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    Upgrade analysis: Rucks 

    Pretty much everyone on BigFooty knew that Ben Hudson was a must-have player this year, and there were a couple of other cheapies who’ve since risen to a more appropriate price. So, the time is right to upgrade to a ‘premium’ ruck – but who? Last year’s All-Australian ruckman is under $300k after a bad start to the year, and there are others more expensive with question marks hanging over their heads. I’m having real trouble picking just who to target here, but I’ll fill you in on my thoughts. (You may want to read my overall strategy reasonings before continuing).

    Best cheap rookies:

    Ivan Maric ($134k): Maric looked ok last year when he played a few games for Adelaide, and with Bhiglands out, I reckon he’s pretty certain to overtake Jon Griffin and become the second ruckman. However, in terms of value for money, I’m not sure he’s worth this much…

    Matthew Leuenberger ($107k): Number four draft pick last year, and although young ruckman generally take time, word on the street is that Loonie could get a run this year. If that happens, his price will rise – he’s a possession-winning ruckman, like Dean Cox. But 107 is a fair bit to fork out for a guy who is far from a certainty to play

    John Meesen ($82k): The risk here is that Meesen is behind Hudson and Maric in the Crows’ pecking order (boom boom), and after suffering a serious knee injury pre-season, may be behind Griffin as well. However, he’s solidly built, very talented, and a reasonable stat winner for a ruckman. On the other hand, he’s got very little history of good form in the SANFL. So in summary – he’s cheap, but a big risk

    Aisake O’hAilpin ($69k): Now, now, calm down and here me out. I know Aisake isn’t even on a senior list yet, but Pagan loves him and he’s been in good form in the VFL. I reckon the Blues see him playing ruck for a few years to come, and I reckon they’ll take the chance to give him serious gametime this year. It doesn’t hurt that Cain Ackland is in such pathetic form at the moment (and they resorted to a young, skinny Josh Kennedy in the ruck last weekend against
    Adelaide). Bring on the Irishman!

    Best upgrade targets:

    Dean Cox ($347k): Here’s where it gets interesting. Cox is in my opinion clearly the most reliable ruckman in Dream Team, capable of consistent big scores. But he’s injured, and having that amount of money on the bench every second week is a recipe for disaster. Worth seeing how he’s going with the injury before picking him

    Jeff White ($350k): White has been a star for the Demons so far this year. However, he has a history of injuries, too, and after being burnt a couple of years ago I’m reluctant to jump on board

    Josh Fraser ($363k): In form at the moment, and this won’t last for the whole season. Could be a good scorer, but be aware it won’t stay at this level forever

    Brendan Lade ($292k): Certain bet to rise in price, but will he score enough to make it worthwhile? I’m not in it for value increases, I want the best scorer I can get. Not sure if Lade is my man this year, even though Brogan’s injuries have cemented his gametime

    Hamish McIntosh ($298k): Wish I had him at the start of the year, but I reckon he’ll run out of steam as the year rolls on. No thanks

    Jamie Charman ($256k): I really rate this bloke, but he’s having a shocker so far. See analysis for Lade

    David Hille ($274k): Another who’s certain to rise in price, but for some reason I like Hille as a reliable scoring option. The Dons always give him gametime, (although if Laycock can get fit and firing his matchtime will fall), and he’s a goalkicker. The Laycock question is one that I’m not willing to risk, though

    Well, there we have it. No real definitive answers from me. However, if I have to nominate my verdict, I reckon I’ll go with Cox, and if he’s hurt I’ll go with Fraser

    • Al 3:53 pm on May 28, 2007 Permalink

      What about Sandilands?

    • Kynan 4:13 pm on May 28, 2007 Permalink

      Yeah, Tom this is an analysis on rucks and you miss the important of all

    • Tom N 4:32 pm on May 28, 2007 Permalink

      Everyone I know has either got him or decided not to. I doubt many people will upgrade to Sandi – or upgrade him to another player. The real tactical moves involve other players, in my view.

    • Phillip Molly Malone 4:41 pm on May 28, 2007 Permalink

      Hey Tom,
      Did I see you writing stories for AFL.com.au?

    • Jim 6:06 pm on May 28, 2007 Permalink

      this analysis demonstrates why the rucks are arguably the toughest picks in DT – when Aisake is the only guy you make a confident prediction about – and in Dream Team, you can only play him as a back!

    • Booth 6:30 pm on May 28, 2007 Permalink

      i reckon Lade is the best value 4 money at the moment…. he only went down in value so much with a couple of bad games…. hes still pretty consistant n a good price 4 sure… but if money isn’t a factor… then cox is the best outta em all … thatz my opinion anyway…. hey did any of u’s get darcy at the start of the year? … coz do u reckon he’ll eva come good?? … i’ve got him sitting on my bench… with cox n sandilands on the ground…. so was wondering hang on 2 darcy or trade 4 that walnock guy from freo… ($82,300) or something ? … just 2 get some money n upgrade a different player

    • Jeraldo 7:58 pm on May 28, 2007 Permalink

      Yeh im having trouble with rucks too, i currently have lade, darcy, ryder, and some random essendon guy. ryders been on the bench all year but he usually outscores darcy anyway. i just made some upgrades to other areas, so i only have $9k in the kitty, with 11 trades left. i very much need to improve my ruck though. any ideas?

