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  • m0nty 5:04 pm on November 9, 2008 Permalink  

    New FanFooty forum 

    The FanFooty forum is now up and running, with boards for Dream Team and Super Coach (including team, player and league sub-boards), Lethal League, Fox Sports, Premium Dream Team and FanFooty private leagues. Please be gentle on the software, each other and particularly me! :D (More …)

    • XztatiK 1:03 am on November 10, 2008 Permalink


    • The Uncle 12:10 pm on November 10, 2008 Permalink

      Great work Monty.

      Seriously X Man,

      Are you an addict checking out fan footy at 1.03AM?

      Dont you sleep dude?

    • XztatiK 12:52 pm on November 10, 2008 Permalink

      Haha I just woke up then actually.

      I’m more of a night person ;)

  • m0nty 7:54 pm on November 8, 2008 Permalink  

    Debut game fantasy averages: smalls beat talls 

    I’ve been assuming for the purposes of the Fanplanner feature on FanFooty that draftees and rookies playing their first game of senior AFL football are going to score 50 fantasy points… let’s look at some historical data to see if that’s true. (More …)

    • Junior boi 9:08 pm on November 8, 2008 Permalink

      What do you do for a living M0nty? Do your kids/wife ever see you? :O

      Top work btw

    • m0nty 9:26 pm on November 8, 2008 Permalink

      You guys are my family, JB. :D

    • XztatiK 12:10 am on November 9, 2008 Permalink


      Imagine if they classified Sidebottom as a MID/DEF.mmmmmmm.

    • Chad 12:17 pm on November 9, 2008 Permalink

      Interesting read. Certainly looking at the small players. Rioli and Josh Hill were great last year. Sidebottom as a DEF would be awesome, but cant see it happening unfortunately. Dont think Goodes will be forward either.

    • dylan 6:07 pm on November 12, 2008 Permalink

      i hope sidebottom is a defender because when i was reading about him he said he plays a fair few games in defence.

      also what do u guys think of Talor Walker from adelaide? he had a good year in the sanfl but im not too sure how he will go if he gets a game in the adelaide side.

  • m0nty 2:12 pm on November 8, 2008 Permalink  

    2008 AFL draft first round takes shape 

    Perhaps it’s an illusion, but it seems to me that the consensus view from pundits about the order of the kids picked in the first round of the 2008 AFL draft is more set than ever – which makes early planning for your 2009 fantasy team in the Fanplanner more interesting. (More …)

    • Chad 3:05 pm on November 8, 2008 Permalink

      Great write up, and an interesting point on Watts, didn’t know he was doing year 12 this year. I was a bit disappointed with Scott Selwood last year and have picked up Dangerfield this year. Having said that he is playing for Melbourne which sohuld make it easier to get games, and if he is #1 pick hopefully Melbourne will play him regardless.

      Certainly agree with smaller players in first year. Womaemirri and Rioli were great last year.

      Freo could take Vickery with Warnock leaving, but i would still think they would go Rich as he is from WA.

      Naitanui is an interesting one. Obviously Cox is a walk up start in all 16 teams, which then makes it interesting in a Naitanui V Seaby contest (is this why Seabby was looking for a trade earlier? could he see the writing on the wall?).

      Either way, I will certainly be buying whoever Freo take Vickery or Rich thinking that he will get games.

      Surely Port will not take Yarren. We have PLENTY of small forwards already. Ebert, Krakouer, Gray and Matthew Westoff just to name a few.

    • XztatiK 12:06 am on November 9, 2008 Permalink

      “The shining example of Hawthorn’s 2004 draft stares at wannabe-Pelchens in the face, no doubt, as the November sunlight glints off the premiership medals of Jordan Roughead and Lance Franklin.”

      Beautiful, monty, beautiful ;)

      I think Seaby was just pissed off about the lack of oppurtunity last year but that might have been a factor too i guess.

      I really want to see Port take Yarran! Just because I think that will allow me to say “you could have had Vickery” at Port games for years to come lol.

      My top 10:

      7.H.Hartlett* (hope it’s Hill instead)

      *in my team

      Couldn’t fit Yarran in there! I don’t think NMK would want him considering they have Campbell/Thomas already and I dont see him going top6.

      As for the Crows’ pick, I think the only two players they will consider taking ahead of a key forward are Hartlett and Sidebottom (assuming my top6 are long gone).
      After that it’s between Johnston and Trengrove imo.

