better player then bartel lol! just cause ablett is having 1 average game lol..
evan01: anyone on here's team name ''swordfish''?
riolipower: spencie69 u serious? he's the best player in the game at the moment
lozz15: i agree, ablett is the better and will be around longer then judd will, although judds a champ abletts brilliant
kingcarey: what is abletts sc?
Johnooo123: pavlich isnt a pressure player he will hav a terrible quarter
Realist: 100 Pav first of a few I should get from this one.
Chasta: hey wade we can come pick u up to watch the footy wanna come????
jasondevo: selwoods price is gonna drop dramatically his B/E was 105
corms33: Ablett would get smashed by NDS anyday of the week. $26 for the brownlow for nicky dal, hop on it
tomsdons: ME ablett (c) selwood bartel chappy and stevie J and Pav + 250 vs Suban))) DO u guys think i can win
Big V: Hurry up GABLETT, SJ, Broughton and Pav!!!!
Sexygirg: Judd and Ablett are the 2 best in the game
ocat1979: pav raises the bat
pj_brown42: good tackles enright +8
cdiprose: G.Ablett 65 sc @ 3/4
nathan._: ablett should get the ice
Chadwiko: Gun for Stevie J, Star for Pav
footycool: YEAH!, they have bartel the points
therescav: tomsdons, no
ADROCK: Spencie, suck my balls, Ablett is a sexy man beast with the footballing talent of a God, or daddy)
Keza41: great start enright! =]
The Swert: no SC yet
Bartel: Yes Bartel! Wow need 109 more now. Cmon!
Ablett Jnr: NDS cant handle a tag you fool
uncy duncy: Selwood!!!!!!!!!
Big V: Pav the gun!!
jasondevo: bartel already startin to get hot in the last q.. 36 ses.. 8 pts
Johnooo123: pavlich isnt a presssure player he will hav a terrible last quarter
m0nty: Selwood has bought out the entire stock of those umpire footy cards I think
M/DOWNS 09: im comin whiskers
MrAwesome: bartel should be hot
Big V: my opponent have GAJ as Captain!!
delish: Monty i need to ask/suggest something to you are you here???
limp: Where is Ablett? Ie he playing forward?
darcy: pav gun and star monty !
1kendog: Selwood starting to touch the ball
Keza41: and i cracked the 2000! yay
corza21: bartel and enright on fire?
Prospector: The PAV - the delicious GUN
corneskip: give him a break m0nty he's hardly touched it
MarksMen: Go Enright and Corey !!!....Stop Ablett
Clint-84: @ Ablett Jnr GAJ hasn't handled his tag too well today!
northroos: Put Joel Corey down as a gun monty. back from injury and still dominating
footycool: Go Captain Bartel
valencia09: duffield is a gun
Chasta: wade????????????
Spencie69: ablett isn't a sexy man he is bald..........................................................
ADROCK: Spencies mum is not on this site cause she is sitting on my..........
delish: ok MONTY you should make a cheap icon...
limp: Ablett, pls lift or else u will b hated most by almost every!
cam022: selwood is raising his level
bombermann: WOOP WOOP WOOP go go go go go go go go SELWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD
darcy: enright is hot again :)
The Swert: schammer SC only 32? wtf
Ablett Jnr: Damn. Monty is sore today. Must still be crying over that loss last week
froggy74: ablett :(
1kendog: Selwood is starting to get into the game
t0mm0: ablett could cost my game!!!!!!!!come on lift you beautiful man
Giants: thats it selwood keep going!!!!!. need about 40 from you this quarter
corms33: NDS has not been able to hold a tag once this season Ablett JNR, and it was against one of the best taggers in K.corneS
Spencie69: good call you wonka, why don't you just go out and get a real root mate, coz at this rate ya never gunna get one
delish: ADROCK i dont get it, do you sell chairs??? LOL
yogibbear: joel corey +19 already?
cotch2cuz: cmon selwood..far out
M/DOWNS 09: selwood,selwood
SwampApe: Ablett = a cupie doll on chemo....
ocat1979: broughton 58 sc, pshh
corza21: hey oli
140055: does anyone have a stream for this game to watch on the net
dmagnus: solly is a gun
smithy_9: mackie deliberate umps cheating for geelong as usual
valencia09: go the flowerin dockers
Lakey91: Corey is going nuts!!! Welcome back!
darcy: Corey wow baha ! Hill wow what a game ! shame he's on the pine lol chappy FA !
Didaaaaaak: why wasn't that deliberately out of bounds by mackie!!??
therescav: flower it's good to have you back joel corey
aces-high: selwood is firing up now
bombermann: GAB 65 SC 3/4 time
Lids12: hill 88 sc :D
fev25: ablett 65 3.4 time
ocat1979: schammer has 6 clangers
Sexygirg: Cats by a point, this is good!
valencia09: dockers beat geelong, come on
Big V: Broughton reach the ton
Macca9: selwood had 30 at 3/4time, its ok, take 60 off him.
limp: !'m almost dead in the Eliminator with Ablett not firing today. He looks like has an offline day.
GOGOS2GAJ!: gaj 80 man do something!!!!!!!!
crusha9: guys we've won 1 flag in 50 years but we're the greatest team ever, dont forget
Lakey91: Your turn mackie.
Ablett Jnr: Best game freo have played all year, worst Geelong have played. Whose winning?
penguins00: lol @ all the bitter anti geelong comments
ADROCK: i eat c0 riolipower: m0onty who gets the star?
cam022: 1710 to 1711 down going into the last quarter of the round ahhhhhh!!!!!
Big V: Corey the star
Aidos: coreyyyyyyyyyy is a gun
corms33: Nick Dal Santo harshly criticised and underrated
valencia09: come on varcoe, lift
TheoX: you c unt ablett!
Dimma: if ablett gets to 90 il be very happy.
lewigie: stevie j!
darcy: sjjjjjjjjjj
Juzz85: johnson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1kendog: Cmon Mackie ur letting me down
Big V: GAJ always have a bad game against Freo
northroos: corey the star
ed_adkins: steveyyyyyyyyyy
Jim Bean: damnit johnson you piece if shower tap!
therescav: sj gets a goal
Jacko69: Johnson
Prospector: go cats
Didaaaaaak: stevie j!
footycool: Go Bartel, this is ur QTR!
roddy17: star for hill
Bryce08: stevie j!!
M/DOWNS 09: hit the 5iron
yogibbear: cracked 2000!!!!
Sexygirg: PAV the STAR!
Clint-84: GAJ is costing me crucial overall positions in both DT and SC
bachar43: pavo star, s.j gun
cotch2cuz: stevey jayyyy!!!!!