    • Todd 11:56 pm on May 28, 2007 Permalink

      What about Simmonds!
      Going to crash in price when he comes back, averaged roughly 94 last year..

    • Fred 9:19 am on May 30, 2007 Permalink

      Cameron Mooney is one of the better “ruckmen” because he doesn’t play in the ruck.

    • Simon 9:45 am on May 30, 2007 Permalink

      I upgraded to White three weeks back and haven;t been disappointed. In my view, at the moment you are better off upgrading in other areas if you have at least one good ruckmen and leaving rucks to later. Your simply not losing much with the other middle of the range rucks at the moment because the guns are not killing it consistently

    • Fontaine 4:45 am on May 31, 2007 Permalink

      How can anyone go past Everitt, he is down to $250k, and Sydney are on the rise as they are a 2nd half season team. I’m wanting to trade Darcy for Spider and i dont have many trades left.

    • Fontaine 4:46 am on May 31, 2007 Permalink

      Do you think its a good choice??

    • Graham 3:52 am on June 1, 2007 Permalink

      Fontaine, given that you only have a few trades left at this early stage, i wouldnt waste a trade on this. you are better off saving the trade for later in the year when one of your players gets injured…

    • Ed 3:56 am on June 1, 2007 Permalink

      I personally wouldn’t pick him, especially if you’re running out of trades. Sure he might go up in value but he’s not a consistant player, and with Jolly in the team he’s not going to be getting as much game time or be the main rucking focus. He seems to have a few big games and then a lot of averages ones in between, so it’s a risk if he’s a long term option.

    • tom 6:43 am on June 1, 2007 Permalink

      There are far better upgrade options than Everitt. Like Fontaine, I thought he was cheap for an elite ruckman at the start of the season, but the problem is he isn’t playing like an elite ruckman.

      However, if a key forward for Sydney gets injured…

    • Ed 12:40 pm on June 6, 2007 Permalink

      What do you guys think of Trent Knobel from Richmond? He’s only at $110k, do you think he’d get much game time? Looks like he could be returning either this week or the next, the only problem is Simmonds is probably 1 week more away from returning.

    • Tom 7:29 am on June 7, 2007 Permalink

      For $110k (or thereabouts) Knobel is an excellent choice, because he’ll get a game – I should have included him as an original option.

      However, with this $110k purchase you get what you pay for; Knobel won’t score much at all. He just ain’t a stat-getter (much like Mark Jamar or Guy Richards). He’ll be a back-up in case of injuries but a score of 40 is to cause for celebration.

      In short, he’s a good option if you want someone to cover injuries. For the potentially big scorers, try Maric, Leuenberger or Meesen.

      PS – Aisake O’hAilpin mentioned as a possible inclusion this week.

    • Ed 5:12 am on June 8, 2007 Permalink

      The reason I asked is because I have Ben Hudson in my side on the bench but he’s there as an emergency only. If I got rid of him (I have Jamar as well) I’d want a player who was going to be able to get some points (30 is better than none). If Aisake plays I might look at him also.

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    Upgrade analysis: Centres 

    You may want to read my overall strategy reasoning before continuing.

    Best cheap rookies:

    David Armitage ($89k): Very highly rated at the Saints, and encouragingly, rotated through the midfield in his first game last week. Lenny Hayes’ return doesn’t augur well for his game time, but then again, Leigh Montagna broke his jaw. If another Saint midfielder goes down with injury, get on him as fast as you can.

    Beau Muston ($82k): The Hawks really rate this one. He was in the mix before round one, (before Ellis got the nod ahead of him) and since then hasn’t played. He’ll no doubt get a run this year, (youth policy), and he’s a reasonable chance to keep his spot. As a free-running flanker, loves the uncontested stats.

    Mitch Morton ($117k): Classy, classy player. I don’t know how the Eagles keep coming up with them. Make no mistake – Morton is destined for big things, and I reckon West Coast will find room for him very soon. Played his first game for the year two weeks ago, after injuring a knee in the pre-season.

    Travis Boak ($103k): Top-five pick last year, obviously, and has been in solid form in the SANFL. I have no doubt Port will give him a crack this year.

    Bryce Campbell ($82k): With all the hype around Froggy Davey (I mean Alwyn) this year, Campbell could have been just as good a Dream Team recruit early on. He’s a mature-age first-year player, like Davey, but has been injured until now. Pity, because if he’d got a run it would probably have worked out well. He’s an inside midfielder, Sam Mitchell-style, and I assume is pretty prolific when it comes to stats.

    Best upgrade options:

    (These first few are the more expensive top-shelf players. The latter bunch are cheaper, more speculative upgrade targets).

    Chris Judd ($396k): Gun. I reckon he’s the most consistent Dream Teamer there is. Worth getting.

    Kane Cornes ($386k): Should drop this week, but not much. Loves the possessions, and a proven DT star. Not much risk here either.

    Cameron Bruce ($375k): Will benefit from Brock McLean’s return to Melbourne, and slightly cheaper than he’s worth right now. Excellent choice.