      Just clearing something up: you’re the same Chad from DTtalk right, Chad?

    • m0nty 9:09 am on November 9, 2008 Permalink

      Yeah, I think Sidebottom is the most likely one to upset the applecart. Strange that Brisbane is the only one Emma thinks is considering him. Just shows how hot clubs are on talls this year that a small mid can kick 10 goals in the TAC Cup grannie and barely be considered in the top 10 of the draft.

      NM could conceivably take Yarran to replace Harvey. They have plenty of talls from previous drafts. It would be terrible for fantasy if Laidley did make that happen… which makes it a certainty. >:(

    • Chad 10:24 am on November 9, 2008 Permalink

      XztatiK i really dont think we will take Yarren. The question over Vickery is his knee obviously, pick 4 is the highest pick we have ever had, we are the only club in the AFL to have never had a top 3 draft pick.

      Yeh i do a fair bit of work for DT Talk. I have the same rookies as you at the moment.

      The crows normally go out of their way not to get a good key forward, they haven’t had one in the past 10 years (and coincidentally haven’t won a flag in the last 10 years).

    • Chad 10:26 am on November 9, 2008 Permalink

      The problem with Yarren going to north though monty is my hatred of dean laidley. I have someone from every club except north melbourne. Although at the moment you have Yarren going to hawthorn and i dont think he will get games there.

    • m0nty 10:37 am on November 9, 2008 Permalink

      Carlton would probably be the best fit for Yarran from a fantasy perspective, they’re light on for small forwards. I feel like Essendon have too many of those types as it is, as do Port.

    • m0nty 10:59 am on November 9, 2008 Permalink

      This article predicts Hill to Essendon and Yarran to Brisbane. Jay Clark hasn’t got a 100% record but both would be good fits. particularly Yarran.

    • XztatiK 12:31 am on November 10, 2008 Permalink

      “The crows normally go out of their way not to get a good key forward, they haven’t had one in the past 10 years (and coincidentally haven’t won a flag in the last 10 years).”

      lol Before you rub some Pav in my face… we’ve actually been trying to get one lately :D (Tippo, Walker, Sellar). Plus Craigy has said they would like a KF with pick 10.

    • Chad 7:16 am on November 10, 2008 Permalink

      Yeh Sellar and Tippett look like GREAT key forwards ;) I reckon the Crows will go with Lewis Johnson at pick 10 who is a key forward. Be interesting to see the crows forward line this year. Obviously Burton wont be there for 3/4 of the season at best. So i wonder if Walker/Hentschel/maybe lewis johnson will be competing for 1 spot? if so who gets it.

    • XztatiK 12:46 pm on November 10, 2008 Permalink

      Yeah it should be interesting.

      Walker, Tippett, Gill, Hentschel and maybe Sellar and pick10 will all get a run at some stage.

    • dylan 4:03 pm on November 13, 2008 Permalink

      i hope we go for a midfield myself. i think we have enough young forwards and could do with a few more mids been edwards,goodwin and mcleod dont have long left.

    • Eagle Fan 4:42 pm on November 20, 2008 Permalink

      My Hopeful picks for Eagles are as follows.
      18.Swift(Hope he does not go early)Blease otherwise

  • m0nty 2:02 pm on November 7, 2008 Permalink  

    Transition to power: positional battles in 2009 

    As Barack Obama prepares to take over as the next US President from George W. Bush, there are a few more power shifts on the minds of fantasy coaches this off-season, with older players looking like they will give up their spots in the senior 22 to younger upstarts… with a few at the Power! (More …)

    • XztatiK 2:53 pm on November 7, 2008 Permalink

      Now that Nathan Bassett’s retired and Kris Massie’s wrongly delisted, There is a free spot for a third key in Adelaide’s backline. I expect Scott Stevens to play more up forward, and he’s more of a CHB/HBF when in defence anyway, so that leaves a spot for either Aaron Kite or Greg Gallman. Kite played a full season of league footy for Norwood last year after being a bottom-aged draft pick at #71. He is far ahead of Gallman at this stage and could easily play in round one if he shows good NAB form. He’s 190cm and 80kg and plays a bit like Sam Fisher if I had to make a comparison. Could be a solid bench defender.

      Not sure what you see in Brogan, m0nty. Don’t forget he’s nearing the end too (will be 30 at rd.1). I don’t see much improvement there at all.