Ablett Jnr: Oh dear. Looks like Geelong are winning again. lolol.
limp: Can some1 give an update on Ablett? Why is he not geeting any touches?
flashi: hill and johnson keeping me in the game
Realist: Corey and Stevie J 2 more 100's for me. Loving this game
corms33: look out Round 14 geelong...the anticipation is killing me
sirzacka: can people stop posting what there dt scres are and everything..noone cares about how much u dont have a life
uncle_muss: wow corey. looked away for a second and hes got the ton
therescav: pretty sure mackie has not been tagging pav since the first 10 mins of this game...
ADROCK: Monty, i love this site, can i have the heart for a minute
darcy: Hasleby get back in the middle !
mattrix: geelong are having the worst game cos of the pressure from freo.. idiot....
Pfft: i reckon byrnes gets the star or duffield
skdown: i chose to get rid of either s hill or j geary this week, ditched hill and now im screwed
valencia09: johnson is doing alright, dont bag him
Giants: thats it selwood. LIFT in qtr 4 like last year!!!!
nickyt: ABLeTT!!
Macca9: another to stevie
lewigie: stevie j again!
therescav: stevie another! Junk time?
Frankdagun: sc up on hs
RigPerfect: Johnson Goal!
Leesa: i love u stevie j
Prospector: SJ again
fev25: sj again
winty: it's SJ time!!
IamBic: stevieeeeeeeeeee jjjjjjj
steven_ora: steveyj u gun so happy i bought u instead of ziebell last week
ed_adkins: steveyyy kjjjjjjj again@@#!@!!@!@!@
MotlopFan1: how many goals stevie j kicked so far?
Bryce08: stevie j!!!
Jim Bean: Johnson you flowering GOALSNEAK!]
darcy: steve johnson woooooooooooooooo another 1
Didaaaaaak: again!
yogibbear: this is awesome. pavlich, broughton, corey, steve johnson and selwood in this game for me. turned everything around.
diddley: stevie j GOOOAAALLL!!!!!!!!
Juzz85: johnson i am going to kiss u!
northroos: steve J star, joel corey gun
zombine: broughton going for a well deserved ton
valencia09: duffield is bloody cheap
Aidos: gonna crack 2200 darcy - best week ever
GOGOS2GAJ!: damn cmon freo win u sons of guns!!!!!!!!
footycool: stop having orgasims guys...GEEZ
Ablett Jnr: Oh. Geelong are dead on their feet out their. 2 goals in a row? Nah, Freo are winning this. They're the best
nuge02: go stevie win me that money
cotch2cuz: stevey!
1kendog: Cmonn Mackie stop mucking around get the ball and then get some cheap possies
aces-high: bloody johnson is gonna cost me my elimanator match
lozisleg: comon monney score a point
ocat1979: the drunken master strikes twice!!
Prospector: Watch the Cats bring it home now - I think this is the first time they've actually tried today.
dylan123: first week for ablett for me.... his sucking major gonads
valencia09: 2 fi\or SJ
uncle_muss: i love u principal skinner
winty: we'll smash the saints in round 14 corms
Big V: noooooooooooo ablettt
chappysnap: i have $50 on Geelong to win by under 39, to win $240
RigPerfect: Cmon Ablett get 100 SC!
lewigie: noones on ablett
northroos: no tag on ablett, junk time soon
jasondevo: onya stevie j.... thats it bartel.. keep junkin
Didaaaaaak: thanks for handballing it to stevie j byrnes.
daniel_4tw: worst DT game for me. selwood, ablett (c), even bartel is down on average
steven_ora: the j star again
dillon: Ablett getting into it now
nathan._: junk it up bartel
Clint-84: cmon Ablett at least get to 80!!!
nuge02: Nice chappysnap
limp: Ablett, need some goals from u. I'm behind by less than 10 points
yogibbear: die ablett die! please don't get > 90
Martini: Go gazza dont stop now
darcy: Die Bartel and Gazzxa omg dont lose it for me broguython and hasleby !
uncle_muss: bartel rack it up mate!!!
Leesa: i love u stevie j
findlay: Star Duffield, he's played well today and deserves it.
postmanpat: Ablett seems to be getting a move on
nathan._: bartel is more then broughton but no sun?
Geelong 22: come on bartel you can make it to a ton
valencia09: damn it, Jack Anthony and Pendlebury stuffed up my round
Bezerk: don't get too excited chappysnap
GOGOS2GAJ!: mackie js gaj mundy disappointing well done pav though!
sanchez: bartel will get 100 plays don worry
Mutters: Good bet chappysnap
cona101: johnson!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Prospector: Hey lewigie, who's Noone?
Clint-84: chappysnap wat a waste of $50
Ablett Jnr: Fremantle have this in the bag. No way Geelong can win it now! They're done. Huge flogging coming up for sure
jamzee123: mundy !
Tandy: 120 bartel
jasondevo: no mroe ablett... opponent has u as capt!!
dt_king: freo seem to be choking?
MarksMen: Go Enright and Corey , dont stop now!!!....Stop Ablett Stop
yogibbear: corey keep dominating. you're my last unique in elim left!
Willis: who is hated more. Johnson or Milne?
Big V: traded Hasleby for Swan
limp: dillon, r u sure Ablett is on the run?
mitch72704: Junk time Gaz is here, thankfully my match s already won :)
ADROCK: yabbbblllleeetttttttttttt
nickyt: leave ablett on!
dylan123: ablett has not taken 1 mark yet!!!
bombersfan: gaz off
zombine: not again... dammit tag him schammer
froggy74: should i do rich-bartel this wk?
Ablett Jnr: Look a behind. Freo are coming back hard
VeLLa: 5 v 5 in my game, im 90 behind, even with stupid (c) ablett, i think im gone.
TC4ST: Pavlich is no gun... This is only the third time he's broken the ton this year. Plenty of doubt i'd say..
Frankdagun: chappy 65 sc. the clangers are killing him!!
ADROCK: Geelong is so over rated!
CrozaN: 100+ enright and broughton gogogogogo!
cam022: someone has poured petrol on ablett and he is starting to catch FIRE!!!
ADROCK: like salsa
chadwick: poor free kick
jasondevo: cmon bartel... JUNK IT UP!!
valencia09: m0nty, give Stevie Johnson the gun or even the star
yogibbear: 2037 v 1912 with me on the left with corey vs. enright, sandilands and 2 x ablett from now onwards... gonna be tight!