    Sam Mitchell ($380k): In better form than ever for the Hawks, racking up the numbers and pushing himself every week. Wants to be the next Hawks captain.

    Simon Goodwin ($337k): Without doubt the cheapest of the in-form midfielders, after some shockers earlier this season including one score of just 4. That’s all in the past, his injury concerns are gone, and he’s ready to fire up. Very smart choice, this one.

    Andrew Carrazzo ($344k): Wondering how much more Carrazzo could go up; not much, I reckon. However, he’s playing wonderful football and scoring very well. Not a popular choice, which helps distinguish your team. But make no mistake – we’re in the ‘speculative’ stage of proceedings now.

    Steven Salopek ($291k): Like Kane Cornes, loves to get the ball, and is having a poor start to the year. Hasn’t got a lot of publicity, so a rather sly choice. Set to go up.

    Shaun Burgoyne ($282k): Will go down in price this week, so ‘wait there’ for a bit. Nevertheless, has had a run of shockers, and his value is approaching the lowest it will ever be. I reckon he’ll get back into top form, although he’ll be rather inconsistent, as the year goes on. Excellent value for money.

    Adam Goodes ($257k): Going to rise in price, so this is the week. However, even with a significant rise, will still be as cheap as all buggery. But I wouldn’t recommend Goodes, I’m a bit too worried about the bad form, which I reckon will last for a while yet.

    Daniel Kerr ($296k): Now that he’s suspended, you can rest easy for two weeks, safe in the knowledge that while you sort out your backs and forwards, this brilliant opportunity to get Kerr for less than $300k will still exist. Don’t forget – this bloke was killing it earlier in the season. He’s had some bad weeks, some shockers, in a row, but don’t let that stop you.

    Andrew Mackie ($301k): Unusual choice, I know. But Mackie has been a real play-maker for the Cats this season, running off half-back. If he can cement that position (and he’s a long way towards doing that, with very little fanfare) watch out. He’ll be a great Dream Team pickup. However, there are injury worries (he missed last week, and is in doubt for this week).

    • Billy 9:30 pm on May 24, 2007 Permalink

      What about Houli? Is he likely to keep a regular spot in the Bombers line-up or will Lovett-Murray push him out as soon as he returns?

    • Jeraldo 12:15 am on May 25, 2007 Permalink

      Hey there,
      what do you think of upgrading Rodan to Bartel? I mean he’s the leading point getter thus far, but is he worth the $400k ?


    • Tom 7:04 am on May 25, 2007 Permalink

      1. I’m an Essendon fan, and I don’t reckon Houli will play regularly this season. For one, Tom Hislop is looking like debuting soon, and there’s a couple of others in a similar position to Bachar.

      2. Get Kane Cornes instead. Equally good, and saves you around $20k.

    • Andrew 9:46 am on May 25, 2007 Permalink


      I’m looking at upgrading Haselby, what do you guys think of:
      Cross, Mitchell, Bruce or as a cheaper option Goodwin (I already have Judd and K.Cornes)

    • Jeraldo 11:44 am on May 25, 2007 Permalink

      hey tom, re: Kane cornes
      I was thinking of doing that before, however, Im a port fan and i already have a lot of port players in my team. i had kane who was a champion last year but im hesitant to keep overloading on port players incase they all get smashed in one game or something (like the sydney one – although kane did still get 99).

      btw port players i have are c.cornes, s.burgoyne, pearce, lade, rodan, krakouer. & my other centres are judd, dal santo, watson, gibbs, schmidt.


    • Tom 11:51 am on May 25, 2007 Permalink

      Andrew, you really can’t go wrong with any of those upgrades – Cross, Mitchell, Bruce and Goodwin are all blue-chip prospects.

      Personally, I’d go Mitchell if you have the cash – I reckon he’s the most reliable – although Bruce should improve with McLean back in the mix.

    • Jocko 1:27 pm on May 25, 2007 Permalink

      Andrew, word of warning, I slotted Mitchell in this week. I am the touch of death this year. You’d be better off trading for Cousins.

    • Andrew 1:44 pm on May 25, 2007 Permalink

      i think i’m going to do these trades:
      A.Browne (redone his hamstring) for Bachar Houli then trade Haselby (down on fitness and might not play 2night) for Goodwin (solid performer and a B/E of 37 plus he is in great form)

      What do you guys think

    • akka 2:12 pm on May 25, 2007 Permalink

      keep Browne, hes a jet and will hopefully come back mid season and the dockers will need his pace. will houli get a game wk in wk out? or will lovett come back into his spot?

    • Jocko 2:24 pm on May 25, 2007 Permalink

      Break even’s are largely irrelevant if you are trading someone to keep for the entire season. Goodwin will go up this week but so what? Houli will play 1 or 2 more games then move back to the reserves. Browne though very unlikely to play again – chronic hamstring injury.

    • Matt 3:06 pm on May 25, 2007 Permalink

      andrew browne has a chronic hamstring injury on one hammy, and has recently injured the other one, so i dont see him returning to his best any time soon….have a look at armitage for a trade, still cheaper than browne and likely to get a fair few more games as he was a high draft pick.