    • m0nty 2:57 pm on November 7, 2008 Permalink

      Simmonds was older than Brogan this year and he did well, X. It’s a matter of opportunity and TOG.

    • Dazza 3:16 pm on November 7, 2008 Permalink

      Monty, Simmonds had already proven that he was DT gun in 2006. His 2008 scores weren’t him benifitting from more opportunity but just him relishing an injury free year. For me to consider Brogan I would want Lade out of the picture entirely (injured/retired) and have Brogan carrying a young ruck through his first year (ie large TOG). As far as I’m concerned Brogan hasn’t proven himself as a DT’er so shouldn’t be compared to Simmonds. Incidently, I rate Simmonds as a good pick for 2009. He has always been exceptionally durable (rare for a ruckman) and could score a bit better in an improving Tigs side.

    • Chad 3:20 pm on November 7, 2008 Permalink

      Great stuff Monty. Wish marlon was the ibbotson this year, but i just dont know how we can fit him into the team when we get players like Chad Cornes, and Salopek back in the backline.

      Will be interesting to see what Port do with the rucks. Do they go to brogan and vickery as starting ruckmen and have lade as a reserve incase of injury? or does Lade and Brogan go around again and make Vickey wait? #4 is the highest pick port adelaide has ever had (wish we got 1.4 what the gold coast team gets) so im sure they will want to get games into vickery.

      Jack Riewoldt is still one i am not sure about. i mentioned him earlier. I have Goodes in my forward line, and i’m thinking if he isn’t classified as a forward i might have to change to Lockyer. Whats your thoughts on Lockyer Monty? Very durable, 2007 averaged 100, down to 80 this year.

    • m0nty 3:22 pm on November 7, 2008 Permalink

      We shall see on Brogan, Dazza. I reckon he’ll ruck with Vickery in the NAB and get a heap of interest, though you bring up good points.

      Also on the Adelaide situation X mentions, the Crows coaches threw Myke Cook’s name in there as well.

    • m0nty 3:23 pm on November 7, 2008 Permalink

      Lockyer just about qualifies to be in this post, Chad. He’s another who will be supplanted by youngsters… Corrie probably.

    • Chad 3:33 pm on November 7, 2008 Permalink

      Lockyer would get 22 games tho i would think. is he a change to average 90? not sure.

    • Dazza 4:50 pm on November 7, 2008 Permalink

      I would stay away from Lockyer Chad, see if you can find a youngster who’s ready to displace someone like Lockyer.

      Monty, another one to add to the Essendon forward line is Neagle. There’s obviously zero chance that they will go with Lloyd, Lucas, Gumby an Neagle in the same forward line. I think Lucas will move into the backline and then maybe you can fit the other three in. Otherwise, Gumby and Neagle may fight it out for the one spot. I’m confident Lucas can bounce back this year, in years gone by he has been eceptionally durable.

      On Brogan, you’re probably correct in saying that he will increase his numbers but I think it will only be around a 5 point improveent – 10 points max (provided Lade is still in the picture).

    • XztatiK 5:24 pm on November 7, 2008 Permalink

      “Also on the Adelaide situation X mentions, the Crows coaches threw Myke Cook’s name in there as well.”

      Yeah Cook could get games but he’s more of a runner, i think we’ll still need a third KD.

      Agree with what Dazza said on Brogan/Simmonds. The most Brogan has ever averaged is 71, and that was last year so he is priced accordingly. Simmonds, however, averaged 94 in 06 and was only priced so low because of injuries on 07.

      Saying all that, I still have no idea who my 2nd ruck will be :P

    • Chad 8:34 pm on November 7, 2008 Permalink

      I am gambling with 2nd ruck, have Naitanui and Vickery at 2 and 3. Will play one of them i reckon and use any extra cash in hard to fill positions like backline.

    • Dazza 8:46 pm on November 7, 2008 Permalink

      Starting a 1st year player in the ruck will end in tears Chad. Rucks traditionally don’t score well in their 1st year and are generally lucky to even get games. They take a long time to develope.

    • Chad 8:34 am on November 8, 2008 Permalink

      Yeh might have to re think my backline and remove a premium.

    • Dan 11:37 am on November 8, 2008 Permalink

      You’re a champ m0nty.
      I was getting the shakes without my DT fix.