Macca9: yeah pavlich shouldn't be the gun at all.
footycool: bad luck hill
ed_adkins: go jimmmmyyy
limp: Cmon Ablett. more tocuhes pls.
ADROCK: Frankdagun how much SC is Bartel and Broughton?
ocat1979: sj for gun over pav
MotlopFan1: break the 100 chappy nd jimmy
darcy: I am literally shaking ! broughton ily
lozisleg: comom monney
Will[Dog]: Woot! 2000 for the first time EVER!!!
therescav: selwood is lifting
Bezerk: ugghhhh everytime my players start gettin it the next minute my oppositions blokes do something better
fev25: mcpharlin will be dropped two horrible kicks this qtr
Macca9: touch the flower ball mackie.
Big V: I am on track for a very big score in DT
jamzee123: hate u j!
steven_ora: far out all my players will score over 100 except bloody mackie
cotch2cuz: broughton is a freak..
mattrix: power off macca9
Axel Foley: hi curgee
Didaaaaaak: mcpharlin=massive spud. everytime he gets it he does something shower
Prospector: Freo ready to bring Selwood into the game now!
delish: if you say that pav is not a gun then you know nothing about AFL
jasondevo: no hill! argh!!!!
zombine: cman selwood touch it
GOGOS2GAJ!: go pav u star gaj keep going man!
The_Dohnut: Brynes, break a leg!
bachar43: yogibbear, you'll win
chappysnap: does anybody know what abletts supercoach score is ?
Aidos: darcy i'm on 2212 and counting!!!
valencia09: i agree ocat1979
darcy: Corey wow he's back in town big time ! Enright come on get gling
yogibbear: go joel corey go!
Kazakhstan: darcy: get a life lol
ADROCK: Monty, this site could cure's that good
steven_ora: how r geelong overated there undefeated
findlay: Well done Will. I haven;t cracked the 2000 yet. Trying though.
bombers15: the king of junk Bartel..... here he comes
footycool: Bartel he flame
Ablett Jnr: WTF. How are they overrated? 11-0 this season. Won 51 of their last 54 or something like that.
MrAwesome: bartel should b hot
CrozaN: Lift selwood and mackie!
SankDog: Pfft it appers footy knowledge is not that high here/ Pav is a gun. End of discussion
nickyt: broughton u star!
Axel Foley: hello curgee
yogibbear: lol. 2061... so far 100 points in these 11 minutes from my 5
dylan123: ablett get some marks,kicks and goals instead of those usless handballs
RigPerfect: Is Ablett on the field?
Prospector: Go Will[Dog], congrats, doesn't it feel great!
Dave2323: Ablett and Selwood = Hacks! Both should be delisted at the end of the year.
daniel_4tw: selwood finally finding the ball this qtr
Frankdagun: bartel 74, broughton 58 sc
St!ck: hunji for chappy
Jim Bean: There's the huge 4th term from Bartel!
cam022: selwood and ablett are getting better!!!!
juliann: big qtrs please, suban, hase, GAJ, Bartel, Stevie J, chappy and enright cmon
therescav: freo still in it... ibbitson goal
zombine: 70 sailwood cmon
fev25: ibbotson!!!!!
ADROCK: they're undefeated, not there
Axel Foley: cmooooon big pavvva
Sussa: the cats are overated
GOGOS2GAJ!: man why doesnt every1 have gaj not coaching great if u dont have him lolz
nuge02: lost one of 2 grand finals in that time.
Will[Dog]: Thanks, been getting at lot in the 19 hundreds, and this week i had goodwin,zaha,coughlan,wells all not playing
waspy: ablett on bench
willd: Corey Star come on!
Duffy32: bartel STOP scoring!!
RigPerfect: Selwood will catch Ablett!
MarksMen: Go Freo
crusha9: mundy ya drongo :D
Ablett Jnr: LEAVE ME ALONE. I'm typing
PIES09: ablett on
steven_ora: 1 more kick for rooke and i win purple name game
ADROCK: Frankdagun how do you know the SC scores?
darcy: 2000 baby yay if only i hadnt captained cox ! Come on boys !!! Broughton nearly past grima
findlay: Duffield is a star, above his average and has played well.
nickyt: huge qtr from selwood!
Will[Dog]: ended up with only Zaha coping a 0, next week it will be Zaharakis > Bartel
footycool: Go Bartel 120!!, nice and junky
waspy: back on now
Big V: Corey the star
valencia09: Stevie Johnson run faster, then maybe m0nty will change his mind and give u the gun instead.
Axel Foley: flower off duffield
jasondevo: CMON BARTEL!! move it!
findlay: Gee will, that aint bad!!!
zombine: kick a goal joel
limp: dylan123, I totally agreed with u. Ablett pls get useful touches
corms33: Ablett JNR saints are gonna smash geelong just quietly
fev25: ablett in the middle
ADROCK: Frankydagun how much is duffield?
darcy: big tackle from hasleby !!!!! corey another soft FF are you serious ! SJ again
Frankdagun: adrock, go to herald sun website
sirzacka: c'mon freo. win it for the fans. they deserve a win
footycool: hes doing fine jasondevo
jasondevo: damn it selwood!! stop!
Duffy32: Cmon ablett get the pill!
yogibbear: if joel soelwood, broughton and pavlich keep gunning it up i could win all 3 of my leagues + elim, go boys!
YourAGun: kick the winning goal joel
therescav: you have to give the star to byrnes surely...
SankDog: Pfft it appers footy knowledge is not that high here Pav is a gun. End of discussion
kappa619: come on ablett
willd: Corey Star!
thebullet: pav deserves the gun, plan and simple
footycool: 70 selwood??, u can!
winty: saints can start now and still wont win in round 14
Axel Foley: flower off duffield
kappa619: get a goal
bombers15: umpires will make sure geelong win this
140055: is there any live internet stream for this
catania: flower off suban
Prospector: Byrnes No. 4 gogogo
Macca9: stevie j, is the GUN!
limp: No!! Haselby pls stop scoring.
RigPerfect: Ablett needs to score 2 goals here to get a reasonable score...problem is he's not having a crack!
Frankdagun: duffield is 69 btw. too many uncontested possies
MarksMen: y dont they tag S.J ?????????????
GOGOS2GAJ!: gaj needs to score 30 really fast or i lose big time!
findlay: Duffield DT $388,700
Axel Foley: jus go flower yaself duffield
chadwick: Byrnes star, 4 crucial goals
Ryderrr: kick the winning goal ablett. its the only thing that will save your score..
darcy: Byrnes the unlikely hero ! power of bartel and gazza !
bartel_3: haha your a joke stkilda are not to the level of geelong u peasant
Ablett Jnr: corms33, just quietly. St. Kilda will know what it's like to play and lose against a real team
Lakey91: Get a touch mackie! Your the only one holding me back!
cemerz: stevey!!!
sirzacka: Joel corey star, stevie J gun
BLUE FIRE: its alright GAJ you have done enough for me points wise this season,had corey since the start GUN!