    • dave 10:16 pm on May 27, 2007 Permalink

      bloody jocko whyd you go and pick up mitchell and ruin him, you have to trade him off this week!!

    • ken 1:14 am on May 28, 2007 Permalink

      im looking to upgrade gibbs but dont know whether i should do it to Kerr next week or wait til the end of the season for cornes or bartel speculating that they may drop somewhat. i know they’ll score more than kerr but that much saved money is so tempting.

      any advice?

    • Steve 7:29 am on May 30, 2007 Permalink


      I am seriously looking at picking up both armitage and morton. Harvey out, Lenny unfit – and while his scores are low I am not sure he got much time. He actually looked really good when he got the ball, any thoughts? He is a top ten pick, and no-one else is likely to get him because of his lowish scores.

      Morton looks good, but with Kerr, Judd, Embley, Nickoski all likeloy to return he may get dropped… thoughts?

    • Toby 9:34 am on May 30, 2007 Permalink

      Armitage is a gun… Ross Lyon loves the young kids… He can play centre and half back, and Harvs and Montagna are out…

      Need i say more????

    • simon 12:47 pm on May 30, 2007 Permalink

      stephen salopek isnt having a bad year

      hes averaging 90 odd and hes only 290,000

      plus one of his bad games was when he got injured

      defintly a good pick up

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    Upgrade analysis: Backs 

    Best cheap rookies:

    James Frawley ($82k): Classy player. Showed good form for the pre-season (as opposed to Petterd) and will benefit from Rivers recovering from injury. May not play every game, but is the best chance to do so from this lot.

    Richard Cole ($112k): Sheeds loves this bloke. As an Essendon man, I am very relieved Collingwood picked him before we could in the 2001 ‘superdraft’ – he came two picks after Luke Molan. But I digress. Cole is talented enough to be in our best 22, and as such is a real bargain at that price. Lachlan Hansen (cough) is just 10 grand cheaper. Now, Cole has never been a big DT scorer, but he’s easily better than 112k. Will bounce in price after this week.

    Andrejs Everitt ($82k): I know he’s young, and as skinny as a rake, but Everitt has been in excellent form in the VFL and if nothing else should get some ‘blooding’ games later this year. He’s a playmaker off half-back, so is capable of grabbing the stats.

    Mitchell Thorp ($100k): Slightly higher price than other rookies, because of his high draft pick status. Trust me, the Hawks are privately in raptures about this bloke. Best of all, for us DTers, is that he’s actually a key forward as opposed to a dour defensive backman. God knows why they’ve put him in this category – but it could be to your benefit. Personally, I am going to get Thorp, but as a forward.

    Nathan Brown (Collingwood) ($85k): Another early draft pick, who did play some senior games in the pre-season but hasn’t been seen or heard of since. However, his brother has shown something for West Coast, and Nathan was the more highly-rated of the twins.

    Best upgrade options:

    Two of the top three scoring backmen to date – Chad Cornes and Heath Shaw – will both fallll in price in coming weeks, so it’s worth waiting for that. Otherwise, consider these blokes:

    Michael Johnson ($269k): Not much publicity due to missing the first five matches of the season, but Johnson is a chance to start racking up some bigger numbers if he jumps into the midfield. Keep a close eye on him.

    • Toby 10:57 pm on May 23, 2007 Permalink

      And of course, the great Tahdg Kennelly cannot be forgot!!

    • Stuart 11:48 pm on May 23, 2007 Permalink

      what about dustin fletcher?

    • Phillip Molly Malone 9:58 am on May 24, 2007 Permalink

      Great call on Thorpe. He kicked 6 goals vs Geelong’s VFL side on the weekend. The bad news in that game for DTers is that Hawkins had 2 kicks and no goals playing on Zac Dawson. Apparently the locals are blaming the windy conditions. If you believe that, Thorpes effort was a superman like performance.


    • Toon 2:28 pm on May 24, 2007 Permalink

      Thoughts on Sam Fisher? He is pretty cheap at the moment, and with the ‘exiting’ of Goddard, this should mean that there is a hole to fill (unless Gram nabs that!).

    • Kynan 5:51 pm on May 24, 2007 Permalink

      yeah a hole at full back. lots of points coming from there!

    • Tom N 6:46 pm on May 24, 2007 Permalink

      I’d wait for more news on Gram before moving on Fisher. It’s high risk, but let’s not kid ourselves – the rewards could be insanely good.

    • James 9:09 pm on May 25, 2007 Permalink

      Sam Fisher is 2 inches taller than Gram. Expect Fisher to get the taller forward and Gram to be given a running role. Gram has underperformed this year so far, he could start averaging 90 per game when he comes back from a virus.

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    Upgrading: method behind madness 

    When making your strategic mid-season moves, here’s some tips on what to look for.


    A very important choice. Just like Jimmy Bartel and Jordan Lewis exploded out of the box with some huge scores early in the season, a similar burst may see someone available at $350k be the next massive scorer.

    You may also want to look at the cheaper guns who’ve fallen away in price, like Adam Goodes or Shaun Burgoyne, who are both well below the $300k mark. This frees up more cash for other upgrades, since these players have probably bottomed out in price.