    • Chad 12:41 pm on November 8, 2008 Permalink

      Yeh Great stuff Monty, would be great to keep the blog going, how about a blog where you say who you think will be the top 7 backs, top 6 mids, top 2 rucks and top 7 forwards

    • m0nty 12:43 pm on November 8, 2008 Permalink

      I’ll hold onto that idea Chad, thanks for that.

    • SWB 9:30 pm on November 8, 2008 Permalink

      haha good to see the blog up and running monty, all us die-hards need something to keep us going other than cricket in the summer.

    • CC 8:19 am on November 9, 2008 Permalink

      G’day, Was it Matt Thomas who was traded from Port to Richmond? Who ever it was who was traded, who’s place will he be taking in the Richmond side? I assume he’ll be playing most games. Seems a bit of a wasted trade if you’re not going to play him.

      If it was Thomas who was traded, he’s still listed as a Port player in the fanplanner.

    • m0nty 9:13 am on November 9, 2008 Permalink

      Adam Thomson was the fellow. There are a lot of fringe Tigers that Thomson joins in fighting for a couple of spots in that Richmond midfield: White, Connors, Jackson, Polo, Oakley-Nicholls… not to mention Coughlan.

    • tom 5:45 pm on November 11, 2008 Permalink

      m0nty, didnt matt maguire already retire?

    • m0nty 5:59 pm on November 11, 2008 Permalink


    • dylan 6:26 pm on November 12, 2008 Permalink

      hey chad i recommend going for 2 pretty good ruck because last season i had sandilands and someone like kruzer and when i finally got rid of kruzer for cox my average went up 50-60 points and it was huge. i think most people forget about getting a good ruck when they pick a team.

      speaking about ruck cox is going to be very high$$$ so do u guys think its better to wait a few weeks then go for him when he drops? or u think he will hold onto that average like he did this year.

      big backfire last season i hoped he would drop but he never did so i had to do like 3 trades to get him in

    • Chad 3:32 pm on November 14, 2008 Permalink

      Adam Thomson i would think would get games. Richmond wouldn’t spend a pick if they weren’t going to play him. The problem is that he is expensive.

  • m0nty 1:28 pm on November 6, 2008 Permalink  

    Underappreciated premiums in the 2009 Fanplanner 

    With around 260 full squads entered into the Fanplanner feature by coaches planning their 2009 Dream Team and Super Coach teams, many trends are becoming apparent, with one of them being that certain “premiums” – high-priced players who are either in or just outside the top 10 for their position – are on the nose with the vast majority of coaches. (More …)

    • Junior boi 2:20 pm on November 6, 2008 Permalink

      Ottens is Simmonds of 07

    • Junior boi 2:21 pm on November 6, 2008 Permalink


    • m0nty 2:31 pm on November 6, 2008 Permalink

      Ottens is about $120,000 more expensive than Simmonds was, though. There’s no one in the $240,000 range like Simmonds was this year.

    • Captain Fantasy 8:45 pm on November 6, 2008 Permalink

      Nice article – a lot to consider, I was burned by Bowden at the start of the year and Jolly at the end of the season in SC but apart from them you’ve made valid suggestions!

    • Chad 10:50 am on November 7, 2008 Permalink

      Ottens is certainly one i was considering for #2 ruck, but will he play 22 games?

      Agreeing with you mostly in this post Monty. I have Scott Thompson (durable, unthreatened at Adelaide) and i do have Goodes in my forward line. Will he be classed as a forward though? Something else that is handy with Goodes is he rarely misses a game. As publically mentioned by leigh mathews, unless he murders someone he isn’t going to get suspended.

      Cant see Goodes being a forward though. Great to see the blog machine back up and posting Monty ;)

    • Chad 11:27 am on November 7, 2008 Permalink

      Monty, meant to ask you (and everyone else that reads this), but whats your thoughts on Jack Riewoldt? 278k. Based on 58 avg, but played 18 games last year, this will be his 3rd year, surely get plenty of games. Can he take the next step? a consistant 75 would be a great return, but can he get some of those cheaper up the ground points like richo and nick riewoldt? or should i look at vezspremi? 60k cheaper, but will he get games and score well?

    • m0nty 11:45 am on November 7, 2008 Permalink

      My next blog post will be on players like Riewoldt, Chad.