Martini: SJ is just 2 good. FREAK!!!
delish: they dont tag sj becasue when they tag Gaz he plays shower
tomsdons: Get down their ablett
froggy74: knew i should have put swan cap over ablett
MrAwesome: Corey=gun stevie j star
m0nty: Corey, Steve J and Selwood have 11 frees for between them
M/DOWNS 09: ooohhhhh whiskers.... your cooked
steven_ora: lakey same with me mackie only one holding me back
yogibbear: i need corey, selwood, broughton, SJ, pavlich to beat chapman + hill this quarter by 75 points to win everything!!! GO G
Lakey91: Should byrnes be in considerations for the star???
darcy: bahaha ablett didnt get a free ! Hasleby great mark ! are the umpires for real pav got his arms hacked to bits
riolipower: frankdagum what a bout hill, sandi, enright and stevie j
limp: Cmon Gaz Still behond less than 10 points. Need u 2 lift. Get some junkies will do me good.
SankDog: lol at taging sj suggestion.
cam022: gablett!!!
daniel_4tw: ablett!!!!!!!
Jim Bean: ablett
blake2412: abletttt!
nickyt: GAJ for the goal!
northroos: ablett
fev25: yablettt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Jacko69: No Gary
evan01: yes ablettttt
corms33: see you in the grand final Ablett JNR, cant wait
footycool: calm to a panic guys
therescav: ablett marks in front, lame... AND MISSES
darcy: nooooooo ablett no no n no no mis ! yessssssss abahaha
corneskip: hahaha ablett
tomsdons: ablett plus 7
Xie54: haha good boy gaz
waspy: hahaha poor gaj
CFC2009: Ablett grrr
dillon: kick it ablett plz goal
daniel_4tw: ... MISSES! wtf
RigPerfect: Ablett mark 20m out from goal played on and missed....muppett...
jasondevo: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Ryderrr: ablett
fev25: misses!!!!!1
Willis: ahahahahahaha
rifkib: ahahha what a knob
Ablett Jnr: Good on 'em Monty. Hathorn lost. How's that feel?
TC4ST: hahaha ablett you shower cower!
Jim Bean: OMG Ablett misses from 10m!!!! Not his day!
budgie63: h ha ha don't have him!
blake2412: missed! wft......!
IamBic: Dud ablett... drag that crap, and he thinks hes better then judd??? flower off
BLUE FIRE: come on GAJ, get a set shot goal.
Didaaaaaak: bahaahaha gazza misses
tigermania: ablett you d.ickheaf
chadwick: already said that lakey :) byrnes has to be best on mies infront of corey
craigib: ablett misses lol
cotch2cuz: ffs gaz!
Ryderrr: you spud
tbanger: Bah gaz.....
zombine: nooooooo
limp: Monty, What is wrong with Ablett today?
nickyt: where is mackie?
winty: tends to happen when you put ur head over the ball m0nty
pies22: monty , why u hate geelong so much ? dry your eyes princess
KangasKing: corey enright stop no more from you!!!
ADROCK: Lift Team
valencia09: m0nty, can u please give SJ the gun?
tigermania: ablett you d.ickhead
ed_adkins: get touch bartel, get that b/e
nekp81: go broughton and pavlich!!!
steven_ora: does anyone think byrnes in cats best 22
zombine: hahahaha
uncle_muss: is pearce's hamstring serious
kappa619: did ablett score
Spencie69: ablett is flowering shower
cam022: pavlich
Frankdagun: can't be bothered rioli. lol. go to the hs website
cam022: pavlich!!!!!
Macca9: lets go pavvvvvvvvvvvvvy
CFC2009: Judd is better than ablett
fev25: now pavclich!!!!!!!!!!!!
smithy_9: ok pav star now
darcy: pav FF dont hit the post mate !!!!!!!! ablett the new morton
BLUE FIRE: ablett!!!!!!!!
Jim Bean: Bullshower Umpire - Monty give the ump the trash can
timskul: judd is no ablett
Jacko69: Pavlich
steven_ora: wats b/e
dillon: Ablett should be dropped
footycool: get ur B/e Bartel of 108, GO
YourAGun: selwood has stopped again
CrozaN: Enright and Broughton ton it up boys!
rustyc: umpires again
therescav: pav goal!!!
ADROCK: Geelong are home...well, not home, away, in Perth, but home in the winning sense, not literal
tbanger: Broughton you superstar
CFC2009: pav!!!!
nickyt: who here is going to break the 2000? this week?
Bezerk: byrnes is easily in cats best 22
Rowdy69: pav! ;D
chadwick: steven_ora byrnes is best on ground today so far, has to be in the 22 when you are best on
Bryce08: cmon slewood get going
diddley: pav goal!
jasondevo: judd > ablett!! no pav! flower!
Ryderrr: ablett just lost himself 20 SC points..
*Higgins*: soft free to pav
Didaaaaaak: pav!!
teamcat: hey pies22, when was the last time collingwood won a premiership, ahahaha
lozisleg: mooney u finally -got points
Spencie69: judd definately is no ablett, hes better
raph16: ablett is flowering shower
corms33: M0nty who do you support??
SankDog: only 7 points
darcy: pav star no matter who wins
kappa619: whats is ablett on in sc at the moment
GOGOS2GAJ!: this why u guys are dh's he has one bad game u idiots dont have him and u go off at him man get a life lol
Special_K: Judd is better then Gary Jnr.
daniel_4tw: nice dive by pav
corey11: judd is better than ablett
nuge02: hope so adrock
corneskip: monty supports hawthorn
Bartel: wow need Bartel(c),Pav,Sub,Brough to beat Duff + Suban by 51 in the last 10-15 minutes
ADROCK: Spencie anybody who has 69 at the end of their name has not had one. EVER!
jasondevo: damn bartel!! wot happened to ur 4th q bursts
catania: man ablet is clearly da best playa of da comp dis is lyk his worst game but hey look at selwood and mackie dare all play
*Higgins*: yeh ablett should be dropped....hes only got 25 disposals
catania: playin shower
Ablett Jnr: Pretty bad call there, eh Monty? Nah, I bet you thought that was fair
Will[Dog]: 2020 - 980 this week in DT, massive % booster
Sussa: judd is better then ablett
Rowdy69: well..if ablett can somehow get to 80..i might get 1900..respectable i guess
yogibbear: go pav go go!
roddy17: abletts SC b/e anyone??