    But this tactic is fraught with risk; even if Goodes recovers to score around 80-odd, rising up to around $310k, it’s still not the output you need to really start blitzing it. I would only go down this road if you’ve got the trades in reserve for further upgrades, in case the performance doesn’t return to absolute elite levels.


    You might be tempted to chuck any old bargain-priced unknown in your team, freeing up some cash to buy a gun. But if you pick your rookies very slyly, it gives you some handy benefits:

    They play regularly, and are a reliable back-up. The right rookies, (let’s face it, they’re usually top-20 draft picks), will slot straight into their side’s 22. This means they play most games, providing you with a ready-made inclusion to cover one- or two-week injuries.

    They rise in price. Duh, I hear you say. Well, yeah, but if they rise enough and you’ve got the trades, you can do another upgrade in the last few weeks of the year. Converting a Travis Cloke to a Scott Lucas could be the difference between you winning and losing an all-important final.

    Leave something for injuries:

    Another no-brainer, but don’t use all your trades for upgrades! It’ll all go down the toilet if a couple of wrong turns hit your team and you end up playing three or four ‘donut’ players (= score 0) every week.

    • Ed 11:42 pm on May 24, 2007 Permalink

      How many trades do you recommend leaving from say round 16 onwards?

    • Steve 7:24 am on May 30, 2007 Permalink

      It’s a tough one, if you look like you won’t make the finals, 0.

      Better to make them and risk injury than not. Unfortunatley this means everyone else in your league is doing the same!

      It is nice to have 2-6 trades, again it come down to the state of your team. I am angling to have aroun 2-4 as I am deep into the bench, others may disagree…

    • Ed 1:26 pm on June 6, 2007 Permalink

      Thanks Steve. It’s looking like I’m a shoe in for the finals (7-1) so I think I’ll risk losing a couple of games and hold onto my trades until further into the season.

    • Ed 1:29 pm on June 6, 2007 Permalink

      Sorry, 6-1…got ahead of myself!

  • m0nty 7:36 pm on May 16, 2007 Permalink  

    Trade advice: $289,400 for a centre 

    Gee writes:

    Hey with 284900 to spend on a C, who is the better long term buy after round 7? Young (Haw), Murphy (car), Winderlich (Ess), Cooney (Wbd) or goodes (Syd)

    First of all, I would not touch Adam Goodes. He is obviously struggling with injury, and the Swans’ strategy of playing its stars through injury is not paying off. Plus my co-host of the Coaches Box podcast, Molly, said in Episode #4 that Goodes had a poor year after his first Brownlow so there’s a trend happening.

    I don’t like Adam Cooney as a fantasy player. In a position where you would expect scoring consistency, Cooney too often turns in a shocker, as he has for two of the past three weeks. When he’s good he’s very very good, but when he’s bad he’s rotten, as the saying goes. You can find players who will give you much less grief.

    Marc Murphy managed to rescue his scoring this week to a respectable 97, but two 60-or-lesses in the past month just doesn’t cut it. His role in the Blues midfield is too important, and there aren’t enough good mids around him to take the tagging pressure off him. He’s going to hold his value but not much else.

    The last two, Clinton Young and Jason Winderlich, have had similar seasons: a jump in fantasy production over last year then a short-term injury which hurt their scoring for a week, but they have both bounced back strong from those setbacks and look to be excellent value for the rest of the season. Either of those two would be a great pickup. Personally I prefer the Hawk but then again, I’m biased. :D

    • FlyHigher 1:27 am on May 17, 2007 Permalink

      Good analysis, if i was in your shoes i’d go with winderlich because the short kicking style of essendon is ideal for good dreamteam scores.

    • Tom 8:00 am on May 17, 2007 Permalink

      Is Goodes actually carrying something? I haven’t heard that – thought it was just poor form.

    • Toon 8:48 am on May 17, 2007 Permalink

      Have a look at Kade Simpson

    • Toby 9:42 pm on May 17, 2007 Permalink

      DEFINATELY check out Matt Priddis from WCE!!
      He’s become one of the biggest risers in the DT this year as Ben Cousins’s replacement, and has played only two games below 80-scores!
      Also – wat is the opinion on Goodwin?? Is he over his apparent injury yet?? Im considering drafting him, but am stil unsure because of his overall poor performance so far?? Or will these 100-plus games start becoming consistent??

    • Azz 1:25 pm on May 18, 2007 Permalink

      hey i need help for my forward line. Wanna trade lloydy but don’t know who to get… Gary Ablett jr or Ryan o’keefe?

    • Ben 4:21 pm on May 18, 2007 Permalink

      Azz I think that Ablett and O’Keefe are both just as good as each other. I have both in my team. Either would be fine for you.

      But on top of those, I recommend Riewoldt. I rate him higher than those two, altough he did miss the start of the year with injury and may not yet quite be back. However I think he is and if I were trading to pick up a forward it would be him.

      I think any are fine for you. Out of Ablett/O’Keefe I’d probably take O’Keefe. just.