    • Chad 12:03 pm on November 7, 2008 Permalink

      Ah ok cheers monty. Looking forward to it, glad to see the blog cranking, glad im not the only one that takes DT a little too seriously :)

    • Brett 9:53 am on November 9, 2008 Permalink

      what about robert warnock. he should be the number one ruckmen for carlton and with more ground time should score more. in the two games where sandilands didnt play this year he averaged almost 75 as the lead ruckmen. price 220K

    • Mark 1:55 pm on November 11, 2008 Permalink

      Monty – Do you see Nic Nat having any real instant fantasy impact as a #2 ruckman at WC? Ive read that although he is a real goer and athlete he dosnt accumulate alot of the ball or mark too often. Does he have the potential to become a Adam Goodes type ruckman / midfielder or will he be awkward and slow to develop?
      Cheers Monty I love your work.

    • m0nty 5:42 pm on November 11, 2008 Permalink

      My feeling on NicNat is that he’s going to be like Franklin… he’ll probably play a fair amount of games in the first year but his scores are going to oscillate wildly, especially in SC, as his gangly frame tries to cope with the faster pace and bigger bodies of senior AFL footy. Some weeks he might go close to a ton, others he’ll barely reach double figures. He’s bench fodder only to be used in case of emergency.

  • m0nty 4:24 pm on November 3, 2008 Permalink  

    FanFooty Guru: DT/SC point projection system 

    This is something I’ve been working on for a while now, and thinking about for even longer. FanFooty Guru is a set of numbers published for each round of the AFL home & away system giving a prediction of each selected player’s Dream Team and Super Coach fantasy point scoring for the week. They are now showing up in the Fanplanner pages and will be a regular feature of our Exteam and live scoring pages in future. (More …)

    • Chad 10:16 am on November 4, 2008 Permalink

      not bad. I noticed that the price of one of my players changed too. Ediriwickrama i think it was. Will he get games?

      1727, would be happy with that as a start.

    • Chad 11:15 am on November 4, 2008 Permalink

      Something else that would be handy monty would be a substitute. if you have someone “in your 22″ and you want to bench them at the moment u have to drop the 2 players then add the one you want on the ground then add the one you want on bench.

      What’s your thoughts on Lucas and Alwyn Davey monty? i am leaning to Alwyn thinking he can get more points under matthew knights than lucas.

    • Realist 11:45 am on November 4, 2008 Permalink

      Great addition to the site Monty, takes a fair bit of the guess work out of wondering if your side is competitive or not. The only suggestion I would make is to add a captains button to fanplanner. Give people a better indication as to how their side pans out.

    • XztatiK 7:16 pm on November 4, 2008 Permalink

      Could be handy but I think taggers need to be considered.

      What I would like to see is a record of who tagged who in each game of the season and what they scored.
      Ling(81) tagged Thompson (64)
      Rooke(48) tagged Porplyzia(99)
      Shirley(65) tagged Ablett(104)
      Douglas(76) tagged Enright(82)

      Something like that. You seem to keep good tabs on whos tagging who in the live scoring page during games – it would be handy to keep a record of and maybe put it in your game previews as part of a ‘last time they met’ section.

    • m0nty 7:26 pm on November 4, 2008 Permalink

      Chad, Ediriwickrama has to break into that tough Geelong side so I wouldn’t hold my breath. Has to get past Stokes, Byrnes and Gamble… though if you ask some Cats supporters that might not be too hard! I think he’s a mid-season pickup candidate only. I’ll get working on a substitute function. I’m down on Lucas and think Davey is probably overpriced for the ceiling you can get out of him.

      Realist, at the moment I’m assuming you pick the highest guru score as your captain so I think that should suffice.

      X, I’m not convinced that a system like that could work. I would only ever have incomplete information, particularly for previous years, so it would be misleading in some respects. Safer to just keep that to the guru nudge on an ongoing basis I think. On the preview, I do need to work on that page because there is a lot more content I can put in there.

      Phew! :D

    • Dazza 11:11 pm on November 4, 2008 Permalink

      X, I did a fair bit of research on tagging a few weeks ago (took ages) and the results are pretty interesting. For example, on average, the players Ryan Crowley tag score 20.60 points less than their usual average. Another interesting one is Stanton. When he was tagged he averaged 75 but when he was allowed to run free he averaged 118.67!

    • Chad 7:24 am on November 5, 2008 Permalink

      Monty, i thought Ediriwickrama was Collingwood?

    • m0nty 8:31 am on November 5, 2008 Permalink

      No Chad, he just got put on Geelong’s rookie list.