Bezerk: pavlich you little slut
Jim Bean: Great mark by Bartel
tbanger: Gaz 65 SC at 3/4 time
Macca9: ADROCK, hahaha
darcy: damn you bartel
KangasKing: cmon bartel,Pav,broughton!!!!!!!
kappa619: ryderr what happened 2 ablett hwy did he lose points
corneskip: bartel cracks the ton with a great overhead mark
fev25: bartel awesome contested mark
Xie54: bartel is amazing... the best DT'er in the last three years
REXPECT: hes already scored 20+ this quarter jasondevo
bess: looking good for me coz i dont have ablett. all u suckers that have him (C)
timskul: i believe judd has scored below 68 this year anyway
nathan._: brynes is fighting for his spot should stay hes done so good last couple of weeks
therescav: ton for jimbo, well done son
Lakey91: Down arrow for ablett monty?
enormohead: ablett u have the skill on a brain dead horse
riolipower: im on 1838, i have hill, sandi, sj, broughton and bartel as my cap. will i make 1900
cam022: taylors best game all season
SankDog: speak english catania
limp: Ablett, pls llift in the last 10 mins. U will cost me my eliminator.
Prospector: reckon you're in business Bartel
bombermann: PAVLICH go go go go go go go go
tbanger: Why is Ablett playing up forward?
Spencie69: lol im 16 and ive had 5 actually. lmao you loser
nickyt: cmon mackie!
yogibbear: 2095 come on get me to 2200!!!!
GOGOS2GAJ!: yes pav!
timskul: judd got 66 twice
darcy: broughton $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
bombersfan: 120 something iirc riddy
Rowdy69: go you good thing broughton 7 more points ;)
steven_ora: the ich!!!!
kzed: Here comes Freo!!!!
grass73: ablett is in a leugue of his own..
delish: GAJ wont BE at all
RooBoy: bombermann are you 12 years old?
jeremyg: need mackie to kick it to bartel who spears a pass to ablett for a goal!! "C'mon!
buddyforpm: hill, stevie and bartell = 50 pts from now - I win
pedro_0952: lets go stevie J, Broughton, Hase, Bartel And GAJ (c)! big last 10 mins!
Chadwiko: I have never wanted Freo to win a game more than i have today
IamBic: broughton, keeper
limp: Cmon \GAZ!!!!!
catania: flower u
ADROCK: 5 today?
nathan._: pav, stevie j bartel and broughton couldnt of asked for much more except for bartel and broughtom to get the ton
Keza41: good mark enright!
darcy: come on grgegory get to 100 !
Tandy: Mackie the spud.
Lakey91: Nice mundy.... Im killing it.
BLUE FIRE: Keep going Corey!
GOGOS2GAJ!: 6 down go gaj mundy pav!
daniel_4tw: my opp. has wojcinski who is out, so Hill is playing. Is Hill's score auto added to his DT?
Xie54: jimmmy!!!!
kzed: Pav the Star?
ADROCK: Is that 5 with the same guy?
yogibbear: 2108!!!! Keep it up this game is awesome! All my top scores coming from here.
roddy17: flame for lingy
nickyt: cmon mackie!
Jim Bean: BARTEL Junk-time IN SESSION!
yogibbear: corey get to 150 please ;)
darcy: bartel go away !!!!!!!!
nathan._: pav kick 2 more
JACKSONED: gary u flowerer
limp: Gaz, Not another handball. Need mark, tackles or goasl.
dylan123: come on ablett please make it to 100
timskul: mackie has done nothing this whole quarter
1337_chief: dam ablett to handball friendly
steven_ora: mackie hasnt got a touch for like an hour
mr.rafehi: come on ablett you bloody dud!
essendonfc: its the opposite to junk time his stepping up when his team needs him to
MarksMen: Cmon Enright, dont stop now
dillon: GAJ get 2 goals
enormohead: any1 here done thenaked man???? i just realised how shower i am watching stats instead of the game
Xie54: love u stevie j and jimmy and pav and enright and chappy... stuff u mackie
m0nty: why do the Dockers kick long to Walters... idiots
delish: yes daniel unfortunetly it does
SankDog: lol junk time???? its a goal the dif!
darcy: SJ big tackle :) god this game rules ! Enright ton come on ! dide chpman
chadwick: it isn't junk time whe it is 6 points the difference you clown Jim Bean
Prospector: no junk yet
crusha9: 21 handballs thats cute
limp: Hope GAZ gets some junk times
VeLLa: mackie and ablett (c) have cost me the match :( there goes being undefeated.
Chadwiko: And Enright reaches his average again. God he's a consistent DT defender. Love him :D
tomsdons: get to 80+ ablett Plz
BLUE FIRE: Lets go GAJ lets go
nathan._: get the ton broughton
cotch2cuz: stevey j will get 50 or so sc points for this quarter
jeremyg: bartel to ablett, c'mon!!
Spencie69: you are a dead set loser, if you root guys I DONT WANT TO KNOW ADROCK
uncy duncy: cmon selwood
BLUE FIRE: Everybody know
Lakey91: Junk it up soon mackie.
merto09: 100 enright!!!!
Keza41: another good grab by enright!
bombersfan: go jimmy junk that shower up
MrAwesome: Enright hot!!!!!!!!!
yogibbear: go corey, pavlich, broughton and SJ!!! Dominate MORE!
Chuka: woo go pav
Ablett Jnr: why cant Hawthorn beat Brisbane....idiots
darcy: enright good mark :) mackie without harley = fail ! weekly will be a record i rekon
Frankdagun: yes corey enright. junk it up son!!!
delish: dont give the flame to ling hes hair is enough
Didaaaaaak: enright getting some cheap kicks
Brock5: come on mackie!
Chadwiko: Stevie J the star Monty. He deserves it
BLUE FIRE: Lets go GAJ lets go
nickyt: i'm on 1969 this is going to be close!
greennick: Freo getting robbed blind here by the umps
ADROCK: Spencie, are you breaking up with me
nathan._: ablett will drop like 40k
roddy17: cmon mackie :(
bulos: umpires r00ting for the cats
mattrix: that missed call may have just cost the game
Dimma: 3mins left
MarksMen: Go Enright and Corey , dont stop now!!!....Stop Ablett Stop
timskul: when will harley be back i want mackie to be good again
catania: yes die selwood die
chadwick: how can an umpire not call that ball
sirzacka: i love how ablett has 27 touches and everyone says he has had a crap game
bldrna: wats a good score for DT this week? im currently 2255
dons4eva23: wtf selwood...
