By Quarter: North Melbourne v St Kilda, R1

This page lists Dream Team and Super Coach scores for each AFL player in each quarter of this game. A warning: The Super Coach by-quarter scores may be wrong since the scores do tend to oscillate wildly during the breaks for some reason. If you see a quarter where half the players are in negatives then it's probably wrong. The Dream Team scores should be accurate though.

North Melbourne

Ben Cunnington19709111700
Jy Simpkin10210588900
Jared Polec20310358600
Todd Goldstein18300297700
Shaun Higgins22100417300
Trent Dumont10190336200
Tarryn Thomas1060395500
Ben Brown1280335300
Jamie Macmillan22160145200
Jed Anderson14120234900
Shaun Atley1830274800
Curtis Taylor300444700
Jasper Pittard1120314400
Cameron Zurhaar1460244400
Aaron Hall1130284200
Robbie Tarrant1270124000
Luke McDonald1050243900
Nick Larkey450243300
Tom Murphy780102500
Jack Ziebell139002200
Paul Ahern113001400
Josh Walker2000200

St Kilda

Luke Dunstan243803810000
Zak Jones24260449400
Jack Billings24230408700
Jack Steele3270438200
Dan Hannebery14290357800
Dean Kent14220407600
Patrick Ryder18300206800
Rowan Marshall15180326500
Seb Ross14210286300
Ben Paton22150225900
Daniel Butler14130325900
Hunter Clark15120255200
Ben Long1630325100
Jarryn Geary8150264900
Bradley Hill10150174200
Callum Wilkie2170203900
Tim Membrey9120153600
Jade Gresham1319013300
Max King1390103200
Jack Lonie1460123200
Dougal Howard-350202200
Dylan Roberton113062000