    • MontyP 6:24 pm on May 22, 2007 Permalink


  • m0nty 8:43 pm on May 8, 2007 Permalink  

    Trade advice: Tarkyn or Dustin? 

    the vanberlo monologues (nice name mate!) from BigFooty writes:

    Monty, as the respected runner of fanfooty.com i value your opinion. I posted this on the forums but i didn’t get any decent replys. The question is, is lockyer or fletcher better to get considering the 10 point difference in average and the 50,000 difference in price?

    A loyal fan, gilbee

    Okay, so you’re trying to choose between two players who have stepped up markedly this year. Tarkyn Lockyer is on $385,600 and averaging 107.5, while Dustin Fletcher is priced at $339,000 with an average of 97.8.

    You probably can’t go wrong with either player, but I think Fletcher is a little better value for money. Fletcher’s breakeven score this week is 57 compared to Lockyer’s 80, and the FFGenie program rates Lockyer’s “real price” (based on his 2007 scoring) as only $11k more than his actual price, while Fletcher still has $21k to make up. Outside of the raw numbers, you have to worry a bit more about Fletcher’s aging body, but then again you also have to worry a bit about Collingwood dropping away after the April/May period, which they did last year and is a bit of a long-term trend for them.

    I’d give it to Fletcher by a long nose. Spend that extra $50,000 on upgrading your rookies, that’s my advice.

    • Jocko 12:52 pm on May 9, 2007 Permalink

      Serious concerns with my team this week. Backline is a mess. What are your thoughts on trading down bench players for petterd and cleve hughes to free up cash. And what about Corey Jones – potential steal or out of form?

    • Tom 3:06 pm on May 9, 2007 Permalink

      Corey Jones = out of touch, not liking Thompson’s absence. Price will recover, but not enough to make it worth your while.

    • Marcus 4:58 pm on May 9, 2007 Permalink

      This team will hopefully become a killer in the next few weeks.

      Planned trades – Pre Round 6: Trade Shaun Higgins & Bryce Gibbs for Nigel Lappin & Ricky Petterd.

      This will leave me $196,100 to upgrade a forward and a centre over the next couple of weeks, as the price for a few premium players dip.

      Forwards: Looking at offloading Jarrad Waite for either Matthew Pavlich, Scott Lucas, Paul Chapman or maybe even Nick Riewoldt. May also offload Lloyd if his hamstring problems persist, although I think he’s got some big scores in him in 2007.
      Centres: Looking to draft Daniel Kerr or Luke Power, probably at the expense of Murphy (if McGlynn, Foley & Pendlebury continue to score well and grow in value).

      Interested in your opinion on these planned trades over the next few weeks. My rucks are weak, but there’s no real bargain trades on the horizon for that position, and the rucks generally seem to be scoring lower this year, so I will probably carry Peter Everitt for a while until a suitable trade at the right price presents itself.

      Team: The Mulligans
      Coach: Marcus
      Competition: Dream Team
      As at round: Pre Round 6
      Ranking: 23397
      Money Left: $97,300
      Trades left: 15

      BACKS: Chad Cornes, Adam McPhee, Dustin Fletcher, Lindsay Gilbee, Jed Adcock, Andrew Walker, Justin Koschitzke, Daniel Merret & Lachlan Hansen
      CENTRES: Chris Judd, Scott Pendlebury, Nathan Foley, Marc Murphy, Ben McGlynn, Bryce Gibbs, Shaun Higgins & Lindsay Thomas.
      RUCKS: Dean Cox, Peter Everitt, Cameron Wood & Brent Renouf.
      FORWARDS: Brad Johnson, Matthew Lloyd, Nathan Bock, Lance Franklin, Alwyn Davey, Brad Ottens, Jarrad Waite, Tom Hawkins & Shannon Cox

    • trav 4:52 pm on May 11, 2007 Permalink

      u guys are pretty sad to write up all that stuff
      i don’t even try and i bet my team owns everyone of dream team nerd


    • tom 5:59 pm on May 11, 2007 Permalink

      You’re the man, Trav.

      Thanks for your feedback! We’ll be sure to take it on board!

    • Tommo 3:33 am on May 14, 2007 Permalink

      I couldn’t disagree more, and if anything this weeks scores prove it.

      You can’t really compare a player that plays deep and relys on marks to a player that plays through the midfield and as a link up man.

      Lockyer is a cut above fletcher value wise due to consistency and scoring potential. Lockyer will always get ball whereas fletcher is hit and miss. This is down to the fact fletcher is scoring points out of his position and lockyer has been given run through the midfield.

      Lockyer is essentially a midfielder classed as a defender. Who wouldn’t want a midfielder in their dreamteam backline?

    • MITCH 8:00 pm on May 17, 2007 Permalink

      Who is a better option Andrew Mcleod or Dustin Fletcher

  • m0nty 12:32 am on May 2, 2007 Permalink  

    Trade advice: Marc Murphy 

    Jase84 writes:

    Hey guys, I have a total of 13 trades left for the season. I want to know whether or nor I should keep Marc Murphy or get rid of him. Money isn’t really an issue with plenty of cash cows.

    Marc Murphy should be the least of your problems. He is averaging 79, which is about what he averaged last year. His price did go down this week but it is $700 up for the year, which in DT terms means it’s pretty much flat.