Lakey91: Broughton will go up about 45k. Glad i didnt trade chad - providing good cover!
cotch2cuz: geez broughtons playing well
darcy: 3.47 to go ! chapman i hate you so much
kappa619: whats is ablett on in sc at the moment
MarksMen: 4 min left
limp: Ablett, I hate u.
SankDog: Attention people with no clue: There is no junk time when it is a goal the difference with a few mins left
Spencie69: adrock leave me alone you pedophile...
Bezerk: selwood cost me this round biiiiiiiiiiig time :(
tomsdons: Shannon byrnes goal
bombersfan: byrnes goal
lewigie: byrnes for the star!
BLUE FIRE: go gazza!
MrAwesome: Byrnes is on fire
chadwick: ahh has to be the star to byrnes now lakey, 5 goals almost half the cats score.
riolipower: byrnes for star
therescav: cmon has to be a byrnes star, what an effort!!!
kzed: Gazza will still crack the ton in Supercoach
winty: give byrnes the star m0nty
delish: give maci a break he has shut down Pav lol...
RigPerfect: Ablett 20 points this quarter so far...another 10 would make me happy...
limp: How many more minutes left.
Martini: Byrnes is burning it up!!!
cam022: PAVLICH IS THE 2009 COPY OF RICHO IN 2008!! he'll be up there in the brownlow
Rowdy69: game = finished now.
tbanger: kappa there aren't any live SC scores so stop asking for Ablett's
cotch2cuz: byrnes is on fireeeeeeeeeeee
jasondevo: cmon hil = bartel!! junk it!
Pfft: give byrnes the star right now!!!!!!
Jim Bean: Ablett gets ALL handballs, if some of them were kicks, he'd be the best dtER EVER
Cottagers: Byrnes definite star
jack_lord1: broughton loves fisting
jeremyg: Darcy..think you have me. cant believe it!!
Ablett Jnr: Whoa. I remember the days when we bagged Shannon Byrnes out heaps. He's won us the game today
CrozaN: Huge dt game
TC4ST: Byrnes star...? If not then i dunno who
hibbo: spot on skank
toleman10: byrnes star!
BLUE FIRE: (gaj) chug chug chug chug chug those points!
darcy: brynes 5th maybe hes not a downhill skier monty ! 5 potentail tons if hasleby and broughton get junk ...
steven_ora: 5 more points broughton
angman4: selwood has been crazy for last 2 months, was alwys having a bad game
limp: Ablett, pls score a goal?
Bezerk: omg can you get any showerter mackie, let pav get 127 and get 50 yourself. what a joke
nathan._: 5 more broughton
bombersfan: byrnes sc is gonna be huge
bombermann: i hav 2107 i need 10 more points out of pavlich and selwood to get my highest score for the season
chappysnap: Stokesy should be playing over Byrnes.
ADROCK: Leave me alone or ill tell my mum Spencie.
Chadwiko: Yup. Byrnes Star.
evan01: woooooohooooooooooooooooooo got past 2000
GOGOS2GAJ!: cmon gazz junk late need another 5 touches bro!
rustyc: Byrnes, class personified
corneskip: hahahahahahah
zombine: touch it once more selwood, plz need 56 f4rom you flowerhead
steven_ora: does anyone think byrnes in cats best 22
MrAwesome: shank
ed_adkins: 24 off 2100 cmon stevey, bartell, selwood
darcy: mooney bahahahaha
CFC2009: lol mooney!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Macca9: mooney is a muppet.
jasondevo: give byrnes the star
crusha9: mooney for hall of fame
Ablett Jnr: Monty will give it to Duffield
limp: pls advise whether Ablett is geeting any more touches.
Jim Bean: MOONEY! What a spud! MISSES EASY GOAL FROM 5M!!!
toleman10: mooney blooper of the week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Prospector: Cam Mooney, can't point, can't kick.
juliann: my flowering 200 streak comes to an end=(
RigPerfect: Ablett can do it mate!
bulos: nice effort moondog you f^g
KangasKing: cmon bartel,Pav,broughton!!!!!!!
Kazakhstan: 5 goals to byrnes, wow
chaddy: Selwood for the Star. Abletts eff% will be high
cotch2cuz: worst. miss. ever.
dmagnus: junk time
hawks_92: tips for ablett re fantasy games: kick the ball
jack_lord1: jimmy is a stud
bombersfan: kick a goal chappy
Jim Bean: Chappy!
Spencie69: okay tell her.
catania: giv mooney a spud
nickyt: CHAPMAN! yer
winty: happy chappy!!
cdiprose: chappy
Bezerk: cmon, i need a mad late surge from chappy enright broughton or selwood
MrAwesome: Chappy star or gun
Chadwiko: Down arrow for Ablett, m0nty. Star for Byrnes. Gun for Stevie J.
limp: I hate Ablett. Shouldn't have make him captain this week. Cost me my eliminator.
darcy: sj dont let it go you flowering idoot ! champamn damn you if only u didnt hav the injury scare
jasondevo: lol @ MOONEY.. so overrated... wonder how good he would be if he didnt have the midfield of geelong
Axel Foley: 2 minz left boooys
Special_K: 2173 so far. Very happy.
pies22: mooney is one off the most overated in the league hands down
nathan._: broughton!!!!!!!!!!!!
daniel_4tw: does my opponents EMG autom get added to live score, or only at the end of the game?
ADROCK: Spencie, ya know what 345?
timskul: mooney with a valuable point, not a 2 goal game anymore
Pfft: monty prob time to give byrnes the star
rustyc: Cats toying with the Frockers now
Ablett Jnr: Nah. Freo will come back for sure. Wont they guys? Yeah, Geelong are finished.
Rowdy69: nah pav gets the gun
corms33: yeah broughton
Axel Foley: moooney missed!!!!!
blake2412: broughton ton u legend
jasondevo: omg.. up by like 20... and ablett is C for oppoisition.. sit him down cats.. GAME IS OVER
limp: Gaz, you can redeem yoouelf by scoring a goal.
Bartel: 4 points 1 tackle bartel or pav cmon!
yogibbear: Broughton ton!!! = 9 tonnes in my side
cotch2cuz: down arrow for for selwood
lozz15: stevie j, chapman, corey all guns
penskifile: +180 on sc v bartel and selwood what u think?
The_Dohnut: noooo
zombine: ah well broughton justy won me my game, selwood no more clangers
darcy: Hasleby on 83 my lowest from 5 players :)
ADROCK: five 69ers!
bombermann: selwood a nice recovery
Bartel: Broughton yes, 1 point now!
