injured INJURIES

Nick Malceski: Spent time off the ground in Q1 with left hamstring issues... 3 touches and 0.1
Matt White: Matched up on Houli... taken to hospital with suspected break to jaw or cheekbone... 5 disposals and 1.0
Jamie MacMillan: On Walker... hamstring iced up in Q3... 5 touches including 4 handballs
Matthew Taberner: Hombsch on him... groin tightness in Q2... 0.1 from 2 disposals and 3 tackles
Thomas Jonas: Following Mayne... copped a corkie in Q2... 6 touches with 0 by hand... also 5 marks and 2 tackles
Samuel Reid: Has the undersized Wright for company... right ankle knock in Q3... Kicked 0.2 from 5 grabs and 8 touches
Jordan Lewis: Head to head with Wines... left knee corked very early in Q3 when he ran into Spangher... returned after five minutes... 22 possessions and 5 marks plus 2 tackles


Levi Greenwood: Reported in Q3 for rough conduct when he went in with his feet for a ground ball and made contact to the head of an opponent
Zac Dawson: Reported for striking in a late high challenge on Gray in Q3


Garrick Ibbotson: Right shoulder dislocation in Q4 trying to tackle Pearce... back on five minutes later after a jab... 14 touches including 10 kicks... also 8 marks... and scored 0.1
Matt White: Playing with a broken jaw... copped one in the nose from Fyfe in Q3... 11 disposals including 8 kicks... also 4 marks and 3 tackles... and booted 1.0
Lance Franklin: Gibson following him... knock to the right shoulder in Q1 when Lake fell on him... 4.2 from 14 possessions and 5 marks... helped out by %4FF... conceded 3 FA
Luke Breust: Shaw on him... banged his head on the knee of Rampe in Q2... 3.1 from 17 disposals and 4 marks with 5 tackles... helped out by %4FF
Josh Gibson: Right ankle restrapped in Q2... 6 marks and 32 possessions
Grant Birchall: Right leg knock early in Q1... 25 disposals including 18 kicks... also 7 marks
Brian Lake: Right knee knock in Q2... 20 touches and 7 marks plus 3 tackles
Steven Motlop: Right ankle knock in Q2
Kieren Jack: Dislocated finger in Q2
Cameron Sutcliffe: Limped off after a right knee knock in Q2 in a clash with Goodes... 14 possessions and 2 marks plus 6 tackles... 1.0 as well
Nick Dal Santo: Left shoulder knock in Q2
Jason Winderlich: Left shoulder soreness in Q2
Hamish Hartlett: Right hamstring cramp late in Q4
Jay Schulz: Right shoulder knock in Q1
Nathan Foley: Had his nose rearranged in Q3 in an accidental clash with Wingard
Steven Morris: Big cut on his forehead opened up in a clash with Monfries in Q2... 10 touches including 8 handballs... also 2 tackles
Lachie Neale: Left shin knock in Q1
Lewis Jetta: Poked in the eye accidentally by Grima very late in Q4
Robbie Gray: Looked sore after copping a double tackle in Q1
Gary Rohan: Jaw knock early in Q1


Matt White: Ran his head into the torso of Duryea going for a ground ball in Q1 which had him prostrate for a time
Jack Hombsch: Smacked his head into the turf trying to spoil in Q4 leaving him very groggy... 13 disposals including 10 kicks... also 3 marks
Lewis Jetta: Smashed accidentally by McEvoy in Q2 leaving him groggy... off at HT as concussion sub for Bird but returned in Q3


Hayden Crozier: Late replacement for Jonathon Griffin... on in Q3 for Pearce... 5 possessions
Matthew de Boer: Late replacement for Alex Silvagni... on in Q3 for Taberner... 0.1 from 13 possessions and 4 tackles


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Trivia – Test your Aussie Rules general knowledge and history

The Tipping comp is the one which will determine the winner of the Xbox Arcade edition at the conclusion of the home & away season.

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The term & conditions of the monetary portion of the competition can be found on the Footytips Web site.


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    hell yes !!!!! well good idea

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    m0nty is gold

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