    You may be thinking that that is not good enough, but you have 30 positions on your roster and only 20 trades, so that means that you need a large number of players to be completely dependable every week. All fantasy sides need at least a handful of players who might not have the potential to be superstars, but they can be relied upon to put in 22 solid games. Murphy is one of these: a set-and-forget type of player. Keep him in your lineup and forget about him… worry about your other positions.

    • Daniel 3:20 pm on May 3, 2007 Permalink

      Get on the rodan bandwagon mate!

    • Julian 4:57 pm on May 3, 2007 Permalink

      i would keep him he is a gun player, he scores good. i agree with Daniel…get on the Rodan bandwagon, he is doing awseme.

    • david 7:32 pm on May 3, 2007 Permalink

      i dropped him this week, bought in malceski who is capable of bringing in the big numbers, which I havent seen this from murphy. the price justifys the trade

    • Carl 3:08 pm on May 5, 2007 Permalink

      Get rid of him. I will be next week. Agreed he will no doubt put toegther 22 consistant games. However, with Nick Stevens out for the year now, marc will be getting the oppositions no.1 tagger, and will no doubt stuggle to get the ball alot more, thus his price will drop.

    • Benny 9:18 pm on May 8, 2007 Permalink

      I will be trading Murphy and picking up Simon Goodwin. I expected Murphy to take the next step this year and become an elite midfielder. I’m now not convinced he can do that. When heavily tagged he just didn’t produce the points. Goodwin is a gun player who was The Crows best player last week. His price has now bottomed out. Goodwin is a player I’d like to have come finals time in Dreamteam. I’m cautious about trading for the sake of it but I don’t consider this a sideways trade.

    • Dogez 8:22 pm on May 10, 2007 Permalink

      i would keep him. use ur trades wisely

  • m0nty 8:07 pm on May 1, 2007 Permalink  

    Trade advice: BJ or Browndog? 

    crow87 from the BigFooty forums writes:

    This week I’m looking at J. Brown, he has more than likely bottomed out in price and I need to get rid of N. Brown from Richmond (I’m over it lol). I’m also looking at Simon Black for Luke Power, which I’m a little surer on but do you think Black is worth getting rid of? He scores 80s-90s but never really hits great heights, even with his 39 disposal game rnd1.
    I’m considering Brad Johnson instead of Brown but this would be next week as I think he will drop this week. I would really like BJ, perhaps more than Brown but both would obviously be nice. Price is not an issue.
    Also, Gilbee for Raines or Mattner?
    After these 4 trades I will settle for a long time bar any long-term injuries.
    Thanks heaps

    I would certainly trade out Nathan G. Brown. I admire your stamina at holding onto him for this long, crow87, but he’s not worth keeping. As for whether Jonathan Brown is worth picking up, I don’t think so. Too many teams have correctly identified that there’s nobody else worth matching up on in the Lions forward line now that Daniel Bradshaw is gone for the season, so the Browndog is having to contend with two, three or sometimes four defenders at every contest. His scores had also been flattened out at the start of the season due to Brown’s slow recovery from previous injury, but even if he’s 100%, he’s not going to dominate like he used to when the Lions were winning premierships. Brad Johnson is a far better prospect: he shares a forward line with viable options like Robert Murphy, Luke Darcy, Shaun Higgins and Matthew Robbins, all of whom draw defenders away to leave BJ one-on-one with the fullback.

    Simon Black is quality, and I’ve heard in a couple of places that Luke Power‘s role has changed this year at the Lions to less of an on-ball role so I’d lay off him. Sideways trades like that are a waste of a trade anyway, in my opinion.

    As for Lindsay Gilbee, I am amazed that I’m the only EliteDre@mTe@mer with him, he was one of the first picked in my team this year. Andrew Raines was also in my 22 at the start of the year but that was a mistake since he’s not a reliable fantasy player. If you can upgrade Raines or Martin Mattner to Gilbee, pull the trigger now.

    • Jase84 10:51 pm on May 1, 2007 Permalink

      Hey guys, i have a total of 13 trades left for he season I want to know wehter or nor i should keep Marc Murphy or get rid of him mone isnt really an issue with plenty of cash cows

    • G 4:04 pm on May 2, 2007 Permalink

      What? Jono Brown not worth it? Wont dominate like he did when they won premierships? Hate to break it you but he averaged his best scores last year when brisbane didnt even make the 8.

      Get on him.

    • m0nty 7:27 pm on May 2, 2007 Permalink

      That’s true G, but last year he had Bradshaw to take the numbers away. This year he’s a sitting duck.

    • Tom 8:25 am on May 3, 2007 Permalink

      This year, Monty, he’s getting even more ball kicked to him because of Bradshaw’s absence.

      Don’t rule out the possibility of Charman playing up forward, either; they need McDonald or Wood to actually play well in the ruck before that can happen.

      Just finally, keep an eye out on the progress of young Mitchell Clark. I say no more… for now.

    • G 9:57 am on May 3, 2007 Permalink

      Apparently Mitchell Clark is really struggling for injury according to the Lions board.

      Charman is also a very good forward when needed for the lions, so he could do what bradshaw did last year.

      When Jono cant get into the play up forward, he usually pushes up the ground getting marks and making his presence felt.