The_Dohnut: I lost because of you, Brynes!!!!!!!!!
YourAGun: raise the bat broughton
daniel_4tw: does my opponents EMG autom get added to live score, or only at the end of the game?
torca: there should be like 7 guns in this match
CrozaN: broughton has gone from cash cow to GUN!
cam022: broughton the cash cow
jasondevo: im gonna win by like 2 pts!!
lozisleg: shoot oopent got byrnes stuff
Jim Bean: I think my highest score this round, despite Ablett (C)
nickyt: yes, 2000 thought i'd never get it!
darcy: broughton $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ bahaha gazzas not gonna crack 80 suck shower ! jb and chappy stop
Bartel: bartel mark and kick i win my eliominator. Yes miracles can happen!!!!
limp: Ablett 2 moe marks pls.
Bartel: broughton gets like 110
jeremyg: unbelievable darcy, so thought i was gonna kill you today!
daniel_4tw: flower. lost the eliminator
corneskip: broughton is on fire
ADROCK: Lift Scarlett
yogibbear: broughton!!!!!
Big V: 2010 DT Points
timskul: yay exactly 2000
sullitons: yes broughton, hil, and stevie j
ed_adkins: need 4 more for 2100 lol
delish: who is better Broughton or Steven Browne????
steven_ora: brough-ton $$$$$$
yogibbear: 2144 atm
Guitarded: 29 touches and 76?
therescav: siren
Jim Bean: I love broughton THIIIIIIIIS MUCH!
nath foley: scores added at the end of the gme for emg
supastar93: ILY broughton
tbanger: Broughton!!!!
bombermann: thank god geelong won
1st pick: Ling is so hot ...l love him..hope he gets off the report
jasondevo: yes bartel!!
limp: Does any1 knows how many minutes left.
YourAGun: i reckon you have lost by 1 point
Bryce08: broughton, i love you
darcy: siren !!!!! i won yayyyyyyyy i love you greg broughton and stephen dodd ! jesus i need chapman lol
yogibbear: 2150....
kappa619: broughtan u r a legend monty give him a star
BLUE FIRE: at least 85 GAJ
zombine: wawaweewa
essendonfc: why was ling getting boed?
willo55: bartel garbidge monty hes killed in last quarter m8
Bezerk: ily broughton
Tandy: lol mackie finally gets the ball on the siren. I hate you Mackie.
Aidos: darcy i cracked 2300
MrAwesome: I won dt wit bartel broughton and chappy all guns
aaron12: i need everyone to lift to get 2000
bombersfan: guesses at gaj's sc?
Russo: Hannon Byrrnes absolute superstar. Just the way he reads the play and crumbs is sensational
leinster23: de boer smashed selwood today
Lakey91: broughton!!!!
Prospector: 2100, thanks all
Big V: Broug-ton NAB rising star
nathan._: broughton 118
jasondevo: broughton for dt.. browne for skill
steven_ora: im putting broughton vice captain next week i luv u big man
J-Ro: hey daniel - suban is going to score 40 afterall!!
BHLowe: 118!!!!!!!! i love u
Cottagers: his comment...
yogibbear: 2154 INSANE!!!!!!!! with frankling, selwood, grimes and fisher all doing shower all
Cunnas: There wasn't really garbage time in this game though
Dinham10: wtf i drew for eliminator...what happens now?
CrozaN: broughton is now a premium
therescav: willo- there was no junk in this game
MotlopFan1: essendon, gut punched someone
footycool: nice Bartel
hibbo: lol...SEN commentators so baised
SankDog: no bartel no garbage because he didnt get junk time ststs!
corneskip: bartel's nickname is "mr 4th quarter" not because he loves the pressure but because he doesn't
Axel Foley: lordy lordy lordy i cant help it i like to party its genetic, its electryfying wind me up and watch me go
essendonfc: why was ling getting bood?
YourAGun: broughton is 21 years old
Cutty: broughton cost me the win, lost by 16
bachar43: dollar sign for broughton
barca: that mark and kick after siren was mackie onl points this qtr
rustyc: Frockers, the benchmark of the wearing dresses.
TigerBob: YES! 84 points down at the start of the last i'm currently a 5 point unoffial winner!!!
SungMach15: woot 1st time won PNG
The_Dohnut: Brynes, hit someone, get lots of clangers and frees against!
darcy: 21000000 ! Hasleby please have good sc
timskul: mackie gets +6 on the siren
Bezerk: omg broughton u just won me the game
bombermann: well done SungMach15 enjoy the purple name
leinster23: de boer>selwood
Jim Bean: OMG 1993 this round! 7 off 2000! But i got the win so i'm happy : )
hawks32: will broughton get 100 in sc?
nickyt: yer mackie, finished with 2026!
correct: selwood a let down this week
Xie54: LOL they gave mackie the three pts for his kick after the siren hahaha
Axel Foley: lordy lordy lordy i cant help it i like to party its genetic, its electryfying wind me up and watch me go
supastar93: never bag SEN hibbo lol
steven_ora: adzz
kappa619: what did ablett gt in sc
zombine: broughtons gonna crack 350k with a -44 be
MotlopFan1: Dinham, overall ranking i believe
Arky: this game lost me elim and smashed my trading plans due to chap and Stevie beating BE!
chaddy: 2000 + with pendles , ziebell , JA , duddy bakelein
therescav: just shy of 2300 for me this week in dt
lewigie: a great end to my weekend.
lozisleg: selwood and mo0oney let me down
darcy: hawks32 definately 150 maybe he was on sj all dy and did nothing wrong
aces-high: lost by 12 selwood and milburn killed me
pascoe: i got almost 2100 in DT this week. very happy
penguins00: West Coast did better against Geelong than freo did.
Ryderrr: ablett and selwood :|
Jim Bean: yesss! broke the 2000! despite ablett (c)!! flower yeah!
yogibbear: anyone reckon chad cornes might be back next week???
Mercdog06: gary tablett! what are you doing?
cotch2cuz: u reckon gazza can crack 100 sc
steven_ora: moodaddy
lozisleg: lol the one week where byrnes had to get a good score it had to be this one
Axel Foley: lozisleg: selwood and mo0oney let me down
Special_K: Awesome 2196 for me. Cox as captain as well.
evan01: woohooo won elim and got 2050
SungMach15: thx bombermann was worried he wouldnt make it to 130
yogibbear: 4 shy of my top score all season... with chad cornes on the pine.
zombine: more like bubby fatlin
Lakey91: broughton should go up 53k according to
vb22: 2039 with one not playing and ablett captain, not bad
TigerFever: Will lockout finish early 2nite?
jasondevo: just a lazy 2092 DT
kappa619: yr a gun broughtan
pascoe: lol, make that exactly 2100
Juzz85: dream team draw...anyone ever seen that!!??