    • Chad 4:04 pm on November 5, 2008 Permalink

      Ah bugga, thanks for the info monty. will have to scrap him then and look for someone else :( dangerfield going to get games?

    • m0nty 4:31 pm on November 5, 2008 Permalink

      Dangerfield will undoubtedly play in the NAB, and his form there will probably dictate whether he is picked for round 1. I wouldn’t count on it though.

    • Chad 5:00 pm on November 5, 2008 Permalink

      So who are you looking at in your mids monty? (if you dont mind sharing at this early stage)

      At the moment im looking at kornes, scott thompson then rich, hartlett, dangerfield and Ziebell with Sidebottom and stephen hill on the bench.

    • XztatiK 5:24 pm on November 5, 2008 Permalink

      Dazza, great stat on Stanton. As an owner of Stants for the entire season I thought it would be something like that. He got better at shaking the tag towards the end of the season though and from memory he didnt do too bad on Creepy Crowley late in the year.

      Chad, I’m expecting Danger to play 13-16 games this year. I think the coaching staff are keen to prove he was the right choice ahead of Ebert/Rioli and Craigy showed a tendency to stick with his youngsters even through some quiet stretches last year (Mackay, Tippett).

    • m0nty 5:42 pm on November 5, 2008 Permalink

      Chad: starting four rookies in your midfield?? That’s very brave of you mate! I wouldn’t go that far. Apart from anything else, you can’t be guaranteed that four of those six will start in round 1… or that four midfield draftees will play in round 1 at all.

      For a look at a more conventional team structure, check out my post on the subject.

      As for individuals, Kornes and ST are as good as any options for premiums, though I’d much rather get one of the Geelong ABC brigade and then a mid-price improver like Hasleby or Reilly.

    • Chad 6:47 pm on November 5, 2008 Permalink

      Went Kane and Scott Thompson because of a proven history of durability and chad cornes being back will help kane (few more cheapies). Yeah 4 mid field rookies is alot, but at this point i would rather put a little extra cash into the backline (hodge, s fisher, enright,cornes,milburn and birchall in the backline).

      Reilly i dont consider to improve hugely on his past scores and hasleby is obviously going to be a risk. If i am going to take a risk might as well look at a rookie. It is 4 rookies in 22, but im pretty sure Rich barring injury will get 22 if he goes to freo.

      Still very early stages, need to see where the players end up.

    • Chad 7:09 pm on November 5, 2008 Permalink

      Monty, whats your thoughts on Troy Chaplin? “Future Leader” at Port, CHB and hopefully Chad Cornes might free him up? Not sure, i dont like any of the mids in the backline.

    • m0nty 7:14 pm on November 5, 2008 Permalink

      No on Chaplin for DT. Very marginal for SC. Key defenders are almost never relevant for fantasy premium status.

      The interesting thing with the Port backline is if Marlon Motlop gradually replaces Peter Burgoyne as the rumblings have it.

    • Chad 8:09 pm on November 5, 2008 Permalink

      Marlon will but for some reason is listed as a forward in DT. Marlon wont get enough games reliably though will he?

    • m0nty 8:20 pm on November 5, 2008 Permalink

      Depends on how much confidence Choco Williams has in him, Chad.

    • Chad 8:00 am on November 6, 2008 Permalink

      good point, will have to find out from the horses mouth. We did sign Peter Burgoyne for another year and possibly 2 years tho, so might not be this year for Marlon.

    • Kenzie 2:00 pm on November 6, 2008 Permalink

      Burgoyne is on a 1 year performance based contract , why would they put him on that and then sign him for 2 years?

    • elliot 10:31 am on November 7, 2008 Permalink

      what’s a good team score projection for SC?

    • Chad 10:49 am on November 7, 2008 Permalink

      He is on a 1 year deal and if he plays x number of games, then he gets another year.

    • m0nty 10:51 am on November 7, 2008 Permalink

      1900 is about average for SC, elliot. Highest is about 2050.

    • elliot 1:34 pm on November 7, 2008 Permalink

      thanks monty

  • m0nty 2:44 pm on November 1, 2008 Permalink  

    October 31 delisting & rookie news 

    The October 31 deadline for cutting senior lists to 35 in preparation for the 2008 draft has come and gone without too many huge surprises, though the addition of a new category of rookies could have some effect on fantasy for 2009. (More …)

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