    • Jono Hartley 3:12 pm on May 3, 2007 Permalink

      When Brown was injured last year he confirmed that he felt this was a direct result of his leading up the ground. He said that he felt the days of power forwards who weigh more than 100 kilos running beyond the 50 were over.

      True, he has already made a liar of himself this year. But it is clear that he simply is n’t leading beyond the 50 anywhere near as much as before his injury.

      Tom, just because there’s more ball coming towards him, doesn’t mean he’s getting more ball.

      Don’t get me wrong, at 300K he’s still good value. It’s just that for him to score above 100 now his conversion is going to have to be dead on. I’m betting he’ll only do this 2-4 more times this year.

      He’ll average about 70 – 80 and be about as good as Tarrant.

    • jkr 8:42 am on May 6, 2007 Permalink

      Guys, don’t get too carried away with the performance of J Brown last week. He is a champion, but was playing on a bloke from Ireland that has played the game for a minimal amount of time- O’Hailphin. Brown’s footy smarts allowed him to slip away from the inexperienced defender to take a number of uncontested marks, which may not happen when he is up against more experienced backlines.

    • LukeHodge15 10:45 am on May 6, 2007 Permalink

      If u have the choice outa BJ or Browny. Its a no-brainer. BJ every time. Career 100 point scorer who doesnt look like he is in decline at all. No injury concerns with BJ.

      Whereas Browny comes with massive risks. Huge injury concerns, Brissy aren’t the team they were. Meaning double and triple teams on Brown.

      If it comes down a choice between BJ and Brown.

      Take BJ, its makes fantasy sense

  • m0nty 2:25 pm on April 20, 2007 Permalink  

    Trade advice: replacement for Nick Stevens 

    A fan writes:

    Hey mate, great site

    Im wondering if i could have your advice on a trade i need to make?

    With Nick Stevens injury i am looking for constitant 90+ Dream teamer. I have narrowed my options down to Daniel Kerr or Paul Hasleby. Considering if i choose Hasleby i wil have 109 grand in the bank while with Kerr i only have 79 grand.

    Which player would you consider the best or is there someone else im overlooking?


    Paul Hasleby has spent the last two years sucking for fantasy purposes. Yes, I know he has been struggling with injury, and yes, I know that he has enjoyed his first uninterrupted preseason since his years averaging 90+. I still can’t trust him to carve it up, especially compared to a proven star like Daniel Kerr. Kerr has been the main beneficiary of the absence of Ben Cousins this year in fantasy pointscoring terms, and he’s far more reliable than Hasleby. I have heard it said that Hasleby scores more than usual when Fremantle is losing, though I don’t have firm figures on that. I don’t think Freo is going to lose a whole lot more this season, so take the Haze at your peril.

    For around about Nick Stevens‘ price, I’d also look at Andrew Carrazzo, Steven Salopek, Adam Simpson and Jordan Lewis.

  • m0nty 10:27 pm on April 19, 2007 Permalink  

    Trade advice: gun defender 

    Every so often when someone emails me for advice – email m0nty aaat fanfooty dooot com dooot au (that’s m0nty with a zero instead of an o) – I’ll post my opinion for all to see. Today, the_insid3r writes:

    hi mate

    I’m wondering if I could have your opinion please?

    I have $342k in the bank and I need a “gun” defender.
    I am looking at players like McLeod, Carrazzo or Jacobs. They all avg roughly around the 95-100 DT point per game.

    Which player would you consider to be the best option?

    thanks for your input. Greatly appreciated :)

    A lot of backs at the top end of your price range are worth the money: Andrew McLeod, Adam McPhee, Lindsay Gilbee, Andrew Carrazzo and Tarkyn Lockyer are all backing up their price tag. Of those, I would go youth every time so that puts McLeod and Lockyer out. Either Carrots or McPhee would be excellent. I’d be wary of Danny Jacobs, his form has been highly erratic so I’d hold off on him.

    If you want to take more of a chance, you could try Joel Bowden, if you think his worst weeks are behind him, or punt on whether Tadgh Kennelly can back up his early form. And of course, if you haven’t got Jed Adcock or Nathan Bock, you need to get on those trains before they’ve left the station entirely.

    • Big Gun 6:18 am on June 14, 2007 Permalink

      Hi Mate

      Best trade advice ever on this page. Love the position by position advice. A real credit to you.

      I am seeking a piece of advice for my Herald Sun Super Coach team. In my league I am a tie for first with another lad who is a massive cats fan. He has both Cornes and bartel and is looking sweet.

      I can match him in defence, centres and maybe ruck but my forward line is lacking the firepower required.

      I have 16 trades left so I am not light on. But I want to prepare for the finals. My current forwards are:-

      Johnson (doggies) love him
      Pavlich (Freo) going great guns
      Harbrow (doggies) my main bench and rookie

      now for my weakness
      Hall – nothing happening
      Campbell – (kangas) nothing happening
      Monfries – (dons) nothing happening
      Neitz – (D’s) up and down and lacks consistency

      My question/dilemma – what to do with the above four forwards? trade for who? keep some? heeeeeeeeeeelllllllllppppppp :(

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