Cottagers: 2244 for me with fish, grimes, cheney, selwood and buddy all 55 or less!
tfbr37: 2217 in DT... if only Ablett wasnt captain!
aces-high: in elimanator that is
correct: how much is byrnes??
fev25: axel i dont think it is genetic
Kazakhstan: biggest matchup difference: duffield to rooke
nickyt: selwood fought hard in last qtr, 25 points!
Dimma: could broughton be a keeper?
Dinham10: someone tell me whats gonna happen! i drew for elimator?
Fairley: finished with 2105. thanks to didak, broughton, sandi, o'keefe, deledio, pavlich, kornes, goddard.
darcy: imagien if id nailed captain would have been huge ! please be under 100 sc gazza
Juzz85: 1998 -1998
chappysnap: anybody knows Ablett's SC Score??
Guitarded: shut up aces
Micko_29: ablett for spud ??
yogibbear: i don't know whether to trade franklin or skipworth to riewoldt... bah!
jasondevo: broughton's b/e was like -30.. his price will skyrocket
BLUE FIRE: maybe we could get sc scores a bit earlier 2 night m0nty
sullitons: jui8ws aqoaqazsy67t
tommy_1: we r geelong the greatest team of all we r geelong where always on the ball we play game as should be played at home far
lozisleg: go pav 127 points in dt
Ryderrr: 2187 in DT this week
Juzz85: @ DINHAM if you drew for eliminator they work off total season points
darcy: selwood ziebell and buddy cost me a gigantic sc score maybe even 2500 !
pete82: i needed ablett (c) bartel, selwood, stevie j, mackie and suban to score more than 650 between them to win,
findlay: bye all
Sussa: ablett = spud
nath foley: dinham who ever has more total point 4 the year
pete82: would have thought that was a lock, but f'n ablett selwood and mackie cost me
jasondevo: lol hills price went up $100...
darcy: top 1000 hopefully ! knew broughton would be gold had dalziell wafl numbers !
Axel Foley: [Minding Steve Johnson.. 11 marks and 29 touches] Greg Broughton 30 118 - [Looks dangerous when resting up forward... 3
kappa619: come on sc
jasondevo: well thats it for me in purple
soicanchat: sc scores?
WuTangClan: supercoach
sammo93: Sussa = spud
ocat1979: if hill sc is higher than broughton, i'll spew
Spencie69: for gods sake m0nty just give mark blake the spud!
Lakey91: anyone tip 8/8??
TrueBlues: dinham whoever is rankd higher overall will win
steven_ora: wats b/e mean
SankDog: sen saying 128 for SJ
cr36: what did evryone get in Dt
mr.rafehi: i rkn sack ablett for being a dud and handballing to much
TigerBob: i got 7 tips
yogibbear: hm... to cash in or broughton in a few weeks or to keep him....
WuTangClan: steven_ora break even
zombine: break even
1st pick: Monty ya flower get the scores up
IamBic: dinham, alphebetical order
poobags: 2087 dt happy with that
HynzieStud: sc scores?
Chadwiko: I love you Ablett for being such a spud
fev25: spud to mcpharlin , he was terrible
ocat1979: sen do dreamteam only, they are contracted to
TrueBlues: broughton was fairly effective with possesion..should get a decent SC score
Lids12: cmon sc scores, my match was a close one
correct: how much is byrnesss??????
kappa619: yep i tipped 8-8
Sussa: ablett = spud
bldrna: 1st pick: its got nothing to do with monty. Its the afl that hold up release of sc scores
correct: how much is byrnes??
1st pick: joking monty you know i love you :)
aces-high: broughton is a legend
mattrix: cmon sc scores ive got to go to work in 5 mins....
WuTangClan: sc
WannPoos: Brotown the new bowden
Axel Foley: Geelong Cats: 13.16.94Player FF DT SC Shannon Byrnes 38 140 - [Tagged by Ibbotson... 31 possessions with 10 marks with
SankDog: SJ is 130 in dt here ans SEN saying 128
lozisleg: spud to mooney
schillz14: got beaten by a guy who had like 7 geelong guys lol, oh wellz still got 8/8 so can't really complain
steven_ora: spud milburn
darcy: What a great weekend ! imagine if u had roo ROK didak sj chapman lids and pav
torca: broughton still scoring lol
1st pick: BLDRNA who enters the scores in then?
valencia09: lol score change
WannPoos: woot
1kendog: ablett to get 130 in sc around
Ciava888: spewn had broughton on the bench
Sussa: wtf?
tigermania: broughton lays a tackle in the changerooms
yogibbear: i had lids, pav and SJ..... getting roo in a couple of weeks when skippy peaks.
darcy: sk sc better be good i hate it how its always below his dt
adnS: give ablett the spud
valencia09: suban, lol
uncy duncy: broughton 122 now
Lids12: tipped 7/8 with a 4 points margin difference; got brisbane vs hawthorn wrong
snapattack: ablett will still get 100 so whoever is sayin hes a spud ur a effing foool
darcy: 4.5 sc tons and 93 from Paul :) !!!!! gazza 98 flowering lucky
ocat1979: close kendog
lozz15: thanks for another great week monty catchyas round
steven_ora: how did ablett get 98 wtf
mickeytg: SEN have no idea, worst station EVER!
kappa619: come on sc
BLUE FIRE: well done GAJ for SC!
Sussa: sc scores up
TigerFever: Only 2345 in SC that is 2300+ 4 weeks in a row
kzed: Abblett has a shocker and still scores 98 in SC, ....GUN
zombine: m17 from selwood, broughton and johnsobn
darcy: tigerfever where you ranked? ablett lucky as wtf 98
bldrna: how the hell did ablett get 30 points in final term????? i
Axel Foley: nice tackle broughton
aces-high: mackie 44 in supercoach you're a hack
bombersfan: bs ablett
roddy17: 2196 dream team, 2121 supercoach :)
Dollsie24: i give up on mackie
Wadey#5: got beatin by 90 :(
soicanchat: yyyyyyyyye
valencia09: 1806 for me, i had pendlebury, franklin, anthony, krakouer,
valencia09: gaohjohj
pedro_0952: Damn. Knew Taylor would beat GAJ in SC, shoulda picked him skipper over little gaz
SungMach15: hihih
dmagnus: grover